Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 19

Shen Jintai immediately beamed with delight and took the boxed rice closer: “Why didn't I see you eating? Would you like some?”

Since he became a star, Bai Qingquan had seldom eaten enough. And in order to look good on the camera and keep in shape, he had been on a diet.

The food provided was very good, including braised meat balls, sweet and sour pork ribs, wonton in sour soup, and his favorite dish, fried lotus root with soy sauce.

Bai Qingquan swallowed his saliva and said with a smile: “I'm not hungry. You go ahead, don’t mind me.”

Eat, and you’ll get fat. Then when the shooting starts, you’ll make me look even better!


Shen Jintai took the chopsticks and said: “OK, I'm really hungry.”

Bai Qingquan watched him eating, then he said: “I accidentally heard your agent calling just now, it sounds like you’re looking for a suit for the news conference? I can help you if you need it.”

The voice of Bai Qingquan was likable as the sound of spring water. Plus, his pretty face, he was like a male elf.

Shen Jintai was confused.

In the original text of the novel “Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang”, There's no description of how much Bai Qingquan hates Shen Jintai. On the contrary, according to the novel, Bai Qingquan never said anything bad about Shen Jintai even though he was bullied in every way. It’s Bai’s fans like that Black Yueguang who did all the bad things.

Bai Yueguang has nothing to do with any of those according to the novel. He knows little and is as innocent as the characters in Qiong Yao’s plays.

But not long ago, Xiao Ai told him that Bai Qingquan's disgust for him was extreme, and Bai’s good impression of him was almost none.

Looking at the smiling face in front of him, he suspected that there was a bug in the system.

However, even if Bai Qingquan really disliked him, Bai managed to maintain good behavior, thanks to Bai’s social etiquette and good manner, which showed Bai’s self-control.

A pretty boy with manners!

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “Thank you, but for now, I’m fine. Is yours ready?”

Bai Qingquan was a little complacent when speaking of this. He tried to suppress the feeling of showing off and said: “Burberry got it prepared for me.”

The endorsement he took from Shen Jintai made Bai Qingquan felt much better. He took a sip of lemonade from the thermos and said: “If you need it, I can negotiate with the brand. We have good relationships. They’ll lend it to you if I ask.”

Before Shen Jintai answered, Bai heard Weige shouting outside: “Qingquan, come here.”

Bai Qingquan looked back and saw Weige was signing him.

“Excuse me.” Bai Qingquan got up with a smile and went out.

“What’s going on?”

Weige led him to a private place and whispered: “One of Shen Jintai's big fan, our Black Yueguang, was found out.”

Bai Qingquan suddenly was nervous, his face turned pink a little, he pretended not to know, and his eyes widened: “Really?”

Weige didn't doubt him at all. He said: “Shen Jintai's assistant Xiao Tang exposed all these in his group chat, and then words travelled to some marketing accounts. It almost made it to the top searched and I spent money to get it down.”

Bai Qingquan's heart was pounding: “How did they find out?”

Weige said: “Who knows? I'm also wondering. Although I know it, but black Yueguang looked like your biggest hater even to me, let alone others. Who’d thought that she could be recognized? And now her undercover was blown. Could she be on Shen’s side? I tried to contact her, but she didn't respond.”

Bai Qingquan felt awkward.

“You can talk to some of our people to ask in Shen Jintai's group chat.” Bai said: “Let's see if we can figure out how they found out.”

"Needless to say, fans are already on the move.”

Only a few backbone members of Bai’s fans knew that black Yueguang is one of them. Of course, there were more lurking in the fans group of Shen Jintai other than black Yueguang. They immediately contacted other undercover fans.

There was a hot discussion in the group chat “genie fanmily”.

One of the firmest fans of Shen Jintai in their hearts, “Black Yueguang”, was actually a hater!

This not only shocked them, but also made them furious!

Not to mention the act of spies, just thinking of the years they fought together, they felt like an idiot played by her, humiliated and angry!


“Does anyone know the personal information of Black Yueguang??? I'm so angry that I want to beat her up!”

“Her registration information is all fake. She has long gone!”

“I have doubted her long time ago. We old fans had met in reality. But this Black Yueguang had excuses every time. No one had ever seen her in reality!”

“But usually, she pays the most for the assistance and fund-raising. No one doubted her because she spent so much!”

“Yeah, I remember that when brother Jin first went to shoot covers fort a magazine, she bought 500 copies by herself! That got her the title of administrator.”

“It seems that this scheming bitch’s rich!”

“I just sneaked into Bai Qingquan's fans’ group chat to have a look. They said that we were hyping. Hype their asses!”

“…… It's this OK? If we go lurk in Bai's group chat then how are we better than Black Yueguang...”

“So, they can spy but we can’t?”

“This is the point!”

“Yeah! We lurk for justice. How can we be like Black Yueguang!”

“An eye for an eye. They should get their returns for what they’ve done!”

After a long time of silence, this group chat suddenly got busy, and hundreds of people became active.

Shen Jintai removed black Yueguang mainly to rebuild his fans’ group. He knew that if he wanted to be more popular, the management of his fans must be stricter. He couldn’t have a traitor like Black Yueguang, who do bad in the name of love, to stay.

But he didn't expect it to be a big deal.

Of course, it wasn’t his fans who made it big. His fans were already scattered away and couldn't do much.

It was the Bai’s.

Xiaotang felt that she had been cheated by Black Yueguang. She was so angry that she told the other backbone members. The backbone members were more closely connected with black Yueguang, and they felt cheated more. So, they and Bai’s fans scolded each other, and Bai’s fans knew it.

Bai’s fans were not easy to get along. They had fought many and lost none. No way they would be afraid of Shen Jintai’s fans!

It was Shen Jintai, Bai’s rival. They’d definitely want to destroy the fans of his, made them feel sorry for fighting!

The attention was just distracted, Bai’s fans attracted even more.

Bai Qingquan was frightened.

Shit! He had to spend money to press it down. How come his fans made it even worse. It seemed that his fans gonna turn this matter into a top searched item.

Sisters, are you doing me good or bad!

He quickly asked his assistant to contact the leader of his official support group.

“Comrades.” said the leader of Bai Qingquan's official support group: “Someone is expected to come back, and he wants attention. That’s why there is rumors about us. Everybody watches out, do not respond, do not respond, fighting back equals falling into his trap

The fans listened to it, and all of a sudden, they came back to their senses.

Fuck, this Shen Jintai and his fans are so cunning that they almost fell into the trap!

“It's so shameless for them to say that we go undercover in their group chat. Disgusting! It's impossible for any sane Bai’s fan to brag about Shen in their group chat, OK? It's just a trick!”

“Everyone knows that this bitch black Yueguang says bad things about my idol every day, how can this kind of people be one of us? It's obvious that they are lying!”

“That's right. They want attention. But they not gonna get it from us!”

“The shooting will begin soon. We can't let this affect our idol!”

“Yeah! Ignore them!”

Bia’s fans were well organized and disciplined. When fight, they fight fiercely. When it's about to retreat, they stop immediately.

Bai Qingquan’s heart finally settled.

Damn it, he was exhausted worrying about this.

Li Meilan and Xiaotang watched the whole process.

In fact, Li Meilan had the initiative in her hands at this time. It was easy to provoke Bai’s fans.

But it was time to hold the press conference. Shen Jintai lost many of his fans, they were no match for Bai’s fans. Li Meilan thought it was best to leave it.

These days in the showbiz, who dares to fuck with Bai’s fans?

“Don't fuck with Bai Qingquan's fans.” she earnestly advised Shen Jintai: “You have been in retirement for two years, and many of your fans have gone to Bai Qingquan. Now his fans are invincible. We can't mess them up. You have a bad reputation. If they target you, it’ll be hard for you to start up in the entertainment industry.”

Shen Jintai didn't want his fans and Bai’s to be rivals. However, judging by the attitude of Bai’s fans towards him, it was unlikely for Bai’s fans to accept him in the future.

If he wants to win over Bai Qingquan’s heart, he must soothe Bai’s fans first.

“I have a good relationship with Qingquan now. I'm not who I was and his fans will find out sooner or later.” Shen said.

Li Meilan nodded: “This is a good strategy.”

She even thought that Shen Jintai was so kind to Bai Qingquan out of this consideration.

This young man got smart.

“But I feel that there will be a fight.” said Xiaotang, holding her cheek: “What their reaction will be if Bai’s fans know that brother Jin and Bai Qingquan are going to cast the same TV series?”

Li Meilan and Shen Jintai were both in deep thought.

What reaction?

Maybe they’d drop f-bombs on him and made it a top searched…

“I'll turn off the phone at that time.” He said solemnly to Li Meilan.

Li Meilan patted him on the shoulder: “When we get up again, it will be all right. Back in those days…”

Back in those days, Shen Jintai’s fans had their glories.

Work hard, maybe one day they could rebuild the empire of Shen’s fans.

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