Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 25

Shen Yu's feet were covered with a circle of gauze, which made it difficult for h to move, and Shen Xiao embraced him when he went upstairs.

In fact, she felt that it was possible to jump on one foot while holding the wall, but Shen Xiao said that it would look stupid.

Shen Yu found that Shen Xiao's poison tongue level was also quite high.

But being hugged by him all the time, Shen Yu was still a little awkward, especially when she thought she was still unqualified for weight.

So she can’t help but ask, "Don’t you feel heavy?"

Shen Xiao swept her with cold eyes and said, "That's why I can hold you. I want to change to Uncle Li, and I will be crushed to death.

Shen Yu: ...

After being returned to the room, Shen Yu was placed directly on the bed.

Shen Xiao walked away when he let go, but when he walked to the door, he turned around and told her, "Don’t touch water." Then he closed the door and left.

Shen Yu lay on the bed, exhaled long, then stared at the ceiling in a daze.

Although Shen Xiao is a neuropathy, he has been in private for a long time, but she feels that he is actually quite ... a very soft person, but everyone is frightened by his appearance, so they can't see his essence.

In the plot of the novel, perhaps it was his hidden nature that made him gradually overcome in the relationship with Bai Muqing, and finally lose. After that, Bai Muqing was allowed to do whatever she wanted until he was completely blackened.

Thinking like this, Shen Yu suddenly had a kind of urge to stop all this.

Although she had thoughts of changing the fate of the villain before, it was completely passive and forced by the situation.

But just at the moment when Shen Xiao moved her gently on the bed, she was sincere and wanted to help this man change his villain's destiny.

Before falling asleep, Shen Yu suddenly thought of tossing her feet for so long tonight and hurting her feet. As a result, she still didn't eat a hot meal. It was a big loss!

In fact, Shen Xiao and Uncle Li mean that it is best to take leave at home in these two days and then go to school, but Shen Yu was closed for a day, and she dare not continue to stay at home. After two days, he repented and wanted to keep her closed. After all, the brain circuit of neuropathy is not understood by ordinary people.

The night before, she also felt that Shen Xiao was a person with hidden tenderness. As a result, the next morning, while she was still sleeping, the door of the room was kicked rudely and scared her. she thought it was an earthquake and sat up with hair disheveled.

After Shen Xiao kicked the door, he leaned his arms and leaned against the door frame, "Isn't it going to go to school?"

Shen Yu grabbed her long hair like a bird's nest and took a look at her phone. Good guy, half past six!

She couldn't help protesting in a low voice: "Is it too early to go now?"

She usually doesn't have to go so early by bus!

Shen Xiao frowned and chuckled: "You limped one foot today, how fast do you think you can?"

Shen Yu: ...

After being reminded by him, she felt the pain in her feet.

So far, she was not good to continue lazy bed, she could only lift the quilt to get out of bed, Shen Xiao watched her robot-like movements, could not help asking, "Do you need to hire a carer?"

Shen Yu was choked, pursed her lips, and said, "No, just close the door. I want to change my clothes!"

As soon as the voice fell, the door of the room "boomed" again and closed. Fortunately, the quality of the door passed, otherwise he would have been so tossed and broke up.

She withdrew that idea last night, this man is really not gentle at all! ! !

When walking down the bed, Shen Yu tried to use the heel of the injured foot to touch the ground, but it still involved the wound and caused her to grieve with pain. Uncle Li said that the wound was not big, why did it hurt so much!

She then jumped to the toilet on one foot, then changed clothes, and finally went downstairs.

Uncle Li saw her going down the stairs and hurried to help her, saying, "Why don't you call me or sir if you want to go downstairs? How dangerous is it to jump on one foot, what if you fall?"

Shen Yu laughed and said, "I'm holding it, I won't fall."

This time Shen Xiao was sitting at the dining table for breakfast, while looking at the mobile phone, without even looking at her.

Shen Yu shouted "Brother," and sat down to eat breakfast. She didn't eat anything last night, and her stomach was already hungry. She couldn't help eating more.

After eating breakfast, Shen Xiao saw that she was still stuffing her mouth without urging her. he picked up the newspaper and watched it intently.

Behind them was a floor-to-ceiling window, facing the courtyard, a beam of sunlight came in. The warm light fell on the shoulders of the two. In the long glass bottle on the dining table, the two sunflowers were blooming brilliantly.

Time seems to freeze.

After a while, Shen Yu drank the last soy milk, took a deep breath, raised her head, and found that Shen Xiao had placed the newspaper on the table, and he was carrying a pen and painting on it. painting.

Seeing that Shen Yu had eaten well, he stopped moving, put away his pen, raised an eyebrow at her, and said with a smile: "Want to see it?"

Shen Yu was a little curious about what he was writing, so she nodded and said she wanted to read it.

Shen Xiao did not embarrass her. She handed the newspaper directly to her. Shen Yu looked down. In a blank space on the advertising page, he drew a fat hamster eating something with a stick figure ...

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao asked, "Is it very similar?"

Shen Yu roared in her heart: like a big head ghost! ! !

Before going out, it may seem that Shen Yu jumped too slowly on one foot. Shen Xiao walked directly to her and hugged her sideways. After last night's exercise, he used the princess's holding posture, which was already handy.

Shen Yu reached out and put her hand on his shoulder and asked in a low voice: "Can Uncle Li send me?"

Shen Xiao ignored her and went on.

It seemed impossible, so she changed the question, "Can’t you drive the Rolls-Royce?"

She had always been a poor man. If Shen Xiao drove Rolls-Royce, she was seen, she didn’t know how to be arranged. She didn’t have time to explain it to everyone, saying that this person was her brother!

Shen Xiao finally looked at her this time and said, "Want Lamborghini or Bugatti?"

Shen Yu: ...

Are these two more expensive? ?

Thinking about it, Shen Yu asked, "Can you drive Uncle Li's Audi?"

Shen Xiao: ...

In the end, Shen Xiao drove a Land Rover that was less open in the garage. Although it was not low-key, it was much better than those.

Facts have proved that in front of traffic jams, all cars are equal, whether you are a tens of thousands of ordinary cars or millions of luxury cars, you still have to wait.

Shen Yu looked a little tangled out of the car window. There was a class this morning and she still liked the class of the named teacher. She didn't know if she could catch up.

Fortunately, after a short time of traffic jams, gradually cleared up and waited for the school. Although the first class was late, it was not too late.

When the car was at the gate of the school, Shen Yu had thought about getting off, but from the gate of the school to the classroom, it usually took ten minutes to walk. Today she jumped on one foot, it will only last longer. After thinking about it, she is still obedient Let Shen Xiao send her directly.

The car parked in a small playground on the side of the teaching building. Shen Yu unfastened her seat belt and said "Thank you, goodbye." Then she wanted to get off.

Shen Xiao frowned and turned to look at her, saying, " Hold on."

After he finished speaking, he got out of the car himself, walked to her side, opened the door, reached out to hug her, and hugged her again.

Shen Yu: ...

Is this man addicted? ?

"Brother, don't hug anymore. I'll just go in."

Shen Xiao lifted his foot and slammed the door of the car, ignoring her, and walked with her to the teaching building, "Which one?"

Shen Yu has given up resistance and pointed upstairs and said, "The third floor."

After hearing the number of floors, Shen Xiao stared at her again before holding her upstairs.

It was already class time. Several classrooms were filled with people. Shen Xiao held her in the hallway and attracted countless inquiries all the way.

Shen Yu was embarrassed and shrunk her head inwards, pretending to be an ostrich.

When she arrived at her class, Shen Yu took a deep breath and struggled to come down. Shen Xiao released her hand and let her down, but she still held her hand on her shoulder and helped her enter through the back door.

For a time, the eyes of all the classmates gathered on them. Shen Yu was embarrassed and said to the teacher on the podium: "Sorry, I'm late."

The teacher glanced at her and found that her feet were not easy to move, so she said nothing, nodded and said, "Sit back and sit down."

Shen Xiao watched her sit down, and then turned around and left the classroom without turning back.

Although his appearances and exits were very short, the commotion caused by his classmates was not small. It was like a small earthquake that shocked everyone else a bit. Everyone has the same question: Such a handsome man ,who is he? ? ?

Shen Yu's poor character is already deeply ingrained among his classmates, so when they saw a tall, handsome and fashionable man appear beside her, curiosity was naturally pushed to the highest point.

It was hard to wait until the end of a class. A girl who had never spoken to her, named Li Yiyi. She suddenly approached and asked her in a small voice, "Is your boyfriend who sent you just now?" ?? "

Shen Yu was taken aback, because apart from Bai Muyu who always found her stubble and said some harsh words to her, no one in the class took the initiative to chat with her. Li Yiyi was definitely the first one! !

Is this the power of gossip? ?

But for her question, Shen Yu was still mentally prepared, so she quickly replied calmly: "He is my brother, my foot is injured, he sent me."

Li Yiyi snorted and smiled a little awkwardly, and said, "Your brother is so handsome."

Shen Yu nodded and did not take the initiative to answer the question. To be honest, she was isolated for a long time. Someone asked her to talk, but she was really not used to it.

However, Shen Yu really underestimated the charm of gossip. Although Li Yiyi saw that she was not interested in chatting, she could not help but said, "You didn't come to class yesterday, maybe you don't know, many people come to you. "

Shen Yu looked down and said, "Come to me? Why?"

Li Yi smiled and said: "Your dance was very beautiful that night. They may want to meet you. Everyone didn't expect that you actually dance so well, and your body is so good!"

Shen Yu: ...

She was embarrassed by this rainbow fart. She was a big living person, and she went in and out of the classroom every day. None of the people in the class noticed her changes. Instead, she waited until the party to see it? It sounds ironic.

Bai Muyu also came to class today. After Shen Xiao sent Shen Yu in, Bai Muyu was in strange style. Shen Yu suspected that she was holding her back again.

Sure enough, Bai Muyu couldn't sit still after school at noon, and took her followers to help her find out.

Only Bai Muyu said with a sneer: "Shen Yu, do you want to be crazy and want to put the dancing video on the school forum, even on Weibo, do you think you can be famous? What do you do? daydreams? "

Shen Yu frowned and looked up at her, "What video?"

Bai Muyu put the phone on her desktop and said, "Look at it yourself."

Shen Yu picked up her phone and clicked on it, and found that it was the full video of her song "Dunhuang Song" that night. After two days of fermentation, the number of video reposts and comments was already quite large.

"It wasn't me." She said with a cold face, and sent the video to the Internet without her consent, she was the one who should be angry!

Several people gathered around the table and talked for a while, but no one noticed that someone came in from the door and almost finished listening to their conversation.

"What video?" The man asked coldly.

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