When the hero and heroine in a president novel exchange their bodies

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Chapter 1

Before Huaying Media Co., Ltd was acquired, the investor Yi had already had many meetings with Huaying executives.

The company's biggest source of interest at the moment is the development and investment in the film and television industry. As a first-tier media company in China, Huaying has countless artists, of whom Li Wei is currently the mainstay of Huaying, so the majority shareholder offered to meet this female artist to assess its business value in the industry.

Since she burst onto the scene two years ago, Li Wei has been at the top of the "Most Commercially Valuable Artist" list for two years in a row. Even though she got few recognized trophies, she has received numerous invitations from top-tier magazines and high-class endorsements, making her a worthy high popularity first-line star.

When Li Wei received the news, she was wrapping up from an offline event for a luxury brand.

She wore a haute couture dress from the brand, all the jewelry and makeup on her face was sponsored by the brand, and the overall look was "expensive".

Li Wei waved to the fan who followed the car  before getting into the nanny van. 

The fans hold the handpiece and the loud male fans are in charge of shouting.

"Wei Wei ah ah ah, how can you look so pretty!!!"

"Wei Wei, male mother loves you!"

Li Wei was scared by the male mother and blinked confusedly at the camera.

Soon, the raw pictures of her brand's offline activities were taken from the front line of fans who used advanced cameras to shoot idols. Finally the artisans added layers of stunning Korean-style filters, and the nine pictures were sent to Weibo.

Li Wei’s Fan Site Beeyah-w-: "The latest offline beauty pictures are coming! She smiled at the camera! / Cheers / love (emotion)"

"The fan is so good at shooting / cry (emotion)"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Wei Wei"

"Wei Wei must have been watching the super topic. The last time the fans said they wanted her to watch the camera, and this time she watched it. She really loves fans / too happy (emotion)"

"Wei wei’s raw pictures are freaking beautiful"

"I envy the fan with advanced camera to see her face to face, the students who has no money is so envious/ lemon (emotion)"

“Wei wei wearing a haute couture dress is almost alive flowers of wealth!”

Half an hour later, #LiWei's raw imagines from offline activity# went on a hot search, bringing a series of topics about "which female artists’ raw imagines from fan site is most attractive to you?"

Huaying filed the latest real-time hot search data of Li Wei and presented it to Yi's shareholders.

President Yi's who came to the meeting just read a few pages of glowing terms photocopies, and Huaying told him that Li Wei had arrived.

He raised his eyelids and looked indifferent, looking at this unique cash cow that was blown up by Huaying.

Li wei hadn't had time to change out of her dress, and her makeup was made up specifically for the event, with liquid eyeshadow under her eyes and cat-eye liner that was frivolous and flirty, making her look classy and sexy in front of the camera, but not in such a formal meeting room.

The young man on the top seat was dressed in an exquisitely tailored handmade suit, no creases in the shirt, formal and dignified.

The man looked at Li Wei's outfit and suddenly pulled the corner of his mouth and snorted silently.

Then he asked lightly, "This is the most commercially valuable female artist in Huaying?"

This seemingly calm question directly revealed the arrogance and disdain of the man.

Li Wei hadn't had time to speak yet, and her agent Guo Xufang immediately endorsed for her.

“Li Wei's commercial value is not only reflected in her advertising endorsement effect, her various figures are also at the forefront of the artists currently in the public eye, and we have listed the relevant documents here for you....."

Yi Yinglang raised his hand and knocked on the desktop.

"I don't want these false, big and empty words," he said in a calm tone, "Your entertainers alone won't convince me to take a stake in Huaying."

Huaying's senior officials were speechless for a while.

The following topics no longer revolve around Li Wei, and Yi's trust in Huaying's media operation capabilities. So funds are in place, shareholders are not running of the company and are only responsible for collection.

The agent quietly told her to go and change clothes first.

Li Wei was a little angry. She was called back halfway through the event. She almost skipped work, and now she's gone?

But as a working girl, Li Wei dared not to speak, but complained in her heart.

When she came to the parking lot, Li Wei walked towards her nanny car, only to find that her nanny car was missing, and at the moment, there was a black nanny car parked in her parking space, but the price and style were quite different from hers.

The parking lot was dimly lit, but even with her nearsightedness, Li Wei wasn't so far gone as to recognize it.

She was about to make a phone call to ask where the assistant had taken the car, but a voice rang in her head.

--"Get in the car.


She didn't react for a moment, and the voice said get on again.


Li Wei's feet walked uncontrollably towards the car, her fingers pressing on the handle, and the door was unlocked.

There was a partition between the driver's seat and the rear seat, and Li Wei looked at the dark red trim of the car and was in a daze, but her hand unconsciously attached the invisible zip on the side of the dress.

Li Wei opened her eyes, watched her hand take off her dress, spread her delicate hair, and hurriedly searched for her clothes in the car.

She heard herself complain, "where's my clothes?"

Damn. It's not her car, how can it have her clothes!

The driver in front heard the commotion and asked, "Mr. Yi, was it just you?"

Li Wei's search for clothes finally stopped.

At this point the car door was pulled open again.

A cold breeze poured in, and Li Wei shivered, turning back unbelievably.

She hugged her breasts, bare back, her long, slightly curly hair covering her slender shoulders, and looked at the man in front of her awkwardly and helplessly.

Compared to her unclothed body, the man's neatly dressed and cold look made her look even more embarrassed.

Li Wei hurriedly explained, "You listen to me explain......."

Yi Yinglang didn't give her a chance to explain, but directly raised his legs and sat in the car.

Li Wei moved her butt in a hurry.

Yi said, "Go back to the company."

Li Wei could feel the car start.

She was stunned.

Until the car left the parking lot, the light shone through the glass of the car, Li Wei exclaimed, at which point the curtain was finally drawn and the faint lights overhead came on.

"Mr. Yi ..." Li Wei bit her lip, "You may not believe it even if I explained it, but I still have to explain it to you."

Yi Yinglang said calmly, "Explain what? You recognized the wrong car? Or did you sit in my car when you got back?"


"What your agent just said wasn't accurate, and I think Miss Li knows exactly where your own greatest value lies, don;t you?" He suddenly looked sideways at her, the corners of his lips arcing sarcastically, “You used this to become an entertainer, and now being an entertainer isn't enough, and you want to use your value to seduce a man?”

The man's tone was like a knife, cold and piercing.

Li Wei was at a loss for words, her explanation sounded pale even to herself.

"I know it's not my car, but I don't know why I got in it uncontrolled. It’s true."

She didn't know why she knew that this wasn't her nanny car, and she had to get on the car to do that series of behaviors.

"There should be a compelling reason for wanting to play innocent. Be an entertainer peacefully, as for anything else, don't even think about it, you don't deserve it," Yi Yinglang's gaze gradually became disgusted, his tone relentless and impatient, "Get dressed and get out of my car."

Then the man took a bottle of freshener out of the car's locker and sprayed it into the air between him and her.

Disdain is overwhelming.

Li Wei's self-esteem was hurt by the man's actions and was silently complaining when a violent crashing sound suddenly sounded.

Suddenly turning around, Li Wei's body slammed into the door of the car. The man who had originally grabbed her arm took her in his arms and told her not to move.

The pungent smell of gasoline and choking smoke made the brain faint.

Before passing out, Li Wei thought to herself, was she acting in a TV series?

The voice that had been circulating in her head before resounded again, and the voice was no longer a simple command, but detailed everything for her.

She is the heroine in the novel "Love: Slow down, Mr. President". Her psychological behavior and language actions are arranged by the author. The author creates contradictions and conflicts, so that the feelings between her and the male master continue to heat up, and eventually there will be a happy ending.

Yi Yinglang and she are the main characters of this book.

It took Li Wei more than twenty years to realize that she was a fictional character, in other words, a cardboard man.

And her previous life and work were so real.

--"It's because you, as the main character, have a sense of autonomy, so you need me (system) to remind you to continue the plot."

There seems to be a good explanation as to why she just got into the wrong car.

But the plot is too retarded, is she silly?

"What about Yi Yinglang?"

—— "He used to follow the plot according to the author's arrangement, but now the novel is out of line, there's been an accident and the plot is all messed up. The male protagonist also possessed his own autonomy during the car accident, and when you wake up, I will be responsible for reminding you both to finish the plot of the novel together.

Li Wei couldn't help but ask, "How is it messed up?"

The system didn't speak for a long time, Li Wei asked again.

-"... when you wake up you will know"

After speaking the system even sighed.

Li Wei woke up, and there was a white scene in front of her.

The smell of disinfectant is very strong. It's a hospital.

With her right arm hurting too much to lift and unable to move with the plaster cast, Li Wei hissed and raised her left hand to press it against her temple.

She touched her sideburns and suddenly felt that the hair was quite strange.

Spiny and very short.

Li Wei hurriedly touched her head.

Shit, who shaved her hair in the car accident!

Then Li Wei hurriedly touched her face. When she touched her chin, she noticed that her chin was stinging. She carefully felt it with her fingertips and found that there was more than one prickly feeling.


I just had a car accident and I got so many pimples on my chin!

Li Wei reluctantly held herself up with one hand and sat up with a light chest.

She pulled back her collar and looked in.


There was an accident that took out her 36D cup!

Li Wei was shocked and desperate, and her acting career is now over. The novel's outline directly ruins the heroine, so how can the plot continue?

She jerked her chin in fear and called to her assistant and agent at the door of the ward, "Tong! Guo!"

Li Wei's throat was so dry that she could barely make out a normal intonation and could only yell with her breath, low and muffled.

In the end, Tang and Guo didn't come in, but a nurse in white walked in.

"You're awake?"

The young nurse lady looked pleased and hurried to the bedside to observe her closely, "Would you like some water?"

Drinking fuck water, my face was ruined and my D cup was gone. I couldn’t even afford a C’estbon (a brand of mineral water).

Li Wei shook her head and lifted the covers, struggling to get out of bed.

"Are you going to the bathroom?"

There should be a mirror in the bathroom.

Li Wei nodded and waved at the nurse lady, "Help me to the bathroom."

The nurse hesitated for a moment, walked towards her, and then shyly and gleefully took her arms.

What was the use of just holding up her arms, Li Wei simply put her arms on the nurse's shoulders and leaned most of her body on the nurse.

The nurse whispered, blushing and said, "Don't do this, you just woke up ..."

Li Wei: "?"

The nurse helped her to the bathroom. Li Wei regretfully found that the ward looked advanced, but the bathroom didn't even have a mirror.

But since she came to the bathroom,  she couldn't only stand, Li Wei had to go to the bathroom.

She couldn't move her right hand, and her left hand was not particularly flexible. When she pulled the waistband on one side, she was very embarrassed. She only saw the nurse in front of her with her eyes closed, doing nothing. For a while, Li Wei exclaimed that the quality of the medical staff was too uneven. When she saw the patient so inconvenient, she didn't take the initiative at all.

"It's not convenient for me. Come and help me take off my pants." She said.

The nurse opened her eyes and suddenly bit her lip; her eyes were watery and her face was as beautiful as the peach blossom of March.

Li Wei: "?"

This nurse lady was really weird.

The two ladies pulled the pants down together, and Li Wei held the toilet just to sit down, glancing at something.

? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

"Fuck !!!!!! What’s it !!!"

The nurse, clutching her fingers, was as obedient and shy as a pupil answering questions. "Beep -"

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