Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 44

“I’ll call in for a day off?” Li Meilan, who just came here, looked at Shen Jintai and said.

“It's OK. I can hold it.” Shen Jintai said: "I already had two days off, which delayed the shooting progress. If I ask for more, I'm afraid we can't catch up with the plan, not to mention the loss.”

After all, it was a TV series that was shot and broadcast at the same time. A few days’ delay could be a big problem, leaving many things undone.

“Can you hold on?” Asked Li Meilan with concern.

“It's OK. I'll take some medicine. After this morning's shooting, there won't be many scenes in the afternoon. I'll go to the hospital when I have time.”

He took some antipyretics and went to the set.

It was still cloudy and chilly. They checked the weather forecast on the way. It was said to be rainy for days.

Bai Qingquan sat in the dressing room and asked his assistant: “Is Shen Jintai back?”

“Not yet, but he only asked for two days off.”

“I heard that he asked for a leave and went to film for an advertisement.” Yang Lizhi said: “I just don't know what brand it is.”

“I heard it's an underwear brand. It's called Aishang.” Said a make-up artist nearby.

“Things aren’t easy for him.” said Yang Lizhi with a smile. “He used to have endorsements for luxury brands. But now, it's good if he gets any legit brand.”

Yang Lizhi was not very happy about Shen Jintai's popularity, but she wasn’t jealous. Shen Jintai was not popular enough to make her jealous.

She also took the time to stand on the stage yesterday. The crowd on the spot showed that she, the leading actress, also benefited from the play. The increase of her fans was not as unbelievable as that of Shen Jintai, but that was because she had a high popularity and limited space to rise.

Bai Qingquan was the same.

He was already a top-level. The success of HCEP was just icing on the cake for him.

For Shen Jintai, it was a timely help.

It helped Shen Jintai with his come-back.

Bai Qingquan thought of Yang Lizhi’s words, and decided it made sense.

Shen Jintao became popular. It was inevitable for him to feel a little upset, he and Shen were rivals. But seriously, Shen Jintai fell from the top. He used to endorse for luxury brands, but now there were only underwear brands.

Aishang, he hadn't heard of it. It was probably not famous at all.

Shen Jintai arrived at the studio on time. When putting on make-up, he specifically told the makeup artist, “Today's makeup can be a little thicker.”

"Too tired? I don't think you look very well today.” The makeup artist said.

Shen Jintai raised his head slightly, asked the makeup artist to do a nose shadow for him, and said: “It's a little feverish.”

“Did you go to the hospital?”

“After the shooting.”

“My relatives and friends were all watching HCEP.” said the makeup artist softly: “The ratings of the second week’s episodes have reached a new high, the highest ratings have exceeded 1.5. Do you know that?”

This sentence motivated Shen Jintai.

Sometimes the chance to be popular only appears once in one’s life. He had to seize it!

As Li Meilan said, HCEP had come to the stage where the story became pitiful and consuming. Shen Jintai read the script and adjusted his mood. Then he felt sad and negative.

The empress' funeral was over. The prince was locked in the East Palace. Even Li Xu couldn't get in.

The energetic Helan Bi overcame all the obstacles and got to Zhou Jing. But Zhou Jing wouldn’t see her.

She then sent someone to contact Li Xu.

To some extent, She and Li Xu were in the same boat. She was the adoptive daughter of the Xiao’s family. She was supposed to be betrothed to the eldest prince. Now there was an accident in the Xiao’s family and she also had to go into the palace to serve as a slave. She had never put her fingers in dirty water, but now she had to do others’ laundry.

The two developed a friendship on this basis.

But the friendship was a basis for the future fight. It's a necessary part of royal family’s drama, friends turning against each other. It was just that HCEP was different, the leading female role’s friend is a eunuch.

“Here you are.” Helan Bi took out a jade plate from her pocket.

It was a white jade plate with gentle texture, on which carved with a pair of mandarin ducks. It was the eldest prince's thing. He knew it.

Li Xu took it in his hand and asked: “How did you get this?”

“Two days ago, I asked a sister in the laundry department to help me pull some strings. I took the opportunity to deliver clothes to the East Palace and went there. I met the prince.”

“How is he, how is he?” Li Xu asked in a hurry.

Helan Bi shook her head and said: “He has lost too much weight. He is ill, but the doctors won’t treat him.”

Li Xu's eyes turned red. He held the jade plate and sat beside Helan Bi.

Helan Bi said: “Prince asked me to give this to you, saying that he wanted to leave something to remind you of him. He also asked me to tell you to never go to the East Palace again. He said, you should live well, and you will have a chance to save him in the future.”

Li Xu knows that Zhou Ying said that. He just hopes that he can live well without being involved.

"We should both live good lives.” Helan Bi said with red eyes: “Those who did this to us, to the eldest prince, were still out there, thriving.”

Yeah, they were all thriving and rich. Bright future was waiting for them.

“I'm just a little eunuch. I'm someone with him around. But without him, I'm nothing.” said Li Xu, holding the jade plate tightly

“Eunuchs have ranks. The second prince is so ruthless that there must be something promising in the future for you if you follow him. You may be someone close to him and might be able to gain power. Look at the big eunuch Gao, he holds more power than many of us.” Helan Bi said: “I will be a powerful concubine and even queen in the future. Let's join hands to fight for justice for Xiao’s family and clean up the grievances of the eldest prince.”

She was only twenty-eight years old. She had a pretty face and a thin body, but her eyes were so firm. This talk seemed like an unrealistic plan, but it gave Li Xu great hope. His eyes brightened, he looked slightly surly, and he said: “Can we?”

“We have to try.” Helan Bi said: “Xu, you have to help me.”

Li Xu looked at her, and Helan Bi looked at him directly and said: “The second prince won’t see me, but I believe that he still has feelings for me. You go find a way to get me to see him. And if I can serve him, we will support him and get him on that throne.”

Li Xu hid the jade plate in his arms, stood up and said: “OK, I'll help you.”


Shen Jintai sighed, and the makeup artist came to reapply.

He a little weak, but it also conformed to Li Xu's state.

It was just that he felt that his eyelids were getting hotter and hotter. He felt that if he looked down a bit, the warmth from the eyelids would make his tears come down.

Since the start of shooting, Yang Lizhi and Shen Jintai had few opponent scenes. Then, she and Li Xu became friends and they got more and more scenes. It would be scenes of the leading man, the second man and the leading lady later.

This time, Shen Jintai's condition had been adjusted perfectly. He looked ill and emaciated.

She hadn't acted with Shen Jintai before, so she didn’t know. But after acting together, she was impressed by Shen’s acting skills.

Just good!

Shen Jintai was about to go to another set after shooting this scene. He had to go to B site to shoot the scene in the Ziwei palace.

The scenes of the leading man and lady were shot separately. There was no intersection. The only intersection was the secondary male role.

He was going to run at both ends.

When he went to another set, there was a shooting of a scene of Zhou Jing having a dream.

Bai Qingquan's character, Zhou Jing, had been haunted by nightmares all the year round. This time, he dreamt of empress Xiao’s suicide.

Empress Xiao predicted the second half of his life. He’d get the ultimate power, but there would be no person around him treat him sincerely.

It was also Song Wei's last scene. The crew had prepared flowers already. They held the bouquet and waited aside.


Just after the director's shouting, the crew clapped their hands. Guo stood up with a smile and said, “Congratulations, Miss Song. It's finished!”

Song took the flowers from the staff with a smile and bowed humbly.

The next was the photo taking. The crew rushed to take photos with Song Wei. After Song Wei finished taking photos with them, she shouted to the crowd: “Little Li Xu, hurry up, come here!”

Shen Jintai heard the words and ran over with a smile. Song Wei simply held his arm and put her head on his shoulder. Shen Jintai made a victory sign and smiled brightly.

But Song Wei noticed his difference at a glance and asked: “Are you feeling OK?”

“I’m having a fever.”

"Did you see the doctor?"

"I'll go after the shooting in the morning.”

“Health worth more than anything, don't delay.” Song Wei said: “My parts are too little, I haven't had enough fun yet. We have to cooperate again if we have the chance in the future.”

Shen Jintai smiled and nodded. Maybe it was because he wasn’t well, he seemed sad.

“As long as you work hard, you will surely have a promising future. Believe me, I can’t be wrong at this. I will continue to watch your play at home. If you don't perform well, I will definitely criticize you. Hahaha.”

Shen Jintai smiled and nodded.

Song Wei hugged him, patted him on the back and said: “Shen Jintai, it’s nice meeting you.”

There were so many young actors, only Shen Jintai had the privilege.

Bai Qingquan stood in the crowd, envious.

He also liked Song Wei very much. She’s an experienced actor with good acting skills and style.

But what was strange was that he envied, but in a good way. He thought it was reasonable for Song Wei to value Shen Jintai so much.

He was 20 and could act like that. It was no exaggeration to say that his future had no limits.

“Ding Dong.”

Shen Jintai was shocked: “Xiao Ai?”

“Hello, Xiao AI is on vacation. I'll be at your service for the time being.”

He didn't contact the system for a long time. He forgot.

“You are Xiao Mei, right?”

She said: “Yes.”. She sounded unexpectedly and extremely detached.

Totally different from Xiao Ai.

He had been used to Xiao Ai’s way of speaking, customer service style. He was not used to this kind of coldness.

After all, the shameful reward of “booty” and “sexy nipples” should be talked with such a flatterer as Xiao Ai so that it would be more relaxed, natural and less awkward.

“Hello, Xiao Mei, what’s up?” Shen Jintai asked.

“We detected that Bai Qingquan likes you more. The latest sexy reward has been sent. Please check it.”


Shen Jintai looked at Bai Qingquan in the distance. Bai Qingquan was looking down at the script. There was nothing special.

"I don't remember hearing about the ‘flush reward’.”

“Wait a moment, I'll check it for you.” Xiao Mei said. Her voice was still cold. After a while, she said: “Because last time you had gained a total of 39 points, a series of rewards were sent out one after another and there was no time for you to make choices. So, we prepared it for you automatically. They are sexy reward, flush reward and sensitivity reward. If you're particularly dissatisfied, you can choose again.”

“…… Sensitivity reward?”

Xiao Mei said the following sentence in a monotonous, robotic and cold voice.

“Sensitivity reward, as the name implies, is to reward you with certain body sensitivity, including but not limited to waist sensitivity, earlobe sensitivity, back sensitivity, as well as indescribable upper body and indescribable rear body sensitivity, etc.”

He understood the indescribable part, but what was the meaning of rear body? Why wasn’t it ‘lower body’?

“In the era of harmony, it was not easy to describe the parts below the neck, it means the back of the lower body.” Xiao Mei said coldly.

God, he really couldn't discuss this with such a serious voice!

He’d die of awkwardness!

Shen Jintai was a little feverish. Now his face was hotter and he was not comfortable. He said quickly: “Flush it is.”

He was embarrassed to ask what the it was!

Xiao Ai, come back!

“OK, the flush reward had been sent.”

Xiao Mei was very straightforward and disappeared after a beep.

Shen Jintai felt like he was going to faint.

What kind of reward is this!

Would he become a beautiful bottom?!

“Are you ok?”

Shen Jintai looked around and saw Bai Qingquan looking at him.

Shen Jintai came back to his senses and said: “I’m fine.”

“I don't think you look very well.”

Shen Jintai smiled.

He just got more reward, which meant that not long ago, Bai Qingquan's affection for him increased.

Although he had no idea why, but it was a good thing.

Bai was a babe for most of the gays, let alone that Shen had to win over his heart to live.

This beautiful bottom really was flawless. In the future, when they got together, they would unite and become super famous and invincible.

The more Shen Jintai thought about it, the more excited he was. He felt that he and Bai Qingquan together could be stronger than the two of them.

Shen Jintai had an abnormal flush on his face, and his eyes were not as bright as before. Bai Qingquan touched his forehead.

“You have a fever.” Bai Qingquan said.

Shen Jintai was stunned for a moment. He felt the coolness on his forehead. Bai Qingquan put down his hand and said: “Can you do this?”

“After this scene, I'll go to the hospital.” Shen Jintai said.

Bai Qingquan was in a green and white robe with fragrance on it. He said: “Then let's try to do this one-take.”

Maybe it was because of the fever, Shen Jintai couldn’t focus and thought Bai Qingquan in front of him was pure and charming.

The scene they filmed was about Zhou Jing, the second prince, finding out the jade plate that Li Xu had been hiding.

He went to the couch and saw that Li Xu was lying facing inside, rubbing the jade plate.

He reached out his hand and grabbed it at once.

Li Xu got up from the couch and hurriedly reached out for the jade plate. He dodged and held the red thread on the jade plate with his fingers. He swayed it in the candlelight and pretended to smash it. Li Xu jumped up and grabbed his neck and reached for the jade in his hand.

Although they had known each other since childhood, Li was still just a servant and seldom overstepped the boundaries. Now he suddenly jumped onto him, even Zhou Jing was shocked. Li Xu held Zhou Jing’s neck and breathed beside Zhou’s ears.

“Get down!”

“Give it to me!”

Zhou Jing was so angry because he couldn't get rid of Li, so he gave the jade plate to Li: “I’m not really going to smash it.”

Li Xu got the jade stood on the ground.

“How dare you!” Zhou Jing's face was flushed with anger.

Li Xu hid the jade plate in his arms and looked at Zhou, breathing deeply. His face was abnormally red, even his ears were pink.

Bai Qingquan stared at Shen Jintai, his mind went blank.

Shen Jintai's lips moved, but his face looked not normal. Bai was shocked and hurriedly stepped forward. Shen Jintai fell into his arms.

Shen Jintai was still wearing a loose blouse, with long black hair loosened. After falling into Bai’s arms, his clothes were loose and his shoulders were exposed. It was very white. Bai Qingquan’s arms were around his waist. Bai Qingquan could felt that it was strong and slim. What a perfect waist!

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