Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 17

One night two years ago, Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai had their debut as a group. There were seven of them went to participate in a charity activity held by Fashion Bazaar. When they were ready to take a picture together, Shen Jintai suddenly pushed him down the stair.

He fell on the ground in front of a bunch of stars, and experienced the ultimate embarrassment.

He looked up and saw Shen Jintai smiling at him.

He tried his best to hold back his feelings until they left, and when he came back to his room, he turned on the tap and cried in the bathroom.

Just after crying, the leader of his official support group told him that a hater was found in their group chat, it was a fan of Shen Jintai.

That one was really annoying. He was absolutely a hater, but pretended to be a fan and instigated his fans in the group chat. At last, he was caught.

But it inspired Bai Qingquan. He registered an account that night and bragged about Shen Jintai for a month. Shen Jintai had some photos shot for a magazine and he bought 500 copies by himself and was finally absorbed into the “genie fanmily”.

He named his new account “Black Yueguang”.

He worked hard to kiss Shen’s ass and finally became an administrator due to his knowledge of the showbiz.

These hateful fans of Shen Jintai were the same as their idol. What they do every day is either saying good things about Shen Jintai or saying bad things about him.

He didn't even know what he had done to make them hate him so much.

He was an artist under sunshine media. He signed a ten-year contract with sunshine media. Isn’t it normal for Yan Qiuchi to support him?

How could this offend Shen Jintai!

However, he earned more than he expected for bragging about Shen every day. He knew in advance several large-scale actions of Jin’s fan against him. And then he contacted the backbone members of his fans’ group, who fought back successfully again and again.

Once get a taste of sweet vendetta, he couldn’t stop!

Even after Shen Jintai’s retirement, he didn't leave the group chat. He would still log in and check it out.

But now, he was removed from the group chat!


Bai Qingquan's heart beat wildly, feeling that his secret was discovered!

What did he do wrong? Did his feelings seemed unreal? Was his bragging not good enough? Or he said too little bad things about himself?

Ah, ah, ah.

Ah, ah, ah.

He couldn’t take it!

It was his secret, even his agent, Weige, didn't know. It was his darkest secret that he shared only to himself. He didn't know who to ask or who to talk to!

Bai Qingquan couldn't sleep all night, so he sent a message to Xiaotang.

He was familiar with Shen Jintai's assistant, Xiaotang.

“Oh my god, Xiaotang my dear, what happened??!! Why am I removed from the group chat???”

After a while, he received a reply from Xiaotang: “Black Yueguang, I believed you wrong. I’ve never thought that you are a fan of Bai Yueguang!”

“What??!! What the fuck? Who said that? Who framed me! Let me talk to him!”

“Brother Jin said it himself. It can’t be wrong.”

Brother Jin… Shen Jintai?

Bai Qingquan threw away his cell phone and buried his head into the pillow.

He thought he might had no courage to ever face Shen and felt that he was naked in front of Shen Jintai. He wanted to bury himself and escape!

Shen Jintai couldn't know that he was behind “Black Moonlight”, right?

Did he know?!

Ahhhhh! So embarrassing!

Shen Jintai still need to go meet with the crew and had been waiting for Xiaotang to pick him up since early in the morning.

As soon as he got in the car, Xiaotang said to him: “That Black Yueguang was really a hater!”


“She contacted me in the middle of the night last night and asked me why I removed her from the group chat. I told him why and she didn't say anything. Later, I sent another message and found that she had put me in her blocklist. It can be seen that she was guilty! Brother Jin, why humanity’s so terrible!”

Shen Jintai said: “I told you. She was a fan of Bai Yueguang lurking in the group chat. I think there are more fans of Bai Yueguang or other stars there. From now on, you must strictly examine the members of our fans’ group, especially the backbone members, you can't let others in.”

Xiaotang learnt more than enough in one night. She nodded seriously: “I know, I'll check every single one of them today.”

It was the last day of the round reading. Like the first one, all members were required to be present.

He could see Bai Yueguang again.

After a few days of separation, he was kind of missed Bai. The beautiful and gentle face of Bai Qingquan appeared in his mind. Shen Jintai felt very happy.

From this day on, he’ll try to win over Bai’s heart.

Speaking of which, he hadn't talked to Xiao Ai for a long time.

“Hello, Xiao Ai.”

Ding Dong, Xiao Ai appeared: “Dear, long time no see.”

“How can I get my reward for winning Bai? By getting points?”

There can't be only one reward and given to him only until he succeeds and make Bai his boyfriend, right?”

“That was the plan.” Xiao AI read his mind and said: “But our loving system has so many rewards, so the discount here is that the reward will be given the same way as before. It's also based on the point system, but the opposite. Take Bai Yueguang’s good feeling as the standard. If the “good-feeling points” reached 10, you’ll get your ruby lips reward!”


“Tips for you, if you want to get as many rewards as possible as soon as possible, you can do both missions at the same time. The score can be doubled!”


Shen Jintai was obviously in a good mood today. He rolled down the window a little and was humming a song. When the sun shone on his face, Xiaotang saw his smile through the rearview mirror, and she smiled, too.

With a good mood, he looked even better. When they arrived, Shen Jintai smiled, bowed and greeted Song Wei: 

“Mrs. Song.”

Song Wei smiled and said: “You are early, as always.”

“In case there’s a traffic jam, I came a little earlier, but I'm not as early as you.”

Song Wei said: “I've spent years to develop this habit. I like to stay with the crew. I'm old and can't get many good scripts as before. I treasure every one of them.”

“This is what I need to learn from you. I’ll try my best to be a dedicated actor like you.”

As the sun rises, the actors and actresses came one after another. Handsome men and beautiful women came down from luxury cars. It was not hard to tell how flamboyant the showbiz is. Shen Jintai had adrenaline rush for just seeing this. He likes the feeling of the entertainment industry. There’s no limit to the world. As long as you try, you could be on the top.

This is the beginning of his career. He will go along this path and show Yan Qiuchi that he can do great as an actor!

“Everybody’s here?” Guo Rui came in and looked around the room.

“Our Zhou Jing hasn't arrived yet.” The staff said.

They started to call the actors and actresses by the names of their characters in the play. Zhou Jing was the protagonist played by Bai Qingquan.

Guo Rui said, “Then wait a moment.”

Shen Jintai remembered that he wanted to talk about the change of his character’s setting, so he got up and followed Guo.

“Director Guo, do you have a moment? I want to talk to you about the script.”

Guo Rui took a chair and sat down: “GO on.”

Shen Jintai said what he wanted to ask.

The screenwriter had made the role of Li Xu very solid. There was no problem with the lines or the plot. But there was one thing which is also a common problem in domestic plays, that is, such a villain must be a kind-hearted character at the beginning and only after being bullied can he or she understand how to fight back.

"I think there are two problems. First, the setting of the leading lady is actually the change from a good person to an evil one, and Li Xu is pretty much the same. I think it’s a little repetitive. Second, the role of Li Xu is so dark and twisted. I think there were already some dark things in his nature. Such a person shouldn’t be so good a person at the beginning. Some of the scenes of him being nice I think can be deleted so the character can be a bit scheming at the beginning and can also have a complementary effect with Zhou Jing.”

Guo Rui scratched his nose and asked Meng Xiaosheng the screenwriter, who came in when they were talking: “What do you think?”

Meng Xiaosheng looked at Shen Jintai and asked: “You don't have scenes in the first few episodes and you still want to delete some of them?”

Shen Jintai nodded: “Some scenes are better deleted, it can make the characters more concise and fresher.”

Actors and actresses always wanted to have more scenes, there were few who applied for deletion.

Guo Rui and Meng Xiaosheng discussed and agree.

“I saw your copy of the script.” Guo said with a smile: “You’ve done a lot of job.”

“The script is so good, I dare not waste Mr. Meng's hard work or fail your trust.”

Who said that Shen Jintai has a bad temper and is difficult to get along with?

He was very nice!

The three of them went back to the reading room and found that Bai Qingquan still didn't show up.

“Call his agent and ask what happened.” Guo Rui said.

Weige answered the phone and looked at Bai Qingquan in the car when hung up: “Still don’t want to come out? They’re all waiting. Do you want them to say that you are hard to wait on?”

Bai Qingquan's face was burning hot because of embarrassment. He had no courage to see Shen Jintai!

Did Shen Jintai know that he’s “Black Yueguang”?!

The probability of Shen knowing that should be very low. Even if Shen knew that black Yueguang’s a fan of Bai Yueguang, he shouldn’t know that it was Bai Qingquan himself. With Shen Jintai's personality, if he knew, he’d expose it.

“What's the matter with you?” Weige looked stern.

Bai Qingquan pursed his lips, took a breath, and was about to get out of the car when he heard a familiar voice shouting: “Qingquan!”

He looked up and saw Shen Jintai smiling at him, standing in the sun. Shen was in white shirt and black pants, his eyes were warm.

Bai Qingquan was a little embarrassed and blushed.

Because of that, the antipathy and hatred weakened, and the suddenly Bai’s good feelings for Shen rose directly from a negative level.

“Dingdong.” Xiao Ai went online: “Congratulations, we found that there’s a greatly improvement on Bai Yueguang’s feelings for you. It can't be quantified. Ruby lips reward will be sent out immediately!”

Shen Jintai: “...!”

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