Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 22

Li Xu is a man with strong feelings but good at hiding it. If he loves someone, he’ll wish all the best for than one. If hates, then the worst.

Shen Jintai would love this character more every time he reads the script.

Normally, this kind of role is not upright right enough to be the leading role, but if played well, it may be more attracting.

“Here Comes the East Palace” took the mode of broadcasting while shooting. That was the first time that Shen tried this mode. He took a look at the schedule; the broadcast was one month later than the start of shooting. They had little time.

The disadvantage of this mode is that if the audience rating is low, it may be cut off. The advantage is that the plot and personas can be adjusted in time according to the feedback of the audience. If there are too many bad reviews, the least liked role will be cut off. There were also cases of supporting roles became the leading roles because they had many good comments.

The first 20 episodes had already been set. Yang Lizhi and Bai Qingquan both had contractual requirements. No major changes were allowed to be made to these 20 episodes. However, according to the screenwriter Meng Xiaosheng, there would be 40 episodes approximately.

If the ratings were great, it is possible to prolong the plotline.

As a matter of fact, he did remember that the TV play had been prolonged to 46 episodes.

A TV series of forty-six episodes which would broadcast two episodes a week. If it went viral, it could be beyond imagination. The combination of prophase and aftereffect would almost occupy everyone’s attention for the whole year.

For the next 26 episodes, they could only do their best and hope.

Of course, the leading roles wouldn’t change much. Mainly those supporting roles’ fates that would be altered.

Shen Jintai was ambitious. His wanted more than cast TV series.

He had to make his comeback surprising. Whether he could get popular again depended on it.

The press conference was in only days, but Shen Jintai hadn't borrowed a suit yet.

His reputation was so bad that no brand was willing to lend him clothes for fear of being tarnished.

Shen Jintai was going to rent a suit from a studio.

The studio was meant for artists. There was many haute couture, but the possibility of getting a perfectly fit one is almost zero.

Shen Jintai didn't find a proper on. There weren’t many men's suits and many of them were worn by unfamous stars.

There were only a few styles of suits. Shen Jintai thought that unless someone deliberately wanted to embarrass him, no one would recognize.

Li Meilan didn't think so.

“How can there be no one targeting you? Your enemies are more than just Bai’s fans. But Bai’s fans alone are enough to pick on you and smash you. Anyway, you used to be a superstar with many endorsements. If your suit is not a top-level one, you’ll be mocked. This is your comeback show. We can't make do with it.”

According to her agent's intuition, Li Meilan thought that the first show of Shen Jintai’s comeback should be paid much attention to. If anything happened, the first show of comeback may become a joke to all people. She thought that on the night of Shen Jintai's comeback, whether it was his personal status or clothes and shoes, all had to be perfect.

Shen Jintai agreed.

He couldn't give people the feeling of being out of time, or the public opinion on the Internet would be embarrassing.

He turned to Mrs. Yan.

Mrs. Yan had been waiting for him to ask. She said: “If you don't ask, I'll just grab you and have you tried on clothes.”

Although she didn't mix with the entertainment industry, she knew all about how things work. If Shen Jintai wanted to come back, she must let him shine!

Mrs. Yan immediately told the driver to take them to get some clothes.

Who was Mrs. Yan? With Fang Fengmei's name, no brand dared to neglect her! Usually if there were anything new came out, like new clothes or jewelry, they’d pack them all and send her to choose.

Mrs. Yan sat on the sofa drinking coffee, watching the staff help Shen Jintai to try on clothes.

People need clothes just like horses need saddles. With good clothes, Shen Jintai felt that he was better than him without the suit.

In fact, his body frame wasn’t suitable for suits, but he’s tall enough. Although he was thin, he had a good shape and a straight back.

Despite all his drawbacks, if any, Shen Jintai’s body shape was good. That was his professional quality as a star. Every time he went out, he’d pay special attention to his form and would never have a hunchback.

“This is Qiuchi's favorite brand.” Mrs. Yan said in a low voice: “He will also attend that press conference. Show him that you’re just as good as others as long as you want it!”

After ordering the clothes, all they needed to do was to prepare for the press conference.

The investment scale of HCEP was too large, and the sunshine media was depending on it to be listed, so they paid special attention to it. The conference was scheduled to be held on Friday evening at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Many fans of Shen Jintai’s already knew it. Li Meilan had picked several random fans to represent.

The news that Shen Jintai was going to come back couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Recently, Shen had tried suits for the event and had attended activities held by the crew. Lots of people noticed it. They were waiting, waiting to detonate tonight.

It was not just Shen Jintai who was very excited and nervous, the crew was also very excited.

It was a surprise to have Shen Jintai as the secondary leading man. The crew and the sunshine media were all looking forward to it. They were in a good position to promote this play.

The former superstar and the current one met each other, plus a popular actress, Yang Lizhi, they wanted to know how many top searched items there could be that related to them.

Each one in the cast buys one, and some companies behind them buy more, it could be all about them!

Bai Qingquan, dressed in a customized suit, stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself again.

The staff nearby couldn't hold back their excitement: “So handsome.”

With all the compliments, Bai Qingquan smiled at the mirror.

He was good-looking, and thanks to his diet, his body had been better recently. No matter what clothes it was, it looked good on him, whether it was casual or formal.

“Tell my fans to bring more light plates to the scene today. I'm afraid that Shen Jintai can't see it!” He said to Weige.

He thought Shen Jintai may not have seen his popularity.

His fans are everywhere.

In fact, his fans needed no reminder. As the biggest fans group in the showbiz, his fans had organized and disciplined everything. They categorized everything into supporting the press conference, Internet public opinion control, anti-haters and other categories half a month ago. There was absolutely nothing forgotten. They even set up a special “action team to eliminate Jin” -- Shen Jintai wanted to come back? No way!

Most of the fans had already known in advance that Shen Jintai was going to cast HCEP.

“Do you know what Shen Jintai will be wearing?” He asked Weige again.

Weige said: “Forget about him. How can he compare with you now?”

It was not just the appearance. Bai Qingquan had been great for the past two years. His self-confidence was emanating from his bones. It was the star light nurtured by thousands of favors and magnesium lamps. It couldn’t be seen on everyone.

“He's always liked to wear strange clothes to get attention.” said Bai Qingquan: “Although I think he's wearing low-key these days, I believe that he can’t change who he is. This is his comeback. He must have paid much attention to it.”

According to his understanding of Shen Jintai, he must be full of energy, waiting to let it out tonight.

Maybe the recent him was all pretended, he just wanted to surprise everyone tonight.


Bai Qingquan looked into the mirror again.

Usually, he doesn't wear make up behind the cameras. Today, he specially had a top stylist to get him ready. His face, which was beautiful, was even more amazing after careful makeup. He looked like an angel.

Tonight, he’ll crash Shen Jintai with this face!



“Breaking news! Shen Touhua is coming back, HCEP, it's settled!”

“I saw it. Someone posted the backstage photo. I saw him!”

“Fuck. Why am I a little excited. Can anyone send me the picture?”

“I want to see how funny Shen Touhua can be this time! Red hair and flower skirt, arrange it!”

“Here's the picture!”

Immediately someone posted a picture of the backstage. It wasn't very clear. There were a group of people in the dressing room, among them were several familiar faces. Shen Jintai stood in the upper right corner of the picture. Many people in front of him blocked him. It was hard to see his clothes clearly. They could only see his black hair.


“Wow, he’s really changed!”

“No way. The hair may be normal, but his clothes must be funny! Wait and see!”

“So it was for his comeback, these days hyping. I just didn't expect him to play HCEP!”

“Cast with Bai Qingquan. Is he crazy or Bai Qingquan’s crazy? Aren't they rivals?”

“I don't know if either of them is crazy. But their fans are crazy.”

“I'm so excited. I want to see them fight. We will never be bored again!”

“I think it's going to be a top searched item soon. I saw there were people have already gone mad with the news.”

“Bai Qingquan choose the script, but not the actors and actresses he works with. Shen Touhua, please don't take advantage from his fame. Thank you!”

“Shen Jintai really have done a lot for his comeback. He has made small moves behind else’s back to replace the original man 2. All he wants is to get attention by using Bai.”

“Shen Touhua, please stop messing with my idol!”

“Shen Touhua, Shen Touhua.”

Then there were brainwashing gifs of Shen Jintai dancing with big red flowers on his head.

“Bai’s fans arrived so soon, ha ha ha!”

“Fight! Crash Shen Jintai!”

“I'm not gonna do anything except for waiting for the livestreaming tonight!”

“Post the link of the forum for the Live, count me in!”

“I've already sent the link. Welcome to chat together!”

The press conference was already in the process. The venue was a big auditorium. The actors and actresses had been in the backstage for a long time, waiting to show up one by one.

In addition to the cast, Yan Qiuchi, on behalf of the sunshine media, along with the producer and investors of the play, also attended and had been seated.

Shen Jintai put one hand in his pocket and lowered his head slightly.

Li Meilan passed through the crowd and asked in a low voice: “Are you nervous?”

Shen Jintai raised his head and looked at Li Meilan with a smile. His eyes were moist: “A little bit.”

“Don't be. You are born to be on the stage. Everything will be yours again.” Li Meilan was also very emotional, very nervous, but also very excited.

Shen Jintai nodded.

Yang Lizhi and Bai Qingquan were the first two to show up. After them were old-fashioned celebrities such as Song Wei. Shen was in the middle of the line. Everyone was separated by a distance and followed the schedule.

“Shen Jintai, come with me.” A staff said.

Shen Jintai took a deep breath and followed the staff to the entrance. Someone was already taking pictures of him with a phone. Standing in the shadow, he looked out and saw Yan Qiuchi sitting in the first row.

All he heard was the deafening cries of Bai’s fans, all in the call: “Bai Qingquan, Bai Qingquan!”

Their shouts were fanatical, sincere, and the flash light kept flashing. Bai Qingquan and Yang Lizhi had developed the ability of not blinking in the spotlight. Bai was handsome and gentle, Yang was bright and domineering, which was different from the traditional temperament of men and women.

Shen Jintai's heart beat fast. He suddenly saw a girl beside him, holding a bunch of bright red roses.

He went over and asked in a low voice, “Can I have one?”

The girl was a little confused and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“Shen Jintai, it's your turn!” A staff called.

Shen Jintai took a rose with leaves, put it in his chest pocket, took another deep breath, straightened his back and walked into the light.

“Shen Jintai!” He heard someone shouting.

All of a sudden, the lights turned to him, flickering. Shen Jintai was a little dizzy. He was calm, smiled and waved, and walked towards the red carpet.

He seemed to be the only target of all the lens.

Bai Qingquan was walking when he suddenly found that the lens had been removed from him.

He was shocked. Fuck!

“Is this history repeated? Where there is Shen Jintai, there is no light for me!”

When he looked back, he saw Shen Jintai in a black suit and white shirt. Only a red rose stretched out from his pocket on his chest to lit him up. The light of the magnesium lamp turned into the halo around him. His steps were firm, coming with a flower and halos.

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