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When the hero and heroine in a president novel exchange their bodies
Translator: June
Author: 图样先森
2020-05-26 09:46:28
Li Wei's mentality collapsed.She couldn't even care about peeing, but staggered out of the bathroom.It was a separate ward, and Li Wei felt like she was dreaming, so she opened the door and walked out to find someone to ask.The VIP ward was very quiet with only a few patients. A man, carried a heat

Li Wei and Yi Yinglang were originally the main characters in the million-length romance novel "Love: Slow down, Mr. President".

The author endows Li Wei, the female leader, with the most popular status in the entertainment circle, and Yi yinglang, the male leader, with the status of plutocracy president.

The male and female leads were supposed to have a happy ending after a series of episodes of one-night stand, car accident, memory loss, disfigurement and running away with a baby.

But...the novel is out of line and they exchanged their bodies.

The author had to force a system into the novel, forcing the male and female leads who had changed to continue to follow the plot.

That's what the system and the authors think, but the male and female leads apparently don't.

Yi Yinglang looked at the female supporting role who accused him of stealing the jewelry, "Just such a bargain? How dare you plant it on me?”

Facing old lady Yi, who tries to persuade her not to marry an actress. Li Wei's tone is arrogant, "what's wrong with Li Wei! I will not marry except Li Wei in my life! If you don't let me marry her, I'll cut my dick and cut off Yi's family line!"

Female supporting role, "..."

Old lady Yi, "..."

System, "..."

Fuck you.

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tourist 2020-05-25 20:03
Did she swap bodies with him?
tourist 2020-05-28 22:46
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at the end of