Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 40

Before, the brothers and sisters had troubles and a cold war, and Li Shu would mediate from the mid-circulation. During the last cold war, it was Uncle Li  who lied about a small lie before Shen Yu was able to reconcile with Shen Xiao.

But this time the two had been in a cold war for a few days, but Uncle Li was helpless and unable to help because he was ill. On weekdays, when he claimed to be strong and healthy, Uncle Li, when the first wave of cold waves hit this year, He lay down gloriously, decisively and decisively, without any hesitation.

Uncle Li was afraid that the flu would spread to brothers and sisters, so he shut himself in the house. He would never come out easily at any time except eating and going to the toilet. Then he thoughtfully hired a part-time worker to cook.

Shen Yu feels that this hourly cooking is really less than 1% of Uncle Li's, and her appetite has been raised by Uncle Li.

Although it is still in the Cold War, as long as Shen Xiao is at home at night, Shen Yu will sit at the dining table and wait for Shen Xiao, and then the two will eat together, but they will not speak at all, just like performing a mime.

Shen Xiao would still force her to feed her before, whether she wants it or not, as long as he is happy.

However, he seems to have been tossed by Shen Yu recently. During the Cold War, he did not do anything radical to provoke her.

Today, Shen Xiao came back later than usual. When Shen Yu thought he was not entertained and would not come back to dinner, he was able to rush to the door of the meal and Shen Yu could only add more rice to him.

Then Shen Yu discovered that today's Shen Xiao is particularly strange.

The Cold War is actually just one way to maintain Shen Yu. As long as Shen Xiao is at home, he will still try to tease her. he sometimes takes Erha to threaten her, sometimes Xiaobai to threaten her, and yesterday he took Uncle Li to threaten her and say that she ignored him again, he asked Uncle Li to take a cold wind in the yard.

Hearing such a childish threat, Shen Yu didn't even give him a look.

Today, since entering the house, Shen Xiao has been very quiet. he no longer finds various reasons to force her to speak, but just looks at her with strange eyes, as if she has grown one hand or a horn today. This has never happened before!

Shen Yu was discomfited by his strange eyes, and because she was still in the Cold War, it was difficult to ask him what he was looking at. She could only hold back the strange feeling in his heart, which was really uncomfortable.

Today there is a dish of boiled fish on the dining table. The aunt who cooks the dishes should have put a heavy hand on it, with a thick layer of spicy oil floating on it.

Shen Yu remembers that Shen Xiao only eats slightly spicy food. Uncle Li usually cooks lightly. Even if there are spicy dishes, they are mostly slightly spicy.

At that moment, the dish of boiled fish just placed in front of Shen Xiao, as if provoking him silently.

Shen Yu glanced at it, still a little unbearable, so she stood up and moved the pot of fish to herself. She didn't mind eating spicy food.

When she moved the dishes back to the chair and looked up, Shen Xiao looked at her in shock, as if she had just done something unreasonable.

After enduring and enduring, Shen Yu finally couldn't help breaking the power, "What the hell are you looking at?"

Shen Xiao's mood was obviously wrong, but he didn't say anything, but just shook his head, picked up his rice bowl and chopped up a couple of times. He didn't realize that his sister had just spoken to him in the first time!

Because at this time, his heart was like a group of wool that had been caught by a cat, and he couldn't find the clutter.

He had never thought much about this before, so many details were ignored by him. For example, he was obviously mad at him, but he would wait for him to come back to dinner together. In the cold war, he always secretly aimed at him with small eyes. Just now, he was more considerate. He didn't eat too spicy, and moved the dishes again...

If it weren't for Assistant Du's reminder, he would never find these details.

Holding a bowl, Shen Xiao suddenly felt a little emotional.

Since his parents left, his life has become a monotone, repeating boring and dull work every day, and the pressure is increasing, until he finds that occasionally teasing his sister, it can make him feel happy and stressed Less.

After that, he began to tease her in a different way. In his opinion, Shen Yu was not only his sister, but also an extra large toy left by his parents.

But today someone suddenly told him that his toy should like him?

The thought of this possibility left him ignorant all afternoon.

Going home and secretly observing for a while, he found that the facts were not far from their guesses.

Shen Xiao suddenly got a little tangled.

No wonder she has been very repulsive to the appearance of Bai Muqing from the beginning. Little girls like to chase stars, but she doesn't like Bai Muqing. She even said that she didn't like Bai Muqing several times.

At first, he thought it was the exclusivity of a child, but he never thought that his children regarded Bai Muqing as his rival...

Shen Xiao took another sip of rice and frowned to see Shen Yu on the opposite side.

He has always been able to deal with various problems, but today he found that Shen Yu's problem is a bit tricky. He didn't know how to deal with this situation.

In the end he thought helplessly, since he didn't know how to deal with it, let it be put aside first, maybe one day this problem will be solved automatically?

Shen Yu was very uncomfortable with this meal, because Shen Xiao began to suffer somehow again. After a meal, she always looked at her with all kinds of eyes, and she was so cold that she could not help throwing her rice bowl back to the room.

But in the end she dared to finish the meal without escaping.

Because she still has a task, she has to go out to walk Erha after dinner.

This was originally Uncle Li’s job, but Uncle Li’s recent troubles with her sickbed, it’s her turn because they didn’t dare to expect Shen Xiao to walk the Erha, it would be nice if he didn’t bake it!

After eating, Shen Yu put on her coat and put a chain on Erha.

Erha knew what she was going to do, and she kept jumping around her feet with excitement.

Shen Xiao followed her to the entrance in slippers, "Where are you going?" He asked casually, and did not expect Shen Yu to answer him.

But in fact, at the time of dinner, Shen Yu had already spoken to him, but his psychological activity was too violent at the time, so he didn't notice.

Shen Yu put on her boots, and when she heard his question, she threw down the concise words, "Walk the dog." Then he led Erha and went out.

The result did not go far, and found that Shen Xiao actually followed, she looked back at him puzzled, Shen Xiao coughed and said, "I came out for a walk."

Shen Yu: ...

This cold day came out for a walk, and it was really relaxing!

As soon as Erha went out, he sniffed everywhere. When he met a certain tree, it raised its legs, and its indecent posture made Shen Xiao frown.

Then inadvertently saw Erha's younger brother, Shen Xiao froze for a moment, then stretched out his hand and snatched the dog leash, and said with a bad voice: "I'll hold it, you walk behind."

Shen Yu was confused. Today this man is really strange. She couldn't help but ask: "Why?"

Shen Xiao looked back at her and said, "This is a male!"

Shen Yu: ...

Because Erha is public, so she can't watch it pee? ?

What kind of brain circuit is this neuropathy? ! ! !

Shen Yu secretly glared at him, and then gave him the black bag in his hand along with a small shovel, saying: "In this case, this one is also for you, you will help him shovel shit! !!!"

Shen Xiao: ...

In the end, because he didn't like her sister's excessive contact with public creatures, Mr. Shen, the villain and the villain in the novel, began to work hard as a shit officer.

Because of the cold weather, very few people go out for walks. Basically, they walk out like a dog.

The two walked along the green belt, walking, and Shen Xiao suddenly stopped, looked back at the children around him, and said, "Did you just talk to me?"

Shen Yu looked up at him, "What's wrong with you today? It's like losing your soul!"

Shen Xiao looked away awkwardly, pretending he didn't hear the problem.

The two walked until they stopped in front of a piece of grass. Erha had to play on the grass every time. Shen Yu was familiar with its routine and asked Shen Xiao to sit in the pavilion for a while.

After Shen Xiao went in and sat down, he patted the position next to her, beckoning her to sit down.

Shen Yu hesitated for a few seconds and walked over to sit down.

Shen Xiao looked down at her and found that in addition to loving the cold war with him, the children of his family were really soft-tempered, and he was usually not very angry when he was squeezing round and flattening.

The wind began to grow again, blowing Shen Yu's long hair into a mess. Shen Xiao stretched out her hand to help her flow smoothly, raised her arm on her shoulder, and brought the person to her side.

I stared at her again for a while, and suddenly said, "I'm going to a banquet on the weekend, business."

Shen Yu looked up at him, waiting quietly for his following.

Just listen to him: "A banquet needs a female companion. I plan to take Bai Muqing."

As soon as she heard the name, Shen Yu instantly lowered her face.

She thought to herself: Why is this woman again?

So she said: "Last time at the western restaurant, she was so angry, will you promise to be your female partner this time?"

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows and nodded proudly: "She agreed."

Shen Yu: ...

Why is this Bai Muqing so faint!

An inattentive, she actually appeared again!

Shen Xiao saw that her face had changed, and she cared about affirming her guess. She really cared about Bai Muqing, and she immediately changed her face when she heard her name.

"Can’t you take her?" Shen Yu asked him in a low voice.

Shen Xiao looked at her with complicated eyes and said tentatively: "I need a female companion."

Shen Yu blinked, and quickly reacted, laughing: "I can be your female partner! I will dance, and I won't embarrass you!"

Shen Xiao: ...

Seeing that he didn't respond, Shen Yu said, "How about it, take me, let me open my eyes and increase my knowledge!"

Before today, if he heard her, he would simply think that she was young and playful, and wanted to play with the past.

But now, he vaguely guessed her thoughts, and then looked at what she said, it was all insignificant.

"Really want to go?" He decided to try again.

Shen Yu no doubt doubted that he nodded again and again, "Yes."

Shen Xiao pointed to his cheek and said, "Since you want to go, just kiss it first?"

It was because he said this last time that she suddenly lost her temper, so now he took it out again.

However, in Shen Yu's opinion, this request was just a paranoid neurosis. Last time he didn't listen to him and kissed him, he actually missed it until now! ! !

Shen Yu weighed it in her heart and felt that she had to go on this trip, otherwise Bai Muqing would not easily stop.

So after looking around, Shen Yu stretched her neck and made a quick slap to kiss him.


Shen Xiao: ...

His children really like him!

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