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Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife 2020-05-31 10:39:53

Cheng Jun's right shoulder was scratched by the debris of an empty ink bottle dropped on the ground. Things happened too fast, so Ruan Jiujiu didn't even notice the drop of the bottle. Thanks for the clothes protection, Cheng Jun wasn’t hurt too much by the glass debris.

But Ruan Jiujiu looked worried.

Cheng Jun was taken over to treat the injury, and Xu Biying, who had passed out, was also taken to check out. Fortunately, it was only hypoglycemia. She was still unconscious and was given fluids. It won’t took much time for her to wake up.

Ruan Jiujiu was so upset. She just kept turning around, which made Tu Nan feel dizzy.

Tu Nan felt a little funny: "Calm down, sister-in-law. It’s just a minor injury."

"It’s my fault." She had a chance to escape. It was because of her hesitation. Otherwise, Cheng Jun didn’t need to suffer this.

Normally, she was very flexible. If it wasn’t sitting for a day and the body was so stiff, she won’t be pushed down by Xu Biying. According to Tu Nan, Xu Biying, with the help of Fang, had entered the company. Although Fang had left the company, she had good relations with several security guards. But after a while, Tu Nan dismissed these people.

The police rushed to inquire about the situation, and Ruan Jiujiu answered truthfully. They had already got the surveillance video upstairs, and after Xu Biying woke up, she’ll be asked to make a note later. The police will check the video after came back to the station.

Because there was no direct injury to Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun wasn’t seriously hurt, so the police can’t give Xu Biying criminal punishment.

Ruan Jiujiu had just wanted to stay away from Xu Biying. But she had no idea this woman was crazy. Who knew she would like a mad dog to bite someone else.

Cheng Jun came out.

Tu Nan was about to step forward but Ruan Jiujiu was ahead of him. Tu Nan then touched his head in embarrassment. Of course, the boss didn’t want to see him in the first eyes. So it was better to leave room for the couple.

"Are you okay, are you okay? Would it hurt a lot? Are your muscles hurt. Can your arm still work?”

Ruan Jiujiu really freaked out. If something went wrong with Cheng Jun's arm, the impact on him will last a lifetime, and no matter how she compensated him, it won't help.

Cheng Jun’s wound just looked scary. In fact, it was very shallow and will be healed within a few days. He didn’t even feel the pain now. But he watched Ruan Jiujiu trotting all the way with anxiety and tension, his calm expression instantly turned into a frown.

"It hurts."

"Quick, sit down and take a rest. You need water? I get it for you.”


Tu Nan on the side looked stunned: "..." The boss was too shameless! !

Cheng Jun was drinking warm water, and Ruan Jiujiu was busy taking care of him. She did everything for him except for getting him just lie in bed. Tu Nan had seen everything. His face even got a cramp, but he immediately got a cold sweat and then pretended nothing happened after being stared at by the boss.

At this moment, a nurse came in and told them that Xu Biying was awake.

Cheng Jun stood up subconsciously, but was dragged by Ruan Jiujiu. Like coaxing him as a little child: "Just sit here and don't move. We’ll be back later."

Tu Nan snorted.

Cheng Jun: "..."

"Sister-in-law, you accompany the boss here. It's not a big deal over there. I’ll check it out."

Ruan Jiujiu: "But ..."

"Easy, I got this.”

Ruan Jiujiu watched Tu Nan to another ward. In the face of the police inquiry, Xu Biying pressed her lips tightly and stared at the ceiling without a word. It wasn’t until Tu Nan entered the door that she recovered her mind. She looked at Tu Nan in disbelief.

"I just have one question—"

In the face of Xu Biying, Tu Nan lost his friendly attitude which he always had to Ruan Jiujiu. His eyes were like the ice, making people feel cold.

"I don't care about your reasons or doubts. You got to understand that you have run into Jiacheng and almost hurt people."

"Cheng Jun is the mysterious big boss, right? Right?" Xu Biying ignored his words completely, murmured with a pale face over and over again, "I need to see Cheng Jun! I need to see him!"

When she became excited, the transparent infusion tube was flooded with red blood. The nurse beside her quickly held her down to calm her down.

"Ruan Jiujiu is a liar! She is no different from me. She is a fake. Don't be fooled by her!"

"She was going to divorce, but she doesn’t. This is must because she knows Cheng Jun is rich!"

Tu Nan said it coldly to the policeman beside him: "Find a doctor to assess her mental state. I have reason to suspect that she has mania and paranoia. Perhaps she is more suitable to stay in a nursing home to recover and then come out."

"Okay, we’ll contact the doctor tomorrow."


On the other side, Ruan Jiujiu was peeling oranges for Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun behaved well. He sat on the hospital bed and waited for Ruan Jiujiu to bring the orange to his mouth. He silently looked at Ruan Jiujiu's devotion to peeling oranges. His eyes were fixed. Ruan Jiujiu felt uncomfortable being stared at by him. She then stared at Cheng Jun angrily.

"What are you looking at!"

Cheng Jun: "I'm afraid you will eat oranges."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Cheng Jun: "Peel off the white veins."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... I advise you to be kind and thank you."

It was because he was hurt for her, so Ruan Jiujiu tried to suppress her anger. If according to her usual temper, she had already beaten him on the spot now. How could he be here to find trouble for her.

She fiercely peeled the orange and handed it to him.

Cheng Jun looked innocent: "I can’t peel it with only one hand.”

Ruan Jiujiu can’t bear it anymore. When she was about to get angry. Cheng Jun immediately frowned and hissed weakly: "The shoulder hurts. It seems that it hurts the bone."

"..." Fine, she endured.

Ruan Jiujiu peeled the petals of the oranges patiently and put them on his hands. Only then did Cheng Jun eat the oranges in peace and contentment.

"Why did you keep holding me for a while? Did you mess with your head?"

Ruan Jiujiu now remembered something wrong with his facial expression at that time. He had been like a fish out of water, and had tightly held her waist, which almost made her breathless. Ruan Jiujiu nearly thought Cheng Jun liked her. Otherwise, why he done this to her?

Cheng Jun was silent for a moment and said, "No, I didn’t."

"So you cared about me?" Ruan Jiujiu teased him.


Ruan Jiujiu: "I knew you wouldn't... um? ? ? "

Ruan Jiujiu was stunned for a moment. She didn't expect Cheng Jun to give a positive answer. In her mind, Cheng Jun’s world had no word for love at all. She was strangely consistent with Jiao Fan in this matter. Both of them believe that Cheng Jun can reproduce asexually and give birth to his offspring.

Therefore, she quickly ruled out the possibility that Cheng Jun would like her.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Why are you so serious? Don't make me think you like me!"

Cheng Jun held the orange in his palm, and the soft orange petals clung to his wet skin. He was about to say what was in his heart. But the next second, Ruan Jiujiu frowned and said, "That would be terrible."

His eyes froze.

Before Cheng Jun had time to ask "Why". Tu Nan opened the door and walked in: "That woman is a maniac. She wants Gu You to come here. If Gu You is related to this matter, then I really won’t forgive him.”

"It has nothing to do with others. She just wanted to come to me to vent her anger."

"In any case, she has to bear the consequences. How could she hurt others according to her will? “

"But," Tu Nan looked at Cheng Jun in annoyance. "Boss, what should I do with my slips of tongue.”

Cheng Jun heard it.

He was very calm and slowly said: "It’s okay to reveal who I am."

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine 2020-05-31 10:38:29

The early morning light sprinkled into the room through the window lattice. Jin Wang and Yaoniang were sleeping soundly on the bed with net.

Jin Wang had woken up in the early morning, but he didn't move.

The petite girl in his arms was still in sleep, with her back against his chest. She curled up slightly while his arms were around her slender neck and the other hand of him was put over her slender waist.

Jin Wang had never been so intimate with her before and he was reluctant loosen his grip.

The faint fragrance of her hair was floating in the air and her bosoms were so soft. Jin Wang was fascinated by this woman and kept rubbing her breasts gently.

He covered his hands on her nipple and fiddled with it.

Yaoniang twisted slightly while Jin Wang began to kiss her neck with delicate skin greedily.

Yaoniang was still muddle-headed and felt her clothes were torn off. Before she could react, Jin Wang entered her body again from behind.

She couldn't help but take a deep breath, but Jin Wang ignored her reaction.

The half-covered bed began to shake again in a melodious rhythm.

It was not until Yao Niang started urging him, Jin Wang finished ejaculating hastily.

It was already bright outside, and the bed was in such a mess that Yao Niang couldn't help but furrowed her eyebrows.

"What can I do about this?

She was timid but also worried.

Jin Wang slowly put on his clothes and said, "Never mind."

Yaoniang took a glance at Jin Wang and reminded how he tossed about her last night. She ventured to complain, "It is your fault. It is late. Everybody in this yard has gotten up already. What's more..." Saying this, Yaoniang paused for a while and then continued, "I don't have any other clean sheet."

That was the key point. Yao Niang felt regret for her since she needed to serve the little princess on the day and even had to serve her father at night. She had to wash the sheet frequently. People were curious and asked Yaoniang why she washed it for several times a week. Yaoniang was unable to tell them the real reason but cleaned silently and her face flushed.

But it was impossible for Yaoniang to have menses every day, so she found another excuse and said she sweated a lot and she couldn't bear the sweat stains on sheet.

Although people were convinced, Yaoniang was at lost what to do because she was timid and she was afraid people would find out the truth. That was why Yaoniang complained about Jin Wang. But at the right moment, Yaoniang was wondering how he’s gon na to leave without being seen.

Jin Wang was aware of her anxiousness but he was not enraged and also didn’t scold her for offending him. Instead he thought this woman was so interesting. Jin Wang reminded that she was torn to tears last night and then looked back at the bed that was in a mess, and he also felt a little awkward.

He coughed slightly to reach out.

Yaoniang realized her impoliteness and was in fidgets. Yaoniang hurried to step to him as Jin Wang reached out his hands and then sat on his thigh.

“Don’t worry. I have assured you,” said Jin Wang.

“But…” Yaoniang was hesitant.

Jin Wang changed the topic and asked, “Are you going to take duty soon?”

As soon as Jin Wang finished his sentences, someone knocked the door. “Yaoniang, did you get up?”

It was Axia who came to Yaoniang.

Yaoniang got up subconsciously and replied, “Yes, I will come later.” She turned to Jin Wang and said anxiously, “What shall I do? How can you leave here? Axia is outside.”

However, Jin Wang remained calm and said, “Go ahead. I will handle this.”

“Are you sure? Don’t let them find you,” continued Yaoniang.

Jin Wang looked unpleased while Yaoniang stopped talking.

Yuyan reported to Mammy Mu in the west wing, “Mu, Yaoniang had gotten up.”

Mu nodded and said, “Go and ask the people outside to leave and invited Jin Wang here.”

Yuyan nodded and then went out. She began to place orders to other servants and soon the people in the foreyard left. After that, Yuyan went to Yaoniang’s room, knocked the door and said politely, “Jin Wang, Mammy Mu invited to the west wing.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Yuyan left so as to avoid embarrassment of Jin Wang.

Jin Wang walked out as Yuyan left and went to the west wing.

Mammy Mu was sitting on the bed while Jin Wang sat across her.

Yuyan delivered them tea and walked out.

“Jin Wang, don’t you have any other plan?” asked Mu.

Jin Wang felt a little strait because Yaoniang was the wet nurse of the princess. Jin Wang thought no one noticed his secret but was discovered by Mu. It turned out that the older, the wiser.

“How did you know that?” asked Jin Wang.

Mu laughed to reply, “Yaoniang is a simple woman and she couldn’t hide her emotion. It is not difficult to find out since she would wash her sheet in the early morning every day.”

Jin Wang coughed again with his hands covering his mouth. It was until then Jin Wang understood why Yaoniang was so agitated and even complained about him. Now he finally found the reason why she was mad at him.

Jin Wang imagined the scene when he left in the morning, Yaoniang would secretly hold a basin of sheet to wash. Jin Wang felt it was unfair to her.

“Do you have any plan?” 

Mu asked again since Jin Wang didn’t reply her.

“I have said that I will marry her, but she declined me.”

Jin Wang would not be frank to others, but Mu had a high virtue and a glorious name and Jin Wang showed respect to Mu.

Mu stayed silent.

Mu was astute enough to understand what Jin Wang meant.

There were various kinds of women in this world and some of them would like to do anything in order to gain a higher social status while others kept arguing for some trifles. But there were still some women who were simple-minded without any vicious ideas.

According to Mu’s observation, Yaoniang was an honest and humble woman.

 Although she looked very pretty, she always insisted her morality and never managed to take a shortcut. But at the same time she would often do some absurd things.

Was she really stupid?

Absolutely not. She was not a stupid woman at all.

At lease, Mu thought she was not a fool. People always said a wife was inferior to a concubine while a concubine was inferior to a mistress. A mistress was inferior to a woman one couldn’t get. Men always felt not satisfied with what they had already obtained, and would be insatiably avaricious to get more.

Although Mu was not sure if Yaoniang did this deliberately, her behavior did impress Jin Wang deeply.

It was well-known that Jin Wang was oversensitive and Yaoniang was sent to the courtyard by Jin Wang consort.

“I think she still doesn’t understand what Jin Wang consort meant. She often tries to avoid talking with a servant girl in the yard. Have you made an investigation on her background?” asked Mu with a smile.

Jin Wang nodded and responded, “Jin Wang consort dared not to go too far. Don’t you know what kind of person she is? Of course, I also asked Fucheng to search out Yaoniang’s background. She is a local person in Jin Zhou. Her brother-in-law is the Ban-tou while his father is a poor Xiucai. Her family background should be blameless.”

Jin Wang referred to Jin Wang consort. Mu couldn’t help but heave a sigh with feeling and said, “Even if you are not satisfied with her, she is your formal wife. You should save face for her. I heard from Yuyan that Jin Wang consort enraged you several days ago and you have never been to her yard since then. The people of side consort Hu behaved arrogantly recently. Jin Wang consort is your wife, but side consort Hu is just a concubine. You have to remember this.”

Jin Wang remained silent for a while and turned over the sapphire ring on his finger. “I know,” replied Jin Wang briefly.

“She is just a little arrogant. She is not a bad woman.”

Jin Wang said nothing and he didn’t want to keep this topic with Mu, because there were many things that Mu didn’t understand. Jin Wang also wanted to hide it from Mu.

Seeing this. Mu stopped talking. She seldom talked so much, but Mu was worried about Jin Wang who may not know how to keep balance among his wife and concubines, so she gave him some suggestions today.

Jin Wang stood up and said, “I am going to leave. I still have something to deal with.”

Mu was about to send him out but was stopped. “Yaoniang is simple-minded. Please help me to take care of her. I will ask Fucheng to dispatch a servant girl to live in the room next to her so that they could take care of each other,” said Jin Wang abruptly.

Mu nodded while Jin Wang left in a hurry.

Yaoniang didn’t take the breakfast back to her room since she wasted much time in the morning. She stood in the kitchen and was about to finish her breakfast there.

A servant girl in pink clothes stepped to Yaoniang to greet her with a sly smile. “You are here,” said the girl.

Yaoniang furrowed her eyebrows as soon as she saw the girl.

The girl was Yaoniang’s maidservant in her last lifetime. Her name was Huan Die’er.

Yaoniang disliked this girl.

The girl had many weaknesses. She liked to gossip behind people and she was fond of eating but averse to work. What’s more, she was peacockish and always made troubles. Yaoniang was often left to straighten out the mess, but Yaoniang could do nothing to this girl because she was dispatched by Jin Wang consort.

Of course, Die’er also had her advantages. She had a broader knowledge than Yaoniang and Dier’er could collect much information in Jin Wang mansion, so she could gave Yaoniang some suggestions. That was also the reason why Yaoniang remained good-tempered to her.

But Yaoniang decided not to be intimate with her in this lifetime. Yaoniang changed her mind when she relived and she also figured out the reason of her miserable ending in her last lifetime. Now Yaoniang thought Die’er was a scheming girl. It must be Jin Wang consort who led her to cast a bone between Yaoniang and side consort Hu before.

If Die’er didn’t egg Yaoniang on, she dared not to fight with side consort Hu. What’s more, Die’er frequently quarreled with people in Liuchun mansion which caused more contradictions to Yaoniang and side consort Hu. Of course, side consort Hu was an implacable foe of Yaoniang at the very beginning. But if it weren’t for Die’er, their contradiction would not be sharpened.

People might think it was just an illusion, and Yaoniang cared about the fact because she suspected it was side consort Hu killed her. Therefore, from the day when Yaoniang started working in the courtyard, she strived to avoid taking with Die’er who always came to strike a conversation with Yaoniang.

Die’er walked over with her breakfast.

“Yaoniang, I can’t eat so much. Do you want this bun?” asked Die’er who pointed at her bowl in which two buns were lying inside.

Yaoniang finished her porridge in a hurry, put the plate back and replied, “Thanks. I am full. I am going to take my duty now.”

Yaoniang left as she finished her words. Die’er frowned and looked at Yaoniang from behind.

Die’er was aware that Yaoniang disliked her, but she couldn’t figure out the reason, and she thought she was not an annoying person.

The rich girl will not be poor 2020-05-31 10:37:25

In the dog days, even if Fu Liheng’s whole body comes with low temperature ( because he is a cold, hard man), he wears this suit will be hot. He has been on two points and one line these two days.(in spite of his company and home, he will not go anywhere else in the dog days.) The central air conditioner at his home keeps at 26 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. The company's air conditioner turns on completely, so he is not bothered by clothing. But apparently she is right, he is in suits, she is laid-back and casual, it really does not look very matching.

Even Fu Liheng does not realize that his mood has changed a lot after he comes back from a business trip. In the past, he would never consider this kind of problem.

Fu Liheng says with a nod and accepts Tong Yuwu's opinion.

Tong Yuwu also relaxes a lot.

The first time her little idea (getting proud of Fu Liheng'love) is successful √.

Men's bottom line is always falling unconsciously, Tong Yuwu is full of confidence instantly, with her efforts, it is not a dream to change the ending of the novel. If she can win by doing nothing, why does she have to fight hard? She is very satisfied and likes the identity of Mrs. Fu, as long as Fu Liheng does not go bankrupt in this life, she will never abandon the identity of Mrs. Fu.(if Fu Liheng will always be a richman, she will not choose to divorce.)

The couple enter the room together, and before they go upstairs, Fu Liheng's cell phone rings.

His mobile ringtone is not exaggerated at all, but the most common ringtone that comes with mobile phones.

Fu Liheng pauses, takes out his mobile phone, and looks at the caller for only a few seconds, then picks it up.

Although it takes only a few seconds, it is enough for Tong Yuwu to suspect it. In the past, she would not deliberately observe who he is calling, but now this time, many things happened. Lacking a sense of security she could not control her bad thoughts.

Why does he hesitate? Who is calling?

Is it inconvenient to answer the phone in front of her! She is not a business spy, and there is no need to avoid her even in business.

Is this Fu Liheng's lover outside? If so, is this woman trying to provoke her? Calling Fu Liheng at this time, does Fu Liheng's real wife dead? (this lover completely ignores Tong Yuwu)

Fu Liheng's voice is steady, "Hey."

The other person is speechless, "You haven't got off work yet?"

Fu Liheng reaches out his hand and squeezes the bridge of his nose, with a slight headache. His memory is not bad, and his memory is excellent from childhood to adulthood. A few days ago, he made an appointment with his friends for dinner to talk about things. But he actually forgets.

Today is very abnormal.

Not only does he not remember an invitation with a friend after work, but he comes home from work ten minutes earlier than usual.

Fu Liheng holds his mobile phone tightly, he does not want to stand his friend up.

Tong Yuwu is close to him. Although he does not turn on the hands-free, she still hears the voice of the other side, and she is relieved in her heart immediately, it is Zhou Chi's voice. Zhou Chi and Fu Liheng are childhood friend and have a very deep friendship. She has also seen Zhou Chi several times in the past two years. Last year, Fu and Zhou expanded overseas together. Both companies have project cases in cooperation. Calling at this time is too normal.

She looks at Fu Liheng and finds him frowning.

Is it possible that Zhou Chi has something that needs to make an appointment with him, then does Fu Liheng want to cancel their temporary appointment?

Tong Yuwu's face is regrettable, she is not pitiful for the dating. This is a waste for such a good opportunity to pull in the relationship between she and Fu Lihen. She does not know when does he will take the initiative to invite her again.

Fu Liheng is about to go to the appointment, and when all the words comes to his mouth, he accidentally glances at the disappointed look on her face. The words changes and the words he saying also changes, "Another day will be fine, I still have something important to do today."

Zhou Chi knows Fu Liheng. If it is not for something very important, he will not break an appointment. So Zhou Chi says generously, "Okay, next time, but if you have something to do, you can tell me in advance."

Zhouchi will never believe that the very important thing of Fu Liheng is to accompany his wife to have dinner.

Tong Yuwu is surprised.

She still has a dating with him.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Liheng casts his eyes down. She does not know what he is thinking about. He just says quietly, "Go upstairs."


The two go upstairs to Fu Liheng's cloakroom, and Tong Yuwu is not a person who likes to spy on privacy. Even though Fu Liheng's cloakroom connects to the main bedroom, she rarely enters. The cloakroom is not small in size. It is in dark when they entering see it. On both sides are open wardrobes. He can hang suits, shirts and trousers in order, and there is a shoe cabinet on the wall with a height of two meters. All the shoes style are the same, Fu Liheng's aesthetic is really specific.

There is a glass cabinet in the middle, which is divided into two layers, the first layer places with watches, and the other layer places with tie clips.

Fu Liheng's casual clothes are not many. He stands by side without saying a word. It seems that he wants her to help him pick clothes.

This is a new experience for Tong Yuwu.

Fu Liheng's daily wear, from clothes to shoes, from tie clips to socks, are all matched by a specific person.

Tong Yuwu takes a black T-shirt and compares it with him. She speaks of him in glowing terms appropriately and playfully, "I didn't know what the clothes shelf(a person no matter what he wears, he will always seem perfect) meant before, but today I can understand it. I think you can debut. "

Fu Liheng stands stock, with a light smile in his eyes.

Clothes and pants selected by Tong Yuwu are calm and casual. They are suitable for Fu Liheng.

When picking shoes, Tong Yuwu is suddenly inspired. "I went to London with Yin Yin last month. I just bought two pairs of sneakers when I was shopping. I almost forget. Do you want to try it together? "

This is really an unintentional positive outcome. At that time, in order to set up public persona of loving couples, she bought lover shoes in front of her little sister(fake friends, always compete against secretly). She does not expect that those shoes come in handy.

When Fu Liheng agrees to change his clothes, he has lost his stance on this matter, hardly needing any struggle, and he nods.

Even Tong Yuwu also feels that Fu Liheng is too cooperative today. If she does not control her mind from diverging, she would have to think about whether Fu Liheng really have lover outside, and he wants to make up in this way to comfort his guilty...

Actually, when Fu Liheng follows Tong Yuwu to her cloakroom, he is still struggling.

Just when they come out of the cloakroom and happen to pass the bathroom. He glances at the large bathtub in the bathroom and quickly looks away.

He has taken ninety-nine steps, and this step is not many.

So be it.

Tong Yuwu's cloakroom is much larger than Fu Liheng's. He is not a playboy. His clothes are just a few colors back and forth, and they are hung in order, which looks very concise. For people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, maybe it's a visual enjoyment for them. Tong Yuwu's cloakroom is different. She has white skin, and has exquisite facial features, she can even control the death of Barbie pink (highly saturated fluorescent or rose red, Because of its poor performance on Asian skin tones, it has the title of "death")... This is the first time for Fu Liheng to come to her cloakroom. On the surface he looks quiet, but her heart is already—

The large sum of domestic and multinational consumption turns out to be this way.

Tong Yuwu certainly does not feel any embarrassment to spend a lot of money of her husband. If Fu Liheng does not give her such an extravagant life by swiping card, she wouldn't be able to jump up and down and be afraid of divorce or choose to please him now.

What's more, Fu Liheng's watch in the cabinet, the most obscure and cheapest one, is enough for her to buy several bags?

So when it comes to spending money, they will not mind the amount.

Tong Yuwu seldom wears sports shoes on weekdays. The lover shoes she bought just hit her aesthetic. The female model she bought is yellow and white, and the male model is black and blue. Recently retro style is very popular in the two years, all kinds of running shoes and old shoes are almost all over the street. She is not going to join in this. If the style of these shoes is not outdated and not burn her eyes, or she wants to set up the petty wife's outlook, she won't buy it either.

"I don't know if you like it." Tong Yuwu is a little embarrassed. "I love it very much at the first saw. I thought it should look good when you wear it. I bought it without thinking about it a few times."

Frankly speaking, Fu Liheng can not appreciate sports shoes. Except for the occasional running fitness wear, most of the time he wears leather shoes. The pair that Tong Yuwu bought him, he does not think it is special, but things has be done. When it comes to this part, he does not stingy to say a few more words, "It's ok."

Expect their engagement ring and wedding ring, this is Tong Yuwu's first couple's design shoes with Fu Liheng 

If she is not afraid of collapsing her public persona persona, she really wants to take photos with Fu Liheng and to post their loving look on moments.

The clothes are changed and the shoes are changed, so they are ready to go out. Tong Yuwu feels that she is used to being a little pride by Fu Liheng. When she walks out of the door, she even dares to speak out her idea again, "you are already too tired of work today, so why not let me to drive. "

In the past three years, the number of times the two people go out to date can be counted, most of the time without the driver, this time should be no exception.

Tong Yuwu is eager to try, "The car you sent me last year has not been driven a few times, how about drive this car?"

At Christmas last year, Fu Liheng gave her a car, the Porsche Paramera white one, which she still likes, but has not drive a few times since receiving this car.

Tong Yuwu gets her driver's license after reaching the age of eighteen. When she meets Fu Liheng, she rarely drives, but with her skills, she feels that there should be no problem at all to drive from home to restaurant.

Fu Liheng sees that she is interested, and it is no need to harsh her buzz, so he has to agree.

The car has been parked in the garage for a long time. Because it is a new car, and the car is often washed by someone, so it looks like it is just leaving the factory.

Tong Yuwu has already thought about it and she would never let go of any opportunity to tantalize Fu Liheng.

She seems to be afraid that he would regret it. She gets on the car at the fastest speed, and then he opens the door and takes the co-pilot seat.

Just sitting, Tong Yuwu comes over, she secretly sprays a little perfume when Fu Liheng changs clothes. Her close approach makes Fu Liheng smell the light fragrance on her body.

when Fu Liheng shows a rarely stunned expression, Tong Yuwu helps him fasten his safety belt.

As we all know, wearing a safety belt is a sultry method. This overbearing president method always makes the silly white heroine unable to resist.

It is the so-called male chase female as climbing a huge mountain, female chase male as eating a piece of cake.

Such tricks can be passed down in idol dramas. They must be effective. If men have a 80% effect on women, then role switching, women can have a 40% effect on men. Tong Yuwu thinks she earns a lot.

After helping him fasten his safety belt, she tilts her head and craftily smiles, "Darling, please let me arrange today."

Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife 2020-05-31 10:36:21

Xu Yanwen’s fingers on the steering wheel clicked uncontrollably. He stretched out his hand to loosen the tie under his neck. Suddenly, he could not help leaning over to Xue Jiayue. His face slowly, slowly, approached hers…  

Xue Jiayue was dreaming. At the moment, she was in a field of flowers blooming in the breeze, where it was full of birds and flowers, as beautiful as a fairyland. She happily played on the grass while collecting many fresh flowers.


Suddenly, a huge black shadow appeared in front of her. She looked up and saw it was Xu Yanwen with a serious face. She was startled and wanted to run back.


Unexpectedly, Xu Yanwen ran faster than her. He took a step forward and grabbed her by the arm. She struggled hard and couldn't get rid of him. Instead, she annoyed Xu Yanwen, who directly pressed her onto the flower field.


She lay on the grass, and Xu Yanwen pressed on top of her. She looked at his handsome face so close to hers in panic. And suddenly, she woke up.


As soon as she opened her eyes, she had a magnified handsome face in front of her. It was Xu Yanwen's face, which was very, very close to hers, just like the situation in the dream. She was startled and retreated back instinctively.


It was a pity that she moved too much and hit the window behind her with a bang. She was knocked so hard that she saw stars and tears rolled down her eyes.  

"Does it hurt?" Xu Yanwen felt painful for her seeing that she was hit like that. He reached out, touched her head, and asked helplessly, "Why are you so careless?"


Xue Jiayue's tears came out in pain, and she was fully awake. Just now, she was dreaming, but he suddenly came to her, and she was scared to wake up. She subconsciously tried to avoid him, but as a result, she hit the window heavily. So, how could it not hurt?  

"How come you suddenly got so close? It scared me," said Xue Jiayue after she finally managed to hold back her tears. She looked at him with grievance, and there was a reproach in her eyes.  

Xu Yanwen didn't expect she would react so much at that moment. He clearly saw that she slept so soundly and showed no signs of waking up. Therefore, he tried approaching her. How did he know that she would suddenly wake up? He wondered if  she had dreamt of something previously.  

"I just saw a fly on your nose. I wanted to help you get rid of it," Xu Yan answered expressionlessly.


He was afraid that if Xue Jiayue knew the truth, she might have to point at his nose and call him the nasty fly.


"It's true?” Xue Jiayue looked at him suspiciously. She felt that what he said sounded not credible.


Xu Yanwen replied calmly, "It’s up to you, believe it or not." Then he gave her another glance and quickly changed the subject, "We’re home now. Don't you get off?"


Xue Jiayue, however, continued to stare at him, as if trying to find the answer she wanted from his face.  

Xu Yanwen did not give her the opportunity to continue watching. He turned his head quickly, reached out to pull out the key of the car, opened the door with his left hand, and walked away with his long legs.


"If you are tired, go home and sleep. To sleep in the bed is more comfortable than in the car," Xu Yanwen left this line to Xue Jiayue as if nothing had happened.  

Xue Jiayue pouted her lips in displeasure. Of course she knew it was comfortable to sleep in bed. If it were not for the cold medicine, how could she sleep in the car?  

Back at home, she directly went to her bedroom. She still felt a little tired and dizzy, so she lied down in bed.


Soon, Xu Yanwen came and knocked on the door. She did not get up to answer it. Instead, she replied "I am sleeping."


Xu Yanwen's soft laughter came from outside the door, and then he said gently, "There is nothing to do in the company this afternoon. I am in the study next door. Call me if you need anything.


Xue Jiayue propped herself up from the bed and raised her voice, "I'm fine. You just do your own business."


Xu Yanwen looked at the closed door and knew she was still sulking! She was still the same as when she was a child!  

Xue Jiayue waited for a while, and heard nothing more from the door. She supposed that Xu Yanwen had left and she went back to bed.


At first she thought that she would not be able to fall asleep, but as soon as she lied down in bed, she fell asleep again. She didn’t wake up until there was another knock at the door.


“Who is it?” she asked, while sitting up from the bed and rubbing her sleepy eyes.


It was Grandpa Xu's voice that came from the door outside, "It's me, Grandpa."


Xue Jiayue was shocked and she immediately woke up. She threw back the covers and scrambled out of bed. She put on her slippers, went to the dressing-table and smoothed her hair with a comb. Then she checked her appearance again to make sure everything was ok. She then turned around and went to the door to open it.  

"Grandpa, why are you here?" Xue Jiayue opened the door and saw Grandpa Xu standing there leaning on a crutch. She reached out to hold him by the arm.


Grandpa Xu looked at her and found that though she looked a little pale, she was in good spirits, so he was relieved and said, "I just heard you have got a cold, so I come and see you. You haven't been to our old house for many days and you haven’t made a phone call, either."


Xue Jiayue took a quick glance at Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen returned her a helpless look while throwing wide his hands. He meant that he didn’t tell Grandpa about her cold. Grandpa had heard from others and asked the driver to send him here.  

"Grandpa, don’t worry about me. It’s just a cold. I only need some medicine and rest for two days!" Xue Jiayue coaxed Grandpa Xu with a smile.


Grandpa Xu patted her on the head lovingly and replied, "Why do I feel you look thinner? Did Yan Wen fail to take care of you? How about letting Sister Zhen come here to help every day? I wouldn’t be relieved if no one takes care of you."


Thinking about Sister Zhen, Xue Jiayue felt quite nervous. Last time, she and Xu Yanwen had suffered it enough. She didn’t like Sister Zhen to involve in her and Xu Yanwen's life. It would be very complicated then.


Xue Jiayue quickly responded smilingly, "Grandpa, I'm not thin. I'm still fat. I weighed it yesterday. I’ve gained two pounds recently. If I continue this way, I should grow into a fat girl. I think my life has been quite good recently. I have regular work schedules. We don’t need to trouble Sister Zhen to help us here. I’ve grown up and I should exercise myself. "


As Grandpa Xu still held fast to his own views, Xue Jiayue began to play the coquetry, making use of her trump card. She tried every means she could, praising and coaxing Grandpa into agreeing not to let Sister Zhen come for help, but he came up with another request that every weekend, both she and Xu Yanwen must go back to the old house, and stay there for one night to accompany him. If there were special circumstances, they could make other temporary arrangements.

The past experience told Xue Jiayue living in the old house was also a headache for her. It meant she had to live in the same room with Xu Yanwen. It would really be inconvenient even if it was only for one night every week. 


She had tried every means to stop Sister Zhen from coming to them. What else could she do now to change Grandpa Xu’s mind? She had to lay her hope on Xu Yanwen, so she looked appealingly in his direction and blinked at him desperately, trying to make him hurry to find a way.


When Xu Yanwen saw her winking at him, he couldn't help thinking of that day at the gate of Friendship Hotel. In order to prevent Xue Jiayue from knowing the truth of the studio, he also tried hard to make eyes at Mr. He, but He was so stupid that he didn't understand what he meant, which made him act like a clown.  

At the moment, seeing Xue Jiayue was just like him at that time, looking so funny , he couldn't help but want to laugh.


Of course, Xu Yanwen understood Xue Jiayue's meaning. He was not as stupid as Mr. He was. However, their present situation was a bit embarrassing. Grandpa now proposed to let them return to their old house for one day every week, which was his minimum requirement actually. If they bargained again and again, Grandpa might be unhappy. They had taken so much effort to move out of the old house. Now if they continued to refuse Grandpa, he might even force them to move back from the apartment completely. Their previous efforts would be completely in vain in that case.

After thinking it over, Xu Yanwen decided to follow his grandpa's arrangement. They would go back to live in the old house one day a week. As for how to settle the specific problem when they lived there, they could try to find a way at that time. In short, disobedience at present was not a good way to escape from Grandpa.  

"Grandpa, we'll follow your idea. From this weekend, we will go back to live one day a week," Xu Yanwen answered obediently.


Grandpa Xu was very glad to hear that. He said with a huge grin on his face, "Well, well, that's settled."


However, Xue Jiayue was shocked by Xu Yanwen's choice. She suddenly looked up at Xu Yanwen on the opposite side. Her eyes widely opened. She really couldn't understand why Xu Yanwen agreed to it. She was annoyed why he didn’t  cooperate with her and refused Grandpa Xu’s unreasonable request!


Xu Yanwen was amused by her appearance. Clearly, he knew she wanted him to say no to his grandpa, but he chose to agree. And he knew that she would have such an expression.


"I'll get some water to drink," Xu Yanwen stood up and picked up the glass to get water in the kitchen.


Seeing this, Xue Jiayue quickly stood up saying, "I am thirsty too, and I have to drink water," she followed Xu Yanwen and entered the kitchen.


Seeing both of the young people entering the kitchen one after the other, Grandpa Xu laughed happily. He thought the relationship between them both seemed to have really improved!


In the kichen, after making sure that Grandpa Xu in the living room didn't pay attention to them, Xue Jiayue lowered her voice and asked Xu Yanwen, "why did you agree to Grandpa? Didn't I wink at you to say no? "  

Xu Yanwen instantly showed an astounded expression, and asked Xue Jiayue in surprise, "I thought you winked to make me agree to  Grandpa's request, didn't you?"


"No, of course not!" Xue Jiayue was almost stomping her feet, but she never thought that Xu Yanwen, who always looked smart would make such an outrageous howler. She wanted to scold Xu Yanwen, but Grandpa Xu was still in the living room. She dared to speak loudly. She could only suppress her voice and snorted, "You are so stupid. I didn't mean that at all."


Xu Yanwen shrugged helplessly, "Then I can't help it anymore. I’ve  agreed to it. Who told you not to say it earlier?"


"I’ve reminded you clearly," Xue Jiayue raised her voice.


"You just winked, but you didn’t say it aloud. How could I know it clearly?" Xu Yanwen sounded innocent.


Xue Jiayue was furious and shouted, "You, You are ... um ..."


Xu Yanwen quickly covered her mouth, and didn't let her finish talking. Then he smiled at the person standing behind her and greeted gently, "Grandpa."

Grandpa Xu looked at them strangely and then he asked, "What are you doing?"


Xu Yanwen’s hand was still on Xue Jiayue's mouth to prevent her from saying what she shouldn't say. He pretended to be very serious and answered, "Jiayue and I are discussing the matter of preparing dinner. She said that Grandpa seldom comes here and she wanted to do the cooking. I said that she hasn't recovered yet, and cannot be tired, so I suggested to go out to eat. But she argued that the food outside is not as good as the homemade…”


When he heard Xu Yanwen's nonsense, Grandpa Xu didn't notice there was any problem with what he said. Probably he knew there was something strange between the two people, but he didn't want to expose them. Anyway, he said with a smile, "Then just follow Jiayue’s idea-- eat at home. Jiayue has got a cold and needs a rest. You can cook, and we'll have a taste of your cuisine."  

“Ok, Grandpa,” Xu Yanwen quickly obeyed.


Grandpa Xu responded and turned around to leave the kitchen.


Suddenly, Xue Jiayue whined, struggling to get rid of Xu Yanwen’s hand covering her mouth. Xu Yanwen tried hard to keep her under control,  so he quickly pressed her head into his arms, while holding her shoulder with the other hand, which looked as if he was hugging her lovingly. In this way, she could neither speak nor get free from him.

Grandpa Xu was very pleased to see two young people hugging happily like this. He was satisfied seeing their  relationship being improved so much. Before, they had never touched each other. So Grandpa was convinced again that love could be cultivated.


Grandpa Xu didn't want to continue to disturb them, so he walked to the living room with the support of a crutch.


As soon as Grandpa Xu left, Xue Jiayue, who was controlled by Xu Yanwen in his arms, struggled even harder, and Xu Yanwen had to let go of her.


Xue Jiayue raised his head, glared at him angrily, and snorted, "What did you just do? Why didn’t you allow me to speak?"


"I'm afraid you would say something wrong," said Xu Yanwen glancing at her exasperated little face, and he felt she looked very lovely.


"You have just said something wrong," Xue Jiayue argued, "If you need a reason to make Grandpa happy, can I not follow you? I ’m not as stupid as you. Obviously, you could say that you were not able to go back to the old house, but you were so stupid that you misunderstood my meaning and did the opposite. With this understanding ability, how can you be a good  president to make the right decision for the company? "

Xue Jiayue was so angry that she didn't hold herself back. She took this good chance to give vent to her sentiment.  

Xu Yanwen smiled and didn't care about it at all. On the contrary,  he felt  she looked funny, and he tried to coax her by saying, "It was a mistake just now, and we haven't encountered it before. We will cooperate more in the future, and there will be no such mistakes when there is a tacit understanding between us. As for the Xu Group's affairs, that is a great task. Actually we have a decision-making team. Thus, to have the implementation of a decision, we must first have a plan. Then various departments have to discuss about it, and finally there is a meeting to make a decision. Generally, there will be no mistakes about decision making in the company.  And I am not that stupid. You can rest assured of this. "


Xue Jiayue darted him a glance and sneered. She told him in her heart, ‘Who cares about your business? I am too lazy to know whether you will make mistakes or not in your company’s decision-making, and it’s all Greek to me.’


From her glance and the expression on her face, Xu Yanwen knew what she was thinking. He said smilingly, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand. I will tell you slowly in the future. You will understand it all after listening to it for a few more times."


Xue Jiayue resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She answered back, "I didn't say I want to listen to it."


Xu Yanwen chuckled, "But I want to talk about it myself."


Xue Jiayue pursed her mouth and turned a deaf ear to him. She warned him, "Grandpa asked you to prepare  dinner. You should start quickly. Be careful of Grandpa's walking stick!"


With this, Xue Jiayue turned to leave  the kitchen.


But Xu Yanwen dragged her, "You want to go away?"


Xue Jiayue looked back at him, asking, "Why not?"


"Stay here to help." Xu Yanwen stared at her.


Xue Jiayue laughed and then refused directly, "Who just told Grandpa that I have a cold and it is inconvenient to cook? Since you have spoken that, you will be responsible for this dinner. "

Then she glanced at Xu Yanwen and told him, "It's time to let go of me, otherwise I'll tell Grandpa."


Xu Yanwen had to let go of her hand.


“Hang in there! I'm going to play chess with Grandpa, " Xue Jiayue patted him  on the shoulder and turned away.


Xu Yanwen was left there speechless.


In the living room, Xue Jiayue and Grandpa Xu were playing chess while Xu Yanwen was working in the kitchen.  In fact, to prepare a dinner was a piece of cake for him. Besides, there were quite some meat and vegetables stored in the refrigerator.  Skilfully, he took out some of them for washing and cutting. Soon enough, he made a sautéed shredded beef, a tomato egg soup, and a shredded potato with vinegar. Thus, the dinner was ready.  

All the dishes were served on the table, and they look excellent in color, aroma and taste. Grandpa Xu was very pleased and gave Xu Yanwen a thumbs up while praising,


"They look good, but I don't know how it tastes?"


"Grandpa, you’ll know it when you have a try," said Xu Yanwen. He picked up a pair chopsticks and helped grandpa Xu with some shredded beef. 


Grandpa Xu tasted it and nodded in satisfaction, "The beef is tender, and tastes good."


Xu Yanwen was relieved and felt very happy.


Dinner was over, but Grandpa Xu was still thinking about it. When he left, he said to Xu Yanwen, "This weekend when you go back to the old house, you can cook for us again."  

Of course, Xu Yanwen would not refuse his grandpa’s request. He replied, "Okay, what do you want to eat? I'll go back and make it for you."


Grandpa Xu replied, "Okay, when I decide, I’ll tell you about it."


Xu Yanwen nodded obediently and watched Grandpa Xu leave.


Happily, Grandpa Xu left.


Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen and chuckled.


Xu Yanwen glanced at her, "Why are you laughing?"


Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows, "I won't tell you." She then turned back to her bedroom.


Xu Yanwen stared at the closed door and wondered if there was something wrong.


That’s all for the night. Originally, they had planned to have a good talk, but as a result, they talked about nothing.  



The next day, Xue Jiayue did not completely recover, and she needed to go to the hospital for infusion. Xu Yanwen drove her there and accompanied her all the time.


It was not until two hours later that Xue Jiayue came out of the hospital gate. Xu Yanwen told her, "I'll take you home. Wait for me here. I’ll go to drive my car out."  

While she was waiting there, she saw Zhang Xiaojiao.


Zhang Xiaojiao also recognized her at a glance and shouted excitedly, "Sister Jiayue, why are you here?"


Xue Jiayue took her by the hand and answered, "I got a cold and came over for infusion."


"Oh, is it better now?" Zhang Xiaojiao asked with concern, "You should take care of yourself. It's not easy to get over a cold."  

Xue Jiayue replied smilingly, "It's much better now. Don’t worry."


Zhang Xiaojiao nodded, "That's good."


Xue Jiayue asked again, "What are you doing here?"


"I am coming to get some medicine for my mother," said Zhang Xiaojiao.


"You’ve already found your mother? Is she in poor health? " Xue Jiayue asked quickly.


Zhang Xiaojiao was very grateful to Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian for their help. She told her, "I've found my mother. I'm living with her now. She hasn't been in good health recently, but after taking medicine, she is much better."


Xue Jiayue hurriedly took some money out from her bag and gave it to Zhang Xiaojiao, "Take this money to buy some tonics for your mother."

"No, I can't accept your money," Zhang Xiaojiao quickly refused. She said, "Sister Jiayue, you have helped me a lot before, and I can live with my mother now, thanks to the great help from you and Sister Tang. I can't ask for your money anymore, and now I have found a job and the salary is quite enough to support my mother and me. Thank you just the same."




"You quickly take back the money. Or I will be ashamed to see you again," insisted Zhang Xiaojiao.


Seeing Zhang Xiaojiao so persistent, Xue Jiayue had to keep back her money. She asked, "Then where do you live now? Can I see you when I have time?"


"Jiayue," Xu Yanwen drove over and saw Xue Jiayue talking to a girl. When the car got close, he recognized Zhang Xiaojiao. It was she who served for them on Tang Yichuan’s birthday in Tangcheng Xiaoyue Restaurant. That night, she not only made a commission on three bottles of Hennessy, but also got a large tip in the end.  

"She is your friend?" asked Xu Yanwen. He opened the door and walked out of the car.


Xue Jiayue glanced at him and remembered that they both used to quarrel about saving Zhang Xiaojiao. She answered shortly, "She was the girl I saved last time."


Xu Yanwen remembered it all at once. Last time, he had asked someone to check it out, knowing that the girl was not a liar, but she really had a scumbag father. 


"Hello," Xu Yanwen nodded to her.


Zhang Xiaojiao hurriedly returned her regards to him, but she found he looked familiar and that she seemed to have seen him once.


Xu Yanwen turned to Xue Jiayue and told her, “Let’s go home.”


Xue Jiayue said goodbye to Zhang Xiaojiao, and exchanged their phone numbers so that they would keep contact with each other.


Zhang Xiaojiao stood there, waved goodbye and watched her get into the car and leave.


After the car drove far away, Xu Yanwen suddenly said, "Jiayue, I think of something very important to tell you."


Xue Jiayue was still on WeChat talking with Zhang Xiaojiao. Hearing this, she asked, "What is it?"


The author’s note--   President  Xu's tactics were even more powerful, and his pleasantries were again set in the way of Xue Jiayue’s. 

I’ll continue to send red envelopes to those who leave a messgae of more than 15 words ~


President Xu took the original as his younger sister. Though they were married afterwards, he didn’t love her from the bottom of his heart. Of course, President Xu was really a direct headstrong man. He had only Jiayue in his eyes. Except for Jiayue there was no anyone else in the scope of his consideration. He really loved Jiayue. He was working hard for Jiayue. He was making progress at the present. We should give him time and chance.

The Little First Grand Secretary in My House 2020-05-31 10:34:10

After lunch, Xue family went to rest. Mrs. Zhou cleaned up and went back to the room.

When she entered the room, she saw the man leaning on the bed. Xue Qingbai had been working in the farm field all morning. He was really tired.

Seeing his wife coming in, Xue Qingbai said, "You must feel tired. Come and have a rest."

"No,  have been used to everything." As Mrs. Zhou said this, she took off her shoes and was on the bed. She sat with the crossing knee beside Xue Qingbai and pressed his calf like stone. She felt bad and said: "Just take care of yourself. If you can't do it, you can have a rest and nobody is pushing you to do it. By the way, what's going on about asking for help with farm work? Dad didn't mention it"

Xue's family has 30 acres of land, which is a huge load for the men of Xue's family. Even when Xue Qingsong was still alive, they also  needed to hire several helpers in the village every year during the busy farming.

All of them are neighbors in the village. They can't help them all the time. Helping ones in urgent need, rather than the poor. This principle makes sense everywhere. So the Xue family has always paid for the workers. It's an old tradition. It's supposed to happen a long time ago, but this year it's strange. It's going to sow soon, but Mr. Xue hasn't said about this.

When he mentioned this, Xue Qingbai was worried.

He hesitated for a moment and said, "I guess father won’t hire others this time."

"He won’t? Then how to handle this?" Mrs. Zhou's face looked worried, "exhaust us?"

Xue Qingbai thought for a while and said, "I think it's because the family can't afford the money."

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhou's face became more complex.

Xue Tao’er was in the inner room. She had heard from her father and mother for a long time. She couldn't help coming out of the room and said, "Dad, how can we not afford the money? A worker who needs 30 pennies a day and no meals, and  if we hire five workers at a time, then doing five or six days is less than one or two silver. Is money more important than people? Maybe it's because the eldest aunt made trouble before and grandpa wants to send Xue Juncai to school."

"Thirty acres of land, and three people do planting. All of this is because  Dad wants you to work all the time until you are dead!" Zhou's voice was filled with tears.

Although Xue Qinghuai, the fourth son, also helps with farming, he has a peddler's job. It's easier to be a peddler than to earn money from farming. How can the shrewd couple stop this business.

However, Mr. Xue's body is not as strong as it used to be. That is to say, Xue Qingbai is the one who plants the most of the 30 acres’ land.

"You are talking nonsense. Dad also plants. Maybe it's all my imagination. Dad is going to do it. "

Mrs. Zhou's mouth was filled with a sneer and she didn't speak.

Xue Tao’er's face was full of anger.

Xue Qingbai toughed his head uneasily, "OK, don't worry. I'll talk to dad about it later."

"Anyway, you're so tired of doing it yourself. If you are dead, leaving us lonely, how it will be? Think about after second brother and the second sister-in-law have gone, and what's the life of the Gou’er! Don't forget, Xue Qingbai, you also have a son! "

With that, Mrs. Zhou took his daughter into the inner room

This is the first time for virtuous Mrs. Zhou to say such cruel words in front of Xue Qingbai. At that time, he couldn't react immediately. It took a long time for his face to show some bitterness.


On the way back from the field in the afternoon, Xue Qingbai asked Mr. Xue to hire a short-term worker.

Xue Qingbai is used to being reticent in his family. He always works but doesn't talk. For the first time, he said this kind of offensive words in front of him. He was quite aware of his ideas, but he is especially uncomfortable.

Mr. Xue looked at his third son.

Compared with the eldest son and the fourth son, the third son is much older from the appearance. Although he was born tall and upright, he has many wrinkles on his face that don't match his age.

This is the result of long exposure to the sun in the farm land. The skin has been dried one layer after another. Only the lack of water all the year round can produce this kind of wrinkle, as long as it is the people who farm in the land all the year round.

His whole body is black and thin, because he had just come back from the farm land, his clothes are wet, and his face also has oil. Obviously, it's not march the season now, it’s March, and ordinary people need to wear lined clothes.

Mr. Xue's eyes are dark, and his back is bent down. He smiled bitterly, "I am so naive. I always think that our family is not well-off, and I can do some things by myself, but I forgot that people are not machine. I will ask if there are any people have time to hire."

Hearing Mr. Xue's words, Xue Qingbai was even more embarrassed. He put on his sandals, stepped on the ground and rubbed his hands, "Dad, if it doesn’t work, we'll do it first, and if we can’t handle, then we can hire others at that time."

Mr. Xue straightened up and said in a loud voice, "Hire. You take the cattle back. I will ask in the village immediately.”

When the sun was about to set, Xue Qinghuai came back from the outside with a shoulder pole.

As soon as He entered the gate, he ran into a few men in the village and said to Mr. Xue that they would come in the morning and come at the same time. After greeting each other, he put the shoulder pole in the warehouse and went back to the room.

When Mrs. Sun saw him coming back, he went to fetch water for him to wash body.

During Xue Qinghuai's washing, she pressed her voice and said, “Father came back from the land in the afternoon, and he went to the village to hire people. I guess it's the third daughter-in-law that can't help talking to him about this."

Xue Qinghuai rubbed his body and said, "We should have hired someone, if the third brother didn't say anything about it I would say, or we will be exhausted."

Mrs. Sun spat and said, "Don't have a hand in this matter. Just wait for it to be done. The third sister-in-law doesn't have some comments on something at ordinary times. But she has an idea in her mind. I have expected that she could not hold her thought to take the lead. Sure it is! "

"Look at what you said. Don't you love your man? Don't I have to work in the field?"

Mrs. Sun immediately stopped talking.

Xue Qinghuai glanced at her and said, "It's not that I am mean to you, but you should put your mind on the real things. The whole family should respect and love each other. Aren’t you tired?"

Mrs. Sun was angry immediately and said, "I want to be so tired? I don't want to offend your elder brother. I'm going to wait for Maodan to be two years older and beg him to teach him. Maybe Maodan has the ability to be a Tong Sheng or something. Naturally, I don't want to offend him

Xue Qinghuai didn't think so. "As for Maodan's study, you don't need to beg. When he is old enough, he can naturally go to the elder brother's private school."

Sun gave him a supercilious look and said, "Are you stupid or something? Is it the same with teaching with heart and not with heart?

Look at Juncai, and then look at Gouzi. They are also taught by the elder brother. Why does Gouzi learn less than Juncai?

Every teacher does not teach everything to common students. Is he not afraid to teach Gouzi to win Jncai?”

"But this time, Gouzi is the winner."

Mrs. Sun sneered, "Who knows what kind of luck he has gotten? He has been unlucky for many years, and he  won that day with good luck. Besides, even if Gouzi, if it's not the second brother and the second sister-in-law are not alive, the eldest brother will teach him seriously? And Shuanzi, who is the son of the third couple is enough old. Your elder brother always says he's stupid. In my opinion, in a few years, Shuanzi will also come back to help the family to farm. I don't want to see that Maodan comes back to work early and sell labor to others all his life. What’s more, others will also hate his stink of sweat."

Hearing this, Xue Qinghuai's face darkened immediately.

Mrs. Sun's words hit his mind. In fact, several brothers of the Xue family, except for the third brother Xue Qingbai, who is a little more dull, are all clever.

Xue Qinghuai is more than ten years younger than Xue Qingshan. When he knew the ways of people, his eldest brother was his father and mother's favorite son. He only read books in the house everyday and did no housework.

No one knows that Xue Qinghuai once wanted to go to school. When he was a child, he helped his family herd cattle. He took the opportunity to go to the private school in the neighboring village to overhear the teacher giving lectures to the schoolchildren more than once, but he knew that he could not be a student in the private school. His family had already provided one student, and could not afford another.

The second elder brother learned the craftsmanship of a carpenter early. The third elder brother concentrated on the farm land. But he didn't want to farm, so he chose to be a pick-and-go man. In fact, it's also good to own a skill, and it's a skill to live.

Many years have gone soon, he has a family. Will he let his son set foot on his own?

"I didn't mean to say that the eldest brother and sister-in-law are too crafty. That day, with the help of the Mr. Yang that he made trouble in the family and Juncai’s illness. Maybe your father might want to send Juncai to school, too. Otherwise, he would hire several workers. "

Xue Qinghuai suddenly came to her and said with a smile, "We don’t have so much money."

Xue's family is in the hands of the old couple, but as for food they get every year, rest food they can get after paying taxes, and the salary of his job, Xue Qinghuai knows in details.

In fact, if it's only to spend money for two children to study, it's enough for the Xue family, but there's also Xue Qingshan. Xue Qingshan went to Qinghe school for five years. After that, he always asked for some money from home, saying that he was going out to socialize. Every rich family could not keep the good condition because of his behavior.

"Without any spare money? Why can’t we sel the land. Land is also money! " Mrs. Sun replied at once.

Xue Qinghuai scolded her, "Don't talk nonsense, my father can't sell the land."

For farmers, the land is the dependence of the old generations. No one will not sell the land until someone is starving.

Sun sneered, "It is hard to say. I've known your sister-in-law and brother clearly in recent years. They are so sly. Do you think Mr. Yang made trouble for nothing? Just wait to see the big play. There are other tricks in the future."

Xue Qinghuai was a little fidgety, and he could not bear to say, "You are so annoying, and you can tell me something about the unseen."

Mrs. Sun glared at him with her eyes and said, "It's your family have so many thoughts and tricks. Do you think I'm willing to be so tired?!

What am I doing for? Not for you, but for our son! When can we be separated from this family? I am free, and you are free.

However, according to the present situation, I still have to endure. Since I am suffering, why am I not allowed to  say it. I talk, and you listen. Whether you like it or not.”

Outside, Mrs. Zhou called everyone to have meals, Mrs. Sun glanced sideways at her husband and went out, then Xue Qinghuai sighed.

Although Mrs. Sun has some defects, she is also a sensible woman. If she is also sly and petty, it's estimated that the family will be out of shape for a long time.

When eating, the atmosphere on the table is very dull. They just eat with their heads buried and don't talk.

Mrs. Zhao took a few bites, and suddenly put down her chopsticks and stood up.

"What are you doing? No more food? " asked Mr. Xue.

"I'll go to see Juncai. He's strong when he's small. This time, he's so ill that he can't eat in a few days. I'll cook him a bowl of egg noodles. You don't care about this grandson, I do!"

In the end, Zhao's voice could not hide her indignation. She felt the key at her waist and went to the inner room to get the flour.

Flour is the rare food in Xue's family. Mrs. Zhao usually locks it in the cabinet in the inner room.


Mrs. Yang hurriedly stood up and said, "Mom, please don't bother. What kind of egg noodles do you want to cook for him. This white flour is fine food. We haven't eaten it yet, so we don't have a reason to cook for him." She said to Mrs. Zhao in the inner room, looking at the others in embarrassment.

"I'll do it. Juncai is so ill. Eating a bowl of noodles with eggs makes sense. Who is disagree with it? Just tell me!"

Soon, Mrs. Zhao came out with a bowl in her hands. Mrs. Yang smiled awkwardly and hurriedly followed.

Dinner was soon over. Mrs. Zhou took Xue Tao'er to clean up the table. The others went back to their rooms.

In the kitchen, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made a bowl of egg noodles, and Mrs. Zhao took it to the east room.

In the east room, Xue Juncai lives alone in the West of the room.

This was Xue Qingshan's study. Later, when Xue Juncai grew up, he set up a place for bed.

There is a room with a big bed beside the window. Next to the wall, there are bookcases, a writing desk and two chairs.

There are some calligraphy and paintings on the wall which were bought from the outside for hanging on to the lips of men of letters

On the bed, Xue Juncai was lying there with a pale face, and his lips dried up. Seeing Mrs. Zhao's coming, he hurriedly sat up on the bed and called “grandma”.

The cry of "grandma" made Mra. Zhao's tears come out immediately, stroking his head and saying, "Get up and eat the noodles. If you don't want to eat, you still have to eat some. Only when you are healthy can you have the strength to study."

Xue Juncai's face showed a trace of pain and whispered, "Even if I keep fit, I can't go to school any more."

Mrs. Zhao clapped him and said, "Nonsense, what are you talking about? And you have your father, how can you not go to school in the future? Hurry up and eat noodles. This is made by myself. It's very delicious with eggs inside. "

"Grandma, I am not filial piety, because I can't eat anything. As soon as I think about that I could have studied hard for a year, and then I'll become a scholar. And at that time, you, grandpa and father can be proud of me, but... "

Mrs. Yang stood aside and sobbed. Mrs. Zhao's was stabbed to the heart by this.

Xue Juncai is her first grandson and the grandson she brought up with her own hands from baby. She loves Xue Juncai so much all the time. The whole Xue family all know that Xue Juncai is Mrs. Zhao's sweetheart and treasure. Anyone will get in trouble if he or she makes trouble with Xue Juncai. If it has not happened the big trouble that she can’t take apart as a woman this time, no one knows the ending.

"You don't have to worry. There's always a way, and you should eat noodles first."


When Mrs. Zhao came back, Mr. Xue was sitting cross legged on the bed, smoking dry cigarettes. There was a water basin on the bed table, in which a bowl of rice is heated.

"Eat fast. What have you been doing for such a long time?"

Mrs. Zhao went to the edge of the bed and sat down, without any words. Seeing that she was still, Mr. Xue said, "What's wrong with you? Don’t eat any food??"

"What is wrong with me? You don't even care about Juncai. He's not your grandson, isn't he?"

She roared twice. Mrs. Zhao raised her corner and wiped her eyes. She cried and said, "You are so cruel.  You even prevent me to talk with Gouzi. But you think about Juncai. How filial he is. He is so sick that he still has a wish to be the home pride. You just live for your face. We can't decide who to spend our own money?

Juncai is good at learning. Everyone praises his success. The eldest son said that he has been studying in the school for about one year. It's no problem to be a scholar next time. Now it's all ruined by the little boy! I think that the two scholars are deliberately suppressing Juncai. The old scholar was invited by chieftain Zheng. Who knows who they're looking for... "

This made Mr. Xue worry.

He also talked with the patriarch about it, but the patriarch told him not to think much about it. But compared with Xue Tingxiang, who seems to have his ideas straightened out suddenly, Mr. Xue must prefers Xue Juncai.

This is a deep-rooted thought for many years. It is also because Xue Juncai is the eldest grandson and the person who will carry forward Xue family. Is it true that he will not go to school if he loses this time?

But it costs money to go to school. How does money come from?

Mrs. Zhao cried and complained, but Mr. Xue didn't speak, just smoked dry cigarettes more and more fiercely.

When he finished smoking a bag of tobacco leaves, he suddenly came to his senses. He threw the bag of tobacco at the foot of the bed, took off his shoes, and leaned sideways on the bed, "Go to bed!"

Mrs. Zhao was shocked by his actions, and she did not dare to speak again.


Dongliju bookstore, Mr. Chen turned over the stack of rice paper in his hand, feeling like a treasure.

"It's good. The words are better than before."

"Xue Tingxiang said modestly, “It's also because of too much writing. "

Mr. Chen told a Cai to go to the counter and take one silver for him.

"In a few days, the school will open. Don't forget the time. Don't forget six rites of worship. As for remuneration to teachers, if you don't have enough money, you can make up later."

Xue Tingxiang hasn't spoken yet. Zhao’er spoke already on the side, "Uncle Chen, don't worry. Qingyuan School is not Qinghe School that only wants money. We have enough money for remuneration to teachers."

Mr. Chen nodded and said to Xue Tingxiang, "As for me, there are many books copying jobs, and the price is good to you. You can take books back and copy it, or copy it in the shop. Of course, if you have free time, you can read the books here. "

"Thank you, uncle Chen."

"It’s no a big deal. I have to hire someone to copy anyway. Your writing is good. I've taken advantage of you." 

Mr. Chen is a sensible person. Only when he knows that all knowledgeable people have their own pride can he say that.

However, Xue Tingxiang actually remembered the kindness in his heart.

After that, he took a job of copying from Mr. Chen, and then stepped out Dongliju bookstore with a move.

As they walked along and out of the southward bazaar, he suddenly changed his way.

"What's the matter? Where are we going? "

Xue Tingxiang didn't speak either, just pulling Zhao'er away, until he got to the noodle stand where they had noodles last time, then Zhao'er understood.

"Boss, I'll take two bowls of Jiupian and more soup."

He chose a clean and empty table to sit down, seeing Zhao’er still standing, and pulled her to sit down.

"What else do you want to eat? I'll take you to eat. "

His expression is very serious, and Zhao’er was moved. She smiled and said, "You are a rich man now? So generous for me."

Xue Tingxiang's eyes darkened, but Zhao’er still said to him that he should save the money for studying to buy something.

After saying this for a long time, She didn't see any reactions from the little man, so Zhao’er just looked up to see him. As expected, she saw the little man was angry.

In fact, it is not clear for Xue Tingxiang to be angry. It may be a kind of expressionless face for outsiders to see. It's just that Zhao’er understands him so much that she reacts at once.

Looking at hi,. his lips were slightly pursed. His cheeks were puffed up a little bit unconsciously. He looked at her with a pair of swarthy eyes. It is true that he is angry!

"Why are you angry again?" Her voice was full of frustration.

He still didn't speak, and she could only come near and said, "What did I say to make you angry? Well, I am wrong. Are we alright?"

He chuckled, "I said I would earne money to bring you to eat something."

Is it because of this?

Zhao’er was still in a daze, he said again, "I am your man, It is nothing wrong for me to take you out to eat should."

After hearing that, Zhao’er almost  choked by her own saliva, and after a while, she continued to say, "Gou’er, what’s wrong? How can you talk about it?"

Xue Tingxiang narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at her, "Am I not your man?"


"Don't you think I'm your man?"

"Don't you really want to be my wife, anf that’s because there are other men in your heart?"

This series of questions directly let Zhao’er not know how to answer, and her mind was in a mess.

"Stop, what are you talking about!" She made great efforts to organize the language, and then said, "It's just  eating a bowl of Qiupian. How can we pull out so many things. Look, here comes Qiupian."

As soon as the voice dropped, the boss brought two bowls of hot and fragrant Qiupian.

"Don't move, don't move. Be careful. Please eat it slowly." The boss put down the noodles and said that there was garlic and vinegar on the table for adding and left.

"Eat it quickly. It's not delicious when it's pasted." As Zhao’er said this, she put some vinegar in one of the bowls and pushed it to Xue Tingxiang's front.

Xue Tingxiang likes to put some vinegar in his noodles, but not too much. He is afraid of acid, but not too little. It will not taste like vinegar. When Mrs. Qiu was still alive, she couldn't control his son's taste, but Zhao’er could make it right.

Xue Tingxiang likes this style for a long time, but when she died, he was not eat vinegar any more.

Because without the person who can help him put vinegar, he tried to finish it by himself, but every time he ended up with a sour ending.

Thinking about this, Xue Tingxiang suddenly calmed down.

She is not dead, in fact, it's not bad now. He will have a lot of time to let her understand that he is her man, not her little brother.

"You eat it, too." Xue Tingxiang took out two pairs of chopsticks from the bamboo tube and handed them to Zhao'er.

Zhao'er looked at him secretly and finally took a breath of relief. This strange temper is exactly the same as when he was a kid, and he did not change even he is an adult!

She thought helplessly and picked up the chopsticks and ate noodles.

After eating the noodles, Xue Tingxiang called the boss to account.

He handed one silver to the boss, who was embarrassed. It turned out that little silver was received from the small noodle stall. They used copper money to pay the bill. The boss had no change.

Xue Tingxiang was stunned, cause he forgot this.

Just when Zhao'er wanted to take out the copper coin and pay for it, he suddenly said, “Wait.” He took out a few eight copper coins from his belt.

It was on that day that he went to Dongliju bookstore for the first time, and Zhao’er gave him the copper coins before she left. He wanted to stand treat with the money he earned. But he finally used her money.

After leaving the noodle stand, Xue Tingxiang asked, "What else do you want to eat? Let's buy it."

Zhao'er took a surprise look at him and said, "Enough. I can't eat more."

He didn't speak, and he just went all the way to the eastern bazaar.

He bought some fruit in this shop,  and some oil cakes in that shop, in addition, they also bought some peanuts, kidney beans and so on. There were six or seven paper bags tied together, all of which were f,Zhao’er’s avorite.

With previous experience, Zhao'er is afraid to say that he spends money recklessly.

Zhao’er followed him with carrying these paper bags. It seems that the mood is strange, and an indescribable feeling spreads in my heart. 

For a while, she shook her head helplessly. 

What a child's temper! 

After supper, Mr. Xue talked to the three brothers of Xue family.

Mrs. Sun could tell that something would   happen, she found an excuse to stay. And Mrs. Zhou did not leave either. Mrs. Yang's sitting beside Xue Qingshan has not moved. 

As for the younger generation, they have all been back to the house. 

It's the custom of Mr. Xue to smoke a pot of cigarettes before he tells us something about it. 

"Dad, what did you say? Land for sale? " 

It's Xue Qingbai's voice. 

In the room, Zhao'er couldn't help but take a look at Xue Tingxiang when hearing the voice. Without speaking, they listened quietly in the room. 

In the principle room, Xue Qingbai said excitedly, "Dad, why are we giong  to sell the land. The land is the livelihood of farmers for the whole life, which is the support of generations. If the land is sold. How can we live? " 

Mr. Xue raised his hand and interrupted him, "Don't get excited, the third child. Let me finish my words. Here is my opinion." 

However, he didn’t continue speaking, instead of putting tobacco in the pipe again. After lighting ad smoking, he said, "I think Juncai is so hard. After learning for so many years, it's a pity that he stops. I want to send him to the school for one year, no matter how good or bad he has been for one year. Your eldest brother said that one year's study will bring him to the way of scholar. If Juncai is successes, we will have a better life in the future."

“What about Gouzi?”

“Of course he also goes to school.” From the beginning to the end, Mr. Xue had no idea that he would not let Xue Tingxiang go. The whole village are watching him, and he doesn’t dare  to contradict.

 "That's why I want to sell the land. Your know the situation of our family. It's hard to send one child. There's not so much money to send two."

After a while, he continued, "Not all of land will be sold, but only two acres can be sold, which is enough for Gouzi and Juncai to go to school for one year. We have so much land. It's not a big deal to sell two acres."

"But whether it's one or two acres, it i selling land. Dad, what should the villagers think of us then? " Xue Qingbai said.

"I sell the land for my grandsons to study, and I don’t care others." Actually, although Mr. Xue's words are so firm, he really cares for saying out of mouth.

In the country, selling land is a disgrace.

"Anyway, I told you about it. I'll find the sellers soon."

Seeing that Mr. Xue was so resolute, Xue Qingbai asked angrily, "We have ploughed the land. Now we are going to sell it. Our previous efforts are in vain."

"That's right, big brother. Father has to sell the land to send Juncai to study. Don't you say something?" Mrs. Sun pinched Xue Qinghuai a few times in the back but he didn't speak. Now he couldn't help making a sound.

Xue Qingshan said evasively, "However, isn't that father's idea?"

"Sister-in-law, don't you speak? The land is sold now, but we can't buy it back later. "

The land near Yuqing village has fixed quantity. These years, there are so many wastelands that were be reclaimed. However, the population is growing year by year. Whoever has land in his own house is reluctant to sell. Now when Mr. Xue said he would sell the land and let out the news, someone would come to buy it.

It's easy to sell but not for buying back.

Mrs. Yang lacked the power to reply, "The land is dead, but the people are alive. When Juncai becomes scholar, he can buy all land. Besides, it's my father's idea. I'm a woman and I can't comment at home."

Seeing that the eldest couple are sitting aside, they are speechless as if dumb chicken. Mrs. Sun's anger is blocked in her heart.

She sneered and said, "The eldest brother said that Juncai would become scholar only after one year's study. But he also said that he would. I haven't seen him did for so many years. If Juncai don't get one year's study, will he continue studying? If he will, do we need to sell more land?"

Xue Qinghuai pulled her and said, "What are you talking about?"

"What? Everyone in the family has to fall back to the eldest couple. Why? The third brother and our family are planting the land. You have to go out to sell goods every day. In a word, the eldest family doesn't have to do anything. When you need money, you can get effortlessly. If the Xue family don't have money, you will sell the land. This Xue family is more than the the eldest family!"

"The fourth daughter-in-law!" Mr. Xue patted the bed table.

Mrs. Sun waved Xue Qinghuai’s hand that held her away. She said in a sharp voice, "I'm fed up with it. I can be agree to sell land. Dad, however, let's talk clearly today. Not ro mention Gouzi. Although I'm petty, I also heard from my husband. At that time, the second brother earned money for his family by carpentry. Several acres of land in our family were bought by the second brother at that time. After the second brother and second sister-in-law died, Gouzi didn't spend much money at home.

"I don't argue against it if Gouzi goes to school, because that’s the whole family owed him. But let's talk about the eldest family. It is the old story that how much the eldest brother spent on studying. Now let's talk about Juncai. If Juncai doesn't have money to study today, we can sell land to support. Does it mean that if Maodan doesn't have money to go to school, we will also sell land to support!"

She didn't wait for Mr. Xue to speak, and then said, "By the way, not only  Maodan, but also the three brother's son, Shuanzi. All of them are grandchildren. They are equal. As long as today dad that he will support Maodan to go to school by selling land  in the future. I have nothing to oppose."

Mr. Xue was surprised to find that all the dry cigarettes had fallen out. The dark tobacco in the pipe rolled out, which made him clap his trouser legs.

He was so angry that he trembled and stared at Xue Qinghuai, "Qinghuai, Are you just standing there but no more words for you wife?"

Xue Qinghuai dragged Mrs. Sun to the their own room. But she struggled to stay. She sat down on the ground and said, "I'm waiting for my father to reply the answer today. Dad, you just say it clearly."

"What are you doing? Come back with me!" Xue Qinghuai roared and dragged her again.

Mrs. Sun clapped his hand, "You are coward, but I am not. Xue Qinghuai, are you a man? You work for your family as an old scalper. But you haven’t gain anything good. You can compare the clothes of me and the first sister-in-law. I am so regretful that I married you!"

As she scolded, she began to cry and shouted to Mrs. Zhou, "The third sister-in-law, would you like to go on living like this? I admit that it's not right that I usually bully you to work more. That’s because I'm so angry. Someone is the honorable young granny? But we are the old slaves. It's not fair! If she doesn't do it, I won't do it. But it's a matter of you and I today. Say something!"

Mrs. Zhou squeezed her lips tightly, and Xue Qingbai pulled her subconsciously, but he still didn't hold it.

She took two steps forward, squeezed the broken hair at the corner of her temples, and said with a low vision, "The eldest brother said that my son, Shuanzi was stupid, and I don't expect that he will be a successful man. I have only one demand. The fourth sister-in-law said that you should be fair for every child. If you really want to send a Juncai to go to school and sell land, father, you owe us a statement."

"What do you want? The land is all mine!" Mr. Xue's face flushed red.

"This is true, but it is Shuanzi’s father to plant. Shuanzi’s father has no skill, unlike the eldest brother who can read, unlike the fourth brother who sells goods. All he does well is using his strength to plant in the farm land, which is like a mother taking care of her baby. Dad said he would send Juncai to go to school, and he said that land would be sold, so don’t you consider the feeling of Shuanzi’s father?"

Xue Qingbai squatted down, grieved like a child. He said, "Daddy, the land can not be sold!"


"Of course, if you still want to sell, we can't stop it, but let's make it clear in advance. If you want to sell, you can just sell the land of the eldest brother. You can't sell the other three land."

Unlike Mrs. Sun, Mrs. Zhou's emotions are not excited, even extremely calm. She was able to say this, obviously thinking for a long time in her heart.

In fact, it is also true. In Zhou's mind, she knows that her son has no talent of studying. Since he can't go to school, he can only farm at home. The son will get a wife later, and the daughter will get married later, all of which need money, but the Xue family's money has never been spent on the other three rooms, all of which have gone to the eldest brother’s family.

As Mrs. Sun said, no one wants to be an old slave to serve others all her life, but after all, Mrs. Zhou is a daughter-in-law. She can't comment at all in the Xue family. But she is not a jelly fish. She also has her own ideas and thoughts. After so many years, she has endured too much and she's had enough. So she takes the opportunity to make things clear.

"What do you mean by that?"

Mrs. Zhou still hung his head, "I don’t  mean much. A family has so many members that should be broken up, and the trees are so high that should be trimmed. If the parents are alive, then the children should live together. We all know these principles. But sooner or later, this family has to be divided, even if it is not divided now, it will also be divided in the future. Since it is necessary to break up the four rooms, there is no one room for exclusive use.

"Since the fourth younger sister-in-law have said so much, I will not repeat it. Each room has its own children, and each of them is a small family. Besides, every small family has to support their families and establish their own businesses. Dad, if you want to support the eldest brother, even for Juncai, we have nothing to say for using the eldest brother’s family resource. The other three rooms are better not to move."

Mr. Xue laughed angrily, "You are trying to be the owner of this family. Your mother and I haven't died yet!"

Xue Qingshan stood out with a look of rage: "Third younger brother, why are still letting your wife fool around! What she's doing is being rebellious!"

Mrs. Yang also changed his character before, scolding Mrs. Zhou seriously, saying that she had instigated discord at home.

Mrs. Sun helped Zhou and said, "I agree with the third sister-in-law. I have no problem selling the land. If you want to sell the land, you can sell the eldest brother’s land. We won’t have other thoughts about how it."

"That's what you think, the third and fourth son!" As for the mess, it's hard to make anyone quiet. Mr. Xue seemed to be ten years older and asked Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai.

"I... "

The two brothers looked at each other, but mumbled.

At this time, two people came in.

They are Xue Tingxiang and Zhao'er.

It's such a mess here in the principle room. They have been standing outside for a long time.

"Gou’er... "

Zhao’er didn't know what the little man wanted to do, so she couldn’t help pulling him. Xue Tingxiang gave her a soothing look, and then stepped forward and said, "Grandpa, I have something to say."

All of a sudden, his words attracted everyone’s attention.


"I just heard a few words outside. The third and the fourth aunt were right."

Not to wait for Mr. Xue to talk to Xue Qingshan, he said, "I am also studying, and later I will spend money at home. If there is enough money at home, it will be OK. But there is no money in the family. It's always a pity that eldest brother can;t continue after  many years; studying. But I also want to go to school, and I can't give up this place for someone else.”

"Shuanzi is eight years old and Maodan is four years old. You can't send the two old ones to study, but two young ones won't go to school. My aunt will be married soon. In another two years, sister Tao’er will be someone’s wife. They are all eager to use money. How can you tell who can use it or not? It's hard to avoid being unfair to those who can't use it. It's better to divide the family early than to have conflicts at home because of these things."

Hearing this, Zhao'er immediately stopped pulling Xue Tingxiang and stood behind him to listen.

Mr. Xue was about to say something when he was interrupted by Xue Tingxiang, "Grandpa, listen to me. There is a saying that there are parents in the village who don't separate their families. It's inevitable that outsiders will laugh at this time. But we can only separate family, but we still live together. Each room is in charge of its own money. As for others, it's just like usual."

"Who will plant the land, you?" Xue Qingshan looked at him with a sneer.

Xue Tingxiang smiled and said, "You can farm by yourself or rent. It can also be planted by grandpa, the third uncle and the fourth uncle as before. Those who do not work will give food or money to others who work. We also run at the price standard outside. No one will suffer any loss."

"Do you still want to go to the school in town? If we are separated, who will support you to study on money?"

This did not frighten Xue Tingxiang. He said with a light look, "Since we are all separated, naturally, we can't blame and bother each other!"

"You are so glib. And I don't agree with you!” Xue Qingshan scolded and said, showing his true nature.

He never thought that he was going to put pressure on Mr. Xue to find a way to send Juncai to school, which would turn into family separation.

Xue Qingshan has self-knowledge. He has never been farmed since he was a child. So did Mrs. Yang. She is is a woman. His son has to study. Who does the work belongs to them after family separation? What's more, he also casts greedy eyes on the money from the fourth brother. Otherwise, the small amount of money from the farm land is not enough for his own small family.

According to Xue Tingxiang, the eyes of Zhou and Sun are bright. Before that, they only wanted to sell land of the eldest family, but they never thought of this.

Zhou thought that she would be able to run his own family in the future. Sun thought that she would live a happy life by selling goods farming land.

Mrs. Sun clapped her hands and said, "Gouzi came up with a good idea. It's all inclusive. Nobody can say anything."

"Third and fourth son, do you think so?" In the same way, Mr. Xue has asked for the second time.

His two old eyes pressed on the following two sons. As long as Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai did not agree, the women of the two families would not be able to decide anything.

"Qingbai!" Zhou looked at Xue Qingbai.

"Brother Huai! We are in charge of our own family. When we want to send Maodan to school, we will send him there. "

Both men were struggling.

For a long time, Xue Qinghuai wiped his face and stepped forward, "I think this method is not bad."

"The third son, how about you?" Mr. Xue  consciously clenched the pipe, clearly that pipe is very hot, he did not feel.

Xue Qingbai didn't dare to lift his head. His voice was like a mosquito chanting, "How about... I follow my wife this time."

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As soon as Lin Dan's words are finished, all the people present are shocked. Even the emperor who has the situation well in hand shows an expression of surprise.

According to Lin Dan, zongzi will be sent to the ordinary people to taste and let them choose for themselves. The final choice must be the taste they like. They don't know who made these two barrels of zongzi, let alone whether it is related to the outcome of a competition, so they can get the fairest result.

No one can refute Lin Dan's words, not even the emperor, because he has promised to give Lin Dan a fair and just competition, everything, can be decided by her. The emperor is so noble that he can’t break his words.

Only then does the emperor realize Lin Dan's real intention. The control power over this competition is no longer in his hands, nor is it in the hands of the judges, but in the hands of the people. In order to prevent him from using imperial power to interfere, she even stipulates that only those who enter the city, not those who leave can get zongzi. The reason is that the emperor can arrange people to go out of the city to collect zongzi, but he cannot control those who enter the city, only god knows who and when will come to the capital city today.

However, the two barrels of zongzi have been mixed together. Even if the emperor has great magic powers to immediately send a message to let his people dressed as civilians enter the city, but those people can’t tell which barrel of zongzi is Yan Langqing's. In the end, he has to rely on his taste preferences. Besides, he can’t risk his face to find out whom the two barrels of zongzi belong to.

Is this fair? The emperor shakes his head, unexpectedly laughs loudly, "Fair, so fair! Guards, move the two barrels of zongzi to the west gate, and distribute them to those who enter the city. After tasting, each entrant will only be allowed to choose one, not more." In this way, each entrant can only take the one they like best.

The emperor has originally been planned to back Yan Langqing, because this is the woman he has a crush on, and she has just been wronged, spoiling her is just fine. But now, he thinks Lin Dan is very interesting, and this competition is also very interesting. Why don't he be fair and make it more interesting? Next, he will do nothing and will not allow others to break the rules. Let the people judge the results.

Seeing the emperor's cheerful expression, Tang Jiu finally breathes a sigh of relief and looks at Lin Dan with relaxed expression. His eyes become very lustrous, and then he smiles slightly. Once again, he worries for nothing. Lin Dan can always face any impasse calmly and then walk out of the way with her persistence and intelligence.

The Weiyuan Marquis’ lazy casual expression finally fades, now he turns his head, staring at Lin Dan straight. Lord Cheng and Lord Gong whispers together, laughing in a low voice and looking in a good mood. The Duke of Yunnan and Guizhou just rubs his cup and occasionally looks up at Lin Dan with deep eyes.

Yan Langqing is the one with the stiffest expression. In any case, she has not imagined that Lin Dan would put forward such a judgment rule. However, after careful consideration, she has to admire Lin Dan's intelligence. The emperor especially likes women with quick thinking and likes interesting things. He must like Lin Dan very much now and will not take sides with either side.

Yan Langqing feels uneasy, but she is not very flustered because she believes in her cooking skills.

A group of people come to the west gate and pick a high platform on the gate to look down. Two barrels of zongzi are placed side by side by guards, and one is peeled off and broken to let the entrants taste. As Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, many rich people will distribute zongzi to the poor, all of which are due to virtue and good deeds. Therefore, passers-by are not surprised. Moreover, due to the guards guarding them, they dare not plunder. Guards say only those who enter the city can take it, and only those who enter the city can take it. They say only one can be taken away, and no one dares to ask for more.

After tasting both, the entrants soon take their favorite zongzi and leave. The emperor stands on the high platform and looks down. His bored mood has long been replaced by excitement and expectation. He likes this kind of competition, which is uncontrollable, so it is more interesting.

It takes time to process glutinous rice and streaky pork. It is already afternoon when the two get zongzi ready. It is only half an hour before the gate is closed. And they have been delayed for a while on the road, so neither barrel of zongzi can be delivered all to the entrants. However, this doesn’t hinder judgment. There is no doubt that whoever has less zongzi left will win.

They move to a nearby restaurant and take one of the most luxurious rooms. The emperor hurriedly shouts as soon as he enters, "Guards, count the zongzi in the barrels."

Two guards immediately walk to the barrels and count the zongzi in each of them respectively. After the results are obtained, they write the numbers down on paper, and ask the other two guards to count them again. By counting for three times, they all get the same numbers. Then they finish counting. One of the guards walks to the emperor, cups his hands and says, "Report to Your Majesty, there are 288 pieces of zongzi left in the left barrel, 63 zongzi left in the right barrel, so the right one wins."

The gap between the two is really big! The emperor looks at Lin Dan and raises his eyebrows. "Can you recognize which barrel is yours?"

Lin Dan goes to the right and says with certainty, "Of course."

Yan Langqing looks at the two barrels, vacillating, her face is slightly pale.

"How do you know this barrel is yours?" The emperor looks at Lin Dan with a smile.

"I tied a knot at the end of each rope when wrapping zongzi. You can check it yourself if you don't believe me." Lin Dan takes out a piece of zongzi and shows the rope to others. There is indeed a small knot at the end. One can't find it without looking at it carefully in hands.

In order to show fairness, several guards immediately take out all the zongzi and examine them one by one. They nod and say, "Report to Your Majesty, the zongzi on the right are tied with knots, and those on the left are not."

Lin Dan says, "Even if you can’t find the knots, just open the bamboo leaves. Chef Yan, can't you tell your own craft apart?" She picks up two pieces of zongzi and slowly opens them.

If you don't open the leaves, both look exactly the same in size and the shape, as if they are made by the same person. However, when the bamboo leaves are completely disassembled, the inside difference is very big. Previously, when people stood on the high platform overlooking the gate, they could not see clearly what the situation was. But now, the two pieces of zongzi are lying in the jade-white dishes and are all under their eyes.

The zongzi on the right is golden with a clear surface, which looks very delicate and small. The one on the left, its two ends are slightly yellowish white, and the middle part is reddish brown, which seems to have been dipped in a large dye vat and looks very complicated. Whether the dishes are good or bad depends on the color, aroma and taste. After seeing the difference between the two, everyone has to admit that judging from the appearance, Lin Dan has already won.

All the zongzi wrapped by Yan Langqing are of such mixed color, because glutinous rice is white and pickled pork spiced with sauce. The two are steamed together and will naturally dye each other and become less attractive. But she never expects that the glutinous rice soaked in gray water by Lin Dan will turn into brilliant gold and looks very tender and lovely. What exactly is the reason?

She is shocked and she complains, "This is not right! Lin Dan's glutinous rice has been soaked in gray water and it is dirty. How can it look better than mine? "

Before the crowds show their surprise, Lin Dan slowly begins to speak, "You only have a one-sided view. Do you know that the ash formed by burning firewood is cleaner than the spring water, and the dirt inside has been burned off due to the quenching of the flame. Gray water with ash also contains a magical medium, which can be used to clean hands and make dry goods. Soak hard and dry goods in gray water, softening is several times faster than that of clear water. The zongzi I wrapped were soaked in this gray water, called Gray Water Zongzi, which is a specialty of the Baiyue region. Glutinous rice soaked in gray water is not only not dirty, but also stained with a layer of golden yellow; it is soft, glutinous with rich and unique aroma and smooth taste, which is more delicious than ordinary zongzi."

She stretches out her hand and motions, "After the comparison, everyone can judge the aroma and the taste of the two."

The emperor picks up the plate, sniffs the two pieces of zongzi carefully, and can’t help lifting the top of his brows. Then he hands the plate to the old cook beside him. After smelling it, the old cook's eyes light up and he hands it to the next judge. They sniff and finally hand it to Yan Langqing.

Yan Langqing, who has not been yet convinced, has a bloodless complexion after smelling it. This gray water zongzi is indeed like what Lin Dan has said, with a faint aroma of vegetation, and a fresh astringency and faint sauce fragrance mingled with it, which is very unique. But her zongzi are just with the aroma of rice and meat. Although they smell good, they are not rich in layers. Compared with Lin Dan's zongzi, they look ordinary.

"Taste it, everyone." Lin Dan picks up chopsticks with great composure and splits the two pieces of zongzi.

The crowds taste the two kinds of zongzi respectively, and the awe on their faces is even stronger. It is all because of that this gray water zongzi is not only bright in color and luster, unique in aroma, but also very soft, glutinous and smooth in taste. Although it has been cooled, the taste remains. It feels slightly elastic when eaten into the mouth. First, it tastes a little sweet of glutinous rice, and then it pours an astringent taste. Finally, it is rich in the taste of sauce and meat that can remain for a long time. The rich juice fills the mouth and makes people have endless aftertaste.

To eat Yan Langqing's zongzi after tasting Lin Dan's zongzi, the taste is decreased immediately by several levels. The white glutinous rice zongzi has been cooled down. It is less soft and glutinous than that when it first comes out of the steaming pot. It is slightly sticky and hard to chew. The core is hard and hard to swallow. Even the meat stuffing has caked and looks dry.

Seeing the frowning brows of all the people, Lin Dan says slowly, "When you eat gray water zongzi after they are completely cold, the taste is better. It is slightly elastic while it is soft and glutinous, and it is very easy to eat. Even if it has no stuffing, one can eat it with sugar and the taste is wonderful, let alone the one with meat stuffing. Ordinary white glutinous rice zongzi will become dry and hard after being thoroughly cold, and it is not easy to eat. It needs to be heated and eaten again. This is the difference between the two. In order to prevent you from saying that it isn’t reasonable, I will take two more pieces of zongzi and heat them up. "

Yan Langqing's hands are shaking with chopsticks; she says nothing but looks at the emperor with hope.

The emperor laughs loudly and motions with his hand, "Servants, go and heat the zongzi!"

Immediately, two imperial servants take the zongzi to the kitchen and later return with a food box. The white rice zongzi after heating is indeed very soft and glutinous, and its taste is much better than before, but the gray water zongzi made was golden, with fine and rich grease flowing out of the gap of glutinous rice, giving it a layer of clear and bright luster. One can’t even evaluate how many times it is better than the white glutinous rice zongzi made by Yan Langqing.

The emperor takes a fancy to the gray water rice zongzi at a glance, immediately picks up chopsticks, tastes one mouthful, and then he is satisfied with great admiration. Glutinous rice soaked in gray water is sweeter, softer and smoother, and is completely soaked by the juice secreted by the meat stuffing. Each bite is with rich and delicious meat flavor, which makes people wish to swallow their tongues. After tasting Lin Dan's secret gray water zongzi, the emperor only has four words in his mind when he tastes Yan Langqing's white glutinous rice zongzi--plain and nothing new.

After the two kinds of zongzi are disassembled, the gray water zongzi is good-looking and delicious, while another is bad-looking and hard to eat. No wonder Lin Dan's barrel is almost empty while Yan Langqing's barrel is still half full. This time, she really loses without injustice.

Traveling the villain's sister 2020-05-31 10:31:32

As soon as the half glass of water splashed out, Shen Yu's violent anger felt as if it had also been affected by the cold water, and completely extinguished, even without a trace of smoke.

It's like a balloon that is bursting, boom! Although the sound of the explosion sounded loud, but after the explosion, there was only a little skin residue!

A suffocating silence enveloped the entire restaurant.

Although there is only half a glass of water, the glass is shaped like a drop. The lower part is relatively large and can hold water. At once, Shen Xiao ’s entire face was wet with water, and his hair was also innocently involved. The combed hairstyle was wet and collapsed together, a few strands of hair were wetly attached to his full forehead, and the water droplets dripped down the hair tip, across the cheek, gathered to the chin, and then dripped to the dining table.

Shen Yu seemed to hear the sound of dripping ticks.

Uncle Li, who is a bystander, has already stiffened into a wax figure.

Shen Xiao's hands on the table gradually squeezed into fists, his eyes lifted, and the cold eyes looked attractive.

Thin lips moved, and he asked in a calm, weird tone: "Don't you eat?"

Shen Yu was queried by his scalp for a while, and moved back subconsciously.

She thought: seeing her wearing a cool skirt will be violently thunderous, but his face is calm when she splashes cold water. Has he been completely mad? ?

"Tell me again if you don't want to eat?" He said coolly, as his speech moved, two more drops of water fell on his chin.

Shen Yu's heart beat like a drum, and she took a step back while holding the water cup. Now not only her scalp is numb, but she is numb all over. Why did she just throw him water? ? Was it really her hand that spilled out? ?

The splash was all splashed, and now she couldn't get it back, she can't just stop splashing water!

Thinking this way, Shen Yu took a deep breath and said with courage: "I ... I don't eat !!!"

Shen Xiao frowned and stood up.

With a height of one mile and eight, he stood up and immediately gave others an invisible sense of oppression.

Shen Yu's defense line was already weak. When he stood in such a way, he immediately scared her, put down the cup in his hand, she turned around and ran, then ran into the living room panic.

After two seconds, Shen Xiaolen also stepped up with his long legs and chuckled up, shouting, "Stop!"

Uncle Li covered his chest and felt that he should eat a quick-acting rescue pill.

Husky had his tongue sticking out and shook his tail. When he saw the situation, he excitedly barked twice, and then flicked his tail excitedly to join the chase.

Seeing Shen Xiao chasing over, Shen Yu was even more afraid to stop and ran around the sofa.

Shen Xiao started chasing only out of instinct. When he ran to the living room, he felt a bit stupid and wanted to stop. But he felt that he couldn't catch her and was stupefied.

"Stop!" He said to Shen Yu at the other end.

Shen Yu trembled inwardly, struggling with her lips, "n!"

Shen Xiao stood still, raised his arms, and began to pull up his sleeves, as if to do a big fight.

He rolled his sleeves slowly and made a wink at the bodyguard standing beside him. The two men received his orders and immediately stepped forward to surround Shen Yu.

Shen Yu: ...

Wow, this neuropathy is too shameful, but it is actually called foreign aid! ! ! !

In the end, Shen Yu was grabbed back to the dining table like a chicken by Shen Xiao and pressed to sit on the chair.

Husky found that the happy chase ended so quickly, and felt very unpleasant, so he yelled at them and motioned to continue.

Shen Yu has already fallen into the hands of a neuropathy and can only turn back to stop Erha. "Shut up!" If you are called again, you will become a roasted dog! !

After Shen Xiao pressed her on the chair, he sat down, picked up the bowl and picked up the spoon to prepare to feed her. Because he had fed Shen Yu many times before, he was very skilled.

Obviously it was a very strange and abnormal behavior. After he did it, he seemed to have no sense of disobedience.

Shen Yu thought that she succumbed now, indicating that she had accepted Shen Xiao's arrangements, and then he would feel that his house arrest was correct.

But she was an independent person, not a toy in his cupboard, or a pet that ordered an action. How could she let him do so? Even if he is neurotic, he can't control her like this!

Thinking this way, Shen Yu's mouth closed tighter, and when he handed the spoon, she turned his head to the side and refused.

Shen Xiao: ...

He frowned and turned the spoon aside, but she turned her head again and turned to the other side.

Shen Xiao felt his head hurt instantly.

Today this little guy is really disobedient! !

Taking a deep breath, he admonished himself to be patient and not angry, so as not to scare her.

After building his heart, he patiently changed the soup spoon to one side and continued to deliver to her mouth.

Shen Yu glared, raised her hand and patted his arm arbitrarily, "I don't eat, I don't eat, if you don't let me go out, I would rather die !!"

After talking, she took advantage of Shen Xiao's stunned moment to stand up suddenly, turned around, and ran again. This time, instead of running around, she went directly to the stairs and rushed.

As a result, she ran to the top of the stairs. She gritted her teeth, turned around, and ran back. In the inexplicable eyes of everyone, she picked up the Husky, turned, and ran away.

After she ran to no shadow, Shen Xiao threw the bowl in her hand on the dining table and said, "What's wrong with her?"

Uncle Li watched the accident from start to finish, and felt like a roller coaster. It was thrilling and exciting. It took him a long time to find his voice. "Little girl, maybe ... in the period of rebellion?"

Shen Xiao sneered, "Then her development is too late!"

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Xiao raised his hand and brushed his wet hair behind his head, then wiped his face, looked down at the bowl that had not been fed on the table, the corner of his mouth suddenly ticked up, and then purred, The laughter gradually sounded.

The last shot was out of control.

Uncle Li: ...

Looking at Shen Xiao, Uncle Li was deeply worried, and it was over, sir, is this crazy? ? ?

Shen Xiao didn't smile enough for a long time. He picked up the bowl of rice just now and began to eat it intently. After a few bites, he looked up at Uncle Li and warned: "Don’t secretly give her meals."

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Yu hurriedly ran back to the room holding Huskies, and quickly locked the door of the room, thinking about it without worry, and pushed a small cupboard by the door over the back of the door.

Husky sat next to her, tilting her head to watch her toss.

Husky has been home for two months, because Uncle Li has been well-bred, and he is much larger than when he first came. Shen Yu ran to the third floor with it, and still a little breathless.

Although the dog's body has grown up a lot, it is still stupid, and people want to bully it when they look at it.

Shen Yu blocked the door, turned and walked to sit next to it, sighing and said, "Ergouzi, you have to thank me. In a critical moment, I also ventured back to save you, if I didn't go back and hug you, It is estimated that you will become a roasted whole dog. "

Husky must not understand, because it stood up excitedly again, circled around Shen Yu, begging her to stand up and catch up.

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Yu cross-legged, supported her cheek with one hand, sighed, "I don't know how to make trouble, can I go out tomorrow? Hey, Ergouzi, haven't we had dinner yet? Uncle Li made sweet and sour tonight , Spicy Crab, the Crab  looks fat ... "

While talking, her stomach made a cooing sound. She was angry for a day today and didn't eat much at all. This would be really hungry.

Hey ...What’s wrong

Now she was afraid to go downstairs, not even the door, and did not know whether Shen Xiao would be mad at her.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu got up and took the phone, and then sent WeChat to Uncle Li, "Uncle Li, is the big devil angry?"

After the message was sent, after waiting for a while, Uncle Li did not reply. It was estimated that he didn't see it. She stretched out and climbed up to the bed to lie on her stomach, meditating in her heart. It's nothing to skip food all night.

Uncle Li did not deliberately not return to her WeChat, but did not dare to return. This would mean he was still in the restaurant.

Wechat sounded twice, and Uncle Li's eyelids jumped, and then pretended not to hear, and continued to eat with a bowl. In fact, he would have no appetite at this time, but he was afraid to walk away because he was there.

Shen Xiao took a bite of the dish, chewed it, and said to Uncle Li, "You WeChat sounded."

Uncle Li shook his hand, and the freshly caught ball fell back on the plate. "Oh, it's okay, don't care about it."

Shen Xiao put down her chopsticks and leaned on the back of the chair, so she said, "How do you know it's okay if you don't see it?"

Uncle Li: ...

Li Shu usually has no other good friends except for a few brand friends, but several of his brand friends are old and use old man machines. Almost no one will send him a message. The only person who can chat with him on WeChat is home. Shen Yu, so he didn't need to look at it, he knew that WeChat was sent by Shen Yu.

Uncle Li has been in the Shen family for so many years, and Shen Xiao has long known his interpersonal relationship, so this will tell him something about his WeChat, "You don't want to see it, let me help you."

Uncle Li put down the bowl and wiped his sweat with a tissue. "I ... I will see by myself."

As soon as he pulled out his phone, he was snatched away by Shen Xiao's extended arms.

Shen Xiao took someone else's cell phone, just like taking her own cell phone, opened WeChat in a few clicks, and saw Shen Yu's words at a glance.

"Uncle Li, is the Big Demon angry?"

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows and slender fingers poked on the screen and replied: "No, he is in a good mood humming."

Shen Yu quickly replied: "Ah, ah, this neuropathy, he almost scare me to death!"

Shen Xiao frowned: "Neuropathy?"

Shen Yu: "Oh, Uncle Li, I'm sorry. I shouldn't call him a neuropathy. I will continue to call him the devil."

Shen Xiao: "Good."

Shen Yu coquettishly: "Uncle Li, I'm so hungry. Will you secretly send something up?"

Shen Xiao: "No, the big devil won't let me send it, but he will come back to the room later, you can secretly come down and eat."

Shen Yu: "I don't know when he will return to the room, he has to toss downstairs for half a day every time."

Shen Xiao: "He was mad at you just now, and he will soon go upstairs, you can come down around nine thirty."

Shen Yu: "Forget it, for safety's sake, I'll go down at ten thirty."

Uncle Li sat across from Shen Xiao and saw that he kept sending his head and kept sending messages, and didn’t know what he was talking about. He was so worried that he could only say stubbornly, "Sir, can you return the phone?"

Shen Xiao looked up at him coldly and said, "I have confiscated your phone."

Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day 2020-05-31 10:29:18

It was like some kind of proof.

Shen Jintai rejected Yan Yaoxuan, not just because Shen didn’t like Yan Yaoxuan, but his feelings were also taken into consideration.

The two words “Don’t worry” were polite and felt like Shen was trying to draw a clear line with him.

Yan Yaoxuan sensed something, he turned to ask: “Is this message from Jin? What is it?”

“Nothing.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Yan Yaoxuan was silent for a while, then said: “Forget it, don't tell me.”

He’d only be sadder if he knows. Shen Jintai was still concerned about his brother the most, the message was probably an explanation.

He was really jealous of his brother because Yan Qiuchi had Shen Jintai’s love.

But his brother was…

The loved ones are always headstrong while the unloved ones are busting their ass.

Shen Jintai was lying on the bed, still a little excited.

Yan Yaoxuan actually expressed love to him. Something so dramatic really happened to him.

He always thought that Yan Yaoxuan’s feelings for him was a fan’s admiration mixed with brotherhood.

Turned out, as Yan Yaoxuan said, it was love the whole time.

“Love” is a word that gave him goose bumps, he couldn't even remember how he rejected Yan Yaoxuan.

Yan Qiuchi didn't reply to the message he sent.

He could totally understand Yan Qiuchi's feelings!

If he and Yan Yaoxuan really became boyfriends, he could imagine how annoyed, angry and embarrassed Yan Qiuchi would be.

But when he thought of Yan Yaoxuan's red eyes, he couldn't bear it.

Yan Yaoxuan was emulative. After all, he was educated by a young and mature brother. He was also a man. After he was rejected, he felt ashamed and sad, but he kept it all to himself. It was really heartbreaking.

A maid of Yan’s family came down from upstairs and shook her head at Mrs. Yan.

Mrs. Yan said: “He seldom oversleeps. Why hasn't he got up today?”

“He said he doesn’t feel well and doesn’t wanna get up so early.”

“Doesn’t feel well?” Mrs. Yan stood up.

Yan Qiuchi, on the opposite side of the table, said while eating breakfast: “He’s a grown man, you don't need to treat him as a child. I've booked him a ticket back to England. He doesn't want to leave and was not happy about it angry. This is probably the case. Don't worry about him.”

Mrs. Yan sat down again and said, “Isn't it still a few days before his school starts?”

“A few days early, not a big deal. He has nothing to do at home anyway.”

“I heard from Yaoxuan that you don’t want him to associate with Jin?”

Yan Qiuchi looked up and then ignored it.

Mrs. Yan was a little unhappy, and said: “You don't like Jin, and I won't force you to like, but Jin has lived in our house for a long time since he was a child. You have no love for him, we do. Don't ask others to do things in your way.”

Yan Qiuchi said: “OK, I won’t.”

Mrs. Yan was surprised.

He wouldn’t, and he wouldn’t need to. Because Shen Jintai didn't like him anymore.

The absurd dispute between them for years finally came to an end.

He felt that apart from their unsuitable personalities, their views on love were quite different. He thought that the best love should be choosing a partner carefully before the relationship settles, but not just the hormone impulse. Also, the two persons should love each other. When you love, you should refrain from being confused by it.

He wouldn't be confused by love. He’d treat his partner courteously.

Shen Jintai had completely moved on, which was great. They all left this behind.

Because HCEP would be broadcast before the shooting was finished, the production period was very short, so all departments were in a hurry. Just after a few days shooting, the first trailer was done.

The trailer was presented upstairs. When it was sent to Yan Qiuchi, it had been matched with music and had been subtitled. Yan Qiuchi watched it. The first version of the trailer was very simple. The one-minute trailer had more than 40 seconds to introduce the production team and the cast. In the last ten seconds, a picture slowly unfolded. The red wall was mottled, and the maids passed by in groups. He Lanbi, played by Yang Lizhi, looked back in the melodious flute sound.

Yang Lizhi looking back, Bai Qingquan fiddling with flowers and Shen Jintai raising eyebrows, these were the three highlights of the first version of the trailer.

Gao Qiao watched Yan's reaction quietly.

Yan Qiuchi never let his feelings get on his face, but Gao Qiao had been following him for many years, and Gao could tell his mood by his subtle expression.

Yan Qiuchi was obviously satisfied with this trailer.

Not only Yan Qiuchi was satisfied, but other senior managers of the company were also very satisfied.

Their biggest concern was Shen Jintai, who seemed to be unexpectedly harmonious among a group of handsome men and beautiful women.

The scene of him in the trailer was the first he took. At the royal banquet, he secretly raised his eyebrows and looked at the prince in the opposite direction. He looked at the prince and slowly turned his head aside, with a vague smile on his face. With the moving music at the end, it made people wanting more and it had a special aesthetic aftertaste.

It was the day of visiting. Shen Jintai was very nervous and excited.

Because the first trailer would be released before the site opened for visiting at 10 a.m.

The play “Here Comes the East Palace” was the great work of the year. Ever since the voting for “the most anticipated TV series of this year” was launched online, it had been firmly occupying the top position. High expectations and high investment meant that the materials were also in good hands. During the shooting period, not a single photo had been leaked. The first version of the trailer got even safer security, they want it to be impossible for anyone to see it in advance, even for the cast.

Just waiting for the official account to release it.

This was a trailer that everyone was particularly looking forward to. Passers-by wanted to see how good HCEP could be through this trailer, and the fans wanted to see their idols beautiful faces.

The other stars’ fans were normal, but the fans of Bai Yueguang, Yang Lizhi and Shen Jintai were the craziest.

Among these three groups of fans, of course, Bai’s fans were the most.

“At ten o'clock in the morning, our idol’s beauty gonna strike again!”

“Ahhhhh! I haven't seen my idol in ancient-style costume for a long time!”

“Not just me, some of the youtubers I followed were also waiting for his scene!”

"Brother’s beauty strike!”

“Do the editing, quick. I don't want to see anyone else in this video. I just want to see my idol’s pretty face!”

“Yes, especially Shen Touhua. I don't want to see him!”

"It's hard to say. I can watch this play ten thousand times if Shen Touhua’s not in it. Now I don’t know what decision to make. I hate him so much. Should I watch it or not?!”

“Hug. Me too, but it doesn't matter. We can skip his part then!”

“I saw that there were many people in forums were even looking forward to Shen Touhua?? Ha ha ha, I don't know what’s going on in their little brains.”

“Those forums were just like that, they are all a group of brainwashed fans, or just marketing accounts, all have no opinions on their own!”

“They think that the poster is good so the acting can be good, too? The trailer will tell them that dynamic and static images are completely different! What Shen One Take, this kind of rumor was made up by Jin’s fans themselves!”

Bai Qingquan was in his own fans group, he was almost frightened by these.

“You should have some, too.” Weige pushed the boxed rice over: “It's not how diet works. Your body’s perfect now. You don't need to lose more weight. It’ll do you no good.”

“Have you seen the chat?” Bai Qingquan said: “I feel like they’ll embarrass themselves...”

Embarrassment was not terrible, what’s terrible was the possibility that they could be surprised by Shen Jintai’s acting and become Shen’s fans.

After all, a lot of Bai’s fans used to be Shen Jintai’s fans!

“I don't think there's much of Shen Jintai's part in the first trailer, is there?” Weige said: “The crew knows what to do. They will definitely see you and Yang Lizhi as priorities. Moreover, they mainly rely on you and Yang Lizhi to attract investments. They dare not let Shen Jintai have more scenes than yours.”

Who got more fans and greater influence? It was clear.

Bai Qingquan shook his legs and wanted to check out Shen’s fans group.

The account “Black Moonlight” needed to be disposed. He had to register a new one, but he didn't expect that it was so troublesome to register a new account now, it requires a phone number.

He had to buy another SIM.

He was really uneasy because he was unable to know the reactions and chats of Jin’s fans.

After all, you need know your enemies in order the defeat them.

Shen’s fans group was also very busy.

After all, it was Shen Jintai's first comeback show. The press conference and the poster had made a good start, and they were waiting for the video to triple-test Shen.

If Shen Jintai did well in the trailer, they would be able to wait for the broadcast and a turn-over fight. The darkness before dawn, on the contrary, made them anxious.

“Another hour and a half. I'm in a hurry. Weeping.”

"HCEP is really a big work. I saw several posts in the rabbit forum and the eighth group forum. It's the hottest entertainment topic today. My brother really chose the right play.”

“I wonder if my brother could make it to the top searched list today.”

“When the trailer comes out, we can push him up there together.” Sugar was speaking in the group.


“No problem!”

“I'll do nothing but forward it a hundred times today!”

Several fans even sent out a lot of red envelopes to publicize the event. The red envelopes were named: “Brother Jin will win!”

Xiao Tang conveyed the good will from the fans to Shen Jintai, who smiled and looked at himself in the mirror.

It was not only the day of the trailer’s releasing, but also the day the shooting site open for visit. The press and the fans would come.

This day's scene was a group play, even bigger than the Royal Banquet. The crew also came out of the studio to shoot it in the Han and Tang film and television village.

There were many people in the dressing room. Song Wei sat next to him and said: “Jin, after finishing the work in the evening, would you like to grab a bite together?”

“I’d love that. My treat.” Shen Jintai said with a smile.

“Brother Jin, take me with you.” Zheng Siqi said actively, which was rare.

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “Sure.”

“It was your treat last time, tonight’s my treat.” Said Zheng Siqi.

“Qi, come here.” Song Wei waved.

Zheng Siqi then walked over. He had not yet put on any makeup, his clothes were very casual, and he wore a fisherman's hat.

Song Wei took off his hat, looked at him carefully, smiled and said: “Yesterday I talked to Mr. Cha about you. They said you look a little like Mr. Yan. Now after a close look, you’re really a little like him.”

Zheng Siqi smiled and said: “How can I compare with Mr. Yan?”

“Don’t you think so?” Song asked Shen Jintai with a smile. After asking, she smiled again. She probably realized that it was a little inappropriate to ask Shen Jintai this.

Shen Jintai looked at the mirror calmly and said: “Yes, a little.”

Zheng Siqi didn't find out which part of him was like Mr. Yan. He leaned over on Shen Jintai's shoulder and looked carefully into the mirror.

Seeing Shen Jintai’s magnanimity, Song Wei went on: “It's a pity that Mr. Yan doesn't want to be a star with that face. There’s no one like him.”

Masculine, but also pure and noble. Pretty and gentle. Ascetic and manly. He was one of the many handsome guys, but every time he visits the studio, all the handsome guys and beautiful ladies just felt inferior to him.

From a woman's point of view, these conditions were excellent.

From an actress' point of view, she found Yan Qiuchi's ascetic temperament fascinating.

He had an indescribable kind of abstinence of a gentleman. If this kind of face got magnified on the big screen in a scene full of tension, countless people would be bewitched.

However, Yan Qiuchi came from an extraordinary family, that made it impossible for him to be a star.

“Don’t forget the present I prepared for the fans.” Shen Jintai reminded Xiao Tang.

“What have you got for them?” Asked Li Meilan.

“Some souvenirs from the film and television village, all gadgets.” Shen Jintai said.

And his signed photos.

The signed photos were very common, and the gadgets weren’t valuable. His sincerity was mainly on the things he wrote.

He asked Xiao Tang to get in advance the names of the fans who came to visit, and wrote good wishes with their names on the side. Also, the things he wrote on each signed photo were different, making sure each of these signed photos was unique.

For the fans, there’s nothing in the world more precious than the unique blessing from their idol.

The fans who came come from all over the country. Many of them didn't know each other before. They came together because they shared the same idol. They often chase stars together on the Internet. In reality, it was their first time getting together. So Shen Jintai booked a restaurant and asked Xiao Tang to take the fans there. A special party for his fans. If he has spare time, he’d be there, too.

Shen Jintai also wanted to reimburse them for all the expenses of the visit.

The cast began to prepare for the play before dawn. When the actors and actresses had put on their makeup, the shooting set was ready. There were a lot of reporters. According to the plan, they would finish the shooting first and then do an interview.

Since they had to work, they couldn't take their phones with them, which means that they couldn't see the trailer the first time.

In fact, not just them, but also the fans who came to visit. Their phones had also been temporarily confiscated. The crew members held a speaker and repeated over and over again: “Please abide by our rules. No photos or videos in the whole process. If we find anyone taking photos or pictures with their mobile phones, we will take it away.”

There were many people and it was noisy. Only one video website had obtained the exclusive right to broadcast live. As soon as the livestream started, there was tens of thousands of viewers online. Within half an hour, there was 200000 people watching.

But the most exciting ones were the fans on the spot.

The weather was not great. But at eight o'clock, the sun suddenly appeared from the clouds. Fans gathered behind the deterrent line, and suddenly they saw several nanny cars coming first. A group of actors and actresses in ancient-style garments came down from the car one after another.

Looking from afar, the costumes was waving in the breeze, the jewelries and decorations on them were shining. With the palace-like set, they looked like celestials.

They all had bright skin, and were all glowing in the sunlight.

They walked into the set one by one, accompanied by the screams from their fans. Bai Qingquan the angel face, the gorgeous Yang Lizhi, the refreshing Zheng Siqi, the pretty Liu Hui, the dignified Song Wei and Shen Jintai with ruddy lips, along with other good-looking actors and actresses, they showed what the word beautiful stands for.

This is what it stands for.

I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator] 2020-05-31 10:27:54

Zhang Jianian felt that president Chu really had more than one spirit inside her. She sometimes made you quite agree with her, sometimes you just felt she was so unreasonable. He was about to be persuaded by her remarks, but asked again: "If they are too harsh, and it’s too unpleasant?"

Chu Chu sincerely asked: "Can anyone else suppress me?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Perhaps he should not worry too much about president Chu, but should worry about the other crews in the show?

In the president's office, Xia Xiaoxiao made up her mind to work hard and let president Chu satisfied. She worked all night, sorting out the information of the variety shows and summarizing it into a report. Xia Xiaoxiao handed the finished product to Wang Qing who was quite surprised after reading it and said sincerely: "Better than I thought."

In the beginning, Wang Qing was actually very uneasy. Xia Xiaoxiao had a soft personality, and she didn't show any talents, so no one knew her actual level. The report was detailed with graphic, and the layout was also designed. Obviously, the producer had collected a lot of information and worked hard after digesting it.

Wang Qing made some comments on the content, and added some details, then she said with ease: "You take it to president Chu."

Xia Xiaoxiao froze for a moment, quite hesitantly,"Sister Wang Qing, otherwise you hand it over to president Chu for me..."

Wang Qing looked at her immature face and said seriously: "Only the leaders see your efforts, then it’s really useful."

Wang Qing had been in the office for many years. Naturally, she had some life philosophy and didn’t hide it from interns.

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't expect secretary-general Wang Qing to speak so honestly. She was a little moved in her heart and felt that Yinda Investment's sisters really take care of herself. In Chenxing Film and Television Co., others would not care about Xia Xiaoxiao at all, it’s even kind not to let her take the fall, let alone help her.

Wang Qing instructed Xia Xiaoxiao to bind and organize the documents, and encouraged her to knock on the door of president Chu’s office. Xia Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and knocked gently on the door, and heard a familiar cold voice coming from the door: "Come in please."

Xia Xiaoxiao pushed the door in and found that president Chu was getting up in a coat. She honestly reported: "President Chu, this is the report of the variety shows. Please check it."

Chu Chu was about to go out and, took the report and flipped it through roughly, and she praised, "Good job and I will digest it well."

Xia Xiaoxiao's report was very carefully prepared which could really help. Chu Chu wanted to participate in "I am the King of Sharp Tongue ", for which she just needed information on the variety shows. This was just in time.

Xia Xiaoxiao heard president Chu's praise for the first time, bowed her head nervously and shyly, and suppressed the little excitement and satisfaction in her heart.

Zhang Jianian knocked on the door and entered the office, reminding: "President Chu, your car is here."

He saw that Xia Xiaoxiao in the office and was a little surprised, but he suddenly returned to be calm, and asked: "Do you need someone to accompany you to Xiaoying Culture?"

"Whoever is free, just follow me, and I can go by myself if no one have time." Chu Chu packed her things without looking up. She was going to talk to the directors of " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" and was about to leave.

Zhang Jianian thought about president Chu's crash and felt that he could not let her go out alone. However, everyone in the company did their own job, and president Chu was indeed not equipped with a life assistant. After all, she hated being cared for by others and had strict requirements for details.

In the past, any secretary who had followed president Chu's itinerary would be like being tortured by a storm after returning, and it would take a few days for them to recover.

Zhang Jianian thought about it, suddenly had an idea, and smiled at Xia Xiaoxiao, "Come out with me."

"Okay." Xia Xiaoxiao followed Zhang Jianian blankly, and it was for the first time that she talked directly with president Zhang.

Assistant to the president Zhang was the second hand in the company. He was 28 years old this year, handsome and gentle. Although he had a good temper for president Chu, he was quite dignified in his subordinates. After all, he could stand out among a bunch of old workers in the Qisheng Group with his savvy investment vision and become a companion for Chu Chu. He was by no means not easy to deal with.

Xia Xiaoxiao was a little cowardly with assistant to the president Zhang. He never asked about the President Office’s bussiness, only instructed the secretary-general Wang Qing.

Zhang Jianian glanced at the childish Xia Xiaoxiao, and said: "You accompany president Chu today. Whatever she needs, you arrange in advance. Do not delay president Chu's affairs.

Xia Xiaoxiao was taken aback, and quickly waved her hand in rejection: " Assistant to the president, I haven't been here for a few days. It may be too difficult for me to pick such a big job..."

Zhang Jianian didn’t agree and his face was quiet calm,"It's not an important task, you just have to let president Chu accept your existence and don't be driven away."

Xia Xiaoxiao was at a loss: ...This sounds more difficult? ?

"I don't have time to accompany her today. She seems to have a higher tolerance for you so you can go with her first." Zhang Jianian was actually helpless. He still had a lot of investment cases to deal with, and he could't be the life assistant of president Chu every day.

Xia Xiaoxiao was not fire because of the coffee event, which was definitely a milestone of Yinda Investment. Although Zhang Jianian didn't know the origin of the two, he felt that president Chu treated Xia Xiaoxiao unusually, maybe the small intern could take it .

Zhang Jianian thought of the boss’s recent weird behavior, could not help but frowned slightly, reminding: “If president Chu says something strange, or wants to do something strange, you can contact me if you can’t make up your mind.

Xia Xiaoxiao: "... Okay."

Xia Xiaoxiao noticed that assistant to the president Zhang was very cautious in his tone, and was quite puzzled. What kind of strange things could president Chu do?

After reminding Xia Xiaoxiao in advance, Zhang Jianian went to the president's office with Xia Xiaoxiao, and found Wang Qing,"Today she will be accompanying president Chu. You train her immediately and president Chu will be leaveing soon."

After finishing it, Zhang Jianian  continued to deal with other affairs of the company, leaving Xia Xiaoxiao still at a loss.

Secretary-ggeneral Wang Qing was also stunned for a moment, wondering whether Xia Xiaoxiao was climbing up or standing on the verge of death. She glanced at her watch and found that there was little time left, and she murmured hurriedly: "You go down and sit in the co-pilot position. Remember to open the door for president Chu when she gets in and out of the car. The coffee request is what I said last time. No shallot, ginger, garlic or coriander. No spicy or seafood. And remember to check out secretly during the dinner, and don’t let the boss wait for you to pay. ”

"Carry paper towels, wipes, charging treasure, charging cable, umbrella, marker, stapler, chewing gum with you. If you don't have them, I will lend you first!" Wang Qing finished speaking at once like reading a menu, and asked again, "Are you going to Xiaoying Culture in the afternoon? I will send the information to you. You remember the name and face of the company's seniors in the car, don't get confused!"

Faced with a huge amount of information bombing at her, Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't help turning dizzy. She subconsciously took notes, fearing that she might miss something.

The other secretaries of the president's Office heard Wang Qing's ear-raising orders and were surprised: "Is Xiaoxiao accompanying with president Chu?"

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded obediently.

The secretaries looked at Xia Xiaoxiao who was like a little white rabbit and showed sympathetic eyes, comforted her,"Xiaoxiao, everyone has the first time. If you are scolded, don't cry, and be strong."

Xia Xiaoxiao hesitated,"It’s okay, president Chu is not scary..."

"Huh, it's really the Koi who dare to say this."

(Translator's Note: Koi stands for someone who’s very luky)


Wang Qing was extremely sensitive and irritable under the huge pressure, and said madly: "Okay, don’t make a fuss! Hurry and think about it for me, do I miss anything? President Chu is about to leave!"

The secretary-general suddenly showed her power, and the other secretaries immediately launched an assist, so they dared not chat again.

"Xiaoxiao, you take my laptop with you, it may be useful by then."

"This is the driver's phone, remember to contact him in advance when you leave."

" Elastic? Band-aid? Or bring them all, who knows if they will be needed suddenly."

With the help of the secretaries, Xia Xiaoxiao, carrying the hope of the entire office, accompanied president Chu to appear downstairs. The driver had long parked the car at the door and waited for the two to come down.

 Chu Chu looked at Xia Xiaoxiao's heavy backpack and strangely said: "You have stones in your bag? It looks so heavy."

Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't say that the bag was full of love by her sisters. Her shoulders were sorely hurt, and she opened the door for president Chu awkwardly, saying honestly, "President Chu, watch your step."

Chu Chu saw that the leading actress was so polite, she was really ashamed and unsuited, and her thoughts that she didn't want to bring Xia Xiaoxiao also dispelled. Chu Chu thanked her and went down the stairs to get on the car.

【Please strengthen the aura of "Overbearing President" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【The halo owner of the "Leading actress" is detected around you, and who will have an rejection reaction with you. Forcibly entering the battle task.】

Xia Xiaoxiao swore with her conscience that she was not negligent. She watched president Chu get on the car intently, but suddenly stumbled and couldn’t help falling onto the other. The heavy backpack completely overwhelmed Xia Xiaoxiao, and she fell to president Chu with her inertia and slammed president Chu into the back seat of the car!

Chu Chu was bending over to get in the car. She was about to sit down and was caught off guard. She was barely spitting blood because of the huge thing on her body. Xia Xiaoxiao's weight plus a heavy backpack, like a high-speed meteorite directly hitting Chu Chu.

The driver in the front seat looked at this scene in anxiety. He had never seen such a violent operation and blurted out: "President Chu, are you okay !?"

【Task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao: "Women, you set the fire, you put it down yourself". 】

Chu Chu: ...My flame of life is almost killed by the leading actress, you still play this with me?

The two had ambiguous postures, and Xia Xiaoxiao almost touched president Chu's face. She looked closely at the boss from a close distance, and felt that the other's skin was as clean as porcelain. Xia Xiaoxiao could even hear her soft breath and feel the warm touch of her hands.

Chu Chu was so depressed that he took a breath and said blankly: " ribs are about to break."

Chu Chu was desperate for the overbearing president's aura that it could still play such an old plot! The leading actress fell from a height and fell on the boss to cause physical contact. What an old plot?! Did she have to thank her for not touching her mouth when she fell? ?

Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly panicked hearing this. She hurriedly got up, looked at the boss's cold face secretly, and apologized: "P…president Chu, I’m so sorry! I'm not intentional, I don't know what happened..."

Xia Xiaoxiao regretted so much that she finally made a report that satisfied president Chu. Why did this happen again like evil?

"If the apology is useful, what do the police do?" Chu Chu actually began to get accustomed to such situations. Under the aura of "Overbearing President", her perception of shame became lower and lower, so she gradually liberated her nature. She said recklessly: "Women, you set the fire, you put it down yourself"

"..." Xia Xiaoxiao was hit by a strong corny line, and stood in place numbly.

Asteroid 2020-05-31 10:26:51

As early as before the program group sent them the shooting notice, Stu Ya had a group chat of four people.

This time, they couldn't bring an agent or an assistant to attend the program. At this time, they found that neither of the two people who were going to the program was reassuring.

Xu tangzhou was relatively obedient, but he had never had the experience in this field. Any words and deeds might be magnified on the Internet. He was the one who was easy to make mistakes carelessly.

Ling Che was different. Although he had not participated in variety show, he had countless experience in facing the camera. These experiences often made him feel trapped, no his agent there, he was likely to not cooperate with the arrangement at any time. If it's more serious, it's not possible that he leave halfway.

Stu Ya explained a lot in group chat. Huang Qian had already told to Xu tangzhou, but Xu tangzhou  still listened obediently. Most of what Stu Ya said was to Ling Che.

Stu Ya: [Ling Che, have you read my Ding message? ]

Ling Che's Ding message profile was showing he's online, but he didn't say a word in the group chat.

Again, Stu Ya asked.

It took five minutes for Lingche to reply.

Ling Che: [. ]

Xu tangzhou: "..." Just a full stop?

Instead of asking, Stu Ya seemed to be used to such a way of communication with him and asked the last question instead.

Stu Ya: [Zhouzhou, there are two Alpha in the guest group, including Ling Che. You may have more frequent contacts when you're in recoding. Have you ever injected your estrus inhibitor? ]

This sentence could be understood as that situ Ya was considering Xu tangzhou's safety, or she didn't want him and Ling Che to make spark in the program. Anyway, if that happened, Ling Che would lose more.

It's an awkward topic. After all, the two men were different in gender. Once Omega was in heat, alpha would be passive in heat. The unmarked omega and Alpha were always like an unstable time bomb when they were alone, it's better to be careful to do a good job of prevention.

These words were not easy to be said directly as Alpha, Stu Ya. Huang Qian also understood that.

So he replied first: "Yes, Zhouzhou's inhibitor has validity of half a year at least. In addition, knowing to go on the program, Zhouzhou recently took the initiative to take the drugs to adjust the sensitivity of pheromone, and also prepared neck ring and Mist blockers to ensure that they would not affect Lingche. ] 

Work was work, and Huang Qian has clearly defined the boundaries.

Huang Qian took the initiative to stand in the point of Xu tangzhou, and actively cleared the relationship between him and Ling Che.

Xu tangzhou was beside Huang Qian: "Actually, I'm not feeling well..."

How uncomfortable was him? Of course, it's "I want to be marked" or something. But it sounded too lascivious. He couldn't say it out.

Huang Qian patted his shoulder: "They can rest assured, Ya is a very shrewd woman." 

Situ Ya replied that he was relieved.

And Ling Che sent a cold note: [that's the best. ]

After sending this message, his profile portrait immediately went dark and went offline.

The topic officially ended.

Xu tangzhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Huang Qian said so, and Ling Che didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Xu tangzhou.

Huang Qian told Xu tangzhou: "Remember, I heard that Ling Che is a light sleeper, easily waked up, and will get up, so you'd better not talk to him in the morning. Also, he is very picky about food. If he can accommodate himself, he will. Besides, his hair is taboo. Don't touch his hair. "

"Why?" Xu tangzhou was curious, "what will happen if I meet him?"

Huang Qian: "You  wanna try?"

Xu tangzhou recalled Lingche's appearance: "No, thanks."

Maybe he would transform.

If they wanted to pretend to be friends, they couldn't even know these things. It was agreed to let them find opportunities to get to know each other, but they were busy.

Now Xu tangzhou had to try his best to remember this.

Huang Qian, like an old father, exhorted thousands of time for fear of Xu tangzhou's mistake.

Director and his follow-up assistant, Huang Qian had met with them in advance, hoping that they would be more friendly to Xu tangzhou, the other side of course agreed, but to be honest, Huang Qian couldn't believe it.

After all, the show was famous for its teasing.

Outside the studio, Huang Qian was stopped.

After saying goodbye to Huang Qian, he couldn't help turning back to look at him, which made Xu tangzhou feel a little separated.

In recent days, Huang Qian had taken care of everything. If he was not too young, Xu tangzhou would call him father.

As soon as Xu tangzhou got off the car, he was facing up to a dark scene. The program team even filmed it when they got off the car outside the shed without any notice.

Xu tangzhou was shocked for a moment, and his face showed a rare confusion.


"Good morning, Zhouzhou!" said Mo Mo, assistant photographer, with a smile, "you are the third to arrive! "

Xu tangzhou was not good at all.

The camera almost on his face.

It's impossible to say that he was not nervous. All his experience of facing the camera was that he had shot an advertisement, and the director of the advertisement was trying to make his best pictures. But this bro, he just wanted to shoot how many pores he had.

"Good morning," Xu tangzhou tried to be calm.

Mo Mo was a Beta girl. She took him to sign at the check-in office with a little shy.

The signature was very beautiful. On the cover, there were some words like "Our Perfect Journey" and "I volunteered to take this trip" and other similar things like the consent letter.

It seemed that Xu tangzhou finally had a sense of reality about going to the variety show.

There were two signatures in the signature column. Xu tangzhou recognized that they were the signatures of Lu Chengan and Mi Fei, that was, the AB couple. They came earlier than him.

That was to say, Ling Che hadn't come yet.

Xu tangzhou took a pen and wrote down his name: Xu tangzhou.

When Mo Mo took him into the studio, she might be aware of his nervousness. As he walking, Mo Mo asked irrelevant questions, and then asked, "Do you only take a suitcase with you? What's in it?"

Xu tangzhou: "???"

Did this miss lose her memory? Didn't she send the attachment of the forbidden item to him?

What else could I bring except clothes?!

No matter how dissatisfied Xu tangzhou was with the arrangement of the program group, he was shocked when he entered the studio: In the gorgeous studio, there was a piece of empty space in the central area, and five suitcases were stacked. Can the guests bring so many things?!

Lu Chengan and Mifei, the owners of these five suitcases, greeted him first and laughed at his solitary suitcase.

"He's really young," Compared with other people, Lu Chengan was older. He just took actor award last year. He seemed to have an elegant temperament.

"No one else is morecunning than you," Mifei was still young and liked to smile, "Zhouzhou, can I call you Zhouzhou? I searched your fans. They all call you Zaizai(the sound was like Baby). "

There were seats arranged in the studio. Opposite was a row of people. There were six guests, each of whom was followed by a photographer. There were also a number of directors, deputy directors, assistants and so on.

Xu tangzhou was sitting next to Mifei, so many scenes made him uncomfortable.

Originally, he sat upright, and the more nervous he was, the indifferent he looked. His white skin was like a cold jade, which made people not know how to approach him.

Lu Chengan and Mifei had relieved his tension and embarrassment. He was a little surprised: "How do you know?"

"My sister is Omega. After you represent for Mist, she likes you very much. She knows that we are attending the program together and talk about you in front of me every day."

"I didn't represent for Mist," Xu tangzhou's face was slightly red, "just took a new product's advertisement."

Miffy didn't panic even he's wrong: "Well, sooner or later, believe me."

Lu Chengan was holding Mifei's hand. His pheromone was very gentle. It smell like orchid, and his tongue was also gentle: "Trust Miffy, he is very smart."

Xu tangzhou said: "Really? Thank you. "

"It's okay," Mifei suddenly showed a mysterious smile. Xu tangzhou looked a little different from his appearance.

Soon, the Beta sisters came.

The old sister's name was Xia Yue, and the younger sister's name was Xia Xing. They were not as exaggerated as Lu Chengan, but they still had three suitcases. Girls' luggage was much more than boys' in the end. 

When they came, Qimu, the famous host of the interior scene, also came. When they arrived, she officially began to announce the program rules.

But half an hour later, Ling Che had not come.

At this time, he have missed the scheduled time of the program group.

"I heard Ling Che is preparing for the concert," Xia Xing said, "he and I was taught by the same choreographer. They have been rehearsing in the dance room recently. If they practiced late yesterday, they might not be able to get up today."

Xia Yue came to see: "Xu tangzhou should know." 

Xu tangzhou was called: "Huh?"

He didn't know! 

So what was Ling Che doing yesterday?!

"I don't know," Xu tangzhou took out his acting skills in whole life, "he's very busy recently."

Fortunately, his face was not abundant in expression, so it seemed very calm, in fact, his heart was in a panic.

It's not wrong to say that.

But everyone remembered that he and Ling Che were good friends. Even Qi Mu said: "Why don't you call him, Zhouzhou? We can adjust the time according to the situation."

There were so many people waiting at the scene.

Many people knew the purpose of Ling Che's coming to the program, otherwise who can asked Ling Che to attend the show?

Xu tangzhou, was just a fresher who pretended to be a good friend as Lin Che.

Xia Xing and they mentioned this, maybe they wanted to be a prank, maybe they didn't have a good intention. Xu tangzhou didn't know what they wanted.

But Qi mu, as a high-quality host, asked this question just because he had contributed to the program's rating. Here would be the first pop point after the broadcast.

Xu tangzhou was about to be exposed.

He took out his mobile phone and looked for Ling Che's name in the communication list.

Miffy came up and asked in a low voice that no one else could hear: "Do you have it?"

Xu tangzhou knew that Mifei meant well. He nodded gently, and his fingers on the screen stopped. The words "Lingche" appeared in the address book.

Good! Huang Qian saved Lingche's phone number for him in advance!

The scene became quiet.

Qimu wanted to stimulate the atmosphere, called the person to connect the scene sound.

"Toot" sound was so long that when it was finally connected, everyone was very excited.

"Hello?" Ling Che's voice sounded, sleepy, as if still sleeping, so it seemed in a low tongue.

Xu Tangzhou connected the phone and said as naturally as possible: "Where are you?"

"On the road," Ling Che didn't ask anything, and replied, "traffic jammed. I don't know what what's going on in front. It's really annoying."

Ling Che had always been so daunting, he was not humble.

Therefore, he was likely to simply sleep in the car without concealment.

"Oh," Xu Tangzhou didn't know what to say.

Qi Mu quickly wrote sth on the prompt board. Xu Tangzhou read the words under Qi Mu's gesture, "Do you know who I am ... who?"

What did this mean?

Xu Tangzhou stunned.

Ling Che was suddenly silent over there.

Ling Che hadn't asked who it was since answering the phone, and Xu Tangzhou's voice was not very distinctive. The microphone effect in the studio, if the sound was unfamiliar, it might not be recognized immediately.

Xu Tangzhou knew that he was caught in the pit of the program group.

In the attention of everyone, he almost held his breath and his heart was beating fast.

They hadn’t seen each other since that annual meeting, so strictly speaking, Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che only met once.


For a while, Ling Che said with a hoarse voice.

"!!!" Xu Tangzhou missed a beat, his ears suddenly burned.

Ling Che said in a tone that would only said to the acquaintances before hanging up: "Don't you think I am stupid."