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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day 2020-04-30 09:50:32

Shen Jintai started his career for several years, and his only representative work is chasing men.

Shen Jintai’s the only one in the showbiz who chases men openly and becomes well-known for that.

Spending money like it’s dirt, Shen Jintai is the first star who got himself broke for pursuing a man. He’s the first in history, and probably the last!

When Shen Jintai came home, he took a good look at the mirror. What first came to his sight was his red hair and cherry red eye-shadow. He had a look seemingly aged between a boy and a man. Though he didn’t look well, it was actually quite suitable for a mean character who was about to be no more.

His facial features were not exquisite but he was indeed better-looking than average, there was many he could do to be better. His advantage is that he had smooth and bright skin and his face was small.

He thought of the booty reward and looked at his ass.

He really thought the figure was good enough.

He was 180cm tall and had a sixpack that was not so tight due to his lack of dance practice for a long time. The lines had been blurred. Only the skeleton looked like a young man’s. There was a big tattoo on the clavicle. And the tattoo is…

Damn. The tattoo is Yan’s name and a red heart!

Under the current policy, such a big tattoo should be able to get him a mosaic on him on TV!

Oh no, the red hair could get him banned


Shen Jintai went to the tattoo shop without hesitation.

“Are you sure you want to get it off?”The guy in the tattoo shop asked him again and again.

“Hundred percent sure.”

He washed his face and took off his makeup, which made him a little different from the look he pput on on the stage. However, the handsome tattoo guy asked: “Geez, are you … Shen Jintai?”

He didn’t sound so sure about it. How can Shen Jintai come to this small shop? Shen's still a star even if he's not as popular as before.

Shen Jintai once again felt his popularity!

As an old actor who has worked hard for so many years and still transparent on the street, this kind of experience is really satisfying!

In the showbiz, people don’t worry about haters, they worry about not being well-known. Hated by many is also a way of being well-known.

“I am.” He said.

The tattoo guy seemed a little excited.

“Do you want a selfie with me?” Shen Jintai invited.

The tattoo guy nodded crazily, hurriedly took out his cell phone, said: “My girlfriend used to like you.”

Used to…

Until his girlfriend changed her view and hated him instead.

After taking the selfie, the tattoo guy started his work.

“Can you get it off thoroughly?” Shen asked.

“Your tattoo is too deep. And it's colored. You can't wash it off completely. It's impossible to make it looks like before. But if you try for more times, it’ll be less apparent.”

“Will there be scars?”

“It depends on one's physique, but there will be a little bit.”

Shen Jintai nodded: “Do it.”

The tattoo spreads from the clavicle to the indescribable place. It's very tricky. The washing process was very painful. It's estimated that it’s more painful when he got it. His chest was bleeding. Shen Jintai lay there with his eyes closed.

Life is so unfair.

If he had this luck to be popular in his debut, he would retire for love only when his brain got messed by a pig.

Especially when the one he retire for is the one who loves his competitor!

Whatever Shen Jintai did, there were always some fans who stayed. But after Shen Jintai tattooed Yan Qiuchi's name on his body, all the fans gave up on him completely.

Shit, who could’ve seen anyone so shameless and cheap!

The tattoo guy was excited and wanted to stamp his feet the whole time when he was washing off the tattoo.

Tattoos have too much stories in them. There are few thing that are more capable to carry strong feelings, love and hate than tattoos. When you love, you want to have the one under your skin. And when you hate, you’d rather peer off your skin just to get rid of everything that might remind you of the one.

Who is this Yan Qiuchi? The tattoo’s so deep and conspicuous.

The tattoo guy felt that the name was familiar. He decided to ask his girlfriend when he got home!

Shen Jintai made an appointment for next week and then left with his hand covering his chest.

Although the wound was processed, blood came out once in a while.

The price of love!

The tattoo guy sent him out. And when Shen Jintai was far away, he immediately called: “Honey, guess who just came to the shop!”

His girlfriend was full of curiosity: “Who is it?”

“Shen Jintai!”

When fans love someone, they want everything good for their idol, and when they hate something, they’d want him or her to die. His girlfriend kept silent for two seconds, then said: “Do you want a fight? Don't mention that stupid ass, OK?”

Outside, the sky dimmed, and the night took its turn.The street lights were not on yet. Passers-by were in a hurry, and no one recognized him, even though he had his recognizable pink hair.

He went to a barbershop not far away, dyed his hair black, and changed his haircut into a fresher one.

The pink hair’s not a problem for him, he has to have bright skin. And with the black hair, his skin’s even brighter.

The barber complimented: “You look a bit like a star.”

The name Shen Jintai didn’t come to him afterall.

Shen Jintai smiled at the mirror. Maybe he was not familiar with this face. When he looked into the mirror, he seemed to be looking at someone else. Fresh facial features, but under them is his soul full of ambition and desire. Intermingling with each other, there’s a contradictory attraction, just like river water with ice in the early Spring.

If he become more handsome, maybe he’s going to rule the showbiz!

Out of the barber shop, he naturally felt for cigarettes in his pocket, but all he felt was soft cloth.

Took it out, he realized it was the thong that he stuffed into his pocket.

He wanted to throw it into the garbage can next to him, but hesitated for a moment. He looked at the suit coat he was wearing, which was extremely loose.

It seemed to be Yan Qiuchi's coat. He got it wrong in a hurry.

Shen Jintai came home and hung the thong and the suit coat together. The thong with the most coquettish design and the suit coat with the most rigorous and formal design. He planned to take a look at them every day for warning and encouragement.

After a day's rest at home, Li Meilan called.

Shen Jintai kicked the quilt away before he even opens his eyes. He was used to nude sleeping. He stretched out his arms and legs and left his long legs hung on the edge of the bed and swung: “Hello?”

“I've got a secondary lead for you. Are you gonna take it?”

What? Secondary lead!

Of course! This is the second lead!

“Yeah, Yeah, of course!” Shen Jintai immediately opened his eyes and sat up excitedly: “I didn’t think that I can still get a second lead.”

He’s not that much of a has-been afterall.

Li Meilan smiled, sounded embarrassed: “But...”

She coughed: “The leading actor is Bai Yueguang.”

Bai Yueguang, or so-called the Bright Moonshine, is not only a nickname given to him by Bai Qingquan's fans, but also a description of his character.

The moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring flows between stones. The nickname suits him.

Everyone knows that Shen Jintai and Bai Yueyue are rivals.

Li Meilan, afraid that he would refuse, hurriedly added: “You also know how fast the showbiz has been updating in the past two years. At present, the resources I can give you are small gigs in some small cities, and none of the scripts is available except this one.”

It's no wonder why there’s no scripts for him. He was an infamous actor who knows nothing about acting. He had participated in one, but because of his awkward performance, he had also become a pack of memes.

“Bai Yueyue is really nice a person. He immediately called the producer when he heard that you are going back. The producer agreed and invited you to the audition tomorrow. Bai Yueguang is one of the top stars now. Being the secondary actor in his episodes is the best choice for you. Think about that.”

Of course, the producer would say yes. Two rivals in one play is a good selling point. Li Meilan would as well. It's the most important thing to be eye-catching for a come-back.

“And...” Li Meilan stopped, and finally said: “This play is one of the key investment projects of sunshine media this year...”

Sunshine media is a film and television Co. that Yan’s financial group had just established two years ago. And it is Yan Qiuchi, the prince of Yan’s financial group, who is in charge of this field.

“Say no more. I'll take it.” Shen Jintai said.

He is worried about not getting a chance to meet them.

“Ding Dong, Xiao Ai’s online.”

“Fuck!” Shen Jintai threw his cell phone away in fright: “You freaked me out!”

Xiao AI chuckled: “Congratulations, you'll be officially in the instance tomorrow.”

“Is it time to release the plot tasks?”

“No, we are a very humanized and loving system. We only ask for results and don't care what measures you take. But in order to motivate you, I'm going to give you a discount.”

“What discount?”

“According to the original regulations, you need to win over the heart of Bai Yueguang to get the reward. But in order to let you get familiar with our reward system in advance, and because we’re so kind and the reward is so good, so we decided to help you improve in advance. You only need to get ten points to get the first reward.”

“Can you tell me what are your good rewards?”

He doesn't want them to be all about his ass. He wants face, face, face!

“Just a moment. I'm checking… Your next reward is to be prettier.”


“Because our reward is to help you get  more and more beautiful and sexy, so sexual attraction and beauty are rewarded in turn. That is to say, the first reward is to help you get more sexy, the second is to help you get prettier, the next, still sexy, then beauty, and so on.”

Well, to be a star, you really need both.

"By the way, I'd like to remind you that although your task is to win over Bai Yueguang, it's actually meant to suppress the Yan and help him become stronger and more enterprising. So in addition to winning over Bai, you can also get point accordingly by influencing Yan. After all, the battle between the hero and the villain can always stimulate the readers and make the novel more eye-catchy.”

Well, it seems so.

“The more intense the collision, the more bonus points.”

The word collision felt strange. Why does this shameful reward system always makes people think about something nasty.

As soon as his imagination did its part, Xiao Ai laughed again.

Knew it!

“Can you stop making that lewd noise?”

"OK, I’ll leave you with yourself and be offline. Do your best!”

Shen Jintai buried himself in his bed. What kind of mess is this.

He pinched his own thigh, everything is real.

Shen Jintai went to the audition early the next morning. Li Meilan and his assistant Xiaotang were waiting for him at the door. Shen Jintai waved: “Hi, good morning!”

Li Meilan took a look at him with her arms folded, and then looked at Xiaotang: “Who is this?”

“I don't know.”

Nowadays, unfamous actors love to act like they’re friends with each other. No good actors, them all, but certainly social butterflies.

It's a cold response. Shen Jintai took off his sunglasses: “Good morning, Sister.”

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang were stunned for a moment, then stared at him for a long time.

“I’ll be damned.” Li Meilan reached out her hand, pinched his chin and took a close look at his face.

“Brother Jin?”, Xiao Tang said: “I almost didn't recognize you.”

It’s been a long time since the last time he saw Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai didn't have a job. All Shen did was chasing Yan Qiuchi's ass like a stalker, contacting him would be a completely waste of time.


Shen Jintai had lost some weight. With his hair dyed black, he became a totally different person. The biggest change is his clothes. Since Shen Jintai’s debut, he’d been getting attention by wearing clothes as strange as possible. With heavy make-up and his high-profile personality, he really made a scene.

But now he is fresh from head to toe, like a pretty teenage boy in the sun.

Three people entered the elevator, Li Meilan said: “You are so different. You really mean to change?”

“Don't worry, sister, I am not the man I was!”

The audition room they were going to was on the third floor and the elevator was on the first. Li Meilan said: “What about Yan Qiuchi?”

Ding Dong, they arrived at the third floor, and the elevator door opened slowly. Shen Jintai's voice was full of spirit: “Who is Yan Qiuchi? Daddy’s never heard of him!”

As soon as he said it, the four or five people standing outside the elevator were surprised. The one at front was a man in black suit with wide shoulders and narrow waist. He was tall and had his hands in trouser pockets. Looked detached and uneasy to get along with. Hearing the words, the man fronwed, and looked straight at him over Li Meilan in front of him.

He know this man, “No matter men or women, as long as you like men, you’d want him.”, Yan Qiuchi.

The same Yan Qiuchi who just kicked him out of bed two days ago.

The one who’s bound to be as wild as he’s cold now.

The line of chin was fabulous, the bridge of his nose was high, the thin lips were clean, the facial features were noble and upright but gave out a sense of extreme abstinence. And the sense of abstinence was so strong that it felt provocative.

Shen Jintai immediately understood the original soul’s obsession.

Yan Qiuchi was giving out a message with his appearance: “Come, see if you have the ability to seduce me!”

Such a man would make people want to conquer him and enjoy the distorted look of excitement on his upright face.

The desire of the ascetic, like that of the begging of lascivious, is the Everest of the lustful.

It's a pity that the original soul was frozen to death halfway to the top. He didn't see the grand view he wanted.

Suddenly the image of him undressing and offering himself a few days agocame to Shen’s mind. He felt embarrassed.

Shen’s voice was very distinctive, in addition, he had been running around  Yan Qiuchi's ass, so the staff around Yan could recognize him just by his voice.

This really is one stubborn stalker.

“Daddy’s never heard of him?” Interesting! Did he forget how he shamelessly followed behind Yan and called Yan his husband?!

Everyone looked into the elevator contemptuously. Only to see a young man in a white shirt and black pants standing behind Li Meilan.

A handsome black haired boy with a clear and light sense of youth and a curve on his lips.

This is … Shen Jintai?

There was only few days of absence. How … how did he become like this!

The author words: Shen Jintai: Yan Qiuchi is the Everest that everyone wants to climb, but no one ever succeeded.

Author: It doesn't matter. No one ever made it, but you will.

Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife 2020-04-30 09:48:18

Zhang Renyan screamed hysterically, "She has cuckolded you!"

Xu Yanwen's black eyes twinkled behind his rimless glasses. He gazed at Zhang Renyan as if he was watching a stupid fool.

"You set a trap for Jiayue, but she was not deceived. So you are here to inform me against her. Is this your way to deal with your friend?"

Xu Yanwen exposed Zhang Renyan’s vicious deeds to Xue Jiayue. Still she didn't think it was her fault at all. She did so only because she loved Xu Yanwen, and Xue Jiayue also gave her a chance.

"If Xue Jiayue didn't have that kind of ideas, could I give her those suggestions? " she argued.

A faint sneer appeared on Xu Yanwen's lips, he told her in an indifferent manner, "Since I was three years old, I have stopped playing this kind of mischievous trick ."

His tone was full of ridicule and contempt reminding her all those things she did were the tricks he used to play in his childhood, so, how could he be cheated?!

Zhang Renyan was overwhelmed with shame and vexation. Her face flushed bright red, and her heart was filled with resentment towards Xue Jiayue.

Xu Yanwen raised his hand to push up his rimless glasses lightly, revealing a trace of ruthlessness on his refined face. He said to Zhang Renyan coldly, "If not for the sake of your accompanying Jiayue for so many years, do you think you can still stand here and talk to me?"

Zhang Renyan was desperate and speechless, "..."

"Stay away from Jiayue from now on!"

after the warning was given, the car window rolled up again. Instantly, Zhang Renyan was blocked out from Xu Yanwen.

Zhang Renyan was left there in shame watching the black Bentley slowly drive away.




At the moment, Xue Jiayue was sitting in the room. She raised her hand to touch her chest. There was a feeling of emptiness. She knew that it was not her own emotion, but the original's.


She could understand the sad mood. After all these years, the original had been friends with Zhang Renyan. She had always treated her with sincerity, regarding her as her best friend and giving her a lot of help.


The original used to lend a large sum of money to Zhang Renyan when she was short of money because her father was ill in hospital for surgery. And every time she went out to travel, she would buy gifts for her. As a result, however, in exchange with her sincerity, it was not Zhang Renyan's gratitude,  but her use and framing of her!


Whoever met such a friend couldn't help feeling sad!


In fact, Xu Yanwen had repeatedly told the original that Zhang Renyan was not a good person. He asked her to break up their relationship. However, the original believed in her friend and even quarrelled with him about it. After two or three times of useless efforts, Xu Yanwen gave up .


Xue Jayue felt lucky to have got rid of Zhang Renyan so that she would never see her again. Without Zhang Renyan's instigation, she would not make stupid mistakes like the original again. She would not turn herself into a fool. She could live her life well in the future, only waiting for Xu Yanwen to divorce her.

‘It's not bad to lose a bad friend. New friends will come and everything will be better,’ Xue Jiayue comforted herself.


Later that day, Xue Jiayue behaved herself well. She was busy with housework - washing, cooking and rewarding herself.


Today, Xu Yanwen was outside on business. Xue Jiayue didn't have much housework to do, so she did a thorough cleaning at home.


Anyway, she knew she needed to live here for some time, so she’d better keep it clean and tidy.


The house was quite big, and Xue Jiayue had cleaned all of it except for Xu Yanwen's study and bedroom because she didn't get his permission to go inside.


It took Xue Jiayue quite a few hours to finish her job, so she was exhausted  and collapsed on the sofa.

‘Oh, such a tiring job!’ Xue Jiayue beat on her aching arms, looked around at her achievements, and sighed, 'It's good to live in a big house, but it's too troublesome to clean it. No wonder rich people have to hire servants.'


Just then, the mobile phone suddenly rang. Xue Jiayue wiped the sweat on her forehead with a paper towel while going to answer the phone.


She first had a look at the name on the screen of her phone - Grandpa.


It was Grandpa Xu, Xu Yanwen's grandpa.


Before the original married,she called him Grandpa Xu, but after marrying Xu Yanwen, the original changed to call him Grandpa.

"Grandpa," Xue Jiayue picked the phone and greeted.


"Yueyue, what are you doing?" It was Grandpa Xu's loving voice.


His amiable voice reminded Xue Jiayue of her own grandpa, who was also very gentle and affectionate to her.

"I am at home," replied Xue Jiayue. She tried to resist her tears from coming out and kept her voice as smooth as possible, so as not to be noticed by Grandpa Xu.

Grandpa Xu went on asking with concern, "Are you alone? Where is Yanwen?"

Xue Jiayue replied, "He's at work. He went to Xi City for business today."

"On business? Why didn't he tell me before?" asked Gandpa Xu, "When will he be back then?"

"Tonight..."Xue Jiayue remembered she was told this way last night.

"That's good. Just tell him that I ask both of you to come back to the old house for supper tomorrow when he comes back tonight," said Grandpa Xu.

Xue Jiayue blinked and asked softly, "Yes, Grandpa? What's the matter?"

"Nothing," Grandpa Xu answered directly, "I just miss you."


Grandpa Xu lived alone in the old house. The young people were usually busy with their own affairs, so they didn't often see each other much. Granpa Xu felt lonely. It's normal for him to require them to go back to accompany him. Xue Jiayue's grandfather used to be the same, so she agreed without much thought.


Xue Jiayue kept on chating with Grandpa Xu for a while before hanging up.

In the afternoon, Xue Jiayue went to the supermarket to buy some day-to-day necessities. When she came out of the supermarket, she found there was a university students' creative fashion show. All the clothes displayed were designed by the students themselves from Ju University.


Xue Jiayue studied fashion design when she was in college. Up till now, she had worked in the fashion design industry for nearly a year.


It so happened that the original also used to study fashion design. However, it was purely a hobby on a sudden impulse for her to study fashion design. As a result, she didn't learn it very well nor did she ever work in the industry.


At the moment, seeing the works designed by Ju University students, Xue Jiayue suddenly had the idea of continuing to work in fashion design. She really loved fashion design and dreamt of creating her own brand one day.


Of course, there was still a long way to go to create her own brand. Xue Jiayue decided to design some works at home first while looking for a suitable job in fashion design at the same time, so as to take this opportunity to accumulate some experience and contacts, and lay a solid foundation for creating her own brand in the future.


Right away, Xue Jiayue immediately bought some clothing design material, and then began to design at home.


It was over ten o'clock in the evening when Xu Yanwen came back from his business trip. Xue Jiayue was busy painting when he entered. She was so concentrated that she even didn't look up at him.


This was strange.


Xu Yanwen was curious what Xu Jiayue was painting so carefully, so he changed his shoes at the door and went over to have a look. His eyes were immediately attracted by the clothes design Xue Jiayue was drawing.

"The design is very novel, the color matching is appropriate, and the painting is good,"Xu Yanwen praised.

Xue Jiayue turned around and smiled at him, "Do you really think so?"


Xu Yanwen nodded, "You really did a good job in the painting."

If the painting was good even in the eyes of such a proud president like Xu Yanwen, it should be really good! Xue Jiayue was very happy.

Xu Yanwen wondered why she suddenly drew clothes, and asked, "It seems that you haven't painted these things for a long time?"

Xue Jiayue knew he meant the original. She did stop touching this kind of materials ever after she fininshed her study.

"I only want to paint on a sudden impulse,“Xue Jiayue found a reasonable explanation.

Xu Yanwen studied her work again and pointed, "You are actually very gifted. Don't waste it."


Xue Jiayue smiled and asked playfully, "Are you praising me?"


Xu Yanwen gave her a glance and responded, "Hum."

Xue Jiayue felt very happy being praised. She thought of what Grandpa Xu told her during the day and said with a smile, "Grandpa Xu asked us to go back to the old house tomorrow."

After a pause, Xu Yanwen replied, "I am busy tomorrow. You'll go there by yourself."


Maybe it's the illusion of Xue Jiayue. She felt that Xu Yanwen suddenly changed to anpother person after mentioning his grandpa's invitation and even the expression on his face was much colder.

What was the matter? Wasn't he just fine?


Before Xue Jiayue could speak out something, Xu Yanwen had already turned around and left.


Xue Jiayue looked at his leaving back, and one thing suddenly came to her mind. Was it because of that thing that Xu Yanwen did not want to go back to his old house?

The Female Supporting Role Shows Out 2020-04-30 09:47:06

The two lords are enjoying Golden Lion Fish together, and it is obviously unnecessary to make a same dish. Lin Dan ignores the constantly urging of the waiter and only picks out a few fresh pig kidney pieces, carves on them beautiful decorative patterns of the ear of wheat with a graver, quickly boils them until kidney pieces turn into flower shapes in the pan, then mixes sesame paste, peanut paste, spicy oil, aromatic vinegar, white sugar and other seasonings into thick sauce, pours the sauce on the kidney flowers, and she slowly explains, "When making the sauce, water, oil, sesame paste and peanut paste must be made into thick and glutinous sauce, because only when the sauce is thick and glutinous, can it sticks onto kidney flowers, look."

She picks up a kidney flower and motions others to observe carefully. The kidney flower is wrapped in a layer of extremely thick and glutinous sauce. One can imagine its delicious taste only by looking at it rather than tasting it. The sauce is thick enough, but it is still firmly attached to the surface of the kidney flower without dropping. It preserves the taste and flavor of the kidney greatly.

The little cook whose surname is Qiu looks at it carefully and quickly writes down the recipe.

"Take it out." Lin Dan washes the pan clean and continues to cook the next dish. The two lords are distinguished and have already been eating. It is obviously unrealistic to keep them waiting for every single dish. She must chooses some dishes that are simple in cooking and quick in stir-frying, and she needs to prepare a table of banquets which look good as soon as possible, so that the guests can eat comfortably.

Most dry goods haven't been soaked enough and can't be used. Lin Dan has to check the water tank and she finds several live sea cucumbers and abalones in it. She fishes them out and cleans them.

"I'm going to make a salad of live sea cucumbers; do you have ice in your restaurant? Please bring me a few if you have ice." Lin Dan deals with sea cucumbers quickly as she speaks.

"Yes, we have, Zhou Fu, go to the cellar and fetch some ice cubes!" The little cook Qiu turns around and directs one of the assistant chefs to fetch ice. The assistant chefs have stopped their works and stared at Lin Dan with eager eyes since Lin Dan soaking the sea cucumbers. It's an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn some secret skills from a top chef.

Zhou Fu runs immediately to the cellar, fearing that when he is away, Shopkeeper Lin will teach others skills and he will miss them.

Lin Dan cuts open the bellies of the live sea cucumbers, and she removes the internal organs, cleans them up, and then cuts them into consistent strips, slowly explains, "Live sea cucumbers are also very troublesome to handle. Why? Because of the temperature is not easy to master. If the temperature is too high, sea cucumbers will be overcooked, and the meat will be hard to bite. If the temperature is too low, they will not be cooked enough and will have fishy smell. I'll teach you a way, that is, when the water is about to boil, put a finger in it. If the finger can only stay in the water for a breath, and the skin will hurt hard after the finger is out, then the temperature is proper. The cooked sea cucumber strips will soften after being put into cold water, which will affect the taste. At this time, boil them again and pour in ice water for quick freezing, it will quickly tighten the meat quality of sea cucumbers, forming a unique taste which is soft outside and tough inside, which is very suitable for making a salad."

She puts cooked sea cucumbers into ice water for later use, and sets up a pan to prepare the salad sauce. With chopped fresh chili, shallot, minced garlic, raw soy sauce and aromatic vinegar, she pours sesame oil into the sauce to make bright brown color, and pours it on the iced sea cucumber strips. Finally, a dish is finished.

The little cook Qiu hurriedly picks up a mouthful of the dish with chopsticks, Brother Tang also tastes a little under the old shopkeeper’s stare, his long and narrow beautiful eyes suddenly cast light. Nothing special but the taste of the salad is absolutely unique. The original fishy smell and astringent taste of sea cucumbers disappear completely. Instead, it adds a full flavor of freshness, with a little soft and glutinous flavor in the crisp and chewy taste, the soft glutinous outer layer is saturated with the sour and hot taste of the salad sauce. The flavor is really delicious beyond description.

The little cook Qiu somehow regrets. He regrets that he shouldn't have tasted the dish with chopsticks. If he hadn't tasted it, he wouldn't have known how delicious this dish was. So when the waiter carries it away, he wouldn't have suffered regrets.

Brother Tang stares at the waiter with his eagle eyes, making the waiter absolutely terrified. He can't even walk unless against the wall.

Lin Dan takes abalones out and continues her explanation, "The taste of live abalone is not as good as that of dry abalone and it is not elastic enough. However, I have a way to make the taste of dry abalones from live abalones, that is, sugar water treatment. First, live abalones are frozen in ice cubes and shaped, then soaked in sugar water, and the soaked abalones can be easily brushed off the black film on the outer layer."

She takes abalones soaked in sugar in her hand and brushes them lightly. The black film, which has never been cleaned before, falls off completely. The white and tender abalone meat is exposed in the air and its appearance is surprisingly well.

"After cleaning, next step is to boil live abalones with shell, after boiling; we should remove shells to take meat, waiting for putting them into the dish. The live abalones boiled by this method are soft and glutinous and elastic, which are almost comparable to dry abalones. The dish I'm cooking now is braised live abalones, mixed with a proper amount of fine salt, white sugar, cooking wine and stock soup, it should be simmered for a while with a small fire, and finally dark soy sauce can be added to turn it into bright red, and to thicken the sauce with a big fire. Well, I'll get one for you to try. "

Lin Dan fishes out an abalone and puts it in a small dish. The waiter takes the rest. The crowd pours in to taste, but they are all pushed away by Brother Tang. He takes advantage of his good martial arts to eat almost half of the abalone, and his face is full of satisfaction.

After cooking several meat dishes, Lin Dan puts a washed monkey head fungus into milk-white soybean milk, boils it until it is half cooked, fishes it out, then continues to cook in the bone soup, adds different seasonings at different times, gradually boils a pot of milk soup into red soup, until the monkey head fungus is thoroughly cooked and its surface collapses into irregular, brain-like grooves, then carefully fishes it out with a colander, and thickens the original soup.

When the waiter comes back to take other dishes, he becomes absolutely silly and asks, "We haven't had monkey brains in our restaurant for a long time. Where does this Greasy Monkey Brain come from?"

"This dish is called Braised Monkey Brain in Brown Sauce and is made of a monkey head fungus. Firstly put it in soybean milk, so it will taste fishy, then in bone soup, it will taste like the flavor of marrow, and finally in red soup, it will taste fleshy. The monkey head fungus is put into three soups one by one, not only preserving the fresh flavor of the monkey head fungus, but also increasing the peculiar fishy smell and fleshy taste of brain marrow, so it can almost confuse the real with the fake."

Although Lin Dan explains it simply, it is even harder to cook it. There are many steps, different ingredients should be added according to different levels of fire, different flavors should be added according to different ingredients, when to put the fungus in different soups and when to stop cooking are also skillful steps. If one step is wrong, the flavor will mixed badly. If the strength is a little heavier, the fungus will be broken; every tiny detail hides a deep skill foundation.

Even if all the people here see how Lin Dan cooks it with their own eyes, they can't grasp the secret skill at all. This is exactly the case with the top chef. If the chef doesn't teach the secret skill, one won't learn a bit even if he or she watches it a hundred times. This is the so-called "a spoon can be used to cook delicacies; a secret skill can only be gotten in the real practices".

Brother Tang, as always, picks up chopsticks and tries to poke a little of the dish, but his chopsticks are blocked by Lin Dan's long spoon. She can’t help saying, "Calm down, Brother Tang. I had a hard time making the shape of monkey brain. Once you pick up the dish with chopsticks, the monkey brain will not be in a whole shape. How do you let the guests eat?"

Brother Tang puts down his chopsticks and looks bitterly, but the smell of the Braised Monkey Brain in Brown Sauce still lingers on his nose, which makes his desire more unbearable. He secretly runs to the front hall, thinking that if he can’t eat it himself, it will be better to watch others eat it. But he soon realizes that watching others eat is several times crueler than not eating.

The empty front hall is already full of diners who are all attracted by the delicacies on the table of the two lords. When the waiter asks diners what they want to order, they point to the side and urges, "The dishes on Lord Cheng's table and bring to me dishes which are the exactly same with Lord Cheng’s. Hurry up!"

All kinds of scents are floating in the air, making people drool.

This is not over yet. Lord Cheng comments on the dishes while eating, with a surprisingly loud volume, "Oh, wow, this salad of sea cucumbers is very fresh, crisp and smooth in taste, which can be called a unique dish! It is not easy to make this kind of taste. When the temperature is high, it becomes hard. When the temperature is low, it becomes fishy. It can’t become a dish if the cook can’t handle the temperature. The temperature of cooking this dish is just right, just right!" As he speaks, he raises his thumb.

When Lord Cheng is speaking, Lord Gong takes advantage of the gap to hurry to eat with his lips covered by oil.

"Hey, are these dry abalones or live abalones? The fresh flavor is so strong, they should be live abalones, the taste is so glutinous, so elastic, and they should be dry abalones, hey, I am not sure now!" Lord Cheng smacks his lips while eating.

The waiter leans down and replies, "Lord, this dish is made of live abalones. The processing method is quite special, so the taste is a little bit unique."

Lord Cheng repeatedly motions with his hand, "A little bit? This is very unique! I have eaten so many abalones; this is the most palatable flavor, perfectly combining the advantages of dry abalones and live abalones! "

Lord Gong still doesn’t speak, and buries his head in a fierce meal.

"Is it Greasy Monkey Brain?" After eating the last dish, Lord Cheng is satisfied, "Since the disaster in the south, I have never eaten Greasy Monkey Brain for more than half a year. It is tasty, really tasty. The red oil soup is all smothered in the brain. A bite of it can spill juice in my teeth. The light fishy smell is mixed properly with faint freshness. It is absolutely amazing!"

He pushes away Lord Gong's spoon hardly and holds the whole dish in his arms.

The waiter carefully explains, "Lord, this dish is not a monkey brain, it is a monkey head fungus. Would you like to try it again?"

"Really, it is made of a monkey head fungus?" Lord Cheng is dumbfounded, repeatedly tastes the dish, just can’t feel anything different, "Hey, no, I have eaten dozens of even hundreds of times of monkey brains, can’t I taste whether it is a brain or not? This is the dish made with a monkey brain. It is still the freshest monkey brain that has just been taken out from the cracked head. Don't deceive me! "

"I really don’t deceive you. It is made of a monkey head fungus." The waiter finds the situation both funny and amusing.

Lord Cheng stops talking and dodges his younger brother who jumps up again to rob the dish. He eats up the dish quickly and wipes his mouth and sighs, "Whether it's a monkey brain or a monkey head fungus, this is what I love! The cook can make a vegetarian dish into a meat dish, the meat flavor is so strong, so unique, and the cook's skill is really..."

Lord Cheng raises the thumb of his left hand and the thumb of his right hand, and then puts the two thumbs together to express the meaning of "reaching the peak of skills".

"The cook is no worse than a palace chef!" Lord Gong expresses his sincere admiration.

More and more diners are attracted by this feast. The restaurant is full of crowds, bustling with noise and excitement, as if it had returned to its most glorious time. The old shopkeeper’s tears are coming out, and he feels that he must keep Shopkeeper Lin in the restaurant anyway. She is the treasure of the restaurant!

Bix Magic Cube Game World 2020-04-30 09:41:53

That Braised Spicy Strip robbed the mission without any mercy because this is very normal in game.

So when the unlucky player whose ID is Claude returned in a huff, he grabbed the Sharp Snake by the arm and said, "Come on, knock me out!"

The Sharp Snake had no idea what was wrong with the guy, but when he saw the guy he'd just killed reappeared in front of him, he just rolled his eyes and passed out.

The vicious-looking trafficker was far more timid than he looked like.

Braised Spicy Strip was very sorry, but regretted at the same time and felt in the heart that the game was too strong.

Claude felt more bitterly, because he almost received a task, perhaps the hidden task, but he lost it at last.

So he ran to the Braised Spicy Strip in a murderous rage and swung his wooden sword at him.

Because the game is so realistic, it's actually a little hard to kill someone, but Claude was in a coma and couldn't fight back when the Braised Spicy Strip killed him, and the Braised Spicy Strip was actually a surgeon, psychologically there was not so much obstacle, he hesitated for a while and stabbed the sword in. Then he found that although the game was so real, but the wooden sword into the human body did not show a very real feeling, even there was no resistance that should be encountered under normal circumstances, the bleeding situation was also obvious to be banned, and until the body turned into bones, he broke through the mental block in an instant.

What's more, he realized that the game was so realistic that he could tell exactly where the target was by looking at Claude running into him.

So for no one having learned the skill, Braised Spicy Strip once again sent Claude to the resurrection site.

They didn't care, and when the other players around them saw the mission was gone, they spread out in regret and turned their eyes to the others on the road, ignoring the brawls between Claude and Braised Spicy Strip.

However, the normal residents of the Casey City watched them kill people without any hesitation, even the usually extremely vicious Sharp Snake was scared to faint, they basically were all in a state of hair standing on end.

Seeing that these people would be on to them again, the people in the street just now became scared and ran home without looking back.

These people... are terrible!

Even the city guards hesitated before they dared to come forward, sternly stating that they were not allowed to kill people at will in the city, but they did not really arrest the Braised Spicy Strip.

How messed up Casey city had become!

But it also had something to do with the fact that the Braised Spicy Strip killed outsiders, not residents of Casey City.

Igel looked impassive and was about to say something when Arp's face changed, "Young Master, be careful!"

The void in front of the tower suddenly vibrated, a man in a black cloak suddenly appeared, congealing icicles flying in Igel's direction in an instant!

Arp had risen, his lean body turned into a pale shadow, straight into the air.

The icicles were like a rain, and in the instant Pei Sen was able to pounce on Igel at his side, and after the upgrade, his stats improved in every way, not just in spells. In particular, his aptitude is full strength, although without high agility, but with high speed because of high strength and some bonus, now under the explosion, he really protected Igel in time before icicles arrived.

Then he felt a pain in his back, and several ice picks grazed his back, even if they weren't real stabs, leaving him with a few bloodstains, but because the ice pick itself was so cold, the wound froze and didn't bleed much.

"Are you all right?" Pei Sen's right hand was carefully placed under Igel's head. Although he was the one who held Igel down when he fell, if the head of this young man was hurt, Ms. Mary will beat on his ass when they get back.

Igel looked at him in silence, not knowing what he was thinking.

Pei said regretfully, "If I hadn't come out... "

And someone actually did want to kill him.

Igel didn't say anything, but going out today wasn't all for Pei Sen. A few feet away, Atwell flashed by. He looked for a while, but he couldn't catch the tail. This time it wasn't so much that Igel came out to give the attacker a chance, it was part of the plan.

Even if Pei Sen didn't do that, Igel would be fine. He had prepared fully and no one could hurt him.

As this wave of ice picks passed, the wizard in the air was already entangled with Arp, and Pei Sen took Igel into his arms and hid behind the pylon. He looked at the servants who had been standing behind Igel, most of whom had been wounded by the ice picks, lying on the ground now and wailing. One was almost dying.

His lashes quivered, and he pressed his lips together.

Before entering the game, he thought these are just NPC, dead or alive, he never took it to heart, but now he was inevitable in complex mood.

Because he had discovered that it wasn't a game at all, it was just that he didn't understand how the game had been programmed into the world.

Seeing him looking over there, Igel said quietly, "If they're going to kill me, they won't bother killing the servants, and you don't have to assume it's your fault. You think you're going to have enough influence to make me decide to go out? Of course not. I came out today because I was tired of the flies popping up from time to time."

From Igel's point of view, the servants were not at all attached to his heart.

In the land of Alexandria, though it may be said that people like Peston were paid from their estates, in the eyes of the aristocracy, the lives of the common people meant nothing at all.

Arp and the Mage were still fighting in midair, the Mage could flow in the air, Arp could not, but his body had turned into a light shadow, and the Mage would have been killed without the ice shelter before him.

Even if Pei Sen wasn't up to the level enough to see the dazzling fighting, it wasn't hard to see that Arp was stronger than the Mage.

Pei Sen had scarcely breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the sky was darkening, and a chill was spreading from the outside of the city to the inside!

Igel, of course, found out, and instead of being frightened, he laughed. "That's a big deal. I'm going to lure him out of his hole. He's going to kill me before I leave the city."

Igel's face was without any fear.

Pei Sen put out his head and looked out of the city. He shivered at the first glance, "Is this... the Lich?" He said in surprise.

There are no necromancers in the world view of Alex Mainland, so the one controlling the bone army to Casey City must be the Lich.

In fact, the strength of the Lich is not as powerful as the Ice Mage, but the trouble is, the bone army are immortal creatures, unless now come a bunch of priests of the Illuminati, otherwise they can do nothing with these bone army.

The other side seemed to know that Igel had some strong protectors around him, that the ice Mage fought with the strongest of Arp, and that several other men in black cloaks were advancing rapidly from the alley. Igel stood calmly on the top of the tower and watched as the men tried to intercept the assassins.

The Lich's role was to trap Igel so completely in the tower and once Igel's best men are pinned down, by the fact that the grand master was so obviously fragile, he wouldn't have stood up to those skeletons.

Igel wasn't exaggerating when he said the caped crusaders were all skillful masters.

Pei Sen watched all this calmly. He knew that he was weak at the moment, and could only manage a few skeleton soldiers. This did not affect the overall situation at all, however... his line of sight fell to the player who was watching the development of the matter with a gape below.

Two hundred players, it is not enough, however, they are not the same as ordinary people, although still some novices, but they are all swordsman, even the weak swordsman is also a swordsman, the system still gives an additional basic skills.

Most of all, he was certain that the army of bones he had seen might have been overpowered by the system, for it was not so terrible, while the other servants in the hall over there were screaming and trembling with fear.

This is also an advantage for the player.

Now there is no time to hesitate. Pei Sen stepped forward, using the magic array of the tower, he shouted, "Casey City is the domain of Lord Igel Ranno, these vicious and despicable assassins attempt to attack Lord Igel Ranno. We, the Bixs, are willing to fight to defend Lord Ranno, please take up arms and kill the invading enemies. All will be rewarded by Lord Igel Ranno!"

Igel was stunned. He didn't know what the hell Pei Sen was doing.

At this point, Pei Sen heard a pleasant sound "Ding" and, as he expected, the game released a task.

"TIME-LIMITED MISSION: Protect Igel Ranno, fight off assassins within 3 hours. (Active trigger mission, Mission Level: Level A, as the active trigger, he will gain an additional 100% experience bonus, and get a level A storyline box."

As a veteran of Bix Magic Cube, he already knew a lot about the game's various modes, such as the trigger modes for various tasks, which are divided into active and passive, though he doesn't know why, but Pei Sen was well aware of the nature of the game system.

The so-called active trigger task in fact is not very difficult, and can even trigger the main line of active tasks!

The game seems to want players to mess up things as big as possible, as long as you make things, it will give you a reward.

It also hopes that players can actively fit in the world, as long as the conditions are proper, it does not mind players involving in all kinds of big, small or boring things.

To sum up, Bix Magic Cube is a very dangerous game, which is anxious to see the world in disorder.

This sound "Ding" was not only heard by Pei Sen, but also by the novice players who had just entered the game for less than half an hour. All the expressions of the players were excited and they almost shouted out.

"It's amazing! On the first day of the Beta test, there was this huge mission! Damn, this CG, it's awesome!"

"Qw-ow-ow, where is that Lord Ranno? Ah-ah-ah, there are all skeletons!"

"Go, go, go! Stop Them! The mission says, EXTRA CREDIT FOR CONTRIBUTION!"

"Shit, don't rob the reward from me! "


Two hundred players rushed toward the bone army pouring into the city, and nearby Casey City aborigines have long disappeared.

Even if they knew that Igel was their Lord, they would never want to fight the terrible Lich for his lordship.

And this group of inexplicable Bixs,  dressed in shabby clothes, with a broken wooden sword, rushed toward the blade of the skeletons.

The images are not only baffling to the assassins, but also completely incomprehensible to the manor guards protecting Igel.

Igel in the tower, for the first time... looked shocked.

Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife 2020-04-29 09:13:01

It was only him that can use such a “justified” reason.

Ruan Jiujiu got no answer for that.

She walked to the door of Cheng Jun's study, but found that he was crunching on the bulk bear biscuits she bought yesterday, while the other hand still controlled the mouse to run around on the map. He was followed by hundreds of players. Wherever he went, they just kept behind to see what Xi Jiang Yue looked like.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

A duel was coming, and he was still eating biscuits leisurely. She really wanted White Horse to see the so-called real man.

The game forum was bustling with gossip.

"Report—Jiu Jiu Jiu’s Real Husband is Online!" 

"Xi Jiang Yue is angry! Fight for Jiu Jiu Jiu!” 

"Another trash will be defeated by Inner Journey to Homeland. Nothing fresh. 》

"Live streaming: Xi Jiang Yue Challenges Homeland. Everyone comes in! 》

"I bet on a penny, this is a whole boring contest"


Today was a weekday evening, but because of this, many players had poured into the game to see the fun. Since "Like a Dream" opened, because not too much RMB players and the game itself was very playable, so the players were busy upgrading levels. Therefore, the post was all about the game. By the way, everyone was accustomed to the online scum men and women. While post like today’s? Pretty rare.  

Suddenly everyone ate a big melon, and people couldn't be more excited. It involved several dramatic elements like the guru, three-dimensional, love quadrangle, break the debauchery, some people had already imagined a big show.

Now, everyone was waiting for the opening.

But, the truth was some people who were at the center of the storm—one was busy eating small biscuits, the other was quietly staring at him to eat small biscuits.

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly thought it was because she mentioned that her skills were too bad to PK Qingfeng Biying, so Cheng Jun wanted to avenge her. She really appreciated his kindness. Except that after being beaten too badly, he might feel ashamed.

"Crunching, crunching, crunching ..."

Cheng Jun was nibbling the biscuits like a hamster.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." He didn't seem to take it seriously.

Inner Journey to Homeland was online, but did not make any response.

It was too late for him to know what Xu Biying did. He can’t make up for this now, and even didn't know how to apologize. Looking at the name of Xi Jiang Yue who kept challenging him, he felt funny but had a subtle sense of envy.

He borrowed the ID from Hoofs to the West and sent a message to Ruan Jiujiu.

Inner Journey to Homeland: Let him stop, and I’ll apologize to you for Biying.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Sorry, this is my husband’s decision. If he likes it, I have no power to stop it.

He frowned slightly.

Inner Journey to Homeland: I don't want to make the situation too embarrassing.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: It's okay if he loses.

If Cheng Jun didn't care, she would watch it as a farce. At the very least, he had the nerve to challenge the guru. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly felt that he was really brave.


Xi Jiang Yue was still issuing PK applications. Everyone was waiting for the response. After so long time, still nothing happened. People though that the guru intended to ignore the cannon fodder, so the melon-eating masses gradually dispersed.

At the critical moment, World Channel refreshes its information.

["Inner Journey to Homeland" agreed to the "Xi Jiangyue" challenge. 】


He agreed! Some people just said in the forum that how could guru fuss about a fish’s challenge? And now, truly slapping faces.

The arena offered ten minutes to prepare, and there were onlookers seats and bullet subtitles. Players can flock to the arena to watch the competition. Before the two leading roles entered, the subtitle had already been overwhelmed with comments.

The arena in "Like a Dream" had been a hot spot since its establishment.

The requirements were as follows: both players can’t take advantage of his or her own level bonus or special equipment bonus. Equipment bonus above red level will be counted as average value. In other words, both players can only use their real skills to defeat each other.

The arena was equivalent to a starting point for Inner Journey to homeland.

As early as the opening of the server, he, as a newcomer, had challenged a guru who had used the alpha test ID. When everyone looked down upon him, he delivered an unbelievable performance with his own strength.Since then, he completely became a big hit in the game.

A few times later, he had been to the arena and won resoundingly. He can be regarded as the most exposed and popular guru in this game.

Some people said that Xi Jiang Yue was really a newborn calf so wasn’t afraid of tigers. Unfortunately, the embarrassing things were still to come. Others said that such actions were honorable even if he failed, because he was fight for his lady. All in all, tonight will be a glorious night in "Like a Dream".

Time’s up! The two changed their equipment and were automatically transported to the arena.

They were all knights, dressed in a white robe like a novice. They looked handsome, with their robes fluttering. On the hands, they were all holding the bronze swords. If it wasn’t the names floating above their heads, you may confuse them. 

Homeland didn’t agree with Xi Jiang Yue's approach.

Even if you wanted to show that you were a real man, you should wear better equipment to avoid losing hp too quickly. He calculated which moves he should use later, so as not to embarrass the rival a lot.

The live subtitles were in a mess.

"This is a fight between men!"

"Oh my god! It’s too romantic, here @ my husband to learn from others!"

"I have foreseen the cruel plot..."

"Look at how the guru makes him lose decently."

Everyone was gabbling. Ruan Jiujiu looked at the subtitle, but didn't know what to say, so she sent Cheng Jun “Come on”. The chat in the gang group was also noisy. Melon-eating masses prepared to watch the lively show, but they restrained themselves due to Ruan Jiujiu was here. Many people comforted her and praised her husband for his courage.

Ruan Jiujiu felt little anxious especially when she heard the continuous crunching of biscuits from Cheng Jun's study.

The soft tone came from the system.

【Players please be ready】

【Now countdown】

【Three, two, one, go!】

The melon-eaters suddenly became quiet. Everyone stared at the screen without blinking, waiting to watch a good show. The two gamers in the center stood peacefully without any movement. It was unbelievably quiet.

The subtitle remained silent for a few seconds before someone posted a message.

"Freeze up?"

Inner Journey to Homeland had been waiting for Xi Jiang Yue to start first, so as not to lose half of his hp as soon as being attacked. Unexpectedly, the rival was as steady as Mount Tai, with a look of "enemy doesn't move, so I’ll be motionless". Homeland was slightly impatient.

Finally, Homeland moved.

He showed a beautiful and fierce sword trick and rushed towards the rival. Almost at the same time, Xi Jiang Yue, who had been stable as mountain, now also followed! You can only saw him move with amazing flexibility, avoiding the trick. In the case that everyone didn’t see clearly, the long sword in his hand suddenly disappeared. When it appeared again, the cold sword stabbed across Homeland. Then, there was a dazzling light.

The hp bar above the head instantly fell by nearly a quarter.

Time froze at this moment.

All the melon-eaters were stunned, and the subtitle was deathly silent. Even Homeland himself was shocked, and forgot to fight back. No one knew what kind of expression he had now.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?" Cheng Jun did this just now? She totally can’t believe it.

This move was the basic one of a knight—breaking through the clouds, which had been used by many people with thousands of times. So almost everyone knew its shortcomings and knew how to avoid it. Normally, breaking through the clouds should be non-threatening for Homeland.

Being able to hit him with this move and even to make him stand frozen can only show—

This unknown player named Xi Jiang Yue had a much faster hand speed than Homeland! !

Full screen was filled with shocked comments.

"It is righteous!"

"Holy shit! Amazing!"

"Where is this guru from!"

"Damn! Who saw it clearly? I’m begging an explanation! What happened just now?"

"I really want to watch slow play, but I don't dare to move! What if I miss the next one!"

At the moment when everyone was amazed, Homeland took two steps forward, as if to show that he was going to fight.

The knight in white fluttering robe jumped suddenly into the sky and pulled out his sword. In an instant, thousands of silver lights revealed like a storm of needles. Then he rushed up aggressively! Ruan Jiujiu can’t catch up with them but only saw Xi Jiang Yue had been 100% locked. He tried to escape, but no use. She only saw the scene where thousands of fireworks exploded, and his hp strips were also dropping.


[Round 1, Inner Journey to Homeland, won! 】

The crowd was immediately jazzed up.

"Right, Homeland underestimated his enemy just now!"

"Sure enough, it was Homeland who made a small mistake. Xi Jiang Yue has absolutely no chance to fight back!"

"Guru is always guru!"

They kept brown nosing. Members in the gang were embarrassed to make comments. Only Qingfeng Biying, who was always online, started to talk.

Qingfeng Biying: I'm sorry, sis Jiujiu. My guru didn’t control it well.

Ruan Jiujiu ignored her complacence. She was a little afraid that Cheng Jun will feel sad. So she pushed the computer chair away to see what he was doing now. As soon as she came out of the bedroom, she watched Cheng Jun was walking back from the kitchen, holding a bottle of Yakult opened in his hand.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?”

Wait, wasn’t he just playing games, when did he go to the kitchen?

Faced with her shocked expression, Cheng Jun looked very calm.

"Oh, I ate too many biscuits and now a little thirsty."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."


The nerd, stopped half way to drink water?

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: Could you just finish round 1 and then drink?

Cheng Jun: Ok, but not necessary.

Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day 2020-04-29 08:38:52

“How can there be such a shameless person like you?” the man's eyebrow was covered with rage, the torn shirt couldn’t cover the bitemark on his neck, on which there was a faint blood stain: “I won’t touch you even in my next life, and I certainly will never love you !”

Then the man took him out of bed. He got out of bed naked and wrapped himself in the quilt.

In disgust, the man wiped his hand that just touched him with the sheet and added: “Because you can't even match his toe!”

Shen Jintai was stunned. What the hell was going on.

“Why are you still here !”

Shen Jintai's mind was blank. He quickly put on his pants and grabbed a jacket. As soon as he opened the door, he heard the man behind him said angrily: “Wait!”

As he turned around, a fancy thong hit him in the face.

The sun was shining outside, and he was blocking the sun with his hands. He felt a little dizzy. Someone honked crazily and he quickly stepped back to the side of the road and crouched down with the Wutong tree.

The fuck…

“Ding Dong! Loving we shall be, harmony depends on us. Your dear personal consultant Xiao Ai is now on.”

Shen Jintai frowned.

“Dear host, congratulations on your successful entry into our system of harmony and love.”

What the hell?

“It's not hell, it's a real welfare. We detected that your life has been used up. In other words, you are dead in the real world.”

Shen Jintai: “...”

Wasn't he on his way to the awards ceremony for his first nomination for the best supporting actor?!

He vaguely remembered, there seemed to be an accident?

“But don't be sad, dear. You are very lucky to get a chance of rebirth. As long as you complete the missions as required, you’ll get a new life in a new world.”

“… What mission?”

“As we all know, in response to the call of the government, the major novel websites have begun to implement the “Neck Project”, that is, the new regulation of banning description below the neck in novels. This new regulation has little influence on those which focus on the plot, but undoubtedly has far-reaching influence on the emotional novels. Therefore, we carried out the action of offering love and harmony, and strive to promote the transformation of the major emotional novels into business-related writing. Harmonious society and the bright future depends on all of us!”

Shen Jintai said: “… offering Love and harmony?”

“Yes, we are members of the system of harmony and love. It is our basic principle to offer harmony and love. Let's have a look at your reward. Congratulations, your reward is that with the completion of the missions, you will become more and more good-looking and sexually attracting. If you can complete all the missions, the highest level reward you will receive is that not only can you live in the new world, but also you’ll get a man who will love only you in his life. He’ll never cheat, never change his mind, and he’ll still love you like crazy even after decades of staying together.”


Shen Jintai’s really moved now. He want it!

Men don’t matter, but it's important to be attracting!

“Well, then. Xiao Ai will give you your first mission right away.”

“Can you read my mind?”

“Yes, dear, may I read you the mission profile?”


“The name of the book that you are about to jump into is ‘Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang’ , Green JJ BL novel.”

Wait a minute, isn't this the novel he had read in his spare time?!

“Dear, please listen carefully and don't interrupt. According to the original plot, Yan Qiuchi, the leading man of this novel, will change from a cold, unmoved dick to a warm, wild romeo after falling in love with Bai Yueguang. He will be wilder than anyone could imagine and what they’ve done can’t be described by words.”

It's true. He once read about Yan Qiuchi and Bai Yueguang. All he can say is that as a man with skin hunger so severe that he became sadistic, Yan Qiuchi has some really unorthodox hobbies.

“…” Xiao Ai paused for a while, and continued: “What Yan Qiuchi's like after his change is not in line with the new rules, so you are required to take away his partner, save him from love, and then he’ll concentrate on his career. You are also required to suppress him, destroy him, and make him shine like a sword forged in fire!”

Good. This is definitely in line with the rules!

“Your first mission is to take away Bai Yueguang from him. The reward for the first level mission is booty that won’t get saggy even at your 60.”

Shen Jintai: “What about getting good-looking?!”

“Ass, as we all know, is the most sexy part of a top, and also the most basic hardware for a bottom. According to a authoritative survey, it surpasses long legs, beatiful face, and even the private part, and became the most attractive place for men. Therefore, as the first level reward, it is the most appropriate. Do you have any questions? If not, Xiaoai will be offline for now.”

Shen Jintai felt that the reward was particularly weird: “What if I failed? What punishment will I get?”

"We are a system of love. We have only rewards, no punishment.”

Why he have a bad feeling.

“If you fail, it will be equivalent to the winning of the man who is competing with you, and he will be rewarded accordingly.”

“What reward?”

The system suddenly gave out a kind of obscene laugh: “Yours is botty, what do you think he might get? Friendly reminder, he is a 100% top.”

Is it…

What a nasty system this is!

“If you need anything, please say in your mind ‘Hello, Xiao Ai.’ And I’ll be at you service at once. I wish you a successful completion of the task, and please look forward to your reward for each level, not only for beauty. We assure you that our reward for each level will make you scream!”

He only heard a "Di", and Xiao Ai was gone.

Did you leave because you are ashamed of this system?! What's the use of that kind rewards in a harmonious time!!

Also, he is a top, too. Why he didn’t get that reward!

Shen Jintai stood up from the ground. Next to him was an old man who was walking a dog. The old man looked at him like he wa a monkey in a zoo, probably thinking he was crazy after seeing him talking to himself.

He suddenly felt a little dizzy, his memory seemed to be fading away gradually, and what took its place is the memory of the Shen Jintai in the book.

Shen Jintai in the book was 20 years old, an idol out of his time. Two years ago he went viral due to a talent show, and then fell in love with Yan Qiuchi, the prince of a financial group, and retired for love.

Yan Qiuchi is famous for his abstinence. The reader gave him a nickname “Yan stone”. The author describes his strong waist and long legs in a coquettish way, which implies that he can make his abdomen bulge. However, he is super abstinence. No matter how hard others try to flirt with him, no response can be received. Such a clean and ascetic top, of course, is not for everyone.

His wildness is only for Bai Yueguang only.

However, Shen Jintai's so shameless that he even tried everything just to offer himself to Yan, which led to the scene happened not long ago. Yan Qiuchi, the leading man, pulled him out of bed and scolded him.

“I won’t touch you even in my next life, and I certainly will never love you !”

“Because you can't even match his toe!”


Shen Jintai ttok a taxi and was going back to his house.

As soon as he got on the bus, he saw the huge advertisement with Bai Yueguuang on it.

Bai Yueguang, his name is Bai Qingquan.

Moonshine lit the pines, springs wash the stones. Bai Yueguang’s completely different from Shen Jintai.

Names are opposite in meanings, and they are rivals.

Bai Qingquan and him are not only the rivals in love, but also rivals from the very beginning.

In a talent show in the summer two years ago, two stars came to the showbiz, the first is Shen Jintai, and the second is Bai Qingquan. The final competition are regarded as a classic fans' battle. The two of them have been fighting for the top of the list since their debut. Fans are on the same page. The outside world likes to compare them with each other.

But Bai Qingquan is the blessed, the chosen one, the innocent came from the crowd. He has a “special temperament”. As for what it actually is, no one knows. In short, “he is different from others”. Relying on this special temperament, he fight his way in the showbiz non-stop. The man in it either fell in love with him or was about to fall in love with him. The leading men would hold his waist and press him against the wall to kiss him. The supporting men would fight each other just to amuse him. His fans are crazy for him and crash into the wall for him!

And Shen Jintai’s just the opposite.

A rich and gorgeous bitch, who used money to make his own way and loved to show off in strange clothes. After his debut, everything’s tough. He had his glory in the showbiz when he said that he’d inherit the family fortune if he failed on going viral. He could’ve be a super idol, but he was stupid enough to fell in love with Yan Qiuchi and retired for love. Everyone knows Yan’s a fan of Bai Qingquan!

One word, bitch. Two, dumb bitch!

If a man has something to do with either one of “dumb” or “ bitchy”, he won’t end up well. And this man messed with both.

Before he gets his man, his family was broke.

At this time, he should go back to the showbiz to start his career, right? After all, it has changed from “viral or fortune” to “viral or broke”.

But no, he decided to be the dumb suitor until the end of his life. On the contrary to what we expected, because his family’s broke, he pursued Yan Qiuchi more fiercely. He crawled to Yan’s bed with all his tricks and got kicked away.

When he read this novel, he was about to give up on it because of this idiot!

A man without ambition is not a man!

An unimportant suitor should also have a little dignity, OK!

In his last life, he was struggling in the showbiz. His only hobby in life was acting. He could only be the supporting role for the pretty actors  because he was not good-looking. And finally he got a nomination, he died on his way to the ceremony.

What a fucking life!

Works in the showbiz, he understands the importance of beauty. Now that he has been given the privilege, he will become more and more beautiful and have halos around him!

He saw Li Meilan's name in the contact and dialed.

Li Meilan is Shen Jintai's agent.

“Who is this? I don't seem to know you.” Said Li Meilan in a strange way.

“Shen Jintai.”

“So you know how to call me!”

Shen Jintai looked at the sunlight from the luxuriant summer branches and said: “Sister, I want a comeback.”

Completing missions does not affect his career. Since he got a new account, he will be on the top of the showbiz again.

The other side was silent for a long time.

My God, the original owner of this account was so big a loser that his agent had given him up completely?

Shen Jintai was about to show his sincerity again, when he heard a cry.

“Do you know how many years I have been waiting for you to say this, wuwuwu!”

Shen Jintai breathed out, and then expressed his feelings: “Sister, don't worry, the man I was was dead, now I am Jintai Kardashian!”

Li Meilan broke into smile: “You've been resting for too long. I have no resources for you at hand, but don't worry. I'll find them. There are no big resources but there’s definitely small gigs!”

When he hung up the phone, Shen Jintai sighed and looked at the taxi driver who had been silent in front of him. He got an idea and immediately leaned forward: “Hey bro, do you know me?”

He wanted to test how popular Shen Jintai is today.

The driver looked at him and said: “I don't know...”

“Shen Jintai.” He suggested.

“Ah!” The driver exclaimed.

It seemed that Shen Jintai's still popular to a certain extent. Even this middle aged man knows him!

“You are the star said to be … persue a man until you’re broke?!”

Shen Jintai: “...”

Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife 2020-04-29 08:33:09

Early the next morning, Xue Jiayue was woken up by a sudden knock on the door

After graduating from university, she lived alone. So, when she heard the knock, she rolled out of bed and walked out of her bedroom to answer the door, but to her surprise, she saw a tall and straight figure had gone ahead of her in the hall.

"Jiayue, what's the matter? Why did you beat Su Ziqiao? What happened to you and him..."

As soon as the door opened, in came Zhang Renyan's voice full of anxiety and worry.

She shut up when she saw it was Xu Yanwen who opened the door. She darted a careful glance at him, as if she worried whether he had heard anything. But the result was that she had already said something clear about Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao. There was short silence among three of them present.

Zhang Renyan gazed at Xu Yanwen's handsome face, moved her lips, and finally made her voice heard, "Brother Xu."

Xu Yanwen shot her a glance, nodded and let her enter the house.

"Jiayue!" Zhang Renyan called loud at the sight of Xue Jiayue standing in the hall and rushed up to her.

Xue Jiayue was still wearing pajamas, and there was a sleep line on her left face. She hadn't fully woken up until Zhang Renyan took her by the hand.

She realized she had travelled here through time onto a book entitled "A Cool President Dotes on His Wife". This Zhang Renyan standing there was the best friend of the original for five or six years.

The situation was that the original took Zhang Renyan as her true friend while Zhang Renyan coveted her husband, Xu Yanwen, and gave her bad advice from time to time.

Zhang Renyan, the original's good friend, was indeed very helpful in encouraging her to do many stupid things so that she even grieved Grandpa Xu to death.

Su Ziqiao, who tried to take Xue Jiayue to get a room last night, was introduced by Zhang Renyan. According to the original's story, Zhang Renyan had asked Su Ziqiao to take the photos of her cheating scene. Afterwards, Zhang Renyan exposed the photos at Grandpa Xu's birthday party, which directly infuriated Xu into the hospital…

Xue Jiayue looked narrowly at Zhang Renyan. As she was a good friend, the original often complained to her about Xu Yanwen, so Zhang Renyan knew clearly that the couple was not in harmony. Xu Yanwen didn't love the original and they were only husband and wife in name. 

"Why are you here so early?" asked Xue Jiayue. Of course she knew clearly her real purpose.

"I come to see you. I'm worried about you," replied Zhang Renyan. At the same time, she kept on looking at Xu Yanwen consciously as if she was afraid that he might notice something between them.

Xue Jiayue frowned. What Zhang Renyan said was easy to arouse suspicion.

Though she looked worried and anxious, what she said meant the opposite!

All of a sudden, Xue Jiayue understood why she came so early.

The story began from that KTV box last night after her time travel. She beat Su Ziqiao there. She didn't fall into their trap or spend the night with Su Ziqiao as they planned. As a result, Zhang Renyan didn't get any nude photos from her. She was unwilling to accept the defeat and came up with such a vicious plan.

She came so early deliberately for Xu Yanwen because he was still at home at this moment. In this way, he was able to pick up snatches of their conversation about Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao last night. In this way, even if it would not make Xu Yanwen  hate Xue Jiayue, it would make him distrust her.

What a "good friend" she was!

Xue Jiayue pulled out her hand held by Zhang Renyan, and Zhang Renyan obviously felt the change of Xue's attitude. She first glanced at Xue Jiayue and then secretly looked at Xu Yanwen's direction. Next, she purposely lowered her voice and said, "Jiayue, I have something to tell you. Shall we go to your bedroom?"

With such an air of mystery, how could Xu Yanwen, who was so clever, would not see it through?

This was really a trump card for Zhang Renyan.

Eagerly, Zhang Renyan pushed her, "Let's go, Jiayue."

Xue Jiayue figured it out. She did have something to settle with Zhang Renyan, which was not suitable to let Xu Yanwen know. So, she turned around for her bedroom .

Zhang Renyan followed. She closed the door behind her, but she left a crack there secretly.

Xue Jiayue turned around by the window and looked straight at Zhang Renyan coldly. She hated Zhang Renyan, who coveted her close friend's husband and tried every possible trick. She spoke in a tone of disgust, "If you have anything to say, say it now and then you can leave."

Zhang Janyan's heart thumped, for Xue Jiayue's voice seemed so tiresome and distant. She was worried that her plan had been discovered.

'No. Impossible!' She told herself. She had done all these in the name of caring about Xue Jiayue and Xue had been always believing in her. 

After so many years of friendship, Xue Jiayue had told her so much about Xu Yanwen and herself, and she had directed Xue Jiayue to do several follies. Xue Jiayue had not found anything wrong with her up till now, and she could never have found out what was going on in one night. So she told herself she must have thought too much.

Zhang Renyan calmed herself down after making herself sure that Xue would not see through her so quickly. Then she pretended to care about her and said, "Jiayue, I do care for you, but why did you beat Su Ziqiao? You know he truly loves you."

Xue Jiayue sneered, 'She is this honey, really very hearty!'

"Care for me? Truly loves me?" she retorted.

Zhang Renyan found that Xue Jiayue's tone was not the same as usual, and her expression also made her feel strange. She seemed to have changed to another person, making herself almost unrecognizable. So she felt nervous again and did not speak as fluently as before, "Yeah, yeah."

'Ha ha!'

Xue Jiayue sneered again and cast her another cold glance, "Zhang Renyan, my good friend, don't you remember I am a married woman?  What's your point in introducing me to a cowherd and trying to seduce me into cheating?" 

'She knows it! She knows my intention?!'

a panicked look flashed on Zhang Renyan's face, but she had deceived Xue Jiayue for so many years and she knew Xue Jiayue's character very well. She knew how to make Xue Jiayue believe her, so she quickly defended, "Didn't you tell me all these? You told me Brother Xu... You couldn't stand him any longer. So you'd like to try a top-notch man, whose penis was magnificent. Thus, I introduced Su Ziqiao to you, as you requested. So, can you blame me for it? You see I've done all these for you!"

It's such a beautiful story. All these were done for the sake of Xue Jiayue like introducing her to a cowherd, seducing her into cheating, helping her clear up her troubles and satisfying her needs... Anyway, she was her "best friend" in the world! However, Xue Jiayue blamed her for her kindness!

What a smooth tongue!

If Xue Jiayue were the original, she would have been definitely convinced, and she might even have forgiven her. But now the one facing her was different, she would never be cheated by her.

"Enough!" Xue Jiayue was very disgusted with Zhang Renyan. She was so sick that she didn't want to see her for a moment.

"Let's break up. Don't come here anymore," she declared.

"Yes?" Zhang Renyan couldn't believe her ears. Xue Jiayue had always been manipulated by her. She had never imagined that Xue Jiayue would one day ask to break up with her. It should be she who offered to break up her friendship with Xue Jiayue after achieving her goal, but not Xue Jiayue. She felt she was greatly insulted.

"You can leave now," Xue Jiayue waved her hand coldly. She even didn't try to conceal her disgust to Zhang Renyan nor was she willing to dart her another glance.

"Why? Please give me your reason!" Zhang Renyan shouted angrily.

"Do you still need any reason?" retorted Xue Jiayue. She raised her eyebrows seemingly asking 'What face do you have to ask me for a reason?'

Zhang Renyan realized that Xue Jiayue had changed and that she could not treat her as before. She could not break up with Xue Jiayue at the moment because her target had not yet been reached. She thought of Xu Yanwen, who she loved so much, so no matter how bad Xue Jiayue's attitude was toward her now, she had to bear with her before she had a chance to fight back.

Thinking about these, Zhang Renyan immediately changed her tactics and tried to move her, "Jiayue, please. We've known each other for so long, and we've always been good friends. How can you say goodbye to our everlasting friendship?"

Xue Jiayue felt funny and answered, "Just because I don't want to be cheated again by my so-called best friend. So we must break up! "

Zhang Renyan, "..."

"Please! Or shall I send someone to invite you out?" Xue Jiayue coldly showed her the door.

Zhang Renyan gritted her teeth and told herself not to panic and not to mess up. Her plan had not been realized yet, so she needed to give it another long-term planning!

"Jiayue, don't be angry. I'll leave right away." Thus Zhang Renyan showed a pity look with red eyes and wronged expressions while parting with Xue Jiayue reluctantly.

Xue Jiayue watched Zhang Renyan's parting back indifferently thinking that she at last got rid of one trouble.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Renyan stopped at the door and pleaded in a low voice, "Jiayue, when you are calm and not angry, come to me please. We are still friends!"

Oh, Jesus!

Xue Jiayue was very disgusted by what she said. She replied, "Don't worry, there will never be such a day!"

She was not a fool. If she was a friend of such a vicious woman as Zhang Renyan, she might be dying faster!

At last Zhang Renyan didn't stay and left.

Standing there, Xue Jiayue felt relieved to look at the closed door.


Zhang Renyan didn’t see Xu Yanwen in the living room. He seemed to have gone out. This morning when she just came, she found that Xu Yanwen was going out. So, she guessed he had left the house, but she wondered if he had heard of anything before he left.

But no matter how much Xu Yanwen heard, Zhang Renyan believed that what she said would definitely have an impact on him. That's enough.

Zhang Renyan left Xu's house and was just walking out of the apartment building, when a black Bentley car stopped in front of her.

The car window rolled down and Xu Yanwen's handsome face appeared in front of her.

"Brother Xu!" Zhang Renyan was excited. She knew what she said would work, otherwise why did Xu Yanwen wait for her here?

Unlike Zhang Renyan's excitement, Xu Yanwen's voice as well as his expression was cold, "Don't appear in front of Jiayue again in the future!"

Her excitement was instantly extinguished, and her eyes widened incredulously, "Do you still protect her so much?"

"Jiayue doesn't like you! So, get out, as far as possible!"

shouted Xu Yanwen. He completely defended Xue Jiayue.

Zhang Renyan was hurt. She loved him so much, but he ignored her. He obviously didn't love Xue Jiayue, but he still wanted to protect Xue Jiayue, the bitch!

Love drives people crazy. Zhang Renyan was mad. She could not be rational anymore.

She blurted out to Xu Yanwen, "Do you know what Xue Jiayue is doing behind you?"

Xu Yanwen's eyebrows twisted.

Bix Magic Cube Game World 2020-04-29 08:30:55

The players have no bottom line, after all, in their opinion, these people are just NPC in the game, not real people.

Most were better, badgering terrified passers by to confirm if they had a mission.

Because most of the time in game mode, when you talk to a NPC, the NPC doesn't say the same sentence like a machine, which means that the NPC is probably a special one with a mission or something like that.

So, everyone noticed that the NPC in this game are different, each NPC is like a special NPC! Because when you talk to them, the reaction of these NPC seems to be something else entirely!

"What can I do for you? "

"No... No... "

"Don't worry about it. What can I do for you? "

The player's eager face almost touched the young man's face, and he was trembling with fear, "No, no... "

"Don't worry, I'm very capable. What can I do for you? "

Youth: "..."

What was the matter with the man in shabby clothes? He said over and over again? The young man would have run away if he were not so tall and scary.

Even now, his eyes wandered as he tried to run away when he wasn't looking.

As soon as he lifted his foot, the player grabbed his arm.

The iron pincer-like hand was too strong which made the young man's face even more Ashen.

Still the same warm-hearted, scary face, "Can I help you? "

The young man was about to cry. He looked around despairingly and realized that he was not the only one who was entangled. After racking his brains, he finally said in broken sentences, "Help, help me take this fish to Bowler on that street?"

Players all of a sudden got excited to jump up, as expected there was a task!

It wasn't just this poor young Casey city young man, all the other people around him mostly tried to think of something to do with them, but there were also some very bad people in their own right, as if the city itself was in a state of chaos, otherwise, Pei Sen wouldn't have had to sneak into Golden Rose Manor.

At this point, however, the players were unaware of this fact and still frantically harassing the local people.

After all, for them, it's just a game.

At this time, Pei Sen saw a guy  directly beat a player under the watchful eyes of the people.

Casey City is not a good and orderly city. To be precise, it's more of a chaotic and orderly city. There's a limit to how orderly it can be.

At that time, for example, the human trafficker Kui Lang, who caught Pei Sen and almost sold him, belongs to a powerful force in the city.

Here the player is knocked to the ground, and the person who beat him happened to be one of Kui Lang's men. He was always wandering the streets to see if there was any suitable cargo to be caught. They were professional traffickers, and their merchandise was human.

Today many players flowed into the city, most of them were good-looking, even if at this time they can not pinch the face, but most of them scanned their own image and certainly made some adjustments. Overall, these players were really beautiful. It will be strange if Kui Lang did not send people here.

But even by adjusting the face, in this game to achieve the level of fine handsome Pei Sen was still not easy.

After the face pinch system came out, pinch face failed too much, but the really high-level pinch face were absolutely still great.

At this moment, the man who knocked down a player was kui Lang's younger brother, nicknamed the Sharp Snake, whose real name was rarely remembered. He observed for a while and found that although these guys came together, they did not seem to know each other. A man happened to come towards him, as if trying to talk to him, so he knocked him down with a blow without hesitation, trying to call a nearby accomplice to come and drag him away.

That was the way they did things, who had paid the guards to turn a blind eye to what they did because the town was so remote that the Lord was not in charge at all.

Seeing what was going on over there, he heard a sneer from Igel beside him, and he suddenly remembered what Ms. Mary said: This is Igel's land...

"These traffickers are indeed out of line, but it is not the young master's fault, " Pei Sen tried to console Igel, who was, after all, only fourteen years old, and he must be very unhappy with the way his territory looked.

Igel glanced at him and said coldly, "I have nothing to do with the Casey City."

Well, consider himself kissing up to the horse.

At this time, the Sharp Snake had not had time to drag people away, all the hairs on the back of the body were standing up, how to describe this situation?

At the instant he knocked the young man down, all the people nearby were silent for a moment, as if the air had stood still for a moment, and then the Sharp Snake saw all of them turned their heads in unison, all eyes were on him.

It was not a look of anger or malice; it was a thrill.

Yes, dozens of hundreds of people looked at him knocking down a person to drag away. They all stared at him with a kind of excited and weird eyes!

When one of the men screamed "mission" and came at him, he just picked up the dagger and tried to resist, only to find that the man was not trying to hurt him, but held on to his arm.

Others also ran to him and to his surprise, one man picked up a wooden sword with a sharp point, and without hesitation stabbed the fallen man to death. The others took one look and did not care.

Who the hell are these people?

The Sharp Snake got scared, and he thought these guys were a little crazy.

By this time, Igel was finally on his feet, and it was clear that he had not expected this to happen.

"Master, the body! " Arp, who had been hiding in the darkness, appeared beside Igel and said in a deep voice.

Igel nodded, "I see it."

"Don't be surprised. They're from Bixs." Pei Sen smiled lightly.

He had known this for a long time, and in fact the Bixs would later astound the whole of Alex Mainland.

"The Bixs?"

Pei Sen looked at the the "player's body” turning into bones in a few seconds through magic eye, which scared the Sharp Snake to fall to the ground and explained to Igel, "The Bixs are a race from the deep-seated Mount Askin. They are a very large family, and they don't look very different from the average person, but they have three characteristics."

“Three characteristics?” Igel looked at him. As a nobleman, Igel was not a shallow man; he knew most of the races of the world, but had never heard of the Bixs.

Pei Sen took his time. The game itself gave him the design, and it's no secret that everyone will know even if he doesn't tell others now.

I have to say, the Bix clan in the game setting is actually quite interesting. After all, the players are immortal. Before tenth level, there is no loss even if they are killed, but after level ten, if they are killed, they will still lose experience and suffer a period of weakness.

It's not always easy to find a reasonable explanation for this kind of game setting, but the system makes everyone believe that there is such a weird race.

"First, the Bixs will quickly turn to bone when they die, and after a few hours, the bones turn to dust, leaving nothing behind." Pei Sen thought the design was meant to distinguish them from demonic creatures. He knew that demonic creatures will turn to dust immediately when they die, and perhaps the system is programmed to incinerate them after a period of time to prevent players from being considered them as demonic creatures.

"Secondly, when the Bixs die, his brothers and sisters will inherit his face memory, and all of other things until the last blood family is destroyed. Thirdly, the Bixs are naturally able to travel among different areas, although not at will, their presence in Casey City means they can travel from the Mount Askin to here."

Igel frowned as he listened, for the race was too strange.

"It's no a surprise, really," said Pei Sen, laughing at what he was thinking, "We have strong orcs beyond the distant walls of our continent, proud elves in the forest, ugly dwarfs underground, giants on the edge of the ice fields, and strange as they are, Bixs still look like human."

Igel stared at him for a moment, "You know a lot."

In fact, in the center of the human population, these aliens are almost invisible. In fact, humans are so powerful, their living space has been squeezed out, and they're already very rare. In the early days, some nobleman kept Orcs and elves for fun, but now very few people are interested in doing so.

As for the reason, Pei Sen really do not know, only know that the center of the Human Kingdom of Alex hate to see the aliens, the aristocracy naturally dare not be free to keep them.

Igel had a sneer on his lips. Pei Sen didn't know, but he knew clearly that there have been instances in several countries where half-breeds have almost ascended the throne because they were so loved, and since then, not only the king, but also the great lords, have banned the breeding of Orcs and elves.

One thing Pei Sen was right that though the Bixs were a little more strange than the others, but not too surprising.

But the Sharp Snake below don't think so, because for years there have been few aliens on the human continent, and many civilians don't even believe that there are aliens in the world, thinking that they are just legends, it's really scary to see players who are obviously not normal.

He saw the killing and the body turn into the bones and he was scared to desperately step back, but the influx of players almost surrounded him, where there is  no room to back.

"Save, save me! " He called bis partners, however they were also frightened enough to choke, one by one ran away in an instant.

The Sharp Snake didn't dare look up at all. He felt a thousand excited eyes focused on him. The terror made him shiver all over. To tell the truth, after being a human trafficker for so long, he always thought he had a lot of guts, but now, the look on their faces and the way they stared at him made him almost faint with fear.

Who the hell are these people, and why are they acting so weirdly?

Seeing Him afraid, the players were really excited, Shit, the game is too real, this NPC is played by real people? Why his intelligence is so high?

No, even in real life, this guy could get an acting award, right? So good acting skills?

"Don't be afraid." one player said kindly, "What were you trying to do to knock that guy out? Pick me, knock me out."

Sharp Snake was stunned: "? ? ?"

The magic eye could not pick up the sound, so Pei Sen and Igel on the tower could only see the picture, but Pei Sen thought he knew what they were talking about. He looked into the shocked eyes of the servants behind Igel and endured the laughter hard.

It should be said that the world's local people should not be able to understand the way players think.

At this time, a player angrily ran in from outside the city, the game players can only revive at the resurrection point, so he can only be resurrected after running back, running while screaming, "Braised Spicy Strip! You dare to steal my task!"

Yeah, that's the guy who got knocked out by the Sharp Snake and killed by another player trying to steal the mission.

The Little First Grand Secretary in My House 2020-04-29 08:28:31

This bookstore called “Dongliju” is not big. There are only two doors in this bookstore, one is used to sell the four treasures of the study, and the other is filled with bookcases which is next to the wall. 

The books in the bookcase are new, old and hardcover, which are worth a lot at a glance. There are also thread-bound ,but they look a little rough. However, most of them are various transcripts. Generally speaking, if this book is not sure to be hot doubtlessly, the owner of this bookstore will ask someone to copy it. Because if it is opened, it is printed from thousands of copies.

Zhao’er is familiar with the boss, she enters the door and greets with a smile. The strange thing is that the boss recognizes her unexpectedly. When the boss sees her, smilingly asks about whether she came to buy paper for her younger brother.

When it comes to this, there are some old things.

At first, Zhao’er cared about Xue Tingxiang, then saved some money to buy paper for him to practise calligraphy. But this paper was more expensive than she thought. Even the most inferior yellow bamboo paper costed forty cents. However, Zhao’er collected all the money on her body that day, there are only thirty cents.

In order to let the boss sell the paper cheaper to her, Zhao’er spent a long time with the boss. The boss responded to sell the paper cheaper to her when she made a tragic story that her younger brother was diligent and eager to learn knowledge, but unfortunately her parents died and her family was poor. Later, she came to buy paper several times at the previous price. But she became familiar with Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen praised her for her high moral character, earned money hard, but still offered her younger brother to study. Therefore, He almost sold the paper to her in very good deal.

When these words are used as usual, Zhao’er had a cheek to listen. But today Xue Tingxiang is here, she is a little cramped inevitably. She is afraid that Mr. Chen says something and those words would make the little man look down on her.

Zhao’er have suffered, so she knows the skills of survival. But the little man doesn't understand, especially he is still a scholar who is pedantic excessive. Therefore, if there are conflicting views between the two people, she will always avoid these subconsciously.

Within a day, two people said that he was her younger brother, which made Xue Tingxiang very displeasure. He doesn’t find Zhao’er’s obscure thoughts naturally. When he recovered, Zhao’er had already talked to the boss, and showed him the copy of "Chinese Surnames" he copied last night specially.

"This is your younger brother? He looks handsome, but a little thinner." Mr. Chen is a middle-aged man over forty years old, with a lock of goatee and full of elegance. He wears  a scribe shirt, this makes him looks like a scholar, but not a businessman.

"He was sick the other day, and he has been better recently."

"No wonder I haven't seen you for a long time." Mr. Chen is talking while takes the handwritten copy from Zhao’er which is very poor whether it is bound or paper.

He knows this kind of farmer's children can't write good words, but he really admires Zhao’er, so he plans not to criticize even if it is really bad, and just refuses to say something politely.

If the level is not too bad, the words are also still readable, giving him some temporary job is available, just as the help.

But when Mr. Chen see the words on the yellow bamboo paper, he is astonished.

"He wrote these words?" Mr. Chen looks at Xue Tingxiang in surprise, then looks through the handwritten copy again.

His expression is so weird, it makes Zhao’er has a bad feeling. She couldn't help thinking whether the little man’s words are too bad. After all, no one has ever praised the words of the little man. Even Xue Qingshan had said that his writing was clumsy in calligraphy. 

Although Zhao'er didn't understand what was a clumsy in calligraphy, but she knew that it meant bad writing form the sad expression of the little man.

But she didn't think it was the little man's fault. Even the paper on which you practice your words had to be selected, can you write it well? Maybe in that time, she was angry. She collected the vegetables and sold them in town, and saved a sum of money to buy paper for Xue Tingxiang which is the first paper in his life.

A whole pile, instead of giving a few paper from Xue Qingshan or Xue Juncai.

Zhao’er’s head feels cold, and she couldn't help thinking whether she was too unquestioning or she praises the little man too excessive. She is  afraid of nothing, but is afraid of the bad words from Mr. Chen, that the little man would not be able to bear. 

Thinking about it, she makes a gesture to Mr. Chen with her back, and led him aside. Then she whispers to him very quietly: "Uncle Chen, if my younger brother’s words are really not very well, can you ..."

“Can what?” Soon, Mr. Chen understands. Then he laughs in spite of himself:" So are you. Even if you care about him, you should not deceive him. On the contrary, you should point out his shortcomings, so that he can make progress in the future. "

His voice is a little loud, so Xue Tingxiang over there must have heard it. Zhao’er blushes, but she doesn't know what to say.

Mr. Chen says again:" But your younger brother's words are really good, and he must learn from a famous teacher."

He walks to Xue Tingxiang in a few steps, makes a bow with hands folded in front and says: "I want to know who is your teacher in earnest?" As soon as he finishes speaking, he feels a little hesitation in his eyes. Because the poor young man in front of him has a rough cloth. It really doesn't look like someone who can follow a famous teacher.

But his words...

Since Mr. Chen is running a bookstore, this is either his hobby or his ancestry. In fact, Mr. Chen has both, that is also a family history. When he was young, he also took a few exams, but he stopped at scholar. However, he is not enjoy to be an official, then he took care of his ancestry. It is also a great thing in life for him to meet a few literary friends, play chess and drink tea together. 

From his point of view, although this handwriting is immature, it has a strong character.

Form is easy to get, but charm is hard to find. Master Yan and Master Liu are called "muacle of Yan style and bone of Liu style ", which is enough to see the characteristics of the Yan Zhenqing style. Xue Tingxiang's words already has its roots. As long as it doesn't go wrong, it will be a calligraphy master in the future.

He doesn’t know that in order to hide himself, Xue Tingxiang deliberately hid his writing style. It takes him half the night to finish it, which should be finished at most half an hour. If it is written in that kind of words, it will definitely make Mr. Chen think it is a master’s work.

When Mr. Chen is thinking, Xue Tingxiang asks:" I don’t have a teacher."

" Just copy it?”

" I have copied Yan Qin Li Stele."

Xue Tingxiang didn’t lie. He really only copied Yan Qin Li Stele. This set of copybooks is Xue Qingshan's favourite, which is never touched commonly. The reason why he was lucky enough to see it and touch it is Xue Juncai, who was still young, took it before him at that time.

Because of this, he was extremely impressed with "Yan Qin Li Stele" and even became obsessive. Later, after having some money at home, Zhao’er bought a set for him. The first typeface he practiced is the Yan Zhenqing style.

"Only Yan Qin Li Stele?"

Xue Tingxiang nods his head.

In the eyes of Mr. Chen, the light is more intense. He takes a long time to sigh: "Maybe you have a talent on this aspect that is difficult for others to catch up with. I hope you to practice hard, don't be lazy. Anyway, let’s talk about the serious things. Your words are very good. It is passed by me."

He goes to the counter and takes a book to Xue Tingxiang.

"I have a copy of" University of Chapters". You can take it back and try it out. The brushes and ink come from me. After copying, the finished can't below the level of this book. I will pay you one tael of silver."

"One tael of silver? Uncle Chen, is this a bit too much?" Zhao’er wonders.

He laughs in spite of himself:" Do you know how many words there are in this book? Do you know how much money I sold this book? "

After he finished, he continues to say to Xue Tingxiang: "It is reasonable to say that it should be copied in my bookstore. If you take the book back to copy it, you need to pay some silvers or other things. I know your brother well, so that is fine. How long can you finish it? "

Xue Tingxiang hesitates and says, "Since Mr. Chen has the rules here, so could I copy here? But I have a small request and hope Mr. Chen can agree. Can I read the book here in the spare time? "

Mr. Chen is stunned for a moment, and immediately understands. Then he takes a deep look at this thin but be neither humble nor pushy young man. 

“I agree.”

"Then thank Mr. Chen first, you can rest assured that I will not damage the books here."

Zhao’er keeps silent all the time. Until they talks here, she pulls Xue Tingxiang aside to speak.

“Are you really going to copy books here? How good it is to take home. If you are afraid that Mr. Chen will not allow it, I still have some silver to pledge. "

“Don't you think this is a good place?”

Xue Tingxiang looks back at the room full of books. The books he has read are limited, and in the memory of 'Xue Tingxiang', many memories in this respect are blurred.

But life is his, he has to go forward step by step. It does not mean that he had a dream, he will definitely be the first assistant in the future. It does not mean that he had a dream, he will definitely pass the highest imperial examination in the future. After all, even in the dream he has made a lot of efforts and walked many detours to reach the highest official rank step by step.

Zhao’er certainly understands what he means, but she feels very uneasy to left the little man alone outside. She is thinking about whether to find an excuse to accompany him here. Mr. Chen says: "Well, you don’t have to worry about your younger brother. Can he be lose in here? You don’t have to sell vegetables today? Go quickly. "

In the eyes of Mr. Chen, Zhao'er is a hard-working brother who supported his younger brother by selling vegetables in the town.

“Uncle Chen, I’m leaving now.”

She quickly takes out a dozen copper coin from her arms and hands them to Xue Tingxiang: "I should come to you for lunch at noon, if I don't come, you buy it by yourself in ..."

“ If copy the book here, there are a lunch for him freely.” Mr. Chen interjects.

Zhao'er is still nagging: "You still hold the money to buy whatever you want. I will pick you up in the afternoon."

“You still pick up your work first and rest assures that your brother will not lose here.”

This Uncle Chen!

Zhao’er couldn't talk anymore, and runs out of the bookstore almost as rapidly as her feet would move.

When Zhao’er is leaving, Mr. Chen smiles and teases:"Your brother is very good to you."

Xue Tingxiang responds a sigh, it is really very good, like a little hen who is worried about her children. Somehow, this sentence comes to his mind.

Later, under the guidance of the guys in the bookshop, he goes to a room behind the shop.

The layout of this room is simple, but the elegant also can be seen, and it can be seen that Mr. Chen is an elegant person form this. The most convenient place for this house is a large window facing the outside yard, and a set of tables and chairs, which is completely different from Xue Tingxiang's imagination hidden in a dark room in the dark.

The man brings a pot of water for him to clean his hands, prepares writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones etc., says that he could call him if there are something , and then he leaves.

Xue Tingxiang comes to the basin, immerses his hands in the water, rubs it a few times gently, dries it with a towel next to it, then sits down after the desk.

He grinds the ink firstly. Grinding ink can adjust people's emotions very well and reaches a “quiet” state.

After the ink is polished, at this moment his heart is clear. He holds his sleeves and be ready to write, but his hands are empty. Only then does he realize that he is wearing a short rough cloth . There are no sleeves. Naturally, he is not afraid of staining his sleeves.

All this is just a matter of time. He doesn't care and writes quietly.

However, Mr. Chen, who is standing outside the door, is a little skeptical. He couldn’t help thinking whether this boy is a famous one not a poor one, but it is a pity that his family had fallen. His words, behaviors, and his temperament, does not seem to be a poor boy.

After thinking for a while, he can not think of it. Mr. Chen shakes his head and goes back to the front.

Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife 2020-04-28 09:53:47

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise.

Her first thought was, did everyone know she was a RMB player with terrible skills?

White Horse send her the explosive revelations post link. Ruan Jiujiu skimmed through it and found that there already had tens of thousands of views under the gossip posts, which only took a few hours.

The post was titled "Explosive revelations: Bitch J Wants to Rob My Girlfriend's BF".

The post described the whole thing in the first person.

It was mentioned that the girlfriends had a stable relationship with the boyfriend. They were lovers recognized by the gang group. Since a bitch named J joined the group,  she played cat and mouse, and tried her best to attract the girlfriend's BF attention by various means.

Since then, bitch J had been secretly hooking up—apparently withdrawing from the gang but secretly calling him to play the game together. The girlfriend was harmless, only knowing to cry. I, as her confidante, can't tolerate it anymore. 

So, I chose to come to the forum to expose the bitch J to let her know that she shouldn't flirt with other people's boyfriends.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

What the hell? This should be written for Inner Journey to homeland! He was the one needed to behave himself!

When Ruan Jiujiu withdrew from the gang at first, some people had talked about it. What's worse, because this was a big gang, which had a mix of people, and the poster also put many ambiguous keyword information in the post. So soon some people left the message, claimed that the bitch J was a Jade Immortal player whose ID was "Jiu Jiu Jiu". Successively, the so-called girlfriends, BF, naturally got known by others. 

Although Qingfeng Biying never publicly said that she was the girlfriend of Inner Journey to Homeland, she talked intimately with him, and her behavior often revealed the close relationship that in the real world they were childhood sweethearts.

But who was this unknown Jiu Jiu Jiu? How could she even dare to have inordinate ambitions to their guru, and play such dirty tricks?

Ruan Jiujiu received a lot of friends applications. The messages accompanied were all kinds of unbearable insults. Some people persuaded her to stop play tricks, and others let her not ruin herself so as not to be involved in three dimensional world. She deleted all of them with one click and changed the status to "No one is allowed to add friends". Finally, no message came in.

Anyone who had been madly abused will be angry.

White Horse had been persuading Ruan Jiujiu to calm down, and first report to the official to delete the posts with false information.

Ruan Jiujiu logged in the game. She behaved very calmly and let White Horse invite her to join the gang. She just typed a line in the group chat.

"I am Jiu Jiu Jiu."

Then, the group went mad. A gang of hundreds of people, there were so many melon-eating masses. Soon the forum updated the post "Live Post: Sis J is going to argue with Qingfeng Biying!"

The messes were all waiting for the live broadcasts.

Many people wailed and asked to join the group, just wanted to see the fresh and hot news. But fortunately, at this moment only members of the gang could see it. Everyone was silent, waiting for Qingfeng Biying to come, and then the two confronted each other.

Many people were wailing—I'm so jealous! Girls are fighting for Inner Journey to Homeland! 

Ruan Jiujiu patiently waited for a moment, and Xu Biying came out.

Her tone was very innocent: What's wrong? Sorry, what happened? I just went online.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Nothing, just want to tell you, don't let your bf come to harass me again. I really don't want to add his friend.

Qingfeng Biying: ...

Qingfeng Biying: Are you pretentious? How could he harass you?

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Are you self-confident, I harass him?

Qingfeng Biying: ... Hehe.

Qingfeng Biying: Brother You is not that kind of person, maybe you gave him some wrong tips.

Obviously, it meant that Ruan Jiujiu was a bitch to flirt with others first. 

Qingfeng Biying: I know, everyone likes guru, and he got many fans. If you have any misunderstanding, then I apologize first. This post is not from me, you can check it.

Of course, it was not her, but from her good girlfriend.

Ruan Jiujiu thought that Xu Biying was really a cunning woman. No wonder she could be a gold digger in this life. She didn't care about Xu Biying. Today, since Xu Biying talked like that, most people were clear that who was right and who was wrong.

At this moment, the door was knocked. Cheng Jun's slow voice came: "Eat shrimp."

Ruan Jiujiu felt better immediately: "Coming!"

Jiu Jiu Jiu: As you like, my husband is calling me.

Qingfeng Biying's girlfriend "The No.1 Little Princess in the World" immediately mocked: Who knows if you have a husband, and even it’s true, someone who had a husband but still dating online is stinky.

As soon as these words came out, the rest of the gang couldn't take it anymore. They joined the war and began to criticize the two, saying that they were too deceiving for there was no evidence to prove the so-called flirting.

The No.1 Little Princess in the World was very aggressive. Not only did she resist other people's attacks for Qingfeng Biying, but continued scolding Ruan Jiujiu very sarcastically, saying that she was "ruttish", "pretended to be fragile", "married woman will play game with their husbands, but you, does your husband know what you did online", " Maybe he doesn't even know himself has been cuckolded"...

All the curse sounded very dirty, but without the dirty words, there is no way to informed on her.

Jiu Jiu Jiu's ID was still online, but there was no reply. Everyone thought she was crying. However, it didn't take long for the chasing order to be updated—

【The player "Jiu Jiu Jiu" hung out an arrest warrant: killed the players "Qingfeng Biying" and "The No.1 Little Princess in the World" one hundred times, then a reward of gold bounty will be offered to the winner. The hunting will last for one month. Meanwhile, the one who killed them most can get the best equipment sent by Jiu Jiu Jiu. 

The bright red characters repeatedly scrolled on the screen. Suddenly, the whole world boiled.

Rich! Really RMB player!

The two who were chased and killed immediately became famous. Their faces turned an ugly green.

Generally speaking, players will just quarrel with each other. Why did this Jiu Jiu Jiu not follow common template?

Ruan Jiujiu hid work and name. How troublesome to quarrel with them. Didn't they care about this game? Now, one month, they either change their IDs or they can only swear in the group but never think about doing a game task.

Some friends in Ruan Jiujiu's list sent a few lines of "Awesome", admiring her idea.

Not to mention Xu Biying, even others who had abused her were a little afraid of being hunted down. So they kept silent.

Ruan Jiujiu happily wen to the restaurant to eat big lobster. Cheng Jun was very obedient today, probably knowing the end of annoying a woman, so he said nothing. Ruan Jiujiu said while peeling the shell: "I just spent a lot of money in the game and it hurts a bit. In order to save money, I plan to spend less recently."

Cheng Jun asked: "No money? I'll transfer to you."

Ruan Jiujiu was a little surprised by his clever response: "Nope." It was still a pleasure to ask her this way. Anyway, they were partners living together.

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Ok, but don't deduct meal bills."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Can we have a joyful conversation?

Ruan Jiujiu unkindly stole his peeled shrimp, chewing, and vaguely said: "Why don't you ask me where I spent my money?"

Cheng Jun quietly moved the peeled shrimp towards his direction and slowly said: "Huh?"

"I was abused by someone in the game. She even posted on the forum, criticizing I cuckold my husband. That's really unfair."

His eyes blinked.


Ruan Jiujiu: "... Isn't the point should be 'unfair'? Well, it's just a guy whose gaming skills are good always harasses me." And, they had no feelings at all, so let alone "cuckold".

Ruan Jiujiu got depressed: "Unfortunately, my skills are too bad, otherwise I'll definitely challenge that Qingfeng Biying and kick her ass honestly."

Cheng Jun became quiet for a while.


"Not exactly, just that I don't like being wronged." Ruan Jiujiu raised her eyebrows, "but I've finished my revenge. Shut her up successfully."

Cheng Jun looked at her with a thoughtful expression.

After a big meal, Cheng Jun was cleaning up the mess, and Ruan Jiujiu took a shower.

When she put on the mask and went out, she heard familiar music from Cheng Jun's study. Ruan Jiujiu hesitated for a moment, but then leaned over to the door and asked, "What are you doing? Playing games?"

Cheng Jun: "Hum".

"To see who the stray man is."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She walked behind Cheng Jun and saw he was manipulating the knight named "Xi Jiang Yue", slowly repeating the tricks several times. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly realized something, teasing: "So, you haven't played this kind of game before?"

Cheng Jun replied: "Skills are not good."

Ruan Jiujiu nodded: "Me too, so I was just a  Buddhist-style player, enjoying the scenery."

Speaking of this, Ruan Jiujiu put her hands on his shoulders, leaned closer to the screen to see the map where Cheng Jun was, and said, "I'll add you later and take you to do the task. If you don't care being watched wherever you go."

Her attention was all on the game, so she wasn't even aware of the closer distance. Her soft fingers were cold and he could feel her temperature across the sweater. Her long black hair was wet and shampooed. When she spoke, the warm breath seemed to wipe his face.

Cheng Jun slipped his mind for a moment, but he pretended to be calm without any expression change.


Ruan Jiujiu was back to the room immediately to log in and added Cheng Jun as a friend.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: I'll take you to do the task ... Wait, where are you going?

Xi Jiang Yue: You go to buy some clothes first.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ? ? ?

Ruan Jiujiu watched him disappear, and then she entered the gang group chat. Seeing her, everyone was very happy, and kept calling her "sugar daddy". Xu Biying and her girlfriend were totally afraid to show up in the game. If the two hid for a month, then Ruan Jiujiu will win the battle without spending a penny.

Ruan Jiujiu almost applauded her IQ.

White Horse: What were you doing, sis Jiujiu?

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Nothing, just my husband said he wanted to play the game, so I took him to the game.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. One by one asked her husband's name.

Just by taking this opportunity to rectify her name, she typed the characters "Xi Jiang Yue". She wouldn't think that Cheng Jun's low level was anything shameful. Because her level-upgrading all depended on money. They only needed to be happy RMB players. She never cared about how other people’s opinions about her.

The group was suddenly silent for a few seconds.

Hoofs to the west: Is that... Xi Jiang Yue of World Channel?

White Horse: Your husband is cool.

Deng Bu Li Shao: Dame! Back him up!

Jiu Jiu Jiu:? ? ?

She turned on the hidden World Channel with confusion, and saw a row of harsh red letters constantly refreshing, and then was being overwhelmed by the players' remarks.

【"Xi Jiang Yue" issued an arena challenge to the "Inner Journey to Homeland". 】

Ruan Jiujiu almost jumped up: "!!!!!! What are you doing, Cheng Jun!!!"

Across the door, Cheng Jun's slow voice drifted over.


The author had something to say:

Cheng Jun: Skills not good.

Jiujiu: Me too. So, never mind, let’s be happy RMB players~