Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 25 part1

Like a child holding on the corner of an adult's clothes, he did it for a sense of security.

He held so tight that Yan Qiuchi couldn't get up. Yan Qiuchi was caught by Shen Jintai.

He suspected Shen Jintai was pretending to be drunk.

“President Yan...” The waiter hesitated to come up.

Yan Qiuchi wanted the waiter to send Shen Jintai back to his room, or called his assistant over, but no one could separate them.

Yan Qiuchi’s manners told him that it was not good for him to make open Shen Jintai's hand in front of the crowd.

There was no other way. Yan Qiuchi hesitated with a cold face, then held Shen Jintai in his arms.

The people around made way for them automatically, and until this moment did Yan Qiuchi realized that he didn't know which room was Shen Jintai’s.

There were so many artists. Each artist had their own rooms arranged. At that time, asking relevant personnel for Shen’s room number would only get more troubles. He had to take Shen Jintai away.

The attendant quickly helped him with the elevator. Yan Qiuchi said: “The 21st floor, please.”

The attendant pressed the button and was hesitated if she should step out, the elevator door closed.

She knew Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai.

She had heard about these two people many times.

At present, the elevator was closed. He clasped his hands together and stood on tiptoe slightly. He was excited but also suffering. He heard Shen Jintai's humming while wriggling in his arms.



He pursed his lips and looked up at the number of floors on the elevator.

Then heard Yan Qiuchi coldly said:

“Don’t move.”

Shen Jintai was quiet and still at once.

Woowoowoo, the dominant boss and the pretty star!

It was a pity that she couldn’t follow up after Yan Qiuchi carried Shen into the room.

Yan Qiuchi took Shen Jintai to his own room. It seemed that the relationship between the two men was not as bad as the rumor said.

Yan Qiuchi put Shen Jintai on the sofa and found that Shen Jintai was still holding onto his clothes. There was no one nearby, so he reached out to loosen Shen Jintai's fingers. But Shen Jintai held so tight that he failed.

“Let go.” Yan Qiuchi said with the last few patience.

Shen Jintai hummed, which sounded particularly slutty.

When Shen Jintai used to pursue him before, Shen pretended to be drunk. He was kind enough to send Shen home but Shen Jintai was wriggling and making funny noises, humming and all, which was more exaggerated than now.

At that time, it was so obvious. It was fiercely aggressive at the first hearing. Now the hum’s weak, but it had a tantalizing meaning. It seemed that the strength was also intoxicated by the wine and no longer obeyed the master's will.

Yan Qiuchi's face was dark: “Everytime, drunk and act crazily.”

There were tears on Shen Jintai's face. Shen wore makeup for such an important occasion, he had to look good in the cameras. But it was mixed with all the tears and Shen rubbed it with his hand. His face looked funny and dirty and he looked pitiful.

In fact, it had been years since the last time Yan Qiuchi looked at the face carefully. Once upon a time, this face was painted with brilliant colors and desire. Now, it had recovered its original appearance, with beautiful features and a strange sense of vulnerability.

But the lips were very ruddy. With wine on Shen’s face, they looked very attracting.

Yan Qiuchi took off his coat, and then finally got rid of Shen Jintai.

He took a breath and called assistant Gao Qiao: “Contact Shen Jintai's agent and ask her to come to my room.”

Gao Qiao hurriedly contacted Li Meilan. Li Meilan was checking the social media. They expected that Shen Jintai would be torn by Bai’s fans. But unexpectedly, he got a lot of praise.

It was a real surprise.

She answered the phone, her voice was full of rejuvenated joy: “Hello, this is Li Meilan.”

“Hello, I'm Gao Qiao from sunshine media. Mr. Yan would like you to go to his room, 2109.”

Because of Shen Jintai's relationship, the relationship between Li Meilan and Yan Qiuchi was also very tense.

“Me, Mr. Yan asked for me?”

Gao Qiao was also confused: “Yes.”

Li Meilan arrived at room 2109 nervously. The door opened. Yan Qiuchi was wearing a white shirt with sleeves rolled up. “Come in.” He said.

Li Meilan bowed and entered the door carefully. Just after entering, she saw Shen Jintai lying on the sofa with a black suit in his hand.

What the…

Was it Mr. Yan’s suit?

Li Meilan's face went red, then pale.

She didn't know what's going on. She really didn't know it at all. It was no use blaming her!

“He's drunk.” Yan Qiuchi said: “You stay here and take care of him.”

Li Meilan hurriedly went over and patted Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai didn't respond at all. He was dead asleep.

There was another knock outside. Yan Qiuchi went to open the door. Gaoqiao came in with a new coat. When he saw Li Meilan and Shen Jintai inside, the coat in his hands almost fell to the ground.

He widened his eyes and gave the coat to Yan Qiuchi while his mind was blank.

Fuck, this Shen Jintai!

A moment of out of sight and he was once again all over Mr. Yan!

Mr. Yan must be furious.

He took a careful look at Yan Qiuchi who just put on his coat and turned to Li Meilan and said: “The door key is in the coat pocket in his hand. You can stay here with him.”

Li Meilan stood up and nodded.

What happened? They dared not to ask.

Li Meilan and Gao Qiao had a look at each other.

After Yan Qiuchi and Gaoqiao left, Li Meilan immediately sat on the sofa and slapped Shen Jintai's arm: “Shen Jintai, get up!”

Shen Jintai opened his eyes in a daze, and even recognized her, but his body was not very obedient: “Sister Lan, damn it, there was someone had designs on me.”

Li Meilan: “...”

Who? Yan Qiuchi?

You wish!

It looked like he was too drunk to think straight.

She immediately called Xiaotang: “Get some ‘stay sober’ pills and send them to room 2109.”

Gao Qiao followed Yan Qiuchi into the elevator. He couldn't help being curious. Since Mr. Yan always satisfied with his work and liked him, he asked: “Mr. Yan, is Shen Jintai pestering you again?”

Yan Qiuchi said with a poker face: “When I brought him up, many people saw it. If someone spread it, you should let the public relations department deal with it.”

Gao Qiao nodded. He knew that Yan Qiuchi didn't want to talk about it.

Yan Qiuchi's throat moved, his thin lips moved and pursed tightened. He rubbed the palm of his right hand.

He seldom had close contact with people, especially holding someone in arms, that was the first time.

The first feeling was light.

Shen Jintai was much lighter than he thought. Shen was 180 tall, but he didn't feel like one.

But it didn’t mean that he had no fat. Because when he first picked up Shen Jintai, he probably had no experience and didn't know how to hold him, He accidentally held his big hand on Shen Jintai's ass. To be honest, he had no experience in this field, and he was shocked.

It was like watching a porn for the first time in adolescence, and the heart beat faster in a flash. Even if he moved his hand elsewhere quickly, the touch of that moment lingered in his mind for a long time.

Maybe he also had too much drinks. It didn't mean anything, only that he is a normal man.

He still didn't like Shen Jintai at all.

No one knew that Shen Jintai was harassed. The only one who knew about it was Shen Jintai himself, who was still unconscious.

But Gao Qiao loved gossips and really wanted to know what happened.

He investigated and what he heard from the people around him was:

Shen Jintai was drunk and acted crazily. When Yan Qiuchi met him, Yan took him upstairs.

Was it really that simple?

Wasn't it Shen Jintai pretended to be drunk and tried to seduce Mr. Yan?

With a strong desire to explore the truth, Gao Qiao decided to see the surveillance record.

He wanted to see what tricks Shen Jintai was playing. Mr. Yan had self-restraint didn't mean he could be took advantage from!

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