Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 30

Situ Yi was in the entertainment industry before. His appearance was natural and impeccable. He was tall, handsome, and full of masculinity. He also had a male aura, and he looked right.

As a villain, Shen Xiao is not successful in appearance, and even more refined. Even her height is two centimeters higher than that of Situ Yi, but in terms of temperament, the difference is very large. Others are upright and can sit upright. Right, he even got off the station, and refused to stand properly. He had to stick his butt against the body, playing with the car key in his hand, and he looked like a dangling man. Uncle Li polished the car brightly, otherwise he would be covered with gray

The two people are in the same business circle. Although they haven't really met each other yet, they all have heard about it. After all, their respective companies have a head and a face.

As a star-to-businessman, Situ Yi has done a lot of homework before. One of them is that he is familiar with the leaders of major groups, so he soon recognized Shen Xiao after seeing him.

Although Shen Xiao is a rich second generation, he has never taken the usual path, and has never been interested in the entertainment world, or in the world of flowers.

Before knowing Bai Muqing, Shen Xiao had never paid attention to the entertainment circle, and naturally did not know how red Situ Yi was once.

The reason why he knew Situ Yi was also because this time the two companies competed for the same business, he only noticed.

So in the eyes of Shen Xiao, Situ Yi came from the enemy camp.

Since it is a hostile force, is it still necessary to say hello? For Situ Yi's active hello, in Shen Xiao's eyes, there are only two words to describe-hypocrisy!

Shen Xiao thought that he was not a hypocrisy.

"Introduce myself, my name is Situ Yi." Situ Yi looks handsome and smiles just right.

After Situ Yi introduced himself, he wanted to come forward and shake hands with Shen Xiao, which was considered basic politeness. Whoever knew someone had no basic politeness at all.

Shen Xiao frowned and said suspiciously: "Situ Yi?...I don't know."

Situ Yi: ...

After sneering at people, Shen Xiao ignored the other party's reaction and picked up the phone to call Shen Yu. After the other party connected, he asked briefly: "Where are you?"

Shen Yu was still talking to Yuan Yue, and she was shocked to receive a call from Shen Xiao. Both of them were startled. Yuan Yue next to her was so scared that she couldn’t breathe.

Shen Yu said softly, "I am still in the restaurant."

Shen Xiao said: "I know, the specific location?"

With a black line on her face, Shen Yu couldn't help but say, "Peony pharmacy on the second floor."

Shen Xiao repeated, " Peony Pharmacy on the second floor? Got it, you wait." Then hang up the phone when finished.

Situ Yi just received a call next to Shen Xiao, and after listening to the other party, he also repeated: " Peony Pharmacy on the second floor? Are you sure?"

Shen Xiao originally locked the car to enter the restaurant. Hearing Situ Yi's words inadvertently, he stopped suddenly, turned his head, and looked at him fiercely, "What did you just say?"

Situ Yi also noticed that the situation was wrong and asked, "Are you going to the Peony Pharmacy on the second floor?"

Shen Xiao narrowed her eyes, glared at him fiercely, then turned around and walked to the restaurant. Situ Yi's face was not much better. He walked long legs and followed quickly, but he was slower after all.

Shen Yu hung up the phone and looked at Yuan Yue solemnly, saying, "Shen Xiao has come over and will come up now."

Yuan Yue was pale with fright and said, "How... how to do it? Do I have to find a place to hide?"

Shen Yu looked at her strangely and said, "Why are you hiding?"

Yuan Yue threw out her tongue and said awkwardly: "How can I feel nervous about stealing and being caught at the scene?"

Shen Yu: ...

After thinking about it, she said earnestly: "He can come as well. I will introduce the two of you. Some things in the future may require your help."

Yuan Yue quickly patted her chest to ensure, "Sister Yu needs what I need to do, just tell me, I will listen to you!"

As soon as the two had finished speaking, the private room door was pushed away from the outside, and Shen Xiao stood expressionlessly at the door and looked in.

Shen Yu hurriedly shouted, "Brother, come in quickly."

Facing the real villain for the first time, Yuan Yue was nervous and stood up quickly, like a robot, stiffly saying, "H... hello."

Shen Xiao snorted and looked at Yuan Yue up and down. After confirming that she was just a girl with no help, she nodded, lifted her feet and walked in, and then prepared to close the door. It was held up from the outside and could not be closed.

Shen Xiao narrowed his eyes and slammed his forces. With a "bang", she closed the door smoothly.

Shen Yu: ...

Yuan Yue: ...

"Is there anyone else?" Shen Yu asked in a low voice.

Shen Xiao stably locked the door, then clapped his hands and said calmly: "I don’t know the man."

However, he had just finished speaking, and the people outside did not want to maintain his manners, so he slapped the door, "Yuan Yue, you open the door for me!"

Yuan Yue narrowed her neck and looked to Shen Yu for help. "Outside is... It's Situ Yi."

Shen Yu was completely speechless, and looked up at Shen Xiao, thinking that this man was too naive, knowing that he was following him, and he also locked the door back, did the neuropathy happen?! Anyway, someone is the actor of a novel!

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows, ignoring the outsiders still smashing the door, and walked to Shen Yu in a stroll, pulling the chair and sitting down, obviously not planning to open the door.

In the end, Yuan Yue couldn't resist the pressure and moved slowly to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Situ Yi rushed in like a tornado, and then looked around, and found that there was Shen Yu in the private room, and his face slowly relaxed.

Yuan Yue had always thought that Situ Yi was a big villain with nothing to show, but compared with the villain who was next to the snake disease, Situ Yi could be regarded as kind and eye-catching!

"Why are you here too?" Yuan Yue asked him.

Situ Yi patted the coat that had become messy because of the thumping of the door, and then glanced at Shen Xiao coldly, and then hugged Yuan Yue's waist, saying: "You hurried back today to date someone, don't you tell me? "

Yuan Yue quickly pushed his hand away and said embarrassedly: "Don't move your hands, I'm here to find Shen Yu. Why should I tell you."

Situ Yi seemed to have become accustomed to her style. His hands had just been opened, and he was brazenly embraced as if his hands should have grown on Yuan Yue's waist.

Yuan Yue was helpless and said to Situ Yi: " Shen Yu, my good friend."

Situ Yi frowned, glancing at Shen Yu, and asked not too friendly: "When did you know each other?"

Shen Yu originally wanted to stand up and say hello to him, but Shen Xiao raised his hand on her shoulder and held it...

So she could only say with a smile: "We met before the school celebration."

Yuan Yue hurriedly said to Shen Yu: "Xiao Yu, you introduce your brother."

Before the two men came, the two of them had already negotiated and wanted to prevent Shen Xiao from becoming black. Instead of destroying Bai Muqing's plan, it would be better to let Shen Xiao and Situ Yi be friends directly.

It was originally a plan, but they didn't expect these two men to appear suddenly.

It is a rare opportunity.

Yuan Yue said this, Shen Yu blinked and prepared to speak, but heard Shen Xiao humming and said, "We don't need this, we will leave now."

Situ Yi thought that his self-cultivation was not bad, but he was just tossed by Shen Xiao. He was very angry and turned back to Yuan Yue: "Let's go too."

Seeing that the atmosphere was about to collapse, Shen Yu was so anxious that she said to Shen Xiao: "I'm not full yet. The food here is pretty good. Brother, will you eat some more with me?"

Shen Xiao glanced at the table, apparently half of the dishes had been eaten, and disdain: "You let me eat leftovers?"

Yuan Yue quickly jumped out and said, "I'll order some more." After that, he shook off Situ Yi's hand again and quickly went out to let the waiter serve the food.

Situ Yi was originally unhappy, but seeing Yuan Yue being so active, he was not willing to sweep her interest, suppressed her anger, and walked to the table to sit down.

When Yuan Yue asked Shen Yu to meet, they thought they were the only two of them, so when ordering the private room, they only booked a small private room with a small area and a set of exquisitely carved mahogany sofa. A table of eight immortals, the table is not big, but it is enough to sit on one side.

The restaurant was very attentive. When Yuan Yue came back after ordering food, a waiter came in to clean up the table and poured tea.

The four of them were seated again.

On the surface, it seems to be calm.

Shen Xiao took a sip of tea and began to peel the peanuts in the saucer. The peanuts were actually shelled, but Shen Xiao still patiently rubbed the thin layer of skin out, and took it to Shen Yu after rubbing.

Shen Yu didn't expect that he could feed her without changing his face in front of other people's face. He couldn't help but blush, and whispered, "I eat it by myself."

Shen Xiao ignored it and stubbornly handed the peanut kernel to her mouth, and waited for her mouth to bite in before he clapped his hands contentedly.

The two people on the opposite side have been sedated by this situation.

Yuan Yue looked at them in horror.

Soon, the waiters came in again to serve.

Taking advantage of this gap, Situ Yi said: "Mr. Shen, since Yuan Yue and Shen Yu know each other, I don't think we need to be so tit-for-tat, do you think so?"

Just now, Situ Yi had already understood where Shen Xiao’s hostility towards him came from, so he took the initiative to say, "Business matters will inevitably bump into each other. I think as long as there is healthy competition, there is a reasonable existence."

After listening to it, Shen Xiao sneered, "Benign competition? For me, benign competition refers to: I do business, and you look beside me, this is benign."

Situ Yi: ...

Yuan Yue: ...

Shen Yu: ...

Situ Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "It's a bit excessive for Mr. Shen to say that."

Seeing that the two began to confront each other again, Shen Yu and Yuan Yue could not help secretly communicating with each other.

Yuan Yue: "What to do, they seem to be fighting..."

Shen Yu: "I don't know what to do..."

At this time, the waiter had finished serving again, and said respectfully, "please use it slowly." Then he quickly quit and helped them close the door.

The dishes are on the line, but none of the four have any plans to use chopsticks.

I saw Shen Xiao's mouth twitched, showing an arrogant smile, and said, "Am I too much?"

Having said that, without waiting for the reaction of others, he suddenly raised his hand and swept the table...


A few of the steaming dishes that had just been put on the table, and the blink of an eye, all he swept to the ground with one hand.

Facing the fragments of the ground, he shook his head regretfully: "Sorry, I just seemed to see a fly and was startled. It seems that this meal can't be eaten."

Everyone: ...

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