Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 32

When Yan Qiuchi received the call, he was about to call Yan Yaoxuan.

He was really a little worried.

Although he’s usually strict with Yan Yaoxuan, he really loves his brother.

Yan Yaoxuan is a few years younger than him, but he had been taking care of Yan Yaoxuan since the day Yan Yaoxuan was born. Because he had been strict, Yan Yaoxuan had no bad habits, but also because of the strict management and good protection, his younger brother was a little silly and naive.

He had been a fan of Shen Jintai. If Shen Jintai wanted to do anything to him, it couldn’t be too easy.

However, he also knew that Yan Yaoxuan was an adult now and should have his own social rights. His way of calling in to check for every few minutes was not appropriate.

He was hesitating whether to make a call, and Gao Qiao's call came.

“Mr. Yan!” Gao Qiao was a little excited.

Yan Qiuchi said “Well?” and then he heard Gao Qiao say: “I just saw Yao Xuan drunk and was helped upstairs by Shen Jintai, it seemed that they went to Shen’s room."

After that, Gao Qiao held his breath.

But Yan was just as always, replied lightly: “I see.”

Then he hung up.

Yan Yaoxuan’s drunk?

His little brother could always hold his liquor. He was the one who couldn’t drink much in his family.

Normally, Yan Yaoxuan doesn't get drunk.

Unless someone set him up.

Yan Qiuchi immediately picked up his coat and rushed out.

Fortunately, he was not at home. It was only 20 minutes’ drive from the hotel where he was staying to the hotel where Shen was.

However, he thought in 20 minutes many things could happen, so he found Yan Yaoxuan’s number and called.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is power off.” she said


What did Shen Jintai want!

It wasn’t his fault to worry, the impression he had of Shen Jintai for years couldn’t be changed in the past few days.

"Drive faster." He said lightly.

Shen Jintai lay Yan Yaoxuan down on the sofa with the help of the hotel waiter. After seeing off the handsome waiter, he got a cup of hot water and sat down beside the sofa to pat on Yan Yaoxuan’s back: “Thirsty? Do you want a cup of water?”

Yan Yaoxuan was lying still on the sofa. His combed hair was a mess, his handsome face was more childish when he fell asleep. Though he and Yan Yaoxuan are brothers, there were very different.

He was still a young man waiting for his twenty.

Shen Jintai drank the glass of water himself, and the sound of gulping was quite noticeable in the quiet room.

Yan Yaoxuan's heart was beating like a drum.

What should he do? How could he be so unlucky? He ran into Gao Qiao!

Even god couldn’t help him anymore!

He’d leave for another country the day after tomorrow. There was not much time left for him.

Yan Qiuchi's compulsory order, on the contrary, gave him the courage to do what he didn’t dare to do.

Alcohol makes people brave, when he still got the courage, Yan Yaoxuan decided to pretend to be drunk.

Drunk people are always forgivable, no matter what they say or do. He thought he could even express their love through drunkenness. If Shen Jintai refuses, he could say that it was the alcohol talking so that it might be less awkward.

What a perfect plan.

Who’d thought that they’d meet Gao Qiao in the elevator.

Gao Qiao saw it, that means his big brother saw it!

He felt that he was in a dilemma. If he gets up and leave, then Shen would know that he was pretending.

But if he stays here the whole night, his big brother would kill him.

Yan Yaoxuan thought about it for a long time, and as time went on, he became more and more uneasy. At last, his love for Shen Jintai was defeated by his fear of his big brother. He pretended to be better from his fake drunk and sat up.

The silly and naïve Yan Yaoxuan was about to do his first acting in his life.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, made it looked like he was having a headache, opened his eyes and looked around, only to find that Shen Jintai was no longer standing in the living room.

He was stunned for a moment, sat up and looked around, and heard the sound of the water splashing in the bathroom.

Yan Yaoxuan was surprised.

He thought Shen Jintai was taking a bath.

He thought so, and felt a rush of heat come out of his body. His lust was growing to take over his body.

He could just pretend to be drunk-calling Shen Jintai's name. If Shen Jintai hears him calling again and again when he was drunk, Shen should be able to understand his feelings.

At this time, there was a heavy knock on the door, and the water in the bathroom stopped suddenly, which made him lie down quickly.

Shen Jintai just took a leak, and heard knocking when he was washing he hands.

He just called Xiao Tang and asked her to come here. It must be Xiao Tang.

She’s pretty fast.

He dried his hands and ran to get the door.

As soon as the door opened, instead of Xiao Tang, he saw a tall, cold, upright young man standing outside with a slightly gloomy face.

A handsome and aloof gentleman.

It was Yan Qiuchi.

“Is Yaoxuan here?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Shen Jintai nodded, embarrassed, and said: “Yes, he's drunk.”

When Yan Qiuchi came in, he found Yan Yaoxuan lying on the sofa, the clothes were still tidy.

He came in time.

He frowned at Yan Yaoxuan and asked Shen Jintai: “Why is he drunk?”

“He came to visit today. After work, we went to grab a bit and had a drink, then he was drunk.”

Yan Qiuchi didn't want to expose anything, just said: “Thanks, I'll take him home.”

He then reached out for Yan Yaoxuan: “Yan Yaoxuan.”

“He's drunk, and blacked out.” Shen Jintai said quickly.

Yan Yaoxuan's eyelashes were shaking.

He’s going to die.

Up to now, he could only pretend to be drunk.

Yan Qiuchi watched Yan Yaoxuan grow up. He knew his brother too well. When he saw the shaking eyelashes, he understood everything.

It wasn’t Shen Jintai, it was his brother.

This kid pretended to be drunk.

He didn’t bust Yan Yaoxuan in front of Shen Jintai. He helped Yan Yaoxuan up directly.

Yan Yaoxuan was afraid and very cooperative. It wasn’t hard for Yan Qiuchi to help him up. Shen Jintai wanted to give Yan Qiuchi a hand, but he took back his hand when he was only few inches away.

He felt that Yan Qiuchi might not want to have any contact with him.

Beside authority, Yan Qiuchi was also giving out a tense vibe. He only nodded and dragged Yan Yaoxuan out.

He asked Gao Qiao to book a room for him on his way to the hotel. It was on the same floor. When Yan Yaoxuan stepped into the door, he pushed Yan Yaoxuan inside and closed the door.

Yan Yaoxuan was still pretending and sat on the ground holding the wall.

“Enough!” Yan Qiuchi said sternly.

Yan Yaoxuan finally opened his eyes. His face was a little red, and he got up awkwardly.

Yan Qiuchi said: “What do you want to do? Are my words useless now?”

Yan Yaoxuan was embarrassed and scared. He lowered his head and didn't respond. Yan Qiuchi unbuttoned his collar, took a bottle of mineral water from the fridge, opened it and took a few drinks. The cold water could not put out the fire of anger in his heart. After drinking it, he turned his head and looked at Yan Yaoxuan: “Are you dumb?”

“I...” Yan Yaoxuan stammered, “I really drank a lot...”

“Why did you pretend to be drunk?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Yan Yaoxuan stopped talking again.

“Go home now and get your ass to England the day after tomorrow.”

Yan Yaoxuan turned around and was about to left. When he touched the doorknob, he suddenly turned around again. It seemed that he was hesitating for a moment, but then he went directly to Yan Qiuchi and said: “I… I like Jin. I want him to be my boyfriend!”

Finally, he said this to his brother. When he said it, he was excited first, even moved. It was like shouting a declaration of free love to feudal parents.

Yan Qiuchi's face was very gloomy. Yan Yaoxuan said: “Just because you don't like him, doesn't mean I can’t like him either. You two had no relationships. He just fell in love with you. Now he has moved on. There is no relationship between you two. Why I can't love him?”

“Does Shen Jintai know?” Yan Qiuchi asked.

Yan Yaoxuan was surprised. He didn't expect that from his brother.

“I haven't told him yet. I was going to tell him tonight.”

Yan Qiuchi sneered and said: “By pretending to be drunk? Such a grown man.”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I am a grown man. I can express my love to whomever I want in whatever ways I want. You can’t control me.”

“Whoever you want, but not Shen Jintai.”

“Why not, because he liked you?”

“Because he was on my bed.” Yan Qiuchi opened his collar, showing the almost-invisible bite mark on his neck. “He begged me to fuck him and bit my neck. Do you think it's appropriate for you to have such a person to be your boyfriend?”

Yan Yaoxuan blushed.

Shen Jintai chased his brother in a high-profile way. He knew that. On the one hand, he was sad and jealous, on the other hand, he thought that Shen Jintai dared to love and hate, which was admirable.

But he didn't know Shen Jintai had done or said these things.

But his brother wouldn't lie.

His face turned red. For a moment, he didn't know what to do, he just said: “But he… He has changed now, you know it, he has...”

“Some things can be forgotten, some things can’t.” Yan Qiuchi said: “Unless you don't see me as your big brother. Don't think about it ever again.”

Yan Yaoxuan was about to cry out. All the excitement just now was gone.

It was too easy for Yan Qiuchi to control Yan Yaoxuan. He comforted Yan Yaoxuan gently after breaking his dream: “He’s not your man. He won't like you.”

Yan Yaoxuan asked bitterly: “How do you know he won't like me...”

“You know the reason.” Yan Qiuchi said.

No one knows better than Yan Qiuchi what kind of man Shen Jintai liked. Shen Jintai was infatuated with him in the past. The sincerity and enthusiasm couldn’t lie.

Shen Jintai liked his type, while Yan Yaoxuan was totally different.

Shen Jintai could change and stop annoying him, but a person's aesthetic orientation doesn’t change. It is impossible for a man to like spicy food yesterday, and suddenly like sweet food today.

Yan Yaoxuan's eyes were red.

In fact, he knew it in his heart.

It was just that Shen Jintai suddenly moved on from his big brother and was still single, so he thought he should try.

“But I still wanna give it a try.” He looked at Yan Qiuchi and asked, “Brother, can I? Or I'm afraid I'll regret it all my life. You may not know, but I have been in love with him for many years.”

Yan Qiuchi had seen that coming.

But he was still shocked to hear it from Yan Yaoxuan. He squeezed his thin lips, but didn't speak. His chin muscles moved a little, and his brows and eyes were deep.

“In the past, he liked you, and I dare not tell him. Now he doesn't like you anymore, and there is no one around him. I wanna try. Even if it fails, I don’t regret it. I like him no less than he liked you.”

“You know little about that.” Yan Qiuchi said: “If you know it all, you may change your heart.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn't speak.

Yan Qiuchi took a look at him. He was a little upset and said: “Whatever. I’ve told you what I should tell you.”

“Then I'll chase him.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“You can go tell him now.” Yan Qiuchi said: “See what his answer will be.”

Yan Yaoxuan heard it and went outside. He was really going to tell Shen Jintai.

After he went out, Yan Qiuchi lit up a cigarette.

He suddenly worried that Shen Jintai would say yes.

He and Shen Jintai could never be together. He believed that he made it pretty clear last time. Shen Jintai also realized this, so he removed the tattoo, stopped pestering him and changed.

But Shen Jintai's giving up was passive. According to his understanding of Shen Jintai, Shen would do anything when upset. It’s possible for Shen to use Yan Yaoxuan's feelings to get revenge on him.

The more he thought about it, the more he regretted. He shouldn't let Yan Yaoxuan go out of the room.

He believed that Shen Jintai still loved him deep down.

How can a man suddenly not love someone who he loved? Shen Jintai used to love him so crazily. How could Shen change and forget it in only a few days?

Yan Qiuchi felt that he was not ruthless enough. In fact, Yan Yaoxuan was really obedient. He should say definitely no, and then send him abroad. Time solves problems.

Shen Qiuchi smoked one after another. He raised his hand to look at his watch, it had been more than ten minutes.

He opened the door and was going to go to Shen Jintai's room.

As soon as he stepped out, he saw Yan Yaoxuan sitting on the floor of the corridor with his head buried in his knees.

He was stunned for a moment and went to Yan Yaoxuan.

Yan Yaoxuan raised his head. His eyes were red and he looked hurt.

“Did you tell him or not?”

“I did.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shen Jintai said no to him.

Yan Qiuchi's firm chin moved a little, he was quite surprised.

“Brother...” Yan Yaoxuan reached for his trouser legs and wept again.

Yan Yaoxuan was not only sad, but also regretted. He regretted going under the impulse and then got rejected.

“Come on, stop crying. Let's go. Let’s get you home.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Yan Yaoxuan then stood up and followed him towards the elevator.

When they passed the door of Shen Jintai's room, they found that the door of Shen Jintai’s room was half closed. Shen was standing at the door, still embarrassed.

Yan Yaoxuan stopped.

Yan Qiuchi also looked to Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai stood up straight and looked very tall. Yan Qiuchi was still surprised that Shen Jintai said no to his brother. Looking at Shen Jintai again, he felt that this is a new person.

Even the face was strange.

Shen Jintai really moved on. However, he was still in the past, and seemed narcissistic.

He felt like he was slapped on the face by reality this time.

The Yan brothers sat in the car quietly. Both of them were upset.

Yan Qiuchi never thought of himself as a narcissist. Since the day he was born, in most cases, people liked him and he didn’t know.

It was the first time that he thought someone likes him, but turned out otherwise.

Just then, he received a message from Shen Jintai.

Yan Qiuchi opened it and the screen lit up his eyes.

The message read: “Don't worry.”

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