Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 48

“Ding Dong.”

The familiar voice almost freaked Shen Jintai out.

“Congratulations, another six points, nine points in total.” Xiao Mei said in a cold voice.

Last time, he was given three points in the middle of the night for no reason. He didn't understand what was going on.

He immediately turned his head to look at Bai Qingquan beside him, and saw that Bai looked at him quietly, which was exactly what Bai should be, with no expression.

“Bai liked me more?” He asked.


Shen Jintai: “Em?”

He couldn't believe that came from the system. It somehow reminded him of…

Of Yan Qiuchi, who loved replying with a “Em” the most!

Wasn't that the tone of an iceberg top?

Xiao Ai, come back!

“Xiao Ai can't return yet. Before that, I will be at your service.” Xiao Mei said coldly: “If you have no other questions. I'll go offline now.”

“Wait a minute.” Shen Jintai asked. “So, the three points in the middle of the night last time were the same as the six points this time, all representing Bai grew to like a little more, right?”


“…But I didn't do anything.”

“We detected the change.”

Shen Jintai looked at Bai Qingquan next to him again. Bai pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows slightly, and made an expression of “what happened?”.

“What's my next reward? Is it beauty?”

“The next reward is indeed a beauty reward. Choice one, you get hair that is still thick and dark even after middle age. Choice two, you get delicate and fair skin.”

It was rare that there was no determiner for this reward, such as “until you’re 60 years old”.

“It's natural for people to grow old. Being a freak on who time does nothing might not be a good thing.” Xiao Mei said lightly.

Shen Jintai: “...”

“Can I know when Xiao Ai will come back?”

“A week.”

Good. A week is not a long time.

“Do you prefer compliments?” Xiao Mei asked suddenly.

Shen Jintai was surprised for a moment and said: “…It’s just I feel like I bonded with Xiao Ai.”

Xiao Mei didn't say anything. She went offline with a “Di” sound.

Shen Jintai felt awkward.

“Everything OK?” Bai Qingquan came to ask him.

Shen Jintai came back to his senses, smiled and said: “I was surprised by how far that arrow went.”

When Shen Jintai smiled, there was a positivity in his smile, which weakened his aggressiveness.

Bai Qingquan looked at his smile and sighed.

Just now, when Shen Jintai made that shot, his heart was pounding. For a moment, he thought that Shen Jintai was kind of cool and unrestrained handsome.

OK, OK, it was just an illusion.

He must had been holding back too hard. It wasn’t easy for him. He was 22 years old, at his best age. But for the sake of his career, he still kept his virginity. His sweet love was waiting for him somewhere where no one can find.

Apart from his fans, no one would believe that a great man like him could still be a virgin!


He glanced at Shen Jintai again. Shen Jintai was wearing his costume, but he could not see anything except for the waist.

How did Shen Jintai get this figure? When they started their career together, Shen Jintai didn't have such a good figure.

That ass, even he was a bottom, he was still turned on by it.

Bai Qingquan learned something from Shen Jintai: As a man, as long as you still have that sausage, you have the potential to be a top.

Shen Jintai's ass was really attracting even to a man.


The top searched item “Shen Jintai advertisement” was really durable. It had the “boiling” sign followed even at noon.

It mainly attributed to power of the CP fans. A gay actor playing a gay character could greatly enrich the imagination of fans. It was difficult for ordinary people to completely separate the actor from the characters he plays, especially when the play’s heated. Once the real feeling was there, it would feel particularly real.

As soon as the advertisement was released, few would watch Shen Jintai's “Touhua dance”. Even Aishang's flagship store in Taobao had an explosive growth in sales.

Managements of Aishang themselves was stunned. They had Shen Jintai to make the ad only for the publicity. Shen Jintai had many female fans, they didn't think he could help so much on the sales of men's underwear!

Yan Qiuchi didn't go to Weibo to see news.

He literally had no time to check Weibo. Since HCEP had made a surprising success, the company could get listed any second, which made him quite busy.

But he doesn't look. Many people around him are watching.

But the East Palace was so popular that when new episodes were broadcast, there would be all contents about it in everyone’s WeChat moment.

A female friend of Yan Qiuchi had been obsessed with Shen Jintai lately and she complimented Shen in her moment every day.

There were fewer male friends followed HCEP. Almost all of his friends were the second generation of the elite and rich. Everyone had their own business to be busy with.

But there were also some idle young.

Suddenly he received a message.

It was sent by Xiao Yang, his best friend.

The first message was a screenshot. He took a look at it and saw his name.

A netizen nicknamed qianqiancaoqing said: “How good-looking a person would he like?”

Rainbow fart player replies: “Really, this is not enough? Unbelievable.”

“I guess he’s impotent, hahahaha.”

“Iceberg Yan doesn't look like he’s impotent. You can tell he’s great by his nose and other facial features He can tell from his nose and face that he is not simple!”

“My son was young and naïve, just forget the mistakes he made before, he had what he deserved. Also, I hope we don't mention Yan Qiuchi. Is Ying on Jintai not good enough a CP for you?”

“Who is Yan Qiuchi? Let him go fuck himself. Do Bai and Shen not make a perfect CP? Or Ying on Jintai not sweet enough?”

Yan Qiuchi frowned and looked at it again before he realized that “son” was referring Shen Jintai.

Xiao Yang then sent a second message, a video link.

Yan Qiuchi frowned and opened. He was stunned.

It turned out to be Shen Jintai.

After watching the video, he gulped and felt a little warm in my heart.

Probably because of the long-time absence of his reply, Xiao Yang called him directly and said: “Man, Shen Jintai is still Shen Jintai. Is Shen Jintai still Shen Jintai?”

Yan Qiuchi understood the meaning of these two sentences.

Xiao Yang said: “I really admire you.”


“How did you resist it?” Xiao Yang said: “If I were you, I can never help myself in front of that. I never noticed before that he was so…”

Yan Qiuchi asked coldly: “So what?”

“So…Didn't you see those pink, tender things and his slim waist and that butt...”

“If there’s nothing else, I gotta go.” Yan Qiuchi said: “I’m busy.”

Then he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Yan Qiuchi continued to work. After about two minutes of work, he picked up his mobile phone and looked at it again. The screen just lit up, and there was a knock on the door.

He put the phone down and said: “Come in.”

Gao Qiao brought in his coffee and put the papers on his desk by the way.

“Still working?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Gao Qiao didn't know why Yan Qiuchi sent him to work some time in city B.

In a reasonable way, he was promoted. Their company and city B government cooperated and planned to build a film and television village on the old China background over there. He went there to take charge of the project. It was his first time to go on a quest by himself. If he did well, he would surely be promoted in the future when he returned to the headquarters.

But he always felt that it had something to do with his failure on signing Shen Jintai, which made it more like a devolution though it was called promotion.

But it may also be his overthinking since he felt guilty.

It was mainly because Shen Jintai was so popular recently

The more popular Shen became, the more he felt that it was a pity that he did not sign Shen Jintai.

“My plane leaves tomorrow.” Gao Qiao said.

“If you have any questions over there, contact me directly.” Yan Qiuchi looked up at him and said: “Anything else?”

Gao Qiao shook his head, and finally said: “Mr. Yan, although Xiao Fang has been in the company for several years, she usually does things according to my orders. You might find her not so handy, but she is very smart. Give her some time, and she will be good.”

He had worked with Xiao Fang for many years. Xiao Fang seldom has direct contact with Yan Qiuchi. She felt that Yan Qiuchi was not easy to get along with and was a little timid.

“I see.”

Gao Qiao turned around and walked out. When he got to the door, Yan Qiuchi suddenly called him: “Gao Qiao.”

Gao Qiao turned around. Maybe he had been around Yan Qiuchi for too long time, he was reluctant to accept this sudden leave.

“Do well.”

Gao Qiao froze for a moment and nodded.

After Gao Qiao, his unusual warmth finally disappeared. Instead of the advertisement, he checked at the screenshot Xiao Yang sent him again.

He knew that this “Ying on Jintai” CP was hot, but what was it with the Bai and Jin CP?

How could Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai be a CP? There were no emotional scenes between them.

Did the script changed?

He was busy. Except for watching the first two episodes with Shen Jintai on the day of the opening broadcast, he didn't watch any other episode. Taking advantage of the rest, he watched the latest two episodes. He didn't see any romantic things between Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai, but he was hooked by the scene of Zhou Ying and Li Xu.

When he watched Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi holding each other, he somehow suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable emptiness.

He also held Shen Jintai in arms once. He accidentally touched Shen Jintai's butt.

He still remembered the feeling that shocked him at that time. It was…fleshy.

But he saw it in the advertisement that Shen Jintai's was actually very strong. It was round, but not big, very healthy and sexy.

It was different when looked at and felt?

Yan Qiuchi wiped his forehead with his hand and stood up and poured out a glass of water.

It began to cool down, but he was used to drinking cold water. He drank it all the year round. After a glass of cold water, he was sweating a little.

Did Shen Jintai…stuffed socks?

Yan Qiuchi suddenly thought.

Yan Qiuchi was a stable man, being turned on seldom happen to him. For Shen Jintai's underwear advertisement, he was not as excited as those fans. He was just a little surprised, felt a little strange, but still stable.

However, that inexplicitly strangeness was haunting him. It wasn’t strong, but persistent. And it started to brew at night when everything was quiet.

He held his phone in his hand and turned it over and over. Yan Qiuchi lay in the dark for a long time, then turned on his phone.

What appeared was Shen Jintai's underwear advertisement. Just tap the triangle in the middle and it would play.

The screen lit up his eyebrows and eyes. It was dark and bright, full of energy that the young man didn’t use up in the daytime.

However, he finally opened HCEP and started to watch the play.

After watching two episodes, he calmed down. He was very focused on Shen Jintai's performance. Occasionally, he would be amazed by Shen Jintai's wonderful micro expressions. The best part of Shen Jintai's acting was not those tears with intense emotions, but those details. Even his fingers expressed emotions.

Yan Qiuchi watched it until he was too sleepy to continue and turned off the phone.

He thought that Shen Jintai's performance was really good. After watching it, it had a great aftertaste.

Then he dreamed of Shen Jintai.

Different from the last dream, this dream was very normal, vague and unclear. When he woke up, he was a little confused. Suddenly, he thought of Shen Jintai in his mind, and there was a sense of lost joy.

The ascetic body woke up before the soul. As usual, Yan Qiuchi watched CCTV news for a long time before he finally calmed down and got out of bed.

This had nothing to do with dreaming or thinking of Shen Jintai. He had been taking a long time to calm down every day before getting off bed since his teenage years.

One night, and his beard became very obvious. The man in the mirror had bright eyes and fierce spirit.

There was a monster inside him. If let out, it’ll eat people.

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