Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 5

Yan Qiuchi was standing behind the window and looking down.

“What the hell is he doing?” Gao Qiao said while checking Weibo.

“He really…moved on?” Xiao Yang asked.

Yan Qiuchi didn’t answer. He stood at the window and watched Shen Jintai went far.

Thinking of his passing by Shen Jintai, Shen looked back at him and said: “As you wish.”

Shen’s tone was firm and his eyes were clear.

“What you wanted to tell me?” He turned around and asked Gao Qiao.

Gao Qiao quickly put down his phone and said: “Oh, yes, I almost forget. I went out to buy coffee just now and met Shen Jintai and Li Meilan. And I heard him saying...”

Xiao Yang said impatiently: “He said what? Say it.”

Gao Qiao said: “It seemed that he is going to pay court to Bai Qingquan. He wants to chase Bai Qingquan and he said that Bai Qingquan is way better than you, boss...”

“Fuck!” Xiao Yang said: “That's mean.”

“Doesn't he hate Bai Qingquan the most? How many times did he obstruct Bai’s job secretly. I think he's trying to make the situation go messy just to get your attention, boss.” Gao Qiao said: “How could Bai Qingquan see anything good in him? Also, Bai’s fans alone can tear him up. Wanting someone way above his league, typical!”

Moreover, pretending to be a top would get him punished!

Bai Qingquan is the most profitable artist of the Sunshine Media. Shen Jintai was obviously engaging in circuitous tactics.

It was the day that Bai Qingquan got on the top searched list.

Bai Qingquan always make people think of him as pure and innocent, that he never fights for anything. But eight of the ten top searched items were paid to be on the list these days. The most idiotic would pay for it entirely by oneself. It’s a fake. The netizens may not be able to tell, but everyone in the business can tell when he or she sees one.

Some others may find an account which does the marketing to push it into people’s sights, and then let the fans do the rest, which is half fake.

Bai Yueguang’s character made it hard for him to attract tons of attention. When he wants to be one of the top searched items, he basically needs to buy his way in. He’d do that when he needs some publicity, and that’s also what the netizens like to see.

This time, when the publicity shots of him casting the show “Here Comes the East Palace”, Wei Ge bought his way to the top searched list. It was probably because he didn't show up for a long time, he made it to the second hottest, thanks to his fans.

The third one was Yang Liuzhi, a famous actress. Like him, she was on because of the publicity photos. It was probably a half-fake one, just like his.

Bai Qingquan was very satisfied with it.

Yang Liuzhi, such a top-grade star, was below him on the list.

As for the first, that was a low-grade actress who relied on breaking up and getting back together with her model boyfriend to get attention. Absolutely a fake. Bai didn’t give the slightest care.

Young people just don’t know when to stop. Too much marketing may just do the opposite.

Made sure that he was still the most popular, Bai felt relieved.

But wait…

Bai Qingquan seemed to see a familiar name.

The number six.

Shen Jintai!

He almost thought that there was something wrong with his eyes.

Their contracts included confidentiality agreements. Shen Jintai's participation in the play “Here comes the East Palace” was still confidential and waiting for the official to announce. He didn't believe that Shen Jintai dares to pay to be on the list.

He quickly refreshed the website. The topic “Shen Jintai’s tattoo” had become the third one and attracted more attention than Yang Liuzhi did!

“Fuck!” He sat up and refreshed again, only to see Shen Jintai surpassed him and became the second hottest topic.

“…… Ahhhhh!”

He immediately jumped up and shouted to Wei Ge: “Where are all three hundred of your marketing accounts? Get me up on the list! How could Shen Jintai be on it, I’d rather die than to be below him!”

Shen Jintai was in the car reading the script. His cellphone rang suddenly. He looked at the caller’s number. It was Lin Xu.

Lin Xu, Shen Jintai's best friend They live in the same neighborhood.

It was the first time for him to deal with the original Shen’s best friend. He answered the phone a little nervously. He heard Lin Xu howling from the other side of the phone: “Jesus Christ, sister, you're one of the hottest topics right now!”


“You are one of the top searched items!” Lin Xu was very excited.

She and Shen Jintai are best friends since childhood, she knew that Shen Jintai didn’t pay for that.

Shen Jintai is one of the few stars that could actually be a top searched item without paying.

“Where are you now?” Asked Lin Xu excitedly.

“I'm in the car. I'll be home later.”

“I just got off the plane and was on the way. We’ll talk at home.” Lin Xu finally sighed: “Sister, you have finally got yourself a life.”


After Shen Jintai hung up the phone, he quickly checked Weibo and saw his name on the second top searched list, followed by the word “hot”.

It's unbelievable.

Shen felt weird about seeing his name appear on the top searched list.

Li Meilan turned to look at him: “What's going on?”

Shen Jintai showed her his phone.

“I’ll be damned!” Li Meilan was shocked. She took out her phone and took a look, then she was sure it wasn't just a prank.

“You paid for it?” She asked Shen Jintai.

“I can't afford it right now.” Shen Jintai said.


Li Meilan's hands trembled with excitement. Shen Jintai got on the top searched list. The last that happened felt like a century ago. At first sight, she felt like crying!

“You… you had your tattoo removed?” She raised her head and asked Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai nodded while checking his Weibo.

“Shen Jintai, which Shen Jintai? That Shen Jintai?”

“I'm sure there are a lot of ignorant new-comers here after the summer vacation. How come you’ve never heard of Shen Touhua. He was the most popular years, years ago!”

“Without a picture, it’s just a rumor. I can make up a hundred rumors like this a day!”

“It came from Shen Jintai's own hashtag, his fans are sure about the new.”

“It should be true. There is a picture of him and a tattoo guy. It’s hash-taged. It's funny to see his fans making a scene.”

“Fuck, Shen still have fans? I thought there’s none.”

“I saw someone posted it on yesterday, it just didn’t get viral. Today, getting promoted by several accounts and now is a top searched. He’s really a famous/infamous man.”

“Recently, people I know has been bragging about who went viral every day. It's time for them to see who’s the real star.”

“Shen’s the best!”

“There’s someone who doesn't know Shen Touhua? It's time to send them the memes which I've kept for many years.”


“Fuck, I'm blind.”

Shen Jintai clicked it, only to see some gifs of him twerking and dancing.

Shen Touhua is the nickname of Shen Jintai.

The reason why losers are losers is that they’re stupid. There are histories about Shen Jintai, but the most interesting one is the “pulling the headdress” event.

“Pulling the headdress”, as Baidu Encyclopedia explained: “When a man is weak to a certain extent, they can't even win a girl in a fight. Therefore, he needs to use the “pulling the headdress” method. When he pulls the headdress off the girl, he can defend himself.”

Shen Jintai had a fight with a female star in the backstage of an award ceremony. As a man, he started the fight and pulled her hair, which made everyone angry.

Shen Jintai hence got a nickname: “Shen Touhua”, and Touhua means headdress.

He had been a coquettish figure, and his dance was even more coquettish. Someone once photoshopped a big red flower on his head, and made up the name called “headdress dance”. It was incredibly hot in a website called bilibili. That is how these gifs come to existence.

Shen Jintai was embarrassed.

Li Meilan said: “Are you getting more followers? I remember you only had little more than one million followers a while ago.”

Shen Jintai was shocked for a moment, and checked his Weibo.


“So many followers! Two million!”

Li Meilan: “Dude, you used to have 20 million followers.”

Shen Jintai: “...”


But two million was good enough. Though no one knows how many of them are real users.

He refreshed the website, 2.1 million.

He's really getting more followers.


“Tell me.” Lin Xu crossed her legs on his sofa. “What happened these days while I was abroad?”

“What do you want to hear?”

“About your tattoo, of course, about Yan Qiuchi!” Lin Xu said, and she reached for his shirt.

Shen Jintai stopped her: “It's true. I really had it removed, but it hasn't been removed completely. I have to go for a few more times.”

“Fuck, what happened? Why do you suddenly want to remove your tattoo?”

Shen Jintai said: “Because I think it's stupid to have Yan Qiuchi's name tattooed on me.”

“I know it's stupid, but you’re always stupid, why now you suddenly changed?”

Shen Jintai: “...”

“Come on, come on, tell me all about it. What's going on between you and Yan!”

Shen Jintai thought about it for a while, and then he thought about what happened when he just got into this body.

That's the last part of the original soul of this body. He offered himself in a desperate way, but Yan Qiuchi pushed him away. His eyes were red, like crazy, and he bit Yan's neck.

“You like that bitch, Bai, right? What do you like about him? In what he’s better than me? Tell me!” He bellowed.

He can't help shivering at the thought of it. It was frightening, a man went crazy. No wonder why he jumped out of the building and died directly after being kicked out. There was craziness inside him. Biting Yan, jumping off the building. Yan Qiuchi will always remember him. Unfortunately, the heart of Yan only belongs to Bai. How can readers accept it if the top has a place in heart for a mean loser when there’s already the bottom. When he jumped from the building, everyone should be cheering!

It's annoying when a man doesn’t know who he is!

Shen focused on the two sentences Yan Qiuchi said.

“I won’t touch you even in my next life, and I certainly will never love you !”

“Because you can't even match his toe!”

After listening to him, Lin Xu was stunned: “I really don't know what to say to you.”

“Then don't. I don’t want to look back on it again. I’m done with him.”

“I hope you're serious this time. Every time you say it, you’d just forget it the next day.”

But this time he even got a tattoo removal. It looked serious.

“Yan Qiuchi has been famous for his manners ever since he was a child. Making him to say such things, you’re really something.”

Although she is Shen Jintai's best friend, Lin Xu was still on Yan Qiuchi's side. To be honest, some of Shen Jintai's behaviors were unacceptable even for his best friend. They were too shameless. If she didn't grow up with him, she would have kicked his ass.

Yan Qiuchi is not the same. He is so excellent that even his indifference is like politeness.

“What are you going to do now? Return to the showbiz?”

Shen Jintai nodded, "I just got a script, the secondary leading man.”

“Wow.” Lin Xu was surprised: “You can even get the secondary leading role now.”

“The leading man is Bai Qingquan.” Shen Jintai said.

Lin Xu frowned: “Who is Bai Qingquan? Ah, Bai bit… damn!”

The word “bitch” almost came out.

It was not her fault, because when Shen Jintai mentioned Bai before, he always called Bai “Bai bitch”. After a long time, she almost forgot the name of Bai Qingquan.

“This is really… I’m speechless.” Lin Xu said.

After a while, Lin Xu asked again: “You really didn't succeed? Don't keep it a secret from me.”

“…… No!”

“Why? I don't think you're that bad, after all.”

“Probably not pretty enough.”

Compared with Bai Qingquan.

“But you are so coquettish.” Lin Xu said objectively.

Although she didn't agree with her good friend's shameless behavior, she occasionally felt that Shen Jintai's act of being so crazy in love was interesting.

“Maybe I’m just unworthy.” Shen Jintai said.

Yan Qiuchi's kind of top that can make people “tremble and wail”. He’s not meant for everyone!

Shen Jintai's topic had been hanging on Weibo for most of the day. Before going to bed at night, it was still on, but it dropped to below 20th.

Shen Jintai lay in the dark for a while, unable to fall asleep. He turned on the bedside lamp, took off his pajamas, and took some photos with it.

Then he covered his private part with memes, and posted his first Weibo in the new world.

“The old me is dead, now I'm reborn.”

With the picture, there is a little red and swollen tattoo, the tattoo has been blurred, only a face that is not decorated, fresh and clean.

One can still vaguely distinguish the three characters “Yan Qiuchi”.

Yan Qiuchi left his phone on the table and drank some water, but the screen was still on. “Shen Jintai’s tattoo” got to the first place of the top searched list in the middle of the night, followed by a word “Boom”.

Hot Comment No. 1: “Spoiler alert. Internal news, he’s coming back.”

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