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Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into a rebirth essay, and the female lead had a loveless white moonlight in her previous life.In the book, Cheng Jun had a good face but did nothing, who was a vase beauty with a cold personality.And Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into Cheng Jun's ex-wife, a vicious female partner who is too poor to love the rich.When Ruan Jiujiu went back home, there was a divorce agreement on the table.Cheng Jun was caught in the rain and was eating nutritious instant noodles.Looking at th

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The two returned to the hotel room and Ruan Jiujiu sneezed.

She rubbed her nose and gave herself a cup of warm water. The snow outside was even heavier. The sky was full of snowflakes falling on the ground. Ruan Jiujiu stood by the window and looked out. The silver snow stretched without end.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at the snow. Her red cheeks finally returned to normal after she calmed down.

"I met White Horse today. She is a friend I met in the game. Her boyfriend is also here. You see him?"

Cheng Jun snorted.

"You talk? How you feel?" "Not bad." After receiving the answer, Ruan Jiujiu continued: "Good. She invited us to have a breakfast and lunch together, and they’ll leave in the afternoon. You come?"

Cheng Jun was peeling the red pomelo seriously. Without looking up, he said: "Okay."

Ruan Jiujiu sat on the couch and turned on the TV. It was the time for soap operas. She chose a family ethics drama and watched it boringly. Cheng Jun slowly peeled the grapefruit and handed half to her. The two ate grapefruit in harmony.

Ding Dong. It was Ruan Jiujiu’s WeChat message.

Ruan Jiujiu took a glance at it and saw that was from White Horse. She was busy eating grapefruit and tapped that voice message with her little finger. Then the cheerful voice sounded: "Jiujiu, remember what I said. Tonight will be hot~"

"! ! !" Ruan Jiujiu coughed hard, trying to turn off the voice. But then she just  repeated it again.

Cheng Jun cast a glance to ask her silently. "Nothing…"

Ruan Jiujiu was really in a dilemma now.

As long as she thought of White Horse staring at them with strange eyes tomorrow, and she might even ask why there was no sign of small strawberries, Ruan Jiujiu became more entangled. Holding a cell phone in a daze, Ruan Jiujiu even forgot to eat grapefruit. While she didn't pay attention, Cheng Jun silently took another pieces of grapefruit to continue eating.

"Hey." Cheng Jun, who was caught on the spot, had a strong desire to survive: "Sorry, here you are."

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ? What are you talking about?"

Cheng Jun: "Huh?"

"Finish?" Cheng Jun looked at her: "What's wrong?"

"In order to avoid a little trouble, how about having a cheating game?" Ruan Jiujiu moved to him, staring at him strangely, "Let’s be fruit farmers."

Cheng Jun: "... You wanna plant vegetable?"

"No, it’s fruit."

In Cheng Jun's puzzled gaze, Ruan Jiujiu sat upright suddenly and put one hand on his shoulder. Cheng Jun's spine, with reflexes, stiffened in a straight line. He watched Ruan Jiujiu reached out her hand and touched his throat.

Her fingers were soft and cold, with a sweet and sour smell of grapefruit. The fingertips flicked back and forth around his neck.

Her eyes were sincere. She was purely like a young girl in adolescence, and didn’t realize what she was doing now. His throat knot rolled up and down, and his voice suddenly became low: "What are you doing?"

Ruan Jiujiu focused on his throat.

Cheng Jun didn't have much soft flesh. His neck was slender, and his collarbone was unusually obvious, so it must be very painful if being pinched

Ruan Jiujiu said seriously: "Let me do this for us."

Cheng Jun: "?"

Her full and round nails rested on Cheng Jun's right side neck. Suddenly she raised her nails, pinched a small piece, and twisted it to the right.

It was her first time to pinch others. She didn't use too much strength, and her fingers were a little trembling. For Cheng Jun, it was like a mosquito biting on him. He sniffed the fragrant breath of her. She looked up at him, and her mouth slightly opened because she was too focused. Cheng Jun could even see her pink tongue tip.

Cheng Jun looked at her, and was unable to move. It looked like he was enchanted. His breath was suddenly heavy.

Ruan Jiujiu withdrew her hand and watched a small piece of red skin faded gradually, and eventually restoring its original fairness.

"Ah..." She sighed in disappointment.

Strawberry marks? Joking! There wasn’t even a little red.

"What are you doing?" he asked slowly.

"In order to avoid White Horse always being curious about my sex life, I need to make a few small strawberries artificially so as to dispel her curiosity." Ruan Jiujiu looked seriously, and didn’t notice Cheng Jun’s emotion changing, "Do you have any ideas? It’s best to be seen when eating together tomorrow."


"Should I try harder? Can you take it?"

Cheng Jun said: "It doesn’t work. It's better to scratch it around my neck."

Ruan Jiujiu had to admit that this seemed like a good idea. She stretched out her hand to measure left and right, but failed to find a place to start. Her nails flicked past the collarbone, just like a kitten scratching, not hard and with a bit of itchiness. To others, it seemed like flirting.

"Forget it, I can’t do this to you." If she did it, a few blood traces will be left in the neck. It was hurt enough! If this was seen by Tu Nan, he will get a lot of imagination. So she won’t find trouble for herself.

Ruan Jiujiu stood up and said, "It’s better for me to sleep now."

She went back to the bedroom, but after a while she heard the sound of water. Probably Cheng Jun was taking a bath. Ruan Jiujiu still can’t sleep. When she saw the soft drink placed on the bedside table, her eyes suddenly lit up—she had an idea.

The sound of the bathing water stopped. Ruan Jiujiu jumped off the bed, wearing slippers, and ran to the door of Cheng Jun’s bedroom briskly. She stepped into the door while opening: "So, I got a... good.. idea..."

The curtains were pulled, and only a bedside lamp was turned on. The lights were dim.

He turned his back to Ruan Jiujiu and was changing the clothes. He only wore trousers now. From the angle of Ruan Jiujiu, she saw his great muscle back, a perfect waistline as well as long and strong arms.

Ruan Jiujiu probably neither expected to bump into Cheng Jun's changing clothes, nor to find him having such a good body figure. She stayed in place for a while and forgot what she was going to say.

Cheng Jun slowly put on his pajamas with his back to her.

His hair was dripping. The water slid down the shoulder blades, and eventually disappeared into the flank.

Ruan Jiujiu only felt heat rushing up her face. Her nose was hot, as if there was a nosebleed. She subconsciously rubbed her nose, which made her a little comfortable.

Holding a straw in her hand, her face gradually returned to normal. "I found a good way, let's try it?"


Cheng Jun turned around silently, and walked slowly to Ruan Jiujiu. With no expression on his face, and a pair of slender eyes drooping with thick and long eyelashes, Ruan Jiujiu couldn’t tell from his face. He turned his back to the dim light, so the room seemed to dim a few more at once. Ruan Jiujiu could hardly to see the emotion in his eyes.

Cheng Jun took a step forward, Ruan Jiujiu stepped back subconsciously. Her back hit the cold wall, and then she calmed down.

"What are you doing? Don't scare me, I'm not afraid of ghosts."

Cheng Jun frowned, as if suppressing some agitated emotions. He was very different from the calm, or even indifferent guy in normal days: "Don't come in at this time."

At this time?

Ruan Jiujiu looked up at him blankly. Cheng Jun didn't look like he had just taken a shower, because he didn't have steaming heat on his body. Instead, he was cold. Even his exhaled breath was cold. It looked like he had came back from a rain.

"You take a cold shower? Why taking a cold shower in winter? Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?"

The water droplets of Cheng Jun's hair fell down to Ruan Jiujiu's cheeks, making her tremble with cold.

Cheng Jun put one hand in his pocket and reached out another hand to gently wipe off the water on her cheeks. Compared to Ruan Jiujiu’s soft fingertips, he had rougher ones. It was a little itchy, causing Ruan Jiujiu felt somehow awkward. She turned her head: "I’ll do this myself." Suddenly her jaw was pinched.

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise. Cheng Jun, the nerdy guy, dared to pinch her chin? He wanted to die?

Ruan Jiujiu was at the edge of getting angry. She suddenly raised her head, and then saw his face was really close to hers. Cheng Jun slowly helped her to wipe off the droplets. May be it was because of the light, his voice was a little deep like flirting with her.

"You can’t do this by yourself. And, you can't do it alone by growing strawberries."

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Lin Dan has been bound with a supporting system to do auxiliary tasks to maintain the plot in countless small worlds. To put it bluntly, she is a female supporting role or the expendable, and uses her humble self to fulfill the greatness of others.Being confused, persistent, crazy, unable to love, unable to gain, Lin Dan has experienced too much failure and pain. When she fully understands and decides to unbind the supporting system and to return to the original world, she is hacked into the 3,0


Lin Dan stands on the beam to look down, her brows wrinkle up severely. This is not so much a secret chamber as a blood pool. The bright red blood is bubbling and it seems to have been heated. The extreme smell of blood is disgusting. Next to the blood pool is a huge stone mill. Several fighters in red with shovels pound in the mill. Later on, they dig out many bones and hair.

After cleaning up the grinding trough, one of the fighters says, "Has the guiding medicine arrived? The city master can't wait! "

"Yes, yes, I'll get it." Two fighters quickly run out, after a while they carry a wooden basin to come in. Lin Dan looks carefully with her eyes brightened. The wooden basin is full of fetuses, and it looks like a mass of wriggling worms.

The leading fighter goes to the basin and frowns. "Are there only these? Today's guiding medicine is not enough. What if the city master blames us?"

"Bearing animals in the palace are all old. Their production capacity is getting worse. That’s what they can do. Do you want to ask the Black-clad Palace to capture some bearing animals back, and then inform the people in the city to hand in more guiding medicine, from one per year to three a year?"

"It is not enough to ask three for a year. The city master is undertaking breakthrough, so he needs more and more guiding medicine. Pick out the dead guiding medicine so as not to pollute the blood pool. If they clean all up, you can put the medicine into it. “The leading fighter says, pointing to the huge stone mill.

"Well, if you have something to do, go first. I'll watch."

The dialogue between the two contains a huge amount of information. Even Lin Dan, who has been careless and heartless, is furious. It turns out that the children born by those women in the dungeon are sent here, and then put into the stone mill to grind into blood plasma, which is introduced into the blood pool, so that the master of the city can practice evil power. How crazy is this?

She clenches the Asura Broadsword and bends down slowly, like a beast that chooses who to be eaten. Standing opposite her, Bai Yan frowns with cold eyes. But those fighters in red are not aware of them. They are picking out the dead babies in the wooden basin and throwing them aside.

The rest of the babies are still breathing shortly after they are born. Their hands and feet are trembling slightly, and they are crying at their last gasp. Lin Dan has kept her body the lowest. As long as the tiptoe gently touch the ground, she can fly down to kill these frenzied demons. But at this time, a stone door on the edge of the blood pool suddenly opens. Two maids lift gauze shade, holding a beautiful woman, slowly walk in.

"Meet master." Fighters in red have knelt down.

"Get up; have you get today's guiding medicine ready?" The woman takes off her clothes and walks into the blood pool.

"Report to the master, there is still some work to be done, and I will prepare immediately." A fighter says gingerly.

"What are you waiting for? Go, now!" The woman's expression of enjoyment is immediately replaced by a ferocious one. Stretching her fingers, she puts a baby in the wooden basin into her palm and places it on her lips, as if she wants to eat the meat and drink the blood.

At the sight of this scene, Lin Dan can no longer contain herself. With a sharp push on her toes, Lin Dan attacks the woman. The Asura Broadsword in her hand shines with harsh light.

Bai Yan wanted to probe the level and details of the woman, so when the woman took the baby into the palm of her hand, he did not move after all although his heart could not bear it. But he never expected Lin Dan could not wait for a moment and rushed out in the blink of an eye.

The woman's level of martial arts is not low. She quickly jumps out of the blood pool after perceiving the abnormal sound. She claps her hands on the scalding blood and sets off a wave of blood in an attempt to stop Lin Dan's attack. Lin Dan splits the blood wave, goes straight forward and makes a fake cut-and-kill move, forcing the woman to throw away the baby in her hand. Lin Dan jumps, holds the baby that has been thrown up high into her arms, and pulls off a piece of gauze curtain to protect the baby.

"Who are you?" The woman attacks continuously with her palms, but Lin Dan avoids them. Only then does she realize that the other side is a half-step master. Her skill is almost the same with hers. She hurriedly puts on her clothes, and pulls out a pill from the inside pocket to swallow. Her originally strong momentum suddenly soars, and her palms are also faintly radiant with black light.

"Be careful of her poisonous palms." Standing on the beam watching the fight, Bai Yan warns.

The woman discovers that there is another person here, so her heart is shocked and horrified. And her moves become even sharper. She is good at making poison. The fighters in red swept by her palm wind turn into a pool of black blood, and even the bones are lost in an instant. Although Lin Dan is not afraid of poison, if she is eroded by poison and breaks an arm or leg, the Qi of life can heal wounds and eliminate toxins, but it is impossible for her to grow new hands and feet. What's more, she still holds a newborn baby with weak breath in her arms. She is completely unable to use her knife technique and can only move and jump in the secret chamber to avoid the palm wind. She looks very embarrassed.

Bai Yan stands on the beam all the time and never takes part in the fight.

Lin Dan once again avoids a gust of her palm wind, holding the baby in her arms, and then chops against the ceiling. Only with a loud bang, granite chamber is split a big hole, white light falls down to disperse the strong blood smell. The woman has not seen sunlight for a long time and can’t help blocking her eyes with her arms. Lin Dan immediately seizes the opportunity to leap onto the ground and says coldly, "Come and fight!"

The woman flows up gnashing her teeth and continues to fight with her. One of them is good at making poison and difficult to be approached. Another has knife skill which is strong and fierce, and it can be used to attack close combat. At that time, they fight tightly. The battle between the two half-step masters is by no means something ordinary people can take part in. The fighters in red who rush here want to support their master, but they are all made into meat foam by poisonous palms or split into two halves by knife power. Over time, they dare not to approach.

Bai Yan leaps onto the ground and looks for a high ground to watch.

The woman's power is still soaring, while Lin Dan's skill is gradually dwarfed to protect the baby. Fortunately, her skill is special, even if she is shot with poison palm, it doesn't matter. The woman can do nothing about her for a while. The woman can't kill her, so she swallows another pill and disappears.

Lin Dan misses the strike but she doesn’t feel flustered. She immediately turns back to block the attack with her weapon. The woman does appear behind her, but fails to sneak attack successfully. Instead, her palms attack on the Asura Broadsword. She smiles coldly and disappears. Lin Dan doesn’t know where she will appear in the next moment. Her poisonous palm is already difficult, coupled with this ghostly pace, it is simply adding strength.

Lin Dan misses several attacks and is ambushed several times. Black blood gushes from her mouth. Obviously, she has suffered heavy internal injuries, but there is no panic or fear on her face. She stares at the woman's feet and then settles down to follow her steps. The woman steps to Kun position (Kun, one of the Eight Diagrams, denoting the earth), and she also steps to Kun's position. The woman turns to Li position (Li, one of the Eight Diagrams), and she also turns to it. Gradually, a figure of the Eight Diagrams (eight combinations of three whole or broken lines formerly used in divination) automatically appears in her mind, contrasting with the woman's steps and finding out the rules.

In fact, the woman's posture is very simple. It is just to use the change of the Eight Diagrams to hide her body shape. After understanding the rules, the woman only needs to take one step and Lin Dan can figure out where she will appear next.

After the woman disappears again, Lin Dan unexpectedly lurches suddenly and swings the most violent strike into the air. The sharp knife breaks the air, but there is no target ahead and it only hits one wall.

At the sight of this, Bai Yan can't help raising his eyebrows.

However, the strike that exhausts Lin Dan's power doesn’t fail. The woman unexpectedly appears in front of the wall. When she sees the sudden attack, her triumphant expression suddenly turns into a despair one. It is too late to hide. She lets out a short shriek. Then her head flows high and falls with a thud. A blood column splashes on the rear wall, slowly emitting white smoke, which erodes through a large hole. Even the blood in the woman's body is highly toxic, which shows how difficult an opponent she is. However, when she meets Lin Dan, who is immune to all kinds of poisons, she can only be counted as unlucky.

Lin Dan jumps straight out of the underground palace without looking at her broken body.

Bai Yan follows.

Lin Dan falls into the blood pool and stands firm. Bai Yan, with a wave of his sleeve, leaps onto the beam of the room from a distance and looks at the people soaked in the blood pool.

Lin Dan inserts her broadsword into the bottom of the pool and lets it suck blood to its heart's content, while she sits in the blood to practice. Her eyes are closed, her face is serene, and her arms are still holding the newborn baby. Before settling in, she doesn’t forget to draw out a little Qi of life and injects it into the baby to prevent him from dying. But at the same time, her life Qi decreases slightly, so she suffers fiercer tearing from the Qi of death.

Bai Yan always stands on the beam and looks at her with his hands behind his back, seemingly unhurried. But in fact his eyes are flashing. Lin Dan killed more than thousands of people today and now she is soaked in thick blood. Can she still keep her former sobriety and restraint? After today, will there be another Asura in the world?

Meanwhile, He Yufei carrying a bloody sword runs in and finds Lin Dan sitting in the blood pool. She gets a fright at first, and then shows the look of hatred, and she is going to chop her off without thinking.

"What are you doing?" Bai Yan jumps off the beam and clamps her sword point with his two fingers.

"Master, can't you see she is practicing evil power? She saves no people in need, also kills many people. You go out and have a look, the blood is flowing out!" He Yufei flusters and shouts with a frustrated voice.

"Who she kills is the people should be killed. Besides, if she saves no one, how could you stand here now? “Bai Yan naturally won't leave his disciple behind. In the process of searching for Lin Dan, he had already visited the dungeon and found that Lin Dan beat out the poison lamp, smashed the chain and opened a vent to let the women recover. She did all these before she left.

With Lin Dan attracting attacks outside, women with no control could naturally escape after recovering their strength. Even if they didn't escape, it was safe to stay in the dungeon temporarily. They could still go out aboveboard when Lin Dan cleaned up here.

He Yufei was indeed saved by Lin Dan; otherwise she has now been spoiled by the two animals. He Yufei can't find words to refute Bai Yan. She just doesn't like Lin Dan; she even deeply fears her with no reason.


Yaoniang was the concubine of Jin Wang in the last life, but she hadn’t been doted for a few days before she died.After resurrecting her life, she decided to live safely and protect herself. So she would do a job well as a wet nurse and never pursue luxurious life.  However, it never occurred to her that stern-faced Jin Wang who only did something without saying in last life now became so initiative.Everyone in the world knew that Jin Wang had a concubine which was doted by him as early as

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Fuchen looked at Jin Wang who wore a bleak face and couldn't figure out why he was in a low spirit.

Jin Wang also heard the news that Yaoniang had asked some days leave since she needed to go home. However, although Jin Wang was reluctant to allow her to go back, he said nothing but just seethed and asked people to report what happened in the lateral courtyard every day.

Jin Wang learned that Jin Wang consort and side consort Hu all presented some gifts to Yaoniang. In order to curry favor with Jin Wang consort, the concubine Feng as well as lady Li and lady Tao also granted some gifts to Yaoniang.

Mammy Mu also gave her some gifts.

Generally speaking, as a host of Jin Wang mansion, Jin Wang had to award Yaoniang  something as a reward since she made many contributions to Jin Wang mansion. Moreover, she also kept a special relationship with Jin Wang.

But Jin Wang acted so weird and only asked people to find out what kind of gifts she had received. Jin Wang gave nothing to Yaoniang when it was his turn to grant a reward.

In accordance with Fuchen's experience, Jin Wang was seething again.

But it happened frequently between Yaoniang and Jin Wang. It was easy to tell the difference from Jin Wang's visiting time to the courtyard recently. He came to Yaoniang at midnight or sometimes he might change his mind and went to the courtyard after he had put up for the night. 

Fuchen was speechless and he thought there was no need to sulk with Yaoniang at all.

But Fuchen dared not to persuade Jin Wang who might be enraged by him.

The servant came to tell Jin Wang that Yaoniang was about to go home a few minutes later. Although Jin Wang wanted to say goodbye to her, he hesitated. And it was not until Yaoniang almost arrived at the gate, he then made an excuse to go out. But to Fuchen's surprises, he didn't expect Jin Wang happened to see the scene when Yaoniang was chatting with Zhou Sheng cheerfully.

Fuchen looked at Yaoniang who was talking to the young carter and thought the man's smile was so wired.

'Does he also like Yaoniang?' thought Fuchen.

The idea gave him a start of surprise and when Fuuchen looked back at Jin Wang's face, he found Jin Wang looked worse and his eyes were chill.

Fuchen compared Jin Wang's gloomy face with the young carter's warm smile and thought perhaps Yaoniang was more willing to talk with the young man.

When Fuchen was still absorbed in his thought, Jin Wang left with a snort.

But neither Yaoniang nor Zhou Sheng noticed this interlude behind the door.

Yaoniang got into the carriage and they set out soon.

Zhou Sheng was a skilled carter and the carriage went so smoothly that Yaoniang didn't feel jolt.

Indeed, it was also because the carriage was in good quality. Mammy Mu placed her order and Zhou Sheng picked a good carriage which was prepared for the consorts. The carriage was spacious and there was even a staw mettress inside. 

Yaoniang got to know this from Zhou Sheng.

"Will I bring troubles to you?" asked Yaoniang. She was a veracious woman without any evil thoughts, so Yaoniang worried that she would cause troubles to Zhou Sheng because of her private affairs.

"Don't worry. The consorts of Jin Wang mansion rarely go out. But the workers still need to maintain the carriage in daily life. It is a total waste if the carriage is not put in use," replied Zhou Sheng in a casual tone.

After a small pause, he then added, "Let me be frank with you. The carriage is also used by some servants who find favor with their masters. The conservators turned a blind eye because they also don't want to offend people. But this time is different since Mammy Mu placed her order personally. No one could pick holes."

Yaoniang was relieved by Zhou Sheng.

It seemed that Zhou Sheng was familiar with the route and he hurried on with their journey without stop.

The weather was hot and Yaoniang opened the widow to take a breath.

Zhou Sheng was glad to see that because it was convenient for him to talk with Yaoniang. They chatted and time passed by quickly. They had a better understanding to each other through their conversation.

Yaoniang got to know the background of Zhou Sheng as well as his family situation while Zhou Sheng also learned something about Yaoniang. She told him that her husband was a street vendor who died in an accident and left Yaoniang and their kid alone in this word.

“Don’t be depressed. People always need to move on. You have to be positive,” comforted Zhou Sheng. He was not a man who was good at consoling others.

Yaoniang was amused by him and then said with a smile, “Thank you. I am fine. I just want to make some money in Jin Wang mansion so as to bring up by kid.”

Zhou Sheng took a glance at her with his split vision secretly and then asked, “Aren’t you planning on getting married again?”

In their time, widows were not allowed to get married again. But Jin Zhou was near to the frontier and their folkway was enlightened.

Shocked, Yaoniang lowered her head and responded on a low voice, “I am a widow with a kid. Who would like to get married with me?”

Zhou Sheng really wanted to tell her that he would like to marry her, but he was a coward.

Yaoniang frequently appeared in his dream recently since he was too fascinated with her. Zhou Sheng was eager to tell her that he wanted to marry her. But when he got a chance to express himself, Zhou Sheng was lacking in courage in face of Yaoniang.

He was so nervous that his heart was pumping. Trying his best to cool down, Zhou Sheng made some compliments to Yaoniang.

It might be his first time to praise a woman, he looked a little embarrassed. Yaoniang was amused by him.

“I am so appreciated, Zhou Sheng.”

Yaoaniang was moved by him and extended her appreciation. It was easy to tell he was kind.

Zhou Sheng stopped at a small restaurant at noon.

Zhou Sheng led Yaoniang in and it seemed that he came here for many times.

It was a barrack that only offered drinks and bread.

Zhou Sheng felt regret. He hurried to take Yaoniang to this small restaurant because he was afraid she might get hungry, but he forgot the food stated bad here. 

Yaoniang took out a box from her bag and opened the box which contained several meat pies.

“The kitchen in the lateral courtyard prepared this for me to avoid inconvenience on the way.”

“Eat it. You must be hungry. I can buy some bread for lunch,” replied Zhou Sheng.

“There are several pies and I can’t finish them. Don’t stand ceremony with me.”

Zhou Sheng stopped declining her and started to have lunch.

Zhou Sheng enjoyed his meal and felt Yaoniang was a good woman.

They drank some tea after their meal and then went to the toilet.

Zhou Sheng was afraid something bad would happen to Yaoniang since it was a desolate place, so he waited her outside the toilet in case of any emergency.

Yaoniang walked out with her face flashed. She felt embarrassed since a man was waiting outside for her when she went to the toilet.

There was a big water tan outside. A basin and a water ladle were put aside. It was provided for the visitors to wash hands.

Yaoniang was going to wash hands while Zhou Sheng bailed the water for her.

“You are so considerate. I must bring you inconvenience,” said Yaoniang.

“Don’t say like this.”

When they were chatting with each other, a carriage form the imperial palace stopped at the open space of the restaurant.

Four men got off from the carriage. The leader was a young man with three large men following behind. Although the young man was dressed plainly, it was easy to tell that he was the leader. 

“Master, this is the only restaurant in this desolated place,” said one of the men.

The young man looked impatient. “What kind of food can we eat in such a place?”

Yaoniang leaned to one side when she found someone was coming and then said to Zhou Sheng, “It is time to leave now.”

Zhou Sheng nodded and was about to leave without washing his hands.

When they passed by the four men, they were stopped.

“Excuse me, the young lady.”

Yaoniang pretended not to hear and was about to keep moving on, but soon a man blocked in front of her.

“Hey, I am talking to you. Don’t you hear me?” The young man stared at Yaoniang and didn’t expect such a beautiful woman would show up in this remote place.

This young man was the son of a rich business man. He was spoiled by his parents since he was the only son in his family. Now that he came from a rich family, this man acted so arrogantly. He even visited the whorehouse frequently at his young age.

The man was good for nothing and he only focused on enjoying himself which enraged his father. The man was expelled by his father and was forced to be a street vendor by his father so that he might become mature someday. The young man’s father hoped his son to inherit his family capital someday so that their family would not decline someday.

However, this man had been living a wealthy life for many years and he was unable to endure any hardships. What’s more, now he had no money to visit the whorehouse.

They had been on their way for two days and rarely met people except for some elders. Now it was a rare chance to meet such a beautiful woman, and the young man was attracted by Yaoniang.

The man was experienced in flirting with woman and had good knowledge about women. He liked the young married women but didn’t like those young girls. It was because he thought the married woman was sexy but the girls had no fun on bed.

He had sexuality with many women, but he seldom met a woman as beautiful as Yaoniang. Although she was well-wrapped in clothes, her slim figure was partly hidden and partly visible. Her plump bosoms jumped slightly when she was walking. She must be experienced to have sexuality with men.

The man looked up and down carefully at Yaoniang. The other three men all smiled bitterly but they didn’t stop their master.

Yaoniang felt intolerable under his gaze and she put her hands across her chest and tried to avoid the man. Zhou Sheng stepped forward and stood in front of Yaoniang.

“I am wondering why you are blocking our way,” said Zhou Sheng.

The man looked up at Zhou Sheng and said impatiently, “Get away. Don’t talk nonsense here.”

The man pushed Zhou Sheng who staggered since he didn’t stand firm.

“Zhou Sheng…” Yaoniang tried to hold him.

“Look at you! It seems you are a couple. But it doesn’t matter. I like married woman very much!” he said and tried to pull Yaoniang. Zhou Sheng protected her and the young man was getting annoying. “Why are you sitting there? Come to help me!” shouted the man to his three followers.

Although the three men looked helplessly, they headed to the man without hesitation. It was not their first time to do this.

Zhou Sheng realized they were caught in a trouble. He gave Yaoniang a sign and asked her to run while at the meantime Zhou Sheng tried to play for time. “Who are you? Where are you from? Do you know where we come from?”

“I don’t care about it. Get out of here!” said the man indignantly.

As soon as the man finished his words, he gave Zhou Sheng a punch. Seeing this, Zhou Sheng exerted himself to push them away and shouted at Yaoniang, “Go. Run away!”

“Zhou Sheng!” Yaoniang was so flurried.

She took a few steps but then ran back to Zhou Sheng.

“I am not going to run away,” said Yaoniang with her eyes filled with tears. “We come from the Jin Wang mansion. Are you going to bring about your own destruction?” Yaoniang yelled at them.

She tried to act in an aggressive manner as side consort Hu, but she failed because she was a delicate woman.

The young man stopped subconsciously.

“You are from Jin Wang mansion? Bullshit!” said the man who squinted at them.

Yaoniang looked around and happened to see their carriage not near far.

“We are taking the carriage of Jin Wang mansion!” said Yaoniang in a loud voice.


Tong Yuwu lived to the twenty-five years old. Besides her physical appearance, she was most satisfied with her marriage with Fu Liheng who was the most unapproachable man in Yanjing. She was arrogant and extravagant by nature, until one day she was forced to learn that she was living in a novel. After a year Fu Liheng would divorce her. Leave the house penniless but only get a few million break-up fee.System: Complete the task① All expenses within a week are less than 1,000 yuan, and one year

2020-07-13 16:32:05

After returning home, taking a bath, they have sex again while the atmosphere and mood are good. Before going to bed, Tong Yuwu using her fingers counts the times of having sex with Fu Liheng. She finds that the frequency of recent sex life are quite high. She and Fu Liheng have always been well-known couples in name only, but only recently has she felt that the relationship between her and Fu Liheng is a little bit like a newly-married couple.

Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's a bad thing. It's hard to say. The relationship between the two was alienated before, she didn't interfere with him, he also rarely interfered with her. There is a dividing line between the two, they are busy with their own things. They do not disturb each other. However once they become closer to each other, They will also face an inevitable period of burnout after their honeymoon period.


You don't care, if you don't like it. So you won't get bored either.


Tong Yuwu closes tightly her lips. If she and Fu Liheng becomes the same as ordinary couples, it will bring advantages and disadvantages.


How many ordinary couples can't escape the seven-year itch. She doesn't have much love experience, and now she is crossing the river by touching stones(be watchful and reverent). The marriage of marrying above her station is not as good as she think.


But it doesn't matter, she has an opportunity. She must do the tasks well that released by the system. The system has said that now the release is only the simplest task. Even if it is the simplest, there will be 500,000 after success. The so-called man, the so-called marriage, will never be more secure than money for her.


Tong Yuwu thinks vaguely that this should be her sage time. She even begins to think problems what she don't have.


The next morning, Tong Yuwu has awakened by the alarm clock. She and Fu Liheng gets up almost at the same time. After simply combing and washing and having a light make-up, she goes to the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast.


Breakfast is easier, and Fu Liheng is not so picky, as long as he can fill his stomach.


After preparing fried bacon and fried eggs, then she goes to the supermarket to buy salad dressing. She simply makes a sandwich and there are fresh milk in the refrigerator.


Sitting at the dining table, Tong Yuwu begins to miss the bird's-nest gruel that servant Sun stewed for her every day.


She thinks Fu Liheng might miss servant Sun, too.


"I'm going to work." No matter what Fu Liheng thinks, he had finished eating the two sandwiches on the plate, and he's almost drunk the milk, too.


Tong Yuwu gets up and accompanies him to the door. Suddenly she thinks it's like the scene in a Japanese drama. So she bends her lips with a smile and says, "Daddy, you have to work hard today."


Fu Liheng must have never watched many TV series. He suddenly hears Tong Yuwu calling him like this, he looks at her in shock and doubt.


...Okay, she forgets that her husband couldn't catch her topic.

In order to prevent him from thinking about that things, she quickly explains with a smile, "I was watching a Japanese drama recently and I was affected by the plot. In the TV series, the wife called her husband "daddy" and the husband called his wife " mommy". I find it very interesting."

Fu Liheng, "...?"


Of course, he can't get such interesting points.


"I'm going to work."


"Well, be careful on the way. Will you come back to dinner at night?"


"Not sure, I'll talk about it in the afternoon."


After watching Fu Liheng gets on the car and leaves, Tong Yuwu is relieved. She don't want to talk this kind of topic to Fu Liheng again in the future.

Her lunch is also very simple, she can't do complex one. And she is unwilling to do it. So she chooses to heat up lettuce in hot water, cut a piece of fish fillet, and cook an egg and add a little brown rice. The taste is a bit light, but she can't be too picky in this time.


With her this way of eating, it is completely possible for her to spend a thousand dollars a week.


True beauty is all delicate from hair to toes. No hair care was done this week. Tong Yuwu feels that she has become a lot rougher.


It is easy to go from economy to extravagance, but not from extravagance to economy. Her mobile phone rings when she touches her long hair, which is still smooth and supple. Life is tough and she feels herself is going through a period of really hard time and she sighs. It is Lu Yinyin who calls her.


"Yuwu, do you want to go to hair color for hair care? Yesterday, the stylist sprayed some hair gel on my hair yesterday. I feel so bad now. If it's still early, can we do a foot spa?"


As usual, Tong Yuwu has already got up from the bed like the carp jumps on water.


Today, her expression is decadent and world-weary, "Oh, I have no time."

Lu Yinyin, "?"


Isn't the wealthy wife the most free and timeful?


"What are you doing?" Lu Yinyin listens to her feeble voice and asks with concern, "are you sick? I'll come to see you if you are sick."


Tong Yuwu just wants to end this call as soon as possible, "I slept late yesterday, I haven't gotten up, I'm tired."


Lu Yinyin: Is it the kind of tiredness that she imagines? Excuse me, people who have no sex life are not worthy of chatting anymore.


There is a sentence especially suitable for this year's Tong Yuwu.

It never rains but pours. She has reduced her favorite entertainment activities to save money. By the afternoon, she receives a call from Fu Liheng. If she had an instrument on her body, the moment she saw the caller ID, her blood pressure and heartbeat will accelerate at the same time.


She is not worthy of being a wealthy wife, no hair care, no foot spa, and now she has to worry about the rice, oil, and salt. The most feared thing for her is the cell phone ringing in the afternoon.


When she answers the phone, it is like she was filled with concentrated refreshing liquid. She was tired of the world before, but for a second, the smile is all over her face. And her tone is sweet and soft, "Hey."


Fu Liheng holds the mobile phone in one hand and turns the document in the other hand, his tone is steady, "I will go back to dinner this afternoon."


"Really?" Tong Yuwu says in surprise, "What do you want to eat at night?"


Fu Liheng is generally not picky, he will definitely say anything is okay.




Tong Yuwu forced, "?"


Why are you really ordering?


Fu Liheng didn't expect Tong Yuwu to make seafood. He just brings up some new ideas. When the lunch break time, he just casually glanced over the kitchen software downloaded before. There were some seafood practices on the homepage.


Seafood is relatively simple to cook, either boiled or steamed.


He also remembers having eaten big lobster with her before, and it seems that she likes it.

Although he still doesn't figure out why she dismissed servant Sun, but he doesn't plan to snubs her or doesn't cooperate with her because of such things. In the past few days, he could also see that she is not so happy. So today, he'll cook her some seafood she likes. After all, she felt she'd been wronged yesterday.


He already tells his demand, and Tong Yuwu has to deal with it and and she responds, "Well, what seafood do you want to eat?"

Fu Liheng recalls the recipes he saw on the kitchen software today, and says in a deep voice, "Buy a grouper, some prawns, yeah, prawns, yes, and lobster. If you want to eat it, you can also buy some hairy crabs and we can eat steamed crab."


While he is saying, Tong Yuwu's heart slowly sinks. How dare he order like this! He even order seafood and big lobster! Where does she have money to buy seafood! !


The available quota is now more than three hundred yuan!


What the hell is this, why should life be so difficult for her this poor and helpless and weak kitten?


"Okay?" Fu Liheng asks habitually.


Tong Yuwu endures her heartbreak, "Of course. I will go to the seafood supermarket to buy food~"

Although she is already scolding frantically, Tong Yuwu also has to get up and pick up the car key to prepare to go out to the supermarket and to buy seafood. Why does Fu Liheng want to eat seafood and why can't Fu Liheng buy Seafood by himself? Or why could not he make a phone call to let the coastal city to send an airlift of seafood. He has to make her go to the supermarket to buy? The supermarket's seafood are not so fresh. As a top rich second generation, does he not pursue this at all?


She really doesn't want to fail the second round of challenges. One more day of this kind of life is suffering to her.


This time she has to challenge successfully and makes a quick decision.

From Songjing Villa to the nearest supermarket, Tong Yuwu goes straight to the seafood area. This supermarket is very large and has a wide range of seafood. She originally planned not to buy it. After she comes back home then she tells to Fu Liheng that there was no lobster. But she accidentally hears that an aunt talks to another aunt. The aunt says that Yanjing's seafood prices are actually cheaper, and the lobster in her countryside home is much more expensive.


Oh, she is so ignorant and she even thinks that the lobster is rare.


Why doesn't Fu Liheng order such cute and cheap seafood as scallops?

Tong Yuwu stands aside, seeing the big lobster. She plucks up her courage and looks up at the price——


! ! ! Two hundred and eight yuan a catty(any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia, especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)! !


A big lobster also has 500 grams or 1000 grams, her quota is only more than 300 yuan. If she buys the lobster, she will use up all her money.


She doesn't know if she doesn't look at the price. She suddenly feel so painful that she even can't breathe.


What does she do wrong. Why should she suffer such grievances, and why should she suffer such shocks.


Fu Liheng, you have no conscience!


The author has something to say:   The price of the big lobster here may not be the same as the price there. You don’t have to question it. I wrote it according to the article settings.


Chu Chu suddenly passed through the book as the vicious female president. The original role was not only obsessed with the leading actor, but also tried to kill the leading actress.Eventually, it was a bad ending.Chu Chu’s family business went bankrupt and she was disfigured.On the first day she passed through the book, she opened her wardrobe full of luxuries, and had a feeling of a poor citizen bacoming wealthy overnight.Chu Chu: Just kidding, what else could a rich president do, was it Mich

2020-07-13 16:28:35

With excitement, Zui Qianyou flew to a big city and successfully settled in a luxury hotel.

The next day, Zui Qianyou walked blankly in the Puxin Building, looking at the busy white-collar ladies around, and she felt a little dizzy. This environment full of elites made her quite uncomfortable, and there was a feeling of straying into the TV drama scene, and she was inexplicably a little nervous.

"Hello, please follow me." Secretary-General Wang Qing smiled and guided Zui Qianyou, and said softly to her.

"Okay." Zui Qianyou said in a hurry, asking, "Are we going to see..."

Wang Qing responded with empathy: "President Chu's office is here."

Zui Qianyou swallowed and nodded with her efforts trying to calm down. She chatted to her friends casually, but now she instantly panicked when she was really about to meet with president Chu. Zui Qianyou could ridicule unscrupulously online because they used to be far away from president Chu. For her and the majority of netizens, their understanding of president Chu only came from the programs and various news.

Now, Zui Qianyou was standing in Yinda Investment and had a real sense of disparity. Even though president Chu performed humorously on the show, she was still the top decision-makers of a company, the chairman of Yinda Investment, managing many people.

Wang Qing knocked lightly on the door, and entered the room to report. Then she smiled and said to Zui Qianyou: "Please go in."

Zui Qianyou nodded. The first thing she saw when she entered the door was the floor-to-ceiling windows with wide views. Here you can see the prosperity of the big city at a glance. In front of the floor table is a huge desk and a comfortable swivel chair. The woman with a cold temperament is looking down to work. She looks up at the person and gently says: "Come."

Zui Qianyou felt that president Chu's aura was much softer when she didn't speak. Zui Qianyou was somewhat restrained and reached out anxiously: "Hello."

"Hello, take a seat..." Chu Chu shook hands with Zui Qianyou in a good manner. At this time, Wang Qing silently exited the room, leaving only them in the room.

Zui Qianyou put her mobile phone aside and sat on the chair in a precarious manner, earnestly like a pupil waiting to answer questions. Chu Chu wanted to get to the topic immediately, but realized that the other party's attitude was stiff, and she didn't know how to speak for a while, so she had to ask: "...You seem quite nervous?"

Chu Chu was very puzzled: was she scary? Obviously, the public opinion had improved recently, and was there any surprising news?

Zui Qianyou honestly confessed: "I was a little scared to see you for the first time..."

Zui Qianyou's words just fell, but the screen of her mobile phone at the table suddenly lit up, and a WeChat popped up.

——Zui Zui, are you finished fucking president Chu?

Zui Qianyou took a breath, she forgot to block the group before entering the room and put the phone upside down! Why didn't she hold the phone, or put it in her bag, she had to put it on the table!

Zui Qianyou was looking forward in the bottom of her heart: President Chu must never see it, otherwise it would be completely ruined!

The next second, she desperately heard president Chu's voice, and what was surprising was that president Chu didn't get angry.

Chu Chu had no intention of snooping on other people's messages, but she skimmed the contents, still seeing the text on the screen. Chu Chu sized up Zui Qianyou and finally couldn't help but wondered: "Are you a man in women's clothing? Do you even have such a function?"

Chu Chu felt that she should never judge a book by its cover, and Zui Qianyou really looked like a woman.

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou even wanted to kneel down on the spot: "I'm sorry, president Chu, this is just a joke. Please forgive me..."

Chu Chu said carelessly: "There is a lounge over there, let's go in and talk about who is going to fuck whom?"

Zui Qianyou: "!!!"

Zui Qianyou was blushed with shame, and wanted to find a seam to drill in, or crash into the floor-to-ceiling window to fall freely, and quickly escaped from this embarrassing situation. She felt ashamed of herself extremely and wished that her soul would pull away immediately.

Chu Chu seemed to see through the thoughts of Zui Qianyou, and noticed that she looked at the floor-to-ceiling windows and said lightly: "The windows are very expensive, and you will lose money if you break them."

Zui Qianyou immediately bowed her head and succumbed to the boss: "I'm sorry."

Because of this embarrassing little episode, Zui Qianyou's tension suddenly disappeared, replaced by a sense of numbness. Chu Chu didn't pay any attention to the matter and talked about the topic: "Have you written a script before?"

Zui Qianyou shook her head: "No."

Chu Chu: "Are your college's major and work experiences related to film and television?"

Zui Qianyou: "No."

Chu Chu: "Have you been isolated and focus on creative work for a long time before?"

Zui Qianyou: "No."

Every time Zui Qianyou answered a question, she felt that she was one step further from the screenwriter position. She was like a prisoner being interrogated, her head getting lower and lower.

Chu Chu nodded clearly, summing up: "It's good, then you are the most suitable one."

Zui Qianyou: "???"

Zui Qianyou was worried, and reminded in a small voice: "Why? But I have no experience?"

Chu Chu said lightly: "With no experience, it's better to fool."

"..." Zui Qianyou was stunned. She blinked blankly like a dead computer. "President Chu, I don't quite understand?"

"Oh, sorry, then I’ll change a way that you understand." Chu Chu immediately switched to the expression of sincerity and trust. She shook her hands and persuaded, "I think you are really talented and motivated. You are a must for our project. Experience is not the most important, the key is inspiration and impulse. I believe that this cooperation will also allow you to successfully transform and prove your strength as a screenwriter. Can we work together? The world of "Rouge Bone" that will not disappoint readers."

Zui Qianyou was hit by her sincere eyes, and she felt full of strength in the words of inspiration. She was about to respond steadily, making bold words, and then she saw president Chu resume her expressionless expression.

Chu Chu: "In this way, do you understand better?"

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou: What seems wrong? Always feel like I’m a fresh graduate who has been deceived by her boss?

In fact, Zui Qianyou didn't really understand what she was talking about with president Chu. She signed the scriptwriter's contract indifferently and was locked in a small black room to start a script creation. Zui Qianyou thought that this trip was just a negotiation, and she could go home after the talk, but did not expect to be detained directly.

Zui Qianyou, as the king of procrastination, was extremely uncomfortable with this life of imprisonment, and weakly proposed: "President Chu, will you let me go home to write?"

Zui Qianyou didn't expect the script creation to be completely different from what she had imagined. She had to write so many words every day, and she had to sort out such complicated main and auxiliary lines. She was now making money selling movies and TV shows, but did she need to fight so hard? She even raised her thoughts to simply stop writing and go home, and they could find other screenwriters.

Chu Chu had long guessed out the thoughts of Zui Qianyou. She did think that the original author was a suitable candidate for the screenwriter. The only drawback was that the creation speed was too slow. According to Chu Chu's project plan, the script had only left half a year for creation, and it took Zui Qianyou two years to write the original.

If they followed the speed of Zui Qianyou in the past, this project may not be able to be done in a short time. Chu Chu would never allow this kind of thing to happen, so it was proposed to invite Zui Qianyou for an interview.

Chu Chu: Since you’ve come here, don't think about leaving.

However, these truths, Chu Chu would definitely not speak directly considering the creative mood of the screenwriter.

Chu Chu's expression switched to " Easy-to-understand for Zui Qianyou Mode" and said gently: "I think the content you created recently is very good, you are really talented, here we can also communicate frequently and communicate many details on the content. Do you think the hotel is not comfortable enough? Or do you want to buy something? Just say what you want, and I let them send it, don’t be polite.

Zui Qianyou was dizzy with Chu’s fart and hospitality, but she still didn’t forget her original intention and hesitated: "I want freedom..."

Chu Chu: "No, you don't."

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou: "... President Chu, is this a trick?"

Zui Qianyou: It must had been disclosed that she had always postpone, otherwise how could she be detained!

When Zui Qianyou came, she was ecstatic, only to realize that something bad happened. President Chu had prepared early, and the luxury hotel had all the supplies. It seemed that he would be detained for a long time. Everyone else was imprisoned by the overbearing president for love, but she was imprisoned for scripts?

"Sometimes, life without tricks will go to the dead end." Chu Chu calmly said the threat words exquisitely, just like the philosophy of life.

Zui Qianyou: "............"

Zui Qianyou in the black room was like a tube of toothpaste, which was being squeezed hard every day, slowly spitting out new content.

The script work was on track, and Chu Chu focused on the other side, intending to reserve some new actors for the TV series "Rouge Bone".

Zhang Jianian knocked on the door and entered the room, asking: "President Chu, what can I do for you?"

Chu Chu turned around the pen and said casually: "I want to find some young and good-looking boys; do you know the way?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

After listening to this, the first thing that popped up in Zhang Jianian’s mind was the picture of the dandy royal lord walking around the brothel. Who gave president Chu an unpretentious tone anyway? Zhang Jianian thought of president Chu's past black history, and watching her casual attitude, always felt like he was suddenly treated as an old bustard.

He faced the super-level problem and said with difficulty: "…President Chu, I'm sorry, I don't know much about this."

Zhang Jianian: I studied financial investment, but not night club management.

Chu Chu didn't find her words ambiguous and misunderstood. She wondered: "What else do you not know? How did you find them in the past?"

Zhang Jianian confessed helplessly: "...I don't know how you found them in the past."

His job was only to assist the boss to deal with company affairs, not involving private life. He could follow president Chu in and out of the conference room, but he couldn't follow her in and out of the nightclub!

Chu Chu did not expect the original owner to be so grounded, and actually chose the person herself, but it seemed reasonable seeing Li Taihe. She thought about it for a moment, and said: "Then you arrange this time, let them screen ten people out and show me."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian got a headache that he had no clue about his job for the first time.


Big changes and bigger twists. In a drama inside of another drama, he’ll find his way to get prettier and prettier.Shen Jintai gained access to a system that allows him to jump between stories of books, and it can make him more and more beautiful and sexy by completing missions.He soon received his first mission: Stop being the leading man’s suitor, be his rivals in love instead. And took away from him the person he was meant to be with.All of them have fell in love with Shen somehow. Delica

2020-07-11 11:35:37

“Ding Dong.”

The familiar voice almost freaked Shen Jintai out.

“Congratulations, another six points, nine points in total.” Xiao Mei said in a cold voice.

Last time, he was given three points in the middle of the night for no reason. He didn't understand what was going on.

He immediately turned his head to look at Bai Qingquan beside him, and saw that Bai looked at him quietly, which was exactly what Bai should be, with no expression.

“Bai liked me more?” He asked.


Shen Jintai: “Em?”

He couldn't believe that came from the system. It somehow reminded him of…

Of Yan Qiuchi, who loved replying with a “Em” the most!

Wasn't that the tone of an iceberg top?

Xiao Ai, come back!

“Xiao Ai can't return yet. Before that, I will be at your service.” Xiao Mei said coldly: “If you have no other questions. I'll go offline now.”

“Wait a minute.” Shen Jintai asked. “So, the three points in the middle of the night last time were the same as the six points this time, all representing Bai grew to like a little more, right?”


“…But I didn't do anything.”

“We detected the change.”

Shen Jintai looked at Bai Qingquan next to him again. Bai pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows slightly, and made an expression of “what happened?”.

“What's my next reward? Is it beauty?”

“The next reward is indeed a beauty reward. Choice one, you get hair that is still thick and dark even after middle age. Choice two, you get delicate and fair skin.”

It was rare that there was no determiner for this reward, such as “until you’re 60 years old”.

“It's natural for people to grow old. Being a freak on who time does nothing might not be a good thing.” Xiao Mei said lightly.

Shen Jintai: “...”

“Can I know when Xiao Ai will come back?”

“A week.”

Good. A week is not a long time.

“Do you prefer compliments?” Xiao Mei asked suddenly.

Shen Jintai was surprised for a moment and said: “…It’s just I feel like I bonded with Xiao Ai.”

Xiao Mei didn't say anything. She went offline with a “Di” sound.

Shen Jintai felt awkward.

“Everything OK?” Bai Qingquan came to ask him.

Shen Jintai came back to his senses, smiled and said: “I was surprised by how far that arrow went.”

When Shen Jintai smiled, there was a positivity in his smile, which weakened his aggressiveness.

Bai Qingquan looked at his smile and sighed.

Just now, when Shen Jintai made that shot, his heart was pounding. For a moment, he thought that Shen Jintai was kind of cool and unrestrained handsome.

OK, OK, it was just an illusion.

He must had been holding back too hard. It wasn’t easy for him. He was 22 years old, at his best age. But for the sake of his career, he still kept his virginity. His sweet love was waiting for him somewhere where no one can find.

Apart from his fans, no one would believe that a great man like him could still be a virgin!


He glanced at Shen Jintai again. Shen Jintai was wearing his costume, but he could not see anything except for the waist.

How did Shen Jintai get this figure? When they started their career together, Shen Jintai didn't have such a good figure.

That ass, even he was a bottom, he was still turned on by it.

Bai Qingquan learned something from Shen Jintai: As a man, as long as you still have that sausage, you have the potential to be a top.

Shen Jintai's ass was really attracting even to a man.


The top searched item “Shen Jintai advertisement” was really durable. It had the “boiling” sign followed even at noon.

It mainly attributed to power of the CP fans. A gay actor playing a gay character could greatly enrich the imagination of fans. It was difficult for ordinary people to completely separate the actor from the characters he plays, especially when the play’s heated. Once the real feeling was there, it would feel particularly real.

As soon as the advertisement was released, few would watch Shen Jintai's “Touhua dance”. Even Aishang's flagship store in Taobao had an explosive growth in sales.

Managements of Aishang themselves was stunned. They had Shen Jintai to make the ad only for the publicity. Shen Jintai had many female fans, they didn't think he could help so much on the sales of men's underwear!

Yan Qiuchi didn't go to Weibo to see news.

He literally had no time to check Weibo. Since HCEP had made a surprising success, the company could get listed any second, which made him quite busy.

But he doesn't look. Many people around him are watching.

But the East Palace was so popular that when new episodes were broadcast, there would be all contents about it in everyone’s WeChat moment.

A female friend of Yan Qiuchi had been obsessed with Shen Jintai lately and she complimented Shen in her moment every day.

There were fewer male friends followed HCEP. Almost all of his friends were the second generation of the elite and rich. Everyone had their own business to be busy with.

But there were also some idle young.

Suddenly he received a message.

It was sent by Xiao Yang, his best friend.

The first message was a screenshot. He took a look at it and saw his name.

A netizen nicknamed qianqiancaoqing said: “How good-looking a person would he like?”

Rainbow fart player replies: “Really, this is not enough? Unbelievable.”

“I guess he’s impotent, hahahaha.”

“Iceberg Yan doesn't look like he’s impotent. You can tell he’s great by his nose and other facial features He can tell from his nose and face that he is not simple!”

“My son was young and naïve, just forget the mistakes he made before, he had what he deserved. Also, I hope we don't mention Yan Qiuchi. Is Ying on Jintai not good enough a CP for you?”

“Who is Yan Qiuchi? Let him go fuck himself. Do Bai and Shen not make a perfect CP? Or Ying on Jintai not sweet enough?”

Yan Qiuchi frowned and looked at it again before he realized that “son” was referring Shen Jintai.

Xiao Yang then sent a second message, a video link.

Yan Qiuchi frowned and opened. He was stunned.

It turned out to be Shen Jintai.

After watching the video, he gulped and felt a little warm in my heart.

Probably because of the long-time absence of his reply, Xiao Yang called him directly and said: “Man, Shen Jintai is still Shen Jintai. Is Shen Jintai still Shen Jintai?”

Yan Qiuchi understood the meaning of these two sentences.

Xiao Yang said: “I really admire you.”


“How did you resist it?” Xiao Yang said: “If I were you, I can never help myself in front of that. I never noticed before that he was so…”

Yan Qiuchi asked coldly: “So what?”

“So…Didn't you see those pink, tender things and his slim waist and that butt...”

“If there’s nothing else, I gotta go.” Yan Qiuchi said: “I’m busy.”

Then he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Yan Qiuchi continued to work. After about two minutes of work, he picked up his mobile phone and looked at it again. The screen just lit up, and there was a knock on the door.

He put the phone down and said: “Come in.”

Gao Qiao brought in his coffee and put the papers on his desk by the way.

“Still working?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Gao Qiao didn't know why Yan Qiuchi sent him to work some time in city B.

In a reasonable way, he was promoted. Their company and city B government cooperated and planned to build a film and television village on the old China background over there. He went there to take charge of the project. It was his first time to go on a quest by himself. If he did well, he would surely be promoted in the future when he returned to the headquarters.

But he always felt that it had something to do with his failure on signing Shen Jintai, which made it more like a devolution though it was called promotion.

But it may also be his overthinking since he felt guilty.

It was mainly because Shen Jintai was so popular recently

The more popular Shen became, the more he felt that it was a pity that he did not sign Shen Jintai.

“My plane leaves tomorrow.” Gao Qiao said.

“If you have any questions over there, contact me directly.” Yan Qiuchi looked up at him and said: “Anything else?”

Gao Qiao shook his head, and finally said: “Mr. Yan, although Xiao Fang has been in the company for several years, she usually does things according to my orders. You might find her not so handy, but she is very smart. Give her some time, and she will be good.”

He had worked with Xiao Fang for many years. Xiao Fang seldom has direct contact with Yan Qiuchi. She felt that Yan Qiuchi was not easy to get along with and was a little timid.

“I see.”

Gao Qiao turned around and walked out. When he got to the door, Yan Qiuchi suddenly called him: “Gao Qiao.”

Gao Qiao turned around. Maybe he had been around Yan Qiuchi for too long time, he was reluctant to accept this sudden leave.

“Do well.”

Gao Qiao froze for a moment and nodded.

After Gao Qiao, his unusual warmth finally disappeared. Instead of the advertisement, he checked at the screenshot Xiao Yang sent him again.

He knew that this “Ying on Jintai” CP was hot, but what was it with the Bai and Jin CP?

How could Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai be a CP? There were no emotional scenes between them.

Did the script changed?

He was busy. Except for watching the first two episodes with Shen Jintai on the day of the opening broadcast, he didn't watch any other episode. Taking advantage of the rest, he watched the latest two episodes. He didn't see any romantic things between Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai, but he was hooked by the scene of Zhou Ying and Li Xu.

When he watched Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi holding each other, he somehow suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable emptiness.

He also held Shen Jintai in arms once. He accidentally touched Shen Jintai's butt.

He still remembered the feeling that shocked him at that time. It was…fleshy.

But he saw it in the advertisement that Shen Jintai's was actually very strong. It was round, but not big, very healthy and sexy.

It was different when looked at and felt?

Yan Qiuchi wiped his forehead with his hand and stood up and poured out a glass of water.

It began to cool down, but he was used to drinking cold water. He drank it all the year round. After a glass of cold water, he was sweating a little.

Did Shen Jintai…stuffed socks?

Yan Qiuchi suddenly thought.

Yan Qiuchi was a stable man, being turned on seldom happen to him. For Shen Jintai's underwear advertisement, he was not as excited as those fans. He was just a little surprised, felt a little strange, but still stable.

However, that inexplicitly strangeness was haunting him. It wasn’t strong, but persistent. And it started to brew at night when everything was quiet.

He held his phone in his hand and turned it over and over. Yan Qiuchi lay in the dark for a long time, then turned on his phone.

What appeared was Shen Jintai's underwear advertisement. Just tap the triangle in the middle and it would play.

The screen lit up his eyebrows and eyes. It was dark and bright, full of energy that the young man didn’t use up in the daytime.

However, he finally opened HCEP and started to watch the play.

After watching two episodes, he calmed down. He was very focused on Shen Jintai's performance. Occasionally, he would be amazed by Shen Jintai's wonderful micro expressions. The best part of Shen Jintai's acting was not those tears with intense emotions, but those details. Even his fingers expressed emotions.

Yan Qiuchi watched it until he was too sleepy to continue and turned off the phone.

He thought that Shen Jintai's performance was really good. After watching it, it had a great aftertaste.

Then he dreamed of Shen Jintai.

Different from the last dream, this dream was very normal, vague and unclear. When he woke up, he was a little confused. Suddenly, he thought of Shen Jintai in his mind, and there was a sense of lost joy.

The ascetic body woke up before the soul. As usual, Yan Qiuchi watched CCTV news for a long time before he finally calmed down and got out of bed.

This had nothing to do with dreaming or thinking of Shen Jintai. He had been taking a long time to calm down every day before getting off bed since his teenage years.

One night, and his beard became very obvious. The man in the mirror had bright eyes and fierce spirit.

There was a monster inside him. If let out, it’ll eat people.


A happy ending novel regarding ABO three people. A and O are very suitable.[About O]:Xu Tangzhou lost his memory. He always has a blushing dream that Alpha in his dream doesn’t know him.One day he saw Alpha on TV who appeared in his dreams. It turned out that he is a super star named Ling Che.It didn't take long for him to debut. The agent said that he will find someone to teach him.After he saw Ling Che.Xu Tangzhou is indifferent and said: "Oh."Xu Tangzhou thought in mind: ah ah ah ah ah ah a

2020-07-11 11:33:35

Surrounded by several cameras, Lu Chengan spoke first.

"Che, how are you going to get there?" Lu Chengan, like the old fox, had made a good calculation.

Ling Che said quietly: "Take a taxi."

The two groups had the same amount of basic funds. They still had 6,000 yuan left after paying the flight tickets, but Lu Chengan and Miffy lost 340 yuan on the plane. Now the leading people had become Ling Che and Xu tangzhou. They caould take a taxi with that money.

"It's not good, Che," Lu said. "if you take a taxi, we have to take a taxi too, so we have to compete when we get to the destination. The result is the same. Why don't we all take the bus and compete the destination in the most economical way?"

Miffy and Lu Chengan were close to each other, snuggling up beside him. They look at Xu tangzhou sincerely together.

Xu tangzhou: "???"

Couln't they see that lingche was the only one between them?

Who knows Ling Che also looked at him: "Zaizai, how do you feel like?"

Everyone changed into summer clothes before getting off the plane.

It was located in the tropics. The temperature in early February was 30 degrees higher. But just after coming out of the airport for a while, everyone was stunned by the hot and salty humidity, sweating a little.

Only Xu tangzhou was not affected much. He kept clean and fresh.

He was in a white T-shirt and shorts. His legs were thin and long, and his skin was white. Because he was tall and not sweet, it was not until then that they clearly realized that Xu tangzhou was a fake Omega.

Xu tangzhou had the right to make a decision, but he was not very adaptable. After thinking about it, he said: "All right, so that everyone can save money and not make contributions in vain."

It's good to go to the destination together, at least not to rush on the road.

"That's a deal," Lu Chengan reached out.

"It's a deal," Ling Che only used his fist to touch it.

"Yeah!" Miffy cheered and looked around, "there's a bus stop over there!"

Passers-by looked at them curiously, and others turned around to stare at Ling Che.

Ling Che had to put on his hat and lowered his head a little to urge them to leave.

Since the official announcement of "Our Perfect Journey", the specific shooting time had never been announced to the public, but it was not ruled out that there were fanatical fans who come here in advance. Or the camera have to followe the battle. The bus station was full of people. There were Asians holding up their mobile phones to shoot them.

When the bus came, Lu Chengan got on first, and then took Miffy with great grace. Their cameramen followed, and the assistant and the driver politely explained that they were shooting for permission.

They just exchanged Karrubie at the airport. Xu tangzhou's bag was bulging. He was looking down for coins while getting on the bus.

The height of the bus was different from that in China. Xu tangzhou raised his foot subconsciously, but stepped on it empty: "Ah!"

In an instant, his waist was held by the people behind him.

Those big hands were very powerful, holding him steady, which made the skin on his waist burn through a layer of clothes - it was Ling Che's hands.

Ling Che naturally let go of him: "Go up first."

Xu tangzhou got on the car in accordance with his words, and his face was still hot after throwing coins: "I see."

The bus was empty. Lu Chengan and his counterpart sat on the same side. Xu tangzhou went to the other side. When the car started, the sea breeze blew into the carriage. Xu tangzhou's T-shirt is blown up slightly. He could be seen the thin waist faintly.

"It's beautiful," Xu tangzhou had chosen a window seat and said to Ling Che, who was sitting beside him, "look outside."

Lingche was too tall. His big legs were bent by his seat, so he had to lean and stretch his legs in the aisle. The sound of "Er", no one didn't know what he was thinking, anyway it seemed he was not happy.

Xu tangzhou suddenly remembered that Miffy said Lingche liked going to the seaside for a holiday. He must have been used to such a view. It's no wonder.

In that side, Miffy was also chatting with Lu Chengan. The scenery outside the window excited him.

Miffy said and then turned back: "Che, I remember a song of yours!"

Lingche did not answer, Xu tangzhou on the way: "It's After You! Right?"

"Yes! It's the feeling of being lovelorn by the sea!" Miffy sang softly, "the sea breeze is the same as the fine sand, and the long beach carries the frolic. You said that the rising tide will scale the shape of the island, like the heart that has been gently and tightly embraced... "

Miffy didn't have any skills in singing, but his voice sounded very clean and pleasant. Even Xu tangzhou was into the situation.

Ling Che interrupted him: "Stop singing."

Miffy stoped abruptly: "Why?"

Ling Che's meaning was concise and comprehensive. He dragged: "Disapointed tone."

Mifei made a "hum" sound and turned back and make complaints to Lu Chengan that Ling Che bullied him.

Xu tangzhou just wanted to tell Ling Che that Miffy didn't run out of tune. Ling Che had already said to him in a low voice, "Don't think too much. This song has nothing to do with you."

Xu tangzhou also thought it had nothing to do with him. It was not him who talked about other people's hatred.

He nodded heartlessly and perfunctorily: "Mm-hmm."

"Just know," Ling Che looked at him with an indescribable look, paused, and said, "To the next station, get ready."

Xu tangzhou: "What are you ready to do?"

Ling Che didn't want to talk to him.

Staggering, the bus arrived at the next stop.

The front door and the back door opened at the same time, while the front door passengers go off, Ling Che said: "Get off."

Xu tangzhou understood his meaning at once!

After a while, Momo and the cameramen didn't react it when they jumped down with their suitcase. It was so easy that they jumped down. Lu Chengan and his group were too late. They were so angry that they swore. Miffy could not believe it.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The bus drove them farther and farther. Lu Chengan's head stretched out of the window. He could not hear what them was scolding.

"Lingche you @ ා%"


The angry voice went away.

Xu tangzhou laughed to cover his stomach and squats on the ground for a while, he couldn't refrain: "His expression were so angry that he was deformed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Ling Che didn't reply.

He looked at the man squatting on the ground, who had completely broken his image, and he was disgusted.

When Xu tangzhou raised his head, his eyes were wet and tears came out with his smile: "Miffy can't believe it. Lu Chengan couldn't doubt. They can really do the show! Put their reaction on more times and cut it into trailer ha ha ha ha ha..."

It could be reported as funny stories.

Both Mo Mo and the cameramen were laughing and suffocating.

Even Ling Che's lip  couldn't help but tick off, clearly there was a flash of laughter.

Xu tangzhou saw his smile for the first time. He didn't know why he was throbbing heavily. There was a strange feeling that was fleeting. He has a fever in his ear. He couldn't stand this kind of lingche. It's too intriguing. He thought, fortunately, he took the medicine on time, otherwise how can he bear it!

But Ling Che just said, "Have you laughed enough? When you laugh enough, get up and take a taxi."

Still in front of the camera, the big star who had no assistant dare to commande people in the right way.

Xu tangzhou was just liked a shrimp. He dared not to have any opinions. He stood on the side of the road and took a taxi.

Ling Che was sitting on the bagagge, he didn't meant to help at all.

"Raise your hand here to show a lift," Ling Che not only enslaved him, but also pointed him out, "they can't understand your gestures."

"Come and teach me," Xu tangzhou learned a little cleverness. Anyway, lingche didn't dare to force him under the camera, "you make a demonstration first."

Lingche was too lazy to stand up, sat on the baggage, slided over, and rudely lifted Xu tangzhou's arm: "Can't you do broadcast gymnastics?"

As soon as he was touched, Xu tangzhou thought of the hand he had just held on his waist. He dared not be a demon.

Xu tangzhou stood upright.

This bus line was around the island, and the main roads were all the way.

At this time, it was completely dark, the street lights were on, and they just waited for less than five minutes in the salty sea wind, and then they successfully took a taxi.

Soon, the taxi passed the red bus, which was slowly shaking on the side of the road.

Lingche, relying on making tricks, succeeded in taking Xu tangzhou to the recording site first.


When Lu Cheng'an came, he had recovered his composure: "The soldiers are not tired of deceit, let's see."

Miffy was still in disbelief.

Lingche, Xu tangzhou seriously hurt his feelings. When he was choosing a room, he just slightly calm down.

"Free room?!" Miffy was going to break down.

"Why is there such a thing as a free room?! What kind of crap is this? Any justice there?"

This was the most attractive room that the program group had prepared.


The small wooden private villa, with two rooms in total, was located in the coconut forest near the sea. Except for it was a little far away from the convenience store, it had almost no disadvantages. The owner had arranged in advance. The only requirement was to take care of everything in his villa.

The group of Lu Mi CP arrived in the second place. Although they could choose rooms, they could only row behind Che Zhou and could not choose wooden houses.

The left two options were not very good, which was quite different from the program group's saying that "all guests are offered with high-quality houses". One of the two options was with water and electricity reduction, and the other was with rent reduction.

Lu Chengan chose the rent relief package. Miffy opened the envelope and looked at it. He fell to his knees and picked up a handful of sand: "It's too cruel!"

Xu tangzhou had got the key to the cabin. He was a little insupportable to say: "Miffy, relax.... There is no way out of heaven. At least Xia's sisters who are more miserable and left behind you."

Miffy really wanted to cry: "Zhouzhou, you betrayed me!"

Xu tangzhou said in a low voice: "I can't help myself. You see, it's not me, it's the world."

Ling Che said coldly: "Is the play over?"

Xu tangzhou stood up, and became serious: "Almost."

Miffy threw a handful of sand towards his legs, and Xu tangzhou blinked away, but Ling Che was hit: "Xu tangzhou? Which side are you with? "

Xu tangzhou quickly expressed his position: "I'm with you!"

Ling Che's eyesight were heavy.

Miffy was just joking, or he would not throw sand at his legs. His heart was a little tight when Che looked at him. Miffy thought that he was angry: "I'm joking with your baby. I'm sorry, Che..."

Who knows Ling Che ruffian to smile, bent over also grabbed a handful of sand to scatter toward his bottom.

"Ah ah ah!" Miffy jumped up and ran, "you all bully me!"

Lu Chengan also joined in. Four people chased after each other on the spot and ended the process by laughing and cursing.

At last Ling Che patted the sand on his hand and said: "Boring."

Both groups enjoyed free accommodation for three days. That night, the program group arranged for everyone to dine together and then moved in.

It's time to have a rest at night. Both Momo and the cameramen would have a rest, but they have installed cameras in every room except the bathroom.

The stars show was just like this. It would shoot more guests' lives as much as possible. After all, every minute and second might appear in the TV and become the focus of the program.

Now, for example, Lu Chengan and Miffy were counting money in their houses and calculating the total amount of basic funds left.

Their rent hadn't been told to Ling Che and Xu tangzhou. In fact, even after the reduction, it would take about 800 yuan a day. In addition to the first three days of free charge, there were four days of rent, water and electricity to pay, plus daily meals, they would have a hard time latter.

Lu Chengan kissed Mifei's forehead: "It doesn't matter. I'll give you my meal. It won't make you hungry."

Miffy pounced and lay on his shoulder without saying a word.

But Ling Che and Xu tangzhou came back to their own rooms to pack their luggage, almost no communication.

But what didn't disappoint the crew was that it happened.

Xu tangzhou took out all the things in the suitcase and spread them on the bed. After careful checking for them for the second time, he found nothing.

The drug he used to regulate the sensitivity of pheromones was missing.

To be exact, his mist pheromone blocker, neck ring and gland care were all gone. After the pocket containing these personal items was searched in the video studio, he could not remember whether it was properly put back.

At this time, he realized his smell of pheromone.


Shen Yu accidentally traveled into a dog-blood romance novel, traveled as a sorrowful supporting actress with her same name. The girl’s nominal brother is the biggest villain BOSS in the book. He fights secretly with the actor, and eventually loses ground. It is another white lotus female partner in the play that makes the villain worse step by step.Shen Yu wiped her cold sweat. Fortunately, she was traveled timely. The villain hadn't entangled with white Lotus too much. It completely blackene

2020-07-10 14:35:32

"Goal scored, do you want to kiss again?"

The people watching the ball around were originally amazed by this wonderful goal, but they suddenly heard such a suffocating word in the next second.

At that moment, Shen Yu's mind was blank and she could not think at all.

Immediately reacted, this person must be ill again, and in front of so many teachers and students! ! Do you want to play so exciting? !

After two seconds of stiffness, she reacted immediately. The entire back arched upwards, pushing her hard, and then raised her foot to step on him. She said fiercely: "What a joke, wait for home to make two Hello, you are almost the same!"

Shen Xiao was trampled a little, his toes were faintly painful. Why couldn't she suddenly go crazy?

He couldn't help frowning, his eyes were cold, and there was an expression of "What's wrong with you" on his face.

Shen Yu hummed heavily, a look that didn't want to talk to you.

The classmates around were all confused by this dramatic scene. Just now the two of them were playing together and talking and laughing together. As a result, Shen Yu lost her temper and even stepped on her brother. Is she so angry? It's just a spoiled child!

Teacher Song quickly stepped forward and said, "Why did you get angry after having a good time?"

Shen Yu stepped on Shen Xiao's foot and put a lot of force on it. This would still be drumming, but on the surface it was still very angry, saying, "Why don't you just play a ball? It's like winning a championship. ."

Teacher Song laughed: "Your brother is not too much, just let you kiss."

"Humph, the ghost must kiss him!!"

"Oh, your brothers and sisters really love each other, and it's fun." Teacher Song said, "You are using your brother to spoil you!"

Seeing that Shen Yu's anger hadn't faded yet, it was not easy for everyone to let her continue to play. She could only take the opportunity to spread out to play something else, but after turning around, some people would whisper sourly and secretly say, " hypocrisy!"

For a time, everyone focused on Shen Yu's temper, and no one was thinking about Shen Xiao's ridiculous words.

However, Shen Xiao did not receive the efforts made by Shen Yu.

All he knew was that the child did not hit the house to expose the tiles for three days. she dared to step on him in public and yelled at him. she was not good at all. It would be impossible not to take it back and tidy up!

Thinking about it, he couldn't take care of the toe pain and pulled Shen Yu out.

Shen Yu saw that his face was not right, and quickly said to the teacher Song next to him: "You can continue to play, there is no problem playing all night. My house is far away, so I went back with my brother first..."

She hasn't finished speaking yet, and the person has been pulled out of the suite.

Shen Yu felt that her wrist was sore, so she vigorously flicked him away and said, "I will go by myself."

Shen Xiao pursed his lips and went to pull her in a paranoid manner. Shen Yu felt uncomfortable, stomped her feet, and turned her head to walk on her own. As a result, she walked on the shoulders and the whole person was carried by Shen Xiao again.

Shen Yu: ...

When Uncle Li greeted people, he found that their faces were not right, and they couldn't help asking Shen Yu, "What's wrong?"

What happened? Does Mr. Shen lose his temper again? "

Shen Xiao walked behind, and when he heard this, he glared fiercely at Uncle Li, accusing him: "It is her who is inexplicably losing temper, and she still stamps on me!"

Shen Yu’s anger in the suite was just an emergency response, and she wanted to get everyone’s attention away from being scared by the nature of the neuropathy essence.

But when she saw the clearly visible shoe marks on Shen Xiao's shoe, she suddenly became afraid.

Just seemed to step a bit too hard?

At this point, she can only continue to pretend to be arrogant, she can not admit counsel, otherwise Shen Xiao justified, and can spare her? ?

"Why should I lose my temper? It's not that you always say something inexplicable! What does it mean to kiss? In front of so many people, you're so sorry to say it!"

Shen Xiao sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette, kicked the leg off the table, and said angrily: "Are you going to rebel? Dare to talk to me like this! I'm your brother, what happened to you? Do you? Still want to kiss others?"

Shen Yu was anxious and said, "Why should I kiss someone else?"

"Then I let my sister kiss her cheek, what's wrong?"

Shen Yu froze and blinked.

She thought my sister would kiss her brother when she was happy, as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Why do you have such a big reaction? ?

Uncle Li listened to the two of them talking and talking endlessly, and they both felt funny. Not long ago, they didn't even speak.

But now, they all know how to play together, and it's fun to even talk.

that's nice!

In the end, Uncle Li said a fair word: "I think it doesn't matter if you kiss it!"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao held a cigarette and smiled proudly at Shen Yu, then turned his face to his cheek and said, "Come, make up the kiss tonight."

Shen Yu blushed instantly, "Humph!!"

She stomped her feet angrily, and turned upstairs!

Not knowing her arrogant reaction, she accidentally aroused Shen Xiao's vigor, thinking that she must be kissed! !

After this meeting, the identity of Miss Shen Yu's rich family has spread throughout the school.

Everyone didn't expect that this ugly duckling, once fat, ugly, and autistic, counterattacked into a white swan in an instant, or a very expensive white swan.

For a time, there were surprises, envy, and people who wanted to approach her. She even began to receive love letters? ! ! This is really amazing.

I don't know if the person who wrote the love letter fancy her or the Shen's money.

At first, Shen Yu thought it was quite fun, and occasionally found time to sit down and take it out to read it. It felt quite new.

After collecting a few more, she found that most of them were copy books, and she was not interested in reading them.

After school that day, Shen Yu was talking to Yuan Yue on WeChat all the way home. This guy was filmed in the film and television city and could not go anywhere.

Since the last time they recognized their relatives, the two of them had no time to see each other. They could only send messages every day to know what the other party was doing.

However, Yuan Yue told her that there is also a benefit to be able to go to acting, which can avoid Situ Yi's harassment, which makes him very satisfied.

That Situ Yi was a scum in her mouth. The clothes and beasts could not find any merit at all!

But the two of them talked today, mainly not this topic.

In WeChat, Yuan Yue was talking about the filming. Although she used to be an assistant, the scenes were mixed and the lens was good.

"Sister Yu, do you really not try it? Although it is only a supporting role, it is quite suitable for your current identity."

Shen Yu walked into her villa with her mobile phone, and while listening to the voice, she threw her backpack on the sofa.

"I haven't planned to take the show at the moment. You don't have to worry about this for me."

Yuan Yue sighed and said: "I always want to care about you. You can study this major now. I can continue to find resources for you in the future!"

Shen Yu said in amusement: "A big star is improper, always thinking of being a broker?"

Yuan Yue smiled and said, "Sister, let's act, so that we can stay together again! So, you first listen to the full story I tell you, and then decide not to act."

Yuan Yue said patiently. "Maybe you are interested after listening?"

Shen Yu no longer refused, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, listening to her friends telling her stories!

Shen Yu went to the toilet halfway and saw that Shen Xiao had already returned home. This would be sitting curiously at her position, and then listening carefully to Yuan Yue’s words on WeChat, the longer he listened, the longer his face grew. .

Seeing Shen Xiao come back, Xiaobai happily ran over to say hello, and Erha followed like a fart, excitedly drilling everywhere.

Then accidentally, she knocked away Shen Yu's schoolbag.

Shen Xiao still had her mobile phone in his hand, so he picked up the backpack on the ground.

Then a blue envelope was dropped from the unsecured bag!

Shen Xiao frowned, not picking up anything else, immediately picked up the letter to see!

Seeing this scene, Shen Yu was shocked and quickly went over and said:! "You are not allowed to touch my things!!"

Shen Xiao said: "What happens if you touch it"

After he finished speaking, he began to open the letter, and then quickly read it. After reading the letter, his face looked like the dark clouds over there, black and dark, unpredictable.

Shen Xiao held her mobile phone in one hand and her love letter in the other, approaching her step by step, frightened Shen Yu repeatedly, and whispered for mercy: "Brother..."

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and said angrily: "Dare you dare to accept other people's love letters?? Still thinking of going to the field to film? Are you looking for death!?"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao looked at her like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. The more he thought, the more angry he made a circle in the same place. After standing, he suddenly raised Shen Yu’s mobile phone and hit the ground fiercely. With a snap..." the newly purchased mobile phone was scrapped again...

Shen Yu was dumbfounded, thinking that this neuropathy was addicted to smashing his phone? ?


Xue Jiayue travelled through time and became the stupid female supporting role of a book which was about a bossy man’s love story.This stupid woman was adopted by the Xu family when she was a child. Since then, she grew up with the hero, Xu Yanwen, and called him brother but later married him.However, she was so unruly and did many stupid things. Xu Yanwen’s grandpa, who had loved her so much, was even too angry and then passed away. As a result, Xu Yanwen divorced her. Worse still, she fina

2020-07-09 10:33:26

Xue Jiayue didn't care what Lu Xiaoyu was thinking at all. Anyway, she had laid out how to catch the thief. She began to focus on her own business while waiting patiently for the thief to expose herself.  

However, she was not able to calm herself down. In her heart, she was struggling with the troubles between Xu Yanwen and her until late in the afternoon.


It was about ten minutes before the work was over when Xu Yanwen called her.


He told her on the phone, "Jiayue, I'm waiting for you downstairs."


In the morning, they had appointed to go on talking about their issues in the evening. Xue Jiayue sat there staring at the black mobile phone screen, for quite some time. She then put the phone into her bag, turned off the computer on the desk and waited until the time came when she could leave the office.


She acted like a soldier preparing to go to the battlefield. She looked calm and brave.


Soon she came downstairs and saw Xu Yanwen wearing a gray and black suit leaning against his Bentley car. He looked tall and handsome, like a fashion magazine cover model.


If he were not Xu Yanwen, but a strange handsome man, and if she was not Xue Jiayue, but a woman passing by, maybe when she saw him, she might be shocked by his good look and could not help looking at him a few more times, or even flirting with him .


But the reality was not so. She was in an awkward relationship with him right now.


Seeing Xue Jiayue come out of the building, Xu Yanwen immediately stood up straight and thenran towards her.


"Jiayue," he reached out to hold her hand, and he was very gentle.


Xue Jiayue pretended to switch her bag to another hand and recoiled from his hand.


Xu Yanwen’s hand paused in the air, and he froze for a while. However, he soon recovered and took back his hand while speaking softly to Xue Jiayue, "Let's get in the car first." 


Xue Jiayue went straight to the door of the car, Xu Yanwen quickly went forward and opened the door for her, raising his hand in front of her head, lest it hit the car.


Attentively, he closed the door, and then he went around to the other side of the car, started the engine, and the black Bentley car slowly drove out.


Lu Xiaoyu was following behind Xue Jiayue under the building. She had witnessed the whole process of Xu Yanwen picking up Xue Jiayue, and then both of them leaving in their car together. Lu Xiaoyu clenched her hand holding the bag.


She felt it was incredible that after all these years, both of them were still together. Xue Jiayue used to hurt Xu Yanwen very much by saying those cynical words in public. From today’s behavior, Lu Xiaoyu found that though Xu Yanwen was very angry and disappointed at that time, he had forgiven Xue Jiayue and was treating her as well as ever,


Lu Xiaoyu was vexed why she could not meet such a good man? Why did she meet all the bastards instead? She believed she was no worse than Xue Jiayue, then why Xue Jiayue was always luckier than she? She felt very aggrieved




In the Bentley car, Xu Yanwen was smoothly driving, while Xue Jiayue sitting beside him, staring at the mobile phone on her hand. It seemed  she was busy checking the updates on the micro-blog, but paid no attention to Xu Yanwen.


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said, "We're not going home first." "


Xue Jiayue asked, "Why? Don’t you want to talk? Let’s talk then!


Xu Yanwen replied, "I’ve reserved for dinner at the Rose Garden Club, and we are going there for dinner. "


Xue Jiayue pursed her lips. Xu Yanwen had arranged everything, so she felt there was no need to talk to him. Thus she bowed her head to go on with the micro-blogging.


Xu Yanwen noticed her reluctant  response and asked, "Don't you want to eat there? In that case, we can change the place. "


"Nope. Don’t change the place, " Xue Jiayue answered. She paused for a while, and then went on in an assuring tone, "It's been a long time since I last  had steak. I kind of want to."  

Xu Yanwen was relieved to hear this. Thus, he drove all the way to the Rose Garden Club.


Xu Yanwen had booked a room at the top floor. Sitting there, through the floor-to-ceiling windows by their sides, they could look out far away, and the whole scene of the city opened below them.


The waiter brought in their couple set meal and a big bunch of roses.  

Xue Jiayue looked at the roses in front of her and couldn't help sighing in her heart. These were all the things that the original had wished so much to get from Xu Yanwen. At that time, however, he  didn't think about them at all, let alone put them into action. Now she transmigrated here, and she didn't want such roses, but he gave them to her. She felt it very ridiculous.


"Don't beat about the bush. Please come to the point," Xue Jiayue asked outright. She didn't want to waste time. 


Xu Yanwen's deep eyes gazed at her face. Obviously he had plucked up enough courage and made a lot of preparation for this evening's arrangement.


"Jiayue, please give me one more chance: shall we start all over again?" Xu Yanwen said sincerely.


In order to make these arrangements tonight, he had consulted Zhou Chengguang and the other friends.  When they were asked to give advice in the group, Zhou Chenguang, Xiao Zhe and Wu Dong took the opportunity to make fun of him, but he tried to endure it for the sake of his love.

In the crowd, it was Zhou who suggested he prepare the candlelit dinner, and Xiao Zhe said he should send roses. Wu Tung's advice was to let him say something nice to Jiayue, because she was so soft-hearted that if Xu Yanwen begged her sincerely, perhaps she would nod her head.  

Xu Yanwen knew that as long as he had money, everything could be arranged, whether it was a candlelit dinner or a big bunch of roses. But to please someone was a real challenge to him. He had never asked anyone for favor before, but Xue Jiayue was different to him. She was the first and most important one.  

In fact, before coming to the scene, he had prepared a lot to say. He had searched the Internet for a lot of trendy lover's prattle, and rehearsed it many times in his heart. However, when he did face Xue Jiayue, he couldn't say a word. Finally, he only utter such a dry sentence, and looked forward to Xue's response, hoping that she would give him the answer he wanted.

Xue Jiayue stared at the glass of water in front of her, saying nothing. It seemed she was thinking, or maybe she was thinking how to reject him…


Xu Yanwen was nervous. His hand on the table moved. He reached out and put it on Xue Jiayue's hand, while saying, "Jiayue, didn't you always want to travel to the Aegean Sea? I'll arrange my work these days, so that I can spare more than ten days for us to make the trip together."  

Xue Jiayue knew that once the original wanted to go on their honeymoon trip, but Xu Yanwen was busy. At that time, he went out early every day, and came home in the middle of the night. Thus their honeymoon trip was put off again and agian, until in the end they went nowhere.


At this moment, Xu Yanwen wanted to make up for his mistakes, and said that he would take her to travel, and did everything that Xue Jiayue had asked for, but he failed to accomplish. However, she was now tired. She didn't want to travel or do those things again.  

"I ...”

Suddenly familiar cell phone rings appeared, interrupting what Xue Jiayue was about to say.


Xu Yanwen hurriedly picked up his phone placed on the table, glanced at the name on the screen, and said to Xue Jiayue, "It's from Sister Zhen, and I'll receive the phone first. "


It was likely that Grandpa Xu had something to make Sister Zhen call, so Xue Jiayue nodded, and waited quietly aside.


As soon as the phone was through, Sister Zhen’s anxious voice passed over, "Grandpa Xu fell ill. Come, quick!" 


Xu Yanwen's face changed. He was always a calm person, but now he was a little alarmed, saying, "When did this happen? How is Grandpa now?"


"He had just passed out. I've called the hospital. The ambulance will be here soon. You hurry up,"  said Sister Zhen on the phone.  

"Okay, we'll be right there," Xu Yanwen replied.


"Grandpa fell ill, so we’ll rush to the hospital, " Xu Yanwen said to Xue Jiayue.


Hearing this bad news, Xue Jiayue Xue Jiayue felt her brain buzzing. She suddenly remembered her grandfather, who was also accidentally fell in the bathroom. The result was that he got a brain haemorrhage and was sent into the hospital. Their  whole family begged the doctors to do their best to save her grandpa’s life, but in the end, her grandpa died.


At present, Xue Jiayue knew she had no time to think too much. She hurriedly stood up, and followed Xu Yanwen to go outside, while praying for Grandpa Xu, hoping that he would  be all right.


Xu Yanwen reached for her hand. Xue Jiayue was surprised to find his hand trembling. She looked up at him. She found though he tried to stay calm, he could not conceal his inner panic and worry.


"Grandpa's going to be all right," Xue Jiayue comforted him. She did not draw back her hand held by Xu Yanwen, but went forward to him, trying to keep up with his pace.


Xu Yanwen responded, while gripping her hand. Together, they went all the way to take the elevator downstairs to the parking lot to pick up the car.


At the side of the car, Xu Yanwen took out the key for the car, but Xue Jiayue suddenly stopped him, "I’ll drive." 


Xu Yanwen: …


Before Xu Yanwen could answer, Xue Jiayue added, "Let me drive, and you’ll have a rest first." 


Needless to say, Xu Yanwen was now in an unstable mood, not suitable for driving, so Xue Jiayue volunteered to take over the job.


Xu Yanwen hesitated for a while and then handed her the key.


Xue Jiayue took the key, got to the driver's seat, and started the car, while Xu Yanwen sat next to her in the passenger’s position. He was silent and did not speak.


"Don't worry too much. Grandpa's going to be all right, and we'll be in the hospital soon," Xue Jiayue comforted him while driving.


Xu Yanwen looked out of the window and answered in a hoarse voice, "In fact, last time Dr. Yang had told me that Grandpa's heart is not very good. His health has long been worse that before. I don't want him to worry too much for me, so I have tried to do whatever he asked me to." 


At first, Xue Jiayue did not think too much about what Xu said. She supposed it was because Xu Yanwen was too sad about his grandpa that he made such an exclamation. Later, however, she learned that, Xu Yanwen was also explaining to her his reasons for his approach. At the very beginning, it might be true that he just tried to make his grandpa happy by doing everything as his grandpa ordered. However, he did not expect that he could not help himself but fall in love with her.


Soon they got to the hospital. Fortunately, Grandpa Xu had been rescued timely. When both of them arrived, Grandpa had woken up.

"Grandpa, how are you feeling?" together, they asked with concern as soon as they saw Grandpa Xu.


Grandpa Xu was very pleased to see them both. He took Xue Jiayue's hand and said smilingly, "I am fine upon seeing you two together." 


The doctor came over and said that he would do a comprehensive examination for Grandpa Xu and let them go out first.


Xue Jiayue coaxed the grandpa like a child, "Grandpa, you’ll have an examination there, and we'll wait for you outside. I'll come back to accompany you." "


Grandpa Xu nodded with a smile, "All right. You stay with Yan Wen."


"Ah," Xue Jiayue shook hands with  Grandpa Xu again, and then went out with Xu Yanwen, hand in hand.


Outside at the corridor, Xu Yanwen stood and watched inside the ward for a long time. Then he moved, turned his head to Xue Jiayue and asked expectantly, "Jiayue, can we, in the days to come, you and I, be with grandpa?" 


Grandpa Xu had always been kind to her, just like her biological grandfather. Xue Jiayue used to experience the loss of her grandfather. She knew  very well that kind of grief, so, of course, she was willing to do everything for Gandpa Xu.


"Alright!" Xue Jiayue answered.


Xu Yanwen was moved. He went forward, reached out to hold Xue Jiayue into his arms, buried in her neck side and said in a hoarse voice, "Thank you!"


The author’s note--   

Xu Yanwen: Honey, I'm sad.

Xue Jiayue: Come, let me hug you. Don't cry.


Ling Miaomiao wrote a book review in the heat of the moment, but triggered a multidimensional space trip as a consequence.She traveled to the world of the book and entered the body of a supporting role Ling Yu. Now, in order to return to the real world, she must complete the task assigned to her by the system, that is, let the black lotus, the heroine’s younger brother, fall in love with her.Disturb Hera, reverse the course of events, kill devil and defend moral... She has started her time tra

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Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (7)

"Just hold it if you don't want to die!" Miaomiao holds one end of the mast hard, sweat has soaked her clothes. The mast sinks sharply, and the man hugs the other end tightly. The debris floating on the water has scratched a lot of blood stains on the man's face.

Liu Fuyi holds the injured Mu Yao and is sitting on the awning. Their clothes are soaked by water, and Mu Yao is shivering unconsciously. Liu Fuyi feels very anxious. Looking at Miaomiao with a frown, he says fretfully, "Miaomiao, can you do it?"

"Yes... I can..." Miaomiao makes every effort to pull the man to the side of the ship from the deep water.

"Thank you, thank you heroic woman!" The man climbs up to the floor with his hands and feet, and then collapses on the deck tearfully.

Miaomiao gets over his limp body and comes to Liu Fuyi quickly. She wipes the water on her face, and says, "How far are we from the nearest shore? This ship is going to sink..."

"Very near." Liu Fuyi looks solemnly at the front, and suddenly the moonlight shines on his face. Ling Miaomiao looks up, finding the dark clouds have spread out, and the bright moon appears again.

The floor is full of bones everywhere, and the Ninth Heaven Demon Capturing Tower is still spinning in the sky. Occasionally a few water spirits emerge from the river, but are killed as soon as they appear by the tower.

Water spirits of Wanjiang river are rendered powerless.

"Look, the land..." The surviving man murmurs in his mouth, seeing the shadowy river bank from afar, he keeps chanting Amitabha in his mouth.

Miaomiao looks into the cabin several times, and finally finds that even the mouse and cricket have run out, but there is no living person. She feels diffident, "Childe Liu, Mu Sheng is still inside... I'll go to check."

"Yes? Sheng didn't come out?" Mu Yao is shocked, and seems to think of something, then her face slightly relaxed, "He has the demon hunting ring, I think he is able to cope."

Liu Fuyi puts Mu Yao down and says warmly, "You sit down here, let me go and see."

Miaomiao twists the wet skirt, lifts the skirt to the base of her legs with both hands, and quickly catches up with him.

Liu Fuyi walks for several steps, and then his footsteps stop suddenly. Ling Miaomiao who is behind him almost plows into his back due to the sudden action, then she hears Liu Fuyi's voice buzzing, "Sheng?"

Mu Sheng is coming out of the cabin by himself.

His appearance shocks everyone. Wherever the young man goes, it seems that even the river water is stained with blood.

His black hair is wetly stuck to the side of his face, his face is as pale as a paper, and his lips are gray, only one thing is normal, that is, his eyes are still very dark, and are like the lightning cutting through the sky before a storm. Miaomiao sees the blood flowing continuously from his previously healed wound, and the left cuff has also been stained with blood.

What happened...

What more exaggerated is that many water spirits are following Mu Sheng, scrambling to suck the blood from the water, as if they are not afraid of him at all. The scenario makes him seem to be surrounded by huge black clouds.

Looking at this scenario, Miaomiao believes that the black lotus must have suffered a great deal. As long as he still has a touch of energy, he will never let so many locust-like demons following behind him.

"Sheng... What happened?" Liu Fuyi immediately reaches out his hand to help, but he is severely fended off. "Don't touch me." Mu Sheng says coldly.

He bypasses the astonished Liu Fuyi, with full of uncontrollable anger in his eyes. After his eyes hover on Miaomiao's face for a moment, he looks up at Mu Yao with complicated expression.

"Are you okay..." Miaomiao sees her look, hesitates whether to help.

Before Miaomiao stretches out her hand to help, Mu Sheng takes the initial to step against her, and the whole body almost leans on her.

"OK, hold me well." Miaomiao struggles to hold him up, wades slowly in the water, and walks to Mu Yao step by step.

"Why is your wound torn again?" She asks in a low voice, but fails to hear the answer for a long time. When she turns back, she notices that the black lotus' breath is very weak, his long eyelashes have drooped, and his eyes closed slightly.

"Hold on please, don't be dizzy, we will go ashore immediately!"

He is so awkward and doesn't let Liu Fuyi carry. If he can't move, how could she move him?

"I can't die..." His eyelashes move, and then sneers wildly, "You won't be dog-tired."


"Sheng, I have something to ask you." Mu Yao stares at Mu Sheng's face, and her look is very serious.

Miaomiao is a little surprised, "Sister Mu..."

"Never mind... Sister, please ask." Mu Sheng's eyes reflect the cold moonlight, and when facing the sister at this time, there is a ridiculous smile on the lips.

"Just now I caught a little demon to ask, then I realized that their demon king had been killed by Mu's family, so they gathered the water spirits of the whole Wanjiang River to revenge. However, I don't know anything about this matter..." Her eyes are clear, and when saying the word "Mu's Family", she deliberately emphasizes.

"Yes, I killed it." He interrupts her sentence calmly.

"Sheng, you..." Mu Yao becomes very angry, "What are the family instructions? Can you still remember? No hatred without cause. Only the evil demons that have done evils can be hunted. Indiscriminate slaughter of countless innocent victims... What is the difference between you and those demons?!"

Once she thinks the screams emerged from the half of ship, and so many people were buried in front of her instantly, but she could only watch at a loss, she feels a throbbing pain in her heart. Pointing at the vast river, she almost reprimands almost violently, "You must know that because of you flaunting strength, many damn people have been killed in this river!"

Miaomiao feels the ups and downs of Mu Sheng's become more and more fierce, and then she hurriedly interjects, "Sister Mu, he was not killing for no reason, he did that for..."

At this time, she is squeezed hard by Mu Sheng on the waist, and suddenly silences, looking at the black lotus with dissatisfaction.

"Flaunting strength..." He slightly raises his eyelids, supports his scattered energy, and finally smiles slightly, "My sister is right, it's all my fault."

Ling Miaomiao feels the sister and brother are strange at this time.

Why doesn't Mu Sheng explain? What's wrong with him for being sulky at this time? And Mu Yao, how could she denounce him publicly for the crimes at such an emergency time?

"Well, please wait." Miaomiao supports Mu Sheng's body hard, and there is another layer of sweat on her back, "If you want to fight or scold, please talk later. Sister Mu, he is hurt seriously now..."

Mu Yao's complexion slightly softens, "Sheng, come over and let me examine."

"Sister..." He stubbornly holds Miaomiao and refuses to move, "If I'm dead, is it alright?"

Mu Yao changes her look, "What are you talking about?"

Miaomiao clenches her teeth and drags the disgruntled black lotus forward. His warm blood stains her skirt again. After dragging him for a while, she feels suddenly heavy on the back...

"Hey hey..." Miaomiao is overwhelmed, and the black lotus has passed out completely.

Liu Fuyi rushes over like an arrow, and lifts Mu Sheng on his back. When lifting his eyes, there are reassuringly calm, "Yaoer, Miaomiao, you go ashore with Sheng first. This place should be a green bamboo forest. We will have to stay overnight in the bamboo forest tonight."

The man lying on the ship turns pale with fright, and climbs up quickly with his hands and feet, "I... don't forget me..."

"One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers, besides the cloud of Mount Wushan, no other cloud is named cloud..." A woman sang with a soft and gentle voice, like an endless silky satin sweeping a plate of sand, which made the ears comfort.

The woman paused for a moment and then gave a faint sigh.

"Sheng, come on, I'll comb the hair for you."

The mirror was dim. The red silk yarn was like blood. A pair of jade-like hands were holding a black oak comb, and combed the hair again and again, "My son's hair is similar to his father." A pair of eyes appeared in the mirror, with top pick, like the pool in autumn. The woman leaned over to look at the mirror, and the beautiful face in the mirror smiled comfortably, "Black and smooth."

"Your hair is long again..." Her voice lowered, sighing with anxiety, "If you don't have long hair, it will be fine."

Her fingers slid down his dark hair, that's the softest touch in the world.

"Shave it bald, then it won't be long." The dark eyes in the mirror were like two pills of black grapes, and a child was biting his finger, his leg couldn't step on the ground, dangling on a chair.

"Don't prattle." The woman smiled in secret, "Shave it bald, but it will still grow out..." Her pretty eyes showed a desperate look, "Just as some things, there is no solution... "

He grunted while playing his fingers, and his long eyelashes were covering over his eyelids.

"Can the sun never fall?"

"Could you please not let me go? I don't want to go to the street ..."

"Vile spawn!" A whip cracks, "You still don't admit it?"

The boy was turned over by the whip up. His back faced up, and his prominent shoulder blades were particularly obvious. He lay on the ground without saying a word.

A middle-aged man stared at him with a complex face, and after a long time, he said, "You're really mutineer."

In the dim wood shed, the servants were gesticulating, "He really is a natural scourge... It is useless to teach him."

"If it's not for Miss..."

"Hmm, the milord is very kind, but this little boy still can't figure out his identity."

"Hush ..."

They stopped saying. A shadow was standing in front of them, looking up at them. It turned out to be the young boy. Both of them didn't know when he stood in front of them.

His childish eyes were really beautiful, just like the pools which were full of starlight. However, only the bone-chilling chill was coming out from them, making people unable to get close, "Whose child am I?"

"Childe... don't make a joke." The tall servant laughed with a twitching chest, "When you were three years old, the milord and the madam picked you up from the demons' lair. There were only bones in it, no living people. Who could know your miserable mother and father? "

Lost parents at the age of three? No, it's impossible...

The face reflected in the mirror, chatting with him happily... Obviously, mom was still alive at that time.

Why should those people lie to him?

"You hunt the demon happily, but can you still remember your mother in the nether world??"

"Mu means the long night, Sheng means a song of departure..."

"Impossible, why can't I remember that at all?"

"Of course you can't remember..." The voice burst into a sharp laughter, "You are already a dog of the Mu's family, you should forget your past, don't you?"

His demon hunting ring had pressed against the demon's neck, almost killing the demon condensed by the black cloud. He said with uncontrolled ruthlessness in his eyes, "Tell me all the things you know."

The water spirit laughed continuously, "What is the worry about life, and what is the fear of death? Poor man, I'm not afraid of dying..."

"So what do you want?"

"I want your blood to exchange."

"Eh-hem..." He opens his eyes and sees the enlarged face of a girl, and then his face is held by someone, who throws his head aside harshly, "Spit it out, don't swallow, otherwise you will be choked to death."

"..." Blood runs down from his lips to the grass, then a hoarse voice is heard, "You... be gentle..."

"Yes." Miaomiao withdraws her hands awkwardly, "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

Hurt? You almost twisted my neck.

His eyes become clear. The sky is blue and the dense bamboos on the water shore look towery. There are occasional crisp birdsongs and the morning sunlight falls on the tip of his nose. He finds that he is covered with Ling Miaomiao's clothes strictly, which still have a trace of southern girls' unique smell of cinnamon fruit.

"Fortunately, you wake up finally just after one night." Miaomiao raises her head and quietly glances at Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi, who are refreshing their spirits while closing the eyes, and then she says with a lower voice, "You sister didn't figure it out."

"You stayed here all night?" He looks up and sees that the wet clothes on Ling Miaomiao's body are still not changed, her hair is wet and the face is red and hot, there are two thick black lines under her eyes, which make her look very embarrassed.

Ling Miaomiao yawns and smiles, "Yes, but it's not a special way to guard you. I just had insomnia and didn't know what to do, you know that."

Author's note: Mu Sheng's background is not explained clearly in this chapter. His secret will be revealed in the following chapters.