Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 4

The people around were all stunned.

FYI, Shen Jintai cast a movie before he retired.

Idols can get famous in a very short period of time, but they can get forgotten quickly, too. That’s why people who went to talent shows would choose to be actors or actresses, few would insist on singing and dancing. Shen Jintai was no exception.

He and Bai Qingquan made their debut in the same talent show called “Pick me”, and they’ve competed for opportunities to be in films and television shows. Shen Jintai won and got the leading role he wanted.

And the rest is history. Shen Jintai had contributed several classic memes.

Stiff, that was the most given comments from others in the business.

But now the one in front of them was like another person. It's not because that his acting was unbelievably shocking, but that it was so much better than they expected.

Guo Rui invited him to come to the audition was because he wanted to have Bai Qingquan owes him one and he thought that Bai Qingquan and Shen Jintai acting in the same show could be a great selling point. It could be the best propaganda. But he was not sure about Shen Jintai's acting skills.

Seeing him acted like that, Guo was 100% satisfied and asked Shen Jintai to try the customs.

Shen’s appearance was quite consistent with the character. Though he was no as beauty as thought, but the good he could do to the show made that problem unimportant.

Guo Rui asked him to try again with makeup. This time it was better.

Guo had a great say in the choosing of the cast, so he decided that Shen was the man and called the producer.

Shen Jintai's face was still flushed. He pressed a paper towel on the red end of his eyes and looked at Li Meilan calmly. Li Meilan held back her excitement and said gently: “Leave the rest to me.”

The contract still needed to be discussed. Li Meilan wanted to go to the temple to thank Buddha if Shen could ever get that role. But she noticed how satisfied Guo Rui was and the decision was made so fast. In addition, that was Shen Jintai's comeback. So, she thought they may still have a chance to bargain about the price.

They were all sincere about the cooperation so the contract was soon decided. After signing the contract, Shen Jintai received the scripts of the first 20 episodes.

“Next Monday, all of us will be here to go through the scripts.” A staff reminded him.

Shen Jintai nodded: “OK.”

Going through the script is important. Before shooting, the cast would sit together and discuss to perfect the script.

“Well, see you next Monday.” Bai Qingquan said with a smile: “I have to go, the photographer is waiting.”

Shen Jintai reached out and they shook hands.

“I slapped you a little too hard. I'm sorry. I’ve never done a slap in a movie before. I didn't know how hard it should be.”

“It’s OK. I’ll just take it as a drill.” Shen Jintai loosened his grip. The daylight came in from the entrance of the corridor and shined on him, made him looked fresh and clean. Bai Qingquan felt a bit strange about Shen Jintai like this.

The bone structure’s good and upright, made Shen seemed a little … extraordinary??

And what was tender look he had when he looked at Bai Qingquan?

It made Bai uncomfortable!

Bai Qingquan went back to his room, closed the door and shook his fist and stamped his feet: “Ahhhhhh!”

His agent, Wei Ge, saw it and immediately said: “You’re not home. Be careful. If anyone sees you like this, your personal image will be a joke!” 

“I'm so pissed off!” Bai Qingquan seemed to have changed: “Did you see that? Did you see that back there?”

“Yeah.” Wei Ge said calmly.

Bai Qingquan stamped his feet again and said: “How could he be so good!”

The lines, his breath, pronunciation, emotion, rhythm, even his tears were so great!

“It's a good thing. You can be stronger when you’re facing the strong.” Wei Ge said.

“But I invited him just to humiliate him. What if he’s better than me and steals my thunder?”

“Have faith in yourself.”

“But I’m not so good at acting. The last reward I won was because you pulled some strings...”

Wei Ge was speechless, then suggested: “Then let's talk to the director and replace him?”

Bai Qingquan pursed his lips and thought for a long time: “No, forget it. I like to have him play a supporting role for me.”

No matter how good his acting can be, he can only get a supporting role as a “pretty eunuch”. Compared to Bai, Shen’s beauty is only a joke.

Moreover, he had known Shen Jintai for years. As far as he knew about Shen Jintai's acting, what just happened must be an outperforming. His acting skills had been infamous. There was no way for him to become an experienced actor after two years wasted.

Think of all the things Shen Jintai once done to him, the hard time he’ been through, the tears.

He’s going to find the cruellest way to torture Shen Jintai!

“Ah ah ah!” Li Meilan stamped her feet.

Shen Jintai asked: “Was that ok?”

“It was not OK. It was wonderful!” Xiao Tang held her glasses and said.

“Where did you learn that from, God?” Li Meilan couldn't help but feel excited: “How can you act so well all of a sudden!”

“Maybe I have suffered too much from Yan Qiuchi and understood what life is.” Shen Jintai said.

“Well done!” Li Meilan said: “As long as you work hard, you’re going to be rich, and there’ll be tons of good men for you to choose, even better than Yan Qiuchi!”

“Yeah, I think so.” Shen Jintai said, putting his hands in his trouser pockets. “I think Bai Qingquan is much better than Yan Qiuchi!”

Never seen such a soft and pretty bottom!

He must win over Bai’s heart!

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang: “...”

Next to them, they turned their heads and saw a young man’s Starbucks splashing on the ground.

When the elevator’s door closed, that young man immediately picked up the cup and rushed to the hall.

When he got to the hall, Gao Qiao then took the elevator to the tenth floor.

“Boss, there’s something I think you’d want to know!”

Yan Qiuchi sat at the other end of his desk and raised his head, looking at Gao with a poker face.

Mr. Yan’s more handsome than other ordinary stars. But he was cold, and Gao Qiao was a little afraid: “Well, I just met Shen Jintai at the gate, and heard him say...”

He said with courage: “I think I know what he’s planning!”

“I think you may want to see this more.” Xiao Yang, who was leaning on the sofa, sat up, took his mobile phone and said: “The eighth hottest topic on the internet, have a look.”

Yan Qiuchi picked up the phone on the desk, opened the micro blog slowly, and then saw the content clearly, and he frowned slightly.

Gao Qiao also quickly took out his phone to have a look, only to see the eighth hottest topic: “Shen Jintai; tattoo”.

Shen Jintai was infatuated with Yan Qiuchi and showed his love in countless ways. The most famous one is to tattoo the name of Yan Qiuchi on his clavicle.

The position of clavicle is very ingenious. With Shen Jintai dancing the tattoo on it can be seen inexplicitly. When he first got the tattoo, many were curious about what the whole tattoo looks like. It even made to be one of the hottest topics at that time. Then in Shen Jintai's last public performance, after the last action, he tore his shirt and showed Yan’s name on his chest.

“Yan Qiuchi”, that three words were shown to the crowd.

All the netizens were shocked and all his fans decided to stop supporting him!

And the eighth hottest topic Gao Qiao just saw was from a blogger who wrote: “Amazing news!! Shen Jintai washed off his tattoo of love!!”

The weather that day was not good. There were dark clouds. But at that moment, the dark clouds were gone, and the sun was shining all of a sudden. The sky was bright and fresh.

Before Shen Jintai got on the vehicle, he saw his reflection on the car glass and stopped for a while.

Just met a handsome guy like Bai Qingquan and then looked at himself, he felt like a nobody.

His current appearance and aptitude were indeed just the average level in the showbiz.

But it doesn't matter. He believes that he can complete the task successfully. One day, he will become the most charming.

“Hello, Xiao Ai.”

“Dingdong, dear, what can I do for you?”

“Can I know in advance what are your various prizes?”

“There’s too much, dear. What do you want? Xiao Ai can check it for you.”

“Wide shoulders, small waist, long legs.” Shen Jintai said: “The perfect head-to-body ratio looks like it’s from a comic book, and a face that can make people the favorite in the showbiz.”

“We have all of these.” Xiao Ai said: “I can only tell you, we have basically everything. You name it. So dear, work hard!”

Xiao Ai seemed more excited than he was!

And that made Shen Jintai excited.

He had a feeling that someone was watching him upstairs, so he looked back at the building, but only saw the light reflected from the glass of the building, which was blinding.

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