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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-19 14:55:48
Chapter 22

When Chen Boqiao stepped onto the balcony, the sky was drizzled with rain, and talked with Zhang Jue for a while. The rain was getting heavier. The rain drenched the matchboxes and cigarette cases resting on the balcony handrails, and Zhang Jue was also wet.

The wind blew from the balcony, and the wet shredded hair stuck on Zhang Jue's cheek. The coat which Chen Boqiao gave him was soaked by the rain.

Zhang Jue looked very cold, and his rosy lips became paler. But bad weather and physical discomfort were not enough to prompt him to say the words "want to enter the room" before Chen Boqiao opened his mouth.

He should still want to say something to Chen Boqiao, but he was too unkind to talk about the topic, and was thinking hard.

Chen Boqiao didn't mind standing up and waiting for Zhang Jue to come up with the topic. He even wanted to hear the results of Zhang Jue's efforts, but he didn't sleep last night, and he got a rain. He opened the door and said to Zhang Jue, "Go to inside and talk." Zhang Jue nodded, and followed behind him, and entered the room.

Entering the room, Chen Boqiao turned off the air-conditioning, and went to the bathroom to get a towel. Let Zhang Jue wipe his wet face.

At this time, the electronic clock on the coffee table just "dropped" at six o'clock.

Zhang Jue took the towel but did not wipe it. He looked up at Chen Boqiao and asked, "Are you hungry, and you only drink porridge during the day?"

Chen Boqiao said yes. Zhang Jue put down the towel and stood up: "I'll go out and buy some foods."

"I didn't expect to live for a long time and didn't put anything to eat," he went to the cabinet next to the porch, and took the car key, and looked back and asked, "what do you want to eat?"

Chen Boqiao said: "All right." Zhang Jue's expression became a little distressed, but he didn't ask much, and went out.

The bedroom door was open, and the ambiguous smell of pheromones floated throughout the room. Zhang Jue went to the supermarket, and Chen Boqiao cleaned the bedroom, and opened the window for ventilation. Pulling the curtain open and turning around, Chen Boqiao saw Zhang Jue standing outside the bedroom with two big shopping bags.

"You changed the sheets," Zhang Jue said dumbly, "Actually I'll do it." Then he said, "Let's eat."

He put two warm snacks in one of the bags on the table, and then went to the kitchen with the other bag. Zhang Jue bought a lot of frozen food. He opened the door of the refrigerator and put it in. Chen Boqiao also went into the kitchen and delivered it to him one by one.

The bag was gradually empty, and there was only a small rectangular carton at the bottom. Chen Boqiao picked it up and looked at it. It's a box of condoms, and there was three in it. And Zhang Jue just closed the refrigerator door, and leaned his head, and saw Chen Boqiao holding the box, so he came over.

Chen Boqiao looked down at Zhang Jue. Seeing Zhang Jue's face changes suddenly after seeing the product name. He found it interesting. So he asked Zhang Jue: "Did you buy it?" And added: " Have you buy the right size this time? "

Zhang Jue stuttered and said, "No."

"I was in the supermarket just now, and the volunteer gave it to me." He reached over to get it.

Chen Boqiao gave him the box. Chen Boqiao looked up and explained, "I carried the bag, so I couldn't see clearly."

"Um." Chen Boqiao smiled.

However, Zhang Jue didn't seem to think about how to deal with it, just opened a drawer and tucked it in.

After they had dinner and Zhang Jue said that he slept on the sofa. Chen Boqiao didn't allow. He went to take a quilt. Covered it separate from Zhang Jue, and lay on both sides of the bed.

Zhang Jue was absolutely afraid of Chen Boqiao felt bored and put a movie on projection, but he only fell asleep after watching it for only twenty minutes.

Chen Boqiao pulled the pillow out of his back and hugged it for a lying position. He didn't wake up, and closed his eyes heavily. His shoulders and one arm were exposed, and his white and slender arms were bent. Chen Boqiao glanced and did not touch it.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao woke up almost at the same time the next morning. After washing, he replaced for Chen Boqiao and drove Chen Boqiao to the Erawan Shrine.

Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue if he had been there. Zhang Jue said that he had been there many years ago, but he only worshipped and forgot to wish.

Chen Boqiao laughed: "I have never heard of anyone who can forget to wish."

Zhang Jue drove the car intently, not angry at Chen Boqiao's mockery: "At that time, I finished worship, and I didn't think about my wishes. There were many people, so I had to leave."

Chen Boqiao smiled for a while, and  Zhang Jue was a little embarrassed. He asked Chen Boqiao: "Have you  been to the Asian Union and the independent state of Thailand?"

"I have been to the Independent State of Thailand," Chen Boqiao told him, "but not Bangkok."

He parked the car not far from the Erawan Shrine, and the two walked along the road.

The incense around the golden Buddha statue, the bustling crowd of worshippers huddled together, and the dancers in the pavilion danced the wishful dance nonstop.

Although Zhang Jue forgot to wish last time, he was still a reliable tour guide who took Chen Boqiao to buy a candle in an incense cabinet. He leaned on Chen Boqiao, and whispered him how to worship. He also bought a piece of incense and paid much more respect than Chen Boqiao. Don’t know if he made a wish this time.

Chen Boqiao has no desire, basically was to accompany Zhang Jue to worship.

There were places where amulets were sold near the Erawan Shrine. Zhang Jue said he wanted to take a look, and Chen Boqiao went with him.

There were many styles of amulets on the booth. Chen Boqiao hasn't seen many of them. He glanced a few more times and looked for Zhang Jue when he saw him standing more than ten meters away with his back to him. It seemed to be talking to someone.

Chen Boqiao walked a few steps and heard a slightly tender voice, saying in an unskilled English: "It is the best Buddhist card from the monk temple."

"Really?" Zhang Jue talked to the other person. His voice lowered, and it sounded gentle. "What do you have?"

Chen Boqiao approached quietly, and didn't let Zhang Jue who was talking to the hawker selling the amulets concentrate on.

The hawker raised his face to Zhang Jue, and Chen Boqiao saw his appearance clearly.

A small Omega who dressed in the native clothes of the independent country of Thailand. The one who was with dark skin and clear eyebrows, and facial features. It was quite familiar. The hawker opened the purse attached to his waist, and showed Zhang Jue what was in the purse, and introduced: "These bless promotions. These bless money. These bless love. These bless health. Now, there are very few good Buddhist cards. Mine is fine. "

He didn’t need to take a closer look. Chen Boqiao also knows that those were rudely made to deceive tourists. Zhang Jue must also know. And Zhang Jue stood there patiently. It’s simply because the other side had a face similar to Ai Jiaxi.

The Omega hawker probably thought that Zhang Jue was a very good customer, and he was closer to Zhang Jue and with wide eyes. He boasted about Zhang Jue and said how familiar he was with the masters of the monk temple. So he has the best Buddhist cards.

Chen Boqiao looked at them. Suddenly, the hawker looked at him, and Zhang Jue turned back.

"Sir, your phone seems to be ringing," said the hawker.

Chen Boqiao heard the call tone from his mobile phone in his pocket. He took it out, and it was Pei Shu's phone. Chen Boqiao didn't pick it up immediately. He looked at Zhang Jue and asked, "What are you doing?"

"..." Zhang Jue was absolutely unreasonable, "look at the amulets."

Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue looked at each other, and he smiled gently, and said to Zhang Jue, "Don't buy it."

Zhang Jue paused for a moment and glanced at the hawker again. Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue lowered his head, and hurriedly declined the hawker's sales, and quickly walked to his side.

Chen Boqiao picked up the phone and Pei Shu asked immediately, "Is Zhang Jue by your side?"

"Um." Chen Boqiao did not look at Zhang Jue, and raised his hand and took Zhang Jue's shoulders, and let Zhang Jue walk along with him along the street selling amulets.

The hawker, who looks like Ai Jiaxi, was still behind him. He and Zhang Jue knew, but they didn’t speak it out.

"You are inconvenient to speak?" Pei Shu asked again, and his words were with some care.

"Wait." Chen Boqiao stopped and turned to ask Zhang Jue, "Is the amulet bought?"

Zhang Jue shook his head firmly: "Not yet."

"You buy it first, I'll take a call first."

Zhang Jue said well and turned to pick. Chen Boqiao went a little further and asked Pei Shu: "What’s wrong?"

"It's not too important," Pei Su suddenly became a little bitter. "Did you ask me about the hospital before?" He paused for a few seconds before continuing to say, "Although I am an investor, I shouldn't snoop on customer privacy. But just in case, I asked the assistant to check it secretly. Did you know Zhang Jue had been treated at this hospital? "

Chen Boqiao gave a certain answer to Pei Shu, and Pei Shu said: "He came to do four courses, usually one or two was enough, Zhang Jue was abnormal. And..."

"Zhang Jue is relatively slow," Chen Boqiao interrupted Pei Shu for a moment. He felt that he was not talking for Zhang Jue, but just stated a fact, "his reaction is slower than others and his character is stubborn, but it is not abnormal. "

Pei Shu paused for a while before saying, "You don't know the situation."

"The pain of closed treatment is very strong. There are a lot of people who do half and press the emergency button. Even if the treatment effect is not achieved, no one will do it four times. It has nothing to do with the slow response. He is abnormal and I don’t need to lie."

Chen Boqiao heard it, there was something in Pei Shu's words, and there was something hidden but not said.

"Boqiao," Pei Shu said, "You don't want to have anything to do with Zhang Jue in the second half of your life, just like Zhang Jue, what your stepmother introduced to you is much better than him. Listen to the experienced people. He is entangled in you today, and you do not hold him away. Tomorrow will become even more entangled, but it’s too late. "

Chen Boqiao bowed his head, and looked at the gap between the bricks and stones on the sidewalk. He thought for a while, and said to Pei Shu, "He does not entangle me."

He did not wait for Pei Shu to answer, Chen Boqiao added: "It's you, you have given the patient four courses of treatment, but the results have not yet reached the point, should I ask the dean to reflect on the hospital's medical level."

"... Reflect on yourself," Pei Shu said angrily, "Do you know what he came for?"

Chen Boqiao didn't speak, and Pei Shu sneered softly.

Later, Chen Boqiao heard Pei Shu's voice flipping through the paper medical records. There was not much emotional fluctuation between Pei Shu's words. He told Chen Boqiao: "Zhang Jue came to the hospital 28 times and completed four courses. He wanted to close more than 200 memory segments, from the age of 20 to 27, each with the name Chen Boqiao. "

Chen Boqiao hung up the phone and looked back. Without seeing Zhang Jue, and he walked to the amulet shop where Zhang Jue had been before, and met Zhang Jue who hurried out of the side alley.

When he saw Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue's eyes seemed to light up, and he walked to Chen Boqiao and asked, "Have you finished?"

Zhang Jue wore a black long-sleeved shirt. After coming out of the Erawan. He rolled up the sleeves to reveal his thin wrists and carried a paper bag with amulets in his hands.

He closed to Chen Boqiao, but always keeps some distance. The pheromone aroma on his body was very light. The bitter apricot flavor was filled with the sweetness of nothingness, which made Chen Boqiao near the Erawan thought of Zhang Jue for his oral sex. He looks so hard to swallow and pretended so comfortably.

He remembered that at the corner opposite the gate of the hospital, Zhang Jue answered Ai Jiaxi's question, and said with no expression on his face, "It's useless."

Chen Boqiao wanted to know where Zhang Jue came from more than two hundred memory segments related to himself, and his love for himself. Why it made him so painful, but also so dispensable.

In order to completely remove Chen Boqiao from his memory, he came for treatment. Although he did not succeed, he did four sessions and 28 times of high pain treatment. His spirit was extremely commendable.

And how can Zhang Jue not become more entangled like Pei Shu said, and dare to say "I dare not."

"Are you going to lunch?" Zhang Jue asked.

Chen Boqiao nodded, and they went into the car.

Zhang Jue still drove. Chen Boqiao chose a restaurant at will. Zhang Jue sat and adjusted the navigation. He leaned down slightly and Chen Boqiao saw a small piece in his shirt pocket.

"You still bought the amulets." Chen Boqiao said straightly.

Zhang Jue looked up at Chen Boqiao with a look of awkwardness, "Hmm..."

He didn't explain much, and Chen Boqiao didn't follow up, just pointed to the pocket of Zhang Jue: "Show me."

Zhang Jue gave it to him. Chen Boqiao frozen a bit, and it was crudely made.

" What does it bless?" Chen Boqiao asked.

Zhang Jue didn’t look at Chen Boqiao's eyes and said, "Health."

"Zhang Jue, this is Cupid." Chen Boqiao couldn't help laughing at him.

Zhang Jue was definitely like this, and how many treatments do not help. He still had to buy Cupid when buying amulets.

"Ask for the opposite sex," Chen Boqiao said, "Who do you want?"

Zhang Jue said nothing, and Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue's hand while still navigating.

He put the amulet back in Zhang Jue's jacket pocket, and Zhang Jue raised his eyes and looked at him.

"I picked it casually." Zhang Jue said. Chen Poqiao couldn't bear to watch his performance.

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao called him.

Zhang Jue said "um" and asked, "What's wrong?"

Chen Boqiao said to him, "I'll try it with you."

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