Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

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Chapter 2

Shen Jintai started his career for several years, and his only representative work is chasing men.

Shen Jintai’s the only one in the showbiz who chases men openly and becomes well-known for that.

Spending money like it’s dirt, Shen Jintai is the first star who got himself broke for pursuing a man. He’s the first in history, and probably the last!

When Shen Jintai came home, he took a good look at the mirror. What first came to his sight was his red hair and cherry red eye-shadow. He had a look seemingly aged between a boy and a man. Though he didn’t look well, it was actually quite suitable for a mean character who was about to be no more.

His facial features were not exquisite but he was indeed better-looking than average, there was many he could do to be better. His advantage is that he had smooth and bright skin and his face was small.

He thought of the booty reward and looked at his ass.

He really thought the figure was good enough.

He was 180cm tall and had a sixpack that was not so tight due to his lack of dance practice for a long time. The lines had been blurred. Only the skeleton looked like a young man’s. There was a big tattoo on the clavicle. And the tattoo is…

Damn. The tattoo is Yan’s name and a red heart!

Under the current policy, such a big tattoo should be able to get him a mosaic on him on TV!

Oh no, the red hair could get him banned


Shen Jintai went to the tattoo shop without hesitation.

“Are you sure you want to get it off?”The guy in the tattoo shop asked him again and again.

“Hundred percent sure.”

He washed his face and took off his makeup, which made him a little different from the look he pput on on the stage. However, the handsome tattoo guy asked: “Geez, are you … Shen Jintai?”

He didn’t sound so sure about it. How can Shen Jintai come to this small shop? Shen's still a star even if he's not as popular as before.

Shen Jintai once again felt his popularity!

As an old actor who has worked hard for so many years and still transparent on the street, this kind of experience is really satisfying!

In the showbiz, people don’t worry about haters, they worry about not being well-known. Hated by many is also a way of being well-known.

“I am.” He said.

The tattoo guy seemed a little excited.

“Do you want a selfie with me?” Shen Jintai invited.

The tattoo guy nodded crazily, hurriedly took out his cell phone, said: “My girlfriend used to like you.”

Used to…

Until his girlfriend changed her view and hated him instead.

After taking the selfie, the tattoo guy started his work.

“Can you get it off thoroughly?” Shen asked.

“Your tattoo is too deep. And it's colored. You can't wash it off completely. It's impossible to make it looks like before. But if you try for more times, it’ll be less apparent.”

“Will there be scars?”

“It depends on one's physique, but there will be a little bit.”

Shen Jintai nodded: “Do it.”

The tattoo spreads from the clavicle to the indescribable place. It's very tricky. The washing process was very painful. It's estimated that it’s more painful when he got it. His chest was bleeding. Shen Jintai lay there with his eyes closed.

Life is so unfair.

If he had this luck to be popular in his debut, he would retire for love only when his brain got messed by a pig.

Especially when the one he retire for is the one who loves his competitor!

Whatever Shen Jintai did, there were always some fans who stayed. But after Shen Jintai tattooed Yan Qiuchi's name on his body, all the fans gave up on him completely.

Shit, who could’ve seen anyone so shameless and cheap!

The tattoo guy was excited and wanted to stamp his feet the whole time when he was washing off the tattoo.

Tattoos have too much stories in them. There are few thing that are more capable to carry strong feelings, love and hate than tattoos. When you love, you want to have the one under your skin. And when you hate, you’d rather peer off your skin just to get rid of everything that might remind you of the one.

Who is this Yan Qiuchi? The tattoo’s so deep and conspicuous.

The tattoo guy felt that the name was familiar. He decided to ask his girlfriend when he got home!

Shen Jintai made an appointment for next week and then left with his hand covering his chest.

Although the wound was processed, blood came out once in a while.

The price of love!

The tattoo guy sent him out. And when Shen Jintai was far away, he immediately called: “Honey, guess who just came to the shop!”

His girlfriend was full of curiosity: “Who is it?”

“Shen Jintai!”

When fans love someone, they want everything good for their idol, and when they hate something, they’d want him or her to die. His girlfriend kept silent for two seconds, then said: “Do you want a fight? Don't mention that stupid ass, OK?”

Outside, the sky dimmed, and the night took its turn.The street lights were not on yet. Passers-by were in a hurry, and no one recognized him, even though he had his recognizable pink hair.

He went to a barbershop not far away, dyed his hair black, and changed his haircut into a fresher one.

The pink hair’s not a problem for him, he has to have bright skin. And with the black hair, his skin’s even brighter.

The barber complimented: “You look a bit like a star.”

The name Shen Jintai didn’t come to him afterall.

Shen Jintai smiled at the mirror. Maybe he was not familiar with this face. When he looked into the mirror, he seemed to be looking at someone else. Fresh facial features, but under them is his soul full of ambition and desire. Intermingling with each other, there’s a contradictory attraction, just like river water with ice in the early Spring.

If he become more handsome, maybe he’s going to rule the showbiz!

Out of the barber shop, he naturally felt for cigarettes in his pocket, but all he felt was soft cloth.

Took it out, he realized it was the thong that he stuffed into his pocket.

He wanted to throw it into the garbage can next to him, but hesitated for a moment. He looked at the suit coat he was wearing, which was extremely loose.

It seemed to be Yan Qiuchi's coat. He got it wrong in a hurry.

Shen Jintai came home and hung the thong and the suit coat together. The thong with the most coquettish design and the suit coat with the most rigorous and formal design. He planned to take a look at them every day for warning and encouragement.

After a day's rest at home, Li Meilan called.

Shen Jintai kicked the quilt away before he even opens his eyes. He was used to nude sleeping. He stretched out his arms and legs and left his long legs hung on the edge of the bed and swung: “Hello?”

“I've got a secondary lead for you. Are you gonna take it?”

What? Secondary lead!

Of course! This is the second lead!

“Yeah, Yeah, of course!” Shen Jintai immediately opened his eyes and sat up excitedly: “I didn’t think that I can still get a second lead.”

He’s not that much of a has-been afterall.

Li Meilan smiled, sounded embarrassed: “But...”

She coughed: “The leading actor is Bai Yueguang.”

Bai Yueguang, or so-called the Bright Moonshine, is not only a nickname given to him by Bai Qingquan's fans, but also a description of his character.

The moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring flows between stones. The nickname suits him.

Everyone knows that Shen Jintai and Bai Yueyue are rivals.

Li Meilan, afraid that he would refuse, hurriedly added: “You also know how fast the showbiz has been updating in the past two years. At present, the resources I can give you are small gigs in some small cities, and none of the scripts is available except this one.”

It's no wonder why there’s no scripts for him. He was an infamous actor who knows nothing about acting. He had participated in one, but because of his awkward performance, he had also become a pack of memes.

“Bai Yueyue is really nice a person. He immediately called the producer when he heard that you are going back. The producer agreed and invited you to the audition tomorrow. Bai Yueguang is one of the top stars now. Being the secondary actor in his episodes is the best choice for you. Think about that.”

Of course, the producer would say yes. Two rivals in one play is a good selling point. Li Meilan would as well. It's the most important thing to be eye-catching for a come-back.

“And...” Li Meilan stopped, and finally said: “This play is one of the key investment projects of sunshine media this year...”

Sunshine media is a film and television Co. that Yan’s financial group had just established two years ago. And it is Yan Qiuchi, the prince of Yan’s financial group, who is in charge of this field.

“Say no more. I'll take it.” Shen Jintai said.

He is worried about not getting a chance to meet them.

“Ding Dong, Xiao Ai’s online.”

“Fuck!” Shen Jintai threw his cell phone away in fright: “You freaked me out!”

Xiao AI chuckled: “Congratulations, you'll be officially in the instance tomorrow.”

“Is it time to release the plot tasks?”

“No, we are a very humanized and loving system. We only ask for results and don't care what measures you take. But in order to motivate you, I'm going to give you a discount.”

“What discount?”

“According to the original regulations, you need to win over the heart of Bai Yueguang to get the reward. But in order to let you get familiar with our reward system in advance, and because we’re so kind and the reward is so good, so we decided to help you improve in advance. You only need to get ten points to get the first reward.”

“Can you tell me what are your good rewards?”

He doesn't want them to be all about his ass. He wants face, face, face!

“Just a moment. I'm checking… Your next reward is to be prettier.”


“Because our reward is to help you get  more and more beautiful and sexy, so sexual attraction and beauty are rewarded in turn. That is to say, the first reward is to help you get more sexy, the second is to help you get prettier, the next, still sexy, then beauty, and so on.”

Well, to be a star, you really need both.

"By the way, I'd like to remind you that although your task is to win over Bai Yueguang, it's actually meant to suppress the Yan and help him become stronger and more enterprising. So in addition to winning over Bai, you can also get point accordingly by influencing Yan. After all, the battle between the hero and the villain can always stimulate the readers and make the novel more eye-catchy.”

Well, it seems so.

“The more intense the collision, the more bonus points.”

The word collision felt strange. Why does this shameful reward system always makes people think about something nasty.

As soon as his imagination did its part, Xiao Ai laughed again.

Knew it!

“Can you stop making that lewd noise?”

"OK, I’ll leave you with yourself and be offline. Do your best!”

Shen Jintai buried himself in his bed. What kind of mess is this.

He pinched his own thigh, everything is real.

Shen Jintai went to the audition early the next morning. Li Meilan and his assistant Xiaotang were waiting for him at the door. Shen Jintai waved: “Hi, good morning!”

Li Meilan took a look at him with her arms folded, and then looked at Xiaotang: “Who is this?”

“I don't know.”

Nowadays, unfamous actors love to act like they’re friends with each other. No good actors, them all, but certainly social butterflies.

It's a cold response. Shen Jintai took off his sunglasses: “Good morning, Sister.”

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang were stunned for a moment, then stared at him for a long time.

“I’ll be damned.” Li Meilan reached out her hand, pinched his chin and took a close look at his face.

“Brother Jin?”, Xiao Tang said: “I almost didn't recognize you.”

It’s been a long time since the last time he saw Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai didn't have a job. All Shen did was chasing Yan Qiuchi's ass like a stalker, contacting him would be a completely waste of time.


Shen Jintai had lost some weight. With his hair dyed black, he became a totally different person. The biggest change is his clothes. Since Shen Jintai’s debut, he’d been getting attention by wearing clothes as strange as possible. With heavy make-up and his high-profile personality, he really made a scene.

But now he is fresh from head to toe, like a pretty teenage boy in the sun.

Three people entered the elevator, Li Meilan said: “You are so different. You really mean to change?”

“Don't worry, sister, I am not the man I was!”

The audition room they were going to was on the third floor and the elevator was on the first. Li Meilan said: “What about Yan Qiuchi?”

Ding Dong, they arrived at the third floor, and the elevator door opened slowly. Shen Jintai's voice was full of spirit: “Who is Yan Qiuchi? Daddy’s never heard of him!”

As soon as he said it, the four or five people standing outside the elevator were surprised. The one at front was a man in black suit with wide shoulders and narrow waist. He was tall and had his hands in trouser pockets. Looked detached and uneasy to get along with. Hearing the words, the man fronwed, and looked straight at him over Li Meilan in front of him.

He know this man, “No matter men or women, as long as you like men, you’d want him.”, Yan Qiuchi.

The same Yan Qiuchi who just kicked him out of bed two days ago.

The one who’s bound to be as wild as he’s cold now.

The line of chin was fabulous, the bridge of his nose was high, the thin lips were clean, the facial features were noble and upright but gave out a sense of extreme abstinence. And the sense of abstinence was so strong that it felt provocative.

Shen Jintai immediately understood the original soul’s obsession.

Yan Qiuchi was giving out a message with his appearance: “Come, see if you have the ability to seduce me!”

Such a man would make people want to conquer him and enjoy the distorted look of excitement on his upright face.

The desire of the ascetic, like that of the begging of lascivious, is the Everest of the lustful.

It's a pity that the original soul was frozen to death halfway to the top. He didn't see the grand view he wanted.

Suddenly the image of him undressing and offering himself a few days agocame to Shen’s mind. He felt embarrassed.

Shen’s voice was very distinctive, in addition, he had been running around  Yan Qiuchi's ass, so the staff around Yan could recognize him just by his voice.

This really is one stubborn stalker.

“Daddy’s never heard of him?” Interesting! Did he forget how he shamelessly followed behind Yan and called Yan his husband?!

Everyone looked into the elevator contemptuously. Only to see a young man in a white shirt and black pants standing behind Li Meilan.

A handsome black haired boy with a clear and light sense of youth and a curve on his lips.

This is … Shen Jintai?

There was only few days of absence. How … how did he become like this!

The author words: Shen Jintai: Yan Qiuchi is the Everest that everyone wants to climb, but no one ever succeeded.

Author: It doesn't matter. No one ever made it, but you will.

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