Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 10

Shen Jintai, who had been away for two years, had quite a lot of actions recently.

“Is Shen Jintai really coming back. There has been many news these days.”

“The HCEP you guys been talking about?”

“Can you stop using abbreviations? Every time I check what you’re talking, it takes me a long time to decode.”

“I don't know why would this news come up. Even if Shen Jintai was not as out of date as he is right now, he can't be in a play with Bai, can he?”

“Why? What can it be, he completely lost the attention so if he wants a comeback he has to make use of Bai’s fame! Shen’s fans should stop tagging Bai Yueguang

“Bai Qingquan is so famous now. How could he let his rival take advantage of his fame? No need to think about it. It must be fake news!”

“Bai’s fans do don’t be so cocky. Maybe Shen Touhua doesn’t give a care to Bai Qingquan.”

“The material of the TV series is fake, but Shen Jintai's comeback must be true. Just now he posted something on his Weibo which had be radio silent for years. Suddenly he becomes so active, he must be planning on his comeback!”

“What's the meaning of the picture he just posted? Is it him making a joke about his nickname Shen Touhua?”

“Hahaha, didn’t think of it that way if it’s not for your explanation. It's really a big red flower!”

“He’s really planning on improving his reputation by joking about himself first?”

“How can his reputation get improved, he’s into men!”

“Is there anyone more disgusting than him in the showbiz? He paid others to say bad things about Bai Qingquan, that’s something we all know, OK? Have you forgotten the origin of the name of Shen Touhua?”

Shen Jintai went on the Internet for minutes and put down his phone because of the mean things about him.

The trick of being romantic and artistic that works every time failed?

“You should stop posting things online. I see that many has figured out that you are in the cast.” Li Meilan said on the phone: “Just lie low for a few more days. The briefing is on Friday, let's try to impress the whole world this time.

Before the official comeback, you can’t be completely silent., but you can’t attract too much attention. Not much of a surprise if many have known.

It had become eye-catchy enough, a former superstar like Shen should be able to make it to the top searched without efforts when the new are published!

Shen Jintai simply turned off his mobile phone and read the script at home wholeheartedly. After reading the script of 20 episodes, he was yearning for the following story.

However, even one of the most popular actresses like Yang Lizhi seldom got the chance to see all the scripts when she got a character. It’s for the sake of confidentiality or because the scripts are not finished yet. This is normal in the industry, which he can understand. Though he was really looking forward to see the follow-up and the curiosity was killing him.

Out of his curiosity, he searched for information about Here Comes the East Palace". He found out that the play was adapted from a famous novel.

Shen Jintai loved to read novels in leisure. He immediately looked for the novel.


The novel’s categorized into 18 only in the website!

Is it a pornography?!

He went on and found that it was a very good novel in which the plotline and the sex description are combined great, and the author was bold enough to mix homosexuality and heterosexuality. The novel version and script version were very different in plotlines. In the novel, his character has a bigger part than in the script, but many of his scenes were given to the leading lady in the script.

It's also reasonable. Yang Lizhi was so famous that she wouldn’t cast unless her character’s very important.

Shen Jintai was so into the novel that he forgot to eat and to sleep until he read the part that Li Xu the eunuch and the nullified prince make out.

He thought that he had read many novels, but none of them had any sexual description of a eunuch. Also, the author was an expert in this field. He wrote more than 1000 words to describe only the foreplay. Shen Jintai flushed and was too embarrassed to continue.

It's a bit too much for him. The eunuch was “cut”, so the thing is naturally a little different on the bed. The author was so progressive that he even wrote down the details of Li Xu’s “difference”, which is preferred by Zhou Ying the prince.

The Prince has some hobbies hard to be understood.

Shen Jintai put down his phone and dared not read what’s happening next.

Speaking of, in the scripts of the first 20 episodes, the one he need to face the most frequently is not the leading man nor the leading lady, but a supporting role, Zhou Ying the prince.

He didn’t know yet whose character was the actor? 

“Here comes the East Palace" was the largest ancient-costumed TV series in China this year. Many of the three generations of actors and actresses who participated in were well-known in the industry. Shen Jintai’s was a little eunuch who is famous for his beauty. Shen felt that his current appearance was not adequate.

He was going to go to bed early this evening, so as to have a good spirit tomorrow.

When taking a bath, he couldn't help but touch his butt, which was so soft!

Shen Jintai felt embarrassed but took another look.


Just as he was thinking about it, the phone rang suddenly, which scared him. He quickly put on his bathrobe and came out, and saw that the contact’s name shown on the cell phone was “old witch”.

Who is the old witch?

Vague memories sprang up in his mind. The old witch is Shen Jintai's stepmother.

One can tell by the name, Shen Jintai and his stepmother didn’t get along.

He coughed and picked it up.

“Jin,” a soft and charming voice cried: “What can I do?”

“What's going on?”

"Our house has been seized by the court, and we are told to move tomorrow.” said the stepmother with a little pompous acting skill, crying: “We’ve lost everything. The house, the cars and everything. You have to help your father. He can't live like this.”

Shen Jintai frowned: “Stop this, just say it.”

“Your house is big, it must be a little too big for you, right? Can you let us move in? We will certainly move out when we have money in the future. It doesn't matter where we live, but your sister is so young that she can't suffer with us Look...”

Before his stepmother finished speaking, a man grabbed the phone: “She’s not asking for a favor. We call to simply inform you that we are moving in tomorrow. Although your house is under your name, I paid for it!”

Before Shen Jintai responded, the other side hung up.

That man sounded like Shen Jintai’s dad who were broke recently.

Shen Jintai thought about it all night.

He remembered Shen Jintai in the novel only loves two people in the world. One is Yan Qiuchi and the other is his half-sister.

He was a very ambitious man. In the future, he’d live with the shooting crew whenever he has the chance. He’d fly everywhere and had few times to stay at home. Indeed, instead of leaving the house empty it’s better to let his sister move in. Just for the sake of the original soul who loved his little sister.

The Shen’s family really was broke. He had no idea why he gets to keep his villa.

Although the original soul used to be on the top of the entertainment industry, he spent more than he earned and he mainly relying on his family to help him. Although Shen's father and Shen Jintai weren’t good, he had never been short of money.

Shen Jintai checked the balance of his bank card, and there were more than 200000. He went to the garage to see his cars, and there was only an Audi left.

For a star, this is really not much.

He used to be an actor who wasn’t famous in his original world, and he had more.

He didn't wait to see Shen’s father and others. He thought it might be a little uncomfortable. These people, after all, are the relatives of the original soul.

But the original soul died, according to the plot of the novel, on the day he jumped into this world.

Shen Jintai left 100000 yuan and the car key at home. Then he sent a message to Shen's father and took his suitcase, headed to the hotel.

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang came to the hotel to pick him up: “Why do you stay in here?”

Shen Jintai got on the bus and said, “No one recognized me.”

No one would have thought that a famous star in the country would live in such a shabby little hotel, right? Xiao Tang looked out at the shabby building outside, closed the door, said: “This place is close to the shooting site.”

“What about your house?” Li Meilan knew about the situation of his family: “Seized, too?”

“No, my dad, they moved in. I don't want to live with them.” Shen Jintai said: “I'll live in the with the crew for a few days. By the way, does the crew cover my accommodation?”

“It's written in the contract. Food, clothing, housing and transportation are included in the remuneration. This contract has been signed for several days. If there is no accident, they will pay a deposit today. On the day of the startup, they will pay 60% of the remuneration, and then pay 30% when shooting’s half done. The remaining 10% will be paid off before the completion of the project.”

They didn't ask for a high price this time. After all, this is the first one they get after the plan of coming back. What they are looking for is the crew and invisible income. But, the price were millions.

Shen Jintai had always had no problem with the remuneration. As long as he likes the films, he can shoot them even without money.

Compared with ordinary people, stars are already profiteering industries. As long as they are willing to work hard, they are better off than most of the ordinary.

Shen Jintai was still reading the script in the car. Li Meilan picked up a volume and turned it over. There were circles and annotations. Some of them were in red, some were in blue, and there were notes in the blank writing Shen Jintai's understanding of the lines, probably for reference during the performance. The words were a little scrawled, intermittent, and some she couldn't recognize.

It's quite professional-ish. It seemed that the bankruptcy and the failure in love hit Shen Jintai hard. His whole person seemed to be different and very motivated.

They arrived earlier, but there were also those who came earlier. Song Wei, an old star who plays the role of Empress. She was the first one arrived.

Staff introduced for him, Shen Jintai respectfully called Song madam.

“You're the last chosen.” Song said with a smile: “It's all up to you, whether the show’s going to be good or not. Director Guo has been looking for someone to take the role for a long time. I didn't expect the actor to be you.”

That tone was not subtle.

Guo Rui loved the characters Li Xu and Zhou Ying very much, so he was very careful when choosing actors. The role of Li Xu was finally decided. They all thought that since the actor for Li Xu was the last decided, there would be a good-looking new actor, but turned out it was Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai's reputation and acting skills were quite infamous in the showbiz, everyone knows.

Why he got the role, everyone has their theory as well.


What the showbiz had become? Song Wei thought to herself, anyone can be an actor.

Shen’s acting skills were not good enough. It's OK for him to be a pretty face. But his face was not good enough. Even not one of the best in the crew, let alone this industry.

There were actors and actresses coming, handsome men and beautiful women, no matter how famous they were or were not, everyone was pretending to be polite. But later, Yang Lizhi, with a slightly perfunctory attitude, sat next to Shen Jintai. Among those who wore light makeup and those who didn’t, her makeup was the most exquisite and gorgeous, and she casually lifted her hair, gave out a wave of fragrance.

Finally came the director, the screenwriter and Bai Qingquan. Bai Qingquan was very considerate, he bought a sort of tea which was famous around for all the actors, actresses and staff. Shen Jintai sat on his seat and looked at him. Bai Qingquan kept a very low profile today. He only wore white T-shirt and jeans, and no make-up.

But even without make-up he was still better-looking than others. He was smiling, showing his red lips and white teeth.

It's reasonable for him to be charming to everyone.

Shen Jintai thought.

Shen Jintai was the last chosen, some of them had heard in advance, some didn’t know that until arriving. Everyone's faces were a little surprised.

An idle out of time, with bad reputation and a general appearance, not to mention his acting skills. The only thing he shared with Li Xu was being gay.

When introducing him, Guo Rui was obviously satisfied and said with a smile: “Everyone, this is our Li Xu.”

Shen Jintai stood up and bowed modestly: "it's a great honor to participate. If I do anything wrong in the following days, please let me know, thanks.”

Yang Lizhi picked up the cup and took a sip of water, considering if it was the right time to rage out.

Her current position made her not only be able to choose the crew, but also the actors and actresses she works with. Li Xu's role is a secondary leading role, and also a big villain in the later period. She had a lot of interactions with him. Guo Rui once assured her that he would be careful in the selection of the actor. She waited for a long time, but now she was told that it was Shen Jintai.

She Touhua… she often sees jokes about him on Bilibili.

And he took the role from one of her company's young actor, who was more beautiful than Shen Jintai.

At last, Yang Lizhi kept her manners. She lifted her hair and turned to the other side.

On the other side there was Bai Qingquan. They looked at each other, and Yang Lizhi shrugged her shoulders.

A lot of people witnessed this little action.

They understood Yang Lizhi's disdain, and they were very surprised as well.

However, it was said that Shen Jintai has a bad temper and a very bad personality. It seemed the opposite. He was smiley and easy to get along with.

Been through the bankruptcy and being out of time, Shen finally lost his temper. It’s to know how ineffable life is.

Under the guidance of the director, everyone got to know each other, and then began the reading the script.

The main actors were all at presence, and the supporting actors with few lines were temporarily replaced by the staff.

Halfway through it, everyone was stunned.

Because Shen Jintai was so great at it.

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