Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 35

Since Shen Yu's blockbuster at the school gala, she has been excluded from a pitiful place and has become a hot topic in the school forum. Although her dance videos have been deleted from the forum, her topic is still intermittent. Someone mentioned.

In particular, there was a post, which was fat and ugly before picking her, and there was a blurry photo. Once this post came out, it was immediately posted as a hot post. Everyone thinks this should be the most inspirational post of the year!

Ugly women counterattack into goddesses, this is the dream of many girls, and the live example in front of them is the best motivation.

In addition to inspirational counterattack stickers, there are also confession stickers. In short, after the celebration, many boys in the college suddenly have a dream lover, and through investigation, more than Shen Yu’s face, they are more enthralled by her body.

Shen Yu didn't know this at the beginning. She had to deal with the neurotic brother at home every day. She was already terrified. There was still energy to pay attention to the messy gossip.

But now she has a friend Li Yiyi who likes to chat with her about gossip.

Today, Li Yiyi came to talk to her about the new gossip while taking advantage of the empty space after class. "Is there any gossip about you in the forum today, do you see it?"

Shen Yu glanced and found that today's gossip is more content, saying that she often had a luxury car transfer some time ago, and the man driving was very handsome. At first glance, he was a rich second generation.

So guess everything downstairs.

Someone who chases beauty becomes chased and envious of the dead.

But more, it was still said that she was housed, and the sour tone could be smelled across the screen.

Shen Yu looked back at the classmate, "Do you believe it?"

She laughed at the same table: "Did you explain it last time? Say that person is your brother."

Shen Yu also smiled and nodded, "He is my brother."

After returning the mobile phone to the same table, Shen Yu turned to the next page of the book. After reading two lines, she found that he was a bit inaccessible. All she was thinking about was the post on the forum.

She still cares a bit, and was misunderstood about her relationship with Shen Xiao.

So she took out her phone, clicked on the forum, entered the post, and replied in a vest: "The man is Shen Yu's brother. If you don't believe it, you can go to Shen Yu to verify."

After replying, she no longer read the message, and directly exited the post. She originally planned to close the page directly, but she looked down and saw another gossip post, "August 18 performance is the love history of Bai Xingliang."

Although they didn't name it, the famous surnamed Bai Liang from the acting department is Bai Muyu.

Shen Yu was a little interested, so she clicked in and found out that Bai’s love history is really colorful! There are even seniors and young students, and even young mentors. The post also gossips that she is chasing a new teacher recently.

It turned out that there was a love goal, no wonder she didn't find her stubble recently.

When Li Yiyi saw her in a daze, she came together and said, "Tomorrow's teacher Song's birthday, everyone in the class will go to celebrate for her, will you go?"

Shen Yu frowned. Teacher Song was the mentor of their class. He was young and usually had fun with everyone. Last time Bai Muyu framed her and stole the necklace, it was teacher Song who solved it.

After thinking about it, she asked, "Where to celebrate?"

When asked about this, Li Yiyi looked very excited and rubbed her hands and said, "It's a private club near Dixing. I heard that there is a membership system. Only VIPs are required to enter. This time everyone can open their eyes."

Shen Yu frowned, thinking that everyone is a student, and each month is a fixed pocket money. Even if the money for the party is paid by everyone together, it should not be possible to go to a place like a private club.

"Who is the VIP?" Shen Yu asked.

"Of course it is Bai Muyu. Her sister Bai Muqing is a big star. There is a VIP in that club. She said that she will pay for the private room, and the wine will also be half. It is really a local tycoon! Come out together."

"Why is she suddenly so active?" Shen Yu asked puzzled. In the impression, the relationship between Bai Muyu and Teacher Song is not so good.

Li Yi smiled mysteriously and looked around to make sure that Bai Muyu was not in the classroom. She whispered, "We, Song, and Lin are classmates and have a strong relationship, and that Lin, that Bai Muyu is pursuing recently People."

Shen Yu: ...

After Li Yiyi explained, remembering the contradiction between Shen Yu and Bai Muyu, she said, "It's nothing if you don't want to go."

Shen Yu really didn't want to go, and she planned to buy a gift for the teacher in the afternoon.

But in the afternoon, she received an invitation message sent by Teacher Song to let her classmates go to her birthday party tomorrow night. She also said that she would leave her job and return to her hometown to get married soon. She wanted to take this opportunity to get together with her classmates.

After receiving this text message, Shen Yu changed her mind.

At home in the evening, she brought gifts to the teacher at the dinner table. Both Uncle Li and Shen Xiao were very interested and gave her opinions.

"Teacher, buy a birthday card and write a few sour poems, she is very happy." Uncle Li said.

Shen Xiao scorned him disdainfully, "Which time did you do it? Tacky!"

Uncle Li was dissatisfied and said, "Then what do you say is not tacky?"

Shen Xiao peeled the shrimp in his hand and said, "Send money."

Shen Yu pouted, "Giving money is the most tacky thing!"

Shen Xiao raised his eyelids to look at her, and handed the shrimp peeled off his hand to her mouth. Shen Yu habitually opened her mouth to prepare food. How could she know that the shrimp just touched her lips and was retracted again, Shen Yu Was cheated into the air.

She glared at Shen Xiao angrily, with a smile on Shen Xiao's lips, and handed over the shrimp again. Shen Yu ignored him and pretended not to see him.

Shen Xiao smiled and placed the shrimp next to her mouth. When she opened her mouth, Shen Yu's eyelids shuddered and she opened her mouth to bite, but still slowed down, Shen Xiao took the shrimp back again.

Shen Yu suddenly got angry, turned and rushed towards him, and directly reached out to grab. She usually didn't like his feeding, but she was ready to eat this shrimp! !

For a time, the brother and sister flew into a ball, Shen Xiao raised the prawn in one hand and hugged her waist in one hand, his face couldn't stop showing a hearty smile.

Uncle Li shook his head, knocked on the chopsticks, said: "Don't play, hurry to eat, the dishes are cold!"

Shen Xiao then stuffed the shrimp into her mouth.

In the end, Shen Yu still accepted Shen Xiao's advice and issued a red envelope to the teacher.

The next afternoon, Shen Yu went out on time to go to the appointment. Before going out, she struggled for a while, whether to continue to wear the original ordinary clothes or to wear the newly bought skirt.

Finally remembering that the party was held in a private club, she decided to wear the newly bought skirt.

Because they picked a very big place, the students were almost present.

Shen Yu was sent by Uncle Li, and when she arrived in the private room, the others were almost there.

In the private room, Bai Muyu was sitting next to Teacher Song, and on the other side of her, a strange man was sitting, which should be Teacher Lin who Bai Muqing was pursuing recently.

After Shen Yu entered, she read the indoor situation again, and then gave the little gift to the teacher.

Teacher Song looked very happy and took Shen Yu's hand and asked her to sit next to her.

At this time, Teacher Lin, who was sitting on the other side of Bai Muyu, looked at Shen Yu in surprise, and asked, "How does this classmate look, looks familiar?"

It sounds like a conversation, Shen Yu shrugged: "Maybe I'm normal face."

She secretly looked at Teacher Lin, wondering if Bai Muyu would look at him. Not only did the teacher look tall, he looked good, his facial features were clear and three-dimensional, and he was very handsome.

Shen Yu was looking at him, and Teacher Lin was also watching her, as if he was very interested in her as soon as she walked in, his eyes kept following her.

That too straightforward look made Shen Yu unable to turn away.

Isn't it impolite to stare at a girl like this? ?

Bai Muyu finally found an excuse to make an appointment with Lin Chong, but when Shen Yu came in, Teacher Lin had always focused on Shen Yu, which was really annoying.

Before changing to something, she must find Shen Yu's trouble, but since she was taught by her sister, she did not dare to provoke Shen Yu and could only secretly stare at her a few times.

At this time, several classmates were discussing the party tonight, saying that Bai Muyu was really powerful. She could order such a large box and the consumption should not be low.

After listening to it, Bai Muyu said with some triumph: "This class of private room can only be ordered by diamond VIP. My sister's card is only hundreds of thousands of annual fees."

Everyone listened straight.

Teacher Song said with a smile, "Then everyone will be covered with your light tonight!"

Bai Muyu smiled, and this put down the unpleasant emotion just now. Turn around and sing with teacher Lin.

The moment Teacher Lin got up, Shen Yu found that he was still looking at her. His eyes were profound and complicated, which made her a little uncomfortable.

After a while, the box door was knocked open, and a middle-aged man who claimed to be the club manager came in and asked politely, "Is Ms. Shen Yu here?"

Shen Yu was chatting with Teacher Song. Hearing this, it was a little unexpected, but she stood up and said, "I am Shen Yu, is there something wrong?"

The manager then smiled and said: "This is the case. President Shen just happened to come over tonight. I heard that you are here and I only booked a regular private room. Let me tell you that you can take your friend to a senior suite. And he will pay all the expenses tonight, I hope you and your friends have fun."

Everyone: ...

Just now they are still discussing that Bai Muyu can make such a large private room very powerful, but in the blink of an eye, it was dismissed as too small, which is simply a god-like turning point.

There is even bigger!

Shen Yu is a little helpless, this neuropathy is almost everywhere! ! What happened to come to play, he must have found it by positioning!

After vomiting in her heart, she turned around and asked Teacher Song, "Do you want to go?"

Everyone hesitated.

Teacher Song said, "Why is this so funny?!"

The manager added, "The superior suite has karaoke room, chess room, billiard room, lounge, recreation room..."

A group of young people heard their eyes shining brightly and said in unison: "Teacher, we want to go!!!"

The high-level fun place is free, so the fool won’t go! ! !

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