Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 36
After Teacher Song nodded, a dozen students happily followed the manager to leave the ordinary box, and finally Bai Muyu and Lin Cong were still sitting on the sofa.

Lin Cong glanced at Bai Muyu, who was pale, patting her shoulder comfortably, and said, "Don't be angry. This party was already a busy event tonight. It's the same for anyone who pays. You want to invite me to come. I'm already very happy. ."

His facial features are upright, wearing black-framed glasses, gentle temperament, handsome and elegant, all of which Bai Muyu likes.

Bai Muyu hated the Shen brothers and sisters in his heart, but in front of the person she liked, it was not easy to get out of control. She could only barely raise a stiff smile and said, "It doesn't matter, you don't have to pay for it and you can enjoy it. Very good!"

Lin Chong smiled and asked her, "Do you want to follow along?"

Bai Muyu sneered, "Of course I have to go, I have to open the most expensive wine, anyway, her family has money!"

Lin Chong raised his eyebrows and asked inadvertently: "Is her family rich? Just looking at Shen Yu, but I don't think so."

Bai Muyu resented Shen Yu and thought of arranging her as soon as she got the chance, so when Lin Chung asked, she said angrily: "Of course she can't see it, you don't know how fake she is, from Since freshman year, I have been pretending to be poor and selling badly, so I have to apply for the subsidy for poor students! As a result, we only recently discovered that her brother is actually Shen Xiao of the Shen Group. I don’t know how rich I have at home! There is really no more hypocrisy than her. "

Lin Chong raised his eyebrows, "Shen's Group? It's not a small start!"

Bai Muyu hummed, "I hate to die!"

Lin Chong grinned, "Do you want to follow?"

Bai Muyu raised her head and said proudly, "Of course, how can we be less at the party in our class!" After she finished, she took the lead to get out and go out.

Lin Cong followed her, and after leaving Bai Muyu's line of sight, he unconsciously raised his eyebrows.

Shen Yu followed the manager all the way into the elevator and went to the top floor. Everyone was whispering and seemed very excited.

After walking out of the elevator, It feel that even the grade of decoration is different, and the top floor obviously looks proud.

"Where is my brother?" Shen Yu whispered to the manager beside her.

The manager said with a smile, "Mr. Shen is in another suite on this floor, talking with a few executives. Is Miss Shen going to say hello?"

Is it really to talk about business? Didn’t he follow her phone?

After thinking about it, Shen Yu said: "Wait a moment, I'll go to the suite with the teacher first."

The manager nodded quickly and led them into a luxurious suite.

Compared with the ordinary suite just now, this suite is almost like a palace, and before they came in, the table in the suite hall was prepared with all kinds of food and drinks, even the cakes were prepared, and a few beauties stood beside Health is specially sent to them.

More than a dozen classmates visited the inside and outside of the suite, and finally became stunned. "This is the place where the CEOs usually gather for fun? It’s good to have money!"

Several boys laughed wretchedly and said, "It will be more perfect to have a few more girls to play with!"

Teacher Song hit the boy and said back to Shen Yu, "Although it's a bit overwhelming to say so, I don't think I can let your brother spend the money. I have to pay for it myself. This is me after all. Birthday party."

Shen Yu waved her hands and smiled, "My brother is more domineering. He said please, please, and let the teacher pay for it, he should be angry, and teacher, you should not have any burden, just be a normal party!"

The teacher was refused, and she was secretly relieved. She had tens of thousands of her own deposits. It was estimated that it would not be enough.

The whole room is full of young people. After seeing all kinds of fun things, they immediately scattered to find a project to play. Even Teacher Song was pulled to play mahjong.

Shen Yu didn't particularly want to play, but felt hungry, so she sat alone at the table in the hall and ate, and found that most of the small snacks were her favorite taste, and she ate a few at once.

She thought to herself: Isn't this what Shen Xiao specifically ordered them to prepare, is this guy so careful? ?

Just as she opened her bow and ate food right and left, Bai Muyu and Lin Cong came too late. As soon as she walked in to see her, Bai Muyu walked directly towards her and hummed: "Do you feel proud, have a good face, and feel I'm not as good as you everywhere?"

Shen Yu swallowed the dim sum in her mouth and took two glasses of orange juice for a sip. Then she cleared her throat and said, "You are right, I just feel proud, that is, I have a special face, and you have the ability to open a suite Ah! It is estimated that the VIP card in your hand is not qualified to open."

Bai Muyu was immediately stunned by her, and she was about to have an attack, so she continued to say: "You know that it can't be compared with me, and you just rushed to find me to talk harshly, don't you find it funny? pain?"

Bai Muyu sneered, "It seems that he has confidence, and he knows to say cruel things?"

Shen Yu smiled and said, "Who wouldn't say bad things?? Only stupid people can make bad words everywhere and then be beaten!"

Bai Muyu instantly seated on the number, staring: "You...\"

Lin Cong immediately pulled her from behind, and then took her in, and said, "Okay, let's see what Teacher Song is doing."

Bai Muyu was dragged away, not forgetting to glance back at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu sneered without pain, "Idiot."

After a while, Lin Cong, who sent him in, appeared in front of Shen Yu again.

Shen Yu put down the food in her hand and looked up at him, "Is Teacher Lin going to be fair to Bai Muyu? You should have seen it too, it was she who picked things first."

Lin Chong walked to the table, took a plate to clamp things, and then sat on her side, before saying: "Mu Yu's temper is really big, but the people are still very good."

Shen Yu sneered in her heart and said perfunctoryly: "That's your good temper."

Lin Chong didn't move the food on the plate. It seemed that he sat down just to chat with her, but he pushed his glasses and said, "Sister Shen is a local, hasn't you left this city since childhood?"

Shen Yu nodded and said, "Yeah, stay by the side."

He asked again, "I heard Mu Yu say, is your villa in Changhong's villa community?"

Shen Yu made a noise and felt a little strange. Bai Muyu obviously hated her. Why did she tell Lin Chong this? Before tonight, she didn't know Lin Cong at all. Why did Bai Muyu and Lin Chong chat about her?

Lin Chong may have seen the alert in her eyes, and smiled and said: "I have a friend who lives there too. When I mentioned it last time, Mu Yu said by the way, that place is not an ordinary person. Affordable, I have been there once, so I was very impressed."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and didn't want to continue this topic, so she stood up and said, "Teacher Lin, let me eat. I won't bother. I will say hello to my brother. When Teacher Song finds me, help me. Say something please."

Lin Chong nodded with a smile, "Go, thank you brother for us, if he is free, you can invite him to come and play together."

"Well, let me ask."

After finishing speaking, Shen Yu turned and left the hall.

I don’t know why. Teacher Lin clearly seems to be gentle and gentle, but Shen Yu doesn’t like him very much. He feels that he looks strange and uncomfortable.

It may also be because he is the person Bai Muyu likes. She doesn't like Bai Muyu herself, so she doesn't even like the person Bai Muyu likes!

Shen Yu found a waiter and asked the other party to take her to Shen Xiao. She wanted to see if Shen Xiao was really talking about business.

The two luxury suites were close together, and a door came out and walked a few steps along the corridor. When the waiter knocked on the door, Shen Yu felt nervous for a moment.

She didn’t know what she was nervous about, but she can’t help but lower her head to sort out the skirt. Because the heating in the clubhouse is sufficient, Shen Yu’s coat is not put on, and there is a skirt on her body, which is to destroy the day Bai Muqing and Shen Xiao dated, let Shen Xiao paid for it.

As soon as the suite door opened, there was a burst of laughter in the room. Some men and women sounded particularly lively.

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, thinking it seemed to be really entertaining, and hesitated whether to go in.

But just at the stall where she hesitated, the room door was opened, and the people inside had also found her, and Shen Yu also saw the situation inside at a glance.

A group of people sat on the sofa in the lobby drinking and chatting. There are men and women. If you look closely, a few men are quite old, and the women sitting next to them or sitting on their laps are all young and beautiful. At first glance it is not a serious female partner.

In the crowd, Shen Yu saw Shen Xiao at a glance. He was sitting on a single sofa with his back to the door. Like other managers, there was a woman beside him. From the perspective of the door, he didn’t know if she was sitting. On the armrest, she still sat on his lap.

Shen Yu, who was still hesitant to go in, would walk in without knowing what to do.

Several men facing the door saw her first, and one of managers smiled and said, "Yo, here comes another beautiful little sister. I like this figure!"

After listening, everyone laughed.

Shen Xiao drank the wine in his hand and was not interested in the little sister in their mouth, but he turned around and glanced.

This eye almost made him sick on the spot, narrowing his eyes and saying dangerously, "How did you come here?"

Shen Yu didn't expect this to happen. She was actually treated as a companion girl by the big guys present. It was really embarrassing. Fortunately, Shen Xiao found her in time.

But looking at his face, it seems that he is not in a good mood! Shen Yu was afraid, thinking that in the face of such a big brother, he should not easily get sick.

So bravely stepped forward, said softly: "I heard that you are here, I want to come over and say hello, did I disturb you?"

After she finished speaking, she glanced at the woman beside Shen Xiao, and found that she was only sitting on the armrest of the sofa, but the armrest was not high, causing the woman to have half of her ass next to Shen Xiao.

She don't know why, seeing this situation, Shen Yu felt unhappy.

Shen Xiao found Shen Yu's gaze, and he followed the people around him, then frowned, raised his arm in displeasure, pushed hard, and pushed the woman directly to the ground.

Shen Yu: ...

Big Brother: ...

The woman who was pushed to the ground: wow......

She saw Shen Xiao calmly patting the armrest, just where the woman was sitting, and then said to Shen Yu: "Come here."

The bosses looked at the two of them with unbelievable eyes, thinking about what this woman really came from, actually made the always cold Mr. Shen become so active! !
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