Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 9

The crestfallen Shen Jintai got out of the car. Upon his getting out, the heat outside attacked him. He watched Yan Qiuchi's car go far away while doing up the buttons.

The air conditioner in the car was too cold. Nipple convex was a normal physiological reaction!

It's not what he thought!

The misunderstanding was really embarrassing. He’s not a slut that could have a reaction to men only by picturing things in his head. He’s a top, a top that only the private part could get an erection!

Yan Qiuchi’s mother was sending her sister out. She saw Yan Qiuchi's car coming in from a long distance.

When her sister was gone, she immediately followed Yan Qiuchi up the stairs: “You’re fast. Did you drive him home?”

Yan Qiuchi made a mumbling noise and went on to his room. Yan’s mother said: “Wait a minute. I have something to say to you.”

They then went to the study.

“I heard that you invested in the TV series Jin participated in?”

“This is one of our company's major film and television projects this year.” Yan Qiuchi said: “I know what you want to say. I always have a clear line between business and personal stuff. The producer and the director are responsible for the casting. I will not interfere.”

“Good.” Mrs. Yan said earnestly. “Jin’s family encountered things and he had no other way to make things better. That’s why he planned this come-back. He hates acting the most. Now, in order to make a living, he has to do something he doesn't like. Even if you don't like him, don't make things worse for him. Anyway, you grew up together. He has a problem now. It’s best for us to help, if we can.”

Yan Qiuchi said “Fine”, and nothing else.

They have been estranged from each other and there have been few topics for them to talk about. It's strange. Obviously, they are mother and son, but they don't even get along like strangers.

On her birthday, Mrs. Yan wanted to bond with her son, so she went on to ask: “You're not a kid anymore, why I never see you in a relationship. I heard that you like one of the actors in your company called Bai Qingquan, is that true?”

Out of her expectation, Yan Qiuchi said directly: “You don’t need to take Shen Jintai's words so seriously.”

Yan’s mother was not very happy in her heart. But she forced out a smile for Shen Jintai and said patiently: “Oh, I'm fifty this year. Time does fly by. I feel like I was young yesterday and You were just a kid at school, just this tall… Speaking of which, I remember when your aunt Lin was pregnant with Jintai, we discussed that if she gave birth to a girl, then the girl would be your wife-to-be. If it happened in the ancient time, the words would definitely be kept.”

Yan Qiuchi said: “Mom, if you have nothing else to say, I'll go change my clothes now. Dad and the guests are still waiting for me.”

Finally, her smile faded away and she patted Yan Qiuchi on the shoulder, hard. However, it was her hand that felt uncomfortable.

“Have you grown taller recently?” She frowned.

“Mom, I'm twenty-five.”

“Oh…” Mrs. Yan smiled: “Time flies.”

Shen Jintai was so embarrassed that he went home flushed.

When he was about to step in the door, Lin Xu, who lived next door, sat on her balcony and shouted: “Sister!”

Sister my ass.

“Call me brother.” He shouted to Lin Xu.

When he entered the house, Shen Jintai went for a bath first. When he finished, he suddenly thought of his booty reward. He cleaned the fogged mirror and looked into it.


One can never imagine how perfect the booty is until he sees it.

Bright skin, perfect shape. Even Shen wanted to do something to himself.


Although it was perfect, but made him looked like a bottom!

“Hello, Xiao Ai!”

Xiao Ai was on: “Dear, are you satisfied with your first reward?”

“Why does this booty make me look like a bottom? I'm a top, I'm a top! This is the last time I’m telling you this!”

“Maybe it’s because your skin’s too bright. Our rewards are based on the public understanding. This is the best booty people thinks.”

Shen Jintai was speechless for a second.

It doesn't matter. He could do more exercise to make it more masculine and sexier.

“Will my next reward be getting prettier?”


“Can I know in advance what it’ll be?” Shen Jintai found an excuse for his curiosity: “it can make me more motivated.”

“What part of your face you think that needs to be changed the most?”

Shen Jintai looked carefully at the face in the mirror. Because he was not familiar with it, his evaluation was objective: “The lips.”

The color of the lips was dark and they looked awful.

“It seems that we have the same opinion. Lips in bright color can make you more beautiful. If you succeed in accumulating ten points, you will be rewarded with ruby lips. Your lips will be bright and fresh, like you were born with your own filter. And they’ll be so attracting that everyone who sees you will want to kiss you.”

Why he felt that every reward was designed to shape him into a bottom.?

Dear, you should not think of it that way.” said Xiao AI: “As an experienced actor in the showbiz, you must admit that a delicate and handsome actor can take much more types of characters than a rough and burly actor and that he appears better in the close-up shots, right?”

That's right.

The most impressing performance on the screen comes from the most beautiful actors.

He wants to be beautiful!

“You have to have faith in our system. We will make you a man that everyone likes. In order to complete the task smoothly and for your star dream, do your best, brother!”

This “brother” finally succeeded in pleasing him!


A shout outside blew him back to reality.

Xiao AI went offline. Shen Jintai wrapped up his bathrobe and came out. He saw Lin Xu standing in his living room.

“How did you get in!”

“I know the password to your lock.” Lin Xu came to him with a plate of fruit while eating: “What about Yan's banquet? Was it grand? Who have you seen? I heard that the mayor was there as well?”

“I don't know.” Shen Jintai took a bottle of water, stretched his legs against the refrigerator door and drank up half of it.

“I wonder when can I get in touch with people like the Yan’s family.” said Lin Xu, leaning towards the sofa.

She also came from a rich family. She had branded purses, villas, sports cars, but the Yan’s family was still beyond her.

There’re the richest, there’re the richer, but her family was neither of them.

Shen Jintai picked up a thin blanket from the sofa and threw it to her: “Wrap yourself up.”

Lin Xu said: “You are insane. A blanket in the hot weather like this.”

“Cover up your boobs. In case you didn’t notice, you’re naked.” Shen Jintai was speechless.

Lin Xu looked down and put forward her boobs with a smile: “How about them? Are they a little bigger than before? I met a trainer abroad and followed her did some exercises for more than half a month. Guess what cup I have now.”

Did these two best friends used to talk about things like this?!

Shen Jintai was a little embarrassed and pretended to be impatient and said: “I'm not interested in women's boobs.”

“I don't want the blanket. It's too hot in here. Give me a T-shirt or something.” She followed Shen Jintai towards the bedroom. Upon her entering, she saw the suit and thong hanging on the wall.

The style and color of the suit were obviously not Shen Jintai's favorite.

Shen Jintai seldom wore a suit, if he did, it was a colorful and flamboyant one. For example, the thong on the wall was Shen Jintai's dig.

“Whose suit is this?”

“Yan Qiuchi's.”

Lin Xu looked like she couldn’t believe it: “Fuck!”

Shen Jintai took out a PJ from the wardrobe: “Fuck who?”

“How come you have Yan Qiuchi's suit?” Lin Xu said while guessing the plot: “You also said that you have moved on. And now you’re hanging a suit from him on the wall like it’s some kind of treasure. Hung with it is your thong. The message is a little complicated, sister.”

Shen Jintai thought: Is it too late for him to say that the suit belongs to someone else?

It was his fault. He was being too honest.

“Stolen?” Lin Xu asked.

“It was on me while coming home. This happened when I got on his bed and was kicked down. I hang them on the wall to remind me not to forget the shame from the past.”

“I hope you really learned something, sister. Yan Qiuchi is not your person. Better to die than to suffer.” Lin Xu pulled open his wardrobe and put a shirt on: “Why don't you change your clothes but watch me?”

“How can I change when you’re here?”

“We are sisters. I didn't see you getting shy the last time when we had that nude party.”

Shen Jintai: “…”

“I find that you have changed a lot these two days.” Lin Xu came closer to look at his face. “A failure in love shouldn’t be so powerful. Sometimes when I talk to you, it feels like I'm talking to a stranger.”

Shen Jintai: “...”

He took off his bathrobe and began to change clothes directly, but he was still a little embarrassed and turned his back to Lin Xu.

It seemed that he needed to be familiar with the life with a best girl friend.

As soon as he was about to put on his pants, he heard Lin Xu screamed: “Fuck!”

Shen Jintai was shocked. He quickly put on his pants, looked around, and saw Lin Xu staring at his lower half.

“Fuck!” Lin Xu was surprised: “your ass...”

Shen Jintai was so embarrassed that he quickly put on his T-shirt again: “What?”

“I didn't pay attention before. Your ass is so sexy. Fuck. I feel like my invisible private part is getting an erection.”

Shen Jintai: “...”

“Don't move, let me see.” Lin Xu said while reaching for his ass. Shen Jintai hurriedly dodged her: “My ass has always been like this. Since the day I was born!”

Lin Xu's heart was still beating wildly: “I thought you are thin. Turns out the fat has been on your butt. I just want to pinch it. Can Yan Qiuchi be impotent? How can he be calm in front of this? Even I can't resist it, and I'm a woman!”

“You remember that you are a woman?” Shen Jintai said. “Then be a lady, OK?”

Lin Xu smiled and stared at his bottom. Shen Jintai took the script and sat on the bed.

Lin Xu came up and asked: “Is this the script for your new play?”

Shen Jintai nodded: “You can go home if you have nothing else to do here. I'm going to start reading the script. The cast have to go through the script together next Monday. I have to read it through several times before that.”

“I have nothing to do. Show me one of the scripts.”

“Fine, but don't leak it out.”

“That's for sure. I know your rules. Otherwise, how can I make friends with famous stars?” Lin Xu said and took one, sat down beside him and started to read.

Lin Xu was reading the second volume, which had the climax of the plot. In addition to the plotline, the strong and brilliant character of the leading lady was also a reason for Lin Xu to enjoy the script so much. She said to Shen: “This one will definitely go viral! The fight and the competition between the characters are so fierce. What character are you going to play?”


“Li Xu.”

“Jesus.” Lin Xu looked up: “A eunuch?”

What do you think of this character?”  Shen Jintai asked.

“He's mean and kind of a douche.” Lin Xu said: “He always set the leading lady up. Does he like the second prince?”

“He loves the prince who cannot crown.”

“Who? I didn't see him.”

“His part’s in the script I’m reading right now.” Shen Jintai said.

Lin Xu sat up, turned on the bedside lamp, and then looked out of the window: “It seems that it’s going to rain. My clothes are still hanging outside.”

Outside, the sky darkened and black clouds covered the city.

Lin Xu rushed back to collect the clothes.

Shen Jintai continued his reading, and the more he read it, the more he felt that it deserved all the attention it attracted.

The plot was perfectly managed, and the setting of the secondary man’s also very interesting.

The good-looking eunuch, Li Xu he was going to play, was sent to the royal palace when he was five years old. Within a few years, he became the servant of the second prince, Zhou Jing, who he had a deep relationship with. In order to help Zhou Jing to inherit the throne, he seduced Zhou Ying, the prince who had a thing for men. But somehow, he really fell in love with Zhou Ying.

The scheming pretty eunuch and the innocent prince with a childlike heart. This couple are no less eye-catchy as the leading man and the leading lady.

Shen sat on the bay window, outside was a small garden. The roses in the garden were all over the wall. The complex of petals was soaked in the rain, and the branches were drooping and dripping. He was still immersed in the vibe from the script. He reached out and pushed the window open. The rain splashed in. He leaned against the wall and looked up.

In my mind, Li Xu, the eunuch, are secretly going to see the nullified and prince was put under a house arrest.

The prince lost his freedom and his glory are no more. He was left alone. The companions he has are only lively flowers and plants. The walls of the palace were covered with roses. Li Xu hung his head through the paper window. His white fingers wiped away his tears. He got up and left, leaving only a white jade pendant, on which are two lovebirds.

There is a flashback in the script as the plot unfolds here. The scene is how Li Xu, the eunuch who carried the lamp, first met the nullified prince.

His beautiful pale face emerged from the darkness. When he raised his head, the yellow light shone on his eyebrows and eyes, making Prince Zhou Ying fall in love at first sight.

Shen Jintai sighed and his eyes were moist.

Good actors are sentimental and empathetic. His friends used to say that he was a natural actor, and his feelings were so strong that he could cry while watching short videos on Tiktok. His heart is soft and filled with feelings.

A good play is like a good novel. Once you read it, it’s hard to get out of the ploy.

It’s hard for an actor or an actress to play an interesting character. Now Shen had one, and he even wanted to tell everyone about the news. Done thinking, Shen leaned out to pick a rose in the rain.

The rose was covered in raindrops, and the branches were in thorns. When he was about to break the rose’s neck, he has an idea and pressed his palm on it. He grabbed his phone and took a selfie.

In the selfie his hair was wet, his shoulders were wet, his smile was refreshing, and there was a rose with water dripping on its head.

He was good with cameras. The selfie was splendid.

On how to attract attention romantically and artistically and how to be properly mannered, Shen had quite some experience.

He was going to post it on Weibo.

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