Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 28

Mother Bai found that these two days, her little daughter was always sullen and did nothing at all. Even her usual favorite Haagen-Dazs, just digging a bit and throwing it aside, asking her what happened, she was like a dull gourd, Silent.

She was so worried that she talked to the eldest son and the second daughter secretly while they were home for dinner.

A few children are the pride of Mommy Bai, the eldest and the second have all developed very well. Only the third is still young and still studying. Naturally, there are more problems to worry about.

Bai Muqing was sitting on the sofa playing with her mobile phone, listening to her mother chattering about Bai Muyu, with an impatient look on her face, saying, "How old are she, how worried are you."

The oldest Bai Mutian on the side frowned, saying, "The third one is spoiled. Look at her now, who will listen to her at home?"

Bai Mutian has worked in the Lai Group for many years and recently became a department manager. He has his own small family, but his wife has a bad relationship with Mom Bai, so most of the time, the family gathering of the Bai family comes back by himself.

Seeing the attitude of the two of them, Mother Bai was not happy and turned to the kitchen.

Bai Mutian glanced at Bai Muqing and asked her, "What's the matter with Shen Xiao?"

Bai Muyu put away her phone, changed her posture, and twitched  hair and said, "It's okay. I gave an endorsement to his family's products.

Bai Mutian frowned, saying with disapproval: "Shen Xiao is in the business circle, the criticism is not good, he behaves strangely and unpredictably, he is not decent, he is entangled with him, and he is afraid of losing money."

Bai Muqing shook her head and said, "How can you be so evil, I think he gets along well."

Bai Mutian pouted, and felt that he should persuade, "Shen's should have been very uncomfortable recently, a business that was originally a tenure, and now there is more competition between the Situ family and the Li family." After he finished, he shook his head with a smile. It looks good.

After listening to it, Bai Muqing asked, "Is this happening? You tell me carefully."

After that, the two of them talked about this topic until Mom Bai came to ask someone to eat, and then stopped.

Bai Muyu came out of the room, and when she saw Bai Muqing, she gave her an unhappy look.

Bai Muqing was stared inexplicably and asked angrily, "What's your nerve?"

Bai Muyu froze her face and ignored her.

After eating, she went back to the room angrily, leaving everyone with a strange face.

In the end, Bai Muqing was forced to push Bai Muyu's room by her mother, let her be a lobbyist, and comfort her sister.

Without being disturbed by others, Bai Muyu told her that she was at school and was scared by Shen Xiao to Bai Muqing.

"He is a neuropathy, even girls bully, and smashed my mobile phone in front of so many people!" Bai Muyu grew up with Xiaojiao, where has suffered such grievances, said with red eyes: "This kind of person is not worth you at all. Socialize with him. "

Bai Muqing sneered in her heart, thinking about the neuropathy, and not necessarily wanting to associate with her, he couldn't make an appointment at all.

"What's wrong with you? He just smashed your phone."

Bai Muyu's eyes dodged for a moment, and then she talked about the things she bullied Shen Yu before. It was also because of her own reason that she didn't dare to speak up after Shen Xiao smashed her mobile phone.

Bai Muqing listened quietly, and finally said with a cold face, "you’re really stupid, even if you didn't know before, I will tell you later that her brother is Shen Xiao, are you still looking for her stubble?"

"I just can't swallow that breath." Bai Muyu said stubbornly, growing up so long, she has always been downwind, but unexpectedly planted a foothold here in Shen Yu.

"Sister, you don't know, she used to secretly look at Situ Yi's photos, and took Situ Yi's photos with you, not to mention disgusting, that's my idol, where is she going to powder him!"

Bai Muyu said incredulously: "Because of this? Are you targeting her everywhere?"

"Isn't this disgusting enough ?!"

Bai Muqing felt that her sister was a bit unreasonable, saying: "Don't say that Situ Yi has retired, even if he is still a star, is it normal for him to follow him?"

"She just can't do it!" Bai Muyu snapped.

Bai Muqing: ...

She was defeated by her sister. She lowered her voice and said, "I don't care what kind of grievances you had before. After that, you are not allowed to ask her to stubble again. I am now too late to please her. You will not cause me much damage!

Bai Muyu: ...

Bai Muqing looked at her with a depressed face, and said, "I know you are wronged, so, I will transfer you tens of thousands of dollars, and you will buy a mobile phone again and buy some beautiful clothes."

Bai Muyu was still depressed, but said nothing more.


On Friday, when Shen Yu got up early in the morning, she felt strange. She stared at her and found that there were two fewer SD dolls on the bedside table! !

A cheongsam doll and a loli costume doll!

Since Shen Xiao gave these ten dolls to her, she likes it more and more and she is ready to make clothes for them by herself.

Usually these ten dolls were put on the wall shelf by her, and the remaining three could not be put down, so they were allowed to sit on the bedside table.

Unexpectedly, when I got up this morning, two of the three dolls on the cabinet were actually missing!

Shen Yu turned over and got out of bed slickly, put on a thick coat, and didn't care about her unkempt face, so she opened the door and went straight out.

She hurried to the staircase, remembering that she still had gauze wrapped around her feet, and quickly slowed down, slowly swallowing the underground stairs.

She still has to maintain the patient in front of Shen Xiao!

When she went downstairs, she found that Shen Xiao was holding a toy ball in the living room, and she quickly asked: "Brother, did you take my doll, two less!"

Shen Xiao looked up at her, and then pointed to the doghouse of Erha.

Shen Yu looked down her hand and burst into hair in an instant. The two dolls were actually put into the kennel by Erha. Not only that, the clothes and hair of the dolls have been played beyond recognition!

"Ahhhhhhh ..." Shen Yu ran quickly and picked up two dolls. "Oh, my poor daughter ..."

Shen Xiao stood up straight, arms folded, and looked into his face, "You just ran very fast."

Shen Yu was still distressed about her doll, but when she heard this, she instantly froze into ice.

Lying ... just too excited, accidentally, forgot to pretend to be a patient!

People collapsed!

How to do how to do? Shen Xiao was cheated for two days, will he destroy her on the spot? !

Blinking the beads, she instantly changed her expression and said with a happy face: "Brother, I ran like this, my feet didn't hurt! My feet are all right!"

Shen Xiao stared at her in disgust.

Seeing him doesn't seem to be angry, Shen Yu quickly changed the subject, "Why did Erha hold my baby, they were all broken!"

Shen Xiao threw the ball out of his hand again, and Erha threw out his tongue and waved his tail, and ran happily to pick it up.

The result hadn't waited for Shen Xiao to stand still. Erha came back with a ball in his hands, and when Shen Xiao ignored it, he rubbed on his calf in front and back, and Shen Xiao was rubbed by his face. Black line, said angrily: "He may want a girlfriend."

Shen Yu stared at the doll, "You nonsense, Erha it's still small!"

Shen Xiao kicked away with two kicks and said, "Then he may want a sweetheart."

Shen Yu: ...

"Otherwise what does he do to go to its nest? He just wants a companion."

Shen Yu was stupefied by him. She felt quite reasonable. Erha was small. A dog was lonely. It would be nice if he had a companion.

Thinking this way, she no longer blamed Erha, saying, "Then I will put these two dolls here to accompany it."

Shen Xiao shook his head, walked over to her, reached out to pick up the doll's hair, and said: "This doll is played by Erha for two days, it will definitely be broken and useless."

"What should I do?" Shen Yu asked.

"Buy a live, not only can they play together, but also grow up to have puppies." Shen Xiao, a businessman's face, said carefully.

Shen Yu, already convinced of what he said, quickly nodded and said: "This is a good idea, so that not only is Erha accompanied, but the family is more lively."

Shen Xiao nodded with a smile, "That's right."

Shen Yu is also an activist. With the support of Shen Xiao, she happily goes to Uncle Li and intends to let Uncle Li buy a mother's Erha in the afternoon.

But she happily found Uncle Li, but Uncle Li said embarrassedly, "I'm going to hang out with my friends today, I don't have time to go to the pet store, wait for tomorrow, tomorrow Saturday, I will take you to buy."

"No, I have an appointment with someone tomorrow and I want to go out." Shen Yu said that she had an appointment with Yuan Yue before, just tomorrow.

Shen Xiao listened to him for a long time before slowly speaking: "I'll buy it."

Shen Yu glanced at him strangely. Usually this person is lazy, how can he take the initiative to do the work today?

"No, it's better to buy it another day, without any trouble." She subconsciously refused.

Shen Xiao chuckled and said in a good mood: "It's not troublesome at all, so it's done."

The matter was so decided by him, but Shen Yu always felt strange in his heart, and did not understand why Shen Xiao was so enthusiastic suddenly?

When going out to school, she still assuredly told: "Brother, you must buy a female! You can't buy a male!"

Shen Xiao frowned impatiently, opened the car door and urged her, "You have to finish, get on the car." Since Shen Yu's foot injury, Shen Xiao has insisted on picking her up, although he has always found her troublesome.

Erha saw that they were leaving and jumped and jumped in the yard excitedly, trying to get into the car, but was stopped by Uncle Li.

Shen Yu turned to him and said, "Ergoo, stay at home, and bring you a green plume back in the afternoon."

On the way, Shen Yu suddenly remembered an important thing and told Shen Xiao, "Brother, you have to buy not only a mother, but also dogs of other breeds! Or Erha will cry!"

Shen Xiao frowned, "Got it! Long talk!"

Throughout the day, Shen Yu had lived up and down. Finally, after school, she quickly packed up and went to the small playground to join Shen Xiao.

As a result, Assistant Du came to pick her up.

"The boss has gone to the pet shop, he asked me to send you back."

Shen Yu quickly thanked.

Along the way, she has been fantasizing about the appearance of two Erhas, green plums and bamboo horses, playing together in the yard, but ...

When she got home, Erha did have a playmate, but the other party turned out to be ... a cat! ! ! !

Shen Xiao said bluntly: "You said, you want a mother, no dogs of other breeds, yes."

Shen Yu: ...

She wanted to cry.

But Erhan that stupid dog, it would be chasing the new cat with great happiness, and the whole house was huddled, as if he was very satisfied with his new playmate ...

Silly dog, you wake up, this is a cat, you and it are impossible to have love!

There is a neuropathic brother who is really tired!

The next day, Shen Yu packed her mood and went out to Yuan Yue's appointment.

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