Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 12

“Touhua has something new, has any of you guys looked into it?”

“Maybe he’s really coming back, judging by the booming information about him recently.”

“Isn't his family broke? How can he have the money to pay him onto the top searched list?”

“Although Touhua has been out of the showbiz for many years, it doesn’t make him less of a troublemaker. As soon as he decided to come back, the showbiz has become a mess!”

“Isn’t he too old for that boy? I think that young actor is really a babe!”

“Shen Touhua is only in his early twenties. What do you mean ‘too old’?”

“Touhua is only twentysomething???!”

“My God, he’s only twenty. He has been a has-been for a long time.”

“It's good to have his debut early. He was only 18 then!”

“I’m jealous…”

“Am I the only one who thinks that Shen Jintai's actually kind of interesting? Retire for love at the peak of his career, regrets and comes back again after getting hurt in his pursuing for love. Such a good theme, is there any writers!”

“I’ve never seen anyone describes an idiot this way. You must be his fan, right?”

“I told you that his fans have come back. Touhua used to be nothing but a joke here, but recently, some people have been saying good things for him in several posts. They are definitely paid!”

“Although the love history of Touhua is joke, but I think I’m the only one who specially for that kind of character. Now he’s getting a tattoo removal and his new sweetheart are found, where’s his infatuation to the cold, proud tycoon? I’m so disappointed!”


"I'm on the top searched list again.” Shen Jintai called Li Meilan: “I swear, it wasn’t my intention.”

He felt that he underestimated his popularity.

It seemed that he was even more popular than Bai Qingquan. Was he really a has-been?

However, Li Meilan woke him up with her words: “This should be what Zheng Siqi's company’s work.”

Shen Jintai suddenly realized.

He also thought that there was someone behind this. Since it wasn’t him, it should be Zheng Siqi because he could be benefitted from this as well.

But it was a very bold to pay for promotion for this kind of news, being seen as gay before he become famous.

He went to look for information of Zheng Siqi's company. And he was surprised by the result. It was Monsoon entertainment. Shen thought the name was a little familiar.

It seemed to be the company established by Yan Qiuchi’s opponent!

The original Shen Jintai was just a nobody, didn’t get to be a big villain. So, Ji Fengxing, Yan Qiuchi's opponent in business, the owner of monsoon Entertainment, took the job.

Monsoon entertainment was famous for hyping. It was said that there were tens of thousands of marketing accounts run by the brokerage department. The artists of the company all had a bad reputation. Ji Fengxing once wanted to hire Shen Jintai. A hyping-loving company and a star with numerous detestable news, they were a perfect match.

However, all Shen Jintai wanted was Yan Qiuchi. How could he turn to Ji?

Not only did he reject, but he also said something awful: “A hundred Ji Fengxing couldn’t match a toe of Yan Qiuchi!”

All the people in this novel had thing with toes.

Shen Jintai had no problem with this kind of hyping. He had been in the showbiz for too long to care about it. He was an unfamous actor himself before his jumping into this world, so he knew the best the situation of unfamous actors and actresses. Who would like to have something to do in the showbiz if he or she doesn’t want to be popular? Everyone tries to climb up. The only difference is that some succeeded and some failed. If he had the chance, he’s definitely going to take it.

Stars’ popularity is meant to be taken advantage from by others. Throughout the history of entertainment industry, no one dares to say that he or she has never used someone else’s popularity. Likewise, no one can escape the fate of being used.

As for a has-been like him, it was a good that someone hyped with him. He could make it to the top searched list without spending a penny.

After midnight, there was a heavy rain and the weather was much cooler. It was almost autumn. Mrs. Yan was telling the servants to change the screen windows.

“Mom, why don’t you call Jin and ask him,” Yan Yaoxuan kept harassing her: “Ask him if the news is true.”

Mrs. Yan turned around and looked at Yan Yaoxuan's dark circles: “Bad sleep?”

Yan Yaoxuan said, "I’m having insomnia recently. Mom, call him and ask him if he's in a new relationship. Don't you care?”

“Why don’t you call him yourself?” Asked Mrs. Yan.

“He seldom replied to me.” Yan Yaoxuan was down.

Yan Qiuchi sat elsewhere and was having his breakfast. He said without looking up: “Have you finished your homework? Why your focus always lies on things that don’t matter?”

Yan Yaoxuan looked back and said: “I care about my idol, can't I? I'm a college student. I don't have homework.”

Yan Qiuchi folded the newspaper, put it aside and said: “Fake news, that’s all.”

“How do you know, he told you?”

Yan Qiuchi didn't reply.

Of course it's fake news. He tested it. Shen Jintai seduced him in the car and his body reaction turned on him. He's nipples was almost as hard as gravel.

Thinking of Shen Jintai's tricks, Yan Qiuchi moved his throat.

Shen Jintai, a tricky man, should be easily succeeded if he really wanted to seduce Yan Yaoxuan.

And he had no idea what the innocent younger brother of his liked about Shen. Sometimes he thought that Yan Yaoxuan only admired Shen Jintai just like a fan, sometimes he thought it was brotherhood, but sometimes he thought there may be secret love hidden deep inside Yan Yaoxuan’s heart.

Maybe he was just afraid of expressing it because everyone knows that Shen was chasing his brother.

Yan Yaoxuan was home on holiday and had nothing to do all day. He couldn’t sleep well last night because he saw the news of Shen Jintai's new romance last night. After thinking about it for a long time, he planned to go to Shen Jintai to investigate the situation.

But he returned in less than half an hour.

“Have you seen Jin?” Asked Mrs. Yan, who was about to leave.

“Jin has moved.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Mrs. Yan was shocked for a moment: “Moved? He didn't tell me. Where did he move to?”

“I don't know. I didn’t see him there. Instead, I saw his stepmother telling the workers to move things into the house, saying that their family has no place to live now, so they all moved in.”

As soon as Mrs. Yan heard this, she immediately called Shen Jintai.

Because of the weather, Shen Jintai overslept. As soon as he picked up the phone, he heard Mrs. Yan asked excitedly: “Why did your stepmother moved into your place? Where do you live?”

Shen Jintai sat up and yawned: “Their house has been seized by the court and will be put in auction. They have no place to live, so I let them move it.”

“They moved in, how about you? You live with them?”

Shen Jintai and his family weren’t happy.

“I moved out, in the hotel.”

“Which one?” said Mrs. Yan

It seemed that she was about to pay him a visit.

Shen Jintai then said: “I'm staying in the hotel temporarily. We'll start shooting in a few days. I'm sure I'll stay with the crew most of the time.”

“What hotel is that?”

Shen Jintai had no choice but to say, “The Four Seasons Hotel.”

Mrs. Yan immediately headed that way with her son. As soon as she got out of the car, she looked up and saw the shabby exterior wall of the Four Seasons hotel. Her tears were about to come out.

Yan Yaoxuan was more distressed: “How can it be so shabby?”

It seemed that the bankruptcy had a great impact on him.

Shen Jintai was brushing his teeth when hearing the doorbell rang. He ran to open the door. As soon as the door opened, Mrs. Yan rushed to hold him in her arms.

“You are so stubborn. Why don’t you tell me when you’re in trouble?”

Shen Jintai's hair was messy, his beard was unshaved, and he hadn’t washed his face. Because he overslept. his face was still a little puffy and looked sloppy and pitiful.

“Come with me.” Mrs. Yan let go of him.

Yan Yaoxuan went directly to his bedroom and said: “Do you have any luggage, I'll help you with it.”

“No, I’m really OK.” Shen Jintai said: “I’ll be here for only a few days, and then I'll be with the crew.”

Mrs. Yan gave him a push: “You go wash your face first.”

Yan Yaoxuan went into his bedroom. As soon as he entered, he saw a suit coat hanging on the wall, and a thong near it.

He was too familiar with the coat. Armani Prive. It belonged to his brother Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Yaoxuan came out of the bedroom with darkened face.

Sure, the whole “moved on” thing was just a lie.

“Why don’t you go help Jin pack his stuff?” Yan said to Yan Yaoxuan as she sorted out the clothes on the sofa.

“Let him do it himself. Everyone has privacy.” Yan Yaoxuan said lightly.

Shen Jintai washed his face and immediately came out of the bathroom. Mrs. Yan's attitude was very tough, that is, she wouldn’t let him stay in the hotel: “You are not homeless, you can't live in your own home, then mine is yours!”

Shen Jintai was about to be moved by Mrs. Yan’s look and tone.

So, he packed his things, followed Mrs. Yan and Yan Yaoxuan onto the car to Yan's mansion.

The Yan’s Mansion has four floors in total, the first floor is for servant’s accommodation and guests, the second floor is where the Mr. and Mrs.Yan live, the third floor is for Yan Qiuchi and Yan Yaoxuan, the fourth floor is for entertainment, the chess and cards room, the mahjong room, family cinema, you name it. There is a big swimming pool behind the house. Looking down from the window, it's blue.

“This is your room. I’ll have someone to clean it regularly.” Mrs. Yan said to Shen Jintai as she told the servant to make the bed: “Qiuchi’s room is next door.”

Shen Jintai stood in front of the window and looked back, and saw that Mrs. Yan showed the expression of “I support you”.

Shen Jintai: …

Mrs. Yan had an appointment for spa with her sister. When Shen Jintai moved in, it was a little late. After Shen Jintai’s settling, she hurried out. Shen Jintai closed the door and lay on the bed.

Who’d thought that he lived next door to Yan Qiuchi.

Wonder what his face going to be like when he’s back.

Shen got up from bed, opened his suitcase and put his clothes in the closet.

Yan Qiuchi's suit coat and his coquettish thong were also brought. He hesitated when he took them. Later, he thought that the showbiz is a colorful place and many people had lost themselves in it. He had to remember to make sure never repeat it again.

So, he finally decided to go everywhere with it.

Now that he lived in other’s house and there would be servants come to clean the room every day, it was not appropriate for him to hang them on the wall. So instead, he hung them in the closet.

When he was about to hang them up, he had a whim. He picked up the lower part of the suit and sniffed it. The faint cold fragrance seemed to be engraved in his body. Only smelled the unique scent of Yan Qiuchi, he felt turned on.

Came to Shen’s mind was Yan Qiuchi's powerful coercion and the ascetic vibe from his head to toe.

Last time in the car, Yan Qiuchi's hand almost touched his chest.

Was he really going to touch it?

Shen Jintai found that he had the same reaction as in the car. The clothes rubbed against his chest, which felt quite obvious.

He looked up at the air conditioner. It was off, and the room wasn’t cold at all.

Shit, this body. It has its own shameful will!

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