Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 20

After a long day's work, the final reading was finally over. Shen Jintai was exhausted both physically and mentally. He fell asleep in the car.

The sun was about to set. At the end of summer, dusk is what feels the most like autumn. In the west of sky, there were deep purple clouds, and a golden line was fading away. Shen Jintai leaned back in his chair, feeling the wind came in through the window.

His bangs were touching his eyes, a little itchy, but very comfortable.

“Would you bump into Yan Qiuchi when you live in Yan’s house?” Asked Li Meilan.

“Sometimes.” Shen Jintai said weakly.

“Didn’t you feel anything?”

“Of course I did.” Shen Jintai said: “Dead people don’t feel.”

Xiaotang smiled.

Li Meilan also smiled and said: “Seriously, your family's situation is not good, and mine as well. I have two children. I have to earn milk and you have to earn money. Let's work hard. Don't think of Yan Qiuchi. If he could like you, he would have liked you years ago.”

Maybe it was his exhaustion, he was very sensitive. Shen Jintai felt very sad when she said such things.

“Well,” he said: “don't worry, it won’t happen again. The Shen Jintai who ran after Yan Qiuchi’s ass was dead.”

Li Meilan looked back at him, felt a little surprised, and a little distressed for him, and said: “You are only twenty, still young. There are many good men are waiting for you in the future. It’d be a waste if you don’t work hard at this age.”

Yes, 20s, the best few years in life.

God wants him to be a man of the best age, that is, to be the best star.

Li Meilan thought Shen Jintai was very strange now, but look carefully, he was still the same person.

Everyone says that one hurt in love can grow the fastest. It seemed to be true.

Shen Jintai’s situation was more serious. He fell from heaven to hell because of his hurt in love and bankruptcy.

“What do you think is the difference between Yan Qiuchi and me as men” Shen Jintai asked suddenly.

Li Meilan: “Why do you want to compare with him?”

“To know where to make better.” Shen Jintai leaned over: “I know that he is a very excellent person, I take him as the goal, it gives me a direction to struggle to! From a woman's point of view, why am I worse than him?”

“Are you sure about this?” Li Meilan said, half joking: “He’s way better than you.”

Shen Jintai: “Don't mind my feelings, just tell me.”

Li Meilan opened a bottle of mineral water and took two sips, said: “Although I should be on your side as your agent, because of the relationship between Yan Qiuchi and you. I have to say that Yan Qiuchi, a man like him, is really the best. I understand what you like about him.”

She looked back at Shen Jintai, who encouraged her: “Go on.”

“First, it’s his background. He’s from one of the richest family in the country. Who doesn’t know his father Yan Tiefeng? Let alone his mother Fang Fengmei, not someone we can talk about. Then is his s his ability.  Graduated from a famous school with outstanding ability, he has done so well in just a few years. It is said that if the play “Here Comes the East Palace” is profitable this year, sunshine media will float on the stock market. At present, he is applying to the CSRC for Io. As for his appearance, didn’t you love his face the most? His body is also great. He's tall and strong. He's the best whether in hardware or software.”

Li Meilan then counted his conditions: “You have money, but not as rich as the Yan’s family. Not before, not now. As for your appearance, seriously, I don't think you are as handsome as he is. Look at his nose and all. They are all perfect. And you...”

“Is there anything else?” Asked Shen Jintai, frustrated.

“Height. I think you're OK. He's a little too tall. You, 180 is just fine. If a little taller, it might be hard to shoot TV series. Well… And...” Li Meilan looked back at his face, and suddenly straightened up: “Are you wearing lipstick?"

Shen Jintai was stunned and wiped his lips: “No.”

Li Meilan looked closely: “Your lips look much better now. I remember that your lips were a little dark.”

“Maybe I’m healthier recently.” Shen Jintai pursed his lips to show Li Meilan: “Much better, right?”

Li Meilan nodded: “Yeah. I thought you put on lipstick.”

At last, Li Meilan praised him: “Your skin is quite bright. Men are different from women. The world is harsher on women. As long as men look a little handsome, there will be someone like him. Do you know Ni Shuai who went viral for casting TV series about gay last year? I think he's ugly. But still, a lot of little girls fell in love with him. If a female star is ugly, she’ll be scolded to death. For male stars, they can be considered ugly and attracting at the same time.

“For male stars, being attracting are better than being good-looking." Shen Jintai said.

“Yes, I think that's what you should be in the future. You can't be more beautiful than others. But you can try to be the most attracting.”

Maybe one day he could be both. Shen Jintai smiled.

With a goal to fight for, one can never get tired.

Shen was going to work out in the evening.

He wasn’t going to work on his abs or chest, he was going to work on his butt.

His buttocks were white and soft, which made him very bottom-like and lustful. He was not used to it.

He wants it to be strong.

He didn’t dream to be manlier than Yan Qiuchi. After all, Yan is the manliest that the author had spent countless efforts to create.

He only wanted to be manlier than Bai Qingquan.

It was strange that Bai Qingquan had soft facial features and beautiful appearance, but he wasn’t feminine at all and it was hard to tell if he was a bottom.

He was more like a top, or versatile.

The readers of BL novels don't like feminine bottoms. Even a beautiful man like Bai Qingquan has manliness.

Shen didn't need to go out to work out. There’s a gym on the first floor near the swimming pool. Mrs. Yan told him that they have a special fitness coach: “My personal trainer is good.” She said to Shen Jintai: “He was young, handsome and professional.”

Great. He could work out more efficiently with a coach.

“Then I'll call him.”

Mrs. Yan then called the coach. There were only two people at the table. Yan Yaoxuan and Yan Qiuchi weren’t at home.

“Yaoxuan's friend has a birthday party. He said he won't come back tonight. Qiuchi has a dinner appointment. Like your uncle Yan, he has a lot of business partners to deal with.”

“I heard that sunshine media is going to be listed soon?” Shen Jintai said, “And the TV series I’m in are going to start shooting. It’s normal for him to be busy.”

“It’s good for him to be busy. He's too busy to fall in love.” Said Mrs. Yan.

Aunt, you are wrong. When it comes to love, your son always has time for it. No matter how busy he is, he can still “do it night and day”.

The personal coach that Mrs. Yan contacted soon arrived. The coach's surname was Li. He was a little excited to see Shen Jintai for the first time.

Mrs. Yan was nice to him. She talked with him in the living room for a long time before sending them to the gym.

“What part do you want to work on?” Coach Li asked as he walked.

“Ass.” Shen Jintai said.

Li asked Shen Jintai to do hover squats and hip bridge first.

Hover squats, as the name suggests, is to bend your knees, pretend to be sitting in a chair, hold on for a few seconds, then straighten up slowly, and then again.

Coach Li usually serves ladies, it was his first time to coach a star.

But he didn't see Shen Jintai for the first time. He saw Shen once than a year ago, when Shen Jintai was still popular. Shen had pink hair, which was very conspicuous in the crowd.

When he finished teaching Mrs. Yan and came out of the gym, Mrs. Yan asked the driver at home to give him a ride. When he was about to get on, he saw another car parked in front of him. Several people got off the car, one of them had pink hair, which was very impressive.

Who’d have thought that one day he could teach a star how to keep fit.

He thought about getting a selfie with Shen when they get to know each other better.

“Actually, your butt is perfect.” Li said sincerely: “You don't need to focus on that any more, but you can do your abs.”

Shen Jintai also wanted to, but his new role was a weak eunuch, not suitable for a strong figure.

In fact, he shouldn't even work out. It was just every time he took a bath, he couldn't help but look at his butt. Every time he sees it, he’d be thinking about…

He just had to do something, otherwise he’d feel weird thinking that he was a bottom. He was afraid of having others to notice his ass.

This was not a reward, it was clearly a punishment!

Coach Li felt in heart that Shen Jintai didn't need to practice his buttocks any more.

Seriously, it was the best ass he had ever seen.

People's love for big ass seemed to come from the most primitive animal instinct. Whether it's straight men for women or tops for bottoms, big ass can turn them on… Even though there are people that think big asses are not good-looking, there’re still temptation. But men's buttocks and women's are not the same. Too big, ugly. Flat, ugly. Warped but not too big is the best. Shen Jintai's size and shape were just right.

There was a bit meaty, especially when squatting. It made a straight guy like the coach was a little…

Coach Li coughed, took a bottle of mineral water and took a few gulps of it.

After a while, Mrs. Yan arrived, and he trained two at a time.

Mrs. Yan's personality was bright and unrestrained, but she can't be moved. There were many rumors about coaches and rich ladies. He had flirted with female clients more or less.

But Mrs. Yan had no feelings at all. She had been kind to him, but she took him as only a coach.

After a long time, he liked to get along with Mrs. Yan the most.

It was tiring to have ambiguous relationship. With other rich ladies, he had to be careful with the scale and had to worry about being found by his client’s husband.

The body of Shen Jintai obviously hadn't exercised for a long time. After a few minutes of working out, he was sweating.

Li encouraged him: “Hold on a little longer, just a little longer.”

Yan Qiuchi would come to exercise if he had time.

Yan Qiuchi was at a young age. He was so energetic that he couldn’t have a nice sleep without letting the dynamic out.

When Yan Qiuchi came back, he went upstairs to change clothes, and then went directly to the gym.

Just walked outside the gym, he heard coach Li said: “Get your butt down.”

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