Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 39

After finishing her phone, Shen Xiao stood upright and looked at her condescendingly. He said aggressively, "I am not allowed!"

Shen Yu looked at the broken phone and murmured, "Why are you not allowed?"

She hadn't thought about agreeing to Yuan Yue's acting. Now her main task is to watch the neuropathy and prevent him from blackening. As for those love letters, she hasn't seen it again.

But she didn't want to explain these things. She just thought that this person was too controlled, which made her angry and uncomfortable.

He said in a cold voice: "Just because you are my sister, without my permission, you are not allowed to go!"

Shen Yu raised her eyes and glared at him, "I'm 20 now, so you still want to shut me down all my life!!"

Without thinking, Shen Xiao blurted out, "Just want to shut you down for life!"

Shen Yu was calmed by his words for a moment, pursed his lips, opened his eyes to look at him, his eyes were red and wet, as if he would cry out in the next second.

Shen Xiao held his breath, his face was alert, and then said in a bad voice: "If you quarrel, just quarrel, don't cry!"

Experiments have shown that Shen Yu is crying when she cries or fights coldly with him, so he now has a temper that is so handicapped that he dare not give full play to it.

The water mist in Shen Yu's eyes became heavier and she gradually shed tears, and she was about to fall out of her eyes, but when she heard Shen Xiao's clamor, she sucked her nose and choked back her tears.

"You make trouble for no reason!" she complained.

Shen Xiao frowned and said in disbelief: "You not only collected a mess of love letters, but also wanted to act with an inexplicable woman, but now you also say that I am unreasonable?"

At the end, Shen Xiao was directly smirked, stuck in his waist, walked back and forth in front of her, saw the broken mobile phone on the ground, stepped on her feet in a grudge, and then crushed hard.

Shen Yu took a deep breath, stomped her feet, turned her head and turned away.

Shen Xiao hadn't finished his temper yet. When he saw her going, he couldn't help but shout, "What are you going to do?"

Shen Yu said without looking back: "I'm not arguing with you, I'm going to shut myself up now!"

Shen Xiao: ...

It's just a ridiculous thing, and it's even more horizontal than him! !

So, the brothers and sisters of the Shen family started a cold war again. Of course, it was the cold war unilaterally initiated by Shen Yu.

Soon after the party, Teacher Song officially resigned. She was working hard alone, and the pressure was too great. She was going to go back to the southern town to get married. The classmates gave her a small farewell party in the classroom because Teacher Song started from the first grade. Everyone's feelings are still very good.

After the teacher Song was sent away, the new mentor took office, and what surprised everyone was that the new teacher was actually Lin Cong who they knew.

Lin Cong is not far away from the students. He looks handsome, has a good personality, and is very playful. Everyone remembers his charming appearance when playing billiards, so there is no need for a running-in period. Lin Cong came to everyone immediately Mix together.

Bai Muyu was the happiest of them. She got the moon first near the water tower. She felt that she would soon win Lin Cong.

She don’t know why. Shen Yu feels not good about Lin Cong. He always feels that he looks at people with a gloomy evil spirit. His eyes are like a scalpel, and the person he is staring at is Like a white mouse, it will be dissected at any time.

Although this analogy is a bit bloody, Shen Yu thinks so.

On this day, Shen Yu and Li Yiyi went to the canteen for lunch. When they came out, they happened to meet Lin Chong. He was also allowed to go back, so the three of them went along the way.

The weather in December was very cold. Shen Yu was wearing a thick coat and a scarf around him, leaning against Li Yiyi. He walked tremblingly forward. Li Yiyi looked cute, but his size was not big, it seemed to be less than one meter six, two When people lean close together, the height gap is clear.

Lin Cong, next to them, only wore a trench coat and looked handsome.

"Are you going back to the dormitory or the classroom?" he asked the two girls.

Shen Yu does not have a dormitory. If she eats at school at noon, she will all go back to the classroom.

Li Yiyi was also going to accompany her today, and said, "We are going to the classroom."

Lin Cong said: "Can you please go to the administrative building with me and take some publicity materials to the classroom, anyway."

Before Shen Yu said anything, Li Yiyi nodded enthusiastically, and then dragged Shen Yu to follow him to the administrative building.

Lin Chong’s office is a large room shared by several teachers, but this time the teachers will go back to the dorm to rest. The office is very quiet and empty. Lin Cong took the information and gave it to the two. The information was not much and not heavy. As for the thickness of a few books, Lin Cong handed it over, and Shen Yu took it all.

Lin Cong looked at her at close range and smiled softly, "Then trouble you, just put it under the podium."

Shen Yu nodded, preparing to leave with Li Yiyi, but turned back and saw Li Yiyi half lying on Lin Cong's desk, looking at the photo frame on his table, and Shen Yu glanced at him.

There are two people in the photo, Lin Chong and a woman. Lin Chong inside looks much younger than now. It should be in high school. The middle-aged woman beside him is not short in height, very thin, and has a sly look. It does not seem to be from a wealthy family.

Lin Cong saw that they were looking at the photos, and stooped to lean over and smiled and said, "This is my mother. In the countryside, I have been in poor health recently. I plan to take her to live in the city."

Li Yiyi snorted, and stood up and said: "Teacher Lin's mother is also very tall, is there one meter seven?"

She is not tall herself, so she values ​​this more.

Lin Chong said with a smile: "No, it seems to be one meter six or eight." After thinking about it, he added, "My mother was very beautiful when she was young, and her profile was a bit like Shen Yu."

Shen Yu frowned. Why did she compare her to his mother? Awkward!

Li Yiyi laughed and said: "Yes, Shen Yu is one meter seven, really tall!"

Shen Yu tugged at Li Yiyi's coat and said, "Then don't disturb Mr. Lin's rest, we also have to go back to the classroom to rest."

Lin Cong looked at her, nodded with a smile, and said softly, "Go."

The two left the office and walked all the way out of the administrative building. The oncoming cold wind blew them tremblingly and could not help but speed up their pace.

"Mr. Lin and his mother have a very good relationship, and the photos are all on the desk." Li Yiyi said with emotion, she would be scolded by her mother every weekend, and the two would quarrel, this time and again. .

Shen Yu did not agree with her point of view, saying: "Why didn't he put a recent picture with his mother, but put a picture from high school?"

Li Yiyi was a little ignorant when asked by her, frowned and thought for a while, and said, "Maybe Teacher Lin is old?"

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, "Maybe."


The employees of the Shen family found that the boss’s mood was very bad these days. Although he hadn’t seen much better in the past, he has often been furious and violent recently. Especially when the report meeting was held, the managers of major departments had no chance. After playing, President Shen can be alone, scolding them from beginning to end, and scolding for two hours without breathing.

It’s the same today. When a group of people entered the conference room, they were scolded and disgraced in a short while. The managers who were usually high-spirited in front of their subordinates were also one or two listless.

As soon as Shen Xiao returned to the office, he took off her coat impatiently and threw it aside. After passing by the desk, he kicked down the two chairs for the guests. He said in curse: "Employing so much money every year, hire Come to such a pile of wine bags and rice barrels, if you really don't have this ability, don't occupy the pits and don't shit, shit."

Secretary Du, who came in, looked at the ceiling speechlessly. He remembered that half a month ago, President Shen also praised the managers who are rare management talents today...

It's really a man's mouth, a deceptive ghost!

Shen Xiao sat back on his boss chair, lying halfway, tilting his legs on the table, and said to Secretary Du: "Did you think it was feasible for the last thing I told you?"

Secretary Du said: "Join the Lai Group, suppress the Situ Group?"

Shen Xiao nodded, playing with her mobile phone, and habitually wanted to open Shen Yu's position, but remembered that Shen Yu's mobile phone was smashed by him a few days ago, and she didn't know if she would buy a new one later.

These days she has been in a cold war with him, and he has no chance to send a mobile phone, irritable!

Just listen to Secretary Du continue to say: "It is feasible to be feasible, but we have never had an intersection with Li's. If we suddenly cooperate, the trust is not enough."

"Bai Muqing her brother is the department manager of Li Shi, we can start investigation from them." Shen Xiao said.

"If the cooperation is successful, the distribution of benefits will be more troublesome."

Shen Xiao sneered and said disdainfully: "Did I ever say that I want to share benefits with them? It was they who came to stab him, but we did not provoke them, and in the end, don't blame me for turning a blind face."

Secretary Du stared, \"i you mean..."

Shen Xiao said with a bad smile: "Are we going to do a little bit of backfire? Prepare the trap first, let them drill, and then let them have a lot of money."

Secretary Du secretly slurped, but nodded. "I see."

Shen Xiao disagreed and said: "Hurry and do it. Haven't you been able to talk about a single business talk for so long? Are all of you eating shit?"

"Do you need to contact Bai Muqing? You just said that her brother is in Li's." Secretary Du asked, if you intend to cooperate with Li's, there will be many questions to be discussed in the future.

When she thought of the woman named Bai, Shen Xiao frowned and said, "I'll contact her."

Secretary Du thought that this topic would end here, and was preparing to go back to his office. As a result, Shen Xiao asked him.

"A girl, who doesn't like my date, always thinks of ways to stop it, why?" He didn't say any other prerequisites, so he asked this question endlessly.

Assistant Du can only rely on the literal meaning of these words, and then take it for granted: "This shows that this woman likes you very much, loves you very much, and wants to fall in love with you."

Shen Xiao glared and looked at Assistant Du dumbly, "Isn't it possible?"

"How impossible? If she doesn't like you, would you mind which woman you are dating with?"

Shen Xiao held the chin with one hand and the pack of cigarettes with the other hand, but suddenly his hands shook and failed to hold, and the cigarette and lighter fell to the ground.

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