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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out 2020-06-30 10:08:15

Lin Dan feels herself like a criminal and Bai Yan like a prison guard responsible for guarding the prisoners. However, she has always been in a good state of mind. She just waves her hand to mean that she is okay with that. Bai Yan sees that she is really okay, so he pours a glass of hard liquor and enjoys it.

The two return to their rooms respectively after the meal. For the convenience of guiding, Bai Yan also asks for a VIP room, just next door to Lin Dan. He can immediately detect any movement she makes. Lin Dan doesn’t feel okay with that. She takes a bath and begins to meditate. Because of the pain in her body all the time, she has no way to have a good sleep and can only settle down and meditate. Fortunately, at her level, it doesn't matter whether she sleeps or not. She only needs to meditate for two hours a day to keep her spirits up.

Bai Yan walks to the window when Lin Dan is meditating. It seems he is looking at the distance, but in fact he is feeling the movement next door. The breathing becomes shallower and slower until it disappears completely. This is the highest state of meditation. It can only be achieved by eminent monks or people with a very clear mind.

However, Lin Dan is suffering from the pain of being cut into thousands of pieces all the time. How can she completely ignore the pain and enter the realm without thinking herself? Bai Yan frowns with a puzzled expression. Later on, showing an awe-inspiring expression, he immediately jumps out of the window, stepping on the leaves to fly to the window of Lin Dan, and then freezes.

Lin Dan doesn't make a false impression of meditation to run out to kill people as he thinks. She is still sitting on the bed with her hands on her knees in a fixed position, eyes closed, face calmed. She has completely forgotten everything. The Asura Broadsword is also placed on her lap with faint reddish and cold flashing.

There are only one broadsword and her in the room and nothing happens.

His awe-inspiring expression holds stiff for a moment, and then is replaced by slight embarrassment. This is the first time he makes a mistake and misunderstands a person. This is really...He shakes his head and smiles at himself, but he doesn’t leave. Instead, he sits cross-legged on the tree trunk and begins to meditate three zhangs away from Lin Dan.

But his mind keeps flashing today's pictures. No matter how he can't get as usual quickly into meditation. Lin Dan broke He Chongling's heart with one strike. She was invincible by her own, and she stuck to the bottom line and never crossed the line...Her resolute face, firm and unyielding but clear and transparent eyes always haunt Bai Yan's mind, making him unable to let go.

He can hardly believe that this is the legendary descendant of Asura Blade. She doesn’t go mad, doesn’t kill indiscriminately, and doesn’t behave differently from ordinary people. If he were in her place, he would not be sure that he could achieve Lin Dan's level. The endless pain of cutting into thousands of pieces, that kind of feeling is chilling as long as one thinks about it. If he can make himself a little better, Bai Yan will not only kill enemies, he will kill all the people in the Eastern Tang Mainland.

He has already stood on the top of mountains and is so powerful that he cannot guarantee to do better than Lin Dan. Lin Dan's mind is more firm than he imagined, but he doesn't know how long she can insist.

Think of this, Bai Yan opens his eyes and looks at Lin Dan, seeing her face is still peaceful. His eyes can’t help but show a bit of appreciation--

The next day, Lin Dan casually eats a little breakfast and goes out with her broadsword. She is now alone, homeless and can only wander around. The sharp pain of the body is really hard to endure, and the feeling of killing is really carefree, but so what? She can't let herself lose her humanity just for a moment's pleasure. Without human nature, is she still Lin Dan?

Bai Yan follows her not far away. Seeing that she just walks around at will, she will pick up interesting things and look at them carefully. She looks like a little girl who seldom leaves home and doesn’t know the world. Smiling can be felt in her eyes. Speaking of which, Lin Dan is only 17 years old this year, one year younger than his disciple He Yufei, but she has seen the fickleness of the world.

Who can be heartless without experiencing the deepest despair and the most painful struggle? But Lin Dan did it. She dug her heart out abruptly...Considering this, the smile can be seen in Bai Yan's eyes slowly recedes. And his heart, which has not been caused waves for a long time, is slightly painful.

Just then, there is a loud noise from a drugstore on the street. After a while, a young man is thrown out by two strong men and he struggles up the steps again. He cries out shrilly, "Please give me one! I really can't find the right guiding medicine. Nearby people have moved away, Young Forever City is full of barren hills, no one..."

Lin Dan puts down the cloth tiger in her hands and looks at the young man with deep thoughts in her eyes. Thanks to this person’s mentioning, she starts to think of it. This city is really deserted. She didn't even see a small village along the way. However, in theory, many small towns will be built around large cities because people are social animals and like to live together. On the other hand, it covers such a vast area and is so prosperous in the city. But it is like an isolated island. There is not even a family near it for thousands of miles. This is very strange.

Moreover, what is the leading medicine? Just thinking about this, Lin Dan is startled to find that the young man's black hair is quickly infected with frost, and in the blink of an eye it is completely white, and after a while unexpectedly he is totally dead. His exposed skin is full of wrinkles and spots, like an old man in his seventies or eighties.

Lin Dan steps forward to see what is going on. But a line of officers come and carry the man's body away. The onlookers do not show any horror on their faces, but gloat and point out, "Look, that's what happens when you can't find the guiding medicine! Let's try our best to find a place further away. If we don't finish this year's task, we won't get the pills. "

Lin Dan silently remembers these words and then walks away. Back at the inn, the enthusiastic bartender has already prepared lunch for her and recommended her to go to the east district for a visit. It is the most prosperous area in Young Forever City. There are restaurants and food establishments everywhere and people are busy.

Lin Dan nods inexorably. After eating lunch and sitting for a while, she goes to the east district. As soon as she comes out of the inn, she sees He Yufei running breathlessly and shouting, "Master, I have finally found you!"

Lin Dan leans over and lets her pounce on Bai Yan. The people whom the original owner hates the most and loves the most are now with Lin Dan, but they have not affected her at all. Just passing by, she notices that people around her look at He Yufei with some strange sights, as if they are very coveted for her. The same is true when looking at herself, but due to the weapon in her hand, they are slightly restrained.

Lin Dan's eyes are dim, but her face is not showing anything, and she continues to walk towards the east district.

From that day on, He Yufei has tried her best to catch up with the two, but she is still far away. She is exhausted and can’t even stand. She hangs on Bai Yan and complains with a delicate voice, "Master, I am so sad that you left me alone!" When saying this, she acts like a spoiled child in a quick-witted way.

Bai Yan looks down at her and says in a low voice, "This place is dangerous. You must leave first."

"What is the danger, where is the danger?" He Yufei hurriedly stands up straight and looks around. Her black and white eyes are full of sly spirits.

"Forget about it. Just follow me if you like." Seeing Lin Dan walking far away, Bai Yan can do nothing but to let He Yufei stay.

The east district is indeed very prosperous. The streets are crowded with people, jostling each other, shouting, singing songs and making noises, which bring together a scene of prosperity. Lin Dan walks in the flashy with cold eyes and an indifferent expression. She is observing the people and the scenery around her. The more she looks at it, the weirder she feels. There are no old people or children in the street. All young and middle-aged men come and go. Few women, only a few of them, and all of them show interest and curiosity. They are obviously new comers. It seems very strange.

Bai Yan frowns and slowly walks.

He Yufei feels nothing, seeing everything fresh and playing with everything interesting. She tugs at Bai Yan's sleeve and lingers among vendors, begging him to help her buy delicate and small items. Bai Yan just pays with his eyes locked on Lin Dan. He knows that there is something strange about the city, but his most important task is to watch Lin Dan and everything else should be left behind.

Seeing Lin Dan walking into a cloth workshop, he immediately pushes He Yufei in, saying lightly, "Go and pick some clothes."

He Yufei mistakenly thinks he is going to buy clothes for her. Her smile becomes sweeter and sweeter. She replies yes and runs inside. When she sees Lin Dan, who is also picking clothes, she shows a bit of timidity, but she also knows that master must have his reasons for following Lin Dan, so she doesn’t think much about it.

"Lin Dan, can I help you?" She braces herself to ask.

"No." Lin Dan walks into the fitting room with a black dress.

The shopkeeper serves Bai Yan a pot of hot tea and picks out some beautiful dresses for He Yufei, pushing her into another fitting room. This is the largest cloth shop in the east district. It makes woman's clothing and sells fancy woman's clothing. It does not do man's business.

Lin Dan stares at the thick black dress in her arms, and raises her brows slightly. On the other side, He Yufei spreads out her skirt joyfully and is preparing to put it on her body. The next moment she passes out. Hearing the splash of her fall on the ground, Lin Dan is also readily "dizzied". Thirty minutes later, He Yufei wakes up and Lin Dan also opens her eyes. The two have been detained in a dungeon, surrounded by a strong foul smell and intermittent cries. The atmosphere is very horrible.

"Where is this, my master?" He Yufei rubs his temple which is in great pain, and later cries out in horror, "My, my power is gone. What have you done to me?"

"Shut up. What the use of your power if we can’t get into the city. Being obedient, give birth to a baby for me. Ha, ha, ha..." Two fighters wearing black cloth and carrying torches walk to the front of the dungeon. Through the fire, He Yufei finally sees the scene in the dungeon.

There are many cells in rows like hers with three or four young women inside each of them. They have empty eyes, soft hands and feet. Some cry in a low voice, some groan in pain, and some are with huge bellies without knowing they are alive or dead.

The Little First Grand Secretary in My House 2020-06-30 10:06:21

The wooden box was about half a foot, in which a hairpin and a pair of earrings were lain on a satin.

The hairpin was made of the old mahogany in brown, and the head of the hairpin was made of lotus stone in form of lotus flower. The end of the lotus stone was covered with silver.

Even though the lotus stone was not very big, it was high quality and had been properly designed, which was just like a blooming lotus flower. 

Both of the quality of the lotus stone and the designs could be regarded as perfect.

As for the pair of earrings in shape of water drop, the materials were the same. The pair of earrings looked pretty elegant and graceful, for which any girls would like it.

Zhao’er liked such beautiful stuff like the other girls as well. However, she was too busy to spare any time in that. Besides, she was short of money, and never would she be able to afford such expensive stuff. 

However, Xue gave her this loveable gift. She could not be happier.

Seeing Zhao’er’s satisfaction of this gift, Xue was somewhat relieves. He had been worried that Zhao’er might not be happy to know him spend so much money.

Zhao’er happened to ask him about the price. 

Xue attempted to lie, but it was obvious that the gift would not be cheap. Therefore, he honestly told the true price to Zhao’er.

Hearing the price, Zhao’er was a little uncomfortable since it was too expensive. But she was not so uncomfortable anyway. She also had earned a lot these days. It was different between spending one tael of silver with more than ten tael of silver and spending all of the one tael of silver.

It occurred to her that Xue might have worked hard to earn this one tael of silver. After all, the money earned by him through transcribing had been spent. He should have transcribed another volume to earn the one tael of silver? 

Considering about this, she was really touched and said, “You must have earned the one tael of silver through transcribing, don’t you? Since you have bought it, it will be no meaning to say more. But I will make up for you.”

“No.” Xue said decisively and quickly.

Zhao’er was still thinking about the specific meaning of him, when he asked her, “Do you like it?”

She looked at him. His eyes were pretty black, while bright, like the eyes of the little puppy. 

She recalled how she had bought Heizi, the little puppy, from Jiang’s family. At that time, the little puppy stared at her just like Xue and licked her palm with its pink tongue.

Now, the little puppy had grown up, so had her young men. Now her young men even knew how to care her and buy the hairpin for her. 

Zhao’er could not help but to mess his hair, and said, “I love it. But I haven’t pierced my ear. I may not be able to wear the earrings.”

Xue unconsciously looked at her ears.

Generally, the ears of Zhao’er were loveable and cute in pink. As the old saying goes, the people who had such ears would be lucky. 

He somehow wanted to bite her ears, while contained such impulsive. He felt his heart beating heavily and tightly.

“I help you wear the hairpin.”

“Now? But I haven’t combed my hair.”

“I help you wear it.” Xue repeated. 

Under this condition, Zhao’er had no other choice. She lowered her head so that Xue could be able to wear the hairpin for her.

Xue took out the hairpin, and put it into the hair of Zhao’er. He watched her carefully. She was really beautiful with the hairpin. 

It took a long period of time. And Zhao’er finally asked him, “Is it ok?”

Xue suddenly loosed his hand, and cough to cover his absent-minded, “It’s ok.”

“Does it look good?” Zhao’er stood up and turned her head. It was the first time that she had worn such girl-like hairpin. She usually just tied her hair with hair tie before.

Even though the hairpin was not heavy, she felt her head heavier.

“Isn’t it strange?”

Xue said, “Not at all. It looks good.”

“Well.” She still couldn’t help but to look into a mirror.

The found mirror was worn, and was covered by scars and dirt. Besides, the mirror was made poorly, for which Zhao’er could only see the vague shadow in the mirror. Therefore, Zhao’er put the mirror down, and said to Xue, “You can take a rest. I should cook now.”

She put the box on the table, and took a piece of pork from the basket under the tale. After Zhao’er left the room, Xue heard that she was talking with Mrs. Zhou. Even though he was reading book, while her white neck and pink ears were showing on the books. 

There were fried meat, stewed tofu with topaz, fired Baisong, as well as Chinese yam at dinner table. Besides, Zhao’er had prepared a big pot of white rice. The rice was bought in the Rice Store, since the rice didn’t grow here in Xia County. Therefore, Zhao’er just bought five catty of rice.

Those dishes were too much for they two. Zhao’er spared a large amount of the dishes and put the rest in another bowl. It was noisy in the yard. The father and son of the eldest family came back.

“Zhou, cook as quick as possible.” The father ordered. 

Mrs. Zhou had prepared the food materials for the dishes, and the rice was being boiled as well. She just waited for her husband and son to come back to cook the dishes for them. Zhao’er had just finished the cooking so that Mrs. Zhou could cook for her husband and son.

Zhao’er came to the kitchen twice to get the dishes all back her own room. She asked Xue to eat and she had to take the reserved meat dish to the principle room.

In the principle room where Mrs. Zhao lived, she was inquiring Xue Juncai and was so concerned of his life in the school. 

Zhao’er entered the room and greeted with the father of Xue’s family with smile, “Grand Father, Tingxiang and I prepared some dishes to serve for you and Grand Mother.”

“You are concerned. It’s good. Shall you come to eat together?”

Zhao’er said politely, “Thanks for your kindness and consideration. There is one bowl of dishes reserved. Tingxiang was hungry when he came back several hours ago. I had planned to wait for Juncai, but it was a bit of late. So I cooked in advance and Tingxiang is having his dinner now. May I?”

Father of Xue’s family said nothing more, but admitted silently. Zhao’er left and returned the secondary room, only to find Tingxiang still waiting for her.

The dishes had been placed by Tingxiang on the table in order, and the rice also had been prepared by him.

Zhao’er took of the shoes and went to the kang, asked, “Why not eat first?”

“I’m waiting for you.”

“There is no need to wait for me. Well, just have the meal.”

Zhao’er asked him some questions about his life in school, such as whether there were bad boys bullying him, whether the teachers were strict.

Xue answered her one by one.

He stared at her, and hesitated. “Are you running business with Jiang Wu now? Haven’t those clothes sold out yet?”

Zhao’er took some dishes into his bowl, and said, “Of course. But I get two bags of clothes too. You may not know how popular those clothes are. It is profitable.”

Xue Tingxiang had guested that by himself. If Zhao’er hadn’t earned a lot, she would never spend so much money. Even though Zhao’er was not mean, she was careful about spending money. 

“Quit this business after the two bags sold out.” Xue pretended to be careless. 


Why? Because I don’t want to see you be with Jiang Wu. Xue thought by himself, but he would not say.

“You are a girl. If you go out too frequently, you may be gossiped by the others.”

Zhao’er put down her bowl, and said, “Who will gossip me? Are you worried about what the Grand Mother has said? Don’t you understand her personalities? She just dislikes both of us. She is particularly picky about whatever we do.”

Xue sounded unhappy, “I’m not concerned of her words. But I’m concerned about you. We are not short of money now. There is no need for you to work so hard.”

“I don’t think I’m working hard. But we are indeed short of money, even though you may not be aware of that. The meal fees and tuitions are not mere costs for you to study. We need money to buy books, inks, fees to attend to the imperial examination. You remember? The elder uncle spent more than twenty tael of silver for each imperial examination. Besides, I have planned to build a house on the vacant land. We only have one room, which will not be enough in the future. Living with them is very inconvenient.”

“That is not your responsibility. It’s mine! I can earn a living for our family!” Xue was a little excited. 

“How? By transcribing?” Zhao’er looked at him and said seriously, “I don’t want you to transcribe those books. You understand what is the most important thing for you in school. You should study and learn. Even though I haven’t learned much, I understand it. You should not…”

“Cart before the horse.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I want to say. You have to pay attention to studies in school, not transcribing for others to earn money.”

“Transcribing will not do harms to my studies.”

“Anyway, you just focus on study. And I’ll get money.”

Xue sighed, staring at her, “Zhao’er, why you love money so much? We can take it easier. You don’t need to force yourself in this way.”

Zhao’er was shocked by Xue’s words. After a while, she said, “Yes. I love money.” Very much.

Then the conversation ended, and both of the two said no more. Zhao’er looked serious and a bit of sad, for which Xue dared not to say more no matter how much he wanted to say. 

After finishing the dinner, Zhao’er cleared the table, and took the dishes out to wash. 

Xue wanted to help her, which was turned down.

The dinner was on-going in principle room, which seemed to be very joyful. However, in comparison, the yard seemed over desolate. 

Zhao’er got the water and prepared to wash the dishes. But she was still thinking about what Xue had said. After a while, she started to wash.

She loved money since she was very little. No one knew what had happened when the couple of the second room died. They had once offered her home with so much warmth and happiness, but it was too short. It ended so quickly that she had no time to sorrow. She had to earn a living. 

Throughout the whole funeral process, Zhao’er was just like a mad beast. No matter who had offended her, she would avenge without mercy. When everything finished, she started to realize what had happened. At that moment, she figured out the vileness and hypocrisy of the couple of principle room. 

It was not until now that she gradually got back on horse. She had once wished to own many money, since money would help her solve many issues. Without money, all the things would be turned into miseries. 

Due to short of money, her elder sister was sold. She was sold as well. Even though she was lucky to be adopted by the couple of the second room, the death of the couple was caused by lack of money. And the conflicts in Xue’s family were caused by money as well. 

To be honest, they were not really short of money now. Through the recent businesses, she had earned a lot in spite of the division for Jiang Wu. That money was enough for she and Xue to live for one year. When the grains were gained in autumn, they would even get a large amount of money. However, Zhao’er was constant wanting more money.

In the principle room, the family members surrounded the table and had the dinner. 

Mrs. Zhao had prepared meat and chicken for today’s celebration. However, even though her dishes were not bad, they were not as popular as the dished cooked by Zhao’er.

The dishes served by Zhao’er were abundant of diverse ingredients, such as the chilies, black fungus, and Chinese cabbages, etc. Besides, she was good at cooking. Not for a while, the dishes served by Zhao’er had been eaten.

Mrs. Yang was going to took the final part of the dishes served by Zhao’er. But Xue Qinghuai took the final part ahead of her. She was dissatisfied, and wanted to say something, “Zhao’er is so sly. She had cooked so much dishes for herself and Tingxiang, while served so little for us.”

Xue Juncai was on the spot when Zhao’er sent the dishes just now. He said with lowered voice, “Mother, no need to mention such things at dinner.”

Mrs. Yang got the point of Xue Juncai, and changed her words immediately, “I just think about it. By the way, Mother, do you know what is Zhao’er doing these days? She seems to be so busy.” Mrs. Yang said to Mrs. Zhao.

Mrs. Zhao was happened to be dissatisfied with Zhao’er and her business, “How can I know that? She goes out in the morning, while returned at evening. Even I cannot see her in home.”

Mrs. Zhao got angry by that, and said to her husband, “You see, my word is just nothing since the big family divided. I advised her just now, and she should have refuted! There is no woman like her! She is out all the day with Jiang Wu. By the way, why Jiang Wu follows Zhao’er? Should he fall in love with Zhao’er…”

Her husband, the father of Xue’s family, scolded her, “Nonsense! Qinghuai told me that Zhao’er is running business with Jiang Wu.” Hearing this, Xue Qinghuai nodded.

That day, Xue Qinghuai happened to sell his goods in other village. He was just wondering why there were no villagers that day, while found Zhao’er was selling in the center of the Thrashing Floor of Wheat by chance. 

In the Thrashing Floor of Wheat, nearly most of the villagers had been attracted by Zhao’er and her stall. The villagers crowded there. The men were chatting and smoking, children were playing by themselves, and the women were surrounding the stall and picking the stuff sold by Zhao’er.

Not for a while, a women called, “Father of kids, move the stuff here!”

Her husband stood up immediately, and dragged out a basket full with the agricultural products. The others played jokes with him, “Your wife purchases so much. You have prepared a lot this time.”

The man said with plain smile, “She is not the woman who love shopping without diligence. She buys so much since the stuff sold by Zhao’cai are so good. Buy for once, we families don’t need to buy anymore in several years.” The man handed over the basket. 

It was really abnormal. The villagers were so excited and passionate. But now these villagers were so excited to hand over the baskets. 

Out of curiosity, Xue Qinghuai took a look by himself but to find those villagers were shopping for clothes sold by Zhao’er. 

What’s more, he found out that Zhao’er was selling clothes with Jiang Wu. But Xue Qinghuai didn’t tell these, and just mentioned that Zhao’er was running business with Jiang Wu. 

“Besides, Zhao’er is wife of Tingxiang. When Tingxiang grow to 15 years old, they will get married. As is known by all, Jiang Hai is the friend of the couple of the second room, and Zhao’er has grown up with Jiang Wu. There is nothing more about their relationships. What’s more, Zhao’er is a girl. It will be more convenient for her to run business with Jiang Wu.” The father of Xue’s family continued. 

But Mrs. Zhao was dissatisfied with that, while said no more.

“As for you, Yang, you see Zhao’er even hasn’t had her dinner and served the dishes for us firstly. Such a big bowl of meat also costs a lot of meat. However, there are too many people here to take it for granted. If one of you should have such kindness of Zhao’er, we will be even happier.”

The father of Xue’s family seemed drunk, while pretty happy. He had been concerned of the division of the big family, since the different rooms might therefore get less close. This was just a good chance for him to warn the couple of the principle room. 

Mrs. Yang had planned to defame Zhao’er, while was criticized. She dared not to gossip anymore. 

Xue Qingshan said, “Father, you can be assured of that. If these is anyone dare to disrespect you and Mother, I will not forgive him.”

“Fine.” The father of Xue’s family threw a glance at Qingshan, then took another sip. This accident was appeased.

The rich girl will not be poor 2020-06-29 09:48:47

Lu Yinyin has the illusion of being in the palace fighting drama, and standing next to her is Tong Yuwu, who is wearing a smile with a satisfied face, as if she is the heroine with the greatest aura and she is the emperor's unique love. She can hold everyone in her hands.(she can control anyone if she wants)

She suddenly feels that it is very promising to follow behind Tong Yuwu!

If the same thing happens on her, she will scold Wan Liru this little bitch without using earphones. She will scold Wan Liru severely until Wan Liru doesn't even know her father. If her husband calls her, she definitely says everything about it to her husband. She will tell it all. But thinking about it carefully, it seems like this is wrong. At least Tong Yuwu didn't lose her temper just now, and even spoke softly...

Tong Yuwu can win Fu Liheng's heart, which proves that she is the woman at the king's rank(she is really a badass woman).

Lu Yinyin is thoughtful. Tong Yuwu's behavior is bitchy. Not to mention Fu Liheng, Lu Yinyin is a woman, and she couldn't help but feel with angry for Tong Yuwu.

"Yinyin, what's wrong?" Tong Yuwu smiles and proposes, "It seems that there are a lot of mosquitoes outside. I feel much better now. Let's go inside."

"Is Mr. Fu coming?" Lu Yinyin asks subconsciously.

"Yeah." Tong Yuwu shows a sweet expression on her face. "He is off work. He might be a bit of worry to hear you say that. He wants to pick me up and take me home. Yinyin, how could you say that. Now he is worry about me without any cause or reason."

Lu Yinyin: "?"

...... Okayyyyy, you are beautiful and you have the final say.

"I can't let you being wronged." Lu Yinyin quickly changes the subject, lowering her voice mysteriously, "Yuwu, you don't know yet. This Wan Liru, I think she might like your husband, look at this—"

Lu Yinyin turns out micro-blogs(a app like Twitter) and hands her mobile phone to Tong Yuwu to let her see, "This is Wan Liru's micro-blogs(Twitter). This message was posted two years ago. You need to look at her envy. On the day you married your husband, she even tweeted that hoping you broke up in good attention and divorced as soon as possible, this person's intentions are really sinister!"

Don't underestimate the curiosity of a woman, Lu Yinyin can find out Wan Liru's micro-blogs(Twitter) in a short time, and can find out Wan Liru's message record two years ago. Even Lu Yinyin's action is enough to make Tong Yuwu smile more gently to her.

"Maybe we misunderstand her, she shouldn't mean that, after all, I didn't hear my husband say that he knew her."

Lu Yinyin laughs, "She must has a crushing secret love, so disgusting, how could anyone like a married man. Even a married man who is most gentle and great man on the earth, he is still belongs to someone else. Wan Liru is so funny, just wants to rely on this broken necklace to make waves here. This woman is a totally idiot, she makes this kind of thing happened at the banquet. I guess old Mrs. Wan will never forgive her. She is so silly, I'm so sympathetic to her."

Tong Yuwu also feels that Wan Liru is too obvious to lower the wisdom of herself.

For a man, she even makes her already not so good situation worse. She just simply too stupid and no one can compare with her this stupid action.

Today old Mrs. Wan obviously wanted to create power and prestige for the Wan family, but Wan Liru jumped out to disturb the atmosphere. it's estimated that at that moment old Mrs. Wan even wants to swallow Wan Liru.

"Yuwu," Lu Yinyin holds Tong Yuwu's arm and whispers, "I will pay attention to the follow-up of this matter, and I will transmit live to you when the time comes."

Tong Yuwu nods with a smile.

Today, she is no longer the same as a unnamed and orphan Miss Tong. She is now Mrs. Fu, no matter whether she has to rely on others for a living or not, she will not allow anyone to retreat and be unscathed after insulting her like that.

From now on, on any occasion, it's either Wan Liru or her. And after a long time, the sense of Yanjing's giants is more sensitive than anything. The rich ladies who will bully the weak will naturally kick Wan Liru out of the circle. 

But before that, she still wants to make Wan Liru as uncomfortable as possible.

Coincidentally, both Qin Yi and Fu Liheng depart at about the same time. When the two of them arrive at the entrance of the Wan family's Manor one after the other, they encounter with each other.

"Mr. Fu, what a coincidence." Qin Yi has to greet Fu Liheng first. After all, he will always has business connection with Fu Liheng in the future.This is the first reason, and the second reason is that he wants to let Fu Liheng uncomfortable(Qin Yi's appearance always reminds of Fu Liheng that he is Tong Yuwu's ex-boyfriend.) 

Fu Liheng didn't expect to meet Qin Yi here. He stands tall next to the car with a faint expression, "Hi, president Qin, you are here, too?"

Qin Yi shakes his head, "A common friend I know, she is in trouble, it is better to come over to help her."

Fu Liheng's memory has always been very good.

Combining what Tong Yuwu said just now, and remembering what he saw and heard at the Lanyao Restaurant a few days ago, he suddenly had a guess in his mind. Perhaps Tong Yuwu said a helper who looked a bit like her. This woman is the woman on that day she was with Qin Yi in Lanyao Restaurant. This makes sense, why Qin Yi was so panic on that day.

Fu Liheng's is uninspiring, but he feels that Qin Yi is too unclear.

"Mr, Qin, it's enough." Fu Liheng's voice is indifferent and almost drops to the freezing point. He is already warning Qin Yi. He puts his hands in his pockets and takes a leisurely gesture, "Neither my wife nor I want to be a joke. "

After saying this, Fu Liheng does not look at Qin Yi's expression, and goes straight inside the manor.

Qin Yi stands his ground, and it takes a while before he recovers.

The security guard on the side is still looking around curiously. Qin Yi tries to get a cigarette out of his pocket, but he couldn't find a lighter. He is very anger. He throws the cigarette on the ground and grinds the cigarette with a malicious and insidious expression.

He didn't care about Fu Liheng's warning, but this time his words are clear enough. Qin Yi feels like with the impact of a blow. What he gonna do, now he comes to Wan's house,  supports Liu Yunxi or finds his own dignity. In any case, as long as he goes inside, and maybe he has contact with Liu Yunxi, then Yuwu will definitely see them, what would she think?

Qin Yi thinks about it, and goes back directly to the car. He finds that the parking position now is too conspicuous. So he decides to stop at the corner. His car is covered with a film, and it is difficult to see the inside of the car from the outside.

The appearance of Fu Liheng naturally attracts attention.

Old Mrs, Fu is also surprised. She puts down the cup in her hand and comes to her son. She asks curiously, "Liheng, what are you doing here?"

In fact, old Mrs. Fu has been having a very smooth life for so many years. Before she married, she was the pearl of her parents of her family. After she married, she and her husband were considered to have a good relationship. No matter where she went, there were many people who persued and admired her. When someone hears a word, they can always hear a hundred turns and a thousand returns(they are afraid missing the important message in others' words, so they have to think over and over again). and she doesn't have to worry about it. She doesn't have to guess others' intentions, or worry about her words and deeds. How come she thought there was such a deep intention behind the diamond necklace incident.

Fu Liheng nods, "I'm just around here, I heard Yuwu said that you picked her up in the afternoon, and it's almost late now. I stop by to pick her up, lest you let the driver detour."

Old Ms. Fu always believes in her son, and there is no doubt at this moment, "Well, Linjia is also here. You used to talk to him in the past. You two can have a talk.

"No." Fu Liheng glances at Tong Yuwu. Tong Yuwu immediately steps forward and holds his arm. "I'll say hello to Uncle old Mr. Wan, and I won't bother you today."

"Well, you go, I have something to say with old Mrs. Chen."


Watching her son and her daughter-in-law goes upstairs, old Mrs. Fu turns her head and smiles to old Mrs. Chen, "Where did you just say, would you like to establish the Children's Rare Disease Foundation?"

Wan Liru, as Miss Wan, is not officially recognized, but she is indeed part of the Wan family in terms of blood relationship. She wouldn't want to stay at the hall in this banquet, because some celebrities don't like to talk to her. In addition, old Mrs. Wan is afraid of her being an idiot again. So old Mrs. Wan stares at her and asks Wan Liru to follow her. This causes Wan Liru to be stunned when Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu appear in the partial hall.

She doesn't have time to think whether her dress is beautiful or not, or her makeup is good-looking or not. Her eyes stay on Tong Yuwu's hands which is holding Fu Liheng's arm.

Fu Liheng is here, Tong Yuwu doesn't have to take the initiative to speak first, she knows how to laugh to show off her beautiful face. Anyway, she will do everything to make herself looking beautiful. Her demand is not so difficult, she just want to be more beautiful than Wan Liru.

"Liheng, you come here, too?" old Mr. Wan is also surprised.

"Hum." Fu Liheng smiles lightly, polite and not close, and he doesn't glance at Wan Liru. "Uncle Wan, Aunt Shen, I'm sorry, my wife Yuwu seems to be scared, she is not very comfortable, so I won't disturb you, I come to send her home."

Old Ms. Wan's eyes flashes and she smiles again, "Well, today this party really hosts badly, next time Linjia will be the host, I will let him to compensate for you."

Wan Linjia just chatted with his friends upstairs and didn't know what happened downstairs. But now he can feel that Fu Liheng is not in a good mood, and his mother's attitude is also very strange. However this is not the time to ask. He also takes advantage of the situation, "Liheng, we will talk again next time. The hospitality is not good today, please don't mind."

Fu Liheng said with a hum.

Tong Yuwu holds Fu Liheng's arm and the two are close together. She says to old Mrs. Wan, "Aunt Shen I'm so sorry. I wanted to learn more from you about the charity fund, but Liheng heard that I was uncomfortable, he was very worried and drove over to take me home." When she says, she looks at Fu Liheng again, her tone is sullen, "Liheng, I said it's okay. Why you have to rush over, you must have drive here quickly."

Wan Liru gritted her teeth, forcing herself not to see Tong Yuwu this little bitch, otherwise she is really afraid she couldn't help herself and slap this bitch now.

"You are the most important." Fu Liheng is not used to showing affection in front of the outsiders, and he looks at old Mr. Wan, "Uncle Wan, we will not disturb."

"Hum." Mr. Wan is not a dull person himself. Looking at Fu Liheng's gesture and his tone at this moment, he naturally notices something.

Throughout the process, Wan Liru is so jealous that her eyes are full of envy(even turns red).

She really doesn't understand why did Tong Yuwu has neither family supporting nor family background? Why can she be Mrs. Fu standing beside Fu Liheng!

After Fu Liheng and Tong Yuwu left, old Mr. Wan puts on a cold face, "What's going on."

Old Ms. Wan sighs. In the face of her husband and son's questioning, she looks at Wan Liru bitterly again, "It's too embarrassing to say it, waiting for the end of the banquet."

Coming out of the manor, Tong Yuwu sees that Fu Liheng doesn't speak, so she doesn't talk either. And she honestly holds his hand and walks forward.

Standing at the door of the manor, Fu Liheng stops, and Tong Yuwu also stops, "What's wrong?"

Fu Liheng reaches out his hands and rubs Tong Yuwu's cheek, and tidies her hair again, her tone is low, "There is something on your face, and your makeup seems to have disappeared."

Tong Yuwu's smile froze for a second.


! ! WTF, really? do I look ugly, no! I want to look in the mirror!

Fu Liheng glances at the car parked under the tree, and takes Tong Yuwu's hand walking in the direction of his parking.

I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator] 2020-06-29 09:47:36

Chu Yanyin was angry with such rebellious words, he glared slightly but he finally stayed calm since he was a man of long experience. Chu Yanyin did not directly fight back. Instead, he looked at Zhang Jianian, and said: "Jianian, you tell her to let her not be blown away by netizens, others just want to laugh at her!"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: Chairman Chu is so naive that he even started to retaliate by the same way.

Chu Chu sneered and looked at Zhang Jianian, saying coolly: "You tell Chairman Chu that the businessmen are still rigid now. Sooner or later, he will be eliminated by society, and not everyone can tell jokes!"

Chu Yanyin: "You tell her that the heterodox doctrines is not a long-term plan, honesty is the law of everything!"

Chu Chu: "You tell him, stubbornness will only cause harm both to himself and others, and it's the easiest way to lose his feet when he’s so opinionated!"

Zhang Jianian: can this be a battle now? Do you both freestyle?

Zhang Jianian chose the words carefully and said tentatively: "In fact, you can communicate directly..."

Everyone was clearly staying under the same roof, so why bother to pass the words by him. What was the difference with face-to-face communication? Everyone must add a sentence "You tell him/her" at the beginning, and Zhang Jianian even felt tired for the bosses.

Chu Yanyin and Chu Chu shared the same voice: "No!"

The weak, poor and helpless assistant to the president Zhang: "..."

Zhang Jianian even hoped that president Chu's blind date would arrive early so that he could be freed from the battle. The door of the room was finally knocked lightly, and Chu Yanyin immediately concealed the leaked emotion just now, restoring the image of the formerly smart and calm. He glared sharply at Chu Chu and warned: "Behave yourself now."

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows slightly, showing an expression of noncommittal, sitting on the side with Zhang Jianian. Zhang Jianian politely said: "Chairman Chu and president Chu, I will go back to the company first, enjoy your meal..."

Chu Chu glanced at him meaningfully: "Do you want to run away?"

Chu Yanyin echoed: "Jianian, you stay together."

Zhang Jianian: ... to die together?

The door of the box was pushed open, the waiter guided the outsiders in, and Chu Yanyin quickly got up and greeted him. Chu Chu casually looked out of the door, but after seeing the coming person, she showed a surprised look. She questioned Zhang Jianian suspiciously: "Is old Chu not my biological father?"

"Why?" Zhang Jianian didn't know why president Chu was suddenly thinking about it, and quickly dispelled her messy thoughts. "Of course, the chairman is your biological father."

Chu Chu was shocked and said angrily: "Then he arranged for me to blind date with middle-aged people? I was so unsightly in his eyes!?"

As the old saying, you could figure out what you were in the matchmaker's mind when you saw your partner of the blind date.

The man who entered the room had a round faces seemingly full of blessings, his small eyes narrowed slightly, his big belly was big, like a smiling Maitreya Buddha. Although he looked full of wealth, he was definitely much older than Chu Chu, and was not her peers at all. Chu Chu was very distressed, even if she was careless about the blind date, what the matchmaker old Chu dis was too much!

Zhang Jianian said helplessly: "...that's chairman Nan, it should be the father of your partner of the blind date."

Chairman Nan was a business man who was no less than Chairman Chu. He was in charge of Nanfeng Group, and his son Nan Yandong was also a well-known young talent in the industry.

Nan Yandong was thirty-two years old this year. He had studied abroad for many years. Since childhood, he had been nurtured by his musician mother and had extraordinary accomplishments on the piano. He was also an Internet upstart. With his sophisticated investment vision, he was gaining a foothold in a new field. He was a very powerful figure.

Even though Chu Yanyin was not happy with Chu Chu, he would certainly not harm her. He also conscientiously collecting a bunch of high-quality young people. Because of the cooperation between Qisheng Group and Nanfeng Group, Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan raised the matter. The two old fritters fit in easily with each other.

After listening to Zhang Jianian's explanation, Chu Chu said lightly: "Is him so good?"

Chu Chu always felt that Nanfeng Group sounded like there was another little story, but she didn't recall any one whose surname was Nan in the novel.

Zhang Jianian wanted to persuade president Chu to let go and not be too resistant to the blind date. He replied smoothly: " Chairman Nan's son is really famous..."

Chu Chu: "Better than me? I didn't see you praise me like this?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian was deeply impressed by president Chu's strangeness today, and she seemed to be still angry about his standing with the chairman.

On the other side, Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan shook hands and greeted each other. Chu Yanyin found that there was no one behind chairman Nan and wondered: "Aren’t Yandong with you?"

There was a trace of embarrassment on chairman Nan's face, and he smiled embarrassedly: "Chairman Chu, I'm really sorry. Yan Dong was suddenly not available today, so he couldn't come. I'm here to apologize. It's really a coincidence..."

After saying this, chairman Nan felt guilty himself. He didn't expect his son to lose his temper suddenly and wouldn't come, and he just went out. chairman Nan had already promised Chu Yanyin but he could do nothing but to explain with apology.

Chu Yanyin was stunned, and there was still a light smile on his face, but it was far from the real one, and the smile was not up to the bottom of his eyes: "What is worthy of an apology, you are too kind."

Chu Yanyin was unhappy in his heart, and felt that Nan Yandong really did not understand the etiquette, and chairman Nan was also ridiculous. Even blind dates could be missed, why did you agree? Who did you want to humiliate?

The status of the two was equal, and there was no meaning to cling to each other. Obviously, they wanted to make a good story, but now they were almost enemies. If this kind of thing was not handled properly, the friendship between Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan would also disperse.

Chu Chu whistled happily whistled beside, and ridiculed: "Chairman Chu, are you okay? Finally, you can arrange this event, and you can’t even find the parties. The execution is not as strong as my assistant."

Chu Yanyin's face was ugly, and he scolded: "How come you have a mouth to talk all the time! "

Chu Chu's dissatisfaction: "You are plagiarizing my words on the program..."

Zhang Jianian saw that the father and the daughter were going to fight each other again and whispered: "President Chu, if the blind date fails, the 500 million will be gone."

Chu Chu: "!!!"

She almost forgot this, but what could she do since the other one didn’t come? Would Chu Yanyin refuse to pay the bill?

Chairman Nan didn't expect Chu Chu to be so straightforward. He touched the sweat on his head and smiled: "Chu Chu, I'm really sorry. This time it's my fault. I didn't do it well. I will definitely scold him when I go back..."

Chu Chu thought of 500 million, and immediately felt a sense of mission. She waved her hand: "It's okay, otherwise you can replace him! The best way to scold him is to find him a stepmother!"

Chu Yanyin sternly stopped her: "Shut up!"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: I always feel that the persuasion just made a counter-effect and push president Chu to do more bizarre things.

Chairman Nan was frightened by Chu Chu's bold speech and waved his hand in a hurry: "How can that happen..."

Chu Chu was afraid that there would be no blind date, and the funds would be gone. Ignoring Chu Yanyin's angry expression, she couldn't help but persuade him, and made a famous saying: "You have already come, just go through the motions!"

Chu Yanyin's face turned black, and he couldn't bear it: "Jianian, you let her shut up!"

Zhang Jianian who was suddenly called: "?????"

Zhang Jianian played hard, he served tea for Chu Chu, dryly said: "President Chu, the weather is dry recently, drink more hot water..."

"Chairman Chu, I think it's really a bad time today. I'll apologize again at another day. See you later!" Chairman Nan had also wanted to have a meal and apologized sincerely to Chu Yanyin. Now he was scared by Chu Chu and fled away quickly, and even ignored the courtesy.

Chairman Nan looked up to Chu Yanyin. He was angry with his son today, and chairman Chu had to be angry every day. Chairman Nan looked at Chu Yanyin, even revealing a pity. Sure enough, money couldn’t mean everything. What's the use of wealth? The most important thing was that children were obedient, and the family was happy.

"Little girl is disobedient, let you laugh." Chu Yanyin's head was so big that a good blind date was completely collapsed. Chu Yanyin was also distracted and had no interest in anything, so he simply bid farewell to chairman Nan.

As soon as chairman Nan left, the door closed, and Chu Yanyin said angrily: "You are just fooling around! Right?"

Chu Chu lazily retorted: "I didn't make an appointment, obviously people look down on me, can you blame this on me?"

Chu Yanyin was originally burnt with anger, but now he was stabbed with heartache by her casual and cold words. He was in a complex mood, with both love and hate. On the one hand, he was annoyed by Chu Chu's rebellion. On the other hand, he did not want others to despise her. The father's heart was repeatedly tormented by the contradiction, and he no longer scolded her.

Chu Yanyin was sullen in his chest, and said in a deep voice: "You just said something deliberately, want to annoy me, right?"

Chu Chu looked up at him and retorted: "When did I say anything deliberately? I just say that you are not as good as my assistant, don’t be so mean."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: Thank you so much. Don’t mention me at this time.

Zhang Jianian would not dare to offend president Chu anymore, and he also needed to think twice when he chose the side. President Chu was skilled.

Chu Yanyin looked at Chu Chu who was heartless, and he was so angry that he simply pointed it out: "What is the best way to scold him, is to find him a stepmother?" Do you think you are scolded? "

Chu Yanyin's relationship with Chu Chu had been bad in recent years, partly because of Lin Mingzhu in the middle. The original female supporting role had an extremely bad attitude towards Lin Mingzhu. Because of the stepmother's existence, she completely moved away from the mansion and her relationship with her father became rigid. It sounded to Chu Yanyin that Chu Chu's words just reflected her own experience and secretly accused Chu Yanyin.

Chu Chu was amazed by chairman Chu's thoughts and wondered: " can you get this?"

Her thoughts were not so complicated. She had forgotten Lin Mingzhu, who would remember the cheap stepmother in the book?

Chu Yanyin didn't seem to believe it, even a hint of pain appeared on his face, as if he was grudged about her words.

Chu Chu waved her hands and explained: "Oh, it's going to rain, and dad is going to marry someone. I've seen it for a long time. It’s not what you think!"

Chu Yanyin listened to her casual words, but this time he did not get angry. His eyes dimmed and he murmured: "I know you are still blaming me..."

Chu Chu saw that Chu Dong had lost the spirit of the past, and only then discovered that he was older. Chu Yanyin's eyes were covered with wrinkles, but others could only see his shrewdness in the business world, ignoring his old age. Now, like an ordinary and clumsy father, he was heartbroken by his children and showed a sad look.

If Chu Chu was the original person, she may be able to continue to get angry with Chu Yanyin hysterically, but she was not. Because she was an outsider, from an objective perspective, she could better see Chu Yanyin's fatherly love. He was not good at expressing it, and even contrary to his wishes, leading to a further deterioration of the relationship between the father and the daughter. But it was undeniable that he had left a soft place for her in his heart.

Otherwise, Chu Yanyin could regenerate other children, why still concentrate on Chu Chu? Why did he propose a three-year contract to push Chu Chu advance?

Chu Chu could really care nothing about the world in the book, but she couldn't turn a blind eye to others' true heart, even if he was a paper man.

"How come, how can the father and the daughter have hatred overnight..." Chu Chu was used to fighting with chairman Chu. Now, looking at him like this, she was not adapted and subconsciously denied.

She always yielded to soft approach but rejected force. She was most afraid of playing this kind of emotional card and pursed her lips: "I understand your kindness..."

Zhang Jianian heard the words, revealing a relieved look. President Chu had grown up.

Because of president Chu's words, chairman Chu who was originally upset, was also appeased. Chu Yanyin's eyes softened and the atmosphere in the house was harmonious. The father and the daughter looked at each other, as if the ice had melted, and finally they had to resolve the gap between them for many years.

Chu Chu weakly said: "...but somehow, I always want to fight against you."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu was afraid of Chu Yanyin's misunderstanding, and forcibly explained: "... presumably, although I know that you are good for me, I still want to make you angry. If you are not happy, I will be happy!"

Zhang Jianian: You can shut up.

"Of course, if you are too unhappy, I don't seem to be happy either." Chu Chu scratched her face and said frankly.

"..." Chu Yanyin’s mood suddenly jumped up and down because of Chu Chu's words, and finally a heart landed smoothly.

He squeezed the bridge of his nose wearily, and sighed almost inaudibly: "Well, if you don't like blind dates, I won't arrange it in the future."

Chu Yanyin didn't want her daughter to be humiliated a second time, so he simply let her go and let her work hard for three years at first.

Chu Chu sighed with relief, and inevitably stepped in. She asked cautiously, "...Will the 500 million still be mine?"

Chu Yanyin: "..."

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine 2020-06-28 09:41:29

Yaoniang was not sympathetic to Qian. 

Perhaps she might feel pitiful for her if it happened in her last lifetime, but now she was indifferent.

If it weren’t for Jin Wang, Yaoniang didn’t know what would happen to her. Yaoniang might being suffered from the torment right now. Qian went against her morality and tried to slander Yaoniang who was defiled before. Yaoniang didn’t want to be a person she hated once before.

Yaoniang reminded Jin Wang. Did he strive to protect Jin Wang consort so that he ended this farce in this way? Or was he going to….

“Yaoniang, your face is swollen. Shall I take some ice to reduce the swelling for you?” asked Lvyao.

Yaoniang touched her cheeks and felt it was burning. She didn’t feel the pain a moment ago since she was distracted, but now when she cooled down, she felt the pain clearly.

“I am fine. There is no need to take the ice,” replied Yaoniang.

Mammy Mu heaved a sigh and said, “I am sure you are frightened tonight. Go back to take a good sleep. Yuyan and Yucui will take care of the princess here.”

“But the little princess…” Yaoniang was hesitant.

Mu took a glance at Wang and said, “Wang is here. Don’t worry.”


As soon as Jin Wang walked out of the yard, he scowled while Fuchen was also flurried but said nothing behind him.

“Go to find out the truth,” ordered Jin Wang. Fuchen hastily nodded, but indeed Jin Wang was not talking to Fuchen but to his guard on the sly. The bodyguard soon disappeared in the dark after receiving the order from Jin Wang.

Now that the side consort Hu framed this scheme, she must think nobody could catch the clues. However, Jin Wang was the host in this mansion.

He could find out anything as long as he strived to figure it out. It all depended on whether he wanted to investigate or not. Obviously, the side consort Hu went too far again. Jin Wang still remembered the day when the side consort Hu used the little princess as an excuse and moved the princess out of the Liuchun Mansion. However, Jin Wang didn’t expect that side consort Hu didn’t learn the lesson just a few days ago.

What’s more, the side consort Hu even involved Yaoniang into the case.

Fuchen took a glance at Jin Wang and thought Jin Wang was so indignant because of Yaoniang.

Fuchen let out a long sigh secretly. No matter it was a scheme of Jin Wang consort or it was planned by side consort Hu, Jin Wang would square the accounts sooner or later even if he ended the case tonight.

Yaoniang’s face was swollen and Fuchen saw clearly the dim light in Jin Wang’s eyes.

Fuchen started his investigation when they went back to Zhaohui Hall.

Fuchen was clear that he needed to check out the truth as soon as possible although Jin Wang didn’t set a time limitation.

Fuchen was a eunuch without penis, but he also met many women in these years. Women were jealous and Fuchen was worried Yaoniang would get mad at Jin Wang and even might quarrel with him. If Jin Wang was in a low spirit, Fuchen knew that the servants may get punishment.

To be more specific, Fuchen would be be the first to bear the brunt since he was the personal servant of Jin Wang.

Doctor Liu came back a few minutes later so as to check if the little princess was getting better. When he ensured the medicine worked, he left again.

Mammy Mu was in an old age and she also needed take break, so Yucui, Yuyan and Wang were left to take care of the princess while Lv’e and Lvyao also stayed with them in case of any emergency happened at night.

It was almost at the midnight and everything quieted down finally.

The light of the candle swayed in the room.

Yucui was so exhausted and couldn’t help falling into sleep while Yuyan and Wang served the little princess beside the bed.

Yuyan stood up abruptly while Wang was startled by her all of a sudden.

“Yuyan, what’s up?” asked Wang.

“Don’t be so anxious. I just want to go to the toilet. Please stay here and I will be back soon. You can wake Yucui up if anything happened.”

Wang nodded and then Yuyan walked out of the room.

The room was so quiet without any noises. Wang’s heart was bumping and she looked back at Yucui who was sleeping. When she ensured Yucui was sleeping soundly, Wang stood up and touched the princess.

There was sleeping ingredients in the medicine, because Doctor Liu was clear that the princess was suffered from the pain of rash and she would not stop crying if she didn’t fall into sleep. In this case, Doctor Liu added some medicine which was helpful for her sleep in order to avoid some other complication because of non-stop crying.

Wang pinched the princess gently but she was not awake. Seeing this, Wang pinched one of the sides of the princess’s cheek and put her fingers into princess’s mouth, trying to draw out something.

Wang did carefully in case of waking up the young princess.

It reminded her of what happened a few days ago.

The side consort Hu asked her to make the princess have a rash. Wang was a smart woman and she knew that if she exposed, the side consort Hu might also be involved too. Therefore, Wang started to cast a bone between Yaoniang and Qian. Just as she expected, Qian was getting more and more annoying at Yaoniang, so Qian took the initiative to slander Yaoniang without hesitation tonight.

The erupted rash was caused by the crab, but it was not because of the crab bun but because Wang put some crab meat into the princess mouth secretly.

The little princess was getting new teethes and she liked to put some items into her mouth out of curiosity, so when Wang tried to put some crab meat into her mouth, she opened without resisting.

However, Wang was clear that the princess was unable to chew it up. Wang would feed her some bread occasionally and there was always food debris left in her mouth, because she didn’t know how to spit it out. Wang was not sure if the princess had swallowed the crab meat and she needed to check in case that the crab meat was still left in her mouth.

To put it frankly, Wang was still flurried since it was her first time to do such a dirty thing. She kept thinking about her miserable ending if it was found out by others.

Jin Wang was a man with great wisdom and he would definitely find out the manipulator. ‘Will them discover that I am the evil manipulator?’ thought Wang to herself.

She was getting worried, so Wang decided to take a look at the princess’s mouth. It would be the best result if there was no crab meat left in her mouth, but if there was food debris, Wang had to clear it up.

Wang searched carefully and the little princess still didn’t wake up under the pesticide effect.

However, a voice suddenly sounded as soon as Wang withdrew her hand. “Wang, have you washed your hands?”

“Yes, I did. My hands are clear,” replied Wang subconsciously. 

But soon she reacted what she said just now. Yuyan and Yucui would always urge her to wash hands when they were serving the princess, so Wang just responded as usual.

Wang turned back slowly and found Yucui was standing behind her with a wired smile.

Yuyan also stood not near far, but she wore a bleak face.

“I….” Wang wanted to save the situation.

Jin Wang sat in the reading room for the whole night.

The servants acted cautiously to prevent enraging Jin Wang again since they all knew that Jin Wang was still at the boiling point.

There was only one light on in the room. Sitting there silently, Jin Wang kept a gloomy face.

Hesitant, Fuchen said in a low voice, “Why would the crab bun appear in Yaoniang’s room? I learned that the kitchen did buy some crabs recently but it was provided for Jin Wang consort only. She likes eating the crab. Everyone knows about it. But I also got to know that the side consort Hu called in Wang frequently. It is said that side consort Hu only asked about the situation of the princess. But before the princess had the rash, someone saw a servant girl called Qin’er walked into Yaoniang’s room secretly and the girl is working for side consort Hu. Mammy Mu also suspects Wang, so they planned a trap with Yucui and Yuyan. Just as they expected, Wang did give herself away.”

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with Siyi courtyard?” asked Jin Wang who knocked the desk as if he was thinking.

Fuchen nodded and said nothing. He understood what Jin Wang meant.

Although everyone was aware of the side consort Hu’s trick, they all know that she was not as clever as Jin Wang consort. Jin Wang needed to ensure it was not a trap from Jin Wang consort, after all neither of them can stay out of trouble. Especially the side consort Hu who was exerting herself to make troubles for Jin Wang consort recently. And it was natural for Jin Wang consort to fight back.

Although others might not know the inside story, Fuchen was clear because he stayed with Jin Wang all the day.

For the past year, if it weren’t for Jin Wang who asked people to take care of side consort Hu in the sly, side consort Hu would be the dead duck now under the tricks of Jin Wang consort.

However, this woman was still not satisfied with what she owned but kept kicking a fuss. Jin Wang’s patience was almost run out. What would the side consort Hu do if Jin Wang abandoned her someday?

If it weren’t for the little princess and…

Jin Wang stood up all of a sudden. Fuchen came back to the earth and was about to follow Jin Wang.

“Don’t follow me,” said Jin Wang.

Fuchen stopped and he knew that Jin Wang was coming to Yaoniang.

Yaoniang had been absorbed in her thought for a long time and finally she fell into sleep.

However, she was woken up by someone when she was still in a daze.

He acted so rashly and his skin was so hot. Yaoniang was still muddle-headed and felt he was fondling her cheeks. She felt her cheeks were burning and Yaoniang was annoyed.

Yaoniang was slapped by the side consort Hu, but Jin Wang even didn’t speak for her and now he was even going to add some salt to her wound. She tried to retreat back, but she had nowhere to go because Jin Wang didn’t loosen his grip.

“Why didn’t you argue with her? Stupid woman!” Jin Wang complained.

‘How could he blame it for me?’ Yaoniang thought.

She was wronged. However, Yaoniang was getting soft and enjoyed his fondling although she still struggled to push him away.

It was dark in the room without light.

Darkness encouraged people and Yaoniang became bold gradually.

It seemed that she would behave in an audacious manner when she couldn’t see clearly his face.

‘Let go of the bullshit! All the worst, I am going to be dismissed and leave here!’ Yaoniang thought to herself.

Jin Wang had entered her body and was making love with her in an aggressive manner. Yaoniang boosted her courage and took a bite at his shoulder since she thought he might let her go because of the pain.

However, she failed again because Jin Wang did not move at all and instead he embraced her, getting closer to her and gave a slap on her hip.

It sounded clearly and the room was filled with a smell of romance.

“You are getting gutty…” said Jin Wang who raised her leg at the same time.

Yaoniang shivered and couldn’t help groaning.

She had no impression on what happened next but remembered that he asked her if she wanted to go back again and over again. What’s more, he even asked Yaoniang if she still missed her itinerant pedlar.

Yaoniang did want to go back, but she can’t remember who the itinerant pedlar was.

Who he was? Yaoniang was confused.

My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator] 2020-06-28 09:39:22

As soon as Jade and Zhao Jinjin entered the dressing room, people outsid discussed them immediately.

The man who just greeted Jade was Annan. He used to be an editor in a top fashion magazine. He knew most of the designers and models in this room.

He said as soon as the door closed, "My dear, sixteen years old, she should be the youngest one in so many sessions!"

Another answered, "In the semi-finals, she must be the smallest one."

Annan sighed, "The young generation is prospective."

In designing industry, people may not win only with their diligence. The industry entailed great inteligence. It was right to say that talents were consist of 99% of inteligence plus 1% of effort.

Sometimes professional and experience were not as good as a flash of inspiration.

She can enter the semi-finals at the age of sixteen. She must be a gifted. When they chatted, they couldn't hide their envy in the speech. The female designer who had not spoken on the far side of the dressing table and made hairstyles for the model suddenly said coldly, "Her line draft can enter the rematch, but the finished product may not be qualified. The design talent is very important, but the practical ability is not supported by the talent. Boasting too much."

Annan's personal aesthetic had always tended the beautiful girl of vitality. The little girl who just came in had grown up on his aesthetic point. Hearing this ridiculous sarcasm, he can't help saying, "If she dare to come, it means that she is worthwhile. Whether she is qualified or not, we will know it when she comes out. Even if the finished product is not good, a 16-year-old girl can enter the semi-finals with her line draft, then she deserves praises.”

The female designer knew that Annan had a wide range of connections. Although her face was a little ugly, she just snorted and then kept silent.

But what she said was right.

In addition to the finished clothes, the competition stipulated that the makeup and hair of the model from head to toe must also be handled by the designer, and it was not allowed to ask for help. In this way, a complete work was presented.

Although the female model who came in just now looked pretty, she obviously had only a basic makeup and lipstick. After changing clothes, her designer had to do her hairs and make-up.

Annan couldn't help but worry about the little girl who had just met.

When he was thinking, the door of the dressing room opened.

All designers stopped the work in their hands and looked at the door.

Zhao Jinjin walked out dressing the skirt, Jade crouched behind her to take care of the skirt, pointing to the dressing table on the 27th, "Sit there, you can put it down, you won't step on it!"

Zhao Jinjin obediently losen her hand, the gauze on the waist slipped like a waterfall, and the skirt behind her slowly unfolded with her pace. For a moment, the room was full of starlight.

The eyes of everyone including the models fell on Zhao Jinjin alone.

Their views had only one meaning.

It was so beautiful.

From top to bottom, from white to light, the dark blue gradually melt into the skirt. The skirt was dotted with broken diamonds, like a feather coat. I t was unknown if the skirt was more beautiful, or the model was more beautiful. There was an echo between each other. The beauty was eclipsed all around. For a long time, Annan murmured a sentence, "Oh my gosh!"

His stopped makeup and came over in a few steps, squatting directly behind Zhao Jinjin. He saw the waist from the back to the skirt, and finally his eyes fell on the skirt filled with broken diamonds.

There were at least thousands.

He turned his head and asked Jade, who opened the makeup box, "Are these all made by your hand?"

The difference between manual and machine was still obvious in their eyes.

Jade nodded.

Annan sighed incredulously, "If I were to sew so many drills, my eyes would be blind. It's good to be young."

Everyone was convinced as soon as the skirt appeared. Annan was so fond of this little girl now, he stood up quickly and gave her a business card, "Hey, my name is Annan, more contact in the future!"

The title on the business card was  editor-in-chief of Likan magazine. This was Jade’s turn to be surprised.

Wasn’t this one of the next four major journals?

No! At this time, Likan had not developed into four major journals, and was still struggling on the brink of transformation because of the impact of new media. Fans were very excited when the market promoters mentioned S-Star would be on the cover of Likan before. Jade didn't understand what the magazine cover meant for the star. She did research specifically. When she checked the information, she also saw that Likan had almost failed.

It said someone was trying to save the magazine from extinction. He abandoned the past style, broke everything and started from scratch, then revived Likan.

What was his name? Jade forgot it.

She got business card and reached out her hand politely, "Hello, my name is Jade, I don't had a business card."

Annan smiled and shook hands with her, "Are you still a student?"

Jade nodded, "Yes, I'm in high school right now."

Annan cheered her, "Girl, cheer up. By the way, do you know how to. make up?"

Jade gave him a wink, "Yes, brother, go for your work, your model is still waiting for you."

Annan was in his thirties and had not been the age of being a brother. He was excited when she called him brother. And he liked Jade more.

Zhao Jinjin looked at it through the mirror and couldn't help whispering to Jade who was holding her puff and starting to put on her make-up, "What kind of brother? He can obviously be your uncle."

Jade poked her face and whispered, "If I call him uncle he will be unhappy."

When she first graduated to makeup for others, she also called someone brother who was twenty years older than herself. This was the workplace survival criterion.

Zhao Jinjin said in her heart, “Missy was awesome, and Missy was so cute to be careful.”

Jade put on a good basic and began to concentrate on applying makeup to her.

Zhao Jinjin closed her eyes and asked a little nervously, "Miss, can you make up? Or should I come by myself? Can you tell which one is an eyebrow pencil and which is an eyeliner?"

Jade, "Shut up, I know."

Zhao Jinjin, "Don't you high school students don't be allowed to makeup? I didn't know how to apply lipstick when I was in college. Are you high school students so precocious? Does the teaching director care?"

Jade, "If you say it again, I will turn you into Frankstan."

Zhao Jinjin finally shut up.

Annan came early. At this time, the model's makeup and hair were all done. He let the model sit on the sofa to rest and ran to Jade to observe.

It was unbelievable, the little girl's makeup was too skillful. Not only skilled, but also fast. At first, he looked at the two thin eyebrows on Zhao Jinjin's face. He had some objections. This was not a popular eyebrow shape, and the eye makeup was not easy to match. He was considering whether to give guidance.

As the eye makeup was gradually finished, he knew he was wrong.

Jade's eye makeup color was obviously Chinese style. The previous uncoordinated curvy thin eyebrows instantly became the finishing touch, making the model's entire face graceful.

Annan couldn't help but ask, "What's the name for this skirt?"

Jade squatted halfway down and pointed a vermilion mole in the corner of Zhao Jinjin's eyes with a pen, and whispered, "Its name is lying."

Annan clapped his hands, "I said so, this skirt resembles the feather coat. Feather coat is used for flying. That’s right!"

As the makeup was gradually shaped, Annan's eyes were even more amazing, and can't help but ask, "I haven't seen this makeup style before, this color was so good and innovative."

Jade said in her heart, “Of course, I used the aesthetic of ten years later.”

Several designers had been listening to Annan asking questions from east to west, but they couldn't help but leave their model and run to  watch. Zhao Jinjin said with half eyes open, "What are you doing, don't steal the skills. This is my Missy's unique secret!"

Annan stared at Jinjin for so long, finally remembering who she was, "Well, I know you, aren't you the little snake demon in "Peach Blossom Lake"! You are Zhao...?"

Zhao Jinjin answered, "Zhao Jinjin! What a little snake demon? My character is called Qing Ling!"

Annan laughed a little apologetically, "Okay, I remember you. You don't play a TV show? how did you run as a model? Change to the fashion circle? Why do you call Jade Missy?"

Zhao Jinjin said tiredly, "You have too many questions."

Then she closed his eyes and said nothing.

Jade knew that, if tuberculosis met tuberculosis, there was always one surrendered.

After finishing the makeup, Jade started to make hairstyle. She tied up Zhao Jinjin's long hair with a gauze of the same color and began to curl her bun. Annan didn't know how she turned her smooth hair into such a complicated and beautiful bun.

Zhao Jinjin's beautiful swan neck and butterfly bones were all exposed. The whole person was really like a fairy who was about to fly, regardless of the skirt or makeup hair.

Annan looked back at his model and said sadly, "I doubt you are going to win the championship."

Jade made a bow, "Brother's words were too serious."

After finishing her makeup, Zhao Jinjin looked in the mirror for a few minutes, and finally concluded, "I'm too beautiful. It is not reasonable if I can not be famous." She looked at Jade with her eyes, "Miss, if you were my royal hairdress, how good it will be?!"

Jade packed up her makeup box, "Are you scorning your current makeup stylist? Then I ask my brother to change one for you."

Zhao Jinjin, "Hey, no matter who he is, it's not you."

Jade smiled and hurried her to the sofa to rest.

After they had finished all the designs, and the model will soon appear. Jade ranked 27th, which gave Zhao Jinjin a lot of preparation time.

The surrounding models were professional. Some powerful designers even invited supermodels. Compared with Zhao Jinjin, she was a layman. She was inevitably nervous.

Jade filled her with chicken soup "they are not as beautiful as you, and beauty is justice" before finally calming her down.

When it was the fourth group, Jade accompanied her to line up behind the entrance, arranged the skirt for her, and showed her a cheering gesture. She stepped aside to watch the show screen.

Soon, the voice of the host came in front of her, "Then the next step on the T stage is the work of designer 27, "Flying."

Zhao Jinjin took a deep breath, raised his chin, and walked out.

Under the T stage were full of people, and the white light flashes steadily, her eyes were not squinted, and her expression management was in place, like a noble fairy who walked from the begin to end. After five seconds of positioning, she walked backwards again. Then she finished two-minute show.

When standing in front, she did not miss the appreciation and stunning in the row of judges.

She rushed back to hug Jade as soon as she went to the backstage, "Miss! We got it! Absolutely!"

Jade also praised her, "Wonderful!"

The next was to wait for the result of the rematch.

  Zhao Jinjin hadn't eaten so far to keep her waist thin. She only drank a few sips of water. She didn’t know where Jade find a box of yogurt for her to drink. After drinking, Jade replenished her lips.

Annan's work display was also over. He was familiar with this piece, and he went to the media magazine area under the T stage to look it around. When he came back, he gave Jade a thumbs up. "Basically, all talks are about Flying." Then he gave a glance to Zhao Jinjin, who was paralyzed on the sofa, "And you. You are going to be famous."

Zhao Jinjin, "I want to drink cola, eat spicy hot pot."

Jade remembered a hot and spicy food that she would pass every time she went to the night market to find Clifford. The business was very good and the food was smelled good. She told her, "I will bring you to eat tonight, don't tell brother Yun."

Zhao Jinjin's eyes were bright and she swallowed several saliva.

After all the models were displayed, an hour later, the final list will come out. This was good for foreign sponsors. It was very fast-paced. Unlike domestic ones, they were always engaged in formalism and the process was terrible.

All designers and models were waiting at the entrance, listening to the host announce the list, and go out one by one.

Jade's name was the ninth.

She looked at Zhao Jinjin and walked out hand in hand.

T-stage had been replaced with a spacious stage. The interest in No.27 Flying was the highest. When they heard the name, they cheered and applauded.


As a result, when Jade came out, a group of people were stunned.

Wait, this little girl, looked a little small?


Even the host was stunned for a few seconds, but he adjusted his situation immediately. He said, "It is surprising that our designer No. 27 is so young. It's amazing. We have to come here."

Jade followed Zhao Jinjin, and the host then announced the remaining list.

Jade stood on the stage for the first time, and the stage was that she had dreamed of going on. She was excited. But there were probably too many things that she had experienced in recent years, and her ability to control emotions had also become stronger.


She saw Yale sitting in the second row.


They looked at each other, and Yale smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.


She couldn't help laughing.


The camera just moved to her, and her smile appeared on the big screen.


The young and immature girl, the facial features had not all been shaped, and her face was still a little fat, but her bright eyes and teeth, with a smile, like the sun turned into a dandelion, gently falling softly on people's hearts.


Cheers suddenly rised up, and the media took photos at her.

A total of 20 people entered the final. The designer will explain his work in turn, and then the judges will comment. Zhao Jinjin leaned sideways and asked in a low voice, "Do you want to say something?"


Jade, "No, my language performance is the worst."


Zhao Jinjin was anxious, "Why don't you make a draft in advance!"


Jade, "I don't remember that there is still this part. Don't be panic, I can play on the spot."


Zhao Jinjin recalled several experiences on red carpets that she had attended. The speeches of the film queens and predecessors, quietly taught Jade, "Thank your parents, thank your teachers and friends, thank organizers..."


When she was talking, the host handed over the microphone and smiled, "Finally on our twenty-seventh, looking at the eyes and voice of everyone, they must had been curious about our little designer."


Jade took the microphone in Zhao Jinjin's desperate gaze, pursed her lip, and said, "Hello everyone, distinguished judges, my name is Jade, I am the designer of Flying.”


The judges underneath were all international celebrities, Scarlett, the founder of the famous fashion brand SV, immediately said, "I am most curious, it should also be the most curious question for everyone, how old are you?"


The competition was anonymous, and the judges were only now aware of the designer of each work.


Jade said, "I'm sixteen."


They got the expected answer, but there was still an exclamation.


This was the youngest designer since the contest was held. And she also reached the final!


The vice chairman of the clothes design association Liu Chenghua was most selfless and asked, "Can you guarantee that in the face of all of us, this work is designed by you independently from the design to the production?"


Jade nodded, "I promise, Flying was my independent design work."


This was a game that the entire fashion industry was staring at. She was not fake. She had a firm look and a strong voice. Liu Chenghua nodded and then asked, "Tell me about your design concept."


It had come. Here come to the most important part!


Zhao Jinjin was so nervous that her palm was wet. She can’t help but looked at Jade.

However, she saw Jade was stunned.

How can she be in a daze at this moment!!!

After about 10 or 20 seconds, Jade said, “My inspiration on Flying is originated from an ancient poem,” She looked at the light ahead, smiled, “I want to ride the wind to fly.”

Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day 2020-06-27 14:35:57

When they got to the set, everyone was very concerned about Shen Jintai's health.

“Are you all right?” Bai Qingquan asked him.

“No more fever.” Shen Jintai said: “It's just my mouth tastes bitter. I can’t recognize anything good.”

Bai Qingquan smiled and said: “It's just what illness feels like. Take a day off or two and it’ll be better.”

“I haven't thanked you yet.” Shen Jintai said: “If you hadn't pulled me, god knows what I’d be like after the fall.”

“You really scared me. Thank god you’re OK.” Bai Qingquan said: “I wanted to go visit you yesterday, but the shooting didn’t finish until midnight. I was afraid that you might be sleeping, so I didn't go.”

Bai Qingquan caring for him so much, it wasn’t easy to see it happens.

Bai Qingquan was so nice.

Bai Qingquan noticed how Shen Jintai was looking at him, and he smiled. Shen Jintai smiled, too.

Director Guo was afraid that Shen Jintai would be burnt out, so he postponed the shooting of an emotional scene to the next day.  Shen Jintai only needed to show his face a bit.

The most attentive part was a scene of him taking off clothes.

Shen Jintai unbuttoned his robe and joked with a smile: “Am I the sex sell part of our crew now?”

The crew burst into laughter. Guo Rui said with a smile: “Don't waste your good figure.”

Shen Jintai was really in good shape, very suitable for the cameras.

As an actor, being more neutral means better plasticity. Masculinity or femininity could be apparent brands. Shen Jintai was young and fit. He could show different body language in different context. He could be tough and straight, he could also be pretty and attractive.

It was a pity that the TV series couldn’t show too much adult content, too exposed scenes were not allowed.

It’s hard to do this kind of scene excellently. Shen Jintai held his clothes with both hands and had more than ten takes from different angles, which reminded him of his experience of shooting underwear advertisements.

However, it was very good. When the robe was put on his body, one could have a glimpse on his smooth and beautiful shoulders and back. The camera moved to his hand. His white fingers were tying the belt. When he heard someone calling him, he looked back.

His long hair was a cascade and his clothes were loose. It was a very fashionable dress. But his face was very intimidating. He looked cold, like a layer of ice.

Li Xu was starting to villainize.

Guo Rui really liked shooting scenes of Shen Jintai more and more.

He felt that Shen Jintai had a very unique charm. He was pretty and thin; his lips were ruddy and his eyes were bright. His skin was particularly bright. He had an attractive look, but he had a kind of pure temperament and didn’t feel feminine at all. When he didn't laugh, he was a little cold. When he laughed, he became another person. Also, he gave out different vibes when he removed the makeup. All these made him the Li Xu on the screen, and didn't form the charming little eunuch as a little doll.

This way, the character became really charming for straight guys, straight girls and girls who are into gay things. Even the older generation wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when seeing this.

Not everyone could balance it when acting, and not everyone could have this quality. Acting skills and their own conditions were both needed. The success of the role Li Xu was very reasonable.

Guo Rui was even a bit proud.

When he chose Shen Jintai to play the role, he burdened a lot of pressure and doubts, people were not optimistic.

He looked back at Zheng Siqi next to him and joked: “Our prince is stunned.”

Everyone around laughed, and Zheng Siqi stood up with a smile.

There was no job for him these two days, but he was a green hand, and he had no other job at hand, so he'd come to the set to watch them act when he had time.

Also, he wanted to cultivate his relationship with Shen Jintai.

He was new to acting, and his first emotional scene was so intense. When he acted, he was afraid that he couldn't catch up with Shen Jintai. The solution he found was to try to get into the play and transfer the prince's feelings for Li Xu to Shen Jintai.

Every time he looked at Shen Jintai, he’d brainwash himself. After some time, the more he looked at Shen Jintai, the more attractive he thought Shen was.

Zheng Siqi was excited.

Shen Jintai signed with their company. Tian Wenwen told him yesterday.

Maybe it was because Shen Jintai was involved in his debut play, plus, they had a good relationship, he was quite happy about it.

After Shen Jintai finished shooting, he went back to the hotel with Shen Jintai.

Bai Qingquan couldn't help but took another look at Zheng Siqi.

At the beginning, Zheng Siqi was quite green. But after all this time, maybe it was because he became familiar with everyone. His young-straight vibe was coming out. Refreshing and full of animated courage.

He and Shen Jintai felt like a good CP. They were of similar heights, one was three or four centimeters taller than another. When Zheng Siqi talked to Shen Jintai, he had intimate feeling in his eye. He’d look at Shen Jintai with his head turned to Shen and all his attention would be put on Shen.

The play wouldn’t fix them together, would it?!

Bai Qingquan looked at Yang Lizhi, who he had to act with, and sighed silently in his head.

He also wanted a sweet relationship with a handsome guy. Even it was not happening in reality, a relationship in the play could do. He didn’t even know what it felt like to be held in arms by a handsome guy.

“Fell for him?” Yang Lizhi said with a small smile.

“What?” Bai Qingquan frowned.

“I have a lot of gay friends, you can't hide it from me.” Yang Lizhi whispered into his ears: “The way you look at men doesn’t lie.”

A bottom who was yearning for love.

Bai Qingquan was scared, was he too explicit?

He frowned: “I have no idea what you're talking about.”

Yang Lizhi didn't argue with him. She just smiled and looked at Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi.

She was wondering which one Bai was looking at.

Both of them were good.

Speaking of which, everyone knew that Shen Jintai was gay, but she really couldn’t see through him.

She felt that Shen Jintai was hard to put brand on. He could be top-like, but he could also be passive. Sometimes, he could even be like a straight guy.

The scenes were mainly the opponent scenes of the leading actor and actress. Under the arrangement of Li Xu, Helan Bi finally met with Zhou Jing.

Lovers seeing each other, drama was about to set off.

After shooting in the evening, it was late. Bai Qingquan was very tired. He just wanted to sleep while he was on his way to the hotel.

“I heard that our company wants to sign Shen Jintai.” Weige said.

Bai Qingquan immediately opened his eyes: “What?”

“Shen Jintai has been on his own, right? He may change his mind now and wants to sign with a company. Many companies have reached out to contact him, sunshine media is one of them.”

Bai Qingquan was surprised: “Hasn’t him and Mr. Yan’s relationship been tense all this time?”

“If this could affect Mr. Yan’s decision, Shen wouldn’t get the role in the first place. Back then when Liu came for the role, wasn’t it Mr. Yan who solved that problem? What happened happened in the past. You know what Shen Jintai is like lately. He clearly moved on.” Weige said: “This is what a smart man looks like. He gave up his career for love. No one would give up his or her career for love now.”

Bai Qingquan sat up and said: “Then what happened? Did he sign?”

“I don't know. Maybe not yet.” Weige said: “If he signed, we would definitely be informed. After all, you two rivals will be working for the same company, they’ll take your feelings into consideration.”

“I don't want to work with him.” Bai Qingquan said: “I can't outrank him. I want to be the best, not the second.”

Apart from the original draft, in which he was the second, he had always been the best.

“I found that ever since Shen Jintai came back, you have lost your confidence and pride.”

“I’m no match for him when it comes to ability and popularity now.” Bai Qingquan turned to look out of the window, light and shadow fell on his face, making him looked a little sad: “He will surpass me sooner or later, I know.”

“I don't believe it.” said Weige: “Get yourself together, and I’ll work harder. The result is not fixed, we won't lose. Don't forget the millions of fans behind you. You may be willing to be below Shen Jintai. Do you think your fans could bear it? How uncomfortable they would be? Don't let them down. You know terrible they could be if fans become haters. You've seen it.”

Bai Qingquan turned his head and didn't speak.

After going back, Bai Qingquan took a bath. When he was about to go to bed, he received a phone call from Weige. Weige said: “I’ve got words, Shen Jintai turned down sunshine media’s offer.”

"Ah?" Bai Qingquan is a special accident.

“He signed with monsoon entertainment.” Weige said: “You can stop worrying and get ready for future competition.”

Bai Qingquan pursed his lips and didn't know what to say.

Shen Jintai didn't choose sunshine media and went to monsoon entertainment.

Monsoon entertainment was their nemesis.

This really became a competition.

Then he could not lose. His lose might not be a big deal, but sunshine media’s lose could be.

He was really impressed by Shen Jintai.

No one, not even him, could know what kind of person Shen Jintai had become now, even he may not be able to see through.

When it came to love, he was decisive and independent. When it came to his career, he had solid skills and spirit.

This was what Bai Qingquan had been dreaming to became. As a top-level star who was thinking about sweet love, he felt really ashamed.

“Ding Dong”, Xiao Mei got online: “Congratulations, another three points.”

Shen Jintai suddenly sat up from the bed, and before he could react, he heard a “Di” and Xiao Mei was offline.

What happened? What did he do?

In the middle of the night, why did Bai Qingquan suddenly grow to like him?

He was confused. He really misses Xiao Ai!


“News! Latest news. I’m not sure if it’s real, but Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan were going to under the same company!”

“I also saw it on forum eight, saying that Shen Jintai signed with sunshine media?”

“Mommy, this is too big. It surprises me even more than they acting together.”

“Isn’t Yan Qiuchi, the boss of sunshine media, the one Shen Touhua chased and didn’t get? He’s doing that again?”

“Hope not. I think the new Shen Touhua is very impressive.”

“His team is just like that. His brain is also not clear. No one knows what they might do.”

Shen Jintai’s fans got the news and were about to explode.

Even the elder members in the group chat couldn’t remain calm and asked Xiao Tang.

Xiao Tang asked for Li Meilan's opinion and replied: “Fake new!”

“Thank god. I was freaked out.”

“Really, I almost cried when I first saw the news. Brother, please don't sign sunshine media. There were not only Bai Qingquan, but also Yan Qiuchi!”

“You were cold to me before and I’ll be too good for you tomorrow. This is what Jin should be!”

"That’s right! I want to see my brother fight for his career wholeheartedly and let Yan Qiuchi regret. I want to see Jin snatch back the top-flow star throne. I want to laugh and see Bai’s fans cry!”

“You said exactly what I want to say. Brother Jin, come on!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I think Bai’s fans can't laugh now.”

Bai Qingquan’s fans were quiet.

They just watching their idol’s pretty face and were tired of cursing Shen Jintai.

No matter how many of them there were, they could be more than the audience who watched HCEP. They could manage the control the comments on Weibo, but their arms weren’t long enough to reach elsewhere.

Any topic related to HCEP, no matter what it started about, it would end up to be the home of the CP fans who were into the love of the prince and the eunuch.

These CP fans were so brain-washed and aggressive.

They were happy to have their own space.

For the first time, Bai’s fans, who had always been invincible, had experienced the taste of failure.

“It's not worth what my brother did for the play.”

“Don't say that. Many people like to see our idol's ancient-style look. What a male god.”

“Is our group a lot colder? I just looked at the number of members and it seemed to dropped a few hundred.”

“Don't mention the traitors. They used to be Shen Jintai’s fans, later, they came, and now they crawled back!”

“Is Qianqian grass green also a Jin’s fan? I really like talking with her. Alas.”

“We can wait for them to regret. Latest news, Touhua has also signed with sunshine media. They can wait for Shen to serve our idol.”

“Touhua is come to sunshine media? He won't take all the resources, will he?”

“What are you thinking? Our idol is sunshine media’s favorite. Shen Jintai is just a half way goods, how can he take away brother's resources? He only gets to pick what brother doesn't want!”

"Sign it, sign it. Come to sunshine media to be the second. He should have been the second, but he took our idol’s champion title. Now is a good time to repay it!”

No one knew where the news that Shen Jintai was signing with sunshine media came from, but everyone was talking about it.

Bai’s fans loved it, Jin’s fans denied, and there were neutrals waiting for updates.

HCEP came to the third week and the whipping scene was on. Li Xu was thrown into the ditch, the eldest prince jumped in to save him. The line “I’ll never doubt you again” led the plot to the first emotional climax.

The official account really knew how to do the marketing. After the episode, it posted a shooting gag.

With the popularity of the play, the views on GAGs was amazing. Some GAGs were even more interesting than the play itself, which could not only show people the segments that couldn’t be seen in the play, but also could satisfy the curiosity of the ordinary audience about the shooting of the TV series.

For example, the gags they just posted was about Shen Jintai cried out of control.

The director had called “Cut”, but Shen Jintai was still held by Zheng Siqi, crying.

The quality of the gags was not as good as that of the play. The camera was shaking, making it looked like a documentary. In the video, director Guo Rui stood up and said: “Jintai, hold back your tears.”

God, this made “Jintai and Ying” fans' tears ran unstoppable.


“My God, he was into the character. It's so moving. I feel more moved than when I watched the play.”

“I can't help my tears when I see Touhua crying, ahhh, my Jintai and Ying, my Li Xu and Zhou Ying!”

Especially when the director shouted, Zheng Siqi loosen his arms on Shen Jintai, and they looked at each other. Shen Jintai smiled, but his tears were even more.

“I'm sorry, wait a minute.” He raised his hand and then lowered his head to cover his eyes.

The director said: “We’ll shoot it later, take a rest.”

Shen Jintai wiped his eyes and said: “I just thought of this line…Ah. He remembers nothing but Ying after that.”

The sound wasn’t clear, but that sentence was. They even had subtitles and the music of their theme music. The last two verse were so sad.


“Wuwuwuwuwu, it’s so moving!”

“I know what he said! ‘Silver-haired Li Xu lost himself, sitting there talking about Zhou Ying.’ ah ah, ah, I'm dead!”

“It's really better than the play. God! That line gave me goosebumps.”

"Don't cry, Touhua. You can come to me, I will never say anything bad about you ever again!”

“Come to mommy. I love you!”

“Hahahaha, is there no girlfriend friends for a eunuch? I think it's all mommy fans and sister fans.”

This move was successful, even better than the episodes. That night, “HCEP gags” made it to the top-searched list.

Li Xu and Zhou Ying were heated.

After a night on the list, the afterheat was still considerable. Monsoon entertainment then posted: “Welcome @ Shen Jintai to join the family of monsoon entertainment. Next, monsoon entertainment will carry out all-round operation of Shen Jintai's personal IP, and conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of film and TV series, singing and dancing, variety shows, etc., so as to create a bright future!”

Monsoon entertainment would hold a grand signing ceremony at the end of the week, which was unprecedented.


Haters: “I’m OK!”

Jin’s fans: “Monsoon entertainment is the rival of sunshine media. Brother, I love you! Don't hold back!”

Bai’s fans: “WTF? What about coming to sunshine media and be the second?! Shen Jintai meets monsoon entertainment, guess they’ll conquer the top-searched list for the whole year!”

Passerby: “As soon as people get famous, the real momentum comes. The recent news about Touhua really is thriving. No one can stop it!”

Momentum is really important. When the momentum comes together, passers-by will be excited. It will make people feel that this person's fortune is coming, and it can't be stopped.

On the fourth day, at the shooting site, the leading male and female stood in front of the lighting board to shoot the first scene.

Yang Lizhi checked her phone: “Shen Jintai is on the top-searched list. Again!”

Bai Qingquan was shocked when he heard it. He asked: “For what?”

Yang Lizhi looked up: “Underwear advertisement.”’

Bai Qingquan immediately took a look at the phone. Before the video of the advertisement was on, he saw the first hot comment: “Oh, my, God!”

Asteroid 2020-06-27 14:33:56

Xu Tangzhou's ears were red, and now his face turned red too.

Xu tangzhou was overwhelmed as soon as he called him "baby", which felt too intimate, and unlike the fan's call, from Ling Che's words seemed a little spoiled.

Xu Tangzhou ignored the strange feeling, put his attention to the moment, and connected to the topic: "Then we can't choose Group C."

If the words "I will make the airport jam" would be considered arrogant when others say it, then just replace the person who spoke this from Ling Che.

Ling Che's concert was difficult to obtain a ticket, once the on-site security estimate was insufficient, and there was a stampede incident.

All occasions where Ling Che appeared in public were often overcrowded with traffic jams.

It is indeed that Xu Tangzhou not considering this point. If they chose group C tickets, transfer, waiting, would attract countless people, the airport would be surely paralyzed.

"Yes," Ling Che continued, "too many people have followed me during this time."

He refered to the thing about Omega discrimination.

Momo was particularly excited after hearing that. The topic they wanted to shoot on Ling Che was nothing more than that. It was not natural to think about how to point out this topic. Who expected that Ling Che talked about it himself.

It was impossible for Xu Tangzhou to be able to attend "Our Perfect Journey". Situ Ya took this notice for Ling Che and repeatedly proposed to take more shots of him and Xu Tangzhou together. It stranded to reason that Xu Tangzhou had a task, and he should follow Ling Che's topic. Words such as "It's that they don't understand you", "You are not that kind of person", "Yes, you have suffered a lot", could achieve the effect that Stu Ya wanted.

Xu Tangzhou just nodded: "Group B tickets are the least cost-effective, so let's choose Group A."

He was not treacherous enough that he could not think of that point at all.

Ling Che stood up: "Decided?"

Xu Tangzhou raised his head and replied: "Yeah, we passed by comfortably in the first class flight. Even if we finally lose, at least we will be very cool this time."

Ling Che returned the phone to him: "Since you think so, I'm fine with it."

Xu Tangzhou confirmed again that he also stood up and told Momo: "We choose group A." 

Xu Tangzhou paid the air ticket cost with 20,000 yuan of basic funds. 

The original bulging envelope flattened out at once, and then he suddenly felt something was wrong.

He seemed to have been taken by Ling Che. Ling Che should have wanted to buy Group A tickets all the time!

Xu Tangzhou looked at Ling Che suspiciously, but Ling Che looked calm.

They stood together, the picture was particularly eye-catching, and the photographer who was recording couldn't help but changed the angle to shoot close-ups.

Ling Che was a little annoyed by this turning around, holding the camera with one hand and saying: "Enough!"

He didn't like to be amplified every minute and every second. He had tolerated getting closer and closer, who knew that the photographer didn't know the means of "enough".

The celebrity variety show did not mean that he had no space at all.

"Sorry," the photographer took a few steps back from the shooting.

"Okay, good," The crew of the program group were very shrewd. Momo and other cameramen took enough shots to make videos: "Che, Zhouzhou, because you have chosen group A tickets, you will leave soon. We will take you’re your communication equipment for safekeeping before departure, and the program team will allocate a new mobile phone to each of you. In the following recording process, unless you have necessary affairs, you will use this mobile phone as a contact tool in this whole trip. "

The program team had negotiated with the airline long ago, and Momo successfully applied for the ticket with the credentials of them.

It was indeed time to start.

Ling Che took out his mobile phone and handed it over.

Xu Tangzhou also handed over his mobile phone.

Waiting for Momo to turn off their mobile phones and put them in sealed bags, Xu Tangzhou remembered that there was a Flow private message just now. What was the content of the circle that had not been completed?

He was particularly curious and even wanted to ask Ling Che.

But Ling had already said that the person who registered the account was Stu Ya.

"It's too late to regret," Ling Che misunderstood his reaction, "you're  on board already." 

"I didn't," Xu Tangzhou gave up the idea of asking, he could only check the phone when he came back anyway.

Ling Che turned on the new mobile phone, and casually said: "You will."

Xu Tangzhou: "..."

Was it really good to tease him before departure??

On the way to the airport, not long after the car drove, Ling Che began to close his eyes and relax.

As "friends", Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che were arranged in the back seat together. When they didn't get in the program, they really had nothing to talk about. Under the lens or out of the lens, Ling Che behaved like two people, Xu couldn't adapt but understand.

True dedication. He commented in his heart.

Xu Tangzhou looked sideways at the window, and the rare sunlight in winter shone on his face, making people unable to remove his eyes.

Photographer found this point with the shooting image and decided to record some materials. Momo chatted with Xu Tangzhou according to some pre-planned questions: "Has Zhouzhou been to the island before?"

The information showed that Xu Tangzhou was from Qinan, where it was located inland and did not close to the sea. 

Xu Tangzhou kept in mind what Huang Qian ’s teachings, to manage his own expression, not to give people a sense of distance.

He turned back with a light smile: "No." 

There was nothing in his memory.

Momo as a Beta wes also all attracted by that smile, and the nympho asked: "Really? Che especially likes to go to the beach for a vacation. Haven't you been together?"

It's another trick!

Xu Tangzhou scolded in private, and said innocently on his face: "I used to go to school, time is not matching. Study is the first!"

"Right," Mo Mo said, "then under what circumstances would you usually go out to have fun?"

Huang Qian taught this question.

Xu Tangzhou recited: "When we are not busy, we invite friends to hangout together."

"Really? Is there more Alpha, or more Omega?"

"Both. Depending on the situation, sometimes there are also many Beta."

"Che said in an interview that the person who usually played with him most was Ying Chen. Has Zhouzhou met Ying before?"

Xu Tangzhou came with preparation, and this question also be memorized: "I have met him once or twice, but we are not familiar with each other, and there are many people at each party. He may not remember me."

These questions were answered flawlessly.

Xu Tangzhou really regretted that he didn't like the way Ling Che closed his eyes and rested in the car, as Lu Chengan said, he was too naive, this show was not kind at all.

Just thinking of Lu Chengan, Lu Chengan's call came over.

The phone number of each guest was saved in the mobile phone given to them by the program team. When Xu Tangzhou's mobile phone rang, he was a little surprised.  At Mo Mo's signal, he pressed hands-free to answer.

"Hey? Lu?"

"Zhouzhou, have you made a choice?" It was quite noisy there, but he couldn't know where Lu Chengan was.

Xu Tangzhou said: "Yes. How about you?"

"We haven't chosen yet."

They had two meaningless conversations first.

Lu Chengan finally got to the point: "Which group of flights do you choose? Maybe we can choose the same flight and make an appointment to go together. "

"We....Oh! "

One hand suddenly reached out to cover Xu tangzhou's mouth, while the other hand grabbed his cell phone.

Just listen to the alpha warning: "Lu, don't want to get the information from Xu tangzhou while I'm sleeping."

Finished, Ling Che raised his eyebrow and looked over, he's sleepless.

Xu tangzhou: "???" He didn't sleep obviously!

Ling Che looked at Xu tangzhou and swept other people in the car with his eyesight, which meant they were not allowed to make a sound.

Xu tangzhou held his breath subconsciously.

He noticed that Ling Che's palms were warm and dry, and his fingers were long. One hand almost covered half of his face, and he didn't want to let it go at all.

"What kind of cliche? Look what you said, " Lu Chengan said gently on the other side of the phone, "I just think the flight takes so long, it's easier for the four of us to pass the time together."

"Thank you," said Lingche, "we find it very interesting and don't need to pass the time."

Lu Chengan: "Really? What are you playing so interesting? It's better to get together. "

Ling Che: "I'm sorry, too many people can't do it. You have to play with two people to have some fun."

Lu Chengan: "Huh? How can you say it strangely... "

Ling Che hung up.

Xu tangzhou was also covered with his mouth: "I got it. Is Lu Chengan.... "

"Tell me again," Ling Che took back his palm. A soft and moist touch still existed. He held his fist a little.

As soon as Xu tangzhou was released, he said again: "I mean I know! Did Lu want to know how much money we have left ?"

"Otherwise?" Lingche said, "there are no kind people in the program."

"I almost fell for it," Xu tangzhou was relieved. He remembered Ling Che saying that Lu Chengan won't choose group A ticket. He wondered, "by the way, why do you think that Lu won't choose group A ticket?"

Ling Che only replied: "When you are old, you prefer stability."


He didn't know if it's the photographer or the driver. Someone in the car can't help laughing.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

Lu Chengan was only thirty-five years old. Were you sure you won't be killed by Lu' fans?

Obviously, Lingche didn't care if anyone cursed him. He motioned to Xu tangzhou: "Here comes again."

Xu tangzhou looked down, and this time he was called by Xia Yue, he was speechless: "They all look down on me? I'm a scheming boy?"

Why all like to call him, were people like to pick up soft persimmon?

Xia Yue was certainly to enquire about their flight, but more directly: "Zhouzhou, what ticket did you choose?"

Xia Xing quarreled beside: "Why do you ask them? Hurry up, sister! "

Xu tangzhou was not convinced. This time he answered the phone directly: "We haven't chosen yet."

Xia Xing: "Why not?"

Xu tangzhou lowered his voice: "I am alone now..."

Xia Yue took a breath: "Ah? What about Che? Did you have a fight?"

Xu tangzhou chuckled: "Yes."

Xia Yue said: "How could this be? Che... " Perhaps she remembered that they're on the program, Xia Yue didn't finish her complaint, and then turn to the point, "then what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Xu said, "which group do you choose, can you give me a reference? "

Xia Yue seemed to be relieved: "Well, We may choose group B. But you still have a lot of money. You don't have to make the choice with us. " 

They hung up.

"Xia Yue continues to cheat me," Xu tangzhou had an aloof appearance, but his eyes were so bright and scorching, "I can lie too!"

Ling Che leaned against the edge of the window and held his forehead gently with his hand.

Xu tangzhou realized that he was not very happy.

Ling Che: "I heard you."

Traveling the villain's sister 2020-06-26 15:15:34
After Teacher Song nodded, a dozen students happily followed the manager to leave the ordinary box, and finally Bai Muyu and Lin Cong were still sitting on the sofa.

Lin Cong glanced at Bai Muyu, who was pale, patting her shoulder comfortably, and said, "Don't be angry. This party was already a busy event tonight. It's the same for anyone who pays. You want to invite me to come. I'm already very happy. ."

His facial features are upright, wearing black-framed glasses, gentle temperament, handsome and elegant, all of which Bai Muyu likes.

Bai Muyu hated the Shen brothers and sisters in his heart, but in front of the person she liked, it was not easy to get out of control. She could only barely raise a stiff smile and said, "It doesn't matter, you don't have to pay for it and you can enjoy it. Very good!"

Lin Chong smiled and asked her, "Do you want to follow along?"

Bai Muyu sneered, "Of course I have to go, I have to open the most expensive wine, anyway, her family has money!"

Lin Chong raised his eyebrows and asked inadvertently: "Is her family rich? Just looking at Shen Yu, but I don't think so."

Bai Muyu resented Shen Yu and thought of arranging her as soon as she got the chance, so when Lin Chung asked, she said angrily: "Of course she can't see it, you don't know how fake she is, from Since freshman year, I have been pretending to be poor and selling badly, so I have to apply for the subsidy for poor students! As a result, we only recently discovered that her brother is actually Shen Xiao of the Shen Group. I don’t know how rich I have at home! There is really no more hypocrisy than her. "

Lin Chong raised his eyebrows, "Shen's Group? It's not a small start!"

Bai Muyu hummed, "I hate to die!"

Lin Chong grinned, "Do you want to follow?"

Bai Muyu raised her head and said proudly, "Of course, how can we be less at the party in our class!" After she finished, she took the lead to get out and go out.

Lin Cong followed her, and after leaving Bai Muyu's line of sight, he unconsciously raised his eyebrows.

Shen Yu followed the manager all the way into the elevator and went to the top floor. Everyone was whispering and seemed very excited.

After walking out of the elevator, It feel that even the grade of decoration is different, and the top floor obviously looks proud.

"Where is my brother?" Shen Yu whispered to the manager beside her.

The manager said with a smile, "Mr. Shen is in another suite on this floor, talking with a few executives. Is Miss Shen going to say hello?"

Is it really to talk about business? Didn’t he follow her phone?

After thinking about it, Shen Yu said: "Wait a moment, I'll go to the suite with the teacher first."

The manager nodded quickly and led them into a luxurious suite.

Compared with the ordinary suite just now, this suite is almost like a palace, and before they came in, the table in the suite hall was prepared with all kinds of food and drinks, even the cakes were prepared, and a few beauties stood beside Health is specially sent to them.

More than a dozen classmates visited the inside and outside of the suite, and finally became stunned. "This is the place where the CEOs usually gather for fun? It’s good to have money!"

Several boys laughed wretchedly and said, "It will be more perfect to have a few more girls to play with!"

Teacher Song hit the boy and said back to Shen Yu, "Although it's a bit overwhelming to say so, I don't think I can let your brother spend the money. I have to pay for it myself. This is me after all. Birthday party."

Shen Yu waved her hands and smiled, "My brother is more domineering. He said please, please, and let the teacher pay for it, he should be angry, and teacher, you should not have any burden, just be a normal party!"

The teacher was refused, and she was secretly relieved. She had tens of thousands of her own deposits. It was estimated that it would not be enough.

The whole room is full of young people. After seeing all kinds of fun things, they immediately scattered to find a project to play. Even Teacher Song was pulled to play mahjong.

Shen Yu didn't particularly want to play, but felt hungry, so she sat alone at the table in the hall and ate, and found that most of the small snacks were her favorite taste, and she ate a few at once.

She thought to herself: Isn't this what Shen Xiao specifically ordered them to prepare, is this guy so careful? ?

Just as she opened her bow and ate food right and left, Bai Muyu and Lin Cong came too late. As soon as she walked in to see her, Bai Muyu walked directly towards her and hummed: "Do you feel proud, have a good face, and feel I'm not as good as you everywhere?"

Shen Yu swallowed the dim sum in her mouth and took two glasses of orange juice for a sip. Then she cleared her throat and said, "You are right, I just feel proud, that is, I have a special face, and you have the ability to open a suite Ah! It is estimated that the VIP card in your hand is not qualified to open."

Bai Muyu was immediately stunned by her, and she was about to have an attack, so she continued to say: "You know that it can't be compared with me, and you just rushed to find me to talk harshly, don't you find it funny? pain?"

Bai Muyu sneered, "It seems that he has confidence, and he knows to say cruel things?"

Shen Yu smiled and said, "Who wouldn't say bad things?? Only stupid people can make bad words everywhere and then be beaten!"

Bai Muyu instantly seated on the number, staring: "You...\"

Lin Cong immediately pulled her from behind, and then took her in, and said, "Okay, let's see what Teacher Song is doing."

Bai Muyu was dragged away, not forgetting to glance back at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu sneered without pain, "Idiot."

After a while, Lin Cong, who sent him in, appeared in front of Shen Yu again.

Shen Yu put down the food in her hand and looked up at him, "Is Teacher Lin going to be fair to Bai Muyu? You should have seen it too, it was she who picked things first."

Lin Chong walked to the table, took a plate to clamp things, and then sat on her side, before saying: "Mu Yu's temper is really big, but the people are still very good."

Shen Yu sneered in her heart and said perfunctoryly: "That's your good temper."

Lin Chong didn't move the food on the plate. It seemed that he sat down just to chat with her, but he pushed his glasses and said, "Sister Shen is a local, hasn't you left this city since childhood?"

Shen Yu nodded and said, "Yeah, stay by the side."

He asked again, "I heard Mu Yu say, is your villa in Changhong's villa community?"

Shen Yu made a noise and felt a little strange. Bai Muyu obviously hated her. Why did she tell Lin Chong this? Before tonight, she didn't know Lin Cong at all. Why did Bai Muyu and Lin Chong chat about her?

Lin Chong may have seen the alert in her eyes, and smiled and said: "I have a friend who lives there too. When I mentioned it last time, Mu Yu said by the way, that place is not an ordinary person. Affordable, I have been there once, so I was very impressed."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and didn't want to continue this topic, so she stood up and said, "Teacher Lin, let me eat. I won't bother. I will say hello to my brother. When Teacher Song finds me, help me. Say something please."

Lin Chong nodded with a smile, "Go, thank you brother for us, if he is free, you can invite him to come and play together."

"Well, let me ask."

After finishing speaking, Shen Yu turned and left the hall.

I don’t know why. Teacher Lin clearly seems to be gentle and gentle, but Shen Yu doesn’t like him very much. He feels that he looks strange and uncomfortable.

It may also be because he is the person Bai Muyu likes. She doesn't like Bai Muyu herself, so she doesn't even like the person Bai Muyu likes!

Shen Yu found a waiter and asked the other party to take her to Shen Xiao. She wanted to see if Shen Xiao was really talking about business.

The two luxury suites were close together, and a door came out and walked a few steps along the corridor. When the waiter knocked on the door, Shen Yu felt nervous for a moment.

She didn’t know what she was nervous about, but she can’t help but lower her head to sort out the skirt. Because the heating in the clubhouse is sufficient, Shen Yu’s coat is not put on, and there is a skirt on her body, which is to destroy the day Bai Muqing and Shen Xiao dated, let Shen Xiao paid for it.

As soon as the suite door opened, there was a burst of laughter in the room. Some men and women sounded particularly lively.

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, thinking it seemed to be really entertaining, and hesitated whether to go in.

But just at the stall where she hesitated, the room door was opened, and the people inside had also found her, and Shen Yu also saw the situation inside at a glance.

A group of people sat on the sofa in the lobby drinking and chatting. There are men and women. If you look closely, a few men are quite old, and the women sitting next to them or sitting on their laps are all young and beautiful. At first glance it is not a serious female partner.

In the crowd, Shen Yu saw Shen Xiao at a glance. He was sitting on a single sofa with his back to the door. Like other managers, there was a woman beside him. From the perspective of the door, he didn’t know if she was sitting. On the armrest, she still sat on his lap.

Shen Yu, who was still hesitant to go in, would walk in without knowing what to do.

Several men facing the door saw her first, and one of managers smiled and said, "Yo, here comes another beautiful little sister. I like this figure!"

After listening, everyone laughed.

Shen Xiao drank the wine in his hand and was not interested in the little sister in their mouth, but he turned around and glanced.

This eye almost made him sick on the spot, narrowing his eyes and saying dangerously, "How did you come here?"

Shen Yu didn't expect this to happen. She was actually treated as a companion girl by the big guys present. It was really embarrassing. Fortunately, Shen Xiao found her in time.

But looking at his face, it seems that he is not in a good mood! Shen Yu was afraid, thinking that in the face of such a big brother, he should not easily get sick.

So bravely stepped forward, said softly: "I heard that you are here, I want to come over and say hello, did I disturb you?"

After she finished speaking, she glanced at the woman beside Shen Xiao, and found that she was only sitting on the armrest of the sofa, but the armrest was not high, causing the woman to have half of her ass next to Shen Xiao.

She don't know why, seeing this situation, Shen Yu felt unhappy.

Shen Xiao found Shen Yu's gaze, and he followed the people around him, then frowned, raised his arm in displeasure, pushed hard, and pushed the woman directly to the ground.

Shen Yu: ...

Big Brother: ...

The woman who was pushed to the ground: wow......

She saw Shen Xiao calmly patting the armrest, just where the woman was sitting, and then said to Shen Yu: "Come here."

The bosses looked at the two of them with unbelievable eyes, thinking about what this woman really came from, actually made the always cold Mr. Shen become so active! !
Bix Magic Cube Game World 2020-06-26 15:03:14

Pei Sen, a "civilians" not long into the manor, relying on the young master quickly became the house steward in a short time.

In addition, the young master wants him to stay with him all day. Even if he leaves for a little while, Igel would ask the maid to call him back.

A normal personal butler can’t get that kind of treatment.

Plus since he just took charge of internal affairs, he moved away all maids near the young master’s bedroom. It is no wonder these servants have a tacit understanding of what he intends to do.

Feeling a little stiff, Pei Sen stood in silence for a long time, losing sight of his original purpose.

This is a big misunderstanding!

He and young master are innocent. There's nothing here.

But it is no wonder that these people think wrongly, as soon as Pei Sen takes office, he did nothing but got servants outside the bedroom away, it is easy to think wrongly.

But what he wants to do is to sneak out of here at night, so he has to do this!

Without disturbing the gossipy footmen, Pei Sen left from the other side, "Fortunately, they didn't think I was up to no good for dismissing the footman."

Let's just say that no one has ever held him in such high regard, and he had protected the young master before, so no one doubts about him in this way.

What's more, what Pei Sen could move are only the footmen, not the guards. As a house steward, he has no right to order the guards. Even though there is no night-watchman outside the bedroom, the young master's residence is still closely guarded. Servants are not there to protect the master, but for his convenience.

Pei Sen secretly sighed as he walked back, if the matter he takes the young master left is exposed, perhaps someone will really think that he takes the young master to elope!

That's... not good.

But this kind of thing is really impossible to explain clearly, especially since he and young master really have the secret, it’s more difficult to explain.

Igel has no one in the manor he could trust, but he trusts him, and seeing that Sadin and Kessel both look at him in a different way, not to mention whether that look is for good or evil, it's also about the way Igel treats him.

The boy could seldom treat a man so “tolerantly”, or he would not have driven away so many footmen.

"Anyway, the thing to do has to be done, if anything happens, it is later to consider." Pei Sen began to give up.

There is no way to delay, if the players finds the first instance, not to say players will be too many around the instance zone, the important thing is to lose the first kill, which is really as painful as losing everything.

Bix Magic Cube isn't like other games, where the first kill bonus for any instance is so different from what he would get from a normal instance, which he used to think is a way to encourage players to actively look for instance clues, that's why it's like this, because the instance of the game is so hard to find, if the first kill reward is not rich enough, then this input and output is not proportional.

Because of the importance of the first kill, the late various grand unions of Bix Magic Cube will send specialized people in this area to look for the clues of the instance.

Pei Sen is not in the mood to see the defense situation again, he feels that he could not get the wolf without giving up the child. And now he is no longer a normal player. Ordinary players can still go offline after playing the game, but he can not go offline now, he almost certainly crossed over into this world.

In this case, strength is more important.

"Never mind, money is nothing." thought Pei Sen sadly.

He decided to use an expensive teleport scroll.

In order to take the master, the single-handed scroll can not be used. He has to use a multi-handed scroll even if there are only two of them.

That's double pain.

That night, Pei Sen looked into Igel's closet and lost in thought.

Igel blinked his eyes, "What, this clothes doesn't fit either?"

A wardrobe of luxurious clothes, almost all with very noble style, is the complex luxury Asmia’s nobles like.

However, trying to choose a suitable clothes actually became a problem.

It was completely dark outside, and Pei Sen felt he could not afford to wait any longer. He took a fancy to a less burdensome shirt, and a pair of dark boots and trousers. He did not take them out of the closet for a moment, but glanced at the innocent looking Igel and personally waited on the master to change his clothes.

As he unbuttoned Igel, he looked at the two maids who had not yet left. "Go back, both of you, and come back in the morning."

Karla and Lynne didn't say a word and hurried out, who were afraid they wouldn't go fast enough.

Pei Sen: "..."

He always feels that they misunderstood something.

What's the big deal, he thought and just changed his clothes. It's a mosaic anyway. What's so exciting about it.

He had thought that as long as he upgrades his NPC panel to blue, he would eliminate the mosaic's annoyance, but it doesn't seem to be like that, so he probably needs another upgrade.

In other words, to get rid of the mosaic, he has to be an important figure in the NPC.

But actually, Pei Sen does not want the mosaic to disappear so quickly now, after all, the mosaic is also to protect his psychological bearing capacity.

Other than that, if the blood spattering effect is as good as the real thing, and the mosaic is gone...

Pei Sen felt that he should be in a state of shock.

As soon as Igel was dressed, he looked around, "Do you have anything you want to take, master?"

"Anything?" Igel blinked his eyes, for he had never left the manor by himself, and he now had a strong sense of excitement.

"It's not all right, but I'll try to carry things for you."

There are still some empty spaces in the bag. Space magic is quite high-end. Senior mages like Kessel have their own storage rings. In fact, all used to expand the bag and the warehouse are space equipment belonging to the world of Alex.

Igel could afford it if he wants to, but he didn't go out, there was no such magic thing before, and it wasn't something you could just buy even if you could.

Igel thought for a moment, "Can I take Pecos?"

The fat cat, squatting on one side, shuddered as if with an ominous foreboding, and sprang to the side with a quickness that does not suit his frame.

Pei Sen's gaze fell on the black cat. Living things... are more troublesome, especially since it is Igel's pet but not his.

"You can't take Pecos with you unless you give it to me." he joked.

Players can bring their pets with them and it's no trouble to summon them, but living creatures can not be put into backpacks or warehouses.

Igel didn't hesitate, "Sure, I'll give it to you."

Pei Sen: "..."

He doesn't want it. Thank you.

A useless black cat who is too fat to walk on the road. It can not beat monsters nor find treasure, but can only sleep or eat, why do I want it! It is not good to occupy a pet's cubicle for nothing. It is a waste of space. If I take it out, I will be laughed at.

Moreover, it can not even act cute well, who is still good in front of Igel, but treats Pei Sen only in high snuff.

Pei Sen wouldn't want such a pet!

"Ding, congratulations on your gaining pet Pecos."

Pei Sen:  "..."

Pecos, who is apparently unhappy with the change of owners mewed loudly.

What's the point of following Pei Sen?

It belongs to count Igel Ranno, always!

Pei Sen looked at Pecos. Since Igel wants to take it, so let it be. He was about to put Pecos in the pet compartment when he said, "Gee".

"Pecos [ LV2]

Age: 21

Species: Shadow cat

Skill 1: Stealth Attack (LV MAX), racial talent, can be hidden in a stealth attack.

Skill 2: Shadow Claw (LV1) , can build shadow claw in the void, deal a lot of damage.

Skill 3: Rip (LV Max), talent, any damage will cause a rip bleed effect.

Skill 4: Teeth and Claw Enhancement (LV1), bloodline ability, teeth and cat claws are enhanced, attack improved.

Skill 5: Eclipse (LV1), attack with shadow eclipse damage, can stack."

Pet with five skills, you deserve to have!

Pei Sen: "..."

Wait a minute. What's with the cat? Isn't it just a black cat? Why is it called shadow cat?

At first glance, Pei Sen didn't notice anything unusual about the cat, except that it is obese and looks like a normal cat.

And, as a rare species, wouldn't Pecos be a bit of a wimp? Having lived for more than twenty years, but he is only Level 2 so far, which means this guy's been eating his way to death for years, there's no sense of being a special race.

Look at the skill, this cat is definitely not weak, previously he has not heard of any player caught this kind of pet. In fact, most of the pets in the Bix Magic Cube are useless. Even a level 1 monster like the wild jumping rabbit in the Starling Plain can not be taken as a pet unless it is willing to be one. Generally speaking, magic monsters can not be a voluntary human pet.

Pecos is an exception. He had been Igel's pet, but it had now been given to him, and it must have been Igel's pet of his own free will.

“Peos..." Pei Sen looked at it, who seemed to sense something and his fur was about to explode. It kept meowing around Igel, looking really poor and small and helpless.

Apparently, it doesn't want to change his owner at all, and is now trying to get Igel to change his mind.

All Pecos ever wants is to eat and die... and be a nice, noble pet cat.

However, Igel didn't hesitate to give it to Pei Sen, and it broke the its heart.

The cat doesn't want to change the owner. The cat wants to stay with Igel.

Without looking at it, Pei Sen told Igel to change the clothes, and then he took a few more from the closet in case he needs to change.

Then he took two black cloaks from his backpack and said, "Put them on."

A few years later, the black cloak will be an occasional item for sale by a mysterious merchant who rarely appears in Alex. At this time, the merchant would not have made the cloak, but a few years later, the black cloak will be one of the specialties of Alex, and Pei Sen’s warehouse account has a few of them in stock, and has not had time to give them to his main account to sell in other worlds, just in time to be of use.

"Cloak of Magic Mist (outer clothing): Wearing a cloak hood can completely block the appearance, unless you put down the hood, otherwise no one can see your real appearance under any circumstances. This can block others from exploring specific information."

For players, the second point is more important than the  first one, and many later players acquire a variety of detective skills, some of which are useful for NPC, and some of which can detect other players' panels.

For those who don't want to divulge their own panel data, there's a good chance for them to have a Cloak of Magic Mist.

Igel looked at the black cloak in his hand, which seems... not to be very clean. He wanted to refuse to wear it, but he knew that if he refused, Pei Sen would probably refuse to take him out.

So he decided to put it on in spite of himself.

"Pei Sen, do you have any space-class magic items on you?"

"Well," admitted Pei Sen, "there are a lot of things that can't be explained.”

Igel mused, "Such magic items are usually very expensive, why did you..." come to the manor to apply?

"It's not really a space-class magic object." he sighed. He held out his long and clean hands with no jewelry on them. "It's something that the Bixers were born with." he said, "You can store something, but you can't sell it or trade it for money. Besides, I do have something special on me, but in Casey city... can I gain money?" Only to be killed.

Igel looked at his simple looking ring, which would probably cost more than a space-class magical item if for sale.

He knew that Pei Sen hadn't been completely honest with him, that he had a lot of secrets, and sometimes Igel couldn't help seeing him inside and out.

Igel knows that his concern for him is genuine. He knows that a lot of people doesn't like him, and he doesn't want Pei Sen to hate himself.

Igel, being paranoid and exceptionally intelligent, hopes he doesn't look so bad in his eyes.

"Shall we go?"

"Well, let’s go."

He held out his hand to Igl, who placed his hand on his palm without hesitation.

Holding Igel's hand, he pulled out a multi teleport scroll. Normally, they need stand in the magic circle released by the scroll within the limited time, but Pei Sen is afraid that Igel would hesitate, so he holds his hand tightly, and if he misses the time, he really would cry.

You know, this scroll is really expensive.

"Master Igel, it's not too late to repent." The white light of the magic circle lit up their faces.

Igel shook his head and looked at him. "I won't regret it." he said.

Thank you for taking me.

At the same time, Aikin, who lives at the manor, sighed, "From now on, let them take turns guarding the place, say I am in a bad mood and I shall see no one but Igel."

"Yes, may lord." agreed Aikin's captain of the guard, but he was puzzled, "We're at the Golden Rose Manor, aren't we safe here? Can Boswick follow us here?"

Aikin shook his head, "He won't come after me. I'm nothing now. He's got what he wants. As long as I don't go to the capital, he won't care."

The pretense was a ruse to gain his trust, but Aikin always held out the hope that Boswick would not be so merciless to him.

Vidor, the housekeeper who had followed Aikin here, said disapprovingly, "Boswick is a cold-blooded man. He has been a knight for many years to avenge himself on the young master. If I were him, I would try to kill the young master. After all, this represents his history of humiliation."

"No one will ever know. The most important knight I ever had was Derry, whose real name is Oke Boswick." whispered Aikin, "The Derry I trusted is dead, and it is only the man who now occupies my former domain is the viscount Oke from the Boswick family."

No one could care more about the new viscount's past, and those who knew of it either stayed in the castle and became the new viscount's men, or ran away with him and came here, and the rest have died in the accident.

"Then, young master, why did you order the captain of the guard to strengthen the defence?"

"Because... my good friend Igel, for the time being, has eloped with someone..." Aikin laughed and cried, waving the note in his hand, "He told me to take care of myself and to stay quiet in the manor until he came back, and not to cause any trouble."

The housekeeper looked at him in shock, feeling for a moment that her tongue was tied, "What, what?"

By the time Aikin knew, it was too late to stop Igel, and he couldn't do that because he knows Igel's temperament that since this guy decides some things, no one has ever been able to change it.

"The valet..." Aikin smiled wryly. Igel wrote to him before and he joked about Pei Sen, who knows there is something really wrong with Igel.

To leave the manor without permission, he goes too far.

However, the Kingdom of Asmia is going to be in chaos, like his territory was taken away, which never happened before, and now this kind of big thing has happened, but even the king has turned a deaf ear to it, who gave tacit consent to the things Oke Boswick did. It's not normal.

"It may not be so safe for Igel to stay in the manor now that the kingdom seems to be in disorder." said Aikin, frowning.

When Igel opened his eyes, he saw Pei Sen standing beside him, whose face was obscured by his own black cloak, but his hands still held his own, which reassured Igel.

"Are we... out?"

"Yes, master."

Igel had never been outside the manor by himself, even when he had left it, he would be in his splendid carriage with a great number of guards and servants, and he did not even know what the world looks like outside the manor.

As a nobleman, he would not look out of the window of a carriage. It is an very rude manner.

Even a carriage ride away from the manor was too few for him, and in all the years he had lived in the Golden Rose Manor, he had left less than five times.

There's nothing to see here in the badlands anyway.

For a moment, however, Igel looked up at the twinkling stars and the vast expanse of Starling Plain looming in the distance, his familiar and also strange manor was close behind him.

“Hush...” said Pei Sen, putting his middle finger to his lips, “We are so near to the manor. Come, let us walk a little farther before we speak.”

The two wrapped their cloaks tightly and moved quickly away from Golden Rose Manor in the night wind.

Fortunately, thought Pei Sen to himself, the transmission is in the right direction.

The player panel has a map, so he's not afraid to get lost.

The two men headed toward Casey city. Pei Sen wanted to find the scavenger first. According to the message on the forum, he thought there might be something in the scavenger's hands.

The Golden Rose Manor is in fact very near to the Casey city, but they did not go straight to it, instead they turned to the scavengers' shed, which is a little farther away.

When the scrapper first built the shed, he wanted to find a remote place away from other players, and he didn't want the other players to find it, but when some players noticed that he was sneaky, naturally they were curious, then the shed was exposed in a blink of eye.

"Where are we going?" Igel didn't really know anything, and when he came out, he looked strange in every direction.

Pei Sen looked at the map, "Let's find a place first."

Igel did not ask any more questions, but just followed him.

The roads in Alex are not so easy, and Igel's carriage used to have a magic circle which can perfectly stand shock. In fact, the ground is full of gravel, which made it really hard to walk.

Igel still felt sharp in his boots.

Pei Sen stopped in an instant, "Master, are you out of your depth?"

Igel pursed her lips.

The young master had probably never walked so many roads and never walked on such a bad road in his life.

He did master some spells, but he was still a sorcerer's apprentice, not a primary mage, which means he had not produced qualitative change, and his constitution was the same as a normal person.

No, I think he's weaker than normal.

Pei Sen sighed and crouched down, turning his back on Igel, "Come on up."

At fifteen, Igel is already about the same height as Igel, even though his figure is on average over six feet tall.

Pei Sen remembers that later the popular "NPC" , the Son of God of the Illuminati is a very tall man, and the players estimated his height is about 195 cm.

So it's no surprise that the 15-year-old boy is over six feet tall.

After a moment's hesitation, Igel stepped forward, lay down on his back and put his arms around his neck.

"I'm useless, aren't I, Pei Sen?"

"No, you just haven't been through it."

He thought a man of Igel's height should carry weight, but he is much lighter than he thought.

Combined with the sheer strength of Pei Sen, it is almost effortless to carry Igel on his back.

Igel pressed his cheek, "Just carry me for a moment. I'll be able to walk by myself."


In the dead of night, he carried Igel on his back.

Happening to have light night fog today, the road ahead all becomes not quite clear.

Igel feels as if there are just him and Pei Sen.

Oh, no, and Pecos, who walks at Pei Sen's feet with his face all crumpled up.

Pecos follows them reluctantly, feeling that it is too bad that it should be sleeping on a soft cushion in the manor now.

Why are you slaving away out there?

Cats are so sad. Cats are so miserable.

At this time, just two players are online, who see a hazy black shadow in the fog, which looks very strange.

"What the fuck is that?"

"I don't know. A monster in the mist?"

"Fuck. Don't scare me!"

"Come on, let's take a closer look."


"Yeah, What if it's a monster? Let's see if we can cut it down. Maybe we can get something special."

"What if it's an NPC?"

"That must be a special NPC, too. Maybe It's a HIGH-LEVEL MISSION!"

Two people excitedly rushed up. Pei Sen also saw them through the fog.

He has an instant foreboding.

And his premonitions always come to true quickly.