Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 34

Shen Yu is puzzled about Shen Xiao’s love of feeding her. She has never been able to get refreshed herself, but every time Shen Xiao feeds her, he is full of enthusiasm and can be seen as sincerely like.

It is estimated that every neuropathy has some strange habit!

Shen Yu feels embarrassed to be fed at home on weekdays, let alone outside, but this is also her reaction in anxiety, the purpose is to interrupt the topic of the two of them, but did not expect Shen Xiao to cooperate so.

Not only a bite, but also a second bite and a third's endless!

Shen Yu felt that she was in flames.

Chewing something on her mouth, Shen Yu turned her head to look at Bai Muqing and found that she was looking like a couch, looking at them in horror.

Being able to scare a bad woman like this, Shen Yu suddenly felt very happy, and she didn’t mind Shen Xiao’s feeding so much, and pointed at the shrimp salad in front of her, saying, “I want that.”

Shen Xiao yelled, then reached out and crossed over to give her food.

In this way, brother and sister you feed me, the scene is extremely harmonious.

But in Bai Muqing's view, this is definitely a very spicy picture!

"Have you... always been like this?" Her smile on the corner of her mouth was slowly frozen. It can be seen that she should be very uncomfortable at this moment.

Shen Yu blinked and said, "Yes, what's wrong?"

Bai Muqing frowned and said, "Don't you think this is weird?"

Although Shen Yu agreed with her in her heart, she would have to stand on the opposite side no matter what Bai Muqing said, so she whispered, "It's not very strange, we are like this at home."

Bai Muqing couldn't hide the disgust in her eyes, and said, "You are so old, you still have to feed? Isn't it too coquettish?"

Shen Yu looked for a while and heard the disgust in her words. She couldn't help but look back at Shen Xiao, then slowly lowered her head, and her emotions instantly became low.

Then secretly give her a compliment in my heart, she feel that she have the potential to play bitch! !

Since Shen Yu appeared, Shen Xiao's entire attention has been placed on her side, and he is simply too lazy to ignore Bai Muqing, let her go first, she is unwilling, she didn’t continue to eat and continue to chattering around, really Is too annoying.

He handed another shrimp ball to Shen Yu, but when he saw her head bowed down, he felt angry, and immediately an eye knife threw at Bai Muyu, saying, "It’s none of your business?"

Bai Muqing was questioned a bit ignorant, and felt that the man in front of her was really unreasonable. He clearly promised to come out with her, but he was not lukewarm to her, and he spoke to her in such a rushing tone.

Scum! ! !

She was upset, so she argued: "No, do you get along with your sister like this? Spoil your kids too!"

Because of Bai Muqing's words, Shen Xiao was once again refused to be fed by Shen Yu. He was also very uncomfortable. He threw the fork on the table and said, "My children, I am as happy as I please, what do you do with you?"

Shen Yu bowed her head, but listened to the conversation between the two of them with her ears raised, and applauded Shen Xiao with all his heart. This neuropathy was so turbulent that even the date of the date was correct. It was absolutely possible to be single with strength. Going down, Bai Muqing, even if she is thick-skinned, will soon be run away by him, and she won't have to worry about Shen Xiao's blackening problem.

Thinking about this, she couldn't help but want to laugh, but she could only hold her back, shaking her shoulders and shaking, not thinking that she was crying!

Shen Xiao glanced at her for a while, and immediately turned his back on his face, hurried directly to Bai Muqing, "Ok, you can go."

He was afraid to talk to her again, he would not be able to beat the woman.

Bai Muqing's eyes widened in disbelief, thinking that this man was a neuropathy! He promised to come out, and now he is the one who drives people, and it is really the only scum in the sky! !

Such a person, she really has no way to continue with him!

Before, she still felt that she had picked up the treasure. At least Shen Xiao was not only rich, but also handsome. he almost got along with Situ Yi, but when she got along, she felt more and more that Shen Xiao was just a shit! ! !

Bai Muqing couldn't bear it anymore, she gritted her teeth and said, "You are surnamed Shen, you are a neuropathy, where are you brothers and sisters like you in the world?! The lovers are not as sticky as you are, why don't you just fall in love together! Pooh!"

After scolding, Bai Muqing picked up her carry-on bag and got up angrily and left.

Shen Yu had been watching the drama just next to her, but this meeting was startled by Bai Muqing's remarks, and then turned to see Shen Xiao. Although he was scolded, but his face was normal, and there was no sign of illness, he could not help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief. 

As a result, she just sat up straight, and Shen Xiao handed over a shrimp ball again, instructing her to continue to eat, "Okay, that neuropathy woman is gone, we continue." The tone was plain and ordinary, and was not affected by Bai Muqing's verbal abuse at all.

Shen Yu is really crying and laughing, thinking of you as a neuropathy, what is the qualification to say that others are neuropathy? !

However, Bai Muqing was angry, her task today was successfully completed, and just now Bai Muqing was so miserable by Shen Xiao. In a short time, she should not come to Shen Xiao again!

Shen Yu feels that, with such a character as Shen Xiao, it is indeed necessary to equip him with a purposeful woman, otherwise ordinary people can bear it.

All day long, a girl was crazy by his boyfriend, so she can continue to fall in love!

But if she succeeds in breaking up the two, is Shen Xiao destined to live alone forever?

Um... what's going on, wait for the troubles later.

After eating, the two went straight home.

Uncle Li was waiting for them in the living room. When he saw the two coming in together, they smiled and said, "Have you eaten? I still have some food."

Shen Yu shook her head. She was still wearing a newly bought skirt. It was not easy to move, and she went upstairs to change it as soon as she entered the house.

Shen Xiao threw the coat aside, unbuttoned the two shirts, and the shoes did not take off. He lay down directly on the sofa and stared at the chandelier on the ceiling in a daze.

The mood looks pretty good.

Uncle Li brought slippers to him, then squatted to his side and asked with a smile: "Reconciled?"

Shen Xiao squinted at him and hummed out of his nasal cavity as a response.

Uncle Li nodded comfortably and said, "Just be reconciled, don't always bully her, even if it's a kitten, get angry, it will scratch people, I tell you, Miss is actually not going to go out tonight. "

Shen Xiao narrowed his eyes and raised his head halfway, "How to say?"

Uncle Li said: "She's mad at you, you still deliberately irritated her, to find a woman, she will go to you is strange, then I said a few words to her, she went."

When Uncle Li said this, he looked quite proud.

Shen Xiao stretched his hands and sat up and asked him: "What did you say?"

Uncle Li glanced at the stairs and made sure that there was no movement there, and then whispered to Shen Xiao: "I told her that you went to her door before going to bed at night, and finally did nothing, and went back to the room."

Shen Xiao looked baffled, and asked him: "Why should I go to her doorway?"

Uncle Li: ...

He said: "Of course I want her to be soft-hearted. When I say this, she will change her mind and go to you. Is it useless?"

Shen Xiao: ...

Uncle Li shook his head, "You must learn to coax girls."

Shen Xiao took out a pack of cigarettes, shot a point, and then said disgustingly: "I'm okay to coax girls what to do? I'm enough to coax the children at home!"

Uncle Li: ...

Dare to love the children at home are not girls!

At this time, an all-black cat walked in an elegant cat step, jumped easily, jumped onto the sofa, and then walked slowly to Shen Xiao’s lap, Erha followed behind, but also wanted to jump up, but saw on the sofa The person is Shen Xiao, and dare not jump, can only shake his tail beside him.

It was estimated that Shen Xiao bought it back, so the black cat had a good impression on Shen Xiao and always wanted to get close to him, but Shen Xiao was very disgusted. She bought it back at the time and it was just a prank, not really like cats .

"Go away, you're famale, touch me less." Shen Xiao waved away the black cat in disgust.

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Yu changed clothes, ran downstairs briskly, first went to the kitchen to pour a glass of juice, and then came to the living room with the juice, talking to Uncle Li while drinking.

"Uncle Li, did you cook sweet soup tonight?"

Uncle Li said: "Yes, do you want to drink? I'll heat you up."

Shen Yu looked back at Shen Xiao, "Brother do you want to drink?"

Shen Xiao pouted, "Children like to drink sweet."

Shen Yu said to Li Shu with a smile: "Uncle Li, we need two bowls!"

Shen Xiao: ...

These days, Shen Yu has been listless. Today she finally recovered his grinning look, which made the two men on the side feel very emotional and felt that they should take good care of this smile.

Uncle Li turned to the kitchen to warm the sweet soup. Shen Yu put down the cup in her hand, then picked up the black cat, sat on the sofa, and put the cat on his lap.

Shen Xiao watched her series of movements quietly and asked, "What are you doing?"

Shen Yu laughed and said: "Play with cats!"

After she finished talking, she looked at the cat's comfortable and enjoyable appearance, and she was also satisfied.

Shen Xiao held her cigarette and tilted her head to look at her. After a while, he suddenly got up and moved to her, pulled her sleeves around, and then reached out to rub her hair.

Shen Yu would be wearing her hair. After rubbing it a few times, her hair immediately turned into a bird's nest. She looked up at him strangely, "What do you do?"

Shen Xiao looked at her like a mad woman and couldn't help laughing out loud, saying, "You play with cats, I play with you."

Shen Yu: ...

This sounds so strange. ? ?

Shen Yu struggled his hand, but Shen Xiao was unmoved and continued to play with her hair.

He suddenly discovered that the child's hair was very soft and slippery, and it felt comfortable.

Suddenly he remembered what Bai Muqing called him tonight...

"Surnamed Shen, you are a neuropathy, where is your brother and sister like you?! The lovers are not as sticky as you are, why don't you just fall in love together! I shit!"

fall in love? ? With the children of your own family? ? What a joke!

The children in his family are used to play, not to fall in love!

Besides, he works every day to make money, and when he comes home from get off work, he does not need to fall in love!

Shen Xiao thought disdainfully, that Bai Muqing was indeed a neuropathy, and he would still have less contact with her in the future! The most important thing is that his children doesn't like her!

With such a thought, Shen Xiao looked down at Shen Yu again, and suddenly felt itchy, and there was an urge to rub the person into his arms.

Sure enough, playing with cats is addictive.

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