Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 42

Li Meilan was really impressed by monsoon entertainment’s hyping.

Their hyping method was great.

Using CP fans’ support was the best way to become popular. Now, since the CP of Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi had formed, they could just go with it and do the marketing while there was enough attention, making it a win-win situation for both Zheng Siqi and Shen Jintai.

She asked Shen Jintai's opinion, and Shen Jintai said: “I will cooperate.”

“Someone might say you hyping.” Li Meilan told him the downside.

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “I have seen these comments. Don't mind them, they are the only people who really believe there’s really innocent people in the showbiz who could be successful without marketing, hyping and background. Compared with relying on sugar daddy, I at least rely on myself, and I don’t use others’ fame to get myself attention. During the broadcast, interactions between the cast is normal. It’s not like we’re pretending to be lovers. Besides, I do wanna get famous.”

Li Meilan was very happy. She thought everything had been going well since Shen Jintai’s coming-back. Even Shen Jintai was much more cooperative than before.

Shen Jintai used to be very headstrong and did only the things he liked, which made it really hard for her.

“Then I'll talk to his agent about the content of the video.”

Sister Wen wanted to make a short video on tiktok.

The active users of tiktok had become more than the users of Weibo, and there were less silent accounts and marketing accounts on tiktok. However, not many stars attached enough importance to it. If it was made good use of, it could more influential than other platforms.

While Shen and Zheng were filming, Li Meilan and sister Wen worked out the details of the video together.

They decided that the video should be natural and cheerful in general. They two of them had been holding their phones and watching tiktok videos for days. They picked the merriest song the gathered Zheng and Shen together on their day off.

“We do it right here?” Shen Jintai asked.

“It would be best if we could do it at the shooting site. It'll seem more casual. If we do it out of the set, it’d seem too deliberate.” Li Meilan said.

Shen Jintai found that the content of the video was also very casual. He thought there would be something like a smile and looking back, or walking slowly and turn his head to the camera. Pretty charming!

But turned out sister Wen and Li Meilan only asked them to sit on the chair in the dressing room, turned around to the beat and sing along with it.

“Smile, smile. Put on your happiest face.” said Sister Wen: “This video will be released when the sad scenes were aired.”

Shen Jintai was very outgoing. He was also lively in private. After several takes, he started to have fun. The way he shook his head was funny. Zheng Siqi had always been reserved, quiet and just silently showed off his handsomeness. But the differences somehow created a special feeling and everyone was satisfied with it.

After the video was taken, it was not uploaded immediately. Sister Wen and Li Meilan thought that the CP in the second week’s episodes was sweet enough.

In the third and fourth episode, there were mostly romantic scenes of the eldest prince and Li Xu. Super sweet.

The heat of this CP continued to rise, and the super topic had reached the top.

There hadn't been such an eye-catching same-sex couple on the screen for a long time, not to mention they were in beautiful ancient-style costumes. In ancient backgrounded plays, love and hate could easily turn into a life-and-death situation. If the emotions set off, it could be way more moving and impressive than modern-based plays.

Because it was an adaptation, the plot and the ending of the story were determined. The prince Zhou Ying and Li Xu CP had a tragic ending and were separated by death, which was the part of the play the CP fans felt the sorriest about.

“Although it's the misery that makes their love so great, but still, it would be better if they can change the ending!”

“My tears are cheap. I stayed up late last night and finished reading the original book. I just want to say that the prince is so miserable. He was handsome and kind, but didn’t end well. I strongly recommend the screenwriter to change the ending!”

“Yes, since it’s an adaptation, it would dull if it’s completely the same. Changes should be made in the adaptation, right?”

“So far, the play is in line with the original novel. The fans of the novel are very satisfied. The crew dare not change the plot easily. They are afraid of the novel fans’ dissatisfaction. As a big IP, the original novel has plenty of fans.”

“I am one of the fans of the novel. I want to say, if we can give them a good ending, we are more than happy to see that happens! When I was reading this novel, this couple’s fate really upset me!”

A group of people went to the original author’s account and screenwriter Meng Xiaosheng's to left comments. Under the play’s official account there were all fans of “Ying on the golden stage” asking to change the ending.

The top management of sunshine media thought that while insisting on artistry, they should also take the needs of the audience into consideration and show them what they want to see. Maybe the later performance of this play would be even more popular, and maybe HCEP would be a phenomenal TV series.

HCEP’s success was far beyond their expectation. Their ambition grew bigger and they wanted more than just a hit show.

“If we’re really going to change it, details must be decided within this week. I have only one point to insist on, that is, more or less, it has to be tragic.” Guo said.

Meng Xiaosheng nodded and said: “When I was writing the later script recently, I had some ideas in my mind, but they’re not ripe yet. I'll think about them again these days. But I'm not doing it because of the appeal of the audience. The creator should have his own insistence. The author who is controlled by the audience can't write anything good. I'm sure I won't make it a happy reunion, but I think it can be handled more delicately.”

Shen Jintai had been staying at the set, and could only learn his popularity by checking the Internet. He watched the number of his Weibo account’s followers soared every day. To the end, it was only data to him, he felt nothing seeing it.

The environment at the set was relatively simple. The people there were all the same. After the excitement at the beginning, everyone was more tired and nervous than excited.

He took the underwear endorsement. This weekend, since he hadn’t many scenes to shoot, he planned to fly to A city to shoot the advertisement.

“Recently, several entertainment companies contacted me and wanted to sign you.” Li Meilan said: “When I have sorted out their materials, I will send the info to you. You don't have to worry. I don't think it's a problem for the heat to last for a year and a half from now to the end of the show. In this time, we call the shots.”

“It's better to be a big company." Shen Jintai said.

Li Meilan nodded: “I have ruled out small companies for you. At present, the most frequent contact is monsoon entertainment. Especially this time, when I got to know Tian Wenwen of their company, the boss of monsoon entertainment, Ji Fengxing, had been trying to arrange a meeting with us through Tian Wenwen.”

“What do you think of monsoon entertainment?"

“Monsoon entertainment is a relatively large brokerage company. It specializes in artist brokerage, but it has held many big brands. Although the company gives the impression that they love hyping, but to be honest, their company does know how to do marketing. It’s just in the past two years, film and television companies like sunshine media emerged. This kind of companies makes their own cakes. Those with no filming resources, such as monsoon entertainment, have no advantages and lost some of their artists.”

Li Meilan thought that monsoon entertainment could be a choice.

The main reason was that their boss, Ji Fengxing was very sincere and enthusiastic. Their offer was very attractive, they wouldn’t put many limitations on Shen and their cut were not much… Monsoon entertainment obviously wanted to sign someone with considerable popularity. Star effect was what they want.

Shen Jintai asked: “Is there anyone else?”

“There is also universal entertainment, an old entertainment company. Song Wei is one of their artists. However, there are many famous artists in their company. There are five or six top-level stars and their offer were a bit harsh…I’ll file them and send to you. These companies are legit. When contacting with me, besides the general contract, they have prepared their plans for you.”

When he went to the airport, Li Meilan printed out the sorted documents and sent them to him, along with the artist planning books created by various companies for him.

By contrast, monsoon’s offer was indeed the most attractive one. The planning book was also well done, which made people really happy. It seemed that Shen would become a superstar tomorrow.

And universal’s offer was the harshest.

Shen Jintai suddenly thought of something and he asked: “Has sunshine media contacted you?”

Li Meilan was shocked for a moment and said: “No.”

After a while, she asked: “What? Do you want to sign sunshine media?”

Without waiting for Shen Jintai's reply, she said: “Sunshine media has developed rapidly in the past two years. But their focuses are on film and television production, artists' brokerage is not their main business. There are few artists in their company. Bai Qingquan is the most famous, Bai Qingquan…Has your relationship with Mr. Yan eased now?”

Shen Jintai said: “No contact, OK.”

Shen Jintai asked that because he appreciated the reputation and resources of sunshine media.

The brokerage company with its own film and television resources was the most secure for him.

He wouldn’t have to worry about having no shootings.

He wanted to be famous, He was even willing to cooperate on CP hyping just so one day he wouldn’t have to worry.

Only those who are not famous know how important the popularity is for an actor. This is not a question of whether they can play the leading role or not, it’s related to the length of art life.

He wanted to be an actor his whole life, even when he got old and could only play a minor supporting role.

However, there was Bai Qingquan and Yan Qiuchi. If sunshine media didn't contact them actively, then forget it.

That meant Yan Qiuchi didn't want to sign him.

Then don't pester, it was shameful.

After arriving at the airport, Shen Jintai was going to get off the car. Xiao Tang stopped him: “Brother, wear a mask.”

He said and handed over a mask.

Shen Jintai took over and said with a smile: “Is this necessary?”

“You're heated now.” said Li Meilan. “Put it on. But this is the first time you appear in public since the show’s broadcast. If you don't want to wear it and wants to see if people could recognize you, it’s fine.”

Shen Jintai smiled and got a little excited. He grabbed the mask and got off the car.

Because he’d only stay there for two days, he didn't have much luggage.  Li Meilan also brought one, and Xiao Tang only carried a backpack.

As soon as he got off, Shen Jintai felt that there were several passers-by looking at him.

A star is a star, even if he didn’t wear any makeup, he was still noticeable in the crowd. It was mainly because he was tall, thin and had bright skin. He was not very handsome among the stars, but he was a standout among the normal people.

After thinking about it, he put on his mask and went ahead, followed by Li Meilan and Xiao Tang. He wanted to be recognized, but was also afraid of being recognized. Then he heard the familiar song.

It was the theme song of HCEP. That verse “No one but you remember my name.” was really impressive.

It seemed that the play was really on fire.

He turned to look at the side, and saw a very fashionable girl watching HCEP on her phone.

He looked at Xiao Tang.

The mask covered his face and only showed his bright eyes. His eyebrows were handsome and heroic, and he smiled softly. Xiao Tang thought that only looking at the eyebrows and eyes, he could tell that Shen Jintai was a big star.

Just arrived at the terminal, they saw a group of people, mainly young girls, holding signs and other things in their hands as if they were waiting for someone.

It was not the first time for him to see this kind of scene. He saw fans waiting at airports very often before. Although the crowd was never for him.

Shen Jintai smiled and looked at Li Meilan: “Can they be waiting for me? Can they recognize me with the mask on? Hahaha.”

As soon as the voice fell, someone shouted: “Shen Jintai!”

Then there was a shriek. A group of people came running towards him. The instant sensation stunned people in the airport and even stunned Shen Jintai.

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang had not experienced this situation for two years, and they were all shocked.

“Why so many people.” Xiao Tang said nervously and rushed to Shen Jintai.

He knew that there would be fans today. The admins of the fans’ group chat told her before. She just didn’t expect so many.

It was not a few, not just dozens, but hundreds.

The crowd suddenly boiled, Shen Jintai's brain had a moment's blank, he only heard the deafening scream, all was shouting his name, in the crowd he saw banners with his name written on it, someone was still shouting: “Quiet, quiet!”

Xiao Tang recognized that it was an old member of their group chat.

Everyone was so excited. They held up their cell phones and took pictures of him. Some little girls even cried excitedly. They could not squeeze in, so they held up the flowers and shouted: “Here, brother. I have a gift for you!”

Shen Jintai was more than 1.8 meters tall. He was prominent among a group of girls. His heart was racing. He was kind of scared by such a situation. His blood was running fast and he waved mechanically.

It was the first time he felt like a star.

Maybe he was too excited or too moved, he felt like crying.

He took off his mask, waving.

As soon as the mask was taken off, everyone was even more excited. The crowd surrounded him and walked forward. Li Meilan and Xiao Tang stood in front of him nervously. Fans tried to give him gifts. Shen Jintai bowed and took them, but could not hold them. Passers-by heard his name and surrounded him. Fortunately, airport security helped to maintain order. When it was about to get out of control, they held Shen Jintai's hand and ran away.

Shen Jintai's video at the airport soon spread to the Internet. HCEP was so hot that it didn’t took much time for this video to spread.

“Ha ha ha ha, I'm so happy. Did you see the video of Shen Jintai at the airport? The gallop mode!”

“I have to say that Shen Jintai has really become famous. It feels like even himself didn't expect so many people. He was obviously scared.”

“He underestimated his popularity. He didn't even bring bodyguards.”

“It's a bit scary. I think some little girls' shoes have fallen off.”

“He’s unprocessed photos and videos are so great! Why do I think he is getting better and better?”

“Right? I think so! His smile was so pretty and his look when he was scared was so cute!”

“I remember before his retirement, he liked to look cool with a poker face every time at the airport. Now he is too kind and amiable!”

“It's Li Xu filter. I think he’s super nice and great now!”

“Me, too! Because my heart aches for Li Xu, I have lost the normal examination standard for the Shen Touhua!”

“Ha ha, I think you have forgotten his shameful gif!”

“The picture upstairs is an aggravated assault of the eyes. I don't care. There is only little Li Xu in my eyes!”

Then there were a series of beautiful pictures of Li Xu. Li Xu crying, Li Xu smiling, tearing clothes and running.

Finally, someone posted a gif of Shen at the airport.

It was the moment Shen Jintai took off his mask.

White and slender fingers opened the band of the mask, and the mask fell down, showing a smiling side face, red lips and white teeth. His bright eyes like stars.



“My God!”

“Shen Touhua!”

“He’s not so delicate, but it looks so amazing!”

Before Shen Jintai got on the plane, he posted a micro blog.

He was still very excited and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

He typed something and deleted it, and finally wrote: “Thank you.”

Just a few seconds after that, there was a rush of comments, and the microblog app on the mobile phone crashed and shut down.

Shen Jintai’s mind went blank for a while and looked at his mobile phone.

He sat on the plane, leaned against the window, and watched the plane rise gradually. The whole southern city was in his eyes. The skyscrapers, the rivers and lakes…the higher you’re at, the more beautiful scenes you could see.

He would go to the top.

His dream was coming true, he was excited thinking about it and couldn’t help shaking his legs.

Li Meilan felt that Shen Jintai's expression was somewhat abnormal.

It seemed that after two years of silence, when his life fell to the bottom, he couldn’t handle the sudden success in a short time.

She felt that there was a kind of paranoia in Shen Jintai's eyes, charming but dangerous.

A love bird became a workaholic.

When they landed in A city, Li Meilan said: “There should be fans here to waiting, too?”

Xiao Tang rushed to the front and and protect Shen Jintai.

As expected, they came out and found a lot of fans.

This time, with psychological preparation, the three of them had calmed down a lot. Unlike the southern metropolis, A city didn't have many fans waiting at the airport, but they were equally enthusiastic and crazy. Shen Jintai's performance was very calm.

The hotel arranged by the brand side was very good. Li Meilan said: “You have a good rest for one night, and their company's people will come to pick you up to shoot advertisements tomorrow morning.”

Shen Jintai nodded, and after sending Li Meilan and Xiao Tang out of the house, he pursed his lips and rubbed his sour neck.

There was no one around. He could finally let himself go!

He was going to freak out!

Forgive him for not seeing the world, it was the first time for him to be chased by so many people.

It really felt good to be famous!

He couldn’t help running a few laps around the living room, and then he put a song on using his phone. He started wobbling with the happy song and sang happily: “At this time, the birds are flying and the grass is growing. The people I love are on the way. I know he's coming despite all the difficulties. Even the most beautiful sun set he chose not to see.”

He wanted be the best actor, the most dazzling superstar!

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