Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 27

The video thing really caused Shen Xiao to be very angry. That day, he asked Assistant Du to check it. That night, he quickly deleted all the videos forwarded on the Internet, except for those that were downloaded and saved.

As for the video on the campus forum, Assistant Du used the method of civilized people to log in to Shen Yu โ€™s student account and directly communicated with the administrator. It was soon deleted completely.

Shen Yu thought that this time, Shen Xiao might go to her again when he went home.

But he didn't, and he let her go easily this time!

Shen Yu thought of various possibilities, and finally attributed the incident to her injured foot. Shen Xiao was supposed to see her injured, so he let her go.

After that, the two got along with each other in a calm and peaceful manner.

However, Shen Yu was thinking about Bai Muqing.

Bai Muqing, the woman, really took a fancy. Shen Xiao's attitude towards her is obviously not salty or light, she can also insist, isn't White Lotus' heart very fragile? ?

She saw Bai Muqing's WeChat in the car during the day and she had dinner with Shen Xiao tomorrow night. At that time, Shen Yu was very concerned. After all, the other party was the culprit in pulling Shen Xiao into the fire pit. It was her number one enemy in Shen Xiao's plan to change Shen Xiao's fate.

Shen Xiao didn't agree or refuse on the spot, so Shen Yu didn't know if she would contact Bai Muqing again later on this matter.

Shen Yu wants to know, scratching his heart.

Shen Xiao did not agree to be the best. If he agreed to go on a date, what should she think of to stop it? ?

After dinner, Shen Yu sat on the sofa and waited for Uncle Li to change the gauze. Although Uncle Li was a 60-year-old man, he was very capable and felt that he was the only one at home.

Donโ€™t know what Uncle Li has experienced before, and why he stayed alone in the Shen family for so many years.

Seeing Uncle Li coming with the medicine box, Shen Yu whispered, "Uncle Li, did my brother let you wash cherries or something tonight?"

After eating tonight, Shen Xiao went back directly to the second floor, and he was too lazy to say anything to her. Shen Yu felt that he should still be angry, but it was only because she was a half-disabled person and could not be bullied. Therefore, she is regarded as a transparent person.

Shen Yu suddenly got it, and now he should be the one who knows Shen Xiao best.

Uncle Li moved a small stool to sit in front of her, put her injured foot on the coffee table, and put on his reading glasses before starting to unravel the gauze, and then slowly responded to her question, "He does not toss you Is it still bad? "

Shen Yu squinted, "Just think he is a little abnormal today."

Uncle Li snickered and said, "He was scared by you yesterday, and he should not dare to bully you again in a short time."

Shen Yu thought for a while, "Uncle Li, you will help me wash the fruit later, I will send it to my brother."

Uncle Li glared and disagreed, "You are still in a hurry to let him bully!"

"Don't you say that he dared not bully me recently?"

"You, the courage is getting bigger and bigger." Uncle Li shook his head with a smile, and then speeded up the movement of his hand. "This wound is not very serious. The wound will not be wrapped around the gauze tomorrow. "

Upon hearing this, Shen Yu shook her head and said, "No, no, at least a few more days!"

Uncle Li puzzled: "Why are you addicted to this?"

Shen Yu smiled mysteriously and bent her eyebrows, naughty: "In short, it is useful, you can let me wrap it up!"

Uncle Li froze, his hand stopped for a few seconds, and said with some emotion: "Miss, I thought about it before, if you could laugh heartily and cry heartily, it would be great, now I see you In this way, I am really happy that you have finally learned not to embarrass yourself. "

Shen Yu was ashamed by Uncle Li, thinking that your lady who loves to embarrass herself has disappeared, and now this one is a parallel!

After Uncle Li felt sorry, she began to worry about her wound again, saying: "Oh, what about you taking a bath? Can the wound touch the water."

Shen Yu said: "I just sit in the bathtub, and my feet just come out!"

Uncle Li thinks this action is a bit difficult, "Remember to pack a bag."

After finishing the wound, Uncle Li got up and went to the kitchen. After a while, he gave her half a grapefruit and said, "Sir likes to eat this."

Shen Yu nodded and didn't care what Uncle Li took. She just wanted an excuse to knock on the door.

Uncle Li helped her to the second floor, and let her jump on one foot to find Shen Xiao. The door of Shen Xiao's room was concealed, there was no light in it, but the study door opened a slit, and there was light leaking inside.

Holding half a grapefruit, she carefully jumped to the door of the study, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Shen Xiao answered briefly inside.

Pushing open the thick door, Shen Yu first glanced at the situation inside. The study room is very large. There are three walls with bookshelves, one side is floor-to-ceiling windows, and a writing desk is placed in front of the innermost bookshelf.

In the middle of the study, there is a set of leather sofas, and then Shen Xiao will lie on the couch and read a book.

Seeing her coming in, Shen Xiao couldn't help frowning and said, "Do you want to use this way of walking in the future?"

Shen Yu twitched her lips and said: "I will give you fruit. Today, this grapefruit is full of flesh and sweet and sour, but delicious!"

Shen Xiao threw the book aside, stretched out and sat upright, then stretched his hand over the grapefruit, peeled off a piece of grapefruit flesh, and put it in his mouth to taste it. "It's okay." He said.

Then he turned to her and said, "Sit down, brother feed you."

Shen Yu: ...

Why is this man so obsessed with feeding? ?

At the thought of her purpose, she obediently sat next to him.

Shen Xiao divided the half grapefruit into several slices, peeled off the outer layer of skin, and finally took out the grapefruit meat. Seeing his skillful movements, she knew that he should eat this often.

Shen Yu waited for a long time, when she saw him peeled, she wanted to reach out to pick it up, but he refused to let it. he asked her to raise her chin and open her mouth, and then put a large piece of grapefruit meat into her mouth. Too big, Shen Yu's two cheeks bulged completely, and as she chewed, the whole face followed the drums, becoming more and more like a hamster.

Seeing Shen Xiao couldn't help but burst out with a "poo" laugh, he felt that life was full of fun.

Shen Yu wanted to roll her eyes, but she finally refrained from eating, eating grapefruit, and said indistinctly, "Brother, are you going to date Bai Muqing tomorrow night."

Shen Xiao peeled a piece into his mouth, chewed, and said, "Does it have anything to do with you?"

Shen Yu grunted: "Just ask."

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows, "No, but I'm not happy to tell you."

Shen Yu frowned, "Oh, it doesn't matter how you say it. Do you like Bai Muqing very much? There are so many popular stars, not only her!"

Shen Xiao tilted his head and continued to peel grapefruit to feed her, saying, "Don't you like her?"

Shen Yu blinked and borrowed the question: "Her sister always bullies me, of course I don't like her."

Shen Xiao squinted at her and said, "You're so embarrassed to say that you have never seen you so stupid, don't you know to bully back?"

After thinking for a while, he said, "I won't bully back, don't you know you want to help me?"

Shen Yu snickered with her mouth covered, "Well, I see."

Feeling distracted, she asked again: "So do you still have to go to Bai Muqing for dinner?"

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and said like a playboy: "It's nice to have beautiful women to eat with me."

Shen Yu was short of breath, "What kind of beauty do you want, why do you want her?"

Shen Xiao stared at her, too lazy to continue talking to her.

Shen Yu guessed that he might have made an appointment with Bai Muqing, so it was this attitude. He was anxious and thought that he could only change his strategy.

Shen Xiao's eyelids jumped, "What nerve do you have?"

Shen Yu: ...

Isnโ€™t the person who often has nerves not himself? !

Despite being rejected, she continued daringly: "I want to eat too."

Shen Xiao put down the grapefruit in his hand and took out a paper towel to wipe his hands. He said strangely, "We are going to date, what are you going to do ??"

Shen Yu wants to have a date again. If you make an appointment, your life will be gone! There was a bright smile on her face, and she said innocently: "If you go out with her, you must eat a big meal, and I want to eat too!"

Shen Xiao squinted, "Why do you want me to take you?"

Shen Yu: ...

"Am I not your sister? Shouldn't brothers and sisters live together in friendship?"

"Sorry, you just picked it up from the trash."


Why can't this person go in! annoying! She was just about to start sabotage, let her touch such a big nail, how will it be fixed in the future?

She couldn't help complaining: "Why are you like this? I'm an injury, can't you let me a little?"

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Yes, but you have to please me first. I feel happy and I will bring you."

Shen Yu: ...

It's harder than pleasing a neuropathy to please a snake disease!

After thinking for a while, Shen Yu embarrassedly said: "Otherwise, I will perform a one-foot dance for you?"

When Shen Xiao heard it, he immediately came to express his interest and said, "Then jump first and see if you jump well, and I will take you to a big meal."

Shen Yu shone in front of her eyes and said with a snap: "A word is for you!"

After she finished speaking, she stood up hurriedly, ready to show.

Shen Xiao looked up at her and doubted, "Are you okay?"

Shen Yu: "Look, yeah!"

Thinking about it, she picked up her phone and found a cheerful background music for herself, then jumped to the coffee table on one foot and made a preparatory action, saying: "Please enjoy: one-footed robot dance."

At the beginning of the rhythm, Shen Yu began to twist with the music, and the movement was very stiff. It really looked like a rusty robot.

Shen Xiao was half-paralyzed on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, not lighting it. he looked at her eyes with special concentration, a smile faintly, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curled.

The music gradually reached its climax. Shen Yu jumped, and soon she was sweaty. With the end of the last note, she lay down directly on the carpet, sweating and panting, This body is really not used to high-intensity exercise!

"Papapap ..." Shen Xiao smiled and applauded, praised cheerfully: "Not bad."

Shen Yu raised her head and asked weakly, "Can I take me there?"

Shen Xiao said: "Although I didn't make an appointment with Bai Muqing tomorrow night, but you want to eat a big meal so much, I can take you alone to eat it."

Shen Yu: ...

So she just worked so hard, all in vain? ? ? ?

He did not make an appointment with Bai Muqing at all!

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