Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 31

The bright marble floor tiles are messy like a typhoon crossing.

The pieces of porcelain were broken everywhere, the soup of the food was scattered, and the floor was embellished like a palette.

The remaining three people on the scene also turned into color palettes, a burst of blue and a burst of white.

After Shen Xiao smashed things, he smiled unrelentingly, looking at the man on the other side with all his eyes, his eyes full of provocation.

Situ Yi was raised by someone since he was a child, who wanted to make friends with him, which one is not nodding and flattering? It was the first time he met today, who dared to face him like this, and it was in front of the woman he cared about.

He couldn't bear it.

The next second, he stood up suddenly, intending to attack: "You..."

There were countless thoughts flashing from Shen Yu's mind among the electric light and flint, but when thousands of heads came together, there was only one thought, and they must not be turned at this time! !

As soon as the thought came out, she reacted faster than Situ Yi, and stood up, glaring at Shen Xiao fiercely, and said angrily: “I hate you!"

After stomping her feet, she opened the door angrily, and then left without looking back.

Shen Xiao was amazed for two seconds, followed by a sinking face, quickly got up and chased out.

He has long legs and he catches up with Shen Yu in two or two steps, "Wait!"

Shen Yu glanced back at him again, "No!!" After she said that she deliberately accelerated her pace and trot towards the elevator.

Shen Xiao's gaze became fierce instantly, and he took a few steps to catch up, then grabbed her, then raised her hand, bent her waist, and instantly carried the man to his shoulder again, moving cleanly and extremely skillfully.

"Ah!!! I hate you, hate you, let me down!"

Shen Yu struggled with her legs.

Shen Xiao emptied his hand arrogantly, and slammed towards her ass. "Slap..."

"Be quiet!"

Shen Yu: ...

Ooo, this neuropath actually hit a lady's ass in public...

The brothers and sisters walk away noisily, and the atmosphere in the private room is suffocating.

Yuan Yue has been scared into a statue by everything that has just happened. Although she is mentally prepared, she knows that Shen Xiao is a big villain, but she knows that it is one thing, and seeing it is another thing. How can Sister Yu survive for more than three months with such a person? To be her, I was scared to death 800 times!

Yuan Yue watched in a daze, didn't notice that she had been hugged to thigh by Situ Yi.

Until he talked in her ear, "This kind of neuropathy is also worth your contact? Cut off early!"

Yuan Yue said uncomfortably: "No way!"

After talking, she recovered and started struggling again, "Did I promise you to move your feet? Let me go!"

Situ Yi smiled in a low voice and said, "Not only do I use my hands, I also use my mouth."

After talking, he pinched her chin and opened her mouth to hold her two lips together as if to eat her.

Yuan Yue pushed him hard, but in exchange for a stronger hug, he even drilled a hand into her clothes...

Ooo... Mom, there are bullshit bullies here!


Shen Yu, like a sack, went downstairs all the way with a neuropath, and then carried it to the parking lot before being thrown onto the co-pilot.

Although the seat was soft, Shen Yu was still thrown into a daze for a while, and when Shen Xiao came in from the other side, she couldn't help but hummed: "I'm not a sack, don't you always carry me, intestines It’s about to be pushed out!"

Shen Xiao saw that she had not been wearing a seatbelt for a long time, so he leaned over to buckle her up without saying a word, and his mouth was lightly hooked. After listening to her complaint, he said, "Relax, I’ll let them back to your body. "

Shen Yu: ...

After Xiao Xiao buckled his seat belt herself, he started the car and waited for the car to go on the road before slowly speaking, "Your friend is Situ Yi's woman, and she will not come into contact with her in the future."

When Shen Yu heard it, she was angry, and now this person even has to control her friends!

"I'm a good friend with her, why can't I contact."

Shen Xiao squinted at her, and said, "That Situ Yi is not a good person at first glance. This kind of person is not worth coming and going.

Shen Yu: ...

You are a big villain, what are the qualifications to say that others are not good person? ?

Recalling what happened in the private room just now, Shen Yu felt depressed again. She and Han Xiaobing recognized each other and felt that they would be better off in the future. At least on the way to prevent Shen Xiao from turning black, a trusted person could help her A handful.

Regarding Yuan Yue’s relationship with Situ Yi, she even naively thought that with their efforts, the two men might become friends, thereby avoiding the final battle between life and death.

But she was still too naive.

Shen Xiao is a terminal cancer of neuropathy!

Just now, Situ Yi's attitude clearly showed signs of softening, and could see that he really cares about Yuan Yue. However, Shen Xiao became ill at that time, and it was clear that he was pushing the two to opposite positions.

Without the help of the outside world, Shen Xiao jumped into the fire with his own strength!

This is Shen Yu's most angry thing!

So she decided that in the next few days, she would unilaterally fight Shen Xiao! Don't think she is really bully, let him squeeze the round and flatten, do whatever he wants!

Thinking of this, Shen Yu closed her mouth with a cold face and turned to look out the window.

At first, Shen Xiao didn't care. When the car stopped and waited for the traffic lights, he realized that Shen Yu was a little quiet, so he leaned over to see her and found that she had been looking outside the car.

Shen Yu ignored him.

Shen Xiao frowned and reached out to pinch her chin, trying to turn her face back, and as a result Shen Yu slapped his hand hard and twisted her face out of the window.

Shen Xiao: ...

The car behind continued to sound the horn, so he started the car and continued on.

After that, no matter what kind of topic Shen Xiao was looking for, Shen Yu didn't pick it up, just pointed her head at him.

When the car drove into her yard and stopped, she opened the door and jumped down, without entering the house.

Uncle Li is weeding his vegetables in the yard. The new black cat is lying on the grass and basking in the sun lazily. Erha is also lying next to him, constantly arching it with his mouth, licking it with his tongue, black cat Annoyed by it, he scratched his paw.

When Shen Xiao got out of the car and pressed the automatic lock, Uncle Li came up and asked him, "What's wrong? Is the lady angry?"

Shen Xiao didn't answer, snorted, and walked in.

Uncle Li was confused, thought about it, and went back to weeding.

These two brothers and sisters have gradually got better feelings now, and now they both know that they have to get angry with each other.

Uncle Li thought with relief.

After entering the house, Shen Yu went directly upstairs and returned to her room. On the surface, she was having a temper with Shen Xiao. In fact, she wanted to go back and exchange information with Yuan Yue.

So as soon as the door was locked, she quickly sent a message to Yuan Yue, "How is it? Is Situ Yi angry?"

After the news was sent out, the other party did not reply for a long time.

This guy, who was in the private room before, still vowed to be faithful, and said that she would follow her afterwards. As a result, when she turned around, she didn't even return the message to her! !

Shen Yu grunted, threw the phone aside, and lay in bed in a daze, thinking about what to do in the future.

This villain of Shen Xiao is already deeply rooted in his blood. It is really difficult to change him, and because of his sky-rocking character, it was originally the biggest weapon of black tricks.

Even the actor is casual, this is not to catch up to death!

Really sad!

Thinking about something in her head, she fell asleep, and when she woke up again, it was already two hours later, and the mobile phone WeChat was ringing.

She picked it up and took a look. Yuan Yue had sent a lot of information.

"Sister Yu, I just saw the message."

"I'm home already, Situ Yi he is...not very angry."

"Because I sacrificed myself!!"

"Jesus, I was pressed on the bed for two hours. The pervert changed by a robot."

"I am hiding from the toilet and sending you a message."

"Sister, why don't you leave the neuropathy? He's so scary, even scarier than Situ!"

"Sister, what are you doing? Wow, Situ Yi actually found the key to open the door!"

"It's over, he hasn't slept enough with me, sister. Let me talk about it when   two hours later..."

The information stopped here, it is estimated that she had been taken back to bed by Situ Yi.

Shen Yu took a deep breath and didn't expect Situ Yi to be such a person in private. In Yuan Yue's words, it was simply a beast, and she heard that he was still in a variety of ways on the bed, every time Yuan Yue was tossing to death. "

Shen Yu sighed that Yuan Yue’s child was also pitiful. When she was Han Xiaobing, she didn’t even pull the boy’s hand and didn’t send her first kiss. As a result, she was not only submerged by the actor Situ Yi, but also often like this...

Thinking of this, Shen Yu sympathized with her, and was also thankful for her. Fortunately, the character she traveled was the heroine. Although tossed a bit, at least she was destined to have a happy and perfect ending with the heroine.

If she was traveled as Bai Muqing or Bai Muyu, it would be miserable!

So now the miserable person, actually herself, is really difficult to stop a villain from blackening!

Because she decided to fight Shen Xiao for a few days, then, no matter how Xiao Xiao teases her, she is still lifeless, not talking to him, not smiling at him, even if he grabs her to feed, she also Just eating in silence, as quiet as a transparent person.

The two got along as if they were back before she traveled.

This made Shen Xiao feel extremely angry, he didn't like this lifeless sister at all! It's like a rag doll that has lost its soul. It's extremely boring! !

Shen Xiao came off work that day and saw Shen Yu sitting on the steps in front of the door, watching Erha playing with the black cat. He walked over to sit next to her and asked, "Don't you want to name the black cat? Is it called? What’s his name?"

Shen Yu ignored him and stared at Erha. The cat was actually not very happy to play with Erha, but the silly dog ​​in Erha couldn't see it and kept trying to chase it.

Shen Xiao was patient and took a deep breath. It was rare to say in a gentle tone: "You don't give it a name, but I'm going to take it."

Shen Yu continued to ignore him.

Shen Xiao said, "Just call it Xiaobai!"

Shen Yu: ...

Name a black cat little white, and it's enough for neuropathy!

At dinner, Shen Yu came down from the third floor and walked into the restaurant, but unexpectedly did not see Shen Xiao.

Uncle Li came up with two bowls of rice and smiled and said to her, "Mr. Shen is not eating at home."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and prepared to start eating after taking the bowl. She heard Uncle Li say, "Sir let me tell you that he and Bai Muqing are going out for a big dinner tonight."

Shen Yu:! ! ! !

Going to date and telling her specifically, this neuropathy is definitely intentional!

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