Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 41

Since it is a serious banquet in the mall, the attendees are naturally big men with heads and faces. Shen Yu recommended that she should be Shen Xiao’s female companion, so she should not be too perfunctory. Dresses, jewelry, shoes, and leather bags must be prepared first. low.

She had jewelry, but when she first came through it, Shen Xiao once gave her a wooden box for jewelry. At that time, he gave a very casual attitude, just like giving a lollipop.

The simple wooden box contained a box full of jewellery, but because it was cluttered together, it looked like a three-dollar stall.

Later, when Shen Yu was free, she patiently sorted them out and sorted them out. Discovered that there were actually three sets of diamonds and two sets of jadeite, both of which were a complete set, including necklace earrings bracelet rings...

In addition to the whole set, there are other styles, such as necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, rings and other fragmentary...

Shen Yu is not a professional jewelry appraiser and cannot estimate the specific price of that box of jewelry, but it must be very, very expensive. As a result, she felt uneasy about hiding the box wherever she went, and later went to ask Uncle Li, this box before Where is it placed.

Uncle Li told her not to be too nervous, and said that this box of things was previously placed on the shelf of the study, because Shen Xiao thought it was useless, and she never moved it, nor saw it stolen.

Later, Shen Yu took a shoe box and put it in it and hid it in the closet. It was very safe to comfort herself.

This time she’s going to the banquet, these jewelry can finally come in handy!

When jewelry is available, dresses and shoes have to be re-purchased. Shen Yu feels that she worked so hard to prevent Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing from developing adultery. The ultimate goal is to understand and save Shen Xiao, so in this process, the Shen Xiao should pay for all the additional costs.

She couldn't help but pay for it, thanks to it!

After such an analysis, Shen Yu went to talk with Shen Xiao with full confidence.

After dinner that day, Shen Yu was lying on the couch with her legs up, took a book and sketched a plan on it, and looked conscientious.

The heating in the room was sufficient. She only wore a thin home wear. Her trousers were eight minutes long and her legs were raised, revealing her fair legs and feet.

Shen Xiao came over with a plate of fruit salad and saw the lovely feet at a glance.

He squinted his eyes, thinking a little uncomfortably, this big cold day, still wearing such short pants, is he trying to tease him? Hum, childish!

Uncle Li will still be hiding in the room. Shen Xiao wants to get a fruit to feed the child, and he has to do it by himself. As a result, the apple cantaloupe is cut into large and small sizes, and has no shape at all. He is too ugly. A lot of salad dressing was poured on it to cover up his extremely poor knifeman.

So when he came with a fruit salad, what Shen Yu saw was a sloppy white salad dressing, but there were few pieces of fruit.

Because she occupied most of the sofa and there was no place for Shen Xiao to sit on, he looked at it, and then stretched out his hand to lift her up, let her sit up straight, and then sat next to her.

Pulled by him, Shen Yu was almost strangled by her own clothes, and could not help but secretly stare at him.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and stirred the salad dressing again with a spoon. It looked sticky and made people have no appetite!

She couldn't help but say: "Too much salad dressing!"

Shen Xiao scooped a spoonful to her mouth and said, "Eat, and then give me a whole jar of salad dressing to feed you if you dislike me."

Shen Yu: ...

Knowing that there is no reason to talk to neuropathy, Shen Yu can only open her mouth to eat, because she still wants him to pay for the dress.

As a result, this bite was too big, and some salad dressing stuck to the corners of her mouth and lips, making it very uncomfortable.

Shen Xiao looked at her embarrassment and mocked her awfully!

Shen Yu was too lazy to care for him. She licked her lips with her tongue, licked the corners of her mouth, and soon licked the salad dressing. Then she looked up at Shen Xiao, but found that Shen Xiao had a delicate expression and complicated eyes, as if looking What makes it difficult for him to tell the picture.

Here again, She don’t know what happened to the neuropathy. These two days always show this strange expression from time to time, sometimes a strange look, sometimes a disgusting look, more often, his expression is always inexhaustible.

Shen Yu questioned it several times, but he was vaguely dealt with, and she was too lazy to ask again, just as he had a neuropathy.

Shen Yu guessed right. This will make Shen Xiao feel very disgusted. The child eats a fruit salad and it is not good. He actually deliberately licked here and licked there. It was clearly seducing him. Such obvious small movements, Why didn't he see it at all? ?

After being fed a few sips of fruit, Shen Yu struggled to push his hand away and said, "Don't feed, I will tell you something serious."

Shen Xiao put the bowl on the table, leaning comfortably on the sofa, resting her hands on the backrest, and asked, "What else can you do? Tell me."

"I'm going to buy a dress and shoes, and I want to make a styling. Do you think the expenses can be reimbursed?" she asked bluntly.

Shen Xiao hummed, "I want to say no? Don't you go?"

Shen Yu frowned, thinking for a while and said, "Then I will wear the one I bought last time. Anyway, I am your female companion, and you are the one who is ashamed."

Shen Xiao tilted his head and looked at her, "Just want to be my female partner?"

How strange this sounds, "I just want to open my eyes!" she said.

"Okay, buy it if you want to." He sneered, thinking clearly that she wanted to go shopping with him. He had to make excuses like this, and women were so annoying.

However, he has been in a good mood recently, so he doesn't care about her. The child wants to go shopping to buy something, and taking her to go is not a big deal.

So the day before attending the banquet, Shen Xiao specially spared an afternoon to accompany his children to go shopping and buy clothes and shoes.

In fact, Shen Yu was a little flattered. Her original intention was to let Shen Xiao give her money and buy it herself. As a result, he not only gave her money to buy it, but also accompanied her to choose it. A little scared, she is still more used to his morbid appearance, rather than the appearance of such a good brother!

When trying on a dress, an episode happened, and what kind of style did the brother and sister buy, they almost quarreled.

Shen Yu looked at a red skirt with front and back V-necks. The tailoring was sexy. After wearing it, the sister's aura was fully open, but the V-neck at the back of this skirt was larger than the front. After wearing it, it was equal to the entire back exposed.

As soon as Shen Yu tried it on, Shen Xiao almost turned her face, didn't look at her more, and directly ordered her to change in. he was very overbearing.

Shen Yu pouted and took a black skirt from him to the fitting room.

Aside from watching the interaction between the two of them, the shop clerk smiled secretly and said to Shen Xiao: "Is such a beautiful girlfriend reluctant to show it to others?"

Shen Xiao glanced at her, and said, "It's such a cold day, I'm afraid she will freeze to death!"

The clerk smiled again: "Your boyfriend is really considerate."

Shen Xiao realized that the other party had misunderstood the relationship between their brother and sister, and she didn't feel much angry, but she still corrected: "She is not my girlfriend, she is my sister."

The clerk covered her mouth, surprised, and then smiled awkwardly. "Sorry, I didn't see it for a while. You two really stood together."

Shen Xiao thought deeply, if the clerk's remarks would have been taught by Shen Yu in advance, he just saw them standing in front of the fitting room and whispered for a while.

Good things, dare to play a little trick in front of him, but he wants to see what tricks she will use later.

Shen Xiao was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, thinking a little with excitement, such a day is also very good, at least not too boring.

On the day of the banquet, Shen Yu made the styling early in the morning, went back and put on the dress and high heels, then put on the jewelry, and stood in front of the mirror. She almost couldn't get out of herself.

She in the mirror, flames and red lips, mature and charming.

Anyone who sees it will never think that she is only a 20-year-old college student.

It seems a bit too mature.

Shen Xiao was waiting for her downstairs, but his patience was almost exhausted, so she paced up in the living room. Xiaobai and Erha followed behind him, and the picture looked amazing.

Shen Yu walked down the stairs and saw him, and asked him coyly, "Brother, am I pretty?"

Shen Xiao looked up and froze for a moment. His heart thumped uncontrollably. He took a deep breath and pressed down the strange feeling in his heart. He did not comment, but just urged: "Go away. "

Shen Yu didn't get a compliment, he pouted, then lifted the skirt and followed.

After getting in the car, she said a little unwillingly: "This skirt was chosen by you, why don't you express your opinion?"

Shen Xiao drove the car and heard her coquettish accusation, sneering: "Just so so."

Shen Yu: ...

Nasty neuropathy, will he boast of death? ?

This banquet was held by a respectable big man in the business circle. The people who can attend are also the most important people in the circle.

Shen Yu followed Shen Xiao into the lobby and found that not only the big businessmen but also some well-known star actors came from the scene.

Sweeping around the crowd, she soon discovered that Yuan Yue and Situ Yi were also present. The two were chatting with each other. Yuan Yue stood beside Situ Yi, wearing a goose-yellow dress and hanging her face A decent smile.

It seems that she has also got used to the state of life here.

Shen Yu was taken in by Shen Xiao and greeted the host as soon as possible. The old man seemed to attach great importance to Shen Xiao. He took a conversation with him and wanted to help him to recommend someone. Shen Yu was also there Without much effect, she shook Shen Xiao's hand away and turned to find Yuan Yue.

Yuan Yue has also discovered that she is crossing the crowd and walking towards her with a smile. It has been a long time since the two met last time. Shen Yu feels that the other party should have a lot to say to her.

And she also has something that needs Yuan Yue to help her do it. This will meet, and I can just talk about it.

However, the fact is not as simple as she thought.

Situ Yi saw Yuan Yue coming, and he soon followed.

On her side, Shen Xiao saw Situ Yi appearing, and immediately left a few gangsters, and hurried towards her, looking like he was ready to roll up his sleeves.

Yuan Yue shivered when she saw Shen Xiao, "What should I do? Will they fight?"

Shen Yu also sighed helplessly. Are the two really different? Why do they look like they want to open a pair?

Can't you take into account the feelings of others? ?

Is this the law of the villains and the decent?

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