Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 26 part2

Peach blossoms were falling from the trees. Pink pedals were floating in the air. The blowers blew and blew, blew up the hemlines of Helan Bi’s dress.

Shen Jintai was sitting next, with a small electric fan blowing in his face. Li Meilan squatted beside him and said in a low voice: “Good man for a good girl.”

It was eye-catching. It was needless to say how beautiful Yang Lizhi was. She was one of the best. Bai Qingquan was also pretty in his costumes, royal and fine. Both of them had their own stylists. The bun and costumes were different from those of other people, theirs had a better texture.

As soon as the director called cut, three or four people immediately gathered around Bai. Some reapplied his makeup, some held a fan to cool him down. Bai Qingquan took a small mirror to look at his makeup and saw Shen Jintai staring at him.

On a hot day, he was dressed in heavy costumes. Shen Jintai, on the other hand, was wearing a T-shirt and a held a small fan. Cool.

He smiled at Shen Jintai.

The feeling was special.

Shen Jintai immediately waved his hand.

Speaking of which, the system was very nice to him. If the system wanted him to go after an ugly monster, he’d do that just to survive.

But it was a pretty boy.

He had no scenes to shoot today!

Although there was no his part, he was excited to watch it.

He loves acting. Just by seeing the machines, settings and the lighting could he get high.

After two hours on the set, he went to the hotel arranged by the crew.

The hotel was inside the village the shooting site at. The hotel conditions of the village build for shooting were mostly very limited, some of them were even shabby. But when he opened the door, his room turned out to be a suite, which was a very luxurious large room. It seemed that the crew attached great importance to him and he was very satisfied.

“Your room is so good. I can only imagine what kind of luxury do Yang Lizhi and Bai Qingquan get. The hotel looks ordinary outside. I didn't expect it to be like this inside.” Li Meilan said.

There were many rooms. She and Xiao Tang could stay.

Shen Jintai opened the balcony door and stood outside. He had a panoramic view, which made him relaxed and happy.

He would be work hard here, then.

Before returning home to pick up his luggage, he asked Xiao Tang to buy a lot of iced drinks and send them to the shooting site. When the car was about to enter the gate, he saw a group of little girls standing on the side of the road.

They were fans here for their idols.

He stopped the car, rolled down the window and asked: “Who are you waiting for?”

The girls saw him as if they had seen a ghost.

“We are fans of Bai Qingquan.” Said one of the fat girls, rather hostile.

No wonder, that attitude.

It was a sunny day and there was not even a shade. These little girls' faces were red and their hair was wet. Umbrellas seemed useless.

“He won't come out until the evening.” Shen Jintai said: “You've come so early.”

The looks on their faces were delicate, the leader was the most hostile one, and some in the back looked at him shyly. Shen Jintai smiled and asked Xiao Tang to give them a box of cold drinks: “Bai Qingquan knew you are outside, but his has no time. This is what he asked me to bring to you. You must be tired.”

Those girls didn't want it at first. When they heard that it was from Bai Qingquan, they immediately cheered. What they held in their hands was not cold drink, but love from their idol!


As the car went away, Xiao Tang asked: “Why are you doing this for Bai Qingquan? Look at their attitude.”

“It's not easy for those little girls to follow their idol here.” Shen Jintai looked back and said: “I don't know when do I get to have fans here for me.”

“The fans are discussing. They say they will come to see you when the shooting site is open for visit.” Xiao Tang said.

“Then should I get them gifts?”

“They will bring you presents.” Xiao Tang said: “But they’ll be thrilled if you prepare for them.”

“Then gift it is. It's your good will whether it's expensive or not.” said Li Meilan: “After all, this is your comeback show, gifts can help you to be sincerer. Let Xiao Tang help you with this.”

“I'd better prepare them myself.” Shen Jintai said: “I'll think about it in the next few days.”

He looked at the announcement form from the crew. The first open visit would be after a week. It was the shooting of a group scene of the royal banquet on that day, and the important actors and actresses would all there.

Since he had a scene to shoot the next day, Shen Jintai went to bed early when he got home. He got up the next day and was about to leave, looking great. He saw that Mrs. Yan and Yan Yaoxuan were waiting for him downstairs.

“Let's go.” Said Mrs. Yan.

“What are you doing?” Shen Jintai said with a suitcase in hand.

“We’ll drive you there. It’s your time in the group. We're going to cheer you on.”

“We’re not open for visit yet.”

“I'm Yan Qiuchi's mother. Dare they not let me in?” Mrs. Yan said: “Let's go. I'm bringing warmth to your crew.”

Mrs. Yan was very generous. She had a truck of things delivered.

Shen Jintai was stunned.

Producer Zhang and director Guo ran out to welcome Mrs. Yan. The staff carried things down boxes by boxes. Mrs. Yan took Shen Jintai's arm and said: “Take care of him.”

Everyone knew that Shen Jintai had been entangled with Yan Qiuchi, and the relationship between them was very broken, but they didn't know that Shen Jintai and Mrs. Yan have such a good relationship.

Circuitous tactics. Win over the mother-in-law first?

“Who is that?” Yang Lizhi asked when sat in front of a small fan in a single dress.

Bai Qingquan gave a cold look: “Mr. Yan's mother.”

“She is Fang Fengmei?” Yang Lizhi immediately sat up straight, Fang Fengmei was a real lady.

The temperament, flawless.

No wonder why Mr. Yan was so handsome. His mother looked so beautiful.

When Mrs. Yan came here, the whole cast began to spread rumors about Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi.

The biggest homosexual scandal of the century, the love of a superstar and a cold boss, who wouldn't know?

However, it turns out that they only knew so little. They knew that the boss was not moved, but they didn't expect Shen Jintai had already taken his mother-in-law down!

When Shen Jintai went to wear make-up, Mrs. Yan, accompanied by producer Zhang, went around the studio and asked producer Zhang, “Who’s Bai Qingquan?”

She had seen Bai Qingquan's videos and photos, but she didn't remember his appearance.

Producer Zhang pointed out to him, “That one sitting on the chair.”

Mrs. Yan looked coldly. He was indeed pretty.

But it's not good for a man to be too beautiful. A bitch with such a beautiful face, what a waste. She still thought that Shen Jintai was the most pleasant to look at. There was a kind of loveliness that can't be said.

Her own children were always cutest.

“You have beautiful lips.” The makeup artist said to Shen Jintai: “You don't even need lipsticks.”

Shen Jintai was good with make-up. His a little light facial features could be hugely improved with make-up on. The make-up artist adjusted the headgear for him. After putting on the costume, he became a handsome boy.

It's the most difficult to shoot a group scene, especially one like this. Almost half of the leading actors and actresses had to participate, and the scheduling was only half a day. Shen Jintai couldn't sit, he was Bai Qingquan's close eunuch, who needed to stand behind and serve.

Mrs. Yan, who had never done any hard work, was very distressed for him when looking


It's really not a human job.

Especially Shen Jintai had to be a servant of Bai Qingquan. God knows how bad he felt.

However, she was very pleased. Shen Jintai had a bad temper before. Now, something happened to his family and he became more mature and tolerant. There was no complaint from him even though he had stood there for a long time.

Shen Jintai had no lines in the scene.

But he was still very excited. He was born with the desire to perform, and had an unusual love for acting. He could forget who he was when he stood in front of the camera in an ancient costume.

He was devoted to being his little eunuch.

He had no lines, but he had close ups. In the story, this is the second time that he actively teases the prince Zhou Ying. At the group dinner, across a group of dancers, he secretly raises his eyebrows and looks at the prince sitting opposite, cautiously and vaguely.

It was alright to see with bare eyes. The place was messy and bright. But when Mrs. Yan and Yan Yaoxuan watched behind the director's monitor, they were amazed.

There was another world in the lens. After lighting and color mixing, every frame was exquisite and incredible. Shen Jintai looked at the prince and then slightly lowered his head. The prince's face in the lens was gradually blurred. The focus was on Shen Jintai's face. Zoomed in and they could see his drooping eyelashes and a touch of smile flashing through his lips.

Mrs. Yan felt shocked.

The better she knew Shen Jintai, the stranger she felt.

“So good.” Guo Rui couldn't help saying.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that his heart was beating fast. He licked his lips and saw Shen Jintai's sliding Adam's apple, snow-white lining and blue robe. The magic of light and shadow made him charming like no one could ever be.


Yan Qiuchi woke up from his sleep, sweating on his forehead.

He dreamed, he dreamed of Shen Jintai.

The dream was so clear that his heart was still beating violently. He was sweaty. His hands were on his chest. It seemed that what he felt in dream lingered.

His palm was wet.

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