Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 47

The production of Aishang’s advertisement didn’t takes much time. The brand’s managements thought releasing the ad while Shen Jintai was heated must be the most effective.

Before releasing, they informed Shen Jintai’s team. Li Meilan believed that this could be a top searched item.

In recent days, Shen Jintai’s news was almost everywhere and Shen had several related top searched items, thanks to the unprecedented popularity of HCEP. It was so popular that the average audience rating in the third week was over 1.8, and it was highly likely to exceed 2. Not to mention that no other show could be as half popular as it at the same period. Even in the last five years, it could be the most popular TV series. If everything went on this way in the later period, it would surely become a phenomenal drama.

Everyone was aware of how a TV series could be seen as popular. Plenty of fans, controlled comments. Though Shen Jintai had so many related top searched items, it wasn’t annoying.

What's more, Li Meilan and Shen Jintai had watched the advertisements in advance. It was destined to be a hot news.

Li Meilan was watching the time. Not long after the releasing of the advertisement, it was on the top searched list.

Keywords: “Shen Jintai advertisement”.

Clicked on the video, the first thing came into sight was a pair of shiny leather shoes. The shoes stepped on the floor. There was the sound of closing the door, the sound of the key being put on the table. The lens went up, caught a pair of suit pants. The belt was around the young man's waist. A long finger tapped on a pad, and the intelligent speaker began to play music.

Suits, the most formal, abstinent and rigorous garments. As an underwear advertisement, it started with a suit. Its intention was clear!

Like a white-collar worker who just came back from work, he stretched out his tie and began to take off his clothes.

The video was very attractive. The scene moved from his bright red lips to his well-defined chin, from the protruding Adam's apple to his white and slender fingers. His nails were glossy and was filed clean and tidy. He unbuttoned all the buttons one by one, and the white shirt was taken off and exposed his chest.

Then the shoes, socks, pants. And finally, he stood there with only the underwear.

Holding the edge of his underwear with both hands, he pulled it out and was about to take it off. The shallow V lines showed up. When the private part was about to show up, the lens suddenly went up, presenting Shen Jintai’s pretty face. On that face was a bad-intended, slightly ruffian-like smile.

Then there was the rhythmic drumbeat. With the happy music, a montage began. The scenes of Shen Jintai bathing, swimming, etc. Shen Jintai's good figure was shown thoroughly, along with Aishang’s various of underwear. When it was changing too fast to recognize, the music suddenly slowed down. Shen Jintai sat on the toilet with only his underwear and a cigarette in his hand. He looked up in slow motion and look at the camera aggressively.

The long eyebrows are dark and the eyes are sharp.

“Oh, my God! I! AM! DYING!”

“He’s indeed the no. 1 gay in the showbiz. Look at his ass!”

“What did I see? Waistlines?!”

“My favorite! Waistlines! What kind of man is Touhua!”

“As a young actor who’s on fire, he dares to take this kind of advertisement. Touhua is still Touhua! I’m impressed!”

“Mom, look! This man waisted my heart!”

“This waist, this ass, this face!”

“Look at these long, straight, white and thin legs. Compared to him, I'm not worthy of being a woman!”

“Ahhhh! I can’t help it but think about him and Zhou Ying!”

“I didn't think Touhua is beautiful enough. Now, how beautiful does the old me want!”

“Are you embarrassed to mention it or what? Why there's a part of his you don't mention!”

“Sister, I get you! They’re so pink!”

“I’m dead! I didn't notice it!”

“Two words, my type!”

“My type, too!”

“Shout out bravely, we are sisters!”

“His skin is so bright! And it makes my eyes shining as well.”

At the end of the video, Shen Jintai woke up from his bed, and the sun shone on his sleepy face in the early morning. His skin was bright and his lips were ruby. When he fell asleep, he was detached and fresh. Now the music had stopped. It was quiet. There was only a bouquet of flowers in the vase on the nightstand.

Started and ended with the routines and no music. Shen Jintai's long and dense eyelashes shook, opened his eyes in the noisy alarms.

The shot blurred in the sun, followed by a close-up of his eyebrows and eyes. They were shaking, with thick eyelashes and attractive pupils.

He stretched out, got out of bed and walked to the window, opened the curtain with a noise. The sunlight came from his front, the window scenery was blurred into a mass, his body was basked in the sunshine. The camera scan through his thick black hair, straight shoulders and backs, shallow waist lines and stopped at the Aishang underwear.

Tall and beautiful.

Monolog: “I’m in love. How about you?”

Followed by that “oh my God!” comment was a: “I fell in love, too!”

This soon rose to the top of the list with incredible speed. With the help of HCEP and the surplus temperature of signing with monsoon entertainment, it became popular all over the internet.

Bai Qingquan was stunned by it.

His heart was pounding.

Shen Jintai was so sexy!!

He looked up at Yang Lizhi on the opposite side. Yang Lizhi could not hold back her excitement: “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

She shouted out her personal envy: “Shen Jintai has waist lines!”

Waist lines are the handles of love. You can put your hands on them if you want to hold someone’s waist. They are gifts from god!

The advertisement spread quickly among the crew. Except for those who had things at hand, everyone turned on their phones and watched it. While they were watching it, Shen Jintai came.

Shen Jintai usually wore casual clothes at the shooting site. But it was cold and he finally gave up on his big shorts and vests. This time, he wore sneakers, trousers and a denim jacket.

“Good morning.” Shen Jintai greeted with a smile.

“Li Xu, the advertisement is so exciting.” The continuity guy said with a smile.

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “The underwear advertisement? It’s alright.”

They didn't pay attention to it before. After watching the advertisement, Shen Jintai’s thin waist was rather obvious with the belt.

He was tall and handsome. Without clothes he was sexy, but with clothes on he was gorgeous and pure.

Yes, he was not just good-looking, but gorgeous. Probably it was all in their mind.

His skin was bright and some parts were pink. Even men would be amazed.

The weather was very good and bright. Shen Jintai also seemed to be particularly radiant. His high spirit made him looked even prettier, looked like a successful person. People indeed look different with a success.

Li Xu in the play happened to be rising up.

Li Xu accompanied Zhou Jing in the courtyard to practice archery.

Shen Jintai was dressed in a brown robe with a black belt around his waist, tall and pretty. Before shooting, he nodded as he listened to the guidance of the choreographer next to him.

“A little higher.” The choreographer said: “Eyes looking at the direction of the arrow. Straighten up your chest, try not to move your head. Two arms down.”

Shen Jintai smiled and nodded to the director.

“Three, two, one, action!”

As soon as the director's words fell, Shen Jintai raised his bow and arrow seriously and pulled it to the tightest position. With a “bang”, the arrow shot out.

Bai Qingquan's heart skipped a beat as if the arrow had hit his heart.


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