Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 32

Shen Xiao stopped the car and did not rush out of the car. He took out his mobile phone to unlock it and looked at the location again. The red dot showed that the guy was still at home and did not move at all.

His face sank instantly, did he guess wrong? Doesn’t she actually mind him and Bai Muqing coming out for a big meal?

Recalling the past few days, Shen Yu seemed to have lost her soul and ignored him, and he felt angry.

It’s like going back to the state of a long time ago, fearing him, avoiding him, and wishing to turn myself into a transparent person. No matter what he stuffs for her, she is eating with a pale face, silently, completely to accept.

At that time, there was no contrast, and she was like a little animal, frightened. It was fun, but in the past few months, he watched her change slowly, just like a black and white photo, gradually After being dyed with color, it finally became colorful, and there were many active people.

He will never allow this picture to fade again...

The sound of the call interrupted Shen Xiao's thoughts. He glanced at the call, and his brows closed tightly.

Bai Muqing's voice said sweetly and greasyly: "Are you here? I've already settled."

He used to think that this woman's voice was soft and a little nice, but now think about it, it is better to hear his sister's bright and neutral voice, although crying is very lethal, but it is good to listen to.

After comparing the voices, he replied lazily: "Here, wait."

Hanging up the phone, he looked at the location again, and then got out of the car with a black face. The expression did not seem to be going to a date, but rather to an appointment.


Shen Yu carried her rice bowl and chopsticks in the air for half a day.

Unexpectedly, Shen Xiao would actually use this to threaten her. He should be sure that she didn't like Bai Muqing before thinking of using this to excite her.

It seems that the cold war these past few days really made him uncomfortable, even knowing that it takes pains to solve the problem.

Shen Yu put down the chopsticks and asked Uncle Li, "Apart from this, what did my brother say?"

Uncle Li said: "He said he would go to the Western restaurant over Dixing."

Shen Yu: ...

Date when you are dating, and report your whereabouts so clearly, obviously suggesting that she is going to find it.

Shen Yu played with chopsticks and pursed her lips, thinking that she was going down this stage to reconcile with Shen Xiao, and by the way, ruin their appointment and show their position.

Or to keep him cold and not talk to him?

Uncle Li gave her a piece of fish and said, "Come on, eat more. You have been in a bad mood recently, and eating fish can make you happy."

Shen Yu smiled and said, "I've heard that eating banana makes people happy, is it okay to eat fish?"

Uncle Li smiled and said, "Then are you really unhappy? Why?"

Shen Yu: ...

Ginger is still old and spicy, she actually said what she said!

Shen Yu thought about it and said, "Some of my brother's practices made me feel very angry."

"But in any case, he is your brother, and he has been cold for a few days, so forgive him once." Uncle Li coaxed her and said, "I went to check the doors and windows the night before yesterday and found him Going around in your doorway, then you will close the door, and you don’t know whether you sleep or not."

Shen Yulen was a little surprised, "What is he doing in circles at my door? Want to talk to me?"

Uncle Li said: "I think it should be, I peeked at the stairs for a while, and finally he went back."

Shen Yu: ...

A serpentine neuropathy that is so arrogant at ordinary times will actually be restless because of her cold war, and go to her door to wander around, she did not know at all!

But this is not like what Shen Xiao will do!

Shen Xiao was standing in the door involuntarily, hesitating whether to knock on the door, Shen Yu suddenly became soft.

So she put down the tableware and say, "Uncle Li, I have something to go out."

Uncle Li also put down the tableware and asked with concern, "No matter where you go, you have to eat first."

Shen Yu shook her head and turned to go upstairs to change clothes. Uncle Li followed a few steps and asked, "Then let me drive the car and send you over?"

Shen Yu glanced at the sky outside and finally nodded, "Okay."

After Shen Yu went upstairs, Uncle Li turned to the garage with a smile, and muttered to himself while walking: "Mr. shen's experience in this area is still too little."

Erha originally wanted to follow him out, but when he saw Xiao Bai walking back to his cat's nest slowly, he couldn't help but hesitantly followed, and he liked the cat's nest! !

When the car drove out of the villa community, Li Shu didn't ask her where she was going, but just drove all the way to the city center.

Shen Yu glanced sideways at him, and found that Uncle Li smiled kindly, his cheeks were a little dry, and she actively said, "I just think that Bai Muqing is not for him!"

Uncle Li nodded and said, "Since listening to you, I have also searched some of her news, which is really not good. She had a period with Situ Yi, and then she split it. Seeing Situ Yi, she kept pulling. He speculated the news, and later told many people that it was too chaotic."

After stopping, Uncle Li said again: "My husband, I haven't been in love yet, but can't the woman's reputation be damaged."

Shen Yu nodded again, and felt that Uncle Li was really good assist!

The evening rush hour had passed, and the traffic was very fast. Soon after, Uncle Li sent Shen Yu to the Dixing Building in the city center.

Shen Yu got out of the car and waved at Uncle Li: "You go back first, don't need to wait for me, I will find my brother later, and go back together."

Uncle Li nodded and said, "Don't you forget to bring your cell phone? What if you can't find him?"

Shen Yu said: "I will take a taxi back home."

Uncle Li said: "Then hold your mobile phone first."

Shen Yu shook her head and refused.

Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing's Western restaurant is very famous, and it is also easy to find on the top floor of the building.

But along the way, Shen Yu thought of several options, how to debut, so that she does not look too deliberate.

Then when she went to the top floor, she couldn't help but find that the Western restaurant only occupied half of the top floor, and the other half were several women's clothing boutiques!

Without thinking about it, she went directly to the store closest to the restaurant.

Because she was in a hurry to go out, she was only wearing ordinary trench coat jeans and did not even take her mobile phone, so when she walked into the store, there was still a dim sum, and she walked around in a pretense manner, peeking through the glass wall from time to time, peeking next door s restaurant.

The store clerk came to introduce it enthusiastically, but looking at her as a traitor, she couldn't help but calm down and asked her, "Miss, do you want to try this one?"

Shen Yu decisively returned the clothes to her, "No, I will take a look."

The clerk took the clothes and looked disdainful.

Shen Yu glanced back at her and said, "Wait, you come back."

The clerk looked impatient and said, "What can I do for you?"

Shen Yu pointed to a skirt hanging on the wall and said, "The one I brought to try, as well as the matching shoes and bags, are all brought to me to try."

Clerk: ...

She thought to someone who had just looked so sad, how could this blink of an eye become so bold? ? ?

But the client asked, she was not easy to refuse, and soon went to fetch what she wanted.

When Shen Yu took the skirt in and changed it, and then put on the appropriate high heels, when she walked out of the dressing room, the clerk next to him even had the illusion that the light seemed to light up several degrees.

The full chest, slender waist, buttocks, and skirts were worn on her, and she got the most perfect display.

Although there were thin-framed glasses on his face, there was almost no sense of disobedience after the hair was put down.

Shen Yu looked in the mirror and felt very satisfied. He turned back to the shop assistant and said, "This skirt is very beautiful. Please help me bill."

The clerk was very surprised. The skirt on Shen Yu's body, the leather bag on her hand and the high-heeled shoes under her feet were not a small sum. Unexpectedly, she asked her to pay directly without asking the price even if she asked.

The clerk then smiled and said: "Okay, please pay here."

Unexpectedly, Shen Yu not only did not follow her, but also pulled her, and then dragged her all the way to the glass wall, pointing to the restaurant next door and said, "Look at that, the table near the glass wall. "

The clerk looked baffled, but she looked in her hand and found that the table should be a couple. The man looked very tall from the back. He was sitting closer to the glass wall, so he could see it at a glance, but his female The companion was sitting opposite him, more inside, so she couldn't see it.

"Yes, what's wrong?"

Shen Yu smiled and said, "You go to  take the bill to the man and let him pay."

Clerk: ...

What is this operation? ? In front of her, is this the real man who came to catch the adulterer, or the third person who is competing for favor?

Looking at her with suspicion, Shen Yu said again: "Do you want to sell these things, just do what I said."

"He really will come?"

"Yes, go quickly. When he finishes eating, you won't be able to sell anything."

The clerk questioned the letter and ran to the manager to explain the situation, and then opened the bill. After Shen Yu signed the letter, she passed.

Shen Xiao was absent-minded about this meal. At that time, he received a message from Bai Muqing that when he asked him to come out, he should take it casually, but he did not expect it to be so boring.

If he knew it was so boring, it would be better to tease cats and dogs at home.

When he think of home, he can't help but think of his sister who is still fighting with him.

Bai Muqing said for a long time, and found that Shen Xiao didn't listen to anything, and she was also angry, but she couldn't show it, "How do you always look at the phone? Is something wrong?"

Shen Xiao is looking at positioning, but the guy hasn't moved at home, and he is depressed and dead.

"You eat, and leave after eating," he said.

Bai Muqing frowned, "You..."

At this time, a good-looking girl came over and politely said to them: "Excuse me, sir, there is a lady who bought something in our shop and forgot to bring the money, she said to let you pay in the past."

Bai Muqing frowned and asked her, "Did you make a mistake?"

Shen Xiao was also unhappy.

The girl had no confidence, but she passed the list and said, "Sir, please have a look."

Shen Xiao glanced at the signature on the list, then raised her eyebrows and stood up directly, saying: "Lead the way."

The girl was delighted and quickly showed him the way. Soon, the two left in a hurry.

The Bai Muqing left behind is inexplicable.

She finally asked Shen Xiao to come out. Before the official matter was told, she was snatched away by a woman with no name? ?

She wants to see who it is! !

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