Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 21

Then he heard Mrs. Yan giggled.

Yan Qiuchi was stunned for a moment and felt embarrassed. He walked to the door with a cold face, and then he saw someone else in the gym.

It was Shen Jintai, who was doing hover squats there.

He knew that coach Li would never talk to his mother like that.

Shen Jintai couldn't hold on any longer. His legs were shaking and he couldn't help it. Sweat was coming down his cheek.

Yan Qiuchi went in coldly, and Mrs. Yan saw him first and greeted with a smile: “You’re back.”

“Yup.” Yan Qiuchi wasn’t distracted, he went directly to the treadmill, put on his headphones, turned on the TV on the treadmill and tuned to the news channel.

In the sound of the host, he heard Shen Jintai breathed deeply, and then the sound of Shen Jintai sat on the ground.

It was a strange gasp, at least to him.

Yan Qiuchi's face was natural. He just turned up the volume of earphones and ran while watching the news.

Shen Jintai gasped and sat on the ground. He waved and said: “I need a minute. I can’t go on.”

Coach Li kneeled with a smile. He massaged Shen’s aching muscles beside him. Shen Jintai was hot and sweaty, and was giving out a special smell.

And his lips were ruddy.

Stars are stars. Shen Jintai was not outstanding among all the stars, but in reality, he looked much better than average people. His skin was good, and bright with sweat on it. He was slim, his legs were long, white and thin, with no much hair.

“This is your first day, don't push it too hard, or you won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow.” Said Mrs. Yan.

“Then no squats. Some more hip bridges then.” Coach Li said.

Shen Jintai drank some water and sat on the ground to rest. He turned his head and looked at Yan Qiuchi beside him. Yan Qiuchi wore only vest and shorts. He was tall and fit. He was running fast. The back of his black vest was wet.

His butt, strong and thick, looked robust.

His legs, long and strong, with tight thighs, strong legs, even the leg hair were manly. His hair was thick and dark, and his back had lines of muscles. His body was well-balanced and perfectly in shape.

That was what a perfect man should look like.

When can he be like this.

Shen Jintai looked at Yan Qiuchi while drinking water, but Yan Qiuchi suddenly turned his head and looked at him sharply.


Shen Jintai almost choked with a mouthful of water because he was shocked. He swallowed half of it and the rest came out and wet his clothes.

Shen turned his head quickly and wiped his chin.

Regret, he shouldn’t look at Yan Qiuchi.

Does Yan Qiuchi have eyes on the back of his head? His senses were too keen.

Coach Li had heard about the history of Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi. Seeing this, he just smiled.

There are many gay people in the gym. Coach Li had a good relationship with them. Occasionally, in order to sell classes, he would flirt with them. He also slept with one, but he thought he prefers women.

Speaking of which, don't know if Shen was interested in coach Li.

Coach Li’s face could be a six or a seven. And his body, without questions, were unpeckable. He was one of the best in his club with all those muscles. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be chosen as personal coach by so many rich ladies.

He should be, more or less, charming in Shen Jintai's eyes, right?

Of course, not as good as Yan Qiuchi. Who is? Yan Qiuchi’s the kind of man who makes others feel inferior.

Yan Qiuchi was everything Li thought a noble young man should be. Gentle, polite, but cold. Doesn't talk much, makes people automatically leave him alone when see him, and wouldn’t dare to disturb.

In modern society, all people are equal, but Yan Qiuchi is the kind of person you know that you can never catch up with.

Shen Jintai, a big star, was beyond reach for ordinary people like Li. But from Li’s point of view, Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi were not at the same level.

Yan Qiuchi ran for half an hour. After that, he was sweaty. He turned off the treadmill, went to the small refrigerator next to him and took a bottle of mineral water. While drinking it, he looked at Shen Jintai, who was doing hip bridge. The coach was holding his waist.

Sweat dripped down Yan Qiuchi's chin. Some of them sneaked to the corners of his eyes. It was a bit itchy, so he wiped his face with a towel. And when the towel was off his face, he saw Shen Jintai's ass.

Shen Jintai was making a hip bridge, his shoulders and feet were on the ground and his body was arched up. He was probably not strong enough. His body was tight and shaking. He was covered with warm moisture. His body made a right angle, and his butt was especially obvious.

Yan Qiuchi seldom paid attention to Shen Jintai. It was probably because of his dislike of Shen, he’s avoids observing Shen Jintai subconsciously. He didn't know that Shen Jintai body was actually great.

Tall, thin, white, and that ass.

Looking up, Shen Jintai was lying on the ground with his eyes closed. His hair was wet and messy, and stuck to his forehead. His lips were very ruddy. He looked like a steamed bun just served. Attracting in a strange way.

It was not flamboyant like before, but clean and plain kind of attracting.

Yan Qiuchi suddenly felt that maybe Shen Jintai could play Li Xu.

Looked innocent and calm, but a whole world going upside down in his heart.

Shen Jintai suddenly opened his eyes.

Yan Qiuchi immediately turned his head, a drop of sweat came down from his chin, his hair was wet and shiny.

Shen Jintai suspected that he was wrong.

Did he just saw Yan Qiuchi peeping at him?

He was sweaty and watched Yan Qiuchi went out of the room.

The man with his back wet, strong and sexy.

He wanted to be like this.

“Hello, Xiao Ai.”

“Ding Dong” Xiao Ai was line: “Dear!”

“Next is the press conference. Could you tell me what the next reward is? So that I can be more motivated!”

“Dear, we are now thinking about it. You are about to start a new chapter in your life. In order to congratulate you on your return, we plan to give you a small discount here.”

Another discount!

“I’m listening.”

“The reward will be upgraded again. You will get two choices for each level in the future. You can choose one. After the ruddy lips reward, there’ll be the sexy rewards. Here are two options for you. Please, you’re your decision.”

Listened to this, Shen Jintai was curious.

“Reward one, sexy waist! Reward two, cherry.”


He understands the sexy waist but what the cherry is! Is that what he thinks it is?

“Yes, it's the cherry you think of(nipples). It's the May cherry that everyone likes to have a bite.”

What the hell.

“Waist and waist.” Shen Jintai said without hesitation: “but I want a man's waist, not a girly kind of slim waist!”

“Don’t worry. It’s quite easy for young men to get slim waists. But our reward, just like your booty that won’t droop even in your 60s, will make sure your waist will never get fat again. You only need to work on it a little harder, and you can have abdominal muscles that are slim, powerful and manly!”

So he doesn’t have to worry about his figure all his life.


Shen Jintai really liked this one.

“We’ll give you two shallow waistlines for free.” Xiao Ai said and giggled.

After the exercise, Shen Jintai went back to his room to take a bath and stood in front of the mirror and looked at it for a long time after that.

There was no obvious change on the face, but the color of his lips was ruddy. The whole face suddenly became brighter. He shook his head to split his bangs, there were no expressions on his face. The mist gathered on his eyebrows and became drops of water. He raised his hand and wiped it off gently with his fingers.

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