Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 24 part1

These years, sunshine media had been very popular. The dramas produced by the company had almost occupied the list of hot dramas and mainstream awards in the past two years. The ratings and quality of the dramas were both managed carefully.  The stars attended the dinner party just wanted to make a good relationship with sunshine media.

There were also press at the dinner party. In view of the great reputation of sunshine media, they had signed an agreement before HCEP started shooting. The TV station had reserved the perfect time for it to broadcast. The press conference was also the investment promotion meeting of the sunshine media and the TV station. This time, sunshine media had spent a lot of money.

In the course of the dinner party, there was something happened. Liu Hui went to greet with the press and said things he shouldn’t say.

Someone asked him: “You've played several leading roles before. Why would you take the role of man No. 4 in HCEP this time? Is this role brilliant?”

Liu Hui's makeup was no less strange than Shen Jintai used to have, and the corners of his eyes with red and purple eye shadow were slightly raised: “I wanted to play that role, and it was almost decided until Shen Jintai took it away from me. Ah, ha ha ha. But I didn't expect that he would play the second boy to Bai Qingquan.”

His laughter was very straightforward, which made him felt like a naïve and pitiful boy.

Soon, someone the table sent out what he said.

“Yeah, yeah, who would have thought that Shen Jintai would play the second boy for Bai Qingquan.”

“So he was saying that Shen got the role by connections? Or did he invest it?”

“Is the Shen’s family broke? I saw a post from the court days ago. Bankruptcy should be a fact, and he still have money for this role?”

“A skinny camel is bigger than a horse. Their poor and our poor don’t mean the same!”

Xiaotang was in the hotel, she had been in contact with Jin’s fans to monitor public opinions. She was surprised when she saw this.

Liu Hui was resourceful. Despite his poor popularity, he had money. He had many accounts that could control the public opinions.

If his and Bai’s fans work together to bring down Shen’s reputation, it’ll be a disaster!

She was about to report to Li Meilan when she found that comments under that news had turned out to be a surprise.

“He’s no better. Is there anyone who doesn’t know the rich guy behind Liu Hui? A bearded man. They have been seen together many times.”

“That's right, his acting skills are not even as good as Shen Jintai's, but he had one lead role after another. Now it's a bad guy meets a worse one.”

“To be honest, I would rather see Shen Touhua than Liu Hui. Doesn't know how big his face is? If anyone else had so many resources, he or she would get viral long time ago.”

“He's going to use Shen Touhua for hyping. Frankly speaking, he has been copying Shen Touhua for two years, but it's a pity that he doesn't know the difference between an idol and an actor at all!”

“He won't be popular no matter how hard he tries. This is just ugly people doing weird things.”

Liu Hui was so angry that he almost fell off his cell phone. He switched to secret account to fight with netizens. He didn't lose, but was upset. Shen Jintai on the other hand, was doing great.

The thunder went to Shen at the dinner party.

Shen Jintai, who had always been fond of giving attitudes, was like a social butterfly with a glass of wine. He flattered the big man in the industry and his media friends. Bai Qingquan sat in a chair and secretly observed. After a glass of wine, his hatred to Shen was about to come out.

“You are in a good mood today, you drank so much.” Yang Lizhi said with a smile while reapplying her makeup.

Bai Qingquan squinted and smiled: “Yeah.”

Shen Jintai drank a lot of wine, which made him a little bit high. His body was far worse with wine than that of his before.

He used to drink half a bottle of spirit and feel nothing. Being an actor means inevitable banquets. After some, he could drink.

There were many people secretly staring at him. He was chatting and laughing at the party while his name was on Weibo followed with a “BOOM”.

Shen Jintai made a toast and was about to return to his seat. As soon as he pulled out his chair, he heard someone behind him shouting:

“Jintai, long time no see.”

He looked back and saw a rather tall and mature man. This man looked about 30 years old, and his eyebrows and eyes were slightly surly. The original soul probably met him, because he felt familiar.

“I haven't seen you for years. Do you still remember me?” The man laughed.

Shen Jintai reached out and said with a smile: “Mr. Ji.”

The big villain Ji Fengxing.

Ji shook Shen’s hand, but his eyes kept looking at Shen. His eyes were sharp. Although he had a smile on his face, his eyes were too sharp, and it seemed that he had a look that felt bad, like an eagle staring at his prey.

Ji Feng could be seen as the representative of the big guys, wrapped in a domineering atmosphere of the presidents. In “Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang”, he had the dirtiest scenes, with men, with women, slim, thick, you name it. Every one of these scenes was dirtier than you think. Shen felt like that all Ji Fenxing did in the novel was making love. He barely had any clothes on in the novel. The author was committed to shaping a wild, uninhibited, surly and negative villain, and Shen Jintai felt a little shy and hot when he saw Ji for the first time.

This novel really needs improvements.

Ji Fengxing and Yan Qiuchi were competitors. Because Zheng Siqi, one of his artists, had participated in the play, he also came here tonight.

The boss personally came to support his new actor, which showed how much importance the monsoon entertainment attached to Zheng Siqi.

“I heard that your agent is currently in contact with the agency.” said Ji Fengxing with a smile: “Two years have passed. I don't know if your opinion has changed.”

Two years ago, Ji Fengxing personally contacted Shen Jintai and wanted to sign him.

What did Shen Jintai say?

“A hundred Ji Fengxing couldn’t match a toe of Yan Qiuchi!”

He smiled: “I do have the intention to sign a new company, but I haven't made a final decision yet. I want to see if I have a market.”

“The door to monsoon entertainment is always open to you.” Ji Fengxing said: “The offer I gave you is still unchanged”

“Thank you, Mr. Ji, I appreciate it.” Shen Jintai called the waiter who served the wine with a smile, took a cup and handed it to Ji. Ji Fengxing picked it up and clinked glasses with Shen.

When drinking, Ji Fengxing's eyes were still staring at Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai had changed so much that he could hardly recognize him.

However, the ability to attract attention and creating topics didn’t change. With a beautiful comeback, Shen Jintai could be as popular as before. Such artists were most suitable for their monsoon entertainment.

Now monsoon entertainment had been far behind sunshine media. Sunshine media had a Bai Qingquan. Judging by the momentum, he’d be a superstar. But monsoon entertainment had been short of popular male stars since several big stars went solo. Shen Jintai, who used to run after Yan Qiuchi's ass, had his tattoo removed and changed his look. It seemed that they were over. Ji wanted to win over Shen Jintai.

“Shen Jintai's agent was in contact with agencies recently, do you know?” At another table, Xiao Yang asked Yan Qiuchi in a low voice.

Yan Qiuchi followed his eyes and saw Shen Jintai and his competitors standing together. They were drinking and chatting, which looked happy.

Maybe it was because of the angle, Shen Jintai’s buttocks wrapped in appropriately tailored suit pants were incredibly eye-catchy.

Probably it was too noisy that they couldn't hear each other clearly, or Shen Jintai was a slut inside, he leaned his body on the shoulder of Ji Fengxing. From Yan Qiuchi’s position, it looked like Shen was kissing Ji Fengxing’s ear.

“He wants to sign with an agency?”

He used to chase Yan so fiercely, but he still didn't agree to sign with sunshine media, saying that he liked to be free and wanted to be his own boss.

“He has changed, what else is impossible?” Xiao Yang said: “Have you considered signing him?”

“No” Yan Qiuchi said decisively.

Xiao Yang smiled: “I knew it. It's not easy for you to get rid of him, you’d never want anything to do with him. However, if you don't do it, he will probably fall into the hands of Ji Fengxing. Monsoon entertainment has declined sharply in the past two years. He must want to sign a good one. Although Shen Jintai has been out of the circle for two years, he still gets attention. I heard that he wanted to sign Shen Jintai two years ago, but Shen Jintai has been running after you, so it didn’t work out. Now that they are talking with each other happily. It’s very likely for them to work together.”

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