Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 29

When Shen Yu took over the TV series "When Do You Love Me" adapted from the novel, she starred in the role of the heroine Yuan Yue, so she knew the character and plot arrangement of the character, naturally, she More favored.

The previous two meetings were very rushed. The feeling that Yuan Yue gave her was also a bit strange, so when Yuan Yue sent a message to ask her to meet, she immediately agreed.

The meeting place is a very high-end Chinese restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant is antique, and the waiters are all dressed in fairy skirts, and even their hair is in ancient costumes, which is very delicate. But in fact, many Chinese restaurants now have this kind of theme, so it's no wonder that it's no surprise.

Before Shen Yu went out, she was caught by Shen Xiao for a whole question, which was almost like the trial prisoner, because before this, Shen Yu rarely had the experience of going out alone.

Finally, Uncle Li said that she drove her out in person, and Shen Xiao nodded reluctantly, but fortunately his company had something to let him pass, and only let her go temporarily.

When the car stopped at the door of the restaurant, Uncle Li asked her, "Do you want me to accompany you?"

Shen Yu shook her head and smiled, "The other party is also a girl."

"Then I'm waiting for you downstairs?" Uncle Li said.

She still shook her head. "We talked while eating, and we didn't know how long we would stay. I'll go back by taxi."

"Then I will go back first. When you are ready to leave, call me in advance, and I will pick you up." Uncle Li is like an old father, and he tells that he never ends.

Shen Yu nodded, "Okay."

On the way when she came, Yuan Yue had already sent her the box number, and Shen Yu entered the restaurant and let the waiter lead the way.

She didn’t know why, she always has a hunch, and later with Yuan Yue, she might talk about something terrible.

When she knocked on the door, she stabilized her emotions and took a breath.

Yuan Yue soon came to open the door. She was wearing light weight today, a pair of jeans, a white bottoming shirt, a beige trench coat, her hair tied into a ball, and she looked very sunny.

People with exquisite facial features really attracted the eye, at least the first time, they would not feel annoying.

When Yuan Yue saw her, she immediately showed a bright smile and enthusiastically pulled her into the private room, saying, "Come in, I've ordered food."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, thinking that this man was really familiar.

A glance at the dishes on the table is very rich. Six dishes and two soups have seriously exceeded the weight of the two.

"Is there anyone else coming?" Shen Yu asked puzzled.

Since Yuan Yue pulled her in, she kept holding her wrist and did not let go. The two were almost tall, standing together with big eyes and small eyes, quite uncomfortable.

Shen Yu turned to find a seat and sat down, drawing his hand back.

Yuan Yue hurriedly sat down next to her, or continued to stare at her, and said, "No one else, just the two of us. I was very excited when I thought of seeing you. I unconsciously ordered a few more, See, is it your favorite?"

Listening to her saying this, Shen Yu naturally set her sights on the dishes. Sure enough, she liked them all.

She frowned and looked back at Yuan Yue.

Yuan Yue saw her staring at herself with suspicion, her smile became brighter, and she didn't say anything, just reached out and took the mobile phone on the table, opened the screen, and showed her a video.

Shen Yu glanced down. Was the video of "Dunhuang Song" that she jumped at the party that day not deleted by Shen Xiao? Yuan Yue actually remained, so she asked, "Why show me this?"

Yuan Yue didn't answer in a hurry, but narrowed her eyes, as if remembering, and then said: "I remember one time, under heavy rain, you rushed to an activity site to go on stage to dance, but the doorway was very slippery , You gave your feet a tear, and the tears came out, but then you still clenched your teeth and insisted on the stage. When you finished dancing, your ankles were swollen like a bun. The dance you danced on the stage was It’s called "Dunhuang Song", a dance you often dance before you enter the entertainment industry."

Shen Yu listened quietly, her face turned from astonishment to shock, and she looked up at Yuan Yue in disbelief, her eyes gleaming a little.

Yuan Yue lowered her head to click on the video, and Shen Yu in the video continued to jump. Every spinning jump and ribbon-throwing posture appeared to be extremely skillful. Like skipping thousands of times, the memory of those actions was already Carved into her bone blood.

Yuan Yue said with emotion: "It was a pity that I missed your live performance that night. Fortunately, I saw the video later."

Shen Yu stared at her with a straight face, and asked, "The time I got to my feet, were you there?"

Yuan Yue also wanted to tear away a smile, but for a moment her emotions were a little uncontrollable, and her nose became sour, and her entire face became very distorted.

She sniffed her nose before saying: "I was looking for ice cubes everywhere for you at that time. Bro. Chen kept scolding me, saying that I didn't take you seriously, which would delay a lot of work."

Shen Yu's tears fell all of a sudden, shaking her lips, and took the initiative to reach out to pull the other's hand, only half a day before reluctantly speaking, "Han Xiaobing!"

Yuan Yue nodded frantically and said with a cry: "Sister Yu, it's me."

For a time, the two were very excited, but because they were too excited, they didn't know what to say for a long time, so they could only face to face and shed tears innocently.

Shen Yu felt uncomfortable and happy. When she was in the car accident, as her assistant, Han Xiaobing sat next to her because they both read the novel, and the two were still discussing the plot with great interest.

Since Han Xiaobing was sent as her assistant, the two have been very topical, plus Han Xiaobing is a silly white sweet, the relationship between the two has always been very good.

She can't think of it. In a car accident, the two could be put into the same book.

Shen Yu calmed down and asked, "Did you travel when Yuan Yue was injured three months ago?"

Yuan Yue nodded, "I woke up at that time, completely ignorant, not to mention that at the time, I was now ignorant, and I didn't know what I was doing every day, and I was dazed."

As she said, she sighed: "That night, when I swiped on Weibo, I suddenly saw a video of you dancing. Although the clothes and music are not the same, I have watched you dance a few times before, so I was very impressed. I wanted to come to you at that time, but was stopped by the agent. She said that I hadn’t finished the announcement and could not leave."

Looking at her crying and sad face, Shen Yu couldn't help but burst into laughter. Although she changed a shell, her stupid and white sweet character was really unshakable for a hundred years.

Yuan Yue suddenly widened her eyes and said excitedly: "Sister Yu, why are you dressed as a villain's sister? Is it because you have the same name?" But the villain, written in the book is so scary, just like a neurosis ! Did he embarrass you, or would you move out and live with me, I now have a house and a deposit, I can support you!"

Shen Yu listened to her pour beans and couldn't help laughing. "How many years older are you now than me, it would be strange to call me Sister Yu. Call me my name."

Yuan Yue shook her head. "I have been shouting for two years. I have been used to it for a long time. I'm really happy. I don't have to be fooled in the future. I will listen to you how to live in the future!"

Shen Yu: ...

"You have read this book, why is it ignorant?" Shen Yu said, "Just go according to the plot."

Yuan Yue shook her head and said: "I found that after coming in, many plots are different from the books we have read. That Situ Yi is not the same as what is written in the book. What a modest gentleman, personable, is deceptive, He is a big pervert, and he moves his hands when he meets!"

Speaking of which, Yuan Yue said again: "No, right, how am I not important, the important thing is you, but you live with a big villain, think about it and feel creepy! Are you alright?"

Shen Yu can understand her mood very well. At the beginning, she was really uncomfortable under the pressure of Shen Xiao, but after more than three months of getting along, the earliest fear of Shen Xiao has changed Very lightly, she now dare to talk back to him occasionally.

"This will be unclear for a while. Let's talk while eating, the dishes are cold." She said.

Yuan Yue only released her hand and picked up chopsticks to serve her vegetables. "Sister Yu, I'm so rich now. I'll show you the balance in the card. Many things I didn't dare to think about before, I buy them now. Affordable!! In addition to being scolded for acting, I actually lived very well. I thought about it before, no matter what the plot, I will find a small place that no one knows, buy a small house, and live a leisurely life."

She immediately filled the plate in front of Shen Yu, smiled, and said, "Now I am not entangled, I will follow you."

Shen Yu was speechless and reminded: "You are now a popular star, I am still a college student, what are you doing with me?"

Yuan Yue: ...


Shen Xiao sat on the boss's chair, tilting Erlang's legs, staring indifferently at Secretary Du in front of him. The phone in his hand was turned over and over by him.

"So you called me anxiously, just to sign a name?"

Assistant Du: ...

How could the boss open his eyes to talk nonsense, and call him to come, obviously there is a video conference to open, the signature is just by the way!

Shen Xiao asked impatiently: "What else is there to say in one go, don't make it look like constipation!"

Assistant Du: ...

He will not be constipated!

Fortunately, he was used to the boss , and said calmly: "It's all right, is the boss going to the restaurant downstairs for lunch?"

Shen Xiao glanced at the time on the phone, stood up and stretched, said, "No, I have to go home to tease the kid, but it's fun."

Assistant Du is confused, he remembers that there is a sister in the boss's house, where is the child, the boss's illegitimate child? ? ?

Shen Xiao ignored him. He hummed the song and walked out, walked, frowned, and then touched the phone. He checked the location and it showed that Shen Yu was still outside!

Shen Xiao's face sank, put away his cell phone, and quickly walked into the elevator. He had to catch people back. Who would it take so long to see someone? Doesn’t it mean to see a woman, is it a lie? Is it something strange to date?

At the thought of this possibility, Shen Xiao's handsome face stretched to the elders, and he wanted to be the one who dared to hit his sister's idea, and he would kill him!

So he drove the car and searched for it along the way. The place is not difficult to find. It is a restaurant he has been to several times. It is also a serious place.

Shen Xiao parked the car in the parking lot attached to the restaurant. After getting off the car, a Mercedes-Benz next to it also got off personally.

When the two men stood tall, they thought each other was familiar.

"Mr. Shen?" The other party said first.

Shen Xiao squinted at him.

He just laughed and said: "Introduce yourself, my name is Situ Yi."

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