Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 43

Mrs. Yan, who always pays attention to Shen Jintai, also saw the video at the first time.

Seeing that the scene almost went out of control, Mrs. Yan was so nervous that she felt her heart was in her throat.

It was really irresponsible and inconsiderate for the company to underestimate Jin’s popularity. 

But thinking about it carefully, Shen Jintai seemed to had been fighting on his own all the time without signing with any companies.

Although she didn't mix with people in the showbiz, she had a son who was engaged in the entertainment industries and knew a little bit about it. To choose one best domestic brokerage company, it had to be the sunshine media.

In recent years, their TV series had won many prizes.

Now that Shen Jintai was popular, she wanted him to win a prize.

She forwarded the news to Yan Qiuchi and said: “It can’t be like this. He needs a company to help him.”

Yan Qiuchi replied with only a “well” and nothing else.

When he came back from work in the evening, Mrs. Yan asked: “What do you mean by ‘well’? You are so perfunctory to your mother.”

“I'm not in charge of everything. It's the people in the brokerage department who are in charge of signing artists. If they think it's appropriate, they will contact him.”

“How dare them defy you?” Yan said, “Or do you still think that Jin is still in love with you? If so, I can tell you that he doesn't, not anymore.”

“He doesn't like you anymore” was a very delicate sentence, especially when it was from Mrs. Yan.

“I know what a brokerage company looks like. If he signs it to any company other than yours, I’ll be worried. I'm afraid he will be bullied. What if those big bosses take the contract to blackmail him to drink with them or something, ah, I'll die of heartache if I think about it.”

Yan Qiuchi said without expressions on his face: “Mom, you really over worried. How could this have happened to him.”

“It used to be impossible, but now it's not. The Shen’s family is broke, and they all depend on Jin to support them. Remember how much he used to like you and how much he didn't like acting? But now he has changed to this. What else is impossible?”

No one knew if Yan Qiuchi understood it and felt the same or just wanted his mother to stop talking, he said: “Yes, I'll have someone to get in contact with him.”

Even he wanted to sign Shen Jintai now, Shen Jintai may not want to.

Mrs. Yan took out her phone to show him: “See, it’s dangerous out there.”

It was the video of Shen at the airport. The crowd was swarming and screaming. Shen Jintai was grabbed by the airport security guard and ran away with him. One of the dolls in his arms dropped.

It seemed dangerous.

Li Meilan wasn’t a good agent.

Yan Qiuchi went upstairs and gave Gao Qiao a call: “Contact Li Meilan and see if they want to sign with a brokerage company.”

Gao Qiao was shocked for a while, and asks quickly: “Mr. Yan, do you want to sign Shen Jintai?”

Yan Qiuchi said: “Signing him or not, it’s up to Zhang Yuan. Tell him not take my attitude into consideration. Business should be separated from private affairs.”

Gao Qiao said: “OK, I get it.”

The phone then was hung up, leaving Gao Qiao alone worried.

Shen Jintai had changed a lot recently. He was so popular when the play just started. He would definitely be more popular in the next year. It was not a bad bargain for the company.

But personally, he didn't want Shen Jintai to sign with the company.

After all, they hadn’t been getting along so well. Temporary changes couldn’t undo the impression he held on Shen Jintai.

It was good to keep things just the way they had been, being nice in their separate ways. If Shen Jintai came to their company, saw Mr. Yan every day and his love rekindled, it’d be troublesome.

Because he didn't understand why Shen Jintai suddenly stopped loving Yan Qiuchi.

There was no convincing reason to it. If he couldn't find a reason, then it was just illusions.

After all, Mr. Yan were the best, a man with no shortcomings.

Shen Jintai had always been yearning for love.

The most important thing was that he thought Shen Jintai was heated, and his popularity would even grow higher, but there’s a ceiling.

It was not because he played a gay-themed TV series, but because of his sexual orientation.

The reason why gay in the entertainment industry dare not reveal their sexual orientation was not that they are worried about whether the public can accept it. In recent years, the society had become more open and inclusive, and we could tell that since the same-sex dramas could be on the TV at the best time. People’s attitude towards homosexuality had changed.

The biggest harm of coming out of the closet is that once the public knows that you are gay, especially when you’re well-known for being gay like Shen Jintai, the types of roles you could play would decrease by 50%.

For example, the romantic soap opera would be basically out of his reach.

But for young actors, the mainstream emotional dramas and roles were heterosexual.

Their company already had Bai Qingquan, who’s of the same age. Bai Qingquan had a good personal image and good characteristics, and his acting skills had been improving. His ceiling is very high above, which made him the good material.

He immediately called Zhang Yuan, Zhang Yuan said: “Don't Mr. Yan hate him? If we sign him, won’t Mr. Yan turn it down?”

“Mr. Yan said business is business.”

For those who had made to the management level, they know how to read subtle messages. He carefully pondered the three words “business is business”. He thought Yan Qiuchi meant signing Shen Jintai.

Because if he didn't say it, they all knew the relationship between Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi, and they certainly wouldn’t think about it. Now Yan Qiuchi specifically said this, he clearly wanted to say: “Don’t take my attitude into consideration, just sign him.”

In fact, they all really admired their boss. Though Yan Qiuchi was young, he was good at being a boss. His clear line between business and personal affairs were impressive and sometimes intimidating.

He wanted talk to people around him about Shen Jintai.

Moderate popularity could be achieved by men, crazy popularity could be achieved only by fate. Shen Jintai was obviously destined to be famous. His debut was a huge success. And when he was gradually forgotten and his personal image sank to the bottom, his come-back shown turned out to be another success.

No one was happier than Aishang about Shen Jintai’s crazy popularity.

Aishang underwear was a brand that had become popular with the help of star endorsements in recent years in China.

Some time ago, they were looking for a new spokesperson, looking for stars who were not so famous. Suddenly, Shen Jintai broke into their vision.

An expert could tell at first glance that what Shen Jintai had was a flawless butt!

Men's buttocks should not only be cocked, but also be strong. In fact, for men, it is not a part that will be attached much attention to. People's definition of cocky buttocks is more for women, which means that the completely masculine buttocks will not visually attract public’s attention.

It was obvious why Shen Jintai’s so special.

He had masculine characteristics and feminine appealing features, coupled with his well-known sexual orientation, they believe the deal would be particularly beneficial.

As a result, Shen Jintai became popular as soon as he signed the contract.

Thank god!

“It's reasonable to say that men's underwear mainly faces the male customers, especially the straight male customers, right? Is it really appropriate for them to choose me? The fee is so generous.” Shen Jintai said.

Li Meilan said: “You think they are stupid? They don’t do things that can’t get them benefits. They signed you to because they need your popularity to make them well-known. After that, they can just hire some other muscular model. And they’ll get everything.”

“Smartt” Shen Jintai said.

He took a look at the copy of the advertisement given to him by the manufacturer:

I love Shang. How about you.

Shit, this slogan…

Shen Jintai wanted to laugh, but he held back again.

“Do you think I'm going to need to stuff socks?” Shen Jintai asked suddenly.

Li Meilan looked up at him and said, “What?”

Shen Jintai pulled his waistband: “Stuffing socks. I searched it yesterday. It seems that some people take underwear advertisements with socks stuffed in the underwear. It looks bigger. Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Li Meilan was a little embarrassed and said with a smile: “That…I don't know.” She took a look at Shen Jintai and said: “Do you need socks?”

Because it was an underwear advertisement, Li Meilan and Xiao Tang were monitoring the whole process. It was probably because Shen was getting popular and Li Meilan gained confidence, she was standing beside the director with her arms cross and looked very powerful.

Shen Jintai, wrapped in a bathrobe, stood there and let the make-up artist do his make-up. The lighting man moved the light board a little closer. There were several staffs around kept peeping at Shen.

Xiao Tang thought being a star was really a tough job.

Ordinary people can’t act freely in front of cameras with only a pair of underwear.

“Ready?” Asked the director.

Shen Jintai nodded and took off his bathrobe.

The director was shocked.

Chen Ming was a frustrated, unfamous director.

He had ambition, but could only do ads.

As the director of Aishang, he had made many underwear advertisements. His professional knowledge and familiarity with human body made him shocked at site when Shen Jintai took off the robe.

The waist, the ass, he even saw two waist lines!


Compared with the director's professionalism, the first thing other staff noticed was how bright Shen’s skin was.

Because it was bright enough, everything else was more colorful.

Compared with the previous models whose chest and abdominal muscles were super obvious, Shen Jintai's figure was not the strong and athlete type. But because he was young and he had low body fat, even if he hadn't exercised much, there were thin contours on his chest and abs.

Xiao Ling was just the director’s assistant.

She was rather excited.

Because the model was Shen Jintai, who was getting famous.

As a person who didn't chase stars very much, she really didn't know much about Shen Jintai. Recently, there was a hot show, HCEP, and she was hooked. After learning a lot of Shen Jintai's information these days, she knew that Shen Jintai was young but had a complicated history.

Li Xu was extremely beautiful, which made her see Shen Jintai as equally beautiful.

Who could resist the curiosity about a beautiful body!

Then Shen Jintai took off the robe. She pursed her lips and pretended to be calm. Then she took a look at the friend beside her and said: “Pink.”

Her friend and she looked at each other, their desire for gossiping was written on their faces.

Xiao Ling felt that her expression must be a little indecent.

But she couldn't help it, her desire was running wild. There were really no way ordinary people could completely separate actors from characters.

No matter what mistakes the actor made, people won’t hate him because he played an amiable character. Also, one can never be loved if he played an annoying role.

Who is Li Xu? The most famous beauty of the year!

When she looked at Shen Jintai, she felt that Shen Jintai deserved this reputation.


Underwear ads were basically the same. You need to show every angle of the underwear and also be flirty. It was between product sell and sex sell.

They first shot the publicity photos.

It was all prescribed. A piece of cake.

Standing position, sitting, lying…

After shooting those photos, Shen Jintai finally put on his clothes.

Just as the clothes were put on, Shen needed to take them off.

The second part was to shoot advertising video.

“Take off the clothes slowly, especially when unbuttoning. You need that…that feeling.”

The director said.

What feeling? Everyone knew.

As long as it was performance, it was not difficult for Shen Jintai.

One button at a time, the white shirt was taken off, thrown to one side, revealing the fit upper body. Shen Jin kicked off the shoes, pulled off the socks, and then the trousers, leaving only Aishang’s underwear tightly clinging to the body.

Shen Jintai was dedicated and cooperative, but he felt that the photographer's lens liked to focus on his ass.

His ass had not undergone enough practice. It was still a little…bottom-ish.

But he was a good actor. A good actor should break through the limitations of his body and express his own language.

The body was feminine, but his soul wasn’t.

The two features blended, Shen Jintai's personal characteristics started to form from this moment on.

A beautiful man who’s not feminine at all. He’s tall and upright, heroic and a little wild.

He was sitting on the toilet in his underwear, facing the camera, holding a pack of cigarettes in his hand. His fingers were long, bony, and his eyes were sharp but natural.

In the last scene, he woke up from the bed, walked to the window, opened the curtain. The sunlight came from his front, the window scenery was blurred. His body was bathed in the sunshine. He had thick black hair, straight shoulders and backs, small waist and long legs. The camera moved from his hair to toe, just flirty.

The shallow waist lines formed aside the spine through the middle of his back.

Chen Ming stood behind the monitor, a little excited.

He did so many underwear ads, and this was the best of his. Shen Jintai was popular again, this ad of his might also become a hit.

This time, he really did everything he could. This two-minute ad took him two days.

It felt even more exhausting than acting.

Before coming to A city, Shen Jintai had been filming for a day and two nights. Fortunately, he was young and could take it.

At later stage, he looked a bit tired, but with a little makeup, he was still radiant.

His eyes were bright and he always seemed to be in high spirit. He yawned wearily, and when the shooting started, he was full of energy again. He was naturally excited about the cameras.

After shooting, Shen Jintai and Li Meilan went through all the shooting materials again, and made sure the content was OK. They rushed back to South city overnight.

He asked for two days off, so his schedule was very tight.

“The director knows his things.” Shen Jintai said.

“Sexy, but not nasty. It’s high-end sex sell. After all, it's not some random brand.” Li Meilan said: “Aishang’s staff said that it will be sent to us as soon as the editing’s done. The final will only be released if they got our permission.”

Shen Jintai yawned and nodded.

Li Meilan said with a sorry tone: “I thought that you could have a rest when shooting advertisements, but I didn't expect this director to be such a trouble. Take a nap.”

Shen Jintai was very tired these days. After sleeping all the way back to South city, it was late at night.

Probably Shen Jintai didn’t get used to sleeping like that, he felt uncomfortable when he woke up.

“This trip is absolutely confidential, nobody knows.” Xiao Tang said.

When they came out of the airport, they did not see a fan. The night was very deep. It had just rained in the South city. The ground was wet. The cool feeling of autumn was very obvious.

The temperature was very different from that of A city. A city is a coastal city. It was hot even if you wear vests. But in the South City, people wore coats already.

Shen Jintai was sitting in the car, leaning on his seat, heading to the crossroads of the most prosperous commercial street in South city, when he suddenly saw the large screen rolling the trailer of HCEP.

He also saw himself on the big screen. His eyes were red and he was playing opposite with Bai Qingquan.

His exhaustion vanished all at once. Shen Jintai sat up straight suddenly, feeling as if he was acting in a movie.

The big screen was his most familiar battlefield.

This is the dream of all actors and actresses, their faces appearing on the big screen. Every micro expression was magnified. Every second of performance will not be ignored. The charming actor's abundant emotions will pour down from the big screen like the Milky way.

“What are you looking at?” Asked Li Meilan.

“My play was on the big screen just now.” Shen Jintai said.

The car had passed the square. Li Meilan had seen nothing. She only saw Shen Jintai's look, worn out.

"You haven't had a lot of rest since the shooting started. The role of Li Xu can be tiring. Don't do anything when you’re back. Go to bed. You have jobs to do tomorrow morning.”

Shen Jintai said “Well” and closed his eyes again.

After two days in a seaside city, Shen Jintai felt chilly because he couldn't adapt to the weather in the South city.

Maybe dreams are about what people thinks in the daytime. He dreamt that he’s on the big screen.

He used to be on the big screen before, but this time in his dream it was different. In his dream, he’s a movie superstar, making a grand film. Everyone was shouting his name, as crazy as they were at the airport.

The next day Xian Tang woke him up. Shen Jintai got up in a daze and asked: “What time is it?”

“It's half past eight, and the crew's urging.” Xiao Tang said.

When Shen Jintai heard this, he got out of bed quickly. But before his feet touched the ground, he fell directly. Fortunately, Xiao Tang was quick to react and grabbed his arm.

Xiao Tang felt his forehead and was startled.

Shen Jintai is ill.

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