Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 33

It was like some kind of proof.

Shen Jintai rejected Yan Yaoxuan, not just because Shen didn’t like Yan Yaoxuan, but his feelings were also taken into consideration.

The two words “Don’t worry” were polite and felt like Shen was trying to draw a clear line with him.

Yan Yaoxuan sensed something, he turned to ask: “Is this message from Jin? What is it?”

“Nothing.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Yan Yaoxuan was silent for a while, then said: “Forget it, don't tell me.”

He’d only be sadder if he knows. Shen Jintai was still concerned about his brother the most, the message was probably an explanation.

He was really jealous of his brother because Yan Qiuchi had Shen Jintai’s love.

But his brother was…

The loved ones are always headstrong while the unloved ones are busting their ass.

Shen Jintai was lying on the bed, still a little excited.

Yan Yaoxuan actually expressed love to him. Something so dramatic really happened to him.

He always thought that Yan Yaoxuan’s feelings for him was a fan’s admiration mixed with brotherhood.

Turned out, as Yan Yaoxuan said, it was love the whole time.

“Love” is a word that gave him goose bumps, he couldn't even remember how he rejected Yan Yaoxuan.

Yan Qiuchi didn't reply to the message he sent.

He could totally understand Yan Qiuchi's feelings!

If he and Yan Yaoxuan really became boyfriends, he could imagine how annoyed, angry and embarrassed Yan Qiuchi would be.

But when he thought of Yan Yaoxuan's red eyes, he couldn't bear it.

Yan Yaoxuan was emulative. After all, he was educated by a young and mature brother. He was also a man. After he was rejected, he felt ashamed and sad, but he kept it all to himself. It was really heartbreaking.

A maid of Yan’s family came down from upstairs and shook her head at Mrs. Yan.

Mrs. Yan said: “He seldom oversleeps. Why hasn't he got up today?”

“He said he doesn’t feel well and doesn’t wanna get up so early.”

“Doesn’t feel well?” Mrs. Yan stood up.

Yan Qiuchi, on the opposite side of the table, said while eating breakfast: “He’s a grown man, you don't need to treat him as a child. I've booked him a ticket back to England. He doesn't want to leave and was not happy about it angry. This is probably the case. Don't worry about him.”

Mrs. Yan sat down again and said, “Isn't it still a few days before his school starts?”

“A few days early, not a big deal. He has nothing to do at home anyway.”

“I heard from Yaoxuan that you don’t want him to associate with Jin?”

Yan Qiuchi looked up and then ignored it.

Mrs. Yan was a little unhappy, and said: “You don't like Jin, and I won't force you to like, but Jin has lived in our house for a long time since he was a child. You have no love for him, we do. Don't ask others to do things in your way.”

Yan Qiuchi said: “OK, I won’t.”

Mrs. Yan was surprised.

He wouldn’t, and he wouldn’t need to. Because Shen Jintai didn't like him anymore.

The absurd dispute between them for years finally came to an end.

He felt that apart from their unsuitable personalities, their views on love were quite different. He thought that the best love should be choosing a partner carefully before the relationship settles, but not just the hormone impulse. Also, the two persons should love each other. When you love, you should refrain from being confused by it.

He wouldn't be confused by love. He’d treat his partner courteously.

Shen Jintai had completely moved on, which was great. They all left this behind.

Because HCEP would be broadcast before the shooting was finished, the production period was very short, so all departments were in a hurry. Just after a few days shooting, the first trailer was done.

The trailer was presented upstairs. When it was sent to Yan Qiuchi, it had been matched with music and had been subtitled. Yan Qiuchi watched it. The first version of the trailer was very simple. The one-minute trailer had more than 40 seconds to introduce the production team and the cast. In the last ten seconds, a picture slowly unfolded. The red wall was mottled, and the maids passed by in groups. He Lanbi, played by Yang Lizhi, looked back in the melodious flute sound.

Yang Lizhi looking back, Bai Qingquan fiddling with flowers and Shen Jintai raising eyebrows, these were the three highlights of the first version of the trailer.

Gao Qiao watched Yan's reaction quietly.

Yan Qiuchi never let his feelings get on his face, but Gao Qiao had been following him for many years, and Gao could tell his mood by his subtle expression.

Yan Qiuchi was obviously satisfied with this trailer.

Not only Yan Qiuchi was satisfied, but other senior managers of the company were also very satisfied.

Their biggest concern was Shen Jintai, who seemed to be unexpectedly harmonious among a group of handsome men and beautiful women.

The scene of him in the trailer was the first he took. At the royal banquet, he secretly raised his eyebrows and looked at the prince in the opposite direction. He looked at the prince and slowly turned his head aside, with a vague smile on his face. With the moving music at the end, it made people wanting more and it had a special aesthetic aftertaste.

It was the day of visiting. Shen Jintai was very nervous and excited.

Because the first trailer would be released before the site opened for visiting at 10 a.m.

The play “Here Comes the East Palace” was the great work of the year. Ever since the voting for “the most anticipated TV series of this year” was launched online, it had been firmly occupying the top position. High expectations and high investment meant that the materials were also in good hands. During the shooting period, not a single photo had been leaked. The first version of the trailer got even safer security, they want it to be impossible for anyone to see it in advance, even for the cast.

Just waiting for the official account to release it.

This was a trailer that everyone was particularly looking forward to. Passers-by wanted to see how good HCEP could be through this trailer, and the fans wanted to see their idols beautiful faces.

The other stars’ fans were normal, but the fans of Bai Yueguang, Yang Lizhi and Shen Jintai were the craziest.

Among these three groups of fans, of course, Bai’s fans were the most.

“At ten o'clock in the morning, our idol’s beauty gonna strike again!”

“Ahhhhh! I haven't seen my idol in ancient-style costume for a long time!”

“Not just me, some of the youtubers I followed were also waiting for his scene!”

"Brother’s beauty strike!”

“Do the editing, quick. I don't want to see anyone else in this video. I just want to see my idol’s pretty face!”

“Yes, especially Shen Touhua. I don't want to see him!”

"It's hard to say. I can watch this play ten thousand times if Shen Touhua’s not in it. Now I don’t know what decision to make. I hate him so much. Should I watch it or not?!”

“Hug. Me too, but it doesn't matter. We can skip his part then!”

“I saw that there were many people in forums were even looking forward to Shen Touhua?? Ha ha ha, I don't know what’s going on in their little brains.”

“Those forums were just like that, they are all a group of brainwashed fans, or just marketing accounts, all have no opinions on their own!”

“They think that the poster is good so the acting can be good, too? The trailer will tell them that dynamic and static images are completely different! What Shen One Take, this kind of rumor was made up by Jin’s fans themselves!”

Bai Qingquan was in his own fans group, he was almost frightened by these.

“You should have some, too.” Weige pushed the boxed rice over: “It's not how diet works. Your body’s perfect now. You don't need to lose more weight. It’ll do you no good.”

“Have you seen the chat?” Bai Qingquan said: “I feel like they’ll embarrass themselves...”

Embarrassment was not terrible, what’s terrible was the possibility that they could be surprised by Shen Jintai’s acting and become Shen’s fans.

After all, a lot of Bai’s fans used to be Shen Jintai’s fans!

“I don't think there's much of Shen Jintai's part in the first trailer, is there?” Weige said: “The crew knows what to do. They will definitely see you and Yang Lizhi as priorities. Moreover, they mainly rely on you and Yang Lizhi to attract investments. They dare not let Shen Jintai have more scenes than yours.”

Who got more fans and greater influence? It was clear.

Bai Qingquan shook his legs and wanted to check out Shen’s fans group.

The account “Black Moonlight” needed to be disposed. He had to register a new one, but he didn't expect that it was so troublesome to register a new account now, it requires a phone number.

He had to buy another SIM.

He was really uneasy because he was unable to know the reactions and chats of Jin’s fans.

After all, you need know your enemies in order the defeat them.

Shen’s fans group was also very busy.

After all, it was Shen Jintai's first comeback show. The press conference and the poster had made a good start, and they were waiting for the video to triple-test Shen.

If Shen Jintai did well in the trailer, they would be able to wait for the broadcast and a turn-over fight. The darkness before dawn, on the contrary, made them anxious.

“Another hour and a half. I'm in a hurry. Weeping.”

"HCEP is really a big work. I saw several posts in the rabbit forum and the eighth group forum. It's the hottest entertainment topic today. My brother really chose the right play.”

“I wonder if my brother could make it to the top searched list today.”

“When the trailer comes out, we can push him up there together.” Sugar was speaking in the group.


“No problem!”

“I'll do nothing but forward it a hundred times today!”

Several fans even sent out a lot of red envelopes to publicize the event. The red envelopes were named: “Brother Jin will win!”

Xiao Tang conveyed the good will from the fans to Shen Jintai, who smiled and looked at himself in the mirror.

It was not only the day of the trailer’s releasing, but also the day the shooting site open for visit. The press and the fans would come.

This day's scene was a group play, even bigger than the Royal Banquet. The crew also came out of the studio to shoot it in the Han and Tang film and television village.

There were many people in the dressing room. Song Wei sat next to him and said: “Jin, after finishing the work in the evening, would you like to grab a bite together?”

“I’d love that. My treat.” Shen Jintai said with a smile.

“Brother Jin, take me with you.” Zheng Siqi said actively, which was rare.

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “Sure.”

“It was your treat last time, tonight’s my treat.” Said Zheng Siqi.

“Qi, come here.” Song Wei waved.

Zheng Siqi then walked over. He had not yet put on any makeup, his clothes were very casual, and he wore a fisherman's hat.

Song Wei took off his hat, looked at him carefully, smiled and said: “Yesterday I talked to Mr. Cha about you. They said you look a little like Mr. Yan. Now after a close look, you’re really a little like him.”

Zheng Siqi smiled and said: “How can I compare with Mr. Yan?”

“Don’t you think so?” Song asked Shen Jintai with a smile. After asking, she smiled again. She probably realized that it was a little inappropriate to ask Shen Jintai this.

Shen Jintai looked at the mirror calmly and said: “Yes, a little.”

Zheng Siqi didn't find out which part of him was like Mr. Yan. He leaned over on Shen Jintai's shoulder and looked carefully into the mirror.

Seeing Shen Jintai’s magnanimity, Song Wei went on: “It's a pity that Mr. Yan doesn't want to be a star with that face. There’s no one like him.”

Masculine, but also pure and noble. Pretty and gentle. Ascetic and manly. He was one of the many handsome guys, but every time he visits the studio, all the handsome guys and beautiful ladies just felt inferior to him.

From a woman's point of view, these conditions were excellent.

From an actress' point of view, she found Yan Qiuchi's ascetic temperament fascinating.

He had an indescribable kind of abstinence of a gentleman. If this kind of face got magnified on the big screen in a scene full of tension, countless people would be bewitched.

However, Yan Qiuchi came from an extraordinary family, that made it impossible for him to be a star.

“Don’t forget the present I prepared for the fans.” Shen Jintai reminded Xiao Tang.

“What have you got for them?” Asked Li Meilan.

“Some souvenirs from the film and television village, all gadgets.” Shen Jintai said.

And his signed photos.

The signed photos were very common, and the gadgets weren’t valuable. His sincerity was mainly on the things he wrote.

He asked Xiao Tang to get in advance the names of the fans who came to visit, and wrote good wishes with their names on the side. Also, the things he wrote on each signed photo were different, making sure each of these signed photos was unique.

For the fans, there’s nothing in the world more precious than the unique blessing from their idol.

The fans who came come from all over the country. Many of them didn't know each other before. They came together because they shared the same idol. They often chase stars together on the Internet. In reality, it was their first time getting together. So Shen Jintai booked a restaurant and asked Xiao Tang to take the fans there. A special party for his fans. If he has spare time, he’d be there, too.

Shen Jintai also wanted to reimburse them for all the expenses of the visit.

The cast began to prepare for the play before dawn. When the actors and actresses had put on their makeup, the shooting set was ready. There were a lot of reporters. According to the plan, they would finish the shooting first and then do an interview.

Since they had to work, they couldn't take their phones with them, which means that they couldn't see the trailer the first time.

In fact, not just them, but also the fans who came to visit. Their phones had also been temporarily confiscated. The crew members held a speaker and repeated over and over again: “Please abide by our rules. No photos or videos in the whole process. If we find anyone taking photos or pictures with their mobile phones, we will take it away.”

There were many people and it was noisy. Only one video website had obtained the exclusive right to broadcast live. As soon as the livestream started, there was tens of thousands of viewers online. Within half an hour, there was 200000 people watching.

But the most exciting ones were the fans on the spot.

The weather was not great. But at eight o'clock, the sun suddenly appeared from the clouds. Fans gathered behind the deterrent line, and suddenly they saw several nanny cars coming first. A group of actors and actresses in ancient-style garments came down from the car one after another.

Looking from afar, the costumes was waving in the breeze, the jewelries and decorations on them were shining. With the palace-like set, they looked like celestials.

They all had bright skin, and were all glowing in the sunlight.

They walked into the set one by one, accompanied by the screams from their fans. Bai Qingquan the angel face, the gorgeous Yang Lizhi, the refreshing Zheng Siqi, the pretty Liu Hui, the dignified Song Wei and Shen Jintai with ruddy lips, along with other good-looking actors and actresses, they showed what the word beautiful stands for.

This is what it stands for.

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