Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 38

"Goal scored, do you want to kiss again?"

The people watching the ball around were originally amazed by this wonderful goal, but they suddenly heard such a suffocating word in the next second.

At that moment, Shen Yu's mind was blank and she could not think at all.

Immediately reacted, this person must be ill again, and in front of so many teachers and students! ! Do you want to play so exciting? !

After two seconds of stiffness, she reacted immediately. The entire back arched upwards, pushing her hard, and then raised her foot to step on him. She said fiercely: "What a joke, wait for home to make two Hello, you are almost the same!"

Shen Xiao was trampled a little, his toes were faintly painful. Why couldn't she suddenly go crazy?

He couldn't help frowning, his eyes were cold, and there was an expression of "What's wrong with you" on his face.

Shen Yu hummed heavily, a look that didn't want to talk to you.

The classmates around were all confused by this dramatic scene. Just now the two of them were playing together and talking and laughing together. As a result, Shen Yu lost her temper and even stepped on her brother. Is she so angry? It's just a spoiled child!

Teacher Song quickly stepped forward and said, "Why did you get angry after having a good time?"

Shen Yu stepped on Shen Xiao's foot and put a lot of force on it. This would still be drumming, but on the surface it was still very angry, saying, "Why don't you just play a ball? It's like winning a championship. ."

Teacher Song laughed: "Your brother is not too much, just let you kiss."

"Humph, the ghost must kiss him!!"

"Oh, your brothers and sisters really love each other, and it's fun." Teacher Song said, "You are using your brother to spoil you!"

Seeing that Shen Yu's anger hadn't faded yet, it was not easy for everyone to let her continue to play. She could only take the opportunity to spread out to play something else, but after turning around, some people would whisper sourly and secretly say, " hypocrisy!"

For a time, everyone focused on Shen Yu's temper, and no one was thinking about Shen Xiao's ridiculous words.

However, Shen Xiao did not receive the efforts made by Shen Yu.

All he knew was that the child did not hit the house to expose the tiles for three days. she dared to step on him in public and yelled at him. she was not good at all. It would be impossible not to take it back and tidy up!

Thinking about it, he couldn't take care of the toe pain and pulled Shen Yu out.

Shen Yu saw that his face was not right, and quickly said to the teacher Song next to him: "You can continue to play, there is no problem playing all night. My house is far away, so I went back with my brother first..."

She hasn't finished speaking yet, and the person has been pulled out of the suite.

Shen Yu felt that her wrist was sore, so she vigorously flicked him away and said, "I will go by myself."

Shen Xiao pursed his lips and went to pull her in a paranoid manner. Shen Yu felt uncomfortable, stomped her feet, and turned her head to walk on her own. As a result, she walked on the shoulders and the whole person was carried by Shen Xiao again.

Shen Yu: ...

When Uncle Li greeted people, he found that their faces were not right, and they couldn't help asking Shen Yu, "What's wrong?"

What happened? Does Mr. Shen lose his temper again? "

Shen Xiao walked behind, and when he heard this, he glared fiercely at Uncle Li, accusing him: "It is her who is inexplicably losing temper, and she still stamps on me!"

Shen Yu’s anger in the suite was just an emergency response, and she wanted to get everyone’s attention away from being scared by the nature of the neuropathy essence.

But when she saw the clearly visible shoe marks on Shen Xiao's shoe, she suddenly became afraid.

Just seemed to step a bit too hard?

At this point, she can only continue to pretend to be arrogant, she can not admit counsel, otherwise Shen Xiao justified, and can spare her? ?

"Why should I lose my temper? It's not that you always say something inexplicable! What does it mean to kiss? In front of so many people, you're so sorry to say it!"

Shen Xiao sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette, kicked the leg off the table, and said angrily: "Are you going to rebel? Dare to talk to me like this! I'm your brother, what happened to you? Do you? Still want to kiss others?"

Shen Yu was anxious and said, "Why should I kiss someone else?"

"Then I let my sister kiss her cheek, what's wrong?"

Shen Yu froze and blinked.

She thought my sister would kiss her brother when she was happy, as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Why do you have such a big reaction? ?

Uncle Li listened to the two of them talking and talking endlessly, and they both felt funny. Not long ago, they didn't even speak.

But now, they all know how to play together, and it's fun to even talk.

that's nice!

In the end, Uncle Li said a fair word: "I think it doesn't matter if you kiss it!"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao held a cigarette and smiled proudly at Shen Yu, then turned his face to his cheek and said, "Come, make up the kiss tonight."

Shen Yu blushed instantly, "Humph!!"

She stomped her feet angrily, and turned upstairs!

Not knowing her arrogant reaction, she accidentally aroused Shen Xiao's vigor, thinking that she must be kissed! !

After this meeting, the identity of Miss Shen Yu's rich family has spread throughout the school.

Everyone didn't expect that this ugly duckling, once fat, ugly, and autistic, counterattacked into a white swan in an instant, or a very expensive white swan.

For a time, there were surprises, envy, and people who wanted to approach her. She even began to receive love letters? ! ! This is really amazing.

I don't know if the person who wrote the love letter fancy her or the Shen's money.

At first, Shen Yu thought it was quite fun, and occasionally found time to sit down and take it out to read it. It felt quite new.

After collecting a few more, she found that most of them were copy books, and she was not interested in reading them.

After school that day, Shen Yu was talking to Yuan Yue on WeChat all the way home. This guy was filmed in the film and television city and could not go anywhere.

Since the last time they recognized their relatives, the two of them had no time to see each other. They could only send messages every day to know what the other party was doing.

However, Yuan Yue told her that there is also a benefit to be able to go to acting, which can avoid Situ Yi's harassment, which makes him very satisfied.

That Situ Yi was a scum in her mouth. The clothes and beasts could not find any merit at all!

But the two of them talked today, mainly not this topic.

In WeChat, Yuan Yue was talking about the filming. Although she used to be an assistant, the scenes were mixed and the lens was good.

"Sister Yu, do you really not try it? Although it is only a supporting role, it is quite suitable for your current identity."

Shen Yu walked into her villa with her mobile phone, and while listening to the voice, she threw her backpack on the sofa.

"I haven't planned to take the show at the moment. You don't have to worry about this for me."

Yuan Yue sighed and said: "I always want to care about you. You can study this major now. I can continue to find resources for you in the future!"

Shen Yu said in amusement: "A big star is improper, always thinking of being a broker?"

Yuan Yue smiled and said, "Sister, let's act, so that we can stay together again! So, you first listen to the full story I tell you, and then decide not to act."

Yuan Yue said patiently. "Maybe you are interested after listening?"

Shen Yu no longer refused, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, listening to her friends telling her stories!

Shen Yu went to the toilet halfway and saw that Shen Xiao had already returned home. This would be sitting curiously at her position, and then listening carefully to Yuan Yue’s words on WeChat, the longer he listened, the longer his face grew. .

Seeing Shen Xiao come back, Xiaobai happily ran over to say hello, and Erha followed like a fart, excitedly drilling everywhere.

Then accidentally, she knocked away Shen Yu's schoolbag.

Shen Xiao still had her mobile phone in his hand, so he picked up the backpack on the ground.

Then a blue envelope was dropped from the unsecured bag!

Shen Xiao frowned, not picking up anything else, immediately picked up the letter to see!

Seeing this scene, Shen Yu was shocked and quickly went over and said:! "You are not allowed to touch my things!!"

Shen Xiao said: "What happens if you touch it"

After he finished speaking, he began to open the letter, and then quickly read it. After reading the letter, his face looked like the dark clouds over there, black and dark, unpredictable.

Shen Xiao held her mobile phone in one hand and her love letter in the other, approaching her step by step, frightened Shen Yu repeatedly, and whispered for mercy: "Brother..."

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and said angrily: "Dare you dare to accept other people's love letters?? Still thinking of going to the field to film? Are you looking for death!?"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao looked at her like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. The more he thought, the more angry he made a circle in the same place. After standing, he suddenly raised Shen Yu’s mobile phone and hit the ground fiercely. With a snap..." the newly purchased mobile phone was scrapped again...

Shen Yu was dumbfounded, thinking that this neuropathy was addicted to smashing his phone? ?

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