Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 27 part2

Shen Jintai, in his heart, suddenly had a kind of contradictory attraction. He was so good-looking in the camera, with a jade-like luster. But under his solemn green robe, maybe he was wearing the most coquettish thong.

Ancient costume with thong, so think, Yan Yaoxuan was excited.

Fortunately, his brother had no feelings for Shen Jintai, he still had a chance!

Shen Jintai took a bath and came out feeling comfortable. In the hot weather, he came out with only a bath towel around his waist. He drank water and reviewed the scene he was going to shoot tomorrow.

Tomorrow was his first major scene. After reading the script, he thought the biggest reason why the play could be so popular was that it was new and not ordinary.

In ordinary palace plays, the first one shows up are usually the imperial concubines. But in the HCEP, it begins with brothers fighting for power, and the younger brother sends his intimate eunuch to seduce his elder brother!

The plot also proceeded fast. In the first episode, the leading lady and the leading man meet each other. The little eunuch and the prince seduce each other, and some concubines die.

In the second episode, the leading man and lady, the eunuch and the prince have sex.

To say that the play is fast-paced and exciting was because that the future Crown Prince’s wife slept with her husband’s brother and the crown prince slept with his brother's eunuch.


In the original novel, these didn’t happen so soon, but it all happened in the second episode.

As an actor, he thought the luckiest thing was that the censorship of the world's films and TV plays was particularly loose.

He read the script. Li Xu and Zhou Ying's part of the play were written in details.

Of course, the details were not about their sex, but the seducing. It was attracting.

After the sex, Queen Xiao found out and whipped him.

In the first few episodes when the leading characters were developing, the dramatic conflicts were all in the role of Li Xu. He must play it well and take the lead.

As soon as the thought came out, he heard a "Ding Dong". Xiao Ai was online: “Warning!”

Shen Jintai frowned: “What's the matter?”

“We detected that your idea just now is very dangerous! You need to know that your excellent performance could steal Bai’s thunder, he’ll hate you even more.”

“There's a saying ‘Good comes from bad’ Have you heard of it?” Shen Jintai said: “He and I used to be rivals. If we suddenly flatter him and be his suitor, and my performance is not good, he will only look down on me more. If I want to get him, I must first become a charming man. I can't compare with him in terms of beauty, but I know that he is also a person with artistic pursuit. He is determined to be a good actor. If I become a particularly excellent actor, I believe that he will see me differently.”

Xiao Ai: “…this seems to make sense.”

“I will definitely become the most adored man of this beautiful bottom!”

Xiao Ai: “Good luck...”

Shen Jintai was very cautious about his part. After applying a facial mask, he quickly went to bed.

He was not the only one who was well prepared. Bai Qingquan did even more.

This was the first scene of him and Shen Jintai. He must be the best.

As famous artists, Bai Qingquan and Yang Lizhi have their own separate dressing rooms and lounges. Today, Bai Qingquan had made up for a long time.

His beauty was killing it!

But before the shooting starts, Guo Rui glanced at his makeup and said, “This is not ok, don’t fit the scene. It wasn't like this yesterday. You have such a good face. You don't need such heavy makeup.”

Bai Qingquan said: “Well, I'll go change it.”

Just turning around to leave, Guo Rui said to Shen Jintai: “Your makeup is not good either. It's too light. Redo it.”

He looked back, and Shen Jintai said: “My makeup is the same as yesterday.”

“Yesterday was a night scene, and we used natural light of candle fire, so it was great. When we shoot in the daytime, your makeup needs to be heavier.” Guo Rui was a photographer after all. He knew these things very well: “Bai Qingquan’s makeup needs to be light. The plainer he is, the better he will look. For you, it’s not the same.”

Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan both went back to redo the makeup.

It took a long time for Bai Qingquan's make-up to be removed and changed again. The staff all came to urge him to come out of the make-up room.

It was not a good start.

When he saw Shen Jintai, who had made up his makeup, he was nervous.

He found it yesterday. As soon as Shen came to the camera, Shen Jintai would become serious. When Shen Jintai saw him, there was only a nod for greetings.

He was not used to Shen Jintai's enthusiasm for him, but even less to this tense.

He nodded with a cold face, then looked down at the script in his hand, and memorized with his lines for the last time.

He thought to himself, Shen Jintai used to be a slut, but now he seemed manlier.

Li Meilan and Xiaotang were also here. At such an important moment, if it was allowed, they all wanted to record this.

Shen Jintai stood at the gate of the hall. The artificial sunlight cast his tall shadow on the ground. He glanced at Li Meilan, who gave him a thumbs up.

Looking over, Shen found that most of the actors in their group were there, including those who didn't need to appear at the moment.

It turned out that everyone had a heart of gossip and wanted to see rivals playing this scene together.

Yang Lizhi also came.

There was no scene for Yang Lizhi, but she came early.

She was too curious about Shen Jintai's performance.

Reading script was not the same as acting in front of the camera. Were Shen Jintai's acting skills also changed? She was curious.

She was sitting in a small chair with oversized sunglasses. One assistant brought her juice, another assistant held up a small fan for her, and she was accompanied by several supporting actors. She plucked her hair, which was a full cool queen style.

Even Song Wei, who was still waiting in the lounge came out to watch.

Producer Zhang felt that they had made a mistake. They should not schedule the press visit on the weekend, but now.

Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan play together. Interesting!

“Don’t leak it.” Zhang said to Gao Qiao in front of him.

Gao Qiao was recording on his phone.

“I'll only send it to Mr. Yan. He's worried and said that he wants to see it.”

Producer Zhang said: “Isn’t he gonna come back in the evening?”

Gao Qiao said with a “um” voice: “Mr. Yan is probably going to check the whole process.”

He felt that Yan Qiuchi was worried that Shen Jintai would drag them back.

He was worried, too.

He didn't participate in the screenplay reading. His impression of Shen Jintai was still the stupid character in the stupid soap opera.

Man 2 is a very important role. If Shen Jintai fails, the company's hope of going public will be destroyed.

“Come on, get ready for the shooting,” the staff held up a board: “three, two, one, action!”

Shen Jintai lowered his head slightly, and the rocker camera moved with him right in front of him. He walked through the magnificent palace with a short and slight step: “Your Highness.”

Bai Qingquan was dressed in a blue and white robe with the pattern of round flowers and bamboo leaves. You can tell he was a beautiful man with high bearing by just looking at his back. He was watering the flowers, and when he heard, he looked back. The maid next to him immediately came to take the kettle in his hand. Another maid held up a handkerchief.

Bai Qingquan took the handkerchief and wiped his hand, saying: “You’re back.”

Damn it, he was so nervous. He had never been so nervous.

He was acting, with Shen Jintai, God!

He had to be the best!

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