Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 26 part1

“Who changed my clothes?” He asked.

It couldn’t be Yan Qiuchi, could it?

“What are you thinking?” said Li Meilan: “You threw up, don't you know? I asked Xiao Tang to change your clothes for you.”

Xiao Tang said: “I only took off your shirt and trousers, not your underwear!”

She had to say that she was shocked by Shen’s ass when she changed his clothes.

Shen Jintai said: “I’ll never drink again.”

“It's impossible to work in this industry without drinking at all. Just remember to not drink too much. Why did you drink so much? You haven't grown any better in all these years.” Li Meilan threw his clothes to him: “Put these on and get ready to go. Today there’s a studio shoot. You need to be familiar with the shooting environment.”

Most of the scenes in “Here Comes the East Palace” were filmed in studio sets. The crew had built many palace buildings one by one, which he hadn’t seen before.

He had a nasty hangover and didn't take many bites of the breakfast Xiao Tang bought him. When he changed his clothes and was ready to go out, he suddenly heard someone knocking. Xiao Tang went to open the door and saw the cold face of Gao Qiao.

There was a young man behind him.

Shen Jintai's face darkened as soon as he saw the young man.

“This is the man who harassed you last night. Mr. Yan asks me to bring him here to apologize to you.” Gao Qiao said.

Qian Jiashu entered the room and blushed in embarrassment: “I didn't do anything. I saw you drunk and wanted to help you.”

“Didn’t do anything? Do you want me to show you the surveillance tape again?” Gao Qiao sneered.

Qian Jiashu looked at Shen Jintai: “I'm sorry, I… I really didn't mean that.”

Shen Jintai looked a little haggard, but his eyes were firm. He asked: “Are you my fan?”

Qian Jiashu nodded

He was really a big fan of Shen Jintai.

“Then I'm ashamed that I have fans like you.” Shen Jintai said: “You think I'm stupid enough to not see what you were trying to do?”

It seemed that Qian Jiashu didn't sleep much and had given up lying. He hung down his head, blushed, and said: “I’m… I'm sorry.”

“If you like me, you can ask. Maybe I won’t say yes, but at least I respect you. What happened yesterday, though, was shameless and despicable. No one likes a man who does that kind of things.”

“I just like you so much, I…”

“It’s a beautiful thing to like someone. Don't sully it.” Shen Jintai said: “You should leave. I’ll pass the matter by, but I don’t wanna see you anymore.”

For a fan, nothing hurts his/her self-esteem more than the disrespect of his/her idol. Qian Jiashu's face was red with shame. He took a look at Gao Qiao. Seeing that Gao Qiao didn't say anything, he quickly slipped away.

Like a mouse.

“Thanks. And please, say ‘thank you’ to Mr. Yan, for me.” Shen Jintai said to Gao Qiao.

“Mr. Yan said that he would do the same for anyone.” Gao Qiao still had no good attitude to Shen: “He didn't cause any real damage yesterday and you are a public figure. It's bad for you to make it big, so this is the only way. But don't worry, Mr. Yan talked to him. He’ll never do things like this.”

Shen Jintai nodded.

Gao Qiao turned around and was about to leave. Li Meilan and Xiao Tang were still confused. When Li and Tang was just about to ask Shen Jintai, they saw Gao Qiao suddenly stopped at the door and looked back: “I have a few words to say. I want to talk to Mr. Shen.”

“Go ahead.”

“I think what Mr. Shen just said was very good. It’s nice to like a person. But if the other person doesn't like you and you still cling to him or her, like Qian Jiashu, you’ll be seen mean and annoying. Now Mr. Shen also knows what it's like to be surrounded by such people.”

This Gao Qiao, as expected, was the most loyal assistant of Yan Qiuchi, and was wholeheartedly considered for Yan Qiuchi.

“Don't worry, and tell Mr. Yan the same.” Shen Jintai knew that it would be useless to say things verbally. The impression of the old, shameless Shen Jintai was deeply rooted. It's not easy to change it. He went on: “Lots of things have happened these days, everyone has changed, so have I.”

Gao Qiao and Yan Qiuchi had been together for a long time, and their temper became alike. As an assistant, when Yan Qiuchi couldn’t lose his temper, Gao Qiao would be the bad cop.

“And Mr. Yan's coat.” Gao Qiao said.

Shen Jintai froze for a moment, then took out Yan Qiuchi's coat and handed it to Gao Qiao.

Gao Qiao nodded and left with the coat.


Shen Jintai smiled and looked back at Li Meilan and Xiao Tang.

He told them about last night, and Xiao Tang was furious. She said: “How could this shit happens!”

“Mr. Yan handled this very well.” said Li Meilan: “It's not easy to ask this man to apologize. And it's not good for you to make troubles.”

“How about you pass my appreciation to Yan Qiuchi.” Shen Jintai said: “I’ll just stay in distance.”

The best “thank you” to Yan Qiuchi was probably he staying away.

It didn’t feel good. He had no idea why the old Shen Jintai enjoyed Yan’s attitude.

He couldn't.

He didn’t want to fight against Yan Qiuchi anymore. He just wanted to be an acquaintance.

“That's what he told you?” Yan Qiuchi asked Gao Qiao.

Gao Qiao nodded and said: “Yes. He seemed very serious. Maybe he really moved on.”

After that, Gao Qiao felt awkward and thought it was inappropriate.

Fortunately, Mr. Yan's face didn’t change and hard to read. All he was doing was rubbing his left palm with his right thumb.

He hurriedly added: “I have sent someone to take your coat to wash.”

The shooting started. Yan Qiuchi was going to take a look at the scene. However, his schedule was very full and he had to go abroad. He sent the vice president of the company to the shooting site.

“You can go with the vice president Zhang.” Yan Qiuchi said to Gao Qiao: “Call me directly if you have any questions.”

Gao Qiao had been an assistant/secretary for many years, and his experience and ability had come up. Yan thought he was more than a personal assistant and planned to give him opportunities and promote him.

Gao nodded: “Yes.”

Gao Qiao sent Yan Qiuchi to the airport, and then went to the shooting site with vice president Zhang.

“Here Comes the East Palace” would be broadcast before finishing the shooting of all episodes. It would be broadcast in a month, so the shooting was generally done according to the script order, with only a small range of adjustments. For example, the shoot of the match between the male and female lead roles was originally in the second episode. In order to get a good start, the crew shot the segment of the first meeting at first.

The leading lady, Helan Bi, followed her mother to the palace to visit her aunt, Queen Xiao played by Song Wei.

Queen Xiao was going to betroth Helan Bi to her son, Prince Zhou Ying. However, in the process of entering the palace, the leading lady fell in love with the leading man at first sight.

The leading man is Zhou Jing, the second prince played by Bai Qingquan. He is the son of the imperial concubine De, who died early. He is one of the least favorite princes.

There was only one demand for the scene.


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