Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 6

This caused uproar on the internet.

Several major entertainment forums were all discussing about it.

“I just saw on Weibo that Shen Jintai is coming back? Is it true? Is there any evidence you have?”

“I don't know. But judging by the current situation, it’s highly possible.”

“Let me tell you something. It's true that he’s coming back. And he’ll star a soap opera about royal family that you’ve been discussing about. Shocker.”

“Damn, is it ‘Here Come the East Palace’? Is it?”

“Doesn't ‘Here Comes the East Palace’ had Bai Qingquan to take the leading role?”

“Those who spread the rumors can go to hell. HCEP crew has already chosen Bai Qingquan to be the leading actor, there’re already publicity shots. How could Shen star the same series with Bai?”

“Shen Touhua, please do your thing independently, don't drag Bai Yueguang into this, thank you.”

“Bai’s fans will be here in three seconds!”

“Cool. The fans of Bai and Shen can have a fight!”

“Fight! Fight hard!”

“Fight my ass, leave my Bai Yueguang alone, we don’t want anything to do with you!”

“Shen Touhua can keep messing up his own life. Why does he have to mess with someone else?”

“They’re not on the same level. Fighting Shen is to help him! Shen Touhua really wished for the best. Well, you wish!”

Then there came the pretty pictures of Bai Qingquan from his fans, they filled the whole page.

Shen Jintai had been looking at the website for a long time and finally fell asleep while watching Bai’s pretty pictures.

In his dream, he was the person on his original earth before. He started as a walk-on, then a stuntman, a chore. With his love for performance, he became the best supporting man step by step. Finally, he was nominated for his performance in a low-budget literary film.

It seemed that he had relived his long life again, and when he woke up he felt exhausted.

He was gay, but being gay was the worst scandal one could possibly get involved in the showbiz. He fought so hard to be successful, so he had never seen anyone or ever had any relationships because he was afraid that it might influence his career.

But now he had the chance to make a career by simply his beauty, and he could also win over a man. It wasn’t half bad.

He rubbed his eyes and laid down on the bed to comb through the relationships between Bai, Yan and him.

Yan Qiuchi said that he can't even match Bai Qingquan's toe. Yan may say it because he mentioned Bai. Yan shouldn’t be in love with Bai at that time according to the original plot.

In “Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang”, according to the original setting, Yan had a crush on Bai after a group of people fell in love with Bai. Before that, Yan Qiuchi was cold and abstinent.

Shen Jintai's nickname “Shen Touhua” sounds fine but actually ironic. Yan Qiuchi's nickname “Yan stone” doesn’t sound good but it’s full of readers' love.

Yes, all the proud, cold, abstinent tops share one feature, that is, they are indifferent to everyone, except his bottom!

Can you imagine a man changes from abstinent into wild in seconds? Can you imagine that he would press Bai Qingquan on the wall? Can you imagine him doing all kinds of tricks in bed? Can you imagine that Yan Qiuchi, who is extremely self-disciplined and ascetic because he suffers from skin hunger, wants to do “cuddle and stuff every night” after liberating his nature?

No! Shen Jintai thought.

How dare him take my man!

The nearest have the most advantages. He wanted to make use of the shooting and win over Bai’s love!

Shen Jintai got up to wash and rinse. He was about to take off his pajamas to see how his tattoo was on his chest. Then his phone rang.

He quickly went to answer it with his toothbrush in his mouth and looked at the caller’s number. It was Yan Qiuchi’s mother.

It's time to talk about the relationship between the Yan’s Family and the Shen’s family.

The Yan Qiuchi’s mother and Shen Jintai’s mother were good friends. Later, they both married into rich families. Unfortunately, Shen’s mother was unlucky. She died a few years after she married into the rich family, leaving only one son, Shen Jintai.

Mrs. Yan missed her best friend and had endless love for her best friend’s son. She used to invite Shen Jintai to their home. Just like that, Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi became “childhood sweethearts”.

Of course, it didn’t turn out well. They are not the same people and they can never be true friends.

Yan Qiuchi hated him in heart, but he fell in love with Yan Qiuchi like destined.

Free love always defeats childhood sweethearts. Those known since childhood often play as wingmen. Tops known since childhood have deep feelings and bottoms known since childhood are often mean and stupid. It’s just what it’s like in novels.

Shen Jintai answered the phone: “Auntie.”

Her voice was loud: “Qiuchi is back for lunch today. Why don’t you come? Hurry up.”

Yan’s mother is the firmest supporter of “Qiuchi-Jintai couple”! In the novel, she’s regarded as a “pagan”. From the reader's point of view, she doesn't support the official match of “Qingquan-Qiuchi”, but wants Shen to be with Yan Qiuchi, so she’s obviously an evil mother-in-law!

Of course, this evil mother-in-law never liked Bai Qingquan and she determined to break up Yan Qiuchi and Bai Qingquan. She received no fewer personal attacks than Shen Jintai did!

Shen Jintai put down his toothbrush: “Thanks, but I think I’m going to say no. I don't like him anymore.”

Yan’s mother: “What's going on, Jin? I have seen the news. Is it true?”

Shen Jintai said: “Yeah. Well, I just got a script. I'm going to read it at home, so I might need to take the raincheck this time.”

Mrs. Yan seemed to have nothing to say for a while, and finally said: “But today is my birthday.”

Shen Jintai didn’t see that coming.

He had to go.

Yan’s mother had been nice to Shen Jintai like he was her own son. She treated Shen Jintai even better than she treated Yan Qiuchi.

“I'm sorry, I forgot.” Shen Jintai said.

“It's OK. There are so many things happened recently, I understand. Hurry up, I have meal prepared, all your favorites. The whole family is here. I'll send the driver to pick you up.”

He hung up the phone, rushed to get dressed up.

Yan Qiuchi was not only his rival in love, but also the one he used to adore. In front of Yan, he must not lose his pride!

He immediately took out all the clothes in the wardrobe and laid them out on the bed.

Though he’s broke, but still better than many others. He still lives in a villa, has a bed of expensive clothes.

He picked out a Navy shirt and dark grey suit pants, casual and easy.

When he dressed up, the driver from Yan's family also arrived. He looked at the suit and the thong hanging on the wall and then walked out.

The driver who came to pick him up didn't recognize him at first sight. Shen Jintai was very happy with his response.

He wanted to give people the impression that he’s completely changed.

Yan's family lives in the center of the city, close to the villas behind the municipal government, which is the most expensive place in the south city. Shen Jintai leaned on the window and looked out for a long time. Unfortunately, he felt that the city was no different from what he had seen before.

If it was a tale he jumped into, he might be flying with a sword right now.

The front iron gate opened, and Shen Jintai finally got to know how wealthy the Yan’s Family was.

Because this villa was different from the villa he lived in. It is not like ordinary villas located one next to another. This villa has huge gardens. It took them a long time after entering the gate to get to the house, which was as big as a manor.

There were already several guests walking in the front yard. When Yan Qiuchi’s mother saw Shen Jintai's car coming, she stood by the side of the road with a smile. She’s a fifty-year-old woman, plump and thick, made a bun out of her black hair and placed a red flower on the top.

“Jin.” Yan’s mother greeted him with a smile.

When she saw him, she was surprised. Shen Jintai got off the car and buttoned his suit. His pink hair was dyed black, looked very mature and reliable.

Guests around were also surprised.

“Who is that, Shen Jintai?”

“He has changed so much...”

“It seems that he is serious. Did you see news yesterday?”

Rich people have time to check news about stars every day, most of them didn’t know what had happened. So, they gathered together and talked about it.

Shen Jintai looked around and didn't see Yan Qiuchi. Yan Qiuchi’s mother smiled and took his arm, said: “What are you looking for?”

“Nothing, auntie. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Yan's mother’s voice was very loud. She looked like a straightforward person… Of course, if she got angry then it’s another story. She’s sheer evil if angry. She said: “You must be looking for Qiuchi. He hasn't come back yet. He said he will be here later.”

Shen Jintai was shocked. Shit! Was it that obvious?

He needed to change, otherwise everyone would think that he had been lying about moving on. That could be embarrassing.

When Yan Qiuchi arrived, he would not look at Yan at all!

Speak of the devil. Yan Qiuchi’s mother smiled and looked at the distance: “Ah, Qiuchi is back.”

Looking back, Shen Jintai saw a black Bentley coming slowly. The weather was fine. The sun was shining on the car. Occasionally, it blinded their eyes. The car stopped not far away from them. The driver in a black suit got out of the car first, then walked to the back and bent down to open the door for Yan Qiuchi.

He was indeed the leading role. Every move he made was lavish.

A long leg stretched out, revealing the black socks at the ankle. The leather shoes were shiny and clean, and there were no wrinkles on the trousers.

It was a long leg. Men with long legs are the sexiest.

Who wants booty? He wants long legs! 

Yan Qiuchi got out of the car and frowned when he saw Shen. Then he nodded at Shen like a gentleman.

He hated Shen so much but could still behave when there were outsiders around. Shen Jintai felt it would be rude to not give him a look, so he nodded and said hello.

Just after that, Shen Jintai turned his face to the side. Maybe it was because he got his hair slicked back and he wore his suit, he looked like a proud peacock.

He would never look at Yan Qiuchi again!

He remembered that Yan Qiuchi was said to be…. What was that called?

“No matter men or women, as long as you like men, you’d want him.”

What? No, he doesn't want him. He’s also a 100% top!

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