When the hero and heroine in a president novel exchange their bodies

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Chapter 2

Li Wei's mentality collapsed.

She couldn't even care about peeing, but staggered out of the bathroom.

It was a separate ward, and Li Wei felt like she was dreaming, so she opened the door and walked out to find someone to ask.

The VIP ward was very quiet with only a few patients. A man, carried a heat preservation box, was walking to her. When he saw her rushing out, he hurried forward three or two steps to support her, "Mr. Yi, What happened?"

Li Wei felt that this man looked a bit familiar, and soon she remembered him.

This was Yi Yinglang's secretary, who had met in the conference room before.

"What did you just call me?" Li Wei murmured.

The man was puzzled, "Is there anything wrong, Mr. Yi?"

Li Wei thought of a rather ridiculous situation, she reached out to the man, "Give me your phone, hurry up."

Wei Bin didn't know what happened to  Mr. Yi, but he obediently took out his mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to him

Li Wei picked up the phone and slid directly to the camera function. The moment she saw her face, her conjecture was finally confirmed.

She leaned against the wall, covering the face, and shouted collapsed.

Wei Bin thought it was the aftermath of a car accident and hurriedly called the dumbfounded nurse lady to get the doctor.

The nurse nodded her head and ran off with a flush before she could recover from the pants-down scene she had just been in.

Li Wei hurriedly asked, "Yi...where is Li Wei?"

"Miss Li?" Wei Bin froze and replied, "She's downstairs in the ward."

Based on Mr. Yi's attitude towards the media, Wei Bin suppressed the news as soon as the car accident happened. So far to the outside world had only revealed that a car accident occurred on a major road in the city, no one was injured. As for who was in the accident, the outside world doesn't know.

The fact that Yi shared a car with Huaying's female entertainer is definitely quite a shocking gossip, even if there was no accident.

Wei Bin placed Mr. Yi in the VIP ward. In order to avoid doubt, Huaying publicized that Li Wei was retreating to prepare a new play, so the announcement and activities were temporarily stopped. In fact, she was in the VIP ward downstairs to get well.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Yi cared so much about the female artist named Li Wei.

Wei Bin was a little unsure for a moment whether he was right to separate the two to get treatments.

Guo Xufang and his assistant Tang, looked at each other blankly.

It had been twenty minutes since Li Wei woke up and kept looking in the mirror, and the more mirror she looked in, the worse she looked.

Guo Xufang at first thought that Li Wei was worried that she would be disfigured in a car accident. After telling her that the traumas would heal without scarring, Li Wei sneered inexplicably, "Then what a pity."

Tang shuddered to Guo Xufang's ear and asked, "Guo, has she injured her brain in the car accident?"

Guo Xufang thought to herself, this was much more serious than a disfigurement.

At this point the ward door was slammed open.

Guo Xufang and Tang looked at Mr. Yi in the doorway with a plaster cast still on his right hand in surprise.

"Mr. Yi?"

"Li Wei" on the bed became mad in an instant after seeing the man.

"What the hell did you do to me!"

Guo Xufang's heart was in shock. Li Wei was really crazy, how dare she talk to Mr. Yi like that!

"Li wei! How can you talk to Mr. Yi in this way? Apologize to Mr. Yi now!"

Yi Yinglang smiled and grinned at the standing "Yi Yinglang" with a sullen tone, "What? I apologize to her?"

Guo: "Li Wei, don't you want to be in the circle anymore!"

Tang, "Woo Woo she really broke her head!"

Li Wei, "..."

Guo Xufang ordered Tang to cover "Li Wei"'s mouth for the future of her own artists. Poor Yi Yinglang was strangled by a girl and then covered her mouth. She struggled with "Wuwu". Tang prayed to heaven for Wei Wei to return to normal.

"Mr. Yi, I'm really sorry. Please don't take her words to heart. She just had a car accident and is emotionally unstable," Guo Xufang humbly apologized to Li Wei, her words pleaded, "Please forgive her this time for the sake of her being an entertainer of Huaying."

Watching the agent speak for herself like this, Li Wei felt a little touched.

Her agent is usually very strict with her, and often forces her to take on scenes she doesn't want to take on, the two of them occasionally argue, and Li Wei often complains to Tang in private about Guo Xufang.

Li Wei suddenly raised her mouth, and faint tears welled up in her eyes as she watched Guo Xufang's gaze suddenly become soft and attached.

Guo Xufang was taken aback by the sudden expression of "Yi Yinglang", wondering if Mr. Yi had also smashed his brain.

Yi Yinglang in Tang's hands could only roll his eyes to express his displeasure.

Guo Xufang quickly removed her eyes and shouted at "Li Wei", "Mr. Yi didn't care about you, apologize to Mr. Yi quickly?"

Tang let go of her hands.

Yi Yinglang snorted, "No way."

"Hey you little girl, you're revolt aren't you!" Guo Xufang was furious and rushed over to "Li Wei" and punched her in the head: "Apologies!"

Yi Yinglang looked incredulously at the woman in front of him, "You hit me?"

Seeing that Yi Yinglang was about to break out, Li Wei let Guo Xufang stop at the right time and said that she wanted to talk with him alone.

Seeing "Yi Yinglang" really didn't care, Guo was relieved and pulled Tang to leave the ward quickly. Before leaving, she did not forget to verbally threaten "Li Wei" on the bed.

"See what I can do to you when you're well."

Yi Yinglang grunted coldly, acting like a naughty boy who didn't listen to discipline.

The ward was finally quiet.

Yi Yinglang plucked the drip from his hand and got up and approached Li Wei with a cold tone, "Li Wei, I don't care what tactics you used to make me like this, but I urge you to stop now, or you won't be able to bear the consequences."

Li Wei was also helpless, "I don't know, when I wake up is like this."

Yi Yinglang sneered, "You don't know? What a shameless woman like you can't do?"

It’s again.

Li Wei thinks that she is self-sufficient, and her agent is very strict. In addition to making a gossip with other male stars, she does not even know what it is like to fall in love. She's been misunderstood again and again and no one can stand it.

She was wronged and retorted with a cry, "I said I don't know what happened!"

She used his face to make an aggrieved expression, girly and coquettish.

Yi Yinglang shouted at her with some collapse, "You are not allowed to use my body to make this disgusting expression!"

Li Wei looked at him stubbornly, "What's wrong with the expression? I just went to the toilet!"


Yi Yinglang's body shook and his eyes widened suddenly, "You !!!"

It was not a way to go on like this. He did not intend to get involved with this woman anymore, but reluctantly got up by holding the bed, and planned to go to the doctor to check on him.

There was a sound in his head.

"Do not carry out any behavior that will affect the main story line."

Yi Yinglang paused in his tracks.

Soon, Li Wei also heard this voice.

If the doctor is called and knows that they have changed bodies, the plot is really a wild horse off the rails, and any further development is not a romance novel, probably a science fiction.

"According to the plot outline of Love: Slow Down, Mr. President, please adjust your mood and follow the script."

Li Wei and Yi Yinglang's brains were suddenly thrown into a pile of fictional storylines, which was Love: Slow Down, Mr. President mentioned by the voice just now.

There are more than two million words in it, only the first one million is the plot of the two of them, which is also mixed with various kinds of resentment and hatred with supporting actors, as well as the psychological descriptions and scene descriptions used for “watering words” and showing off the writing. The latter part is all about supporting roles. The system automatically filters out these plots and extracts the most refined interactive plots for leading actor and actress for them, totaling less than 500,000 words.

The author is the king of “watering writing”.

Because she had been mentally prepared before, Li Wei had paled quite a bit at this moment, only she couldn't help but draw the corners of her mouth after sweeping those episodes after her and Yi Yinglang in advance.

In this novel, she has to be misunderstood a dozen times by the leading man, one second crying about staying away from this man, but the next moment she sex with the main man, she starts to make subtle invitation. After being framed and slandered countless times by various women and experiencing all kinds of humiliation and bullying, the leading lady forgives everyone and ends up in a happy ending.

What kind of sin did she make to meet an author like this?

Perhaps it was because she was too stubborn that she suddenly had an independent thought.

And Yi Yinglang was not so calm.

He sat on the edge of the bed, covering his forehead and digesting that fact with difficulty.

After a long silence, he finally spoke up, "By what means can we get our bodies back?"

"Dear leading man, if the author knows, what else can I do for you?"


This world was created by the author, but the plot of the novel is not under the author's control, and is arbitrarily out of line. Not only does the man and the woman accidentally have a car accident, they also change their bodies.

In order to let the plot continue, the author who has made enough money has been too lazy to change the outline and rewrite it, and perfunctoryly added a system to ensure that the male and female protagonists can continue to follow the plot.

After they calmed down, Li Wei couldn't bear her throat, so she poured a glass of water and drank it.

When speaking again with moistened throat, she finally recovered man’s normal voice.

She just breathed a sigh of relief, and she looked strange again.

Before Yi Yinglang had the self-consciousness, he was just a plot machine without emotion. Now, when he was calm, his tone was no longer cynical.

"what happened again?"

Li Wei pinched her legs and flushed, "I want to go to the toilet."

"..." He collapsed a little. "Did you just go there?"

"I was going to pee, but it was scared back," Li Wei whispered, "I just drank water and wanted to go again."

Yi Yinglang helped his forehead, "Go quickly."

But soon, he called out to Li Wei again, his tone slightly stagnant, "Wait, you don't touch me, I'll do it myself."

It was awkward for them to stand in front of the toilet.

Yi Yinglang has no peculiar hobby of teaching people to urinate, but he also doesn't want this woman to touch any part of his body.

Li Wei, a female entertainer who grew up in the light of socialism, asked people to help her pee, which she really couldn't do.

So she held back her urine, her face rose up red and she couldn't pee.

Even if one accepts the fact of exchanging bodies, it's really hard to break through the psychological lines of defense when one performs certain physical acts for the other.

Yi Yinglang was really afraid of her suffocating.

By the time she suffocates, it's still him who's embarrassed.

Yi's president is suffocating himself with urine, and he doesn't have to live when word gets out.

"...You do it yourself." He compromised.

He treated it as if he had been touched by a pig's feet.

"I...I'll try." Li Wei also compromised.

She took it as if she had touched the pig whip.

Just as they were deadlocked, the ward door was pushed open again.

"Mr. Yi, the doctor asked me to come and call you back to the ward."

There was no one in the ward.

Wei Bin was a little strange, "Where's Mr. Yi?"

Guo Xufang was even stranger, "I've been at the door, I haven't seen Mr. Yi come out, why is Li Wei gone too?"

At this time, the two men who were fighting bravely with shame in the bathroom had no consciousness.

The voice of the man's grievances faintly came through the bathroom.

"Oh, I still can't urinate."

The woman's irritable low anger sounded.

"It come out when you relax."

"I can't relax ..."

"Is it so difficult to urinate?"

"Woo, so hard."

After a few minutes, Yi Yinglang had to make another concession. He came out first and let Li Wei continue.

He had just opened the door and saw the secretive Mr. Secretary and Miss Agent who had not recovered from the conversation just now.

Yi Yinglang: "..."

A sound of flushing sounded, and the bathroom door was opened again.

Li Wei's expression was comfortable and her tone was relaxed. "I didn't expect it to be difficult to stand in urine, lol."

After saying that, she realized that there was more than just Yi Yinglang standing outside the bathroom.

Li Wei: "..."

Yi Yinglang closed his eyes and looked desperate.

Even if he changes his body later, he doesn't want to live.

Some people appear to be thunderbolt CEOs, but are actually giant babies in their twenties who still need to be urinated with others’ help.

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