Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 14

To everyone’s surprise, Yan Qiuchi actually supported him.

“Then...” Li Meilan did not know what to say: “Then he’s quite broad-minded.”

Everyone knows how Shen Jintai used to pester Yan Qiuchi, and how annoyed Yan Qiuchi thought he was. When Shen Jintai came to audition, Li Meilan was most worried about Yan Qiuchi instead of Director Guo or Bai Qingquan.

“Here comes the East Palace” was a project produced and mainly invested by sunshine media, and Yan Qiuchi was the decision maker in the sunshine media.

Because of his passion for work and his love for the role, Li Xu, Shen Jintai was growing to like Yan Qiuchi.

After all, Yan helped him.

“Now, where are we going? This isn’t the direction to your home, right?” Li Meilan looked out of the window.

“I'm going to remove my tattoo.” Shen Jintai said: “it's time to do it for the second time.”

Li Meilan thought that he was going to a regular hospital, but when the car stopped at a street shop, she was stunned and stopped Shen Jintai: “You are a big star, why get your tattoo removal in a place like this? Aren't you afraid that they might leak out the news?”

“I did it here the last time, and I said I would come back.” Shen Jintai packed all the scripts in his bag: “It’s fine. I know what I’m doing.”

How could Li Meilan not worry about that? She followed him into the door.

Maybe it was because that Shen Jintai first came with pink hair but now it was black, the tattoo guy didn’t recognize him.

“I'm here for the follow-up.” Shen Jintai said.

The tattoo guy asked: “Did you have the first removal here in my place?”

Shen Jintai said with a smile: “Yes.”

When Shen took off his clothes, the tattoo guy recognized. His eyes lit up and he became very excited.

His girlfriend recently saw news, and her opinion to Shen Jintai seemed to be improving. Should he call his girlfriend over.

Li Meilan and Xiaotang were watching. Li Meilan poked Shen Jintai's stomach and said: “After all this time without practicing you dancing, your six packs are gone.”

“I'll get them back when I have time.”

Shen Jintai closed his eyes and thought for a moment, he found that he remembered most of the things from the original soul, including many dance moves. Someday, if he wanted to be an idol and got on the stage again, he might actually make that happen.

The removal came with a touch of pain. Shen Jintai, who closed his eyes, was frowning. Li Meilan was looking at it. The more she looked at Shen, the stranger she felt he was. This strange Shen Jintai was with a plain face and no dandy habits, what felt the same was that he was independent.


Li Meilan took out her phone, took a picture, and then posted it on her Weibo.

Speaking of hyping, she, an agent, was also good at it.

Shen Jintai had already been on the top searched list for getting tattoo removal. If he posts things about it again, it would be too purposed. As his agent, Li Meilan didn't have many followers, but there were still some Shen Jintai’s fans followed her. So, if she posts this on her Weibo, it will be spreading in a limited range. It would get Shen attention, but yet not enough to be a top searched.

If it reached Yan Qiuchi, it could be a gift out of their appreciation!

Mr. Yan, don’t worry, Jintai had changed.

Around the Yan’s Mansion was towering trees. The darkness swallows the garden quicker than outside. Yan Qiuchi changed into his PJ, took a look at the dining table, and asked the servant: “Isn't the meal ready yet?”

“Mrs. Yan said wait.”

At the same time, Mrs. Yan came from the kitchen with a casserole, quickly walked to the table and put it down. It was boiling.

“Are there any guests today?” Yan Qiuchi sat down and asked.

“Jin called, saying that he's on his way and he’ll be here in ten minutes or so. Just wait until he arrives.” Mrs. Yan tried her best to make that didn’t look like a big deal. She didn't give Yan Qiuchi the chance to ask questions. She turned to the servant and said: “Why hasn't Yaoxuan come down yet? Go get him and set the table.”

Yan Qiuchi looked at her, and Mrs. Yan smiled.

“He came not long ago, why again?” Yan Qiuchi said.

“You know the situation of Jin's family. Their houses have been seized by the court. Jin’s house is the only one they have. Although he doesn't get along with his parents, but he’s too nice to left them on themselves. So he left his house to his families… I told you that although Jin seemed to have a bad temper, he’s in fact soft-hearted.” Mrs. Yan took the opportunity to say something good about Shen, and then returned to the topic: “He let his families took the house and went to hotel himself. He’s life hasn’t been easy. He has no money in his hand. The hotel he stayed in is really shabby. Your brother and I went to see him and decided to let him stay here for a few days. Are you okay with it? You two have grown up together. You must have a little sympathy.”

Have you let her say? What else can Yan Qiuchi say.

From outside came the sound of a car. Mrs. Yan took off her apron and went out happily: “Jin!”

She had never cared so much about her own sons.

When Yan Yaoxuan came downstairs, Shen Jintai just arrived. He looked at Shen Jintai, then looked at Yan Qiuchi who was sitting at the dining table


“Dad’s not coming back today?” He asked Mrs. Yan.

“Since when does your father eat home? He's gone abroad again.” Said Mrs. Yan.

“He's so busy.”

“When you graduate, you can help him with your brother, and then he won't be so busy.” Mr.’s Yan said: “Wash your hands and eat, I'm hungry.” said Mrs. Yan.

Shen Jintai felt a little embarrassed when he saw Yan Qiuchi.

He should be, considering their relationship. But it was mainly him, Yan Qiuchi was quite calm.

Yeah, it was Shen Jintai who climbed onto other’s bed and was kicked down. It was him who was misunderstood in the car.

Yan Qiuchi probably saw him as merely a scheming slut.

Yan Qiuchi was wearing PJ, loose and casual, but the button was still very strict did. He sat there, with no laziness or relaxation. They saw each other in the eyes, Shen Jintai pursed his lips and greeted as naturally as he could be.

Shen Jintai went to wash his hands. Yan Yaoxuan went in with him.

Yan Qiuchi looked at their backs coldly and spread the napkins in front of him.

“How was the car race today? How many rounds have you won?” Shen Jintai asked Yan Yaoxuan as he washed his hands.

“Not much.” said Yan Yaoxuan, “How’s your work?”

“Not bad.” Shen Jintai smiled.

Shen Jintai seldom smiled at him. But recently Shen talked to Yan Yaoxuan so kindly that though Yan Yaoxuan was jealous, he couldn't help but feel happy.

He couldn’t control it.

But the more joy, the more troubles.

“When you start shooting, I'll go visit you, is that OK?” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Of course, welcome.” Shen Jintai smiled.

Why does Shen smile so often?

The light in the restroom was dim yellow, which made skin looked like jade when shined on faces. Yan Yaoxuan's heart was beating fast. He wanted to say to Shen Jintai: Stop doing that!”

The Shen’s family broke down and Shen Jintai became a poor man who needed to make a living on his own. And now he not only needed to make money but also needed to make his career in the showbiz. Without a home, poverty was not his biggest problem. He lost his mom at a young age and since his dad had got him a stepmother, his father treated him worse than before. Poor thing.

Mrs. Yan cared for Shen Jintai very much. For the first meal, she made it very sumptuous. She was also very considerate, leaving him the seat next to Yan Qiuchi’s.

These thoughts couldn't be concealed from Yan Qiuchi. However, he had always been able to bear a lot in front of Mrs. Yan. He didn't plan to communicate with Shen Jintai. So it didn’t matter.

He was just thinking about it. Shen Jintai reached out and pushed Yan Yaoxuan's arm gently, pushing Yan Yaoxuan to his side and he sat next to Mrs. Yan.

Yan Qiuchi: “...”

It had been figured out. Why did Shen do that hard-to-get trick.

He won't fall for that!

When Yan Yaoxuan came back from the restroom, he saw the arrangement of the position clearly. His face had just darkened, unexpectedly, Shen Jintai pushed him to sit next to his brother.

He was surprised, delighted and confused.

He always couldn't see through Shen Jintai, that was why he was so fascinated about Shen.

Shen was so good at playing his heart!

“Didn’t you finish your work at five? Why you come back so late?” Mrs. Yan asked.

Shen Jintai thought of what Yan Qiuchi did for him today and decided to repay with joy.

So he replied to Mrs. Yan: “I went to get the tattoo removal.”

There was silence on the table for seconds.

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