Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 37

Among the bosses, the middle-aged man who thanked the top said the most. Seeing Shen Xiao's attitude was different, he asked with a smile, "Mr. Shen, who is this? Do you want to introduce her?"

Shen Xiao originally clapped the handrail to let Shen Yu sit there, but thought that this seat had just been touched by an inexplicable woman, he was very disgusted. When Shen Yu came, he would pull her, directly let her sit on her legs, this too close posture, and let Shen Yu blush for a while.

Take a look around the joking eyes, Shen Xiao is not happy to introduce: "this is my sister."

Everyone nodded clearly, "it's the one you just told Cui Yong to prepare the room. Hey, just say, you never touch a woman outside."

Then a group of bosses put away their bad smiles and said hello to Shen Yu amiably, "how are you, sister!"

Shen Yu sat in Shen Xiao's arms, a little uneasy, but didn't dare to struggle. Seeing that Shen Xiao didn't plan to introduce her, she could only open her smile awkwardly and say to a group of bosses, "hello."

She heard that an old uncle said, "I've heard that there is still a daughter in the Shen family, but I've never seen her before. Mr. Shen, you're hiding too tightly."

Shen Xiao said, "my children is not just for people to see."

It's hard to beat, but it's said from Shen Xiao's mouth, which makes people think it's normal.

Those big guys seem to be used to his poisonous tongue. Instead of being angry, they laugh and say, "yes, we vulgar people are not worthy to see your children."

Shen Xiao's expression is satisfied, and he doesn't speak any more. He reaches for a plate of chips beside him and prepares to feed her.

Shen Yu quickly winked at him and asked him to restrain himself. She didn't want to be the target of the big guys.

Shen Xiao frowned and finally let her go.

Anyway, Shen Yu wanted to leave after saying hello. After all, there are family members, and a group of big guys can't play.

Shen Yu holds Shen Xiao's eager hand and whispers, "I'm leaving."

Shen Xiao put down the plate of chips, put his hands around her waist and added some strength, and asked, "where are you going?"

Shen Yu looked back at him and whispered, "go back to the next room. The teacher and the students are over there."

Shen Xiao thought about it and said, "I'll go with you."

Shen Yu came close to his ear and asked, "it doesn't matter if there are so many bosses here."

Shen Xiao sneers and doesn't cover it up at all. In front of the bosses, he says, "no shit. One and two are drinking and chatting here and wasting time."

Obviously, it's the chat between brother and sister. This snake spirit disease doesn't forget to meet the people next to it. It's really a debt!

When the big bosses heard this, they were not happy to say, "you can get out if you like. Who says drinking and chatting is not the right thing!"! How many businesses come from drinking and chatting! "

Because Shen Xiao's words caused public anger, at last the brothers and sisters were kicked out by the big guys.

Shen Yu stood shivering in the corridor and asked him, "is it really OK? Will they hate you? "

Shen Xiao dislikes the trouble of taking the coat, so he directly throws it to Shen Yu and asks her to take it. He takes a cigarette in his mouth, puts one hand on her shoulder, and takes her slowly forward.

After a while, he said, "they dare not."

Shen Yu looked at him and doubted, "isn't it?"

Shen Xiao looks down at her, looks at her, looks at her and says, "they can't beat me together."

At present, this man is obviously twenty-five or eighty thousand. He is in need of beating, but it makes people think that such a man is also very charming!

Just look, a little reluctant to move away from the line of sight.

Shen Yu thought of the end of the novel again.

Shen Xiao turns black, fights with situ Yi, and finally loses his fortune.

He was unwilling to do so. He used the worst method to drive to hit situ Yi, but he didn't hit situ Yi, but he killed himself.

Shen Yu, a younger sister, was also in his car at that time, because Shen Xiao forced her to go to the bank to get her savings, but her poor private money, for Shen Xiao, who was in trouble, was just a drop in the bucket.

As a result, the money went in, even the life.

The villain with such a miserable ending will be so proud and handsome that people dare not look directly at him.

Shen Yu thought that she sincerely hoped that he would be able to fly all the time and be spirited. Finally, he should not be blackened and stay away from the disaster.

Brother and sister walked slowly to the next apartment and opened the door. There was a lot of ghosts crying and howling, singing, drinking and taking big risks. Everyone had a good time.

Shen Xiao can't help but frown and take a look at Shen Yu, which means this kind of idiot is really your classmate??

Shen Yu smiled. She was not familiar with them.

The frolic students in the hall, seeing Shen Yu leading Shen Xiao in, are just like being pressed the pause button, all of them are in place, silent.

Shen Yu was injured in his foot. Shen Xiao had been to their classroom, so everyone knew him. Some of them were even threatened by his cell phone. So when they saw him, they all hurriedly hid themselves in fear that he would remember his hatred and come to scare them again.

But Shen Xiao is obviously in a good mood. His eyes pass over them, and he treats people as transparent.

Shen Yu didn't say anything, so she took him to find Miss Song.

This meeting, Miss Song, they are no longer in the chess and card room, but playing table tennis with the boys in the table tennis room.

Look carefully, Bai Muyu and Lin Cong are also here.

Several people around the table, from time to time low voice, walked to find that it was Lin Cong snooker who played well.

Lin Cong is also very tall. He has a posture of 1.8 meters by sight. He is bent to play ball. He is very natural and unrestrained. Even if he doesn't usually look at snooker's girls, he will be around and enjoy watching.

Teacher song saw her come in, and there was a man with a good appearance beside her. he hurriedly came to greet them, and Shen Yu introduced them to them.

Lin Cong is also a teacher, so he was introduced.

Shen Yu found that when Shen Xiao faced someone he didn't know, he would pretend to be noble and cold, which made people not know his mind, so he didn't dare to act rashly.

But as a person who has seen all kinds of his sand carving behaviors, he can only secretly smile in his heart in the face of his forced style.

After saying hello, Lin Cong continued to finish his dribbling. Shen Xiao put his hands in his pockets, stood by and watched silently for a while, nodded: "the skill is not bad. Have you practiced it specially?"

Lin Cong shook his head and said with a smile, "no, I just like playing since I was a child."

Then he asked Shen Xiao with a smile, "Mr. Shen, how about a game?"

Shen Xiao sneers and shakes his head and says, "if I go down to fight, I will bully you."

Shen Yu's eyes rolled in her heart, and this kind of tone was just calling for blackmail all the time!

Lin Cong raised his eyebrows in a good temper and said, "how do you say that? Mr. Shen's skill is excellent. "

Shen Xiao looked at him coldly and said, "I've played a profession."


Well, it's a real fraud.

Shen Xiao took a look at Shen Yu, and suddenly he said with a bad smile, "well, let my sister play with you for me."

Shen Yu:...

I'll just kick off the most basic kick-off. I won't do anything else

Shen Xiao said, "just kick off."

Lin Cong's gentle expression on one side finally cracked.

Bai Muyu even wanted to lose his temper, but when her eyes went up to the sky, she was immediately counseled again. She could not forget that he had a vicious look when he dropped his cell phone, which made her afraid every time she thought about it.

Lin Cong said:" this is not my bullying Shen classmateā€¯

Shen Xiao picked up his eyebrows. "Whoever bullies others is not sure. Put the ball."

Shen Yu's mouth tooted, she looked at Shen Xiao unhappily and protested with his eyes. It was clear that he was chasing ducks to fight!

Shen Xiao patted her head and whispered, "don't be afraid. I'll help you later."

Shen Yu:...

First of all, Lin Cong kicked off the ball first. He had a good hand and good luck. Soon he won many points. Shen Yu was watching from the side with her club and was so nervous that she bit his fingers.

When Shen Xiao saw this action, he stretched out his hand to pat her off. When he did, the force was not small, and the sound of "pa" scared everyone around him.

At this time, Lin Cong on the stage finally failed. After a red ball rolled to the mouth of the bag, he stopped.

It's Shen Yu's turn to play.

Shen Yu takes a deep breath and takes a look at Shen Xiao, who rarely raises a big smile and then reaches out to push her.

Shen Yu goes to the table and looks at the table. Then she looks for the angle frame. She wants to play the red ball Lin Cong just pushed to the hole. Because there is a blue ball in front of the red ball, the angle is very good.

However, just as she posed, Shen Xiao came to stop her. He leaned half against the table, pointed to a black ball and a red ball and said, "play this."

Shen Yu stands up again and looks at the two balls he points to. He thinks that whether he looks left or right, or up or down, the two beggars are totally the relationship that eight rods can't fight. Is he crazy to call her to fight?! Does he really think he's O'Sullivan???

"There's no line at all!" She protested.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and explained in a low voice: "this way, let the black ball hit the side library, and then go to play red ball..."

Shen Yu felt that she was listening to the book of heaven. She didn't understand it.

Lin Cong also went to the side to check the angle of the two balls, shook his head and said: "I dare not play, she should be more difficult."

Shen Xiao glanced at him, but he didn't notice Lin Cong's words. He waved to Shen Yu and said, "come here."

Shen Yu obediently walked over, fell down at his designated position and set up a bar. Shen Xiao was not satisfied to adjust it for her. Because it was not a formal occasion, no one thought there was anything wrong with their obvious cheating.

Shen Xiao is still not satisfied with her posture at a glance, so he just half lies on her body and adjusts her arm position and holding position.

Then he whispered in her ear: "look at the black ball, hit the left side in the middle, 50% strength."

Because he was speaking by her ear, the warm breath was sprayed on the sensitive position of her ear, which made her shrink her neck and want to twist her face to say something to him, but just turned her head, her lips seemed to brush his cheek as if they had not.

Shen Yu:...

Shen Xiao doesn't seem to notice the slight movement, but his eyes are heavy. A pair of big hands hold her small hands, gently make a force, and the black ball "Da" makes a sound. It bumps into the side library, then turns a corner, slowly bypasses a bunch of disorderly colored balls, and runs straight to a red ball. The innocent red ball used to hide on its own. After being hit, it rolls slowly to the bottom Bag, and then bag mouth after a struggle, into.

Shen Xiao is lying on her body, and she says with a low smile: "the ball is in. Do you want to kiss it again?"

Shen Yu:...

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