Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 46

When they got to the set, everyone was very concerned about Shen Jintai's health.

“Are you all right?” Bai Qingquan asked him.

“No more fever.” Shen Jintai said: “It's just my mouth tastes bitter. I can’t recognize anything good.”

Bai Qingquan smiled and said: “It's just what illness feels like. Take a day off or two and it’ll be better.”

“I haven't thanked you yet.” Shen Jintai said: “If you hadn't pulled me, god knows what I’d be like after the fall.”

“You really scared me. Thank god you’re OK.” Bai Qingquan said: “I wanted to go visit you yesterday, but the shooting didn’t finish until midnight. I was afraid that you might be sleeping, so I didn't go.”

Bai Qingquan caring for him so much, it wasn’t easy to see it happens.

Bai Qingquan was so nice.

Bai Qingquan noticed how Shen Jintai was looking at him, and he smiled. Shen Jintai smiled, too.

Director Guo was afraid that Shen Jintai would be burnt out, so he postponed the shooting of an emotional scene to the next day.  Shen Jintai only needed to show his face a bit.

The most attentive part was a scene of him taking off clothes.

Shen Jintai unbuttoned his robe and joked with a smile: “Am I the sex sell part of our crew now?”

The crew burst into laughter. Guo Rui said with a smile: “Don't waste your good figure.”

Shen Jintai was really in good shape, very suitable for the cameras.

As an actor, being more neutral means better plasticity. Masculinity or femininity could be apparent brands. Shen Jintai was young and fit. He could show different body language in different context. He could be tough and straight, he could also be pretty and attractive.

It was a pity that the TV series couldn’t show too much adult content, too exposed scenes were not allowed.

It’s hard to do this kind of scene excellently. Shen Jintai held his clothes with both hands and had more than ten takes from different angles, which reminded him of his experience of shooting underwear advertisements.

However, it was very good. When the robe was put on his body, one could have a glimpse on his smooth and beautiful shoulders and back. The camera moved to his hand. His white fingers were tying the belt. When he heard someone calling him, he looked back.

His long hair was a cascade and his clothes were loose. It was a very fashionable dress. But his face was very intimidating. He looked cold, like a layer of ice.

Li Xu was starting to villainize.

Guo Rui really liked shooting scenes of Shen Jintai more and more.

He felt that Shen Jintai had a very unique charm. He was pretty and thin; his lips were ruddy and his eyes were bright. His skin was particularly bright. He had an attractive look, but he had a kind of pure temperament and didn’t feel feminine at all. When he didn't laugh, he was a little cold. When he laughed, he became another person. Also, he gave out different vibes when he removed the makeup. All these made him the Li Xu on the screen, and didn't form the charming little eunuch as a little doll.

This way, the character became really charming for straight guys, straight girls and girls who are into gay things. Even the older generation wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when seeing this.

Not everyone could balance it when acting, and not everyone could have this quality. Acting skills and their own conditions were both needed. The success of the role Li Xu was very reasonable.

Guo Rui was even a bit proud.

When he chose Shen Jintai to play the role, he burdened a lot of pressure and doubts, people were not optimistic.

He looked back at Zheng Siqi next to him and joked: “Our prince is stunned.”

Everyone around laughed, and Zheng Siqi stood up with a smile.

There was no job for him these two days, but he was a green hand, and he had no other job at hand, so he'd come to the set to watch them act when he had time.

Also, he wanted to cultivate his relationship with Shen Jintai.

He was new to acting, and his first emotional scene was so intense. When he acted, he was afraid that he couldn't catch up with Shen Jintai. The solution he found was to try to get into the play and transfer the prince's feelings for Li Xu to Shen Jintai.

Every time he looked at Shen Jintai, he’d brainwash himself. After some time, the more he looked at Shen Jintai, the more attractive he thought Shen was.

Zheng Siqi was excited.

Shen Jintai signed with their company. Tian Wenwen told him yesterday.

Maybe it was because Shen Jintai was involved in his debut play, plus, they had a good relationship, he was quite happy about it.

After Shen Jintai finished shooting, he went back to the hotel with Shen Jintai.

Bai Qingquan couldn't help but took another look at Zheng Siqi.

At the beginning, Zheng Siqi was quite green. But after all this time, maybe it was because he became familiar with everyone. His young-straight vibe was coming out. Refreshing and full of animated courage.

He and Shen Jintai felt like a good CP. They were of similar heights, one was three or four centimeters taller than another. When Zheng Siqi talked to Shen Jintai, he had intimate feeling in his eye. He’d look at Shen Jintai with his head turned to Shen and all his attention would be put on Shen.

The play wouldn’t fix them together, would it?!

Bai Qingquan looked at Yang Lizhi, who he had to act with, and sighed silently in his head.

He also wanted a sweet relationship with a handsome guy. Even it was not happening in reality, a relationship in the play could do. He didn’t even know what it felt like to be held in arms by a handsome guy.

“Fell for him?” Yang Lizhi said with a small smile.

“What?” Bai Qingquan frowned.

“I have a lot of gay friends, you can't hide it from me.” Yang Lizhi whispered into his ears: “The way you look at men doesn’t lie.”

A bottom who was yearning for love.

Bai Qingquan was scared, was he too explicit?

He frowned: “I have no idea what you're talking about.”

Yang Lizhi didn't argue with him. She just smiled and looked at Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi.

She was wondering which one Bai was looking at.

Both of them were good.

Speaking of which, everyone knew that Shen Jintai was gay, but she really couldn’t see through him.

She felt that Shen Jintai was hard to put brand on. He could be top-like, but he could also be passive. Sometimes, he could even be like a straight guy.

The scenes were mainly the opponent scenes of the leading actor and actress. Under the arrangement of Li Xu, Helan Bi finally met with Zhou Jing.

Lovers seeing each other, drama was about to set off.

After shooting in the evening, it was late. Bai Qingquan was very tired. He just wanted to sleep while he was on his way to the hotel.

“I heard that our company wants to sign Shen Jintai.” Weige said.

Bai Qingquan immediately opened his eyes: “What?”

“Shen Jintai has been on his own, right? He may change his mind now and wants to sign with a company. Many companies have reached out to contact him, sunshine media is one of them.”

Bai Qingquan was surprised: “Hasn’t him and Mr. Yan’s relationship been tense all this time?”

“If this could affect Mr. Yan’s decision, Shen wouldn’t get the role in the first place. Back then when Liu came for the role, wasn’t it Mr. Yan who solved that problem? What happened happened in the past. You know what Shen Jintai is like lately. He clearly moved on.” Weige said: “This is what a smart man looks like. He gave up his career for love. No one would give up his or her career for love now.”

Bai Qingquan sat up and said: “Then what happened? Did he sign?”

“I don't know. Maybe not yet.” Weige said: “If he signed, we would definitely be informed. After all, you two rivals will be working for the same company, they’ll take your feelings into consideration.”

“I don't want to work with him.” Bai Qingquan said: “I can't outrank him. I want to be the best, not the second.”

Apart from the original draft, in which he was the second, he had always been the best.

“I found that ever since Shen Jintai came back, you have lost your confidence and pride.”

“I’m no match for him when it comes to ability and popularity now.” Bai Qingquan turned to look out of the window, light and shadow fell on his face, making him looked a little sad: “He will surpass me sooner or later, I know.”

“I don't believe it.” said Weige: “Get yourself together, and I’ll work harder. The result is not fixed, we won't lose. Don't forget the millions of fans behind you. You may be willing to be below Shen Jintai. Do you think your fans could bear it? How uncomfortable they would be? Don't let them down. You know terrible they could be if fans become haters. You've seen it.”

Bai Qingquan turned his head and didn't speak.

After going back, Bai Qingquan took a bath. When he was about to go to bed, he received a phone call from Weige. Weige said: “I’ve got words, Shen Jintai turned down sunshine media’s offer.”

"Ah?" Bai Qingquan is a special accident.

“He signed with monsoon entertainment.” Weige said: “You can stop worrying and get ready for future competition.”

Bai Qingquan pursed his lips and didn't know what to say.

Shen Jintai didn't choose sunshine media and went to monsoon entertainment.

Monsoon entertainment was their nemesis.

This really became a competition.

Then he could not lose. His lose might not be a big deal, but sunshine media’s lose could be.

He was really impressed by Shen Jintai.

No one, not even him, could know what kind of person Shen Jintai had become now, even he may not be able to see through.

When it came to love, he was decisive and independent. When it came to his career, he had solid skills and spirit.

This was what Bai Qingquan had been dreaming to became. As a top-level star who was thinking about sweet love, he felt really ashamed.

“Ding Dong”, Xiao Mei got online: “Congratulations, another three points.”

Shen Jintai suddenly sat up from the bed, and before he could react, he heard a “Di” and Xiao Mei was offline.

What happened? What did he do?

In the middle of the night, why did Bai Qingquan suddenly grow to like him?

He was confused. He really misses Xiao Ai!


“News! Latest news. I’m not sure if it’s real, but Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan were going to under the same company!”

“I also saw it on forum eight, saying that Shen Jintai signed with sunshine media?”

“Mommy, this is too big. It surprises me even more than they acting together.”

“Isn’t Yan Qiuchi, the boss of sunshine media, the one Shen Touhua chased and didn’t get? He’s doing that again?”

“Hope not. I think the new Shen Touhua is very impressive.”

“His team is just like that. His brain is also not clear. No one knows what they might do.”

Shen Jintai’s fans got the news and were about to explode.

Even the elder members in the group chat couldn’t remain calm and asked Xiao Tang.

Xiao Tang asked for Li Meilan's opinion and replied: “Fake new!”

“Thank god. I was freaked out.”

“Really, I almost cried when I first saw the news. Brother, please don't sign sunshine media. There were not only Bai Qingquan, but also Yan Qiuchi!”

“You were cold to me before and I’ll be too good for you tomorrow. This is what Jin should be!”

"That’s right! I want to see my brother fight for his career wholeheartedly and let Yan Qiuchi regret. I want to see Jin snatch back the top-flow star throne. I want to laugh and see Bai’s fans cry!”

“You said exactly what I want to say. Brother Jin, come on!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I think Bai’s fans can't laugh now.”

Bai Qingquan’s fans were quiet.

They just watching their idol’s pretty face and were tired of cursing Shen Jintai.

No matter how many of them there were, they could be more than the audience who watched HCEP. They could manage the control the comments on Weibo, but their arms weren’t long enough to reach elsewhere.

Any topic related to HCEP, no matter what it started about, it would end up to be the home of the CP fans who were into the love of the prince and the eunuch.

These CP fans were so brain-washed and aggressive.

They were happy to have their own space.

For the first time, Bai’s fans, who had always been invincible, had experienced the taste of failure.

“It's not worth what my brother did for the play.”

“Don't say that. Many people like to see our idol's ancient-style look. What a male god.”

“Is our group a lot colder? I just looked at the number of members and it seemed to dropped a few hundred.”

“Don't mention the traitors. They used to be Shen Jintai’s fans, later, they came, and now they crawled back!”

“Is Qianqian grass green also a Jin’s fan? I really like talking with her. Alas.”

“We can wait for them to regret. Latest news, Touhua has also signed with sunshine media. They can wait for Shen to serve our idol.”

“Touhua is come to sunshine media? He won't take all the resources, will he?”

“What are you thinking? Our idol is sunshine media’s favorite. Shen Jintai is just a half way goods, how can he take away brother's resources? He only gets to pick what brother doesn't want!”

"Sign it, sign it. Come to sunshine media to be the second. He should have been the second, but he took our idol’s champion title. Now is a good time to repay it!”

No one knew where the news that Shen Jintai was signing with sunshine media came from, but everyone was talking about it.

Bai’s fans loved it, Jin’s fans denied, and there were neutrals waiting for updates.

HCEP came to the third week and the whipping scene was on. Li Xu was thrown into the ditch, the eldest prince jumped in to save him. The line “I’ll never doubt you again” led the plot to the first emotional climax.

The official account really knew how to do the marketing. After the episode, it posted a shooting gag.

With the popularity of the play, the views on GAGs was amazing. Some GAGs were even more interesting than the play itself, which could not only show people the segments that couldn’t be seen in the play, but also could satisfy the curiosity of the ordinary audience about the shooting of the TV series.

For example, the gags they just posted was about Shen Jintai cried out of control.

The director had called “Cut”, but Shen Jintai was still held by Zheng Siqi, crying.

The quality of the gags was not as good as that of the play. The camera was shaking, making it looked like a documentary. In the video, director Guo Rui stood up and said: “Jintai, hold back your tears.”

God, this made “Jintai and Ying” fans' tears ran unstoppable.


“My God, he was into the character. It's so moving. I feel more moved than when I watched the play.”

“I can't help my tears when I see Touhua crying, ahhh, my Jintai and Ying, my Li Xu and Zhou Ying!”

Especially when the director shouted, Zheng Siqi loosen his arms on Shen Jintai, and they looked at each other. Shen Jintai smiled, but his tears were even more.

“I'm sorry, wait a minute.” He raised his hand and then lowered his head to cover his eyes.

The director said: “We’ll shoot it later, take a rest.”

Shen Jintai wiped his eyes and said: “I just thought of this line…Ah. He remembers nothing but Ying after that.”

The sound wasn’t clear, but that sentence was. They even had subtitles and the music of their theme music. The last two verse were so sad.


“Wuwuwuwuwu, it’s so moving!”

“I know what he said! ‘Silver-haired Li Xu lost himself, sitting there talking about Zhou Ying.’ ah ah, ah, I'm dead!”

“It's really better than the play. God! That line gave me goosebumps.”

"Don't cry, Touhua. You can come to me, I will never say anything bad about you ever again!”

“Come to mommy. I love you!”

“Hahahaha, is there no girlfriend friends for a eunuch? I think it's all mommy fans and sister fans.”

This move was successful, even better than the episodes. That night, “HCEP gags” made it to the top-searched list.

Li Xu and Zhou Ying were heated.

After a night on the list, the afterheat was still considerable. Monsoon entertainment then posted: “Welcome @ Shen Jintai to join the family of monsoon entertainment. Next, monsoon entertainment will carry out all-round operation of Shen Jintai's personal IP, and conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of film and TV series, singing and dancing, variety shows, etc., so as to create a bright future!”

Monsoon entertainment would hold a grand signing ceremony at the end of the week, which was unprecedented.


Haters: “I’m OK!”

Jin’s fans: “Monsoon entertainment is the rival of sunshine media. Brother, I love you! Don't hold back!”

Bai’s fans: “WTF? What about coming to sunshine media and be the second?! Shen Jintai meets monsoon entertainment, guess they’ll conquer the top-searched list for the whole year!”

Passerby: “As soon as people get famous, the real momentum comes. The recent news about Touhua really is thriving. No one can stop it!”

Momentum is really important. When the momentum comes together, passers-by will be excited. It will make people feel that this person's fortune is coming, and it can't be stopped.

On the fourth day, at the shooting site, the leading male and female stood in front of the lighting board to shoot the first scene.

Yang Lizhi checked her phone: “Shen Jintai is on the top-searched list. Again!”

Bai Qingquan was shocked when he heard it. He asked: “For what?”

Yang Lizhi looked up: “Underwear advertisement.”’

Bai Qingquan immediately took a look at the phone. Before the video of the advertisement was on, he saw the first hot comment: “Oh, my, God!”

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