Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 3

Speak of the devil! Li Meilan, Xiao Tang and Shen Jintai were a little embarrassed.

"Good morning, Mr. Yan." She greeted Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Qiuchi nodded to her, but he kept looking at Shen Jintai behind her. Shen Jintai flushed, and then his face turned pale. He followed Li Meilan out of the elevator.

“It better be.”

When passing by Yan Qiuchi, he suddenly heard Yan Qiuchi said this.


Shen Jintai turned to look at Yan Qiuchi. Without heavy make-up, Shen’s eyes were surprisingly bright. He said: “As you wish.”

Then he passed Yan Qiuchi, leaving everyone confused and wondering. Yan Qiuchi was in a daze, he didn't smell Shen Jintai's perfume which was always flamboyant and aggressive. He looked back, only to get a look at Shen Jintai’s back which was exceptionally lean.

God it felt so good!

Shen felt like that he got back some of the dignity he gave up on these years!

He’ll get all the dignity he gave up for Yan back!

"Ding Dong!" At this moment, Xiao Ai was suddenly online: “Congratulations, you’ve got yourself 2 points!”

Shit, that easy?!

“There was a little tense just now. We detected that Yan’s emotion was influenced, so that was a successful provocation.

It's so easy. Becoming pretty is just around the corner!

“Don't get angry, Mr. Yan, that’s what he’s like. Who knows what kind of trick it is this time.” Gao Qiao, Yan Qiuchi's personal assistant, said in the elevator: “He must be playing hard-to-get this time!”

Some staff members around also agreed: “Yeah, it must be!”


“He’s trying to copy Bai Qingquan’s look? With that outfit.”

The one who was talking was a handsome, slightly evil looking man with gold-laced spectacles. However, the glassed made him more like a freak than a scholar.

He’s Xiao Yang, Yan Qiuchi's good friend. He hated Shen Jintai no less than Yan Qiuchi.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Qiuchi: “He does look better than before.”

Yan Qiuchi looked even worse than before.

Gao Qiao smiled: “A bad imitation?”

Yan Qiuchi gave him a serious look, and Gao Qiao quickly stopped.

The boss doesn’t like talking about people behind their backs, and he like it much less when people around him talk behind others’ backs. Even though he hated Shen Jintai so much.

But Gao Qiao really couldn't understand how Shen Jintai thinks.

Mr. Yan’s the heir of a famous family.  He graduated from a famous university and he’s upright, well-mannered, and rich. His private life was as flawless as an ascetic monk. Shen Jintai, on the other hand, had every shortcoming a man from a rich family could get. He was bad tempered and dissolute. The only good thing about him was that he was rich. But his fortune is nothing compared to that of Yan’s family. They are not even in the same world.

Shen Jintai pursues Yan Qiuchi. Everyone takes that as a joke!

Shen Jintai followed Li Meilan into the dressing room.

As they went in, they saw five or six people talking around a handsome man in a white shirt. The handsome man listened carelessly, and was polishing his nails with a nail file in his hand. When he saw them coming in, he immediately stood up.

“Jintai, long time no see.”

He’s a tall body and is a man with a feminine face. His facial features are soft and delicate. He’s way more charming in person than in photos.

As a normal person, Shen Jintai’s favorite character in the novel “Everyone Loves Bai Yueguang” when he first read it was Bai Yueguang. Readers have prejudice of the main characters and cannot get a clear sense. But the man from the novel was real and he was standing in front of him, alive.

Shen Jintai thought of the description of Bai Qingquan’s appearance in the novel.

It’s said that his skin is like a peeled egg, his eyes are bright like there’re oceans inside them, his delicate lips are red like flowers, and that everyone who see him would fell for him and such.

The author also added: “This kind of description if used on others, the person may be envied or laughed at, but it’s definitely suitable on Bai Qingquan and no one would say otherwise!”

Now that he saw Bai in person, he realized that all the descriptions are real! Bai gives people a feeling that he’s from heaven! He fell for Bai, he really did!

He fell in love with his rival at first sight!

Shen Jintai also happily reached his hand: “I’m surprised that you recognized me.”

No one else recognized him at first sight.

Bai Qingquan was obviously stunned for a while. He probably didn't expect that Shen Jintai, who dared to give him an eye on stage, would become so gentle.

This is as surprising as Li Meilan telling him that Shen Jintai accepted his proposal.

Bai Qingquan said with a smile: “Others don't know. But we two started together. We used to live in the same dormitory once, of course I know what you looked like without the make-up.”

Shen Jintai with his makeup on was a shining star, but without the make-up, he looked like the boy next door, just normal. Bai Qingquan’s different, he’s famous for looking good even with makeup. Rumor has it that he doesn't wear makeup even when he is shooting a scene!

Shen Jintai couldn't help but looked at Bai Qingquan. Who doesn't want to bully a pretty bottom like him!

“Have you seen the director?” Bai Qingquan tried to ignore Shen Jintai's over enthusiastic eyes and looked at Li Meilan with a smile.

Li Meilan also showed a kind of flattering attitude to this top-ranking star in the showbiz with tons of resources at hand: “Not yet. We have to thank you for this gig. And that why I brought him here to meet you first.”

Bai Qingquan said with a smile: “OK, let's go, together.”

When they left the dressing room, the staff immediately gathered together to and gossiped.

“My God, luck is really random. Who’d have thought that Shen Jintai, who was in a better position than Bai’s two years ago now relies on Bai Qingquan resources!”

“Yeah, on the night of the final, they fought to be the champion. The result was held a secret until the last moment, and it was on headlines!”

“It's said that Bai Qingquan is one vote less than him! It's too fucking dramatic. The fans of Bai would never get over it!”

“Speaking of which, Bai’s fans are really angry! Who doesn't know that Shen Jintai's votes were bought. Bai Qingquan earned every vote with his charm!”

“Fortunately, life’s fair. Shen Jintai's family is now broke, and he’s also not the superstar he used to be. Other stars come and go, but the one on the top is always Bai Yueguang!”

“That’s why they say that the showbiz is not for sentimental people. All sentimental stars ended awfully.”

“Interesting. Two rivals shake hands and make peace, and they’re about to star the same play together. Also, the champion becomes the supporting role and the second becomes the main character. A good topic!”

“You forgot to mention that there’s a prince between them!”

As for Yan Qiuchi, a makeup artist blushed: “No wonder Shen Jintai was so fascinated by the young man of the Yan’s family, he’s so … so handsome. Even one of the best among all the stars. He has money, good appearance and body figure, a perfect man.”

“Fuck, what do you think. In the entertainment circle, there are no undivided underpants that have been linked with Bai Qingquan. Only the prince Yan's fans have called Yan's son-in-law! "

“That's Mr. Yan, a super charming being … Did you see his long legs? How tall is he?”

“I only noticed his hands, absolutely attractive...”

“And Adam's apple!”

“And his waist, that waist suggests that he is absolutely the best of men!”

“He really has an unspeakable sense of asceticism. Now I know why Shen Jintai would be obsessed with him.”

“Ha! What's the point? With Shen Jintai's condition, how could he compete with Bai Qingquan!”


Li Meilan walked behind Shen Jintai and watched him carefully.

Shen Jintai has been a playboy and offended a group of people. Every time he saw Bai Qingquan, he’d give Bai an eye. Li Meilan repeatedly educated him that no matter how bad he felt about Bai, he should at least pretend to be nice. But he never listens. However, no matter how awful their fans were fighting, Bai Qingquan would still smile every time they met. That's manner!

But she was surprised today. Shen Jintai was so submissive and patient.

Thank god.

Shen Jintai stared at the back of Bai Qingquan's head and thought.

There is no actor who doesn't want to be popular. This “popular” means lots of fans, good ratings and box office. Without popularity, the actor or actress basically has no chance to play a leading role. Best scenario, he or she might be called an experienced actor or actress after a long life of acting. But this time, he's only twenty years old, and he get to be in the audition for a role of a good show!

He’s going to seize the opportunity!

The name of the play is “Here comes the East Palace”. It's an ancient costumed play about the intrigues in the royal family.

Seeing the name, he knew he had made it! The play’s mentioned in the novel!

The leading actor of the play is the most popular actor Bai Qingquan, and the main lady is Yang Lizhi, the prettiest actress under 30. The director, Guo Rui, had just made a show that went viral. In terms of configuration, the play should be the most expected one this year. In fact, he remembers that the play did become phenomenal after broadcasted, and everyone who participated were benefited. Several new actors and actresses in it all got something that they want.

Thank god that the soul of this Shen Jintai left. Otherwise, if he gets to see Bai Qingquan become even more popular because of this play for half a year, he might die of anger.

“Here comes the East Palace” is a drama about royal family. There were not so many men. Of course, Bai Qingquan’s the prince. As for Shen Jintai, he’s not the emperor or the imperial doctor or the bodyguard, but a eunuch.

He’s a little eunuch trusted by his master, as his master rises, he also gains power, and finally becomes the great eunuch with huge power and ends up the ultimate villain.

He’s coquettish, bad and treacherous. But he has a delicate feeling for his master. A very interesting character.

The leading actress’s character not only has to fight with women, but also with eunuchs. This is the kind innovation that worth all the attention in the world!

What Shen wanted to try was an important part in the show. In order to help his master to get the East Palace, the little eunuch seduces the prince and tries to frame him. After being caught by the queen, he intends to provoke the queen to beat him to death, so that he could worsen the relationship between the queen and the prince.

“I'm just a humble slave. I can only obey the orders of my masters. Your royal highness, if the prince wants me to serve him, then I have to, wholeheartedly. If I failed, the prince wouldn’t be satisfied. Now the prince is satisfied, the queen wants to punish me. It seems that I have to die.”

In the novel, it’s surprising what the show could have.

“Ready?” Asked Guo Rui with a smile.

Shen Jintai put down the paper in his hand, sighed and nodded.

He used to struggle for resources. He won every play by nailing the audition. The more he tries, the more experienced he is. He knew how to show his acting skills in the shortest time with the least lines. Crying was his strength.

It's just a little awkward.

In the past, he often read about those who jumped into another world went through sudden changes and shocked the whole audience with great skills. This time, it’s him wo’s about to make it happen!

Embarrassed, but also excited!

“Do you need my help?”, Bai Qingquan asked in a warm voice: “I'm afraid you'll be embarrassed to do this alone.”

Better seen than heard. Bai’s indeed a nice man.

“Yes, please.” Shen Jintai said.

More contact with Bai Qingquan might be helpful for him to do tasks in the future.

Li Meilan and Xiaotang clenched their fists, and the whole room stared at them.

Gosh, if it wasn't confidential, they really wanted to take out their cell phones and record it!

Bai Qingquan’s going to slap Shen Jintai! It's said that two years ago in the dressing room, Shen Jintai once slapped Bai Qingquan. Now the classic scene’s going to be once more!

“A fake slap?” Bai Qingquan asked.

“Make it real. The reactions will be more convincing.” Shen Jintai made messy his hair and said: “Don't hold back.”

Bai Qingquan's look was hard to interpret, and his red lips were pursed.

“Action.” Guo Rui held the script tightly.

Shen Jintai nodded at Bai Qingquan, whose lips were quivering slightly. It seemed that he could not control his excitement or that he already fell into the plot: “Shameless, you filthy servant, how dare you seduce the prince!”

After saying that, he slapped Shen Jintai hard, who was suddenly in a blank.


Li Meilan shivered.

Jintai, don't go rampaging! It's all acting!

She was really afraid of Shen Jintai breaking out.

Shen Jintai rubbed against the corner of his mouth, then raised his head. His eyes looked different.

Li Meilan: Is this really the Shen Jintai she knew?

The well-acknowledged bad actor now changed all by himself!

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