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Xue Jiayue travelled through time and became the stupid female supporting role of a book which was about a bossy man’s love story.This stupid woman was adopted by the Xu family when she was a child. Since then, she grew up with the hero, Xu Yanwen, and called him brother but later married him.However, she was so unruly and did many stupid things. Xu Yanwen’s grandpa, who had loved her so much, was even too angry and then passed away. As a result, Xu Yanwen divorced her. Worse still, she fina

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Xu Yanwen was worried that Xue Jiayue discovered that. He only flicked away with a soft kiss on her soft lips.

As soon as he stepped back, Xue Jiayue, who was lying in bed, just moved a bit. Xu Yanwen’s heart was almost raised into his throat. Being afraid that she would wake up, he didn’t dare to move and kept standing by the bed all the way. Her black eyes stared at Xue Jiayue firmly.

Fortunately, Xue Jiayue just turned her head but didn’t open her eyes to wake up. Xu Yanwen was relieved. His eyes glanced at the lips he kissed just now. The soft lips and warm touch felt like jelly, making him desire to kiss again.

At this moment, there was a motion from the next bed. Xu Yanwen looked up subconsciously, and found that Grandpa Xu lying on the bed had woken up sometime. He might have seen something. Grandpa Xu was grinning at Xu Yanwen. The wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were crowded together, looking like he was in a good mood.

The fact that he kissed Xue Jiayue secretly just now was caught by Grandpa Xu in the middle of the night. The expression on Xu Yanwen's face was still serious, but a slight blush rose quietly from behind his ears, revealing his heart.

"Good boy." Grandpa Xu said with a smile.

Xu Yanwen quickly raised his finger, and shakes his head gently to Grandpa Xu, meaning that he should not speak and wake up Xue Jiayue.

Grandpa Xu, who knew his grandson well, immediately understood what he meant. The smile on the corner of his eyes was even exaggerated. He opened his mouth and said silently, "Come on, little boy!"

Xu Yanwen pretended not to understand. After walking over to tuck the quilt for Grandpa Xu, he asked with concern, "Do you want to drink water?"

Grandpa Xu nodded while glancing at him, and then said, "I woke up because I was thirsty."

These words meant that he didn't wake up intentionally, and he didn't want to see him kissing Xue Jiayue secretly, it just happened to be.

Xu Yanwen didn't believe that, but he wasn't willing to expose Grandpa Xu’s words. Whatever he wanted to say, it was fine as long as he was happy. Xu Yanwen went to pour a glass of warm water and fed him to drink.

After Grandpa Xu and Xu Yanwen spoke for a while, Grandpa Xu couldn't stay up anymore, and soon fell asleep again.

Xu Yanwen thought it was too late, so he didn't wake Xue Jiayue. He slept on the sofa with clothes dressed.

In the morning, Xue Jiayue woke up first. Seeing Xu Yanwen sleeping on the sofa, she couldn't help but stunned. Last night, she said that they would take care of Grandpa Xu alternately. However, she fell asleep first, but Xu Yanwen did not wake her up.

Xue Jiayue was not stupid. Xu Yanwen did this just to take care of her. It had to say that Xu Yanwen had really done a good job with her. It’s false to say she was not touched at all. Even for real brother or sister, sometimes they couldn’t do it so well. Maybe he was really doing what he said, that is, he was trying to do well and wanted to treat her well, so as to make up for his past mistakes.

Thinking about that in bed, Xue Jiayue opened the quilt and got out of bed. Then she went to the bathroom to change clothes. When she came out, she saw that Xu Yanwen had woken up and was sitting on the sofa, with his hands pressing against his temples, as if he was very tired.

Xue Jiayue was so disappointed to see his appearance, so she walked over and said, "Why didn't you wake me up last night?"

Xu Yanwen put down his hands which were pressing the temples. Opening his eyes, she looked at Xue Jiayue with a smile, and said to her, "You were sleeping soundly, so I did not willing to wake you up."

There was a lot of pity and indulgence in the words. Xue Jiayue's heart softened. She originally told herself to be cruel to Xu Yanwen, not to be confused by his sugar-coated shells, but he was always so gentle and considerate for every time. It’s impossible for her to harden her heart a little bit. Imagine that someone is really good to you, how could you be really fierce and evil to him? Xue Jiayue couldn’t do it for herself!

"I'm going to work." Xue Jiayue just wanted to escape.

Xu Yanwen took the initiative to say, "Wait for me for a few minutes, I will send you."


"Wait for me."

Before Xue Jiayue saying refusal, Xu Yanwen had stood up and went to the bathroom to wash, leaving Xue Jiayue with her mouth open.

Xu Yanwen went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. After that, he felt fine a lot. Looking at the red bloody eyes in the mirror, Xu Yanwen told himself in his heart to persevere continuously.

Grandpa Xu, who was lying on the hospital bed, also woke up at this time. Seeing Xue Jiayue standing by the bed, he called her, "Jiayue, what are you thinking about?"

Xue Jiayue turned back, and tried to bend her lips to form a smile, saying, "Nothing serious. I'm just waiting for brother. He said to send me to the studio later."

Yesterday, she agreed to Xu Yanwen that they should work hard in front of Grandpa Xu to have a good relationship, and wouldn’t make Grandpa Xu worried. This was one of the ways she comforted Grandpa Xu.

"Good." Grandpa Xu said, "I'm glad to see you so good."

At this time, Xu Yanwen came out from the bathroom after washing, and sister Zhen also cooked the chicken soup in the old house and took here, and she also brought Xu Yanwen a set of clean clothes.

Xu Yanwen went to the bathroom to change clothes again. Xue Jiayue stayed outside to talk with Grandpa Xu.

After a few minutes, Xu Yanwen changed clothes and said to Grandpa Xu, "Grandpa, it's not too late. I must send Jiayue to the studio now."

Grandpa Xu waved his hands to them while saying, "OK. You can go now."

Xue Jiayue also waved hands to say goodbye to Mr. Xu. Then, she followed Xu Yanwen out of the ward.

Xu Yanwen went to pick up the car and drove Xue Jiayue to the studio. The two of them didn't speak on the road. They just went downstairs to the studio. When Xue Jiayue was about to get off the car, Xu Yanwen said to her that, he would come to pick her up in the afternoon, and then go to see grandpa together.

"We have to cooperate with each other, not make grandpa worry." Xu Yanwen emphasized.

Xue Jiayue, of course, knew the importance of the matter, so she nodded.

"Then I'm leaving." Xu Yanwen didn't stay too long and drove away.

After Xu Yanwen drove to the company, he called Assistant Feng to his office. Assistant Feng originally thought he had something important to explain, however, Xu Yanwen just told him to help find a game leveling.

"I have a game account, help me reach level 80 as soon as possible." Xu Yanwen said to Assistant Feng.

Assistant Feng was not clear for that, but Xu Yanwen knew clearly that Xue Jiayue's game characters were already at level 80, but his game characters were only about 10 levels. Their levels were too far apart. The branch tasks and main tasks they could practice were quite different. To be able to play together with her, his levels must be similar to hers. He wanted to be able to play with her soon.

Although Assistant Feng didn't know the reason for Xu Yanwen to do this, but since Xu Yanwen had ordered him, he immediately went to find someone to quickly practice Xu Yanwen's game character level.

In X.W studio, when Xue Jiayue arrived in the office, everyone else had already arrived. Cheng Wei blinked at her and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. Xue Jiayue said to him with a smile, "I prefer to drink milk than drinking coffee in the morning."

Cheng Wei said, "I happen to have milk here and I will give it to you."

Xue Jiayue took it with a smile, "Thank you."

While drinking milk sitting in front of the desk, Xue Jiayue turned on the computer behind her and found the folder where she put the design drawings. Sure enough, as she had guessed beforehand, her design drawings were stolen again.

"Ah", Xue Jiayue shouted angrily and anxiously, "My design has been stolen by someone, who is so disgusting and actually to steal my design!"

Xue Jiayue's first voice was not a small voice, which directly attracted the attention of others. Then she pointed out anxiously that her design was stolen. That even surprised the people around her.

"What's the matter?" Cheng Wei first came over and looked at her computer. "Are you sure that your design was stolen? Didn't you save it properly?"

"I'm sure!" Xue Jiayue said with certainty, "Look at this folder of mine. I made a mark before. Someone has definitely moved it. I remember it clearly."

Seeing such a big incident, Cheng Wei appeased Xue Jiayue, "Speak to Mr. He first and let Mr. He come to see it."

"I think we still have to call the police. We can't let the thief go who stole the design so easily." Xue Jiayue said with resentment.

"Yes, call the police." Cheng Wei answered.

Soon, the news that Xue Jiayue's design was stolen was spread in the studio. Many people gathered around to check that. Mr. He also came down from his office to check the specific situation.

Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei talked to Mr. He about what they said yesterday and explained the design drawings painted by Xue Jiayue.

After listening to this, Mr. He also said very seriously, "Our studio does not allow such theft behaviors. Since this happened, we must check it out, and we should not let the misbehaving people stay in the studio. I support Xiao Xue for calling the police."

"I have called the police." Xue Jiayue said with a sullen face. Her eyes swept over the faces of everyone present, expecting to find out who was the thief.

Soon the police came over and learned about the whole incident. When the police were investigating the whole incident, Cheng Wei took a miniature camera from his desk and handed to Xue Jiayue to let her take it to the police.

It turned out that since Xue Jiayue discovered that her design had been stolen that day, she and Cheng Wei devised a method of beating the theft at his own game. Xue Jiayue said that she had new inspiration, and Cheng Wei greatly appreciated her new design, and also said that her design could win the prize, so as to lure the thief who stole the design drawings to steal again. Cheng Wei secretly installed a miniature camera on his desk, which was just facing Xue Jiayue's desk. Whoever secretly operated her computer could be photographed clearly.

Xue Jiayue handed over the video to the police, so the police quickly caught the thief who stole the design drawings.

"How could it be you?" Xue Jiayue couldn't believe her eyes when he looked at the person caught by the police. How could it be him? At first, she thought it was Lu Xiaoyu, because she had hatred with Lu Xiaoyu. However, she had nothing to do with the person in front of her.


Shen Yu accidentally traveled into a dog-blood romance novel, traveled as a sorrowful supporting actress with her same name. The girl’s nominal brother is the biggest villain BOSS in the book. He fights secretly with the actor, and eventually loses ground. It is another white lotus female partner in the play that makes the villain worse step by step.Shen Yu wiped her cold sweat. Fortunately, she was traveled timely. The villain hadn't entangled with white Lotus too much. It completely blackene

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Since it is a serious banquet in the mall, the attendees are naturally big men with heads and faces. Shen Yu recommended that she should be Shen Xiao’s female companion, so she should not be too perfunctory. Dresses, jewelry, shoes, and leather bags must be prepared first. low.

She had jewelry, but when she first came through it, Shen Xiao once gave her a wooden box for jewelry. At that time, he gave a very casual attitude, just like giving a lollipop.

The simple wooden box contained a box full of jewellery, but because it was cluttered together, it looked like a three-dollar stall.

Later, when Shen Yu was free, she patiently sorted them out and sorted them out. Discovered that there were actually three sets of diamonds and two sets of jadeite, both of which were a complete set, including necklace earrings bracelet rings...

In addition to the whole set, there are other styles, such as necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, rings and other fragmentary...

Shen Yu is not a professional jewelry appraiser and cannot estimate the specific price of that box of jewelry, but it must be very, very expensive. As a result, she felt uneasy about hiding the box wherever she went, and later went to ask Uncle Li, this box before Where is it placed.

Uncle Li told her not to be too nervous, and said that this box of things was previously placed on the shelf of the study, because Shen Xiao thought it was useless, and she never moved it, nor saw it stolen.

Later, Shen Yu took a shoe box and put it in it and hid it in the closet. It was very safe to comfort herself.

This time she’s going to the banquet, these jewelry can finally come in handy!

When jewelry is available, dresses and shoes have to be re-purchased. Shen Yu feels that she worked so hard to prevent Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing from developing adultery. The ultimate goal is to understand and save Shen Xiao, so in this process, the Shen Xiao should pay for all the additional costs.

She couldn't help but pay for it, thanks to it!

After such an analysis, Shen Yu went to talk with Shen Xiao with full confidence.

After dinner that day, Shen Yu was lying on the couch with her legs up, took a book and sketched a plan on it, and looked conscientious.

The heating in the room was sufficient. She only wore a thin home wear. Her trousers were eight minutes long and her legs were raised, revealing her fair legs and feet.

Shen Xiao came over with a plate of fruit salad and saw the lovely feet at a glance.

He squinted his eyes, thinking a little uncomfortably, this big cold day, still wearing such short pants, is he trying to tease him? Hum, childish!

Uncle Li will still be hiding in the room. Shen Xiao wants to get a fruit to feed the child, and he has to do it by himself. As a result, the apple cantaloupe is cut into large and small sizes, and has no shape at all. He is too ugly. A lot of salad dressing was poured on it to cover up his extremely poor knifeman.

So when he came with a fruit salad, what Shen Yu saw was a sloppy white salad dressing, but there were few pieces of fruit.

Because she occupied most of the sofa and there was no place for Shen Xiao to sit on, he looked at it, and then stretched out his hand to lift her up, let her sit up straight, and then sat next to her.

Pulled by him, Shen Yu was almost strangled by her own clothes, and could not help but secretly stare at him.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and stirred the salad dressing again with a spoon. It looked sticky and made people have no appetite!

She couldn't help but say: "Too much salad dressing!"

Shen Xiao scooped a spoonful to her mouth and said, "Eat, and then give me a whole jar of salad dressing to feed you if you dislike me."

Shen Yu: ...

Knowing that there is no reason to talk to neuropathy, Shen Yu can only open her mouth to eat, because she still wants him to pay for the dress.

As a result, this bite was too big, and some salad dressing stuck to the corners of her mouth and lips, making it very uncomfortable.

Shen Xiao looked at her embarrassment and mocked her awfully!

Shen Yu was too lazy to care for him. She licked her lips with her tongue, licked the corners of her mouth, and soon licked the salad dressing. Then she looked up at Shen Xiao, but found that Shen Xiao had a delicate expression and complicated eyes, as if looking What makes it difficult for him to tell the picture.

Here again, She don’t know what happened to the neuropathy. These two days always show this strange expression from time to time, sometimes a strange look, sometimes a disgusting look, more often, his expression is always inexhaustible.

Shen Yu questioned it several times, but he was vaguely dealt with, and she was too lazy to ask again, just as he had a neuropathy.

Shen Yu guessed right. This will make Shen Xiao feel very disgusted. The child eats a fruit salad and it is not good. He actually deliberately licked here and licked there. It was clearly seducing him. Such obvious small movements, Why didn't he see it at all? ?

After being fed a few sips of fruit, Shen Yu struggled to push his hand away and said, "Don't feed, I will tell you something serious."

Shen Xiao put the bowl on the table, leaning comfortably on the sofa, resting her hands on the backrest, and asked, "What else can you do? Tell me."

"I'm going to buy a dress and shoes, and I want to make a styling. Do you think the expenses can be reimbursed?" she asked bluntly.

Shen Xiao hummed, "I want to say no? Don't you go?"

Shen Yu frowned, thinking for a while and said, "Then I will wear the one I bought last time. Anyway, I am your female companion, and you are the one who is ashamed."

Shen Xiao tilted his head and looked at her, "Just want to be my female partner?"

How strange this sounds, "I just want to open my eyes!" she said.

"Okay, buy it if you want to." He sneered, thinking clearly that she wanted to go shopping with him. He had to make excuses like this, and women were so annoying.

However, he has been in a good mood recently, so he doesn't care about her. The child wants to go shopping to buy something, and taking her to go is not a big deal.

So the day before attending the banquet, Shen Xiao specially spared an afternoon to accompany his children to go shopping and buy clothes and shoes.

In fact, Shen Yu was a little flattered. Her original intention was to let Shen Xiao give her money and buy it herself. As a result, he not only gave her money to buy it, but also accompanied her to choose it. A little scared, she is still more used to his morbid appearance, rather than the appearance of such a good brother!

When trying on a dress, an episode happened, and what kind of style did the brother and sister buy, they almost quarreled.

Shen Yu looked at a red skirt with front and back V-necks. The tailoring was sexy. After wearing it, the sister's aura was fully open, but the V-neck at the back of this skirt was larger than the front. After wearing it, it was equal to the entire back exposed.

As soon as Shen Yu tried it on, Shen Xiao almost turned her face, didn't look at her more, and directly ordered her to change in. he was very overbearing.

Shen Yu pouted and took a black skirt from him to the fitting room.

Aside from watching the interaction between the two of them, the shop clerk smiled secretly and said to Shen Xiao: "Is such a beautiful girlfriend reluctant to show it to others?"

Shen Xiao glanced at her, and said, "It's such a cold day, I'm afraid she will freeze to death!"

The clerk smiled again: "Your boyfriend is really considerate."

Shen Xiao realized that the other party had misunderstood the relationship between their brother and sister, and she didn't feel much angry, but she still corrected: "She is not my girlfriend, she is my sister."

The clerk covered her mouth, surprised, and then smiled awkwardly. "Sorry, I didn't see it for a while. You two really stood together."

Shen Xiao thought deeply, if the clerk's remarks would have been taught by Shen Yu in advance, he just saw them standing in front of the fitting room and whispered for a while.

Good things, dare to play a little trick in front of him, but he wants to see what tricks she will use later.

Shen Xiao was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, thinking a little with excitement, such a day is also very good, at least not too boring.

On the day of the banquet, Shen Yu made the styling early in the morning, went back and put on the dress and high heels, then put on the jewelry, and stood in front of the mirror. She almost couldn't get out of herself.

She in the mirror, flames and red lips, mature and charming.

Anyone who sees it will never think that she is only a 20-year-old college student.

It seems a bit too mature.

Shen Xiao was waiting for her downstairs, but his patience was almost exhausted, so she paced up in the living room. Xiaobai and Erha followed behind him, and the picture looked amazing.

Shen Yu walked down the stairs and saw him, and asked him coyly, "Brother, am I pretty?"

Shen Xiao looked up and froze for a moment. His heart thumped uncontrollably. He took a deep breath and pressed down the strange feeling in his heart. He did not comment, but just urged: "Go away. "

Shen Yu didn't get a compliment, he pouted, then lifted the skirt and followed.

After getting in the car, she said a little unwillingly: "This skirt was chosen by you, why don't you express your opinion?"

Shen Xiao drove the car and heard her coquettish accusation, sneering: "Just so so."

Shen Yu: ...

Nasty neuropathy, will he boast of death? ?

This banquet was held by a respectable big man in the business circle. The people who can attend are also the most important people in the circle.

Shen Yu followed Shen Xiao into the lobby and found that not only the big businessmen but also some well-known star actors came from the scene.

Sweeping around the crowd, she soon discovered that Yuan Yue and Situ Yi were also present. The two were chatting with each other. Yuan Yue stood beside Situ Yi, wearing a goose-yellow dress and hanging her face A decent smile.

It seems that she has also got used to the state of life here.

Shen Yu was taken in by Shen Xiao and greeted the host as soon as possible. The old man seemed to attach great importance to Shen Xiao. He took a conversation with him and wanted to help him to recommend someone. Shen Yu was also there Without much effect, she shook Shen Xiao's hand away and turned to find Yuan Yue.

Yuan Yue has also discovered that she is crossing the crowd and walking towards her with a smile. It has been a long time since the two met last time. Shen Yu feels that the other party should have a lot to say to her.

And she also has something that needs Yuan Yue to help her do it. This will meet, and I can just talk about it.

However, the fact is not as simple as she thought.

Situ Yi saw Yuan Yue coming, and he soon followed.

On her side, Shen Xiao saw Situ Yi appearing, and immediately left a few gangsters, and hurried towards her, looking like he was ready to roll up his sleeves.

Yuan Yue shivered when she saw Shen Xiao, "What should I do? Will they fight?"

Shen Yu also sighed helplessly. Are the two really different? Why do they look like they want to open a pair?

Can't you take into account the feelings of others? ?

Is this the law of the villains and the decent?


Yaoniang was the concubine of Jin Wang in the last life, but she hadn’t been doted for a few days before she died.After resurrecting her life, she decided to live safely and protect herself. So she would do a job well as a wet nurse and never pursue luxurious life.  However, it never occurred to her that stern-faced Jin Wang who only did something without saying in last life now became so initiative.Everyone in the world knew that Jin Wang had a concubine which was doted by him as early as

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At the same time, Li was talking with Yan’er about Zhou Sheng in the room.

“I think Zhou Sheng is an honest man. He is working in Jin Wang mansion and he is also in a proper age. It is a good option for you,” said Li.

Yan’er took a glance from the crack of window, but she didn’t see clearly what Zhou Sheng looked like. Yan’er then complained in a low voice, “He is just a servant in Jin Wang mansion. What can he achieve?”

Li slapped Yan’er and said, “Don’t look down upon the servant in Jin Wang mansion. How can you compare him with the long-term hired hand in the mansion of a landlord? What’s more, he is still young and we don’t know how he would develop in the future. Do you really think you are a phoenix? If you miss this opportunity, I am going to find an old wifeless man for you. And you might be a step mother of others.”

Yan’er was reluctant to be a stepmother. Hesitant, she furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Well, then I’d like to select him.”

Li nodded her head and replied, “Okay, I will try to ask him to stay here for one more night. Ask your brother to be a matchmaker for you.”

“I am afraid that Yaoniang would try to make troubles for me,” said Yan’er with a sneer.

“She wouldn’t. Don’t forget that Xiao Bao is still here,” responded Li agitatedly.

Yan’er nodded, leaned against Li and continued, “Mom, it seems Yaoniang is developed well and she took back many good staffs in good quality. Please take some for me to be my trousseau.”

Li was reminded by Yan’er and she did see Yaoniang go back with two bags, but Zhou Sheng was there, so Li asked Yaoniang for nothing.

Li also didn’t reveal her intention to Yan’er. She poked at Yan’er’s head and said, “What a greedy girl! If you want trousseau, you have to find a man to marry you first!”

Li left as she finished her sentence. When she passed by the east wing, Li found the light was on. After hesitating for a while, she didn’t step to eavesdrop.

The first glimmer of the morning light came out from the horizon.

Linyun county was like a beast that woke up from sleep. People started to walk on the street.

It was still in stillness in the locust tree lane, but the cracks of the door could be heard occasionally, followed by the sound of the carriage. It was the dung-cart which was going to collect manure.

Yaoniang was awake in the early morning but she didn’t want to get up. Xiao Bao was still sleeping soundly beside her.

Someone started to sweep the floor in the yard and the rustling sound could be heard vaguely. Yaoniang kissed Xiao Bao’s forehead and then dressed up. When everything was done, there was a movement outside.

The door creaked and Yao cheng’s voice sounded. It was not until then Yaoniang opened the door and walked out.

Huiniang also got up and was making the bed.

Ming’er was sleeping with Li while Hong’er was sleeping with Huiniang.

Hong’er was still sleeping in his bed which was close to the window. The bed was two meters wide and surrounded by high guardrails.

Looking back at Yaoniang, Huiniang asked, “Is Xiao Bao still in sleep? Take him here in case he falls down.”

Xiao Bao was naughty in his six months old and he always turned over on bed when he was awake, so Huiniang was worried that he would fall down. Huiniang took care of three babies alone. Although sometimes Li and Yan’er would help her to take care the kids for a while, they were lazy and were unwilling to do anything, so Huiniang had to do the housework at the same time. She had no choice but asked the carpenter to make a bed with guardrails. She would put the children in this bed when she had to do the chores.

Yaoniang felt upset and tried her best to hold back her sadness. She nodded and then held Xiao Bao into the bed.

“Don’t be depressed. That’s how ordinary people come,” comforted Huiniang who also noticed the sadness in her eyes.

Yaoniang nodded and said, “Huiniang, I asked you to hire someone to help with the housework or buy a servant girl back. Why not listen to me?”

Huininag heaved a sigh and explained, “It is not as simple as you expect. It is hard to find a servant who is in proper age and good at taking care of children. If I find a young girl, I am afraid she would make more troubles for me and I also don’t want to ask a little girl to do the chores for us. I also managed to hire a person to help with the chores, but I can’t find a proper person with unidentified background, because I am worried that he might be a human trader.”

Yaoniang also agreed with her, so she nodded and responded, “I will be back just six months later. But I still think it is better to hire someone to help with the housework. There is no need for him to take care of the kids for us, and he just needs to do the chores. Li and Yan’er are averse to do anything. You must be exhausted every day.”

When they were talking, Yao Cheng walked in with a smile. “Zhou Sheng is so diligent. He is cleaning the yard for us.”

It was not until then Yaoniang realized it was Zhou Sheng who was cleaning in the morning.

“I think he is a good man. Yaoniang, what do you think?” asked Yao Cheng again.

“Yes, I also think he is a good man,” replied Yaoniang.

Yaoniang told them her experience on the way back which shocked Huiniang. “The ruffians are utterly lawless. They even tried to rob others in the open day.”

“Perhaps it was not the first for them to do such a thing, but they were frightened by the signs of Jin Wang mansion and they dared not to offend the people from Jin Wang mansion.”

“It seems you get a good job in Jin Wang mansion,” said Huiniang.

When they were chatting, Hong’er and Xiao Bao woke up. They dressed up for the two kids and washed face for them. Huiniang and Yaoniang went to the kitchen to prepare for the breakfast after everything was done. Yao Cheng was taking care of the kids in the room. Yaoniang could hear the enthusiastic voice of Li even if she was in the kitchen.

“What Li is going to do?” asked Yaoniang. Li was paying her addresses to Zhou Sheng and it was so weird, but Yaoniang was clear that she must have a selfish calculations.

“What do you think?” Huiniang replied with a weird smile.

Taking the chance, Huiniang told her what happened to Yan’er recently.

Yaoniang was shocked, because it was beyond her expectation. Did it happen to in her last lifetime as well? Yaoniang couldn’t remember it since she never came back home in her previous life, so she knew nothing about Yan’er.

It seemed that Yan’er got her punishment now. Yaoniang suddenly felt that she was mollified and relaxed.

“Is Li going to be a matchmaker for Yan’er and Zhou Sheng?” asked Yaoniang.

Huiniang took a glance at Yaoniang and nodded.

“No, she can’t do like this. Zhou Sheng is a good man. I can’t let him marry Yan’er. She would ruin him someday,” said Yaoniang agitatedly. She was going to go out as she finished her words but was stopped by Huiniang. “Don’t worry. You brother Zhou is clever and he won’t be deceived by Li.”

Yaoniang furrowed her eyebrows and continued, “Huiniang, he is not my brother Zhou. Don’t misunderstand me. We are just friends.”

Huiniang took a glance at Yaoniang and added, “But I think Zhou Sheng likes you. Don’t tell me that you don’t know it.”

In fact, Yaoniang did not notice that and she just felt Zhou Sheng was so enthusiastic with her, but she didn’t expect that Zhou Sheng liked her. Yaoniang then reminded that Zhou Sheng once asked her if she was going to remarry someday.

“I think he is a good man and he also knows about your condition. Now that he is still willing to get alone with you, it means that he doesn’t care about your previous marriage and Xiao Bao.”

“But he still doesn’t get married. How could it be possible for him to marry me,” grumbled Yaoniang.

“Don’t look down upon yourself. You are a good woman and you deserve a good man,” persuaded Huiniang.


Huiniang patted her and said, “Okay, I know you must be clear what I mean. It is not easy to raise a kid alone. Now that he is willing to live with you, why not take him into consideration? I also hope that you could find your Mr. Right so that he could take care of you.”

Find a husband?

Yaoniang was absorbed in deep thought. She took a glance at Zhou Sheng who was cleaning the carriage in the yard while Zhou Sheng happened to look into her eyes as well. Yaoniang noticed his happiness from his eyes, so she lowered her head subconsciously. She reminded Jin Wang somehow.

Jin Wang received the third letter from the Guard Eleven in Zhaohui Hall.

There was a short message in the paper.

“Zhou Shen stayed at Yao family for one more night. Yaoniang’s sister intends to be a matchmaker for them,” read Jin Wang in an extremely low voice.

Fucheng also wanted to look at it but he dared not to do so, and instead he just lowered his head.

Jin Wang was in a low spirit after receiving the first letter from Guard Eleven. He looked serious and the air in the room almost froze. Fucheng didn’t want to enrage Jin Wang at such a critical moment.

Jin Wang got up suddenly and walked out. “Prepare a carriage for me,” ordered Jin Wang.

Shocked, Fucheng wondered where he was going, but soon he realized that perhaps Jin Wang was going to find Yaoniang.

Li asked Zhou Sheng to stay there for one more night no matter how he declined her. Finally, Zhou Sheng agreed to stay there for another night.

Li was so pleased and went to her son, but she didn’t expect to be refused by Yao Cheng.

“Mom, I suggest you to give up this idea. Zhou Sheng is from a blameless family and why is he going to marry Yan’er? What’s more, Zhou Sheng is here for Yaoniang, but not for Yan’er. Please don’t tell me that Yan’er falls in love with him. Why Yan’er always falls in love with the man Yaoniang likes? I warn you that if Yan’er causes another trouble this time, I am going to send her to the nunnery.”   

Yao Cheng didn’t want to say harshly to his mother, but he was bothered by Li and Yan’er recently. Li was her mother and he could do nothing to her, but Yao Cheng disliked Yan’er, an arrogant yet stupid woman.                                            

Although Yan’er was his natural sister, Yao Cheng was not intimate with her since his childhood. Yan’er was astute and selfish, and Yao Cheng was slandered by Yan’er while Li would beat him. Yao Cheng got to know that Yan’er grew up to a vicious girl when she plotted a frame-up on Yaoniang. A chill ran down his back.

Yan’er kept making a farce at home after Feng Heizi was arrested. In Yao Cheng’s opinion, Yan’er had to accept her destiny and needed to cherish what she owned so that to live a peaceful life. But Yan’er showed her distain to the man Yao Cheng found for her. She was a nag to find a man to get married with her.

But now no one would like to marry Yan’er since she couldn’t give birth to a child.

Li didn’t expect that Yao Cheng would be so harsh to her. “Do you still remember who your natural sister is? Yan’er is your sister! Why would you speak for Yaoniang? What a heartless man! You even turn a cold shoulder to your sister after your marriage.”

“I don’t care about how you think. Huiniang treats you well in daily life. Yan’er and you are reluctant to do anything at home. Huiniang has to be responsible for everything at home, but now you even try to pick a hole on her. If you want me to live a peaceful life and bring honor to our family, you better not to make troubles for Yaoniang. She is the wet nurse of the princess. Master Qian is going to promote me because of Yaoniang’s position in Jin Wang mansion. If you want to ruin me, then you can keep making farce at home,” said Yao Cheng angrily.

Yao Cheng knew his mother well. Although Li loved her daughter, she cared more about Yao Cheng’s career, because it was related to her future life.

After Yao Cheng left, Li smacked her lips. “Now she is different than before since she is a wet nurse of the princess. It is really unfair,” Li murmured to herself.

Yaoniang was a glittering gold now.

To readers: Don’t beat me please. Jin Wang would not come to Yaoniang if he didn’t get any stimulation.


Lin Dan has been bound with a supporting system to do auxiliary tasks to maintain the plot in countless small worlds. To put it bluntly, she is a female supporting role or the expendable, and uses her humble self to fulfill the greatness of others.Being confused, persistent, crazy, unable to love, unable to gain, Lin Dan has experienced too much failure and pain. When she fully understands and decides to unbind the supporting system and to return to the original world, she is hacked into the 3,0


Lin Dan is not used to spending other people's money, but she has been enduring severe pain all the time, so she wants to make herself a little better. She does not refuse, so she follows Bai Yan back to the inn and makes a note with a small notebook. After receiving the bill signed in acknowledgement of debt made by Lin Dan, Bai Yan feels for the first time in his life what it means to be "ironic". But he does not want to return the bill. He folds it neatly and puts it in his sleeve bag properly.

"What is the Jianghu wanted list?" During the meal, Lin Dan asks casually.

"It is a list issued by the Jianghu League. It records a lot of evil deeds committed by evil people. If anyone can catch the evil people on the list back to the Jianghu League, they will receive the corresponding reward."

"Where can I see the list?"

"You can see it in the Jianghu League. Every city has a branch of the Jianghu League. There is one here. Do you want to see it? "

"Just go after the meal." Lin Dan accelerates the speed of eating. Now she finally understands what it feels like to have a penny to beat a hero. She has to write bill when staying in the hotel and eating. She has been not quite happy.

Two quarters of an hour later, the two appear at one branch of the Jianghu League. Although it is a branch, the area it occupies is very large. Firstly, one can see an archway with the words "Jianghu League" written in large gold-plated letters, followed by two main halls. One is imperial edict training hall and another is martial arts performance hall. They are all very grand.

"Go to the imperial edict training hall." Bai Yan seems to be familiar with the Jianghu League, so he lifts his foot and leaves. This time, it is Lin Dan's turn to follow him closely.

When they enter the imperial edict training hall, they see two lists hanging side by side on a huge wall. One is the list of the wanted people and the other is the list of Jianghu masters. Every once in a while, fighters jump up and wipe off the original names on the list with cloth towels and change them into new names.

As soon as Lin Dan enters the hall, she finds herself already on the list of Jianghu masters. Her ranking is not very low. She has already replaced the fourth elders, ranking fourth in the half-step masters. Further ahead are five great masters, namely Xiaoyao Zi of Xiaoyao Sect, Wei Qu of Mingshui Palace, Fa Zhao Master of Banruo Temple, Yan Huang of Yan Huang City, and God Yun of Lianyun City.

Lin Dan's eyes are on the name "God Yun" for a moment, and then she looks at the wanted list beside her. Many fighters stand under the list, carefully and cost-effectively wondering which business they can take. The wanted list is also arranged according to the level of martial arts. The higher the level is, the higher the martial arts the villain has. Although there is no great master on it, there are several half-step masters in succession. The wanted list also records in detail what evil deeds the villain has done, when he has been put on the list, and how much reward money there are...

Lin Dan looks carefully and finds that the villain at the top of the list has been wanted for more than 20 years, but no one can bring him to justice. During this period, instead of refraining, he has been doing more evil things. Many fighters have jointed to hunt him for the reward. The total amount of reward is up to 500,000 liangs of gold. The amounts of reward offered for capturing the villains behind him are not low--300,000, 200,000 and 100,000 are all counted in gold.

Lin Dan looks down from the top and silently calculates in her heart--if she takes all these heads, she will be rich in a twinkling. She will have endless money to spend in the future. She will be able to live in VIP rooms as many as she wants, and she will be able to eat as much rice as she prefers. How comfortable her life will be.

She indulges herself in thinking. Her narrow phoenix eyes cannot help but slightly narrows, the dark pupils also beam with pleasure. Bai Yan does not look at the list, but only silently stares at Lin Dan.

The two are attractive in appearances and outstanding in temperament and soon attract the attention of others. Someone whispers, "Female, seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing a black robe, carrying a broadsword and six feet in length, is this Lin Dan of the Eastern Scared Religion?"

"It's impossible. A peerless master like her would be afraid to lose her dignity if she comes to see the wanted list." Immediately someone shakes his head in denial.

Once one enters the ranks of half-step masters and becomes the existence of the peak of martial arts, he will isolate himself from ordinary people and create an enigmatic image. The rest of the trivial matters will be left to the subordinate to handle, while they will concentrate on the cultivation and try to hit a higher level. The way to learn martial arts is to never stop practicing. Otherwise, one will retreat if he does not advance, and no one wants to be left behind.

The people who come to the temple to receive the arrest warrant are fighters in urgent need of money or bounty hunters specializing in this field. Just try to imagine it, if they can become masters like half-step masters, they would have taken control of one sect long ago, and how would they make such hard money?

"No, no, she is definitely not." More people shake their heads and look away at the list.

Bai Yan hears the irony and feels that everyone is drunk and he is awakening alone. Who would have thought that Lin Dan is so independent that instead of inheriting the Eastern Scared Religion after she was promoted to a half-step master, she wandered into Jianghu and now she is too poor to even drink a bowl of water.

He reaches his lips with his fist and chuckles aloud, looking at Lin Dan's pale eyes, his eyes are especially soft. "Watch enough? Which deal do you want to take? “He walks beside Lin Dan, and asks lowly.

"Yes." Lin Dan goes straight to the place where she receives the wanted warrants and says, "Give me the warrants of No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6 and No.7."

"What did you say?" The fighter responsible for issuing the warrants clears his ears, seriously suspects that he has heard wrongly.

"Give me the warrants No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, and No.7." Lin Dan does not tire of repeating it.

"Crazy? Whose girl is she, running out to play?" The people around them are all gaping and pointing, like looking at a drama.

The fighter who issues warrants sees there are too many people, and he has the ability to judge the situation. So he looks up and down at Lin Dan, looking at the Asura Broadsword for a minute. He respectfully says, "Wait a minute, I don't have these arrest warrants now. I'll go to the back hall to get them."

Soon, seven gold-plated, feather-like arrest warrants are issued to Lin Dan, who shoves them into her arms at will and marches off. Later on, another fighter jumps onto the stone wall and draws a line behind the seven names with vermilion pen, meaning that someone has taken the task of killing them.

The public looks around and sees that all seven are half-step masters. If the list of Jianghu masters does not evaluates morality and prestige but martial arts, the three elders of Lianyun City may not be able to rank in front of them. They have been wanted for decades, but even if they are reviled by countless people, they still live a natural and unrestrained life. The Jianghu wanted list cannot cause any trouble to them, and the increasing reward cannot threaten any of them. Even the ranking of this list and the numerous crimes recorded are also used by them as talk of showing off.

Now, there finally is someone to take the warrants to capture them all in one time. Is this a surprise to onlookers?

"Is that woman really Lin Dan of the Eastern Scared Religion?" At last, someone begins to understand.

"It will be soon known whether she is or not.”

"Even she is Lin Dan, she is just a half-step master ranking the fourth, does she have the ability to kill all the wicked! After all, she is still too young to evaluate the situation! "

No matter what others say, Lin Dan has set foot on the road to making money. She borrows several liangs (1 liang=50 grams) of silver from Bai Yan to buy a map and draw up a route according to the order of the seven people near and far. And she borrows ten liangs of silver to buy a horse. And then she sets off.

Bai Yan carefully collects several bills and follows her closely. He is gradually more fond of observing Lin Dan, and is also more addicted to this kind of Jianghu experience, even though he has already passed the age of experiencing--

Three months later, Lin Dan comes to the Jianghu League with a huge package. The Asura Broadsword in her hand has turned to dark ochre. It can be seen that there has been much killing these days. Bai Yan follows her closely and looks at her with complicated sights.

He knows Lin Dan has outstanding qualifications; otherwise she would not have broken through the emotional barrier in a few short years, realized the true meaning of Asura Broadsword, and would not have reached half-step master at the age of seventeen or eighteen. However, after he really understands Lin Dan, he does not know where her limit is. She is extremely intelligent and brilliant. She grows up in fights. After three months, she is completely different.

After slaying Dugu Hong, she learned her phantom step of the Eight Diagrams; after killing master of the bully knife, Nie Cheng, she learned his bully knife; after slaying The Blood Evil, Zhou Tao, she learned the method of refining body with evil spirit and blood...She keeps absorbing useful methods to supplement and perfect the shortcomings of the Asura Blade, pushing this top achievement method to another height.

Bai Yan has no doubt that if she is given more time; she will one day be able to defeat him and adapts the Asura Blade to a more brilliant method like the Cloud Method that he has practiced. She is a gifted genius, but unfortunately she fell into the hands of He Chongling and his father. From then on, she has embarked on the road doomed with no liberation.

The more he knows about Lin Dan, the more Bai Yan can't keep his peace of mind. He is regretting, sighing and even distressed for her. If only he had met her earlier! The idea has come to mind frequently recently, upsetting him.

Lin Dan, however, does not care about the mental changes of his at all. She just kills the evil people on the list and comes to the Jianghu League to collect the reward. She owes more and more debts these days, and she can't record them all even with a small notebook.

"I come to deliver the arrest warrants, and you can help me calculate the reward." She throws the huge package on the ground at random, and gives seven glittering feather tokens to the fighter of the Jianghu League.

Every city in the East Tang Mainland has a branch of the Jianghu League. After Lin Dan kills the last villain, she finds a nearby branch to collect the money. The fighter responsible for collecting the warrants naturally does not know her. He takes the warrants with a bland expression and says, "Wait a moment, I'll count first..." Suddenly, he is stunned and freezes on the spot. He sees the seven tokens in his hand are clearly marked with the words "one, two, and three". In other words, they are the first, second, third...

The fighter suddenly looks up at the wanted list not far away, horrified in his heart. The characters from one to seven on the wanted list are all half-step masters, there is no mistake. In other words, this girl kills seven half-step masters in one breath and it only takes three months. What a horrible record!


Tong Yuwu lived to the twenty-five years old. Besides her physical appearance, she was most satisfied with her marriage with Fu Liheng who was the most unapproachable man in Yanjing. She was arrogant and extravagant by nature, until one day she was forced to learn that she was living in a novel. After a year Fu Liheng would divorce her. Leave the house penniless but only get a few million break-up fee.System: Complete the task① All expenses within a week are less than 1,000 yuan, and one year

2020-07-28 14:50:22

Tong Yuwu didn't even touch the seafood. it is impossible for her fingers to be pinched, but this does not affect her temporary performance.


"It's nothing." Her ears are reddish, and she wants to pull her hand back, "My finger just accidentally be pinched, it hurts a little at first, and now it doesn't hurt anymore. It even doesn't have wounds."


"Today, I have lack of consideration." Fu Liheng's tone is a little low. He does not consider too many external factors. For example, Tong Yuwu didn't have much experience in buying food, "It won't happen in the future."


Servant Sun is not here, and they have many inconveniences in life. He doesn't seem to be used to the current mode of getting along with only two of them.

After all, Tong Yuwu has been a spoiled young lady since she was a child, even though her life has changed dramatically since she was fifteen. In terms of material, her uncle and her aunt are not harsh on her. However, she can go to the market to buy seafood only because he said that he wants to eat seafood, which makes Fu Liheng stunned for a while, also has a hint of evasion.


His thoughts of evasion exist, but he doesn't want to put this thought into action. He doesn't like deviations, and he doesn't like being a different man for a little changes in life.


It's nothing.


"I'll cook." Fu Liheng takes off his coat, rolles up his sleeves, and prepares to cook.


Tong Yuwu hadn't expected Fu Liheng to show solicitude for her. If one day he really treats her in this way, she will wonder if there is a ghost upper his body.(he is not himself, and he is controlled by the ghost, so he would do things like this.)


But if he really treats her in this way, to say a few compliment words to her, which will be like some kind of official words(most boyfriend says to their girlfriend), she also wants to roll her eyes in heart.


He really has no conscience.

The seafood needs authentic and original taste. Both steamed and boiled seafood are very delicious. The lobster is also handled by the seafood stall owner before. It takes less than half an hour to prepare a dinner, which is much faster than she expected. Because Fu Liheng accurately follows the kitchen software recipes in the sauce, so the taste is also very good. The shrimps are fresh and tender. Maybe Tong Yuwu did her own work. She feels that this meal is equal to Yanjing's best seafood restaurant's food.


After dinner, Fu Liheng goes to the study.


Because he doesn't have many days at home. He usually goes to the study after dinner, so Tong Yuwu doesn't pay much attention to his behavior.


This time Fu Liheng goes to the study to ponder closing his eyes instead of working.


He is not used to Tong Yuwu's behavior, and he is not used to himself like this.


He thinks of next month is her birthday. He had already thought about buying a yacht for her. But after today's affairs, he thinks about it for a moment and dials the phone of his special assistant, "Is there any auction recently?" 

Special assistant Zhou has more work than Assistant Wang. He is currently on a business trip in Kong City. He suddenly receives a call from his boss. He is a little bit unconscious, "Next week there will be an auction in Kong City. It is said that the set of necklace inlaid with semiprecious stones called bloom will be auctioned."


"How much can I get it?"


"Probably 4 to 5 million pounds."


"take it."

Special assistant Zhou has spent more time with Fu Liheng than Assistant Wang did. He naturally knows that Fu Liheng is going to auction jewellery, either for his mother or his wife. He has his thoughts in mind and tries to ask, "Next month is the Mrs. Fu's birthday, is this necklace given as a birthday gift?"




Special assistant Zhou is even more surprised, "Mr. Fu, you asked me to buy the yacht the day before yesterday..."


Isn't the yacht a birthday present?


Fu Liheng, "Can't it?"


Special assistant Zhou: I'm sorry to disturb you, but I don't quite understand that the top rich people will give others double gifts.


But is this the hint that Mr. Fu begins to take care of his wife. He is not so elaborate to prepare birthday gifts for her before.




The next day, when Tong Yuwu wakes up by the alarm clock, she finds that Fu Liheng has already gone to work.


She is still wondering as she goes downstairs. Does he have a very important job today? Doesn't he usually get up around seven o'clock? It's only seven o'clock now, and he has gone to work.

Although she reminds herself not to get too far, Tong Yuwu glances quietly at the dinner table and glances quietly in the kitchen. And she finds that there is no loving breakfast. She lowers her lips, thinking that he was moved yesterday and would make breakfast for her.


Basically she has spent a thousand yuan and she has to tight her waistband(eat less food and spend less money) for the rest of the day.

The stock in the refrigerator is enough for her to eat, but the stock in the refrigerator is not enough for Fu Liheng and her two people. She doesn't know whether he is in love with the cook. Every time he cooks, he does not consider the actual situation. He still does like that servant Sun is still here to serve them. Obviously there are only two people here to eat, and she can't eat too much. But every time he has to do two meat dishes and two vegetarian dishes... And every time they can not finish the meal!


He wastes food and money, the food she bought several days ago at the supermarket may not last for a few days.


He is a spendthrift!


Tong Yuwu taking advantage of nobody at home calls names, her mobile phone rings, which is called by Lu Yinyin.

Just when she answers the phone, before she has time to say "Hey", there is a crack at the other part, " Listen! Yuwu, you certainly don't know it, I also heard that. Old Mr. Wan has actually made a will. This is not surprising, but old Mr. Wan is only in his fifties. This is not the point. The point is that almost all of his property in the will was left to Wan Linjia and old Mrs. Wan, and only a villa was given to Wan Liru. It's very remote, and there are some real estate that is almost negligible. Even Wan's company's dividend has not given to her. It is estimated that the total property has given to her valued just tens of millions. She is too pitiful. It's really pitiful."

"And I heard that Wan Liru was born out of wedlock. She could not enter the genealogy of the Wan family. Originally, old Mrs. Wan wanted to manage a marriage for her. She was also planning to give her a birthday. Now I guess Liru is in trouble. Do you think it serves her right, but I'm happy to see her not doing well!"


Before, Tong Yuwu will gossip with the Lu Yinyin together, but she has no interest to do this today.


Is it pitiful to get only tens of millions of property? In the original book, she only got a few million, isn't she more pitiful?


Lu Yinyin also notices that Tong Yuwu has no interest in gossip. Lu Yinyin thinks that maybe Tong Yuwu still doesn't sleep well and rest well, so she casually hangs up the phone for a reason and she really doesn't want to witness public display affection(Lu Yinyin:I know you guys love each other. Don't let me witness PDA again).


Tong Yuwu is lying on the sofa. Very good, and now all the examples around her are telling her how bad it will be once she is divorced.

It's nothing to be expelled from the giants circle. But if one day she is sneered at by those people she was once despised, such as her little plastic sisters(be friends on the surface but they will compete secretly and not true friends) or even Wan Liru. It is no doubt that she will go to see Fu Liheng with her knife.


Tong Yuwu straightens up and glances at the time. It is still very early, not at ten o'clock.


She can go to Fu's company to send Fu Liheng her stew. At noon, they can still have lunch together in his office.


Of course, she will not have the consciousness of leaving after eating. She will find a reason to stay and spend the afternoon in his lounge or office. Maybe they can eat dinner outside. This is also a perfect date. The most important thing is that if they eat outside, she will definitely not pay for it. 

Wait...... How does she look like a slut who eats and drinks freely from him, but doesn't love him?


Tong Yuwu's cooking is not enough to cook a dish, not to mention stew. So she dials old Mrs. Fu's phone without any psychological burden.


Old Mrs. Fu picks up quickly, and the tone is relaxed and kind, "Yuwu, what's the matter?"

"Mom, in fact, I'm fine, just thinking about that Fu Liheng will work late these evening, he works really hard. Today I want to send him lunch, and by the way, I want to stew a soup to make up for him." Tong Yuwu has been learned how to open her eyes and to talk nonsense without blushing(she will not get shamed of her lies). "Today I got up early and wanted to stew soup, but I failed. What I want to do now is to learn the skill of stew soup with nanny Sun."


When old Mrs. Fu looks at the time, it is ten o'clock. It is only two hours away from lunch. Yuwu had never been to the kitchen. If she stews the soup, when would Fu Liheng have lunch?


"This stew can not be learned in a minute, so, I will let the servant stew it in the kitchen now. Then I will let servant make a few more dishes, and let the driver deliver it to you after it is done. Do you think if it works."

"That's great, Mom, you don't know. Fu Liheng said yesterday that he wants to eat seafood. I deliberately went out to buy it. As a result, the seafood I bought seemed to be not fresh. I felt really sad. He usually worked so hard. These days, maybe he didn't eat well."


Old Mrs. Fu thinks for a moment, and says, "It happened to be a friend who delivered a box of seafood yesterday. Your dad and I don't like to eat seafood. I will let the driver send it to you later."






When Tong Yuwu stands at the door and she watches, as the driver moves boxes of seafood from the trunk to the house. She suddenly realizes that she is too young to understand before, how deep the love from mother is.


She thinks they've agreed that old Mrs. Fu just sends her a stew soup, some dishes, and one box of seafood?

Now there are two boxes of seafood alone. Not to mention other fruits and foods. There were some empty in refrigerator before but that was stuffed up immediately now, almost no gaps are left in the refrigerator. Tong Yuwu stands in front of the refrigerator with a satisfied face. Now she realizes the joy of hoarding.


Next—should she not have to suffer to buy food?


To her, mother-in-law is so nice. Men are the natural enemies of women. Only women can understand women. She thinks that her mother-in-law is really intimate!

The food delivered by Mrs. Fu is also very hearty, full of meat and vegetables, and a soup. Tong Yuwu has already called Fu Liheng before. After getting his consent, she takes a few lunch boxes and goes to the car to Fu's company.


When she gets off the car, assistant Wang has waited aside, and assistant Wang takes the lunch box in her hands as a porter.


When she comes to the elevator door, she just happened to meet Fu Liheng's translation secretary Ai Da.


Fu Liheng has several secretaries, each of whom has their own duties. Tong Yuwu has seen them. She can't see through what are those secretaries' thoughts. But only seeing from the surface, all of them has a strong ability and a sense of self-discipline.

Ai Da is a woman heavy with child (pregnant) now, and Tong Yuwu hasn't seen her for months after all. Last time when she saw her, she still had a flat belly. She wore a professional dress and stepped on the high heeled shoes. But today, she wears a maternity dress and steps on flat shoes. She almost has no makeup. Compared with the last time, the contrast is too big. Tong Yuwu almost does not recognize her.


"How many months have you been pregnant?"


The three people walk into the elevator. Assistant Wang stands consciously inside, leaving the space as much as possible for the other two women to chat.


Ai Da holds her waist in one hand, and her whole body radiates a kindness aura that is about to become a mother, "Eight months."


"I was wondering that I didn't see you last time."

"Mrs. Fu, I happened to go to the obstetrics inspection that day, and the queues were all in the morning." Ai Da thinks about it and says, "I'm going to take maternity leave after childbirth a full month. The personnel department has recruited new people, temporarily will take over my job."


Newcomer? In the past, Tong Yuwu may still have a sense of crisis, but now this sense of crisis is completely gone. She had guessed that Fu Liheng has lover outside before, and she did not doubt that he would get together with his secretary or subordinates. Fu Liheng is a man with a clear sense of public and private interests, and he has principle in his work. It is unlikely that the love plot between overbearing president and the petite secretary will happen to him. She can guarantee it with her head( equals with guarantee it with her life).


Ai Da sees Tong Yuwu with no changes on her face, and she is envious of her in her heart.

She thinks that Tong Yuwu is a truly confident woman. She still remembers the former senior secretary who was also very beautiful and had a strong working ability. At that time, Mr. Fu also took over the company. This secretary started to have other thoughts (she wanted to seduce Fu Liheng) and was dismissed soon after.

Although Mr. Fu took over the company at that time, most of the time he was on a business trip overseas, and the company's employees were not very clear about his working methods. Some male colleagues were still discussing in private, and their comments were very foul. They said that sleeping with her just for one night was not a loss to him, and they also said that it was good to have her as a lover outside.


Until three years ago, Mrs. Fu accompanied Mr. Fu as the identity of fiancee to the company's annual meeting. That was the first time many employees saw her. Who was not surprised by her beauty?


The most beautiful jewelry(the most beautiful woman in the world) is in front of him, unless Mr. Fu is mad so that he can fall in love with other stones (ordinary woman)?


"Is it hard to get pregnant?" Tong Yuwu looks at Ai Da's high, bulging belly, and she is really scared.


Ai Da nods helplessly, "By the way, Mrs. Fu, do you know some famous doctors who can remove the stretch marks.

"Stretch marks?" Tong Yuwu recalls, "I have no impression, what's the matter with you?"

"Since last month, my belly has been itchy, and it is useless to apply oil or wipe cream. Now my belly is like a watermelon skin. I am so worried. I am trying to control my weight after pregnancy. However every time if I eat a little more, the next day morning I will weigh two jin(two jin= one kilo) directly."


Ai Da originally wants to talk about her other physical changes, but she sees the assistant Wang in the elevator mirror in time. Assistant Wang is as the background board in the elevator. And she could only hold back the words.


Tong Yuwu thinks about what the watermelon skin looks like, and thinks about her flat and smooth belly. And suddenly she loses most of her interest in pregnant and giving birth.


Why aren't men who are pregnant and have children?


Chu Chu suddenly passed through the book as the vicious female president. The original role was not only obsessed with the leading actor, but also tried to kill the leading actress.Eventually, it was a bad ending.Chu Chu’s family business went bankrupt and she was disfigured.On the first day she passed through the book, she opened her wardrobe full of luxuries, and had a feeling of a poor citizen bacoming wealthy overnight.Chu Chu: Just kidding, what else could a rich president do, was it Mich

2020-07-28 14:48:28

Wang Qing did not dare to hide, and honestly provided the address of assistant to the president Zhang. She hesitated: "...Are you going to visit assistant to the president?"

Wang Qing secretly mourned for Zhang Jianian in her heart, who would be blocked by president Chu would be too miserable.

Chu Chu wanted to answer, but she looked at Wang Qing's slightly embarrassed look, and suddenly realized: "Is it not so good for me to come over?"

Chu Chu thought a while, if she was on leave and was harassed by her boss, she would probably be furious.

Wang Qing would like to frankly say yes, but she couldn't directly attack president Chu, so she said in such a smooth way: "If you care about assistant to the president Zhang's condition, he will definitely be happy, you can send a message."

The subtext of this sentence was, don’t make a special trip to the door to fright him.

Chu Chu thought about it too. She chased Zhang Jianian every day and asked about his work. It was indeed unreasonable so she decided to hold it by herself today. She had thought about it well. But after a while of actual work, she found that many things were messed up.

Yinda Investment had a large number of departments, not to mention the ongoing investment projects. The huge amount of information would crush almost Chu Chu instantly. Zhang Jianian's existence was like a knot made from countless strings. He sorted out all the trivial matters and handed them to Chu Chu. Now that the knot had disappeared, thousands of strings had spread out, and all sorts of irregular things were completely unclear. Chu Chu had no clue where she should start.

Just after noon, Chu Chu couldn't hold it back. She called Wang Qing and said with a headache: "Can you list all the priorities and give them to me in an orderly way? So, I can understand what needs to be done."

Everyone reported their work piece by piece, and they even didn’t communicate with each other, making Chu Chu feel that the work was extremely difficult to advance, only upsetting. In the past, Zhang Jianian prepared all the materials. The important work that required her decision was placed at the top. The trivial matters were resolved silently. The logic was extremely clear.

Wang Qing froze for a moment and hurriedly said, "Okay, wait a moment please."

Secretary-general Wang Qing was afraid of president Chu's anger and hurriedly sorted out the contents of her work, but she was only the secretary-general after all, and she did not have a deep understanding of investment and business. Wang Qing’s rank was not as good as that of Zhang Jianian, and it was difficult for her to talk directly with the company’s bosses, and her communication ability was reduced, so she couldn’t solve the fundamental problem.

Zhang Jianian was a macro investigation of the company from the perspective of the boss, presenting the most critical content to president Chu, saving the boss time and energy. Others lacked his vision and experience, and even if they tried to be like him, they couldn’t imitate the essence.

However, this should not be blamed on Wang Qing. If she reached Zhang Jianian's level, she would have been promoted and wouldn’t be just a secretary-general.

Chu Chu sighed and leaned on the back of the chair. The first time she felt that she was too harsh on assistant to the president Zhang, so she suggested: "Can't we find another assistant to the president? If we go on with this, wouldn't we be exhausting Zhang Jianian."

Wang Qing carefully reminded: "...the company used to have other assistants."

Chu Chu wondered: "What about them? Why haven't I seen them?"

Wang Qing: " said that they were incompatible with the company's corporate culture, so they left." In other words, they were fired.

The original female supporting role hated others to control her will and ideas. The assistant was actually a senior management position with certain real power. How could she tolerate someone affecting her power? So, she fired the incapable, the disobedient, and the unsatisfactory, only Zhang Jianian stayed and became a national treasure.

Chu Yanyin once invested a lot of people in Yinda, but now Zhang Jianian was the only one who could survive.

Chu Chu didn't really understand the company's past history. She looked at the complicated affairs and got a headache. She finally stood up and said: "I'm still going to visit him."

Chu Chu: Whether it was true care or false care, I don't want to stay in the company to deal with work anyway.

Chu Chu asked Wang Qing to call a car for herself, so she took the coat on the hanger and packed it up before leaving. Wang Qing quickly agreed but after she arranged the vehicle, she couldn't help but secretly sent a message to assistant to the president Zhang to report the news privately. President Chu's sudden visit would inevitably put a lot of pressure on him, so assistant to the president Zhang had to be prepared.

Chu Chu didn't know the small movements of her subordinates. She drove to Zhang Jianian's address, but the car stopped at a narrow intersection. The driver said apologetically: "President Chu, I'm sorry, I can't seem to get in front."

Chu Chu looked blankly out of the car window, and private cars were parked on both sides of the road, blocking the road tightly and they were unable to pass at all. The mottled residential building was covered with green creepers. The aunts carrying shopping baskets were standing by the road and chatting. There were strange small advertisements posted on the walls. The very pyrotechnic and life-like picture greatly impacted her senses.

She didn't know how long she hadn't seen such a place. She seemed to be insulated from the sense of the world after passing through the book.

Chu Chu was wearing an haute couture with a famous bag on her shoulder, standing at the door of the unit. A bunch of retired uncles who were playing chess gathered under the tree. They saw the uninvited guest with a different style and cried their voices curiously and asked, "Girl, who are you looking for?"

"Hello, may I know which side is Unit 3?" Chu Chu asked politely without fright.

The enthusiastic uncles gave her directions and couldn't help but gossiped: "Ah, I haven't seen you before!"

"Well, I'm here to visit my friend."



Those retired uncles clearly neither loved the Internet nor understood the Internet variety shows, and no one recognized Chu Chu. According to the instructions, Chu Chu found unit 3. There was no elevator in the residential building, and the newspaper box on the side was covered with thick ash. Chu Chu climbed up the stairs, full of suspense in her heart, how could Zhang Jianian live here?

Chu Chu didn't understand the structure of the fund company, but she was not a fool without common sense. Zhang Jianian, as the same level of vice president, would have an annual salary of one million, and even own a certain equity and participate in dividends. He still transferred from Qisheng Group to Yinda Investment, and once worked for Chu Yanyin, probably taking Qisheng’s equity.

Wang Qing could rent a room and a hall near the company, Zhang Jianian's income was absolutely enough for him to buy a house. In Chu Chu's imagination, the financial elite would definitely not live in old residential buildings, which was completely incompatible with the people.

Zhang Jianian worked on hundreds of millions of projects during the day and went home to sleep in a dilapidated residential building at night. Hearing this, people would all shed tears and feel sorry for him. Chu Chu felt sad for a while and wanted to raise his salary in anger.

According to the address, Chu Chu found Zhang Jianian's house. She wanted to ring the doorbell, but found that it was broken, and she had to knock on the heavy iron door helplessly. She hadn't waited for someone to open the door, but there was a strange voice behind her. Chu Chu turned her head and saw that the neighbor opened a crack in the door vigilantly, peeked at her, and then closed the iron door.

Chu Chu was taken aback by the sneaky behavior of the neighbor, only to feel inexplicable.

The sound insulation of the old residential building was not good. Before long, she heard the neighbors yelling at home: "Oh, hey, the shrew next door did not lie! She really has a daughter-in-law who is a beautiful girl!"

"Why are you arguing again, don't you say you don't want to mention this again. You just failed one matchmaking..."

"I'm just mad. She just has a good son. Like her eyes are higher than the top! How can she not buy a house or a car if her son is really good? In addition to his good face, what other conditions are good?"

Chu Chu stood in the narrow aisle and listened to the gossips, like falling from a high-end and exquisite Korean drama to an extremely earthy family.

The heavy iron door was opened violently, and a middle-aged woman wearing an apron appeared, scolding in Chongqing dialect: "He, you know a hammer!"

"Zhang Yafang, you better not be unreasonable!" The neighbor heard the voice and immediately went out to scold.

Zhang Yafang pushed out the door aggressively, wanting to step forward to argue with the other party. The neighbors would not give in, and the two sides would confront each other. The middle-aged aunt's fight was the most terrifying, no one dared to persuade.

"Stop--" Chu Chu couldn't see it anymore and made a pause gesture to mediate from it.

Zhang Yafang wondered: "Who are you?"

Chu Chu said indifferently: "The mediator of the neighborhood committee, both aunts said a few words, to jointly build a civilized community."

Zhang Yafang: "???

Upon seeing this, the neighbor gave Zhang Yafang a supercilious look: "I see there are guests in your house, so I forgive you today!"

When the neighbor finished speaking, she closed the door and left. People didn’t know whether she really didn't care, or she was afraid of Zhang Yafang's sturdiness.

Chu Chu reminded in a timely manner: "Hello Auntie, I am a colleague of Zhang Jianian. I heard that he was sick, so I came to visit."

Zhang Yafang heard the words, looked up and down at Chu Chu with some extraordinary temperament, and wiped her hands on the apron without the prestige just now. She didn't speak Chongqing anymore, but changed to awkward Mandarin and said: "Ah, please come in soon, Jianian is out... he will come back soon!"

Chu Chu nodded and handed the bag to Zhang Yafang: "Auntie, this is a little gift..."

Zhang Yafang quickly reached out to pick up, politely said: "Come here, how could you bring this!"

Chu Chu: "I really don't know what to send, so I brought two pounds of work materials..." waiting for Zhang Jianian to deal with.

Zhang Yafang: "Well, you are too kind!"

Chu Chu followed Zhang Yafang into the house. The floor of the room was covered with floor tiles with a sense of age. The decoration style was also quite old, revealing the style of the last century. The house was cleaned very well, giving Chu Chu a feeling of returning home in the New Year.

Zhang Yafang looked at Chu Chu, who was wearing an expensive suit. Chu Chu's style was completely different from the inside of the house. Zhang Yafang finally enthusiastically suggested: "Otherwise you go to the Jianian’s room and sit down, he will come back soon!"

Zhang Yafang only knew that his son worked in a very powerful company. Colleagues were all rich, so she dared not neglect Chu Chu, trying to make her feel at home. Zhang Yafang obviously cared about her visit, and was busy like a bee who was going around, "May... may I offer you something… coffee?"

"Thank you, aunt. You' don’t have to bother." Chu Chu refused embarrassedly. She didn't expect that it was not the right time for her to come, let alone that assistant to the president Zhang was living with his family.

Zhang Yafang was distressed and looked at Chu Chu with expectation: "What do you want to drink?"

Chu Chu couldn't refuse the love of her elders, so she said: "It's good to have a glass of cool water."

Zhang Yafang succeeded in feeding a cup of cool water to president Chu, and finally left with satisfaction.

Chu Chu wandered around Zhang Jianian's room and finally found some traces of Zhang's life. The simple and elegant computer table was neatly arranged with all kinds of materials. On the shelf were several rows of heavy foreign language books. On the hangers were placed clean shirts and there was a dark single bed. In addition to this, there were no other furnishings in the room, everything was minimalist.

Chu Chu looked at this scene, thinking of her luxurious community and Chu’s mansion, and felt like a vicious capitalist.

Chu Chu: My best subordinate has a poor family, while I spend money like that.

Chu Chu waited boringly for a moment, and then heard the chopping of vegetables in the kitchen. Chu Chu watched at the door. Zhang Yafang noticed her arrival, and quickly asked in awkward Chongqing Mandarin: "Do you have any avoid certain food"

"No, auntie, let me help you." Chu Chu smelled the aroma of the dishes and was a little hungry. She hadn't eaten home-cooked food for a long time.

"No need! You can sit down!" Zhang Yafang said quickly.

Downstairs, Zhang Jianian slowly took the plastic bag upstairs, did not realize that today was different from usual. He went out and forgot to bring his mobile phone. At this time, he was a little uneasy, and felt anxious about missing some information. It was estimated that this was a common problem for modern people. Zhang Jianian thought that he was taking sick leave today, so it should be okay to get away from the communication equipment for a short time, and comforted himself in his heart.

During this time Zhang Jianian was exhausted. To be precise, since he came to Yinda Investment, no day had been easy for him. President Chu was irritable, irrational, and unreasonable, which caused great mental pressure and forced countless colleagues who were trusted by the chairman back. Today, her character had improved and she began to reason, but she talked about nonsense every day, which still put a lot of stress on people.

Zhang Jianian thought of president Chu and yesterday's things, feeling a burst of weakness. He had not yet thought of a solution. He couldn’t talk about this kind of thing to anyone, so he could only hide at home and stay away from the company temporarily.

Zhang Jianian thought about it secretly, but staying at home was equally bad. He was oppressed by president Chu in the company while by Ms. Zhang Yafang at home.

Zhang Jianian took out the key, opened the door and saw the most horrible scene in his life.

Zhang Yafang and president Chu were happily communicating together. Zhang Yafang, with her familiar Sichuan-Chongqing accent, talked about family affairs, and the noble president Chu was now holding her sleeves and squatting to clean dishes. The atmosphere of joy filled the house, and the two terrible women talked and laughed.

Zhang Yafang saw Zhang Jianian with a stiff look at the door and greeted: "Oh, you’ve come back!"

The next second, Zhang Jianian decisively closed the door. He faced the iron door, hoping that he had just saw it wrong and he just tried the wrong way to open the door.

Zhang Jianian: How can two demons appear in hell at the same time? This is as unreasonable as two suns in the sky!

Zhang Jianian hoped this was a dream, but desperately heard the voice inside the door.

Zhang Yafang: "What tricks did he play; he was really confused by the illness..."

Chu Chu: "Maybe he’s too happy to go home, so he wants to reopen the door and taste it."

Zhang Jianian: "..."


A happy ending novel regarding ABO three people. A and O are very suitable.[About O]:Xu Tangzhou lost his memory. He always has a blushing dream that Alpha in his dream doesn’t know him.One day he saw Alpha on TV who appeared in his dreams. It turned out that he is a super star named Ling Che.It didn't take long for him to debut. The agent said that he will find someone to teach him.After he saw Ling Che.Xu Tangzhou is indifferent and said: "Oh."Xu Tangzhou thought in mind: ah ah ah ah ah ah a

2020-07-25 11:34:58

It wasn't until a long time later that Xu tangzhou realized how serious that Ling Che's saying "I smell your pheromone" was.

It was the first time Ling Che smelled his pheromone.

But at that time, Ling Che heard his request but his face changed slightly. His eyes narrowed: "I paste it for you?"

Glandular care was an item used in combination with pheromone blockers. The glandular body that had been exposed to blockers for a long time needed to rest. Besides temporarily blocking pheromones by physical means, glandular care could also maintain the glandular, which was a special item of OMEGA.

In short, it's very intimate to ask others to be considerate at doing this.

Xu tangzhou drifted to the end and said: " I can't past it. Don't get me wrong. Otherwise, if it's inconvenient, I'll do it myself."

He didn't seduce.

Xu tangzhou's differentiation of glands was only four years old. He couldn't paste it because that Chouyin did it for him. Chouyin, as a medical doctoral student, had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He'd like to fix it when Xu tangzhou got it wrong. He had to tear it off, and then carefully paste it back to him.

Lingche ignored him and strode towards the cabin.

"They're back, back!"

In another house, the workers who saw them coming back from the camera informed each other.

In the real-time shooting, Ling Che entered the yard before Xu tangzhou, and Xu tangzhou followed closely, carrying the shopping bag of the convenience store. They didn't know why. They went out, then they came back, the atmosphere between them was more tense than before. It felt like the cold war would start in minutes.

Xu tangzhou just returned to the room, cross legged sitting on the ground to open his pocket, and thought about how to stick it up.

Ling Che then pushed the door and entered in, his was not happy: "Give it to me."

Xu tangzhou was still full of questions.

Ling Che: The glands."

Xu Tangzhou: !!! It's hard to guess what Lingche was thinking about.

Xu tangzhou doubted, but still handed things up, humbly explained that he hoped Ling Che would not turned his face up and leave: "It's not difficult! You see, it's OK to align the middle part when pasting. Soon. "

Ling Che said: "Fine".

Of course, he could't paste it, but he can read the instructions.

After studying it for a minute in silence, Ling Che said, "Lower your head and don't move."

At the end of the command, he grabbed the clothes Xu tangzhou had just used to wrap his neck and threw them over. He covered the camera accurately.

The picture was suddenly dark. The gossip staff: "..."

Xu tangzhou had obediently lowered his head automatically. He couldn't see Ling Che's expression, but his heart was beating. Was he nervous? Or was it not right that the most vulnerable part was showed to Ling Che?

Ling Che opened the package, but there was no action.

Xu tangzhou lashes gently shaked, he just pasted a gland, why the atmosphere was a little strange?

However, lingche's eyes had become darker.

The slender white neck in front of him was slightly raised, and the skin exposed to the air was intact.

No bite marks.

It's so clean!

Ling Che finally confirmed this point. The mark that Xu tangzhou once belonged to others had been completely removed, and there was no sign that Alpha had ever marked him.

He didn't remember how many times he tried to find an organ called a gland here, but it didn't work after all - now it's bulging very slightly under the clean and tender skin, showed that it's fully developed.

Just take a bite, just pierce the skin, he could inject the pheromone of Alha into the gland, and made the owner of the body became his own.

Obviously, Xu tangzhou did nothing. Just such an ordinary neck seemed to send out a silent invitation to him.

Something crazy and tyrannical was deeply engraved in the bones of Alpha. It was undeniable that the OGA in people's eyes was really fragile.

If the degree of fit was enough, OGA couldn't refuse Alpha's courtship physically at all, and it could easily be completely marked and possessed, no matter whether they were psychologically willing or not, they couldn't resist physiologically.

So no wonder Ling Che was biased. It's a scientific fact that OGA couldn't control himself.

But Xu tangzhou was back.

He washed the sign and come back.

And he said that.

What did Xu tangzhou want to do?

Ling Che held the gland considerately. His fingers inevitably touch the warm skin. He only felt that there was a slight current passing through his fingertips for a very short time.

To his surprise, the white neck of his hand suddenly rose pink and spread to the back of his ear.

How could Xu tangzhou be so sensitive?

"It's itchy," Xu tangzhou raised his head, his eyes were a little red, "can you hurry up?"

Xu tangzhou's pheromone smell was very light and cold, as if he looked like a person. After glandular differentiation, pheromone had been completely integrated with him, and his temperament had been completely changed from the skin, hair and other small parts.

Lingche was a little shamed, the next second on the "pa" sound he was gentle to paste the gland up.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

What a straight man! He's just a weak OGA!

"All right," Lingche said in a porker face, "it's too late today. I'll let someone check tomorrow. Your blocker and neck ring will not disappear for no reason."

Xu tangzhou nodded. He looked a little cute.

Ling Che couldn't stay any longer. No matter what Xu tangzhou wanted to do, he won't be cheated.

Instead of staying in the room, he left a word before leaving: "Use blockers well, and don't let pheromones be everywhere."

Xu tangzhou sniffed around, immediately unlocked ist and input the pheromone number, and sucked several times.

Lingche didn't plan to let the program team check this. If the program team did it, now they had come to foreign countries. There were not important people, and they couldn't find out why.

He called Stu Ya and told her about it.

Stu pondered for a while: "I will talk to Huang Qian about some things. He is better than me."

Ling Che: "Okay."

"Then, what about you? You two live in a house now, are you ok? "

Of course, Ling Che knew what Stu Ya was worried about.

She was certainly not worried about the news what would happen to Xu tangzhou and Ling Che, but about Ling Che's own feelings.

After all, no matter how it used to be, the emotional matters themselves knew.

"Nothing," Ling Che said, "there are cameras everywhere. We are separated by a corridor. Besides, I'm not so out of self-control."

The big deal was to be teased by pheromones to stay up all night at most.

Take a cold bath.

Xu tangzhou's snow-white neck and slightly bulging glands always wandered in front of him, tickling his nerves. He had some insomnia last night, so he just got up and wrote a song.

It's not a song, it's just some scattered melody, maybe it's useless.

"The exposure of you two are very high these days," Stu Ya said, "the video studio the day before yesterday made a gag. You should go online and look through."

On the other side, Xu tangzhou also received Huang Qian's call, and saw the so-called video studio gags from the Internet.

It's the one that he called Ling Che and asked him why he didn't arrive again and again. It was the first time he saw himself on the variety show in the video, Xu tangzhou finally understood why Huang Qian always asked him to do facial expression management.

[What a porker face. What a big star.]

[Do you really think you are a supermodel? Fade out for a few years who remembers you? You are surrounded by seniors. Is it necessary to be so cool like that?]

[Why you got that chance was because of Ling Che, please put your position clearly]

[Take my idol away. Can't he attend the program with his friends? Haters were dead with their whole family.]

Don't make complaints about others, Xu Tong Zhou looks at his face and is disgusted by himself.

It turns out that he and the guests sat together without face expression.

But he clearly felt that he was trying to be good.

The gags were not long. It soon was playing that Xia Xing talks about Ling Che's preparation for the concert. Then Xia Yue refered to him: "Xu tangzhou should know, right?"

[Overlook people??? ]


[Zhouzhou was born like this. You are all annoying!]

[Who's Zhouzhou, who knows him if he wasn't with Lingche?]

[I don't want to pick up the topic yet. Even I love the sisters. They give him the topic, respect!]

Qi Mu asked Xu tangzhou to call Ling Che, and there were many comments covered screen. It's full of envy, jealousy and hatred. Occasionally, the two haters were all covered by the colorful bullet curtain of fans.

[I want my idol's phone!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[Lingche, don't give your number to the people you don't know! Give it to me!!]

[Ahahah! Lingche's voice was so nice!!]

[Traffic jam, oh, there was a car accident on the road that day]

[Did the haters who said he was snubing? Do you want me to come out and give you a slap?]

"Baby," Lingche's voice appeared.

[I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, baby?]

[Baby?!!! Ah, ah, lingche, I don't allow you to call him that!! ]

[I killed myself first, sisters at will. [smile]]

[my husband will spoil people! 1551, But not me]

[Hahaha, I'm not mad, he must called me!]

Xu tangzhou heard these two words again, the ear was still feverish, the heart also beat fast. He held his cell phone to see how the hater fans scold him next time, but the next second's bullet screen suddenly changed.

[???? What's the matter with feeling a little cute? ]

[No, did I press the pause?]

[Wait! You didn't press the pause! Xu tangzhou was petrified! Hhhhhh my baby's face is too thin!]

[Edited, right? His face suddenly blushed?]

[Blushed in a second, sisters!! What immortal speed is this! Look, his ears are red!!]

[Wait, I suddenly feel that Lingche was a little spoiled to... OMG]


Lingche baby.

Xu tangzhou blushed in a second.

These two tags were quickly launched into the Flow hot search in China.

Some people made Xu tangzhou's reaction into an GIF expression. The process of blushing was widely used in various fields because of its amazing speed.

Xu tangzhou lied on the bed, repeatedly looking at the GIF picture, stunned.

He was thinking, why did he always react so much at that time, and now, when lingche called him that, his heart beat like thunder. Did he fall in love with lingche?

Obviously, it's just fake. Even they were fake friends. Lingche told him it just for recording the program. He's too amorous.

So ashamed.

Xu tangzhou spited on himself, immediately he played the audio that Ling Che called him baby back and forth 20 times.

That's really rnice.


Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into a rebirth essay, and the female lead had a loveless white moonlight in her previous life.In the book, Cheng Jun had a good face but did nothing, who was a vase beauty with a cold personality.And Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into Cheng Jun's ex-wife, a vicious female partner who is too poor to love the rich.When Ruan Jiujiu went back home, there was a divorce agreement on the table.Cheng Jun was caught in the rain and was eating nutritious instant noodles.Looking at th

2020-07-22 17:27:01

This was intimate enough.

Cheng Jun's body had a faint smell of bathing, soaking with the coldness of water. Now he got closer, and the unspeakable good smell overwhelmed Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu was stunned.

Did he try to take advantage of her? So she should refuse or not?

Although she had promised him to make a blind date, this was too fast. They even had no hug before, and now he was about to kiss her? Perhaps even worse?

Ruan Jiujiu was entangled in the war of her mind, making her very confused.

She didn't notice her change. If this happened in the past, Cheng Jun would already be kicked ass by her. How could he get chance to pinch her chin.

The forehead ends slightly covered his eyelids, giving Cheng Jun's eyes a little bit of unclear emotion. He released his hand, lowered his head, and approached her face. Ruan Jiujiu clearly realized something. She dodged Cheng Jun's eyes, and staggered backwards. Her face flushed nervously.

It was just more panic than affection in her eyes.

Cheng Jun hesitated for a second.

"What are you doing!" Ruan Jiujiu was like a small angry animal, trying to fight back. “...”

His body got even closer. Ruan Jiujiu only wished to cling tightly to the wall and blend into it. At this moment, she felt that Cheng Jun's fingertips fell on her soft and delicate neck. His lightly rubbing made Ruan Jiujiu’s hair literally stand on end. Her ears were very itchy, making her want to scratch them hard.

Next second.

"Ah!" Suddenly a strong pain came from the neck, causing Ruan Jiujiu made a cry.

The culprit was, of course, Cheng Jun, the most super-invincible straight man in the universe. He took advantage of Ruan Jiujiu's unpreparedness to twist the soft skin on her neck and pinched! Ruan Jiujiu almost burst into tears.

After easing herself, she stared at Cheng Jun angrily. She didn’t expect Cheng Jun could make such a terrible reaction in that intimate moment! 

"What the hell!"

Cheng Jun withdrew hands in his pockets, and straightened his body, then slowly said: "Be a fruit farmer."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She was even more angry. She really wanted to immediately take out her marriage license and took Cheng Jun to divorce. Just let him reproduce asexually and left him to rot.

Ruan Jiujiu had thought that there was a good way for the strawberry issue. They could help each other with a straw, and sucked out a few fake strawberries to fool White Horse. Who would have expected Cheng Jun to act in this way and to make her head in blank. She had almost forgotten that important thing.

At this time, the fruit farmer Cheng Jun lowered his head and leaned in front of Ruan Jiujiu: "Your turn."

Ruan Jiujiu became quiet. 

It seemed that Cheng Jun was seriously working on the fruit growing.

With her angry, Ruan Jiujiu pulled herself up. Cheng Jun remained motionless in coordination, letting her find an angle. Ruan Jiujiu pinched a piece of skin near his collarbone and twisted hard.

Cheng Jun looked very clam all the way. He just looked at her silently even got pinched. Ruan Jiujiu almost felt that it was because of her weak strength. When she let go of her hand, there was a red strawberry mark left in his neck.

Ruan Jiujiu heaved a sigh of relief.

"Okay, an eye for an eye."

Cheng Jun upheld the serious scientific research spirit and said: "We all have one red dot. It’s like being bitten by a mosquito, and it’s also very symmetrical. You can’t fool her with this."

"So what should I do. Have more dots?"


The pain at that moment was still fresh in Ruan Jiujiu’s memory. She stepped back cautiously and said, "Stop!"

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Rock scissors paper."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Ah?"


If you wanted to compete her with luck, then Ruan Jiujiu will tell you she was the winner. She used to occasionally play rock scissors paper with her friends, and she won a lot of times. Ruan Jiujiu, with confidence, straightened her body: "Come on."

If anyone won, then pinched the opponent's neck. Here were three rounds.

Such a cruel idea of growing strawberries can only be come up with by them.

Ruan Jiujiu held her breath and watched Cheng Jun's gesture nervously. The two faced each other in silence. Ruan Jiujiu clenched fists and said: "One, two, three—"

Ruan Jiujiu—scissors.

Cheng Jun—paper.

"... Hey, I won!" Ruan Jiujiu’s eyes shone brightly. She quickly let Cheng Jun lower his head, "Come on, time to grow strawberries!"

Cheng Jun quietly lowered his head, letting Ruan Jiujiu choose from his shoulder blades and successfully be left a small strawberry. Ruan Jiujiu raised her hands gleefully, preparing for round two.

One, two, three—

Ruan Jiujiu was surprised: "Again!"

Cheng Jun made a small sound, but he wasn’t surprised. He just lowered his head and continued to let her grow strawberries. Ruan Jiujiu saw three red "small strawberries" on his neck, and suddenly felt guilty and embarrassed.

"I pinched you twice, so come on."

Cheng Jun: "Okay."

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

You didn’t understand what it meant to be polite!

However, words had been given out. Ruan Jiujiu gritted her teeth and let Cheng Jun choose a good place to grow strawberries. She closed her eyes and tightened her brows—ready to meet the sudden tingling.

Silence. Continue to be silent.

Ruan JiuJiu could feel Cheng Jun's smooth breathing above her head, but she didn't feel his next movement. So she opened her eyes quietly, and saw Cheng Jun walking towards the couch.

"Hey?" Ruan JIujiu was suddenly scared. "You go to find a tool?"

Cheng Jun: "... No."

He picked up a bottle of herbal tea, unscrewed it, and drank half a bottle.

Ruan Jiujiu: "No more strawberries, fruit grower?"

Cheng Jun turned and said in a slow voice: "Keep it to next time."


Ruan Jiujiu went back to the room to sleep. She sat in front of the vanity table and looked closely. At first glance, the red dot on her neck really looked like that.

Ruan Jiujiu blushed, and suddenly got a little embarrassed. She was even more embarrassed when she thought of White Horse’s tease tomorrow. Somehow she felt that this wasn’t a good idea. Speaking of this, only Cheng Jun would allow her to play like this.

Cheng Jun’s standing in front of her came in her mind. His casual expression on weekdays at that moment seemed to have a more complicated meaning, which made her confused.

… Forgot it.

Ruan Jiujiu waved her hand to clear off the cranky thoughts in her mind. She had to get up tomorrow to put on makeup, so it was better to sleep early.

Ruan Jiujiu turned over in bed and gradually drowsed.

Another room.

The curtains were pulled tightly, and Cheng Jun was lying on the bed without any sleepiness.

As long as he closed eyes, his mind was full of Ruan Jiujiu’s soft skin, ruddy lips, and delicate jade shoulder blades, which made him wonder how it feel when touch them.

It should be good, he thought.

He turned over and couldn't sleep anymore.


The next day.

Ruan Jiujiu got up and put on makeup in a spirited manner, but she felt something went wrong. The woman in the mirror looked very beautiful. Her skin was fair like mutton-fat jade, and there was even no pores. Just light makeup was enough to add beauty. But the more she looked, the worse she felt. She couldn't help but fall into contemplation.

It seemed... something was missing?

Ruan Jiujiu checked herself carefully, and finally found it. She was shocked to find that little strawberries were gone! Gone!

"Cheng Jun, Cheng Jun!" She quickly got up and called Cheng Jun's name.

Cheng Jun, wearing baggy pajamas, rubbed his sleepy eyes and then went out off the room. Ruan Jiujiu held his arm, pulled his collar, and tiptoed to get close to observe. Cheng Jun gave up the resistance decisively and just let her make the observation. He even helped her with the collar.

Ruan Jiujiu hopelessly looked for a long time. Sure enough, the place she had pinched had recovered as before. There was nothing.

"... God." Ruan Jiujiu said with a sad face.

Cheng Jun: "?"

"So why did I work so hard last night?" Ruan Jiujiu walked slowly towards her room with depressed facial expression, "I'm so stupid, really. "

Cheng Jun: "..."

"I didn't even know that marks wouldn’t be left the next day. Is it because of our weak strength?”

Cheng Jun was strangely silent for a few seconds, and said slowly: "Perhaps."

Of course he knew.

The author had something to say: Our Junjun had soft heart and he’ll wait Jiujiu until she said YES.

At night. Cheng Jun was lying in the bed: ... I regret it.


Big changes and bigger twists. In a drama inside of another drama, he’ll find his way to get prettier and prettier.Shen Jintai gained access to a system that allows him to jump between stories of books, and it can make him more and more beautiful and sexy by completing missions.He soon received his first mission: Stop being the leading man’s suitor, be his rivals in love instead. And took away from him the person he was meant to be with.All of them have fell in love with Shen somehow. Delica

2020-07-20 10:11:32

Yan Qiuchi came down from upstairs and saw Mrs. Yan was having breakfast.

The maid saw he came, hurried to prepare breakfast for him. He took a seat. Mrs. Yan turned around and asked: “Is Jin sick?”

“Is he?” Yan Qiuchi said: “I don't know. You have to ask his agent about this.”

“Then you have to know about the signing, right? I heard that Jin signed with the monsoon entertainment? What's the matter? I told you to sign him?”

“Our company also contacted him, he chose monsoon entertainment.” Yan Qiuchi said.

“Have you read the contract? Is there any problem?”

“How could he show me his contract with monsoon entertainment?” Yan said.

“I don't know how monsoon entertainment is like.” said Mrs. Yan, a little disappointed: “I've heard that monsoon entertainment has always been working against you.”

“Business competition. It’s normal.”

Mrs. Yan was silent for a while, and said: “Jin even signed your company’s rival. What was he thinking? Maybe he really wants to draw a line with you. How hard did you hurt his heart? How could he break it so thoroughly this time?”

Yan Qiuchi didn't speak.

After a while, Mrs. Yan looked up again and said: “Well, I don't have to worry about you two anymore. Anyway, your father and I were talking yesterday, saying that how come you are already twenty-five and still had never been in love. You don’t look like you have a secret lover to me.”

Yan Qiuchi said: “I’m busy.”

“There are so many busy people. You don’t see anyone let their businesses get in the way of their relationship or marriage. It’s time for you to think about that, too.”

“I’ll think about it after the company gets listed.” Yan Qiuchi said.

“Do you have any problems on that?” Asked Mrs. Yan suddenly very seriously.

“What?” Yan Qiuchi frowned.

Mrs. Yan looked at him, smiled and waved.

After watching the advertisement yesterday, she had question in her mind just like those gossip fans: “That Mr. Yan, even this is not good enough. What does he want?”

She was different from those gossip fans. She watched Shen Jintai grew up. To her, Shen Jintai was almost flawless!

He used to be a bit willful and arrogant, but now he had changed.

Yan Qiuchi never thought that one day even his mother would worry if he’s impotent.

It was not the first time in his life that he had faced such doubts. Most of his friends were rich or powerful. They were not dandy, but they had their first relationships very early. From junior high to university, first there were few of those who had had been in love, then every beside Yan Qiuchi had.

In Xiao Yang's words, not just had never been in love, but even never had sex!

If he wasn’t that good, it could be reasonable. But men from their own echelon were outstanding in every aspect, better than the ordinary, especially Yan Qiuchi who was cute and good in every way. All types of women would want to be with him, out of their own will. What's more, in this era, people who are twenty-somethings but haven't been in love could only be because of that!

Yan Qiuchi thought that he might really need a relationship.

But he had never been purposely avoiding romantic relationships. It was because that he had never really met someone he really liked and he had been really busy.

He started his business when he graduated from school at the age of 22. Because his famous father, Yan Tiefeng. He, the eldest son, was under enormous pressure. In the past two years, the company had developed rapidly, and his burden had become heavier. He really didn't have much time to meet new friends.

Shen Jintai also contributed to the situation. Even a good-looking star who was born with a silver spoon like Shen Jintai couldn’t get him, every one thought Yan Qiuchi must be very picky.

“Jintai, good news. It’ll make you happy all day.”

Li Meilan called in the early morning.

Shen Jintai had a shooting late at night and didn’t have much sleep. He just woke up and were confused. He rubbed his eyes and looked out of the window. It was bright.

“What's the good news?” he asked in a languid voice

“Remember we were worrying about clothes the other day?”

The signing ceremony was going to be held soon. It was necessary for him to dress formally. Last time, Mrs. Yan helped him. However, there would be more and more events for him to attend in the future, and he couldn’t bother Mrs. Yan every time.

He couldn’t take advantage of her.

They were discussing whether to buy one or borrow one.

Li Meilan was a little excited, and her voice was full of spirit: “A famous men's clothing brand just contacted me and offered to provide us with clothes for you to wear at the signing ceremony.”

Shen Jintai immediately sat up from the bed.

Shen Jintai's signing ceremony was held in a grand way. Monsoon entertainment invited all the big names that they could reach. Shen Jintai asked the crew for leave to attend the ceremony called “windy Jintai”.

Monsoon entertainment was one of the best with publicity. The signing ceremony was scheduled on the same day when HCEP would broadcast, too. The attention of netizens they got was unprecedented.

This was also Shen Jintai's first official public appearance since the broadcast of "Here Comes the East Palace".

In the early morning, there were fans waiting at the place where the ceremony would be held at. There were many of them. Xiao Tang arrived at the scene first, took a picture and sent it to him. Shen Jintai tapped it, and his adrenaline rocketed up.

There were too many fans to fit in the camera. Banners with his name were everywhere.

Xiao Tang sent him another short video, which was a little noisy. Many people were looking in the same direction. Xiao Tang said: “Brother, they’re all here for you!”

“First appearance in front of the public after you getting famous. How do you feel?” Li Meilan asked him with a smile.

Shen Jintai sat in the car, breathed deeply and said: “It's OK.”

But his eyes were a little wet.

“Don't be nervous. You’ll get used to it in the future.” Li Meilan said.

Shen Jintai was more excited by what she said.

He was a star.

The car stopped at the door of the hotel, and his powder, who had been waiting for several hours, turned to look at it.

Many stars were invited, they were not sure if the one who was in the car was Shen Jintai.

Of course, they could also cheer for other stars, but the loudest must be saved for the one they had been waiting for.

“Ready?” Asked Li Meilan.

Shen Jintai took a deep breath again, and nodded at Li Meilan very solemnly as he used to do when he was filming.

Li Meilan opened the door and got off first.

Xiao Tang, who had been waiting at the red carpet, came running.

All the old fans knew Xiao Tang and Li Meilan, and they were boiling all of a sudden.

The excitement soon spread, and the crowd was suddenly ignited as if the silent world suddenly detonated. They all knew, Shen Jintai was here!

His sister fans and mommy fans were all boiling. They first saw a thin and straight legs, gray suit pants, black socks and black shoes.

Then he saw Shen Jintai come out of the car with his head down, standing straight in the light from the camera, buttoned the gray suit, and walked towards the red carpet under the escort of Li Meilan and Xiao Tang.

The screams came from all directions. Some called his name, some called him Li Xu. Shen Jintai, dressed in a gray suit, walked calmly, with a straight waist and back. There was a flower in the chest pocket of the gray suit.

“Is it a rose?”

“What flower is that?”

The netizens who were watching the live broadcast were also talking about it.

“Last time, Touhua put a flower in his chest pocket and was complimented by many. It seems like he’s going to make that his thing. But looks really good!”

“It looks like...”

“Man, it's a Rosa!”

“The symbol of the love between Li Xu and Zhou Ying. Wow!”

“My God, I’m really impressed by Touhua!!!”

“Ah, ah, ah, he’s so good at it! I literally cried with excitement!”

“Is it a Rosa? Man, it's a Rosa!”

Shen Jintai on the red carpet still looked calm, his skin was bright and his lips were ruby, he was tall and slim. His slim gray suit made him seemed calm and quiet. He smiled and waved to his fans, then bowed. He was modest and good-looking.

Netizen was fast. They found what Shen said at the launch conference.

At that time, the host asked him about his understanding and feelings of the script and characters.

Shen Jintai described Li Xu as a “villain with a sense of vulnerability”. He said that he read the script and “after reading it, my tears came out, and I just can’t calm down.”

Talking about the love between Li Xu and the prince, he thought for a while. Then he said with a smile on his face and in a calm voice like a wave: “It's more like the meaning of the wild Rosa, romantic, repentant.”

“Shen Jintai, Shen Jintai!” Someone shouted.

“Xu, Xu!” Someone shouted.

Shen Jintai smiled, his smile was brighter than the flashlights. There were stars in his eyes.


Ling Miaomiao wrote a book review in the heat of the moment, but triggered a multidimensional space trip as a consequence.She traveled to the world of the book and entered the body of a supporting role Ling Yu. Now, in order to return to the real world, she must complete the task assigned to her by the system, that is, let the black lotus, the heroine’s younger brother, fall in love with her.Disturb Hera, reverse the course of events, kill devil and defend moral... She has started her time tra

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Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (7)

"Just hold it if you don't want to die!" Miaomiao holds one end of the mast hard, sweat has soaked her clothes. The mast sinks sharply, and the man hugs the other end tightly. The debris floating on the water has scratched a lot of blood stains on the man's face.

Liu Fuyi holds the injured Mu Yao and is sitting on the awning. Their clothes are soaked by water, and Mu Yao is shivering unconsciously. Liu Fuyi feels very anxious. Looking at Miaomiao with a frown, he says fretfully, "Miaomiao, can you do it?"

"Yes... I can..." Miaomiao makes every effort to pull the man to the side of the ship from the deep water.

"Thank you, thank you heroic woman!" The man climbs up to the floor with his hands and feet, and then collapses on the deck tearfully.

Miaomiao gets over his limp body and comes to Liu Fuyi quickly. She wipes the water on her face, and says, "How far are we from the nearest shore? This ship is going to sink..."

"Very near." Liu Fuyi looks solemnly at the front, and suddenly the moonlight shines on his face. Ling Miaomiao looks up, finding the dark clouds have spread out, and the bright moon appears again.

The floor is full of bones everywhere, and the Ninth Heaven Demon Capturing Tower is still spinning in the sky. Occasionally a few water spirits emerge from the river, but are killed as soon as they appear by the tower.

Water spirits of Wanjiang river are rendered powerless.

"Look, the land..." The surviving man murmurs in his mouth, seeing the shadowy river bank from afar, he keeps chanting Amitabha in his mouth.

Miaomiao looks into the cabin several times, and finally finds that even the mouse and cricket have run out, but there is no living person. She feels diffident, "Childe Liu, Mu Sheng is still inside... I'll go to check."

"Yes? Sheng didn't come out?" Mu Yao is shocked, and seems to think of something, then her face slightly relaxed, "He has the demon hunting ring, I think he is able to cope."

Liu Fuyi puts Mu Yao down and says warmly, "You sit down here, let me go and see."

Miaomiao twists the wet skirt, lifts the skirt to the base of her legs with both hands, and quickly catches up with him.

Liu Fuyi walks for several steps, and then his footsteps stop suddenly. Ling Miaomiao who is behind him almost plows into his back due to the sudden action, then she hears Liu Fuyi's voice buzzing, "Sheng?"

Mu Sheng is coming out of the cabin by himself.

His appearance shocks everyone. Wherever the young man goes, it seems that even the river water is stained with blood.

His black hair is wetly stuck to the side of his face, his face is as pale as a paper, and his lips are gray, only one thing is normal, that is, his eyes are still very dark, and are like the lightning cutting through the sky before a storm. Miaomiao sees the blood flowing continuously from his previously healed wound, and the left cuff has also been stained with blood.

What happened...

What more exaggerated is that many water spirits are following Mu Sheng, scrambling to suck the blood from the water, as if they are not afraid of him at all. The scenario makes him seem to be surrounded by huge black clouds.

Looking at this scenario, Miaomiao believes that the black lotus must have suffered a great deal. As long as he still has a touch of energy, he will never let so many locust-like demons following behind him.

"Sheng... What happened?" Liu Fuyi immediately reaches out his hand to help, but he is severely fended off. "Don't touch me." Mu Sheng says coldly.

He bypasses the astonished Liu Fuyi, with full of uncontrollable anger in his eyes. After his eyes hover on Miaomiao's face for a moment, he looks up at Mu Yao with complicated expression.

"Are you okay..." Miaomiao sees her look, hesitates whether to help.

Before Miaomiao stretches out her hand to help, Mu Sheng takes the initial to step against her, and the whole body almost leans on her.

"OK, hold me well." Miaomiao struggles to hold him up, wades slowly in the water, and walks to Mu Yao step by step.

"Why is your wound torn again?" She asks in a low voice, but fails to hear the answer for a long time. When she turns back, she notices that the black lotus' breath is very weak, his long eyelashes have drooped, and his eyes closed slightly.

"Hold on please, don't be dizzy, we will go ashore immediately!"

He is so awkward and doesn't let Liu Fuyi carry. If he can't move, how could she move him?

"I can't die..." His eyelashes move, and then sneers wildly, "You won't be dog-tired."


"Sheng, I have something to ask you." Mu Yao stares at Mu Sheng's face, and her look is very serious.

Miaomiao is a little surprised, "Sister Mu..."

"Never mind... Sister, please ask." Mu Sheng's eyes reflect the cold moonlight, and when facing the sister at this time, there is a ridiculous smile on the lips.

"Just now I caught a little demon to ask, then I realized that their demon king had been killed by Mu's family, so they gathered the water spirits of the whole Wanjiang River to revenge. However, I don't know anything about this matter..." Her eyes are clear, and when saying the word "Mu's Family", she deliberately emphasizes.

"Yes, I killed it." He interrupts her sentence calmly.

"Sheng, you..." Mu Yao becomes very angry, "What are the family instructions? Can you still remember? No hatred without cause. Only the evil demons that have done evils can be hunted. Indiscriminate slaughter of countless innocent victims... What is the difference between you and those demons?!"

Once she thinks the screams emerged from the half of ship, and so many people were buried in front of her instantly, but she could only watch at a loss, she feels a throbbing pain in her heart. Pointing at the vast river, she almost reprimands almost violently, "You must know that because of you flaunting strength, many damn people have been killed in this river!"

Miaomiao feels the ups and downs of Mu Sheng's become more and more fierce, and then she hurriedly interjects, "Sister Mu, he was not killing for no reason, he did that for..."

At this time, she is squeezed hard by Mu Sheng on the waist, and suddenly silences, looking at the black lotus with dissatisfaction.

"Flaunting strength..." He slightly raises his eyelids, supports his scattered energy, and finally smiles slightly, "My sister is right, it's all my fault."

Ling Miaomiao feels the sister and brother are strange at this time.

Why doesn't Mu Sheng explain? What's wrong with him for being sulky at this time? And Mu Yao, how could she denounce him publicly for the crimes at such an emergency time?

"Well, please wait." Miaomiao supports Mu Sheng's body hard, and there is another layer of sweat on her back, "If you want to fight or scold, please talk later. Sister Mu, he is hurt seriously now..."

Mu Yao's complexion slightly softens, "Sheng, come over and let me examine."

"Sister..." He stubbornly holds Miaomiao and refuses to move, "If I'm dead, is it alright?"

Mu Yao changes her look, "What are you talking about?"

Miaomiao clenches her teeth and drags the disgruntled black lotus forward. His warm blood stains her skirt again. After dragging him for a while, she feels suddenly heavy on the back...

"Hey hey..." Miaomiao is overwhelmed, and the black lotus has passed out completely.

Liu Fuyi rushes over like an arrow, and lifts Mu Sheng on his back. When lifting his eyes, there are reassuringly calm, "Yaoer, Miaomiao, you go ashore with Sheng first. This place should be a green bamboo forest. We will have to stay overnight in the bamboo forest tonight."

The man lying on the ship turns pale with fright, and climbs up quickly with his hands and feet, "I... don't forget me..."

"One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers, besides the cloud of Mount Wushan, no other cloud is named cloud..." A woman sang with a soft and gentle voice, like an endless silky satin sweeping a plate of sand, which made the ears comfort.

The woman paused for a moment and then gave a faint sigh.

"Sheng, come on, I'll comb the hair for you."

The mirror was dim. The red silk yarn was like blood. A pair of jade-like hands were holding a black oak comb, and combed the hair again and again, "My son's hair is similar to his father." A pair of eyes appeared in the mirror, with top pick, like the pool in autumn. The woman leaned over to look at the mirror, and the beautiful face in the mirror smiled comfortably, "Black and smooth."

"Your hair is long again..." Her voice lowered, sighing with anxiety, "If you don't have long hair, it will be fine."

Her fingers slid down his dark hair, that's the softest touch in the world.

"Shave it bald, then it won't be long." The dark eyes in the mirror were like two pills of black grapes, and a child was biting his finger, his leg couldn't step on the ground, dangling on a chair.

"Don't prattle." The woman smiled in secret, "Shave it bald, but it will still grow out..." Her pretty eyes showed a desperate look, "Just as some things, there is no solution... "

He grunted while playing his fingers, and his long eyelashes were covering over his eyelids.

"Can the sun never fall?"

"Could you please not let me go? I don't want to go to the street ..."

"Vile spawn!" A whip cracks, "You still don't admit it?"

The boy was turned over by the whip up. His back faced up, and his prominent shoulder blades were particularly obvious. He lay on the ground without saying a word.

A middle-aged man stared at him with a complex face, and after a long time, he said, "You're really mutineer."

In the dim wood shed, the servants were gesticulating, "He really is a natural scourge... It is useless to teach him."

"If it's not for Miss..."

"Hmm, the milord is very kind, but this little boy still can't figure out his identity."

"Hush ..."

They stopped saying. A shadow was standing in front of them, looking up at them. It turned out to be the young boy. Both of them didn't know when he stood in front of them.

His childish eyes were really beautiful, just like the pools which were full of starlight. However, only the bone-chilling chill was coming out from them, making people unable to get close, "Whose child am I?"

"Childe... don't make a joke." The tall servant laughed with a twitching chest, "When you were three years old, the milord and the madam picked you up from the demons' lair. There were only bones in it, no living people. Who could know your miserable mother and father? "

Lost parents at the age of three? No, it's impossible...

The face reflected in the mirror, chatting with him happily... Obviously, mom was still alive at that time.

Why should those people lie to him?

"You hunt the demon happily, but can you still remember your mother in the nether world??"

"Mu means the long night, Sheng means a song of departure..."

"Impossible, why can't I remember that at all?"

"Of course you can't remember..." The voice burst into a sharp laughter, "You are already a dog of the Mu's family, you should forget your past, don't you?"

His demon hunting ring had pressed against the demon's neck, almost killing the demon condensed by the black cloud. He said with uncontrolled ruthlessness in his eyes, "Tell me all the things you know."

The water spirit laughed continuously, "What is the worry about life, and what is the fear of death? Poor man, I'm not afraid of dying..."

"So what do you want?"

"I want your blood to exchange."

"Eh-hem..." He opens his eyes and sees the enlarged face of a girl, and then his face is held by someone, who throws his head aside harshly, "Spit it out, don't swallow, otherwise you will be choked to death."

"..." Blood runs down from his lips to the grass, then a hoarse voice is heard, "You... be gentle..."

"Yes." Miaomiao withdraws her hands awkwardly, "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

Hurt? You almost twisted my neck.

His eyes become clear. The sky is blue and the dense bamboos on the water shore look towery. There are occasional crisp birdsongs and the morning sunlight falls on the tip of his nose. He finds that he is covered with Ling Miaomiao's clothes strictly, which still have a trace of southern girls' unique smell of cinnamon fruit.

"Fortunately, you wake up finally just after one night." Miaomiao raises her head and quietly glances at Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi, who are refreshing their spirits while closing the eyes, and then she says with a lower voice, "You sister didn't figure it out."

"You stayed here all night?" He looks up and sees that the wet clothes on Ling Miaomiao's body are still not changed, her hair is wet and the face is red and hot, there are two thick black lines under her eyes, which make her look very embarrassed.

Ling Miaomiao yawns and smiles, "Yes, but it's not a special way to guard you. I just had insomnia and didn't know what to do, you know that."

Author's note: Mu Sheng's background is not explained clearly in this chapter. His secret will be revealed in the following chapters.